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tea ' 


«» • »4»aAaa0* 





(flW mtht of Tnitathn U nun'tAJ 








i Ci /Jt 

'-■■<■ I a. 

.;V^v\'.. - 

MAR 23 1911 

£l*airio6E. »^ 

. r-. J — 

• « 



AM Mrt9m mrttrk ^nert pttntnt, mil in teHtme 0n99^mnm «t« 
4UmimI ffiwiv, «nI in i0f«l: iMfW m MWfdrvt «* /Ifl^ 4t*ctnUitii^ i«rf m 

MRfim / fill flfNMIW ^nmMNff IMTHM Mf mm 9CfHU 9CfipM 00fVM 

' ifrvfrarfmn. «ifail ma /m €itM eerttMtieu wM wmgtU 

UMH flHTIHM CMWclltfollMlf tVK MWMlfiMMB VtfMflM 
flHffiit tfWMffMfit #0 t90l0tttffMtU t V€fMWi Hi Mff NM iMCMMWlfMUMW 

fltf ^ilmJM d Ai «rlani MwbiMMic fvff I AtMif /f m «fiiliM 


MSflMMnML Willi tanM cIwmwhm f( IMiImb 
iii AiMlMto Milrlii «M wlMm Mt Itor mmM, liIrM; fMif fn 

!■. €mpww 



EBoius FBorcsaoE or qebbk. 

JntfrWIMW Ml ttw0Nl MM MRT ffMM^ #i0 fW #W 4MI mMMI/ wM 

Ift / OiilliHt iw, 4m 4w wfc <!• ihclMM lMltcfci Mmfimm kimtmi 

tf JMWPVwHMf fM0 ttM fP MyfV^^PMHF Wf fVsf Jv 9twMf M MMMNff 
f^^VWt Mtf WT NMffVt WVMun Ms VIMf mM IH f AIVM P(ffWlf MMIIIb 
JWMffmMaVfW MNm flvT vlirMHi f A MfHMI xlMMli MMMfM IMM 

%dlpjAPH«|iMMiilliMlVv«l DkM In Wm nil, mmiM ifrfcr 

' li XmlMi MNNrft M/ Jhi iMtmf JffMJi lir /mwmI 




Mr DEAR Da Kes^edy, 

To jou, M in duty bound, I offer this third 
iottAlment of my labours od JutcdaL 

After the hipse of half a oentury you have reenroed 
your pkce on Lady Unigaret's finindation, the eoeDo of 
your still unriralled triumphs. 

Few indeed who watched the progress of the new 
eourt^ will greet the building now risiQg to link the lodgo 
and chapel of 1860 with the work of Tudor and Stuart 

- 1 



rr^ - I ^ 

iMg mmj jfm keep aKve b Cambridge the tmdidoM 
«f AaolMn, Chekob Bentlejr; and when in n ripe eld age 
jott hiivn fbOowed to iMr lesi the pnpils wlieee anmci 
wB ahragfi leedH y w ni e aeli ae ShiUeto^ RiddeU^ Cbuk* 
Obpe^ HuwiV Ffneer^ Bather, Mocee may jonr poitnil 
eshoffl MMnlfaNi after genention ef f oh n ii n Baltniien e • 

ATora iJnoio nnETis miiPL4 ttoIitil 

Mj dear Dr Keanedj, 

Efer gialelUly Touik 



Herbwith I fulfil, ao far M this volume is oonoerned, 
my promise of fourteen years ago. In the long vication 
of 1885 I had leisure to examine my eollections of 32 
years, and thence 'to enlaige the commentary on' these 
Are 'satires on one uniform scale'. 

I have also added a supplementary index of phrases. 
The commoner particles and pronouns; amni$; the verbs 
dioOt habeo, po88um, Bum ; are only represented by selec- 
tions : for all other words I hope that the present index, 
together with that in volume II, will be found exhaustive. 
When I began, I intended merely to index my additional 
notes, and certainly it was not a morbid craving for the 
fiuniliar drudgery that led to my change of purpose^ but 
rather an imperative sense of duty. 

When, in 1850 or 1851, my friend the publidier said 
to me 'You ought to bring out a book', it was no special 
acquaintance with Juvenal that suggested the dioice, 
but dissatisfikction with Buperti's* edition, then holdiog 

> Bepwtl wsi s dOisMrt llimxm in ths wammMm oT B^jas, 
I^Mobi, HmimIvIiiiIs. sad oihir Mbokia, shk^jr bdoosias ^ ^ Htli 
sai lech SfBtarfai, M Is Mdly dtflefaal in tsito sad idwMjr la- 
■liaet Hdarkh worksd oat mom fpteUl poiats, la ktioosnvlv mA 
siilMsolosjr, tsoeUeBt^, b«l hU work wm lift inoompiels sa4 I7 ao 
BMsai nprndit Biq^'f, M UadTig sad Bcrotjt hsfo ilia. laMial 
qravstt^ with /afwsl bt nmki with thi biit 


Af»j,.--i..i._ _, 

tht Md: 'I hiiTe a good 111M17 boIm on Janm4» ud 
BaportTt book b not worthy of bio anibor*. 

Bvt if I bftTo bftd a ihuo in Mkocfa^ Ruporti, I am 
mpoMible ton depriTing stodo&ti of a moot Yaltiabio hdp 
lo Ibo ita^jr of JoTonaL 

Tbe imi$M ttrum d tvrknmi in FriosUej'o reprint 
(Load. ISM) ooeopioi 147 dooely printed pogci, hige 
Sfo; osledfed bj Lemam (wbooo enbu]{ed Baporti b 
little known in tbis eoantiy) to 234 pegea The baiden 
fanpoied on me bj tbk leoolIeolioB, was aggmtated bj 
nnolhfir oonrideration. Jabn'a index, of wofds not of 
phiaoei^ which aims ai^ and in great roeatore attaine to^ 
nheolnte oompleteneBi\ is from carelessness of exeeation 
ntteriljr wntmstworthy. As the prefiice was reserved lor 
(the iiiU ladling) Totnnie ii» destined fiNr the oommentaiy, 
we haft to oonstmct oonjectunlly a history of this index« 
which cut never have passed nnder John's eye. It was 
compilodp presnmaUy by a student, in the most mechanical 
iMhion, Thus ealiffa$n,M, (xvi S4) cSllgaiit0$ (vi 91) and 
cM^wfas Oii SS^ are classed (the hist two also by Buperti 
and Lemafan) as parts of one verK Under oonral we have 
net onl^ viii IS jwwiosdgwf ^psas tffi to oonsnle owyai^ 
bni also si SS te oonsnie, dib lAi fffi its *» anotveiymro 
eqnivaloni lo ynt $$ emvrm 










Under <leief iv 44 desidia tonfor. 

zv 88 ml Hmquam kae oame UbentiuM edit, does doty 
as a present; the comparative adverb (zi 12) egregius 
cenai as nonu masc. adj. 

Diflferent persons bearing the same name\ or different 
substantives spelt alike, are huddled together (e.g. under 
GdtM$ vii 144. iz 90. zvi I ; under ffoUui viii 176. iz 107. 
ziu 299; lacerU *a fish' in ziv 191, with Aieer^ 'tbews' z 
11; nay, the fungi aneipUet of v 146 stand in line with 
the/aiiefiif ofzi88). 

Tbe ffmtmtwm of v 60 most be sought under ffeminum; 
§tfiKiim of vii 225 under oj^'o; patriam a s. z 142 under 
pairiuM; iffwda, •am, -or 'unknown', under igmmoo; vii 
102 suksad under Bubtego; viii (not iz) 145 UMnpmru 
'temples ' under tempuM ' time ' (so Ruperti and Lemidre); 
uva of ziii 68 under anifs ; ziv 8 et eocbm iure aolajito, 
fellows tbe numerous examples of tics 'right', an error 
avoided by Ruperti and Lcmaire, but not by tbe Dolphin 
editor; so plania$ iii 227 of the vegetable kingdom is 
confused with the human planta; pullo|»Mtofo (so Jahn 
in both editions reads with Buchner in iii 04) with the n. a, 
f^(trr$ with fif/erre throughout (so also Maittaire, Ruperti, 
Lemaire, but not the Delphin editor). 

Those and many other errors called aloud fora remedy; 

flkm$m'—^feettuUemmiUeH. I nist tUs opportaaHj of iMMffUsf 
tiMl, «MAd Sf Driger't booki tvt, no out who rtXtm §mmtmf ihoskl 
•swyl sy i t sli iiw i i t to iiiMn withoat ssuftg viriSsilfaa, TIm/ tomsla 
VMj lilllf sffigtoAl nwanb. 

I Iwvt mM s thM oiMte, B. Bftwhofciy, la a InMsi sifisw 
(MIMftofti AsMteAM 1 ISOO). 

AM Is «lM snuoplit (frsB Bm. And PUb. op.) fwM ia voL a f.aSS, 
•PiSS|14fiam0i(pMlssoBt«l«. b«B. ft SS | S tffnf^ is ffslifst 

isalsl «f <» Heretmm pteitrii mi rednO. 

> la Jaka^ fadn of pcofic BSSMt lo Ma ttMai flMoB (B«sl 


z ADTntmncDfT 

and M my eonections have for more than 30 yean beon 
wmI by grammarians and loiicographers, I felt bound 
to act To ensure completeness and accuracy I collated 
my first proof with Haittaire (Tonson 1716) and Jahn 
(Berlin 1851); the rerise with Lemairo (Paris 1825) and a 
London reprint of the Delphin (trade edition, 'oct;m prio- 
ribus multo correctior\ 1750). Whoever cares to follow 
me through a single page will see that the labour was 
■efore ; but it is so difficult, at least for me, hoe agere 
throughout a multitude of details, that I do not grudge 
the time, especially as Latin lexicographers, with the 
Toteran Georges at their head, are now waking from their 
slumbers and taking a higher view of their responsibilities. 
Li England at any rate, for many yean, the commercial 
interest of such work has drowned every other. We ought 
not to be satisfied till we have a Latin tftesaurut as exten- 
sive as Didoi's Greek Stephanus, and far more complete 

Jahn's index confutes the heresy that any hireling can 
be trusted with such a task. If genius is 'an infinite 
capacity of taking pains', no genius need decline an em- 
ployment demanding, like sentiners duty in the field, in- 
cessant vigikmce. Of late indexes of the Dolphin type* 
have come again into fiishion*. We are gmteful for them; 
they aio certainly better than nothing; but no mere voca* 
Maiy can represent an author's mind as a concordance 
does, whose bulk may be kept within bounds, without 
aacrifioe of effidencyf by a wisely compressed notation'. 

s Coalaialas Hn woHf, doI pbrtief. 

• To GMisr, Hokbr; to Ottolliii, Ellii sua 8diwabt( to VUnniai, 
IMdt sad ttftnl fai Ttaba«'t Ubnij. 

oUmt ssfliainl itmsrki on iiidn4iiskliis s stmI 



ttflftimirttmmtnt tar U wwMfa Mth» of hi. DietiosMj.vvL 
m|bn,fkr. UM^ImIUm: •' J. mOi pw om ,(e|ira .^Mmim, M far 
i<teai |h w l i wnulm ,twlmriMw<'Mwttblt«lia it ««4> n M<Milpni 





To a writer like Juvenal, rich in sententiae, a concordance 
rendcn peculiar service; for classifying, as it does, his 
witty and wise sayings, it is anything but dry reading. 

I oflcn thiuk that much of the labour spent on editing 
the classics io wasted ; at least the same amount of time 
might be invested to far greater profit For example, if 
one of the recent editors of Persius had devoted but three 
weeks to the prcparotion of a Lexicon Persianum, he would 
have produced a irrrjfia cV aei, a permanent addition to 
classical learning. We sorely need lexicons e.f;. to Cicero 
(except the spcechesX Varro, Livy, the two Scnccos, Quin- 
tilian's declamations, Valerius Fhiccus, Silius, the Latin 
anthology, Macrobius, Tertullian, Augustine, Jerome; to 
technical authors in general, e.g. agricultural, gmmma- 
ticol, mathematical, medical, military, musical, rhetorical : in 
Greek to the early Christian literature, Diogenes Laertius, 
Josephus, Philo, Galen, Stobaeus, Clement of Alexandria, 
Origen, Cnir}-8ostom, CyriL If every editor would choose, 
in addition to his author and to the books commonly read 
in college, one ancient author' and ono modem critic*, as 
his specialty, commentaries would be far more original 

d« chiffret De ■crvent presqae k pcnonne; car oA tonft let gcni qui, pour 
cbcrchor an panof^, vcuiUcnft m douncr U peine d*cn coninlter Tingt?*' 
AaxUiary verbe and Uic commonest particles, if exhaustivelj lecordcd, 
oolj oonfttie Uie reader. When Wdlfliin bj statisiici traces Uie dis< 
appearance of words like tnorbiw, aeffer, taepct from literatare, be pots 
them to their proper use; but when a German rericwer tcUs joo, e.f. 
that ei ocenra (saj) 1841 times in such an author, you neither enty nor 
commend, though in charitj you may pity, sooh a travU dt gmlMen, 

^ #.f. PUn. h. n., Athen., Ifaoob., Pans., DGait., Oalen, libanins, 
Chiysoetom, Augustine. 

' If this rule had been followed, so much of the learning of Casanboa, 
Bent^y, Porson, Dobroev would not still remain unprintod; Oataker'a 
MrmoM woold have been rifled for the ooUeeiions in their margins. It 
would be a pious work to winnow out the wheat from the chaff of Joshua 
Banms sad OUbert Wakefield. 







tkqr im Tke mihrentliM nfght Imie w& r im' mm 
•dhaon^ aoi «• Um Datch pho, not liiro, BthA Uldn 
•dItaoM of Oona, or Dudorfo of Greek* aiitlion» but 
aore oonciio rad mora oompraheiiiira ftl the Mine time. 
Two or lluee mfghi eonbine, my, to edit the eomme nU riee 
en an antlMrt no Ltvj, Petroniu^i 8iietonra% or ApnleittiL 
A eonmentmy whMi vakee nnk m 'denieni*, 
GMMibon'f on 8aefonfais» Tenhu, Athenaea% Slnbob 
•honld be given elmott entire*i and form the nnclen% 
otber notee being oareAilly rifted^ and lepeUtkme cleared 
away. One oolleagne might be reqioniible for all edlUone 
of the anthor; while two otheit nuuMcked periodical and 
oecMoaaIlit€nitare,«anaeleeiiVmer,in{feri9rM Had* 
v% mj%t one ii aihamed to be called a phihdoger, when 
one looin at the obeolete nradley broaght together by 
Meee r on the Tnieahuis; in fiir narrower compaae all that 
ii valnabk theroi and mndi that ii omitted* might be 
ilefid lor all time. B^ eoch a prooem booki like Bader> 
Hitftialt now no double ae PtoC FUedllnder My«» fcr meet 
of M^'fOilV Veraltet^' would once mora yield their treamrei 
to the ordinaiy itndent; Uaroile* too and HteuH wooU 
no longer bo mora namci. 

To Dr HoUen we ara indebted for reviving the etiidy 
if Pltttaroh among no*; the livceoTGalba and Otho itill 

s Mr n^aii dMve mm^jluj ifUemM fai eoatelii^ Mavbkibel 
iMwIt wHii wMeh U thww tkm — iliii mt tJw 
iMsr OTMlM A fnJiMn igiiMn klm. 9nL BidMlv 
te ■• Ii Om hlribMl tiOM «r hto kkon M Om aiHMiliiCi. 

to Omk idrtntK Mi^ enMnQsr W oarflM wKh 
'Ke ioM iMtoriMi iiiiOieMoe M 

Mw^ to itilift Ifarrih *0m noil IteoMi am tf to 



wait fcr an editor, who riionld examine their ralation 
to the oorreeponding pagee of Tacitus. Having now a 
Hietorioal IWpoe in Cambridge, may we not hope likewise 
to see Pbilo's two historical tracts (c Fiacc., leg. ad Oaium) 
and the Life and Jewish War of Josephus, published with 
adequate commentary 7 The prejudice against theology in 
classical drdee may help to account ibr the undeserved 
n^eet under which these contemporary authorities have so 
long hmgniihed*. Now that Teubner has added Eusebius 
and other fiithers to his library, and the Vienna BibUoikeca 
Ser^ftmmm Eoclenastieoirum with its instructive voca- 
bularies^ FMicker and Bonsch with their lexicographical 
collections^ have shewn some of the bearings of biblical 
and patristio studies on secular learning, we may look for 
a nY>teitant ichool of catholic scholarship, worthy of the 
tnMlitions of Scaliger, Casaubon, Oataker, Hemsteriiuis. 
Gertainly the men of the 16th and 17th centuries under- 
stood liii$me kutnaniorM in a more liberal sense than 
many editors of the 19th century. Casaubon ootiU not 
hara published Xen. mem^ as Ktthner did, simply in the 
mtoresto of grammar. The elaborate editions of Cicero's 
phikMophical and rhetorical works which have of late 

a wMtr sliit fai EasUnd. Ocn. Ooidon aaed to giv« EpfelttM And 
AaloatoM (doabtltH im Long*! tenioo) to kii frieiuk, and iwoiamiMkd 
nelinli't Ufw it Ibe loUier't vmdt meeuin. Mr DoU*t onteipriio in 
sto iMtla S tlwss salhoti sua PaiimbIm, Scbms, Ptntaraii't wtonk, into 
(IBtkmHi ri iM l i il Utoaiy. ooght to tempi wid«|nMUnis muloat^ to 
mfHan lAmM hm hitlMrto Wen itrrm incogniim. 

* Om «r Hm fbramort mIioImi oT tho daj tonhiid, sa Hm om 
SMMka vkn I iMd IIm h^ipiBMi to aiMi him, that tlM oo^ dirinity tut 
ks knd itid «bs Jomphm, sad that lor iBfonuUka oa tho art oT war. 
tk fWi, nd ttftog aommintalon oT tht K. T. aad telhm, aombhw 
eiih Uw hapf it rt wwdto ri im j ii l with aaowd phflotoay. Drlhompioa 

i Whw M oiM m i Si tha bmt Oif gk siammar. Maaoiiai^, withom 

tia thoca af half, aad tha bill« hal^ af Ha 


Ud tar Imfti m praotntioii aoi wikaomi w hone peni- 
twtiwkii Umj mmI PMimiiM and Ihrtud withoiit 
iMrt, vIm» j«l gifv M qttwltr to a Cuitaitw MitlMtUH^ 
daUbg ilhpoiioilioa Aon mlpat hioibI kw on Iho ooora 
•r dofodoa to boMitj^— • fiuM boMity, Utile akin to the 
ri m^kh, k wrn rn jam ^ of % heelthior, involmitMy rfgimifm 
Najy theve mo who eemot iloiiMGh modern noreli^ whidi, 
ii Hp eorf i oe deeo HHW to pniderjr, hot mtlen at hearty 
t«t ^fimA the faieioiable law (Hark 9 41 ) faijfiiM lecM* 

i» Aw|w«0Uf Ob PI«tonfe g|H4^ eMMfim 
fmemitiaX Militant virtoe often hat to 
the altecnalife pieMoted to St lfwA\ and hmj be 
if ■oii ti ni n fidUag.ihort of the apoetfe'e taot 
The eariy ehvch fnight and ofrereame the grotMiit pelhi- 
tiona of the atage and the hone, but the bngiiage of 
Cleneat*, TertnlHan, Jerome, ia often as broad as that of 
•Blin» Eimrj eandU critie wQl eje with a genet ww 

? (fi^ii n) ia ^ a lam. p. 4iS> llMT M (teiptfMi Ml 
4wt imk #ifw iKfi$dm. ifitif^tm yi^ mi mppmi t ImAt, m| 

9k H mtm^ fit k^Hrtnm. It SKsni mil iwtht White 




diarity weapons wielded bj Cbrirtianity in its life and 
death struggle with decaying keatbenisoL 

Adan Sedgwick was the sanrivor of a Gambridge 
which ' laoghed and shook in Rabelai^ easy chair/ but his 
conYStsation was bracing to the moral fibro, fredi and 
keen as the broeaes on Ingleborough or WUemsiJe. 

A critic admired beyond his own country S passes, in 
two widely lead books, a judgement on Juvenal, which, 
if jnsti wouU kave to us barely a pathological interest in 
the man or his work. 

U. Boinior assumes that Juvenal's estimate of his ago 
diftit from that of ' aU (I) bis contcmporariesV 

Qii aoos Iniaipe Is poilMU, qni iknm ft menti, d« llilrtofav, qal dH 
iMl dt Mm d« aalto fpoqM, o« do poSle, qui en ft Iftiiatf dM Ublcftai tl 
MpmmaUf ۥ poUOme mI U plni iMporUot d* cms qua wonlkn Ift 
Itelm da ifttklqiit tftUn. Certet rferirftia at le poSle tont int6 w iw m U 
A Hadlcr ahai lal, sftia fl Inparta Men plaa da aannalCia aa qua fftlaot 
nMBSM at la SMNiiltola 

n ailnmq«ak pafaannftUU d*aB tftUriqaa, qoftiid alia ta AUl tiop 
fair, a'aaUfa paaqnelqiio poids 4 tea Ic^onf ...Juvtoal, an ta cadiant*, ft aa 
ftiiainwr 4 torn aaa lapfodiea. Comma on eonnalt tf&«-mftl m via, rian 
atepldM aea ftdmbatattia da lol an iniftciDor una qol aoit tont k Iklt an 
ispppct afts ka watimonU qo'fl axprima, da lo la fignnr, non paa tol 
frill dlsH, flMda aomma U darait an. Caat ftioai qua l*atMaartt4 I'ft 
Cftto bmIb qol lort daa ttoAbiaa ponr frappar ana aoeMI 

> On aC bia koaka at leaat baa bean tfftndftiad into Gannaa. 

• Osatn Bobaiar l*oppoaitkm aona laa Ctem. Paria 1875 p. SSI, 
Ls lalisloB BoBMiaa d'Angoito anx Antonina ii 170. Evarjr pafa of a^ 
beak dfaprafaa tUi aiaamption. Taaitna and FUny boCb waia aogaged 
te tha pfoaaaatlaa of Uarina Friiani, and Jatanal, wbaia ba laaoida tha 
anfMatoa of tha provinaaa, ia earafd to note tba daauiali^ Hht/ttlmn 
imkm, wbbb sfaafad it. Nowbam doai ba rafl at tba sovvnunmt of 
Iki^sa ar HsdriftB. Tha opf«iii« of a. ?U aaaoida patfMtlj with Tba. 
Atf . a Wafliafaa aaiMi< ofta. 

• Oar leaonaaa af Jataaal'a lifo li not daa to eo naa a lm a at aa bia 
nsrtt bad ba baaa a aontamporaiy of FMaim. Bnatonina wodd bata 

lUiblitafy. Ba baa lata aatoWasiftplgr than Bomaa, afanpljr 
Mi ste is dtfhnai Hia miU ia maalad wiib paitoot fc s alin iw, 






Wtif 4f Mi MNm lA JiiHt iV M^ 

ii M, ■* imiif hJMMl l<M|f 
f tl ifotk it wiwuilllr', 

witk tti M^pkoM and eri i$ tiod$ 
Igeoli b tiMt Mtireitd, JutrnMl 

IW Ml nfaMMllMMiil ttailw tew li 

•il fMT M It NiMm dt Init 

l«.tOtlifntdtiwto*. C*4lillnatti«MM 

Mm PmMiII PM iMil A Ml iM IMM 

of iatoqmtalkNi I oo«U dcoMNi- 
nli iNtli OtfpogM MaMdel of 

Hhv JmMl kfawrir fa tiM iMOMdiato mtoil : 

meaiiira Unfen quM 
rafllelat mbav^ li <iiili nm eoMaH edam. 
ia quttivm sUU alqve fames el frigora powvafp 
E^iiemb tiU perrii tDftdt h hottk 
Boentiol eepenml Mte peiMilei. 

IWi i Mii lM i l btlMitofUiegmpebandofBiPbwl 
IL B olMh r e oulh »M* Mt w fe laUu i t 

Tofl4 n foAt Mea Alraiict dm mi iipril fol bow MmUt dt 

Mb it tiritn* n fmUat ifidtnuBtDt tt fiUrt toantltra; U tqifotU 

anhw A It ilpstttloD tt liirt ptritr dt kd dtnt Boat. T tit41 ptf- 
iMNiT •441 Atvdi, dtni ett eieteiett d*tolt, no Bom q«l vfipoadit 4 tOB 

liltBl? Cttoftnltdootent* OaBitBiarqiitf toiiiqa'tBgtefctiatil 

■wl ditpotl pOBT ten qid MiifaieBl I* mteit ctirMn qnt l«l ti q«l j 
•fiiiBl altBi livni. H at auuiqBt ptt ant oet t ti o B dt it Moqntr dt 
QBfaitiUiBS 11 piainnit eo pMiant Ii4t, tt dfieUuBAttor gitt qol il 
ttwif Boom tBtttic ti ioqatl FUnt % tomuH nat dt tit Itttm. 

IL BoiiHer should avoid detail, for the reader may 
ymfj his quotations. Quintilian is mentioned four times 
(vi 75. 280. Tii 186. 189), always with great respect, as 
the recognised bead of his profession. 

Nor is Isaeus named with scorn, but simply as pro- 
▼eiWal for fluency (iii 73 74 9ermo pnmpiiu H Itaeo 
tarrentior), a character confirmed by Pliny. 

But JuTenal was a parasite'l Martial (xii 18), escaped 
from the client's bondage to his native Spain, commiserates 
Juvenal, sweating under the cumbrous toga, as he climbs 
Mt Gaelius to pay court to his patrons. 

JstlBil Bt tOBBOi pM tit bonnti ffMtoiMi i rltB nlBdiqat qaH sil 
plallid dtat llBUniU dci snndt irigntari; pwtt b iMB ca l (I) fl Bt 
dIpMi jaawdt Itsfi tBtoebtmbtt. IlfMilToirMMiitoBBDtUtBili(!) 

It ttii dt ti VifgUt OB pttU prapriitalri dt Ifaatoai Ot a'ttl ptt qst 

Jafteal til tiioiB dt ttndiv U baIb tonrnt lit itttnt i «i f9rt«Bt M 
pMBitHsll dt it ptiwr dt TsiBitet dt 10 ititeraii, Bwit II Toaltil mum 
itvli(l) it liirt dot protteltan pniiiaoU, U tentit ptiii4if«(!) dt it 
silliT dt qoriqBt Biaiii^ra 4 et BM»dt qui B'ftTtit ptt d'totrt ateli poor 

kd, tl ti dMr l«l Itinoit broftr rtiuiBi dt tit viiUii BMtiBtlii. .8s 

koitilBM istlrt teaiUt n'Atit d'tboid qnt It d4?tlopptBiiBl d*nat tbiit 
■ofalt A Is fiKOB dt Btndqnt; nwit on toil U«it6i qnt d'aodtBatt 
tittinrii tt idneiUint, H na itoeat penoaacl tl paiitoBal itaiplitt tit 

fiainlilli phUottphiqaet Qnt dt maenati tcnanMii lilitint ta- 

tl toBBBt OB J tnl k ttUio qnt It ptMi a di 

fn SI I /tcosdi. 

> mbsl doti IL Boliiitf iij to QniaUUiBf 

• Bor Whsl llini It tlM SMsaiiv of llsil 

• L'i||fliiMflB pfi SSS-SSS. 







dt ea giMMl noode, oA loa takfit MaiUftlt dtfofar M 
ft firi M voMlaC pM •Wfiir pov lail 

Hitiierlo we have heard in the 8th satue the meet 
qpirit-etiiriDg nobUtM Miff€ io all literature. It teens it 
breathes merelj the spite of an upstart, bbckballcd by 
ezdosire cireles, ibr whose society he would cheerfully 
mrrender freedom and a good conscience. 

i* par U boBM(I) «omp«giiie, Jav^ntl te retict duit U 

n ft prif Mill d« noos fkiro oonnAltre liii*iii«iiie qodqoef-iniot 

qa*j| (Mqacatalt; ■ocU'i6 en irMU fori strange poor aa 

qal fdcail p ta fewio n dc tain prMier la Tarta. J9 ne dis rien do 

Maiiial. faoiqall Iftt loin d*£ti« exenplaira; non amiti^, ill ^alt atal, 

aa IteolgMfait pat trap eonin Javteal; (who Is made rcspoiiBible for the 

ahataelar eT Kaandaa and all the othen addreseed in his ■atires.) 

FVom an ordinary writer in tho Revue dei deux mondee 
BO one would eipect an acquaintance with the gospek ; 
bat the author of a history of Roman religion during the 
first two centuries, might remember Who was blamed as 
'the friend of publicans and sinners' and how the early 
Christians offended Celsus by seeking the lost. It is the 
crowning glory of Juvenal, as of Lord Shaftesbury and 
I Oaou Oordon, that he had compassion on the oppressed, 
the provincial and the skve, nor disdained the makings 
of human dignity even in a parasite or a Naevolus ; sym- 
pathising, as we are only now beginning to do, with the 
fioruNS of pufta-prood tfipif, insoleuoe or lust*. 

> L ' appari tlo B SSS-SS7. 

tomaiasl la If. BoiMier's long bdiet- 
ha aajB (p. SSS) oT tl 1S6-1S9: •«Voil4 dee faUMea 
at tt tet sfOMT faa aa a'tftait pas mi SMinda dtflieat at 
«aaaatal oS I'on poavatt ae petaMttra da pbisanter ainsi son 
da la ttahsr.** Thsta aia pini^ii fw grosser ia ea- 
■sa as aa pain al att ; I aaa Inagiaa a Tirlaoaa moti va 
tal I aaaMt aee bow to aeqnK fhesa fWBsa af ffippaM^. The 
li Iha* a MsBd arilMtialX w Uttia tM hj aoBtaatioa, has Ml 













It was not of Frenchmen that the wit complained : 
'It requires a suigical operation to bring home to them 
a jest'; but M. Boissicr, as the following extracts prove, is 
proof against irony. If a fifth form boy rose from the study 
of satires v and iii with no truer conception of their drift, 
his master would mark him out for the Modem 8ide. 

Dens* eettepmni^fe satire, oh il ^Ule arce tantde complaisaBee(!) 
tons Ics rices de eon tetnpe, il en rent aox riches moins peut-^tre de 
d^vorer lenr fortnne quo de U d^roror tont seals. DvbaiichC*s, avaies et 
solttaircs, lis n'appellont plus do compngnons poor les aider 4 se miner 
plus rite. "Eh quoi 1 s'ccrie Juv<5nsl, il n'y aura done plus do parasites, 
nhttm idm pamtHui erlt « / " NVntcndczTous pas ce cri qui sort dn ooeur 
des Kse^t)lus», dcs Unibricius, des TrCbius*? Ce n'est certcs pes U mo- 
rale qui pent #tre facbte qu*on supprime ce mvticr honteux ; mais que 
deriendront ceni qui fftissient profession d'en tivts? Juvenal s*est mis 
4 leur place, et il a piirl^ en lenr nom. 

Un« dcs passages les plus cnrieux en oe genre et ofc le poiito a le pins rinfluence de son entourage, c'est cclui oA il aitaque si vigoareuse- 
ment les Oiecs. On est tent^ d'abord d*y voir I'cxpression do pins ardent 
patriotisme. "Citoyens, dit-il d'un ton solennel, je ne puis supporter 
qoe Bome soit derenue one rille grecque*." Ne semble-t-il pas qu'on 
cntend la toil de Caton le censeurf Aussl que de critiques s> sont 
tromp^f Us ont pris ocs emportemenU an sericux et se repr^sentent 
JoT^nal eomme nn des demiers dvfenseors do to nationality romainc. 
C*est una enanr profonde: le motif qui le Csit gronder est moins ^v^ 
qn'on ne pense, et il n'y a an fond deoctte colero qu'nne rivalit«5 de para- 

iites En r*alit6. ce no sont pas les moyens ampk»j<(s par les Grecs 

qai hii r^gnent; U essajerait tolontisrs da s*sn sanrir, a'U peosait le 
fiiia afae siioeAs. 

In justice to U. Boissier I insert before parting a 
concession, grudging indeed and ungracious, but still a 
concession, to the admirers of our poet; a concession 
the mote important^ as concerning the satires of kte 
mercilessly assailed, which yet are more often cited, and 

ifWd.p.SS7. "ii^o. 

• strange bedfellows for the honkommt Umbricins I 

« LVipposilioa SS7-S. * ^ 60. 



• •• 


lm« MMTtod a giMtor power fa the worU^-okiMl i^^ 

tiboee whidi no one hat qvottioiied. 

MweAlf 49 hi 


tlfHBittfnnMin 4 no 

■ MOB MiMrt OB In VnMDPB fMllBB't €Ib BBlMfOB B^hooM BB 

1b pfeflBBBplW 1b IplSB flOBOraOlt iBBMnUBlBlB 

& BoalBMM bMbhobbI mm qvl bboI cnob 

fri ImTIBOmoI «B iMlfOB fMOd firft fttii, fii 

oo yMm pBor k ■linfci OwOb, "bI »Bor qoi Ib fcwit 

> 4b ImbI Bil MB MBifOB flM iBOBB fOB iB BiMUrt to ririOBB*.* 

. JiBV lnlo4p ^W n 4B«Blr ilNNMdW ; tt «f«l «M 4bw l^MBhno 

bIIb oMrB, 411-0, Boat fonote 4bb 

!«.* Utt BB — B BWBBi BB Biwt fcit 4bOB riUtritl MB Wb 
4BlifcM0lBtBB Jo i f— 1| yW BBOI I B OB Biwt BBBII fl WBB yhw 
4b IM*HBB 4b nOibMB, 4b VMpBBl fl W M 4Btt, 4bB bBOB BMOiflBB 
«rtl llrt OMtm BBOB BOI 9«n Bl 4bB IflUBllM fOll BBOHtOl 4b lol 

4114, 4o BBril •* loo Bolial gnadil tool bb fol 

Loto 4tBl iBi fcart o ti fiUBOlBBt 

'4BtWi«^il<tfB0 0ilWMl4BMMr,l0fBOBlB4BtoOBOiMH 

'^^ ^i^M ^fm9 wamm^^mm Wf 










fOloMf^r of aM' | 

. Joftefll troofB qoB BOOB BTOBi dcB dtToin 4 remplir; il db Tsat 

'BO i^fB04 par !• mal m mal qa'fli noot font, ct il eondaauM la 

BBBi rig o ai B M BBieBt qoB 1b ftrait an Chrfitiao, Laa aota la 

Nma la bfao la ploadoiui da la tia; Jat^nal TappallB ''la 

4*aoB 4aB idbia at nMioara'.'* En laiaiant la coapaUa 4 aaa 

BO 11rtiBo4oBiiBnt *«a bb boiirreaa qa*U porta noit ct joor dana 

," BO oWt fM tvop teog^ T^rmea ct Vinpla ovalant 46J4 

bbMb qrapathia anifaraella qai, aaoa intMt p awo m wl, aa dt l i ota 

4o aai« at da TamitM, porta lot hommai, paiaa qalla bobI 

4 BowflHr dea mam da laaia B em b laM w at 4 bb awiia atlitola 

■allMwa; maia bb B*<lait diaa aaz qa*aM iMatioa laa- 

JbvAmI j imiita ot la d^fdoppa dana des tan adakaUai. 

aalBlpaarlapiti^laiiatiinieUa-iDdnMlapcodaiBa. EUafad 

laa lannaa, o*ait la ploa bean Otia da l*hnnwnit4* ** cet 

MM. BoUrier and Nisard happily do not alone ro- 
pieacnt the reigning taste of the countrymen of b. do 
lo Orange, Bigault, and the two de Valoia. C Uartlia* 
ooks (pi S7S} 

n^t-U paa ae oB Bnr^ la taDtlmant de la tartn romafaie, on foAt tala- 
Vlf poor Taotiqoa eimplidt^ gardienna dee moenn, nn ni^prie eineftra at 
Ubb iwoain aiMOia ponr la molleeee ct la aenrilit4 at par deiiae tont ma 
jMto harfeor 4b la d^gradatian pablaqnef 

Juvenal's declanmtion, often unchastcned, nowhoro 
bofders more nearly on fustian than in viii 148—150: 

ipso rotam astringtt sufliamino mulio coosnl, 
iiocto qoidem, sod luna ridet^ sod sidera testes 
fatondnnt ocnlos. 

The Bomaa dignity in state ceremonial, known in 
Vatican ditles as 'the liturgical charistna,' was no doubt 
ootiaged by a consul courting fame as a 'whip'; still, 
every allowance made for just resentment at the dcgrada- 

> Bitt 190. • lUi 19S. 

• IV Ml— UOi Bboctly after Boleeiar admlto tliat Flioy hen aoo- 
tlM BvidBOBB of Javanal, Bbawiag ooUa tlMra«hto baaiias friU in 

Bona rampira taoalo. » dd. FuIb M6^ pp. 

a jjgg BMNnUatBB 
tSl •UbobMI 




Mwm dn S84) euinol 


d0 liQlni cfiviuv 
AM anivv 

•bo Mlovt the mmd tnMlttion of Rigaiilt* The later 
mtitm he eowMae le the epuUee of Honei^ lhMlhNi*s 



ExeggentioD : 

Cm tiAftoiUcNM do parolet ot de eonlenr no lont pai toajoon reffd 
dti tWUci htMtudeo do l*leole: olkt opportiennctit, on no Tft pat asaei 
iMMifnii ofoymM-Boat, 4 In Mtiro mtoo. Anisi Men qno lo UiMtio, In 
nliri, il )■ pnio nfaii pnrkr, n mo lok do porapoeihi^ pnrlnni ooo pcHi> 

AAUMIoiif pnr In po no< o qndqneo <dntf do m Toii, adooeiiioi dnno 
OHtnino do ooo tnUoonz qootqaeo oonlovn trop chnig^ ot poor lo fond 
dii flhooeo fono ooros oonitammont dnno lo TrmL Jnrfonl n'ool pni mi 
••iMqno do lurtnifK nl m ferhrnfai ntrtbUiniio qvi roit In ootr npth m 
iinnoini A tonvon loo noagct trompenn d*na oopril Btoonloni ot peti i 
■klo; non, U tt'Inrente rien, U no ment poo, il no cnlomnie pot; II pnrlo 
do In ivpoLxMrn do ooo lonipo nboolamcnl oommo lliiotoiio on n porii*. 


JnvtanI, OB in qvnlit6 d^anckn dUelple dot rli^tenn, tiie 4 reffet, 
oomt npite loo omcmenti, ■'efforoe do fain impresHon our lo lootoor, 
o*tttaolio nn mot qni foH image, earetoe loo anti t h w t ci , ae livro an jon dco 
ombno ot dco Imni^reo, abum da tiait, tombe parfoia dana lo manTaia 
fodt, totttco flhooeo qni aentcnt la decadence do Tart ot leo ellorta qn'on 
ftdt ponr lo Knonrolor. En ontio, ot ii faat bien on eoBTmir, JnTteal 
dana m dielioB ott ooarent Tiolcnt, emport^ omesaif ; il no recnle pat 
iowi mm plna dovnnt le danger dn mot propra, la cnidit^ do rczpremion. 
In tivacitd dn ooloffia, appelant trop aoutcnt lea cboaea pnr kmr nom, 
MMliMainnt nlmi onr la hardioooo do In pcnt^ pnr Tobootoitd deo 

En wvaneho U pomddo dco qnalit^a r datanto a , lo gtoio da 

ffupwMJnn, lo don dn eonp do pinccan. In richoiao et lao magnifieeneta 
isMraitoo 4 In potoio oratoiro ; il a do plna nne toergio, mio totto, mno 
pniifilaai aoa indignation, allomCo an ipcotaclo dco neeo ot dco tnipi- 
Indrnqni rontonimit do tone c6tH o'ezhalo on nn langago d*nno pnia- 
maoo, dHmo Ibno oztriMndinaire, ot doot, arant Ini, il n'j nvait pna 
dtempio dnM In Uttetara latino^ 

DapleitlloitlBflompamblo oommo ooloriato; U Cait pamer aooa noo 
jfBg dm tnbknax qn'on n'onbllo plna. Ik mwa frappont ct nona le- 


■ F)^ xUt ilf, vhon bo ndda that Toe., Flin. op^ FMroo., Ilart^ 
Iniian, DGaaa., em., Snot, and many othora bear out tho otatomenu 
oC^nTsaaUwholo^nTanttMitmipoBtohiitoffiqno,' hi whioh light ho ia 
i nloo bgr linitha. 

■P.ihli. « r^ ihtf ilTiiL 




I; li w boriaial teni noire InMciiuiiion. Tout leiiionde m nppellt 
p c totM g g iMtkUfdeoief qal hom retnoent lei dU^portemeDtt do Momi- 
oC do MO poreilleo, lei ravogco dn lozo romoin, U dceodcnoo do U 
U booooHO da ofoot, U ehato do S^jon, ko eiofts da CuMlifow 
wdgioM, ko tonmmti d*aiio monroioo oonwienoo, quo ools«Jo onooraT 
ftlatBUi o4 totti Oil froTo^ Inpooont ■. 


Hois fl oil vn Mlio poialUlo qui ii*est pr^oent^ pint d*aiie foit, et do 
hU mfMii, 4 actio cfprit, doai le conn do not Ctndct ; c*ett k rettcmbhinco 
aoafoal ftapfNuite qa'offrr , otco on grand nombre do peintaret do Booon 
tMoi do JarihMl, k toei^ modcrno ot contcmporoiBO*. 

FriedlAnclcr, in hit trcatiso on hixuiy', hns proved 
that the aDcicnt standard, apart from a few abnormal 
esampicfl, fell far short of tho modem. Contem]x>niries of 
LucaUos or of Vitellius, — they who hnd known luxunem 
imperii reterem nodeeqve Xeivnia, — Varro, Cjccm, Virgil, 
HoraoOy livj, Valerius Maximus (inheriting earlier tra- 
dition), Seneca, Musonius*, Epietetus, Antoninus, the two 
Plinj% Tacttns, Plutarch, Juvenal, all Appeal from Philip 
drunk to Philip sober, from tho cxtra%'Agance of city life — 
kienvimHB aBibiiiam paitpertate omncB — to tlic country, or 
the piovineei, or the barbarians, or tho farmer-captains 
of antiquity. But spirits and the powerful drugs' which 
even the poor among ns crave more than daily bread, 
strange of old even to Rome or Corinth or Antioch. 



I p. ill. Widal socfl on to notieo tho comio foroo of Jarcnal, sad 
Mm UtjUk bosalj of toaw pktarai of eoaatiy life or of saoionl ■iniplkllj 
(UlSi-at. fil— SI. aijNMilM). 

> P. UIL • aittenseidiidito m. 

^ FlMrikHBp*o cdHka of thk adrnkabk wrilor*i ranaini k teldon 
lUkkrbokwoToaaMdoraloraqakmiento. Then hot JatI 
(Dorlia ISSi) Qoaotlionoo Maoonkaao do Metoak iloko Ck- 
aHonaaqao aaeloio. oer. P. Wondkad. 
* *'**i^ tad olhor aareoiki, opiaa^ ihkial, sad tho soaalkM tribo 

Our men of leisure, and that when seeking health in the 
mountains, take throe dinners — called breakfast, lunch, 
dinner, — in the day\ an excess unknown fiiiy yean ago. 

Bishop Wordsworth* used heathen classics, as well as 
tho Christian scriptures and fathers, to train the students 
of his chancellors school to a Hfo of soberness; a man of 
kindred spirit, C. H. Collyns, wos collecting laws of 
hcoltli and of temperance from ancient letters, when too 
early taken from us. Juvenal would have furnished him 
with an abundant har\eRt. 

For our poet*, like Horace and the homilies* of our 
church, frankly rebukes a vice whose very existence 
•society' seems to have forgotten. 

An eminent surgeon, noted for his exposure of tho 
mischievous effects of alcohol even in moderate doses, 
has of late detected a deadlier and unsuspected enemy in 
our gates (Sir Henry Thompson, 'Diet in relation to age 
and activity*, London, Kegan Paul, 188C,' p. 2). 

> Lodj Joha Maoncrt in tho Kaiional Rtvifw 1883-4. Gcnnant, 

who ia their aatiro Und ato flcth-incat twice a week, on knUing in tho 

U.S. kko it throo timet a^ay, and tuffcr greatly until aoclimatitod. 

Parkct 'Pertonal care of Jiealth* (S.P.C.K.) C9 'Tho rich cktset hi 

Eagknd are oertamlj too krge nicat-cotcrt; for example, follow a dinner 

•I a rich man't kblo, and tec what the gnetU wiU take : a toap, into 

whkh moat krgclj onten ; fish ; two or three made dithet, probably all 

Bicstof iOBio kind, perhaps a jotot and game; tho farinacooot food k 

•eareely toachcd, aad when it k remembered that at bieakfati and 

at loncheon meat hat been ako taken, tho reiy eamlfotoat aatojo of 

thit diet wiU bo orideat.' 

• Kthka UncolHitn$ta. » index (vol. u) • epicure *, •gnk*. 

• No. 5 'againtt gluttony and dmukcnnctt*. 

• In a pamphkt ittued by tho VegeUrian Society (75, Prinoctt Stroct* 
Ibachettor, GS Lodgato HiU, London, B.C.) 'Wliot k Vcgclariankm?- 
Ihafo oorreekd Shr Henry't error, shared by Prof. Skeat and other Icxi- 
•ogiaphort, at to tho origin and meaning of tho term Vegetarian. It alto 
©ecurt in Ed. ▼. Hartmann*t attack on Vegetarianism (• waa toUcn wir 

ir ia hk •Modorno Probtemo' Leipz. 1886, p. IS). 


• •• 





I httft Ibr MM 3fcm p«l bem eompeltod ^ liMlf which m eoB. 
fltaBl^aoBlBC hdon mt, to aeeept the conclwkm that boto miMhicf in 
ll» faim of actMl dltMW, of fanpftired Tigoar, tnd of fhortencd life, 
•eentt to dviUscd auia, m Hur m I hftTO nhmmtd In oar own eoontiy 
•ad thraoghoat Wcttoni and oentral Evrop«, fton Mroncoat baUU of 
^ than from tha InUtaal wa of alaohoUs drink, eonaiderabla aa I 
"tha ffil of thai to ba. I am not tnia that a rimilar eompaiiaon 
Boi ba mada betwaaa tha icapeethra inflocBca of thoaa ageneiaa hi 


(/ML p. 0): 

I iMta eana to tha coaehia i oa that a proportion anoanting to at leaat 
sera thaa ooa half of tha diataia whieh emUtlara tha middle and latter 

part of lifc ana^ tha middia and appcr daeeea of tba popalatkNi b doe 
•o afoidaUe enoia In diet Farther, while aoch dlteate renden lo maeh 
«r Ufa. for many, diiappofaiting. anhappj. and proAtleae-a term of 
priifnl cndaranoe, Cor not a lew It ihoiiena life oonaidcrably. 

Hear our author* 

T 6 ventre nihil Bovi fragaliiUL 

Since I have known Cambridge, i.e. in the last forty-two 
jcar% the cost of college dinners has been nearly doubled', 
aad the lozuiy alsa A thrifty student, non-ooUegiate, can 
easily save* 3$, a day, or a guinea a week, out of tbo average 
expenditure even of frugal men. And he wouM carry away 
an endowment, which no parliament could confiscate, the 
wealth of Socrates and St Paul and Charles Gordon, it. 
few wanta. In our boarding-schools and colleges we bring 
together the sons of the rich in an atmosphere hermeti- 

> X^ Si. Omb I4d. 
•8aa«HowlolhaoBaihilUi«awiekbjoiiawhohaitriedit. Loud. 

J. B. MaiwoO.* Two ihillinga panhaied S6 lb. of solid food and two 
eC mDk,aa which tha writer aadhia eon lived for a week. The 
aa*MlfHroaa,pnCer, fora aingla meal or a lifetime, to the 
hlallM, whieh ava nra^ oven whoimoma; often (e.^. patrid 
«aaita|lilaiti^kathaoma. Ct tha wori[ of an ardent phiUn- 
da Woiaa,*Laria Aboamarehtf. Ftei% Fhm. 







cally scaled from contact with penury. What follows? 
Profcmional men acquire tastes far more expensive than 
do their continental rivals', and when (after Afty ycara of 
age) curates, schoolmasters, tutors (governesses) find it 
hard to obtain cmplo^-mcnt, they may come to the work- 

vilf 117 118 parcc et mcssoribus istis, 

qui saturant urbcm circo sccnacque vacantem*. 

In the lost forty years England has gone back in the 
cycle* of civilisation from corn to cattle*. Not only have 

> Dinhop J. M. Bailer (that Old Cntbolio before tlio Vatican conncil) 
and the vpnerable father of charch hiator}*, tho emerUu» Professor Karl 
Haae (mo liii cliamiing autobiop-aphjr, Idcale und IrrtMmer 1872) mode 
their way through school and college with scarcely any funds but what 
they earned by teaching as they learnt. Such Uvea were possible here 
SuO yean ago, aud given the nicu, arc so even now. 

* A Cambridge grocer told uic that curates, former cnstomcrs, say 
to him : 'Yon spoilt ns with those brcakfastH*. 

* On tlic dependence of Homo on foreign com, and the conflcqaent 
desolation of Italy, see a paiwr by mo in tho Pictetic lleformer 1883, pp. 
78—0. Who does not remember Horace's lament jthtamrnqtie caeUbi 
erincet ulmot t Cf. my notes on Inv. Mi 2. It 37. xi 78— bO. 8U. xir 1^9. 
168. 173. mut. Tib. Oraech. 8 0. Turkey, if tliat is any consolation, 
keeps ns in conntcnancc, with empty country, orer-crowded towns. 

^ The hunting, |iastoral, agricultural, horticultural stages. F. W. 
Kcwman * Essays on Dict'(Kegan Paul 1888, p. 80) 'the diet of flesh-meat 
belongs to the time of barbarism '. Tho Germans liave invented a tech- 
nical term for tlie law that as men multiply, cattle decrease. See ProC 
Lambl, Depekoration in Europa. Leipzig 1878. 

* 8eo Mr Azon*s paper 'Com or Cattle,' read before the Britinh Asso- 
ciation in 1881, printed in tho Dietetic Refonner 1881 pp. 22{8— 331, and 
sold as a pamphlet by the Vegetarian Society. It is there shown tliat, 
without importation, we might produce food enough for a far larger 
population. So mistaken is Ed. ▼. Hartmann, 1. c. 13, when he says we 
at this day are * cbcnsowenig im Stande..., oliiie Uetreidccinf uhr xu lebcn 
ala ohne Yichcinfohr.' 



ADVERTiuuiEinr joad 

noDo ? This year pltitns have been left to rot <m the 
trecfl. Why ore not farmen taught the art of drying or 
othcn» 180 prcscrviog them ? English plums are exported 
to France, dried and brought back at a Inxnry: why 
should they leave our shores at all ? What need to import 
apples or hardy vegetables, honey, milk or cheese f . Cbn 
trained intellects be more patriotically employed than in 
simplify iiig and cheapeuing distribution'? 

4. Of old college rents were in part paid in kind. 
College landlords have one peculiar advantage,— they are 
large consumers. Ouo bursar, to my knowledge, furnishes 
his college hall from a neighbouring tenant AU bufsars 
and stewanls ought to draw their supplies^ as far as possible, 
from their own estates. 

5. In my childhood Cheshire farmers lived on their 
own produce : 

xi 77 — 81 hacc olim nostri iam luxuriosa senatos 
cena fuit. Curius parvo quae legerat horto 
ipso focis brevibus poncbnt holuscula, quae nunc 
squalidus in magna fastidit compede fossor, 
qui meminit, calidao sapiat quid vulva popicaa 

Let 'tlio lauded interest* criticise its own consumption 
and become its own customer. If next year tlie money 
DOW spent on alcohol, tobacco and other narcotics^ by 
country folk, were spent in grain, fruit and garden stuff, 
there would be fewer bankruptcies. 

G. xi 5G — 50. Each individual critio of consumption 
does something to people the country and relieve the 
congestion of towns. Since I seriously considered this 
question of diet» I have become a customer of fruit fiurmers 

1 8«e KjnMton*! •Outdoor fruit for thi aiilUoa.* Vtf. Bos. IMl* 

growen tMtity Uiat, feodioc Md pnmios tbtir tNif ly tUs ^fitflB, thigr 
MTcr hftTo a bod ■oasoo. 



(Vi^ of * Miller al Boiy 8t Bdmod^p off 
r^M mii-lwtw; nd of ft Kentuli Tomi oil- 
ir wmr ibod nfbnMT eMh jear mikct one 

nd to OD, tbo dcf|N(ir whMi 

«r &• eonby will fai tiime be dispeileiL 

iniiiaa I^fle» te Me cxhettftire laney of 
id he feeriC% pTOted tlMt the drink Umffic 
i\ ee it doee eieiy ether tiBde. There- 
Anqr, after all dedoelioiie for 
I that dealere hi food proSt tume- 
If the ooBtenioB of dnnikard& 
rhadtadi kaml here hoer to fanprove thefa' hmd 
iaeel; tahtaf a palriotie and ideal inlercii in 
Ifob thegr voald reside on their estates for a great 
te year. Ai boll-baiting and bear-baiting have 
lod AoM EngfauMi; ee a day will sorely eomo 
s r^ «tiilcklly to mahitani beasts of prej 
dhfriahed*. Vast eons now wasted on hooting 

wnit •• Hw T«|daffiMi Botkljs 'I 
fht Jill W 9mm Mf JoMB Meads, 

is Iht f«j ssliMt Ami sqr 
MMklML Isa 

viiioh I smM Bol 

■yiM 01 MM 

I MBit'n«B mil off 


lytto OJLTJ., ohMi hM bMB th e sistod Igr 

•IliM^WIBMS nsfcM f iSi 

ifeklj; l^et'AteMirlsMrUdllaooi 





^^ H^^^^^^^J m^m 

and ehooting; — thoee earicatorcs of the labouie of Her- 
cniee and of Theeeu%— will then form an codowmoot of 

0. The patients of Longfonl Fever Hospitfil were 
treated for fifteen years by Dr 8. Nioolls, without alcohol, 
'fisht flesh, fowl, with singubur successV Mr Fcgan, of tlio 
BoyiT Heno*, has now for nearly two years imposed the 
same abetinence on bis hungiy street Arabs, wbo gain in 
weight and health* Uany of us as guardians of the poor, 
maaiq^ers of hospitals^ orphanages, asylums, schools, havo 
to administer public funds*. Can wo afford to ignore a ilict 
which boasts testimonials from anatomy, phyKiology, clie- 
mistiy, histoiyf public and private economy* 1 LandowDcrs, 
of all men, should bo sensitive to the rise or fall of rates. 

Chritt,iglMaaflrPkoeeBlMUaMieJtgtcn WiUctciatclir Uelncrankr 
tflw frtffdtttm ^kh* 

^ 'Dltlilii BdbnBcr' 1S6S pp. SS— 44, when ii an aecoaot of Uio 
cfpoittiMi vUdi the ivfomicr oreicaino. 

• tl 8i«tfifnrii Bftictt, Loadon &E. The • Dtetotio ncforaicr,* ITty 
ISSi, pw ISA givM Ur FcgMi'i cipOTiciiM tfl«r two montht. The bojt* 
dlBMr «oits l{«f. a iMid: 'many off thm big fellowt of 1 J or 10, wolfitblj 
knpj oftM noMt liMdiltipt oa the itrccU.' *For dinccr. they have 
htilaol bMM^ IdMd potatoci, and Jam tarnofcr; peaae-podding, baked 
BptaMi oaiooi, tad a lump of dates; lentil soap and tapioca podding; 
M Mvowj ^ sad bnad podding, with 6gs ap|>lot, &e. occaKionally.... 
A kind sf oflM-diaBer mn«< obaonrable tonatrly on ecrtain daja ia now 
ugkm^ Igr a haoHlgr fpeatiaeHj tmtj afternoon both ia work and 
Had^.* IUd.ieM,pp.l07-ehaKlirMthoeipcriencoofl8nionthf. 'In 
Asm 4qra I olwvs looked apoa Vajetariana at either viaionarica, 
^jnpifliMi M ikinflhita.' • The fneral health of the bojahMdeddcdij 
lBMMfia...IlMPt baaa seraoasUy beaeAtcd.* 

> *Adf satssM oCdidatis mam hi orphanaset gad pobUc toatJtntloaa.' 

^ AnnMatvMnMMsadaMUoraMMavanooided ia the pobUcatioaa 
of the yf^§kukm aosiety. The faUaal atatemcnt of tlie case will be 
fboad la %ImHw OtahiM'a 'Briiaat of hnauui life* and John Smith's 
•■birfi. .1^ » ■■ !■ ■■■■ • Am siM lln KingiCocd'a tuk tharia 'The 



















which was their bliss. Seeing many invontion9, they 
become emncea: soon magia ilia iuvant, ([um plarii 
emuntur. Their board, once offering viempta$ dopes, 
groans with exotic delicacies ; horum semper ego optarim 
patijycn-imue esse bonorttvi. Expenses wax, incoino wanes; 
the end is bankruptcy and exile. B, a Vegetarian vicar, 
deals with none but his village grocer, who, thus work- 
ing with larger capital, buying in cheaper markets, can 
afi'ord to sell better goods at a lower rate. With like 
thoughtfulness each of us might help some struggling 
neighbour to tide over bad seasons. 

ii 05 vitreo bibit illo prinpo. 

See a book which should be in every parent's hands: 
'The moral education of the young in rehition to sex, 
under medical and social asi>ects. By Dr Elizabeth 
Black well. Second edition, revised. Loudon^ Uatcluuils, 
187D,' p. 120: 

Obsccno bookt, longi, pamphloU, bandbilli, pictarei^ simI pliota. 
f^phs aro iMiicd, not by tho handrcd, but bj Uio milUon. Guili, tnoff* 
boxcp, pipct, pcn-Mticki, ringi, knivcf, kc ftro insdo tho inttnuaciitt of 
vieo, by picture, shape, or tho iutrodiiclkNi of fomo micnwcopioobaociiity, 
often overlooked by the pnrchaner 

Mora tlian fifteen flrmi in Germany... make a specialty of lieentiooa 
literatoro and obscene articles : erciy week th^ publish detailed deserip- 
tions of their wares in hundreds of new s pape r s. Their trade ia to 
enormons, that in ono }Tar tho police of Ualtimort, U.8., acued twenty 
hundredweight of scandaloua books and objects which tbqr had exported 
to that city. Amongst them were quantitiee of obeeene Kew Year'e 
cards, which are manufactured in Berlin, and eokmrod by yooag ghrla 
from fourteen to aizteen years of age. But the moel eaeeeesfol means of 
distributing these Tile ariidee is by eolportenrage. 

ii 44 — 40 respice primum 

ct scrutare viros. faciunt hi plura, sod illoa 
defendit numerus iunctaeque umbone phaloogci, 

Wo have only just begun to make vice difficult for rich 
men; while pour women, their pfey, have till lately re- 




liv 142—151 

ct profeire libct fines Imviorqua vidctur 
et melior vicina KgcB, mcrcaris et Imiic ct 
orbuBta et densa luoDtcm qui canot olivo. 
c|iiorum si prclio domiuiii uon vincitur iillo^ 
noctc boves nwcri Inssoquo fiiinclica collo 
iuiiienta ad viridcs huius luittcntur ansU\ 
ncc prius iDdu doinuin, qunni tola novalin sacviM 
in vciitrcti al>caDt, lit credos falcibus sctuni. 
dinrc vix possis, quant multi tnlia ploreut, 
ct qiiot vcuaIcb iniuriK fcccrit sgro& 
Boycotting not a triuuijih of modcru civilisation. 

iii 41 43 

quid Ronmo fiiciaml mcntiri ncscio; libruin, 
■■ nialua est, ucqueo laitdore el poscure. 

Mutunl flattery in reviews. Reading the last book 
from lliidie's, Ix-cuuso 'every ono is talking of it'; iu 
short, neglecting the living works of dead autliors, became 
fashion sets its seal ou dead works of living autbon. 
„ 1 13 Hi 

quaulum qnisquo sua numaionim scrvnt iu area, 
tiintuni lialwt ct fidci. 
The credit system willi iU monopoly, ruining timKll 

„ 140 141 

protinui ad ccnsum, do moribus ultima fiet 
zil— 3 

Atticui oximio si ccnat, lautut habetur; 

Bi Rutilus, dctnens. quid enim niaiore cachinno 

cicipitur vitlgi, quoin pauper Apidus t 


I Kfertei8o,qnshMeeftdemparat: iDRatUoBam 
I loxorift Mt. IB Vcntidio landabile nomcn 
lit et > ceniu fknum trohiL 


M iW fortmiBC TCTiiam damui nloa turpis, 
ct aduiterinm raediocribus; hncc codcm iHi 
tmA cum fadtmt, hilarca nitiOique vocantur. 
JwMa Wartincaiii. Endeavoors after the Cbrution life. 
rioa 1843, lit) ISO: 
■hi tevolk tfffT" *^^ b ipt lo b* Mignteid bjr veUlh in 

MiiiMiW-^ ~r >^ -M.-~iKH.i. A. -write. It 

Mto^M^MMlMltoiMtol^nipMt to lb* pom fn Mhen, 

L I. Iiffi' •-,,--'-■-■■ ■— .-J _-ji--ni I. 

i^mI AM !■ hwaMtool MaMiln b Ihm H> BiM)i vjvoiikMK]' M 

. . ||,»aTtoe™'rtn>"0**'>«P"*P>'^-"*»' 

a. that Uic jndpiiwoU ind nionl tpcline* <4 
PIP _i^ ^mr-i^Ml'DeW and power : Ihsl Ibc UDM rnki ftiv not 
m A* «tta«l* «( ricb >iid pout'. Uut Ibvn ii ■ nok ■hich 

)aj« llip Itj froM the Tcidirt o( ■ jnit pnbiie K>ntin>«iit. 

■MiM ocdiBUT qulltic* rccdfo a miMhiot-ouf aJalalion. Mid 
r Om an Jodec<l Uehil; or not al alL 

m1 cigD optabfint bonincsl si consilium x'la, 
' » iiwis expcndcro nnminibus, (juid 
ffcnmt notni rebu«i)ue sit ntilo nostril 
B pro incundis apti»inu quaeqoG dnbnnt dl; 
CBiior ctt illis homo qiiam sibl nos ODimonim 
inimhu ct cb«» mdgnaqne copidioo dwcti 
eoniagiam petimas partumque morii, nt illis 
Dotnm, qui pueri quali»quo fuUin sit uxor. 
■t tometi et poKU oliquid voreoiquo socellis 
•Ktai •! cuididuli diviua tomacuin porci, 
wmadttm est nt sil mcus sans la cnqnre Muo. 
tmUm fOMB MWMia Boctk Mnvra cucatooi, 


qui spatium vitao exlrcmum inter i 
natnrac, qui feire qucat quoscumqae laborca^ 
nfscint inisci, cupiat nihil, ct potioras 
Herculifl acnimnos cre<lat racvosquo Isbores 
et voucro ct ce&ia ct pluma SardoaapallL 
Some yean a^ criticism of pm^-er ^n default of tabto- 
tunting, mesmerism, spell ing-bccs, or other epidemic nga) 
exercised our drawing-rooms, joiimali and miigazinci for 
some weeks of a season. In tlicsc games research is a 
brooch of nilc. The world's sncrcd books, the Paternoster 
aud other actual specimens, liyntns and litari^cs, Angus- 
line, A Kempih Rotlic, Ewnld, Miigclitbach, Lnsaulx, — all 
these were out of bounds. Else Jolmsm's imitation might 
have ted to the ditcovcry of this pn^nn dircctoij, dcfjing 
every anathema then ficcljr and gaily huricd at the whole 

xiv 13 li cupict Inuto ccnaro pnratn 

semper et a magna nou ilegoncrara culiniL 
If wo were cstnblisliing new colleges, tho costly and 
cumbrous entertainments known as ' fcnsts" would form no 
port of our design. Nor would n reformod govemmont for 
London dare to saddle tho Lord Unyor wiUi such onerous 
and dangerous 'duties'' as ' the traditiunai hospitality of tlic 
Unnsion House' imposes on him now. Surely the vast ma- 
jority of us, being of simple tastes, should aeiw tiio cxcuso 
of falling rents to exchange these obsolete riles for quieter 

■ raika L a. 67 • Tba bcalthlnt bodin ara Ikeaa la wUA Ika (bod b 
BeaTlf tlw HBW, aud ibo proesHn in the bodji^oa totaraUj snUbnntr 
(torn da; lo daj. If on oiu da; addilloaal food bi giTM, as vksa s hmb 
goM oal to a gnat dinner, tlw eOuct la Inucablc Igr Ikna ai fasr dajn, 
or irvD tor a waek. After taeh aa onaaaal ncal <Wl« ihsald bs agaa 
aballneiMa the oeit da;, ao aa not to orartaak Ihs OfpaSi' p> M 'A* a 
mil Mm mlrlij ilaiiiii lal I Ii mil II >iii4asllj Itfsstma Ihf ' 

■ 0« w|M ii tui. S.V. 4MBM, 



animation, commnnds Vcgctoriaus to spare tbs 'plant* 
their bi'eclircii' (Modcrae Problcme IC 17): 

Dm llDiDBniliilti-irciiiiicnt lUllt DBinlieh da* TtiTchran ron eriOi- 
tcUn Tlikrcn dtm Vcrxchrrn Ton gctUlcIca Uenicltcn, d. b. de« 
Knnnibtliiiniui, elvich, UMorcni toeU dio Tbivra «!■ unfcre Drildcr !■ 
Bcidw d« Lebnu Eu bclruLtea iciiii. Dicu* ArgnoKDt bcireiit KbOB 
darum nicbl', veil n in Tiel bcweiil. E> lit cine obcilllchliclw Bod 
BnTJHicDMlinriliFlio VolkiinirltiuDit, diwcin Eidotlcc.nielit ibonugot (in 
IclcnJc* and cinpflndcndci ladiiidanm nia Mwk eta Bpnofetkel anil 
n ist din VorurlLcil, dus Ttju dia thtcre unicn Drtidcr im IWicb* im 
LcbcDi and iki EmpGndnng ■cien, dia rfluiten abet nlcbL Ei lit 
KJQO Willkflr, dJE tircDzlinie, jcdkHU dercn «ir dni Lcbcadiga nN 
Vcncbren tMlai dflrCcD, iviKhea Thlct and FBuurddi ta lielwa. 

Confoiincling things differ, to keep tlie bnlauco 
true he tlistiaguiehes things that agree, claiming for the 
roaio sex in towns', especially fof representatives of culture, 
i.e. forhisonii claas, a flush diet which women and country 
folk, he allows, do not need (p. 14); 

Ftlr dia Tccctallira and RprodakliTcn Aateibra d«* Latvaa, *!• 
•ia bci Loadknilra and bcim waiblichen fleaelilacht libcnciecfn, iiu| 
PflininikiNt stureichea, oieht abet lOr die geilcigetten AnlunlerDngea 
u geilcieerla ProduklJTiUI, «le du raodeme SnUnriebeB der SUdl^ 
lubcxmdcro der GmHladle, aia an dia arbeilandcn Uinoet atellt. Mit 
dem FleiKbiieoiiu aciacr ItaltartrageDdon Uinderlielt hOrt eb VoUl nt, 
eJDB akliro Rolle in der OcKhkhto id apidca n-ii leniclilct aot dJ* 
UdiiBe Uitaibcil am EullaiproicM, walchacinadnnli Uoaao PdauiaDkoal 

' Do not accepi tbli at ■ (acL No VegatarJaB aatboiitj aror held 
(be doctrine auribeil by lai. xir OS to lealone proaelylei to JndaUni! 
HC iitlBti futant hvinanii cant ■■1/I»il Kor Koald w« ndottt Ih* 
atalcmcDl Is it 173 171 Pglhagorai, lUHitU anlmaiibat abiUimil falj 
ttrnjuiim homini tt rnitri Imlalill ncn Diwic Ujamrn. 

' Vp. S, 4 ' Daa miinalkha Orachlcchl bal im DBrchachiitI aUrkarcB 
" Fleiachbanger " al* daa vciblieha. «aeh abgaKbeD daroo, ob m dotsb 
da grItaHrea Uaai ton Arbeit ein tliikere* ErMtibedOrAiiaa bat) tt 
•eheltil Trnnitlclil ainHiligar Tararbong im miinaliebea 0«chlecbl(!) 

dorvb aUrkan ArbciUleiilnng eewmkla Nalgnag rar FlaiaohkotI il«b 



I sHi 


riM M MxUmdn CcbendinM u gdttign Eiwrgla Iber dla Bcdiiif- 
timt 4w TueUtJTM Libra* Udmu nfortet'. 

sir 311 numquoni »liud natura, aliud sapietitiii dicit. 

XV 131 — 133 molliuimn corda 

humane genGri dare bo natun fatetur, 

quM bcrimaa dedil) luieo nostri pan optimn scnniB. 

Tried by this test, t. Hartmann'a is no true witdom. 

For, in conscious opposition to Scliopcntinupr, he sacri- 

tees hnmanitj to curiosity* and to a perverted instinct 

I Dr *, ITiiCiiMiiii nski inaa villi nriiM f'&imdi, *how Mclelj not 
!•■ dora*), hma, ^Mi, m asBlTOton. Frem Bnl (o lut hi* phytic*! 
«!■■■ ham Ika Bolt of oticiMlilj. moliag mritcriv) hlditeo trom Itof, 
Iht^m. Ca*i«, Daataabm, DrII, oet Thu nipdiml npetiviiM dKiwn 
(hrtM 'rtnoati tan at beallh' p, SO) 'Beow old men sn-ni bMIt* 
*UhB*l Bnl....RlM, «|iv, milk, btMd, Mill ftnita tn^ nnJ irj...m 
■FFnptlalc [ooda lor Uw toj otd..,.tI tbera li >nT ttnilniej to gnni, 
■nl tbonld ba liica op ■lloedhcT.' (Sir H. ThooipKiB ' DkI In reltUon 
to^iud letiittj'lD) 'Uwdlappnniweor Ibc owliolliig pmran ii 
11^ Wliililiiil with Uu period of liln wli«i Ihat ipHlei of food vbieh 
■a* tat^at Uinr MtkiB— rii. wiUd mliul flbn— i< liltle, ir U 411, 
■^Nl bj lfa« iadlTidDiL It !• dorins Um Ultot thin] ot hii nrecr tbtl 
kl M0W tnl UffhlCT toodi, loeh u well-cooked otrcali, (onia liglilmiud 
•atei] ud n^cuble Mopa, and ilw fill), tor which Iccth am ban); 
■iiiimj, at* prcoUaii; TalnabU and appropriale-' (cf. ibid. BO H). tf 
BarlnaaBiaD liulinci nbda (Uodctna Pioblema 9) ' I>l« teacbwwhta Tei- 
dH Alleri reriangt Doeh nnem atirkmcii Grade TOD Fldieb- 
(■ dat Kahmng, wihread del kindlicbe nnd JD^ndliche Appctlt 
rbwiodct/ (be pltiloaopher 

(be diilikca Ilw 
r him ballatr) i* 
lu nbKet Pp. S4 M 

rprtimtntum (a Mrpon rill dar 
Kraft HUen to woUen, loUte man Tldtnehr 
Imo, ob ea nlefal raihaam and geboten ael, 
la SB bannuui d. h. den nr TodtHtraf* 



Oaa Princlp dec UiUeide hat damlt Jedca anch niu aebaiaban Bwhi 
ton Ulbpneben In der Emihran^fnige cinnebUMt. 

Per Venoch, die Inbnminiliii do Fleiiehgcnn.M. mit obMUnn 
OrOnden n.,h«-ei,.„. i.i hien.aeh .1. g«cbeiien ,« bwrachtoTand 
etblcibtdem VegctarUDiamn. nmdielaUleZiifliiihlofleD akhao/daa 
OafiUil IB benifco. , a™ mi oaa 

When not bribed by personal habits of indulgence, r, 
Hftrtmonn can search fashion with itncioudcd vision. Ho 
sees' that smokers mostly bccomo so from imitation, as 
thinking it manly; that they are slaves of aa artificial 
want; that tho milliards puffod away iuto air might sap- 
port asylums for tho aged, widows and orphans. 

A ray of mercy, gladdening the dungeon of Giant 
Despair (Strausa, dcr alto und dor ocno Olmibe % 7a, 
Ceaammclto Schriften, Bonn 1877, VI 1G3 IC*); 

w.^..^""?'' "" ■"• ''''''" ■"" •''•' l^hcrrKhcn. aber nlebl ala 
waitwrich, all Tjrann, aonOvrn all Ucnacb. Ein Theil dar Kalor, 

(•Rbriiche. EiperimCTit an «Ich Torwhnwn larien nollm, and dm (a 
t^TZ- "k"'"' Vcrorlhdiion»Bebon. ob .ie ihw Stai> 

It „ *" "*""' ^"' •<"''"' ^'-^ "l^ "It staea 

T6 era dnnb dw Kalurforwher BreemUnd.Io. nuifhm, iodcm lia den 
TWertenoehdenMcBwlwnTeriqchanreihte.- See my ■ Uodicu. dbl medl- 
«. .ibl (WiO) IJ-IO, .Borne year, .go I me. .1 Baael aa en.bsalaati. 
pneg German phyiloJoslif. U* compioined ibel tlvi«e(ioa of lh« 
bnniM *abj«l .aa .. jel lorbidd™. but looked forward w . millenniom 
of icicnee, wtien Iheaa ahacUea wooLd bo remoYcd. He bad probaUr 
nwer nad Celaai (praet pp. <, 7, 13 ed. Ciucmbetg), or be wooU h«Ta 
hwwn Ibal there wa* onee a golJcn age of frto icicn™, but CeUiu 
bagsed 111! ehulna.' The reader wiil remember how Uurel ilortlid thoae 
rto applied w. Uarlmann". proterb Jlai ttj-crim,i,ium to bim aa th« 

1'Ueberda.nancben* in Iba TcHo4ariaoha Bandatlian (Uai Dnlt- 

b«»,Bwlta, l98C)!ll_ais. Ua al» ad.ocatet ihe dl.™ of aleohol 

ta both eoDoaeli ba ii abetted bj Dt Parke* ■ Peraonal ear* o( hMJUi- 

^P^M ■! .IroBBlj adTlaa naj yonna maa and woman to ba a total 

p. 87 -I hava no dimeultj in atronsl^ recomBieiidina »«B« 

nofcs.'] o* — » 





mmwm Kilfit « ^^ dimie»wir iiiachl» beftaht am onpAodfiidai Wetw. 
Dm TW« ill siMMiii fageo du Thkr . wril m wohl iciiieB dffeiMi 
Hmmt ote Zoni ■dur ttMfk enpAndet, Ton ten Sduners §Am, dta m 
tedi MiM BAMidl«ig d«ii todCTn nMhl. Mm flwi ■© ^«|>^ 

TanMUnagluil. Wew dMllWi* Vo»t«H«ng >>** ^ M«»^ •*«!T' 
lit dodi halMU Br wtiM, daM dM Thicr lo gnt flin empflndcndet 
WM»telwk«. Dabdlrtwwohltlbcrjicngt— midmMfwBrMhIOM 
Biekt Bit UmwIii-dMt tr. «iii •e«ne BleUong in dcr W«H sn be- 

lnOT^^ Bfeht nnihln luuin, maMhen Thieien Sehmers m Uerdlcn 

Ztt^ein Wewn, dM den Sdrnien, den dM Thicr dabel kldet Jwnnt 
■■d ftlt llitgcruhl in eieh naehbUdcn luinn, eoH er }cne§ »lle» llbcr dM 
Thkr in finer Art tn wfctegen wchcn. die mit dcm wcnlgitoi 
SelHnen wrbnnden id. AUo bei den einon die TOdtung ■• k-^*/^ 
mMA, bei den •ndem den DicdbI m crtrl^kh wk radglkh machen. 
VerieUn^ dkeer Ffliditen Mtii deh m Mewdien tchwcr, iniWm ik 
•ein GdUhl nbdmnpft. Dk Crimiodgewslikhia ceigi nm. wk Men- 
i^entnikr and MOidcr wrbcr Tbterquilcr gewcwn wnd. l^k cim 
HnlkNi dnidMdiniUlkb dk Thkre behMiddl, kl ein HauptmaiMUbUiwt 
Hnmnittteweithi. Dk imnaniwihcn Vittker beildien dkte Probe be- 
f^^tfUk 0^ iefakeiil; wk DenUehe noeh lange nkht genng. Dm 
BnddhkmM hat hkrin mdir gethan, all dM Chrittcnthnm. nnd Sdio- 
alf iimmtlidie alte mid neoers Fhiloeophen. 

If Earope rotnoins 'the Hell of animals/ it is not for 
want of warning from Liidwigsbiiig. 

I had printed in 1885 the text and notes to p. 320, 
wliea I received 'Spicilegium luvenalianum scripdt 
Bodolfns Beer. Accedit libri Pithocani simulacrum. 
I^Miaa, Teulmcr. 1885. 8va ppt 82/ with a large 4to 
fcUing page of facsimile. 

With regard to John's materiab and the present 
pontion of the criticism of the text, Beer sayi (p. 6): 

iHMHiifiT I " uoM pegeUa doMbtt ti tot Mllationibw 

lahais ad MSB Mppedilalk M nnam qnides iU peffoetMB MM nt «v 

oodknm aotitla am sdhM Mik inetinfllMMM, 

•Qgnitn nihil ai 




tknem notam eMe: iu nt hoe dk etkm de omnibM qoM ad teitom 
foemlibet rettitoendom nocestario reqnimnior aot mak edoeti liniM ant 
emnino inoerti haereamoi. 

Beer's own labours (pp. 6 7): 

Qoam mieeriam neqno ano impcta tolli neqno medelk modo hM niodo 
ilk cz parte adreetif pcrMnari pome cnm mihi pcnaaiisacm, totam 
nateriam altiM nt repeterem et fontiboe ipek aditk fanditosqae ezhaM- 
tk idouM mnrae reeentionii Mtnramm fnadamcnta dcnno sabetnieicm 
animom induii. quo in ncgotio postquam triam annonun tempcim 
rabeeeiTa eonsumpei km quidqnid ad tcxtam Inrcnalit roccnMCDdam 
alicaioe momcntl esse potest mihi praesto ctie aflirmare aasim. byUio- 

thecMenimadii Helvotiaequtdem paeneorancs, plurimasOermaniae, 
k Oallia Parielnam; dcniqne Vindobonae in urbe fcro patria mo 
eongcesieee quae omnino ad provinciam nostram faccra vidcbaniar reti- 
eere nolo, qao factum est ut non eolnm apparatum criticum fere totum' 
qoali lahn uiiat eft denuo conqnirero ct examtnarc scd ctiam ut noy% auxilia 
noper dctccta strenM excutcrc potucrim ; ncquo parum valcre in lute ro 
omnium eodicum avro^'ar oon uno loco infra cognitum iri puto. impri- 
mk antcm id egi ut de libro Pithocano, crisis luvenaliaoao duee, quam 
plenissime tcstarer et Icctionibus sin^^ulit diligenter ezcussk et totiu* 
eodkis accnrata descriptiono communicata; in qua re muUis me gratom 
fMtnnun speravi addiU tabula arte photoUthographica expreasa deliacanta 
klium libri 18 veranm, quo admiakulo et ipso de eius habitu externo 
BanunmqM aetata eondicione erroribus lacilios dispotarem et alik de 
cadem re eognoooera Tokntibna lirmina et aoiidiM aubstmcrcm indidi 

The body of tho tract falls into three parts : L a 
description of the principal ross. and other evidence for 
the text IL histoiy of the text IIL specimens of new 

I. cod. F (n. 125 of the library of the '^coledemidedM, 
Montpcllier, supposed to be lost, but discovered by G B. 
Base, who made known his discovery to Jalin in Januaiy 
1845) described pp. 0—24. The viiae only found 
mterpoktted mssi (p. 12). The Aarau fragments (pp. 
»2; Win in Hermes xv 437 seq.) recovered from the 

> The MeeptioM am Md. Vatio. Urb. Ml, eod. Lanrent pint autr 
IS and aooM IMa MM. 



bmding* of books, containing parts of sat. II. III. VI. 
TIL "De Bcholionim lemnmtia' (pp. 33—34). 'De cod 
Vindob. no. 107 (pp. 34—35). 'Do exemplnri Dnnielino' 
(pp.35— 30'). 'DelibriiiBlorpoUtiB'(pp.3G— 38). 

II. History of the tcit'. One important remark (p. 
48) The last vereo of the last satire is the last lino of the 
lut page of quire ten. and hna no subscription, though 
then is room for an 'explicit liber qtiintus.' It follows 
thftt » port of the satire has been lost. 

IIL Selection of new readings (pp. 53—70). 

In the V'iener Sludien Till (1886) p. 34* Beer states 
(April 1880) that ho must postpooe the publication of his 
edition, which was promised for this year, having under- 
taken n journey to Spain on behalf of the Vienna coi-p«t 
Knpfoi'um ectdetiaaticorum. 

On p. 8JJ n. » Bmt die* BItplisn'i »rtir!« ' 0»J pn>«oai»che Flori- 
tm an 8. Osllcow HandKhritt no, 870, and .cin Wcrlli (flt iit 
103 Kq.), U> irhiah he alUclua little 
osnn* or the tine nsdiog Id tUI IIS 



• inwnDiBewMr*(p.»l'>«*t«gn<>H'm' itt.jt>ro qnixiat Igoatl 
Aaioalai anstoiqii* Oneroli (abnUa', I retauV I. tlicn I ww s 
Hhool-boj I knew Aiuaolii* well, ani not • little by bewt : II. in mj ind. 
1. 1. Aoxmiai I hsre dttd two lioei imitated bj Mm. In 1MB I adrer- 
liKd aatMofia Lallna uUtIc, whkb wai lo inelfldo qiletatni o( AufOnlot, 

I apoke ol hln la th* Jonmal o/ rlaukel and laertd yhMofH/ n (ISM) 
JU and on Cic. Phil. « | M 1. IS (1801). 1 feu that anj one who 
oUBiBe* «J book! may imlly oharge me with citing Admiuui too often. 
IIL I bra known the Qneroln* lor mora than BO jean and have noted 
Hi TOoabnIatT. DrBectcomparet « * with lui. Wii IBOaeq. On the 
mrj next Una of loi, I eite (after Orangaeoa) 3 panagei ot the Qnerolai. 

II li fliarafan nothing now to illuittate onr poat from thia Haree. Bat I 
My Mj ooaa toe all that I ban aeen in later writen many dtatiohi w 
MlillfTM of Ut. whkfc I ten not thooclit It worth *hU* lo raeialw. 



A pwtion of this 'ndiertisement' was in type, when I 
Tecoived by Prof BuchplcrB kindness an early copy of A. 
Feraii Flacci D. Iiinii luvenalii Sulpiciae tatunu. Recog- 
novit Otto Jahn. Editio altera curata a Francisco Buech- 
elcr. Bcroiini apuJ Wcidmnonoi anno MDCCCLXXXVL 
Many years ago Dr Munro regarded Bacheler aa the 
most promising among tlio younger Latin scholars of 
Gcrmnny, and tiic prophecy has bccD amply fulfilled. 
Not to Rpcok of mnny oecnsional works on Latin gram- 
mar and the dialects, his edition of Petronius, with its 
appendix, is iiidiKpen»iblc to all serious sttidcnts of Latin, 
Wo arc still waiting impatiently for his Senoca and antho- 
logia Latino, ex monnmeiitii. Prof. BUcheler hod the use 
of Beer's collation of cod. P'. 

' T mnj bo pnrclonrd for tiling (Ihongh wy nanM oeton In it) an 
imporlanl protMl afininm llip moilfrn rn^•B for obdiiiDg worlm, or poHioni 
ot Korku, boariDR everj cilenmi ind iatenial mark of authcnlicily. 
KemeinbeT that tho apwcho of Citrro condemned ao eonfidentlj ly 
Tamtall and JIarkland and F. A. \\b\I and proacribed for a emtnrj. 
ira BOW nninnally accepted; the bnlriDCO of pmeot opimon u alio 
decidedly in faront of the Icltcn lo and from Brului. 

'■de auppoiili* Inrntali Teraibu* quaMtiowm lahnini dilliciUimim 
diiit anaeqae aetatla moribui et nibbeckii aenraini boa indnlut, nt non 
malloa qaidom, nimio lameo piorct quam faa oral Terani tmco dam- 
naret ..dubitea licet de duobna quoi P oniait. noUnm noelri exemplnrif 
verMim Idoneli arfnmrntii deniontlratum «t non eaae tictom ab Inra- 
nala hoc qui (atofa* diiolpits coepit tmior pott anaom 100, detiit poit 
137. verom com dim atbitrio eicganliaequa eomm obaiiti oportoetlt, 
qui iDTenalcm quod pcrpeniin Inlcrprclabantu aal gibbcioanm alo nt 
eat at erat lapiene non ■□allDebant, idee ampatara ct aiddoa Mglt*- 
rant. none cnm maiime tempni eat adhortafi llloa, qui Tarboaai com- 
nnueaqno dcfentionea componrudo qnaai cnm Tantif litigant nee qnld- 
qnara adfetant quod faxlot nlunrotn igoorarlt, nadnm initmolai ab 
Heinridiiia Uadvida Wajoribm eiiatimator, nt rapnteni qoanto graTkca 
cl fmctaodoia non aolum io eeleri) liltaria sad atUm fn Ipao Innnala 
BOttii laecoll oarao atadiiaqao demandala dot, tl ad borMa •M^ tU 
paragandnm im minora aooineantnr IndDaMa." 

Uy taxi «M printed iBH year, If i bsT* otMsiM to prim II aaiin, I 

The most imparhiiit gaxnt ara 

iii 3S! auditor /or odiutor. 

vii 99 ptntfir petit. 

Tiii 105 iitinc/or hinc(ad<iae stinccantoninaP: attioe 
hinc nntODias m). 
Abore itU viii 148 ip»o rotniti nstringit «nfflaniino mulio 
con-nl (for ' mnlto aufflnniino ' p m. siiggcsf eil l>y schol. viii 
157 'quia mulio crt qui connul fcrtur'. Stcphan in Rhciii. 
Mua. XI, 1885, lioi printed coilatiou rrom n florilegium, 
8. ObIL ms. S70. nhicb roods Lcre, p. 274 Rli. U. - p. SOO 
of the n»., 'utringit sufflnintno mulio consul'. In Kcil's 
gramm. Lnt. vi 231, tlio corrector of 'cod. Bob. nunc 
Vindob. 10 ' on the quantity of terminations, ' dc finalibus 
mctronim', in a note on the text 'o flnitus in latinis brcvis 
est, ut Cato', snys: "lolinn mosculina vol communia cor- 
npiuntnr, ut Maro mulio latro mono fullo : luvconlii 
oorrcpte ' mulio consul ' ", 

The juxtaposition mulio contid is Juvcnnl nil over, see 
n lis fturetrix Aityiatt. I liavo always fdt tliat mtdto 
WM out of ploee. 

Tiii IfiO-lCl a change of punctuation, with unclus (for 
th« udutotp^) removes all offence: 

obvius adsiduD BjTopfaoouiic unctus amomo 
currit, Idumocae Symphocnix incola portao 
boBpitii adfccUi dominum icgcmquo solutat. 

t €0 70 (punctuation) qutnom 

delator quibui indicibus, quo teste probavit t 

Other readings I take in oider, ranking first (A) those 
which I think certainly right, (B) those witli regard to 



which iiTfxie, and (C) tliosc which, so for as I can at the 
moincut pronounco an opinion, I cannot occepL 

1 07 (itnutor, rilte m 
„ H probiUi UnilBlur 
„ 111 hnl)itat/.>rhnl>il 
„ lU, US (ptiiuituatiDi 

mnrtci *l 

itfiirtnli ilop). 
f all illdlaiUr) 

„ too bace •nimo &nU (ubai, i 

iU 17—30 not (rrifit Jaha) trainpOKd. 

„ 23 Iht rnif/redrnT iieo aliiivlaiK'l (t Ike milerlnj tf r ISS, M 1 
iHftrfrvn Iht fimetiiatim vi«, Inter, sb l|ai* ilibuT) 

,, a {pwclvaHon) roancm ct culinotM, Mrpni hob oliH dcxlrw. 

„ 70 r<-rafH> luKril 

„ D4 Tttaint nulla 

„ 850 

„ Srit dormire, quilui'ilain 

„ aw iubct, inrcn dcccik nt; 

It rttaiiu TJItrtti. 

„ C7 ugins {liueeMir : »£■""■■ '' usluli Sfu, ncitUi 8 MjIOM 

., U8 n 

T 10 II tun ifiiiDii rnmcf, eam...CBnlillr 

,. 8S B9 innniDBia brn]llDi.,.phialai 

„ 70 flctuKr; riMDiH). 

Til JO Mneulonli 

,. ISfi illi 

,. ICI cui/nir*.' camTv, 

„ 1ST *alan( (Tclaut V Tcllnt rithotia) 

„ IM Maliu iiom (Uoio P i. Ucrac) 

„ ISC iioinpoiiat...oandit 

Tiii 13b non nt icnlcnKa : xtnm etc, 

„ IKO man Knmas eacdit, lovla anU allaria Inrtl 

„ 107 nalamni, tnaicae do raadboi anrM txaa so 

m P ptacletta tnbtMjMUjbm 8. 

X 31 ombram 

„ SG practcitoe (praetexta el 
lalli pTMteila et trabcao p) 

„ l(iO uUoi(iae M PriicinxMt OLK. nf. ni: bUokimP 
H 911 liN BekoM (dtra Bclgooos mi/.A. Pat. n 10). 



itMO KiUta cr lich dlcnMlwr DUchi, bntiht tat (mpAixlendni Wnm. 
Du Thjcr itt giiiDniD gigcn du Thlcr, <rcil « wolil vincn cljtCHu 
Hnnea odcr 2oni Khr tUik cmjillndcl, tdh dem Schnu-n ^bei, ilin « 
dareh Kins Bdundldng drm aDdFrn nuehl. itioe thea » doallichr 
Tenldlnnff hit. Dick dcdllidia Tantfltnng hal dcr llcdtch «dcr kaan 
■i* doch lutbcii. £r vrlai, diif< Ant Thicr ao got dn rDifflndcDdei 
WcMD lit wit a, l>>b«l lit (T wohl Ulxniciiel — and untrca Kneliteai 
Diahl mit tlnmhl— dua er. nm leiiw StcllDDa Id drr VeW m be- 

hinplts, nkhl nmhln Vttm, manclicD Thkrcu EelincniD bcroibia 

Aber »!■ cin VIckb. doa den BcUmcrz, den dna Thici dabti leidct, kcnnt 
ODd all UilgrnJil in lich nachbiMco kana, toll er jcnw alir-a Ubcr dM 
Thin In •inn Atl la rnhNiigra anehcn. <lio mil dcm *cnit;ilirn 
Bchmcn TcrbundiMi id. Alas Iwi den siuca dio TudluaR ao kun vie 
Diglich. bci den nndern drn Diruat ao crtriiglich wi« muRlich miuhtn. 
TaletiDog dicwr PBtchtcn liichi aicb on Uenacbcn acbncr. iiiiU'in aio 
•tin OefUhl •bBlDmpn. Die CriminalepacliicliUi »igt una, via Uta- 
Khenqiiilcr nnd Uitnkr TOrber Tbicrquilcr gcwcivu aind. \iis cine 
Katioo datchachnlllUeb di« Thiers belundclt, jal ehi HauptniiiaubibihKi 
Bnaunitilawfrlha. Die romiiDiacliFn Valkn boBtdien dk-rt Proba be- 
fcunlUch aehr aehlecht; vir Deultefao ooch Unga nichi Benng. Dee 
Dnddhismni bat hicrin ueUr Belhin. tit daa Chritlcnttium. nnd Ecbo- 
fcnhaoK Dchr da aimmdirhe tiXt and ncncra Phlloaopben. 

If Europe remains 'tlio Hell of nnimala,' <t is not ftr 
wont of waroiog from Liidwigsbnrg. 

I haii ^moted in 1835 the text and notes to p. 33l), 
when I received 'Spicilegium luvenaliaaum scripsit 
Rtidolfui Beer. Accedit libri Fitlioeniii simLilacrum. 
Lipsioe, Teubaer, IBSJ. 8vo. pp. 83,' with a \aiffs 41i> 
fdding pago of focsiiuilc. 

With refjnrd to Jalin's mntcriola sjod the present 
position of tbe criticism of the text, Beer soya (p. C): 

usqoMqn* (era epnacnli noatrl pwl>s docebil n tot eoUUianil 
Ishnio ad oanm aoppedilalia na unam <)Did«a lU pctfcctsm »« ut i 
tnn d« alngnlia loda ladieimn fcrro poaglmaa, deinde Deque melioi 
naina daMrfaram Mdieam nolitU dm adhoo aslia inatniotM eaae, I 
IBM da iabddii* cHlioia nofwr detoeUa oonaaipU annl qiuu Ixa 
■nnalei qriMtoaridenqiH D«q« Bdhne (Qb ano «ODip«ln radMla MIF 
In «nm lo^ri poaae. danlqiw de taitoi biatoiia, qns eognita ni 
nUenae moidsUonii etmaUlooidM arit oUUih. oulktt fan dk. 



(umon aotsn, ««: il. at hoo di. «™. „ ,.,„.^ ^^ 

(ucinlilKt miiinendain ncoroario nq«lnatarart — --^-^"-^ ^ 
•nmino incerti hwraunaa. "'"™-'«« Mb sdortl ^hm sal 

Beer's own labours (pp. d 7): 

(Jiiam miaerisn neqne ono impcrta UU a> 

iHn M p«ta .dwti. rcr«narl pMa. «u. «,„, 

malrrism aJiioi nt rqieitrem et ronUboi inli sdll 

l-a Hionc. nov» nircnaioni. oinrama ItoLnaa. 

™wiv. ..„„,„^, ^„ s:rd':?'rn«rc^r:::jrr 

mia .u.,.mlr^ '"^'f'^ """ ""° ''*' ""^ soeiiiHiB iri pnto. Impri. 

........ ..„ If rr-s:-jz!:;^j::i': r: 

Tolenlibua fi— ■-- ■™" " 

Tho bod, of iho ,,„i fall, i„,„ lh« »«,. 1 , 

^.« I..I„.,o^of.h...« ni.p.^^rfj; 

I. »IP(nl23oflholib™,j„fu,.v^i„,,^a«« 
«o„,poll,„, .„ppo„d ^ |„ |„^ J., ^^^ r^«. 

' .''«""'»<' PP' »-"• Th. *J„ „|, ftj^ 

;l..«i »« (p. 18). Th. a™ ft.g™.i (pp. ^ 


(rnitnna f DcqnitJM emu pi ncqiiitiiii 

iHdnllu glitiMlo: IIW nmiiM ofltr (mcrii m 
afttr It Umt tht nBtiiraB...«t nnir tifprort iUtl/t 

.. 8iTi™ewO<««»f-><»e'J«J 

iri SO tott taBM dMm (Uana eohon T | 

rK< tutr) 

1 1ST drdndl 


I rcconl elscwlicro (vol, ii p. viii) the prwlcccfwors who 
h&ve been of tcrvice to me. I hnve rend no English 
commcnlnij on the original text. On llic olhcr hand. 
mjr notes shew that Holiday', Gifford, Bailhnm, not 

I Etmnel Johnnn once intended to lam Into Latin Hdljilny'i natM. 
whow [iiTlan indcH abcirt llml ho tivol In in Rln>a«|i]K'n] ot tirotaund 
iMlniBi; tnd trfinod tntte : ■ In Mope ind Znl 1 rratnr'd on lliia Knrk. 
not donbtin): bnt tLat ■ roRn nmj, not iriiliont nicc«u>, lliongh irittiout 
nstodH, Freadi in Vcnc. Vliich pa[)HiHi being undcrrtood b; khm 
vofthf rrinxli. Tu not roDdnun'd bnt incooTBe'd by a ftrc ind liappj 
"n^y of dirrtM riccllrnt ilnnnmrirlt of onr Author- Uj hononr'd 
Mend lit. Jthn Stlirn (or aucli eminenej In Ibo Blodioi or Antlqulliti 
•nd l*Bi^at,af) >tid tit. F/iTHnbg (nboH lorncd IndintrT qi^nlis mucli 
for him Id ■ lillk) proniT'd me ■ fair ItuDnicHpl Cop; [rom thg raminii 
Ubni7 il 81. iamrii, ud ■ IfintKtHpt Commcotar; from oat Benld 
of Leunine. Mr. Cambdin. Mj dear [ricod. lh« ralriarch ol oat Poeti, 
Be* JahHKH Hnt-in iIh) an ancient MinoKript partlj vritlm ia tb« 
B^Mii Omnetrr. Vj Icanwd frimd Dr. Ufrtck Canabeit aftorded likS' 
iriM aa eictllenl Uannicripl from (he Slndr of hit eiact Father. The 
ready aad aiogubr aoorlma ot Dr. Aufftn wiiMinu rrctldrnt, and the 
Fallowi, of CMyi»-CKrff((-Colledg«. km me from Ihcir pnlilicii Ubraiy 
■ kqa aad ewrilenl UannMripl, Itj an«int friend Ur. Thomai Mien, 
al UoBoment of Qleteiltr-UaU, f ioldad ma lita a pareal of a 
A, Iha Bnt thna Saljm. Nor may I omit my Ingonuoni and 
iMtMl Umi Dr. John Priet, «bo iaparted tn ma dima fonignCritieka, 



content with & mere trannUtion, liaro in the throes of 
imitation Icnmt to appreciate their model more justly 
tlian many professed critics. I have now added a ruunin;; 
table of contents as a heading of the pages, which will 
facilitate reference. 

Henceforth I hope to devote myself to clearing off 
my many literaiy nrrcnrBi reserving for my old ago a 
commentary on Seneca, for which I have mode large 
collect ions. 

J. E. B. U. 

Tbou lAboDrr. IhonRh pnbliih'd. are bnl rarely hnragUt into theae jiana. 
bat eollcclcd by bit AWnxnt clioioe, in hit Tnmit into Fr,i«ee, Half, and 
Grfcee: U> vhich I added mina oira tlore, aad what chnca onat my 
youth liad obrcntd in our OJ->rd Library.' Thia John Price, tboogh 
' the grralcit critic of his lime' (Wood), ii hot nearly rorBotlen. Velhia 
eommentarici on Apnlelaa and llie M. T. (CriHei Sticrl vol. t) ai* by no 
mcani olrwlcte. It wonid be Tell north while to dlaeorei am] prist Iba 
commeQluiea iibidi ho left ready for (be pceaa. 

nierm/ lai tch ilarilal: rl/l Wilt, (ntfreuanU Slltenmaltrel 

fleni audtrt, m rreU Im Urn htrtin, teurde ieh red me'mer rlrrln LettUr 
Uianiert, rca Jurtnatl: A'Awnd rmfaml Ith Ihn ulekl, aber dir 
ffroura St/Idle and die Lebauerffhruiig habe* tint mlr tammemlirt. Wtl- 
tlur nana, wewi er ilch trhebl I V'er melltt Mitkl fern, wU Clttn, 
tUiien am te eiaen ItSel^r I ZiUtrnd voa dtm Ftaer, n trtnwtlr eM. 
fammti, tehrieb (ek mr dli An/aufncertt ffKlmer prenrn SUttea, dU 
UbetulUHffllek n letrn iJnil. retl ili In den (nnerMen Sekali dir Utatek- 
lull, die DtHii der JahrHunderU, f f Wtw. Imumu t. Uanua II Afell 

Flilwl and rills <" tI<"'M, gract anit mUimt at Penitu. of a mtrt 

ditUid ekaneltr Ihan the /armrr, iriler tcauaMrd ivilh manliliid Iham 

tkt UtUr, ktiUmit eenllKt MImtel/te Iht madt tf rtfilaUHB niHlrTaurti 

. B/lk tkf pH(, «r M atffnfct dit^vititima sn tkt naltri of iehata$tkk 

C tOmi: hut, dfrrgardtnf tht cblun of ■ rtU arbanltf, aKdjUlHn nil Ii'i 

. \ mrl M Ikt ittnal dlMlHtlhiu of maml good md eril, te lubenrfd lelth a 

I mfiJUtatt p/ lantnafff ptrnllar lo klmflf, ta let farlb Iht larrUHfu 

I ^ tlnat, and Iht drfomilfg and horrnnr 0/ rifr, la full and ^ttt i.t^af. 

Iht itfonKllfa, 

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Semper ego auditor tantum 1 numquanino reponwn 
voxatuB toticiu raiici Thcsoide Gordi t 
impiinc ergo milii recitnvcrit illo togotaa, 
liic cicgos? imptine diem conaumpserit ingcn* 
jTclcpiiiu, aiit siinimi plena iam morgine libri 
f<cril)tiis ct in tcrgo necdum finitui Orest«ar 
nolft mugifl nnlli domui est bus, quam mihi lucti* 
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exspccfcx cadcm a Bummo minimoque poetL 

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consiliiun dcdimns Sulliw, pnvotua ut oltum 
domiirct ; etulla c«t dementia, cum tot ulrique 
vatibiu ocCTUToii. pcriturae porcere choitao. 
cur tamcn hoc potiuB libeat dccuTrere campo, 

10 per quern magnua cquoa AuruncM fiezit alumnus, 
■i vncttt ac {dacidi rationom admittitis, edam. 

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figat npnim et nnda ttneat vetubal* mamma, 

paliieiot oniMt opibui enm proToce t vnos 

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palleai, ui nudia praant qui calcibus anguem, 

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quid rrferam quanta aieeum ieeur anieat ifa, 45 

cum popuium grogibua eomitum premii hie spolialor 

pnpilli pieaUntia, et hie damnatus inani 

iwUcio (quid enini aalvia infiunia nummia?) 

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hie petit absenti nota iam callidus arte^ 

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profcr G.1U caput I noli vowre, quiocet' 

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votaquo dcponunt. quamquam longiiwima conao 

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•ntiquis una comodunt patrimonia mcnsa. 
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140 luxunao wric. f quanto est gula. quao .ibi toto. 
ponit apros, animal propter convivia natum ! 
poena tamon prac«n«. cum tu deponia amictus 
tuiigidus ct cnidum pavonom in Unca portaa. 
Iiinc aubitao mortea a^uo intcstata wncctua, 
145 Jt nova nee tristia per cunctas fabula cona* 
ducitur iratis pUudendum funua amicii 

Nil orit ulterius, quod nostriii moribua addat 
poatcnta.; cadem facient cupicntquo roinore^ 
omno in pi»ccipiti vitium stetit ; utere vcli^ 
150 toto. ponde «nu.: dicas hie for«taa : 'undT 
ingenium par materiae J undo ilia prionim 
•cnbendi quodcumquo animo flagrante Ubcrot 
•unphcitM "cuiua non audeo dicore nomont 

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et latom media aulcum dedueit harona.' 
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aiae vdvi ftricto quoticiiB Lucilini ardcns 165 | 

iiifix»iiiiit» nibct auditor, cui frigida rocna est | 

crimtnibiM^ tacita todant praccordia culpa. 
lade irao et lacrimaa tecum priu8 ergo voluta 
liaoc animo ante tubaa. galeatum lero duelli 
paooitci* expcriar, quid concedatur in illoa, i;o 

tegitur dnis atque Latina. 


Qnaams digrenu Teteris confumis amid, 
kudo taraen, vacuis quod ■edcm figere Oumif 
dettaaet atque unum dvom donore Sibyllae. 
ianua Baiarum est et gratum litus amocni 

ego vel Prochytam praepono Suburae. 
quid tarn miserum, tam solum vidimus, ut non 
detenus credas horrcre inccndia, lapsus 
tedofum adsiduos ac mille pcricula saevae 
vrbis et Auguslo redtantes menso pocCas ? 
aed dvm tola domus reda oomponitur una, 
•ubatitit ad veteras aicus madidamque Oapenam. 
Ufl^ ubi Doeturaae Numa eonstituebat amicae^ 
moM aaeri fontis nemus et delubra loeantur 
I«daei% qooram copbinns fiumumque supellex^- 
CMMs eBim popolo meroedem pendero lussa est 15 

aibor, et eieetis mendicat silTa CSamenia^ 
im taDaoi ^geriae deaoendimns et speluneas 
dtsriwhaTifk qnasto pnesentius 


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xaro potest tonti tibi Don sit opaci 
ODinu barenn Tagi quodquo in marc volvitur winim, 5 
ut Komno c*rciu poncndaque pracmia miina* 
bwti* et a nwgno ieinper timcaris oinico. 

Quae nunc diritibui gcn» ncceptiwima nostm 
ct qitoi pmecipuo fugiam, propcmlK) falcri, 
noc pwlor oUUbit. noii \*.r^um Sent?. Quirile*. 6 

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Um priilem Synu in Tibcrini dcfltixit Orontei, 
et Unguara et mores ct cum tililcino cltordaa 
obliquDi nee non gciitilia tympana leciini 
veKtt et ad circum iussos prontaro piioltoa: 6 

ile quilxu grata ent picta iiipa barborn mitml 
rnrticus iUo tntu mimit trechcdipna, Quiriiic, 
et ceromatlco Tort niceteria collo! 
Iiic alu Stcyone, tat hk Amydoitc roltcU, 
hie Andro, ille Samo, hio Tnillibnn aiit AbOiondiii, ; 

HiMiiiiliM dictumquo potiint a limine collcm, 
Tvoen mi^arum domuum dotniuiqiic futuri. 
mgeniura veloi, audooia pcrdita, iienno 
promptiu et lueo torrentior. edc, quid ilium 
«Me putes) quern vis homincm tecum attulit ad nw: ; 
gnmmaticiu riielor gcomctreB pictor oliptea 
•ngur achoenobotc* medicus ma^w, omnia novit 
Graeculu> emirieiu ; in caelum, iiisseris, ibit 
in lumma, non Maunu erat ncque Sannata ncc Tlinix. 
qui Bumpait ptnnas, mediiB acd natus AthoniH. f 

bonim ego non fugiam oonchyliaT mo prior ilie 
■tgoabit lultuaque toro meliore rccumbet, 
•dvectw RomMO quo pruna et cottona rento 1 
naque adeo nihil est, quod noatra infantia caelum 
kaoiit ATentini baca nutrita Sabina I t 

qnid qood aduUndi gena pnideotiMima Utidat 


KcrmoDem indocti, faciem deformis amici, 
et longiim invnlidi collum cervidbtu acjurt 
Hcrculia AnUeum procul a tcllure tciiciais, 
90 iniratur voccm angustam, qua deteriua noo 
illo sonat, quo mordctur gallina marito t 
liaec Godcni licet ot nobis laudnre; aod Jllia 
crcditur. on melior, cum Thaida austinet aut cum 
tixorum comoedus ogit vol Dorida nullo 
Vj ciiltnm pallioJo I muiicr ncmpe ipsa vidctur, 
non pcrtona loqiii, vacua ot plana omnia dicai 
infra vcntriculiim et tenui diatantia rima. 
noc tamen Autiochus, nee crit mirabilix illic 
aut StratoclcH aut cum molli Demetriiu Haonw: 
100 nntio contocda est. ridea^ malore cachinno 
eonciititiir; Act, si lacrimal conapcxit omioi, 
nee ilolct; igniciilum bnimae si temport: poHcas, 
occipit endromiJem; si dixeris "aestuo," audat. 
(non aumua ergo pares: melior, qui semper et omni] 
lOj noctc dicqiic potoat i^iena sumere vultum 
a facie, iactare manua, laudaro panitua, 
ai bene nictavit, ai rectum minxit omicua, 
si tnilln invcrso crcpitum dedit aurea fundo. 
practerea sanctum nihil eat nee ab inguine tulum, 
110 non matrona laria, non filia virgo, neque ipse 
aponaua lovia adliuc, non Alius ant« pudicua; 
horum si nihil est, kviom resupinat amicL 
[wire volunt secrcta domui atquo inde tinted.] 
et quoniam cocpit Qraecorum mcntio, transi 
'■5gymna«ia atque audi fitcinus maioris abotkei 
stoiais occidit Baream delator, amicum 
discipulumque senez, ripa nutritus in ilia, 
ad quam Gorfpmoi delapaa est pinna oaballL 
non est Romano cuiquam U>ous hi<^ nbi ragoat 
ito Protogenes aliquis v«l Diphilua ant HemanAnu, 

qtti gentn Titio namquam partitur nmicuni, 
rnUm hobct; nam c<im facilcm stillavtL in aurem 
exiguum de nftturao patria«iue veneno, 
Itmino mimmovoor, pcrienint tcmpora longi 
■crvilii; niisqiiam minor eat iactura clicntw 

Qnod porro officium, no nobU blandiar, aut qnod 
panpcria hie moritum. si cnret nocte togatua 
cftnoro, cum pntctor lictorcra inipcllat et ire 
praeciptcmi iiibeat, diiciiim Tigilitntibus orbi«, 
ne prior Albiuam et Malmtn collcga mlutcl T 
ilirttU hie aervi elndit Intiw ingenuonim 
filina; alter entm quantum in Icgione Iribuni 
aocipinnt donat Colviiiito vd Cationae, 
ut aemel aut itcnim ntpcr illnni palpitet, at tu, 
com tiln »eirtiti facicH iconi placet, hacrea 
et dubitM nlla Cbionen dcdticcre acllo. 
da t«Mtem Bomac tarn sanctum, qiinm ftiit hoapoa 
numinia Idaei, proccdat vel Nun.a vcl qui 
■orravit trppidam flagranti ex aede Minprvnm; 
protinni ad cenanm, de moribua ultima fict 
<iaaeatio " quot paacit scrvM 1 quot powidet agri 
ingeraT <|nam mulla mngnaque pompridc cenatT 
qnuitum quiaqnc ma nummonim scr^'at in area, 
(antaro habet et fldei. iurea licet et Samotbracum 
at Boatronim am*, oontomnere fulmina pauper 
creditur atque dcoi, dls ignoacentibui ipsia. 
quid quod moleriam pracbot cauBaaque ioconim 
omnibua hie idem, ai focda et Miwa laccna, 
ri toga ionlidiila eat et rupU calcem alter 
pdia patet, vel ai coneuto vulnere craaaum 
atqne recena lioum ortendit now una dcatnxl 
nil habet infclis paupertaa durina in le, 
qoam quod ridicijoa hominea &cit "exoot," inquil> 
-•i pwloc Ml. «t de pnlTioo mtfpi wiueabv 

IJ5 cuiua rcB legi non iiuflicit, et aedcant hio 
Icnonitm piicri quocumquo e fbniice nati. 
hie pinndat nitidi praeconia filina inter 
pmtiimpi cultoa invoncs iuvcaeaquo lonistao; 
•ie libitum vnno, qui no« diatinxit, Othoni." 
ifcquis goner hie placiiit conau minor atque puelUe 
sarcinulii impar T qui* pauper acribitur herea t 
qunndo in conBtlio est ncdilibual ogminc facto 
debnernnt olim tcnucs migraaao Quiritea. 
liout fiicilo cmergunt, quorum virtutibua opetat 
165 roa angusta domi, icd Romao durior illia 
conatiifl, mtigno hmpitium miacrabilc, nugns 
•enonim ventres et frugi cenula magna, 
fictilibus ccnnro pudet. quod turpo negabU 
tnuislatuR Bubito ad Mnnos monRomqito Sabellam 
■70 cont«ntu*que illic vencto duroque cucullo. 

para magna Italiao a>t, si r<»um odmittimua, in qiu 
nemo tognm sumit nisi mortuua. ipaa dicram 
fcstonim licrboso colitur ai quondo thcatro 
nMicstofl tandemque redit ad pulpita notura 
t;iexodIiim, cum porsonoo pallentia hiatura 
in gremin matris forniidat niaticna in&ni, 
acqualea habitus illic Himiicaqao videbii 
orchoatmm ct populnm, clnrt relftmen honoiia 
sufficiunt tunicao summis ocdtlibna olltao. 
tSohic ultra Tirea habitus nitor, hie aliquid plui 
quam aotis cat interdum aliena aumitnr ucol. 
commune id vitium est, hie vinmna ambitiosa 
pauportoto omncs. quid to morort omnia Bomae 
cum pretio. quid daa, tit CoMum aliqaoode Mlut«^ 
iljat te reapiciat chtuso Vcicnto lobelloT 

■He metit borbam, crinem liio droonit omoti, 
plena domua Iibi« Tenalibus. aoripe at iitlid 
ftna«Btain libi habe : ptoeitwe tribotn dieatM 

... I" 

eogimnr et cuH» Migwo pecnlta »crv«. 

QiiH timet out tinrait gelida PraoDorto niinwii, i 

ut positij nemorono inter ioga Volsiniii, fctil 
rimpltdbiw GabiiB. aiit pnmi Tibimi aroe ! 
IMS urbcm colimna lonui tibicinc fiiltam 
mttgnft porto am : nam tic labcntibiw obrtat 
TilicoB et. Tetem rimM cum tcxit liifitum, I 

•econM pendenlo iubct donnin) niinn. 
viTcndura est iliic, ubi nulla incendia, ntilH 
Boete mclus. iam poscit wi-mm, inm fnvoU traiififcrt 
Ucalogon, uib«Ut» tiW iam tertia fumant, 
tn ne*m aam m gntdibus trepidatur ab imi^ i 

oltimus ardcWt, quem t^ula sola tuctiir 
a plaria, molles ubi reddunt ova columbao. 
lectui erat Codro Procuin minor, ureeoli tex, 
mnamcntum abaci, iioc non ot pnrvulo* infra 
omtharus el t^cubanii «ub codcin marmorc anron, i 

iamqne vctus Gnwcoi scr^obat ciKtn Ubclios. 
et divina opict todcbant carminn murei. 
nil babuit Codnii. quis onim negoti el tamcn illud 
pettiidit infcltK totom nihil ; nltimus autom 
•eramnoo crt cumulus quod nudum ct frmtla rogant«m : 
nemo cibo, nemo ho^tio tcctoque iuvabit 
si migna Astnrici cccidil domui, horrida mat«r, 
poIkU proccrw, diffcrt vadimoni* praetor; 
tune gomimM cawm ittbin. tunc odimui ignem. 
Mdet adhiM, ot iam accurrit q»i macmora Jonet, 
content impeniM: hie nuda et candid* nigna. 
hio aliquid piaeclanim Eupliranorts et Poljrditi, 
ptutecaaiatonim Yctcra omamenta doonim, 
hk libroa dabit et fonilos mediamqne Minervam, 
hie modinm argentL meliora ao ^ura repooit 
^rrinu orbornra lantiMimui ei merito iam 
■n^Kctns, tamquam ipae bum incenderit aedea. 


d potei avelli circcnsibui, optima Sone 
aut Fabrnteriae domuo aut FhuinoM paratnr, 
115 quoDti nunc t«nebras unum omtdocii id aonum. 
hortutut hio putcusquo brarii nee recte movendiu 
in tenuis plantar facili deAmditur haustu. 
' vive bidcnttn amana cl culti vilictu hort^ 

tinde cpulnm poaaia centum dan ^rihagoreii 
Ijo est aliquid, quocumque loco, quocnmqiM reoeno, 
onius Mee domioum feciage lacettaa 

Plurimns hie acgcr inoritur ▼igUaodo; acd ipeura 
langiiorem peperil dbua iiiperfectus et hacroDs 
ardcnti Rtomocho, nam quae meritoria somnun 
)J5 admittunt! magnis opjbiis donnitnr in urbe, 
inde capttt morbi. rednrum taaiuutui arto 
Ticorum inAcxu et stantia oonricia mandrae 
eripiciit somnum Dnieo vitulisquo nuuinii, 
Si vocat ofticiiiin, turba cedente rehetur 
i<0 divea et ingcnti curret super om Libumo, 

atqno obiter legct aut acrib.'' rcl dormiot intin^ 
namqiio factt somnum cIaum Icctica fenertn, 
ante lamcn venict nobis propcrantibns obetat 
unda prior, mogno popubia premit agmine lumbcM 
^5 qui Rcquitur, ferit hie cubito, ferit aiaere dnro 
alter, at hie tignum capiti inouttt, ille mebvtom ; 
pinguia crura Into ; plonU mox undiqne magna 
calcor et in digite cJavua miki militia haeret 
nonne vidoi, quanto celcbretur spoitula fumof 
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imposiUs capiti, quaa recto vottioe portat 
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plaustn Tefaunt, nutant alle popoloqw aiaMrtuft 

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•t kedant vlicem. ponii ignanu habert 
•t inbiti CMtu inprovidua, ad cenam si 
intartatua eae : adco tot bta, quot ilU 
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dat poenai, noctem patitur lugcntti amjcum 
Felice, cubat in iocicm, mox deindc anpinui, 
[ergo Don alitor potcrit donnirel quibutdam] 
■omnmn rixa lacit nd qoaniTia improbui annii 
•tqiH mero kmat caret hunc, qocm ooocina laena 
vitari hibet et oomitum longiteimui ordo, 
Baknm praeterea flammarum et aenea lampaa; 
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eandelae, coins diipeoio et tempero filum, 
coBtomnit. miaerae oogmoMe prooenia riu^ 
ri fim ert, nU ta pnka^ ego rapok tanttaa. 



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mi ptrle% monstnun nalla Tiriute redanpUim 
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deKriae: ridiiM tMitam spemator adulter, 
quid nbti igitnr, qnantif iamenta fi^igei 
pordctboiy quanta nemonim Tectetur in nnibra» 
iogera qooi neina foio, qnat emerit aedct 
[nemo mahm felix, nintme oomiptor et idem] 
inoeftii% cam quo nnper Tittata iaocbat 
•uginne adhne Tiyo terram subituia Baoerdoii f 
■ed nnne de fiictia leTioribus— ci tamcn alter 
n fecimet idem, caderet sub iudice morum, 
nam quod turpo bonis, Titio Seioque, decebat 
Grispinum — quid agas, cum dira et foedior omni 
crimine persona estf mullum sex milibus emit» 
aaquantem sane paribus sestertia libris, 
vi perliibent qui de magnis maiora loquuntur. 
eoosQium lando artificis, si munere tanto 
praecipuam in tabulis cenim senis abstulit orbi; 
Oil ratio ulterior, magnao si misit amicae, 
quae TeUtur duso latis speculoribus antro. 
nil tale exspectes, emit sibL multa vidomus, 
quae miser el firugi non fodt Apicius; hoe tu, 
•Qceinctus patria quondam, Crispine, papjro, 
hoo protio squamamf potuit fortasse minoris 
piseator quam pisds emi ; pnmnda tanti 
irendit agros^ sed maiores Apulia rendit 
quaki tune epuhs ipsum gluttisse putamus 
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ntjguam et inodicae sumptam de maigine cenae 
|Niipuieus magni ruetarit seurra FliJatif 
ian pfineeps oquitmBy magna qui ifoco sdebal 






k raoinbum } 
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nd dent jma patiiuc menaura. vocantiir 
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ia quonim fiicM muenc nwgnaequo lodelMt 
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intorpra Icgnm MactiMinm, omnia quainqiuim 
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iMtitia. tenit et Crispi iucunda acnechui 
cnitu erant moraa quidii facundia, mite 
iagrniiiia maria ae tenai popaliMqM regmti 
qnii eoMei atilior, ti dado ct peite mb ilia 
Meritiaai danuura et boneitnin adferro liceret 
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vera loetttari fiUum pcndcbat amid t 
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et doMUM ^adiit tam feaUaata. aed olia 
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tempofe iam, Cmenr, figuli toa caste sequaatar.* 
Tieit digna Tiro sentoniia : noverat ille 
Ifuroriam inperii veterem noctesque Nercmis 
Mm mediae aliamque famem, cum pulmo Falenio 
Mdeiet nitlli maior fiut iimis odendi 
tempealale mea: CSroeis nata forcnt an 
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oatieai caUcbai primo dcpraendere monu; 
el aemel aapccti litus dicebai echini 
targiinr, ei mino proccrcs exiro iubentur 
eoottlio, quos Albanam dux magnus in aitcm 
Inxerai atlonitos et festinare cooctos, 
tamquam de Qittis aliquid torvisquo Sycarabris 
diciuni0» tamquam e diverais partibus orbis 

da praecipiti Teninet cpistuU pinna. 

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tempora aaovitiac, clanis quibus ab«tulit urbi 
inhMtfeaquo animas impune et rindice nuUol 
•ed periiti postquam Gerdonibus esse timendus 
coepeiat: hoe nocait Lamiarum caede madcntL 






8i te piopotiti noodum podet atque eadem eft mem^ 
vi bona summa putes aliena vivcro quadra: 
ri potea iUa pati, quae nee Sarmcntus iniquas 
GbflMuria ad mcnaas nee vilis Oabba taliaaet» 
qoamTia iurato metuam tibi credere testL 
ventre nihil novi frugaliufl; hoc tamen ipeum 
daJBrimo puta^ quod inani sufficit alvo: 
BoDa erqiido Taisat^ nuaquam pona et t^getia para 
dimidia breriorf tantane iniuria eenaef 


10 tarn ieiuna fiunea cum poasit honestiua illic 
et trcmcre et aordcs farria mordcro caninl 

Primo fige loco, quod tu discumbcre iuaaua 
meroedcm aolidom vetcrum capis officionim. 
fructus omicitiae magnao cibuii; inputat hunc rex 
15 et quamvia rarum tamen inputat ei^ duoa poat 
at libuit mcmcea neglcctum adliiberc clientcm, 
tertia no vacuo ccasarct culcita lecto: 
•una simus' ait votorum gumma, quid ultra 
quacria ? babct Trcbius, propter quod rumpeie aomnum 
•odcbcat et ligulas dimittcre, aollicitus no 
toU aalutatrix iam turba peregcrit orbcm 
aidcribua dubiia aut illo tempore, quo so 
frigida circunutgunt pigri acrraca Bootac. 
qualia cena tamen f vinum, quod sucida nolit 
Sjlana pati: do conWva Coiybanta vidcbls. 

iui^ proludunt ; aed mox ct pocula torquca 
« aauciua et rubra deterges vuluera mappa, 
inter voa quoticns libcrtorumquo cohortem 
pugna Sagtmtina fer\'et commiaaa lagona. 
JDipiic capillato difiusum conaule potat 
calcatamque tenet bcllia socialibus uvam, 
eardiaco numquam cyathum miasurua amioo; 
craa bibet Albania aliquid de montibua aut de 
Setinia, cuiua patriam titulumque aenectua 
I5dele?it multa Teteria fuligine testae, 
quale eoronati Thraaea Helvidiusquc bibcbont 
Brutorum et Caaai natolibua. ipae capaoea 
Holiadum eniataa et inaequalea beruUo 
Vino tenet phialaa : Ubi non committitur aurum, 
<0?el ai quando datur, cuatoa adfixua ibidem, 
qui numeret gemmaa, unguea obaervet acutoaL 
da reniam: praeckra illi budatur iaapia. 
nam rufri^ ut multi, gemmaa ad pocula tranaferi 


a ^tia, qiias id vaginae Traiite Bolebot 
poBero Mlotypo iavenis praclntiw lartme : 
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■icMbis caljcom nasonim quattnor oc iiun 
qvaMRtum et rupto po«!entem wilpurn vitro, 
■i ■tOBUK^tui domini fcrvct miiikiuo cilioqnc, 
frigidior OeUci> petitur dccncUi pruinis: 
[son cMdciB vol)i» poni mwlo i^inft qiicrcbw?] 
TO •liam potatis aqimm. tilii poculu mnor 
OmIuIiu dAbit Mit nigri tnnniM omen Mauri 
et coi per mcdiam nolis occurrcro Dort«n, 
divoHW) Tclicri* dnm per monumen!* I^tiiiM : 
flm Asiae «ite ip«um pretio maioro parnttu, 
tfoam fiiit et Tuili ccnmis pngnocii ct Anci 
ct. Be to teftCMH, Komanonim oinnii* regum 
frivoU. quod cam iU «it, tn Oactidum Gnnymcdem 
ns|Me. cum litics. ncsdt tot milibiw emptiu 
pftoperiboa mincen) pucr : iod fomw, "od nctaa 
digw Mpercilio. quondo nd to pervcoit ille T 
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qnippe indignotur vctcri paroro ciienti, 
«|Dadqafl aliquid powas. et quod so Blanto rerambaii. 
[maxima quooquo domua scrvi* c«t plena mporbi*.] 
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fix fractum, iolidac iam mncida frusta fariiiM 
qnaa genuinum agitcnt, non ■dmlttentia moremn: 
•ed toner «t nivom mollique siligino foetus 
aerratur domino, dextram oohibcre memento, 
ntra lit artoptao revcrentja. fingo lamon to 
ioprobalam, iuporert illic qui ponere e^at : 
'Tit tu oonmetia audax conviva ctmistrii 
iaqderi panisque tui dotimo colorem T 
"tdlieet hoc fuerat, propter quod laopo relicta 
[a par naaUn admwn geUdMqiie cwnni 

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luppiter ot multo stillarot paenula ainbol' 
*> aepice, qiiam longo distinguat pectote Unceia, 
■ qiiBo fertur domino equilU, et quibu* undiqoe mm 
usporogis qn» dcapiciftt cooTivia Cauda, 
dum vcnit Moelsi maalbua mibUta miniatrit 
•cd tibi dimidio constrictos cammanis 0¥0 
*j ponitur cxigua fgralis cena patolU. 

ipao Voonfrono [Hsccni perfundit, at hie qui 
pollidus affertur mtscro tiU caulii olebit 
lantcnifliii : illud enim Tcitria datur aItmUi, qood 
canna Uicipwinim prora mibrexit acuta, 
90 propter quod Konioc eum Boocara nemo lavfttur, 
[quod tutos etiam focit a aerpcntiUu atria] 
mullua crit domiui, qucm mi*it Goran rel quern 
TauroraoniUnno nipcs, qiiondo omne peracttim Mt 
et inm dcft-ctt nostrum mare, dura gula Merit 
K retibuB auiduts pcnitm scnitante nuuello 

proxima, nee patimur Tyrrhenuin erewere piHMa. 
instruit ergo focum provincia, nimitur illino 
quod coptator emat Lacnai^ Aurelia Tendat. 
Vimmi muracna datur, qua* maxima vooit 
»ogurgit« de Siculo; nam dum m oontinet Ausfer 
dum Kdot et siocat modidaa in c»n»r« pionai^ ' 
rontcmaunt mediom temcmria Una Charybdim, 
TO* angullla manet Ionga« eognata aolnbiM^ 
aut glocie aipomu maculis Tiberinua et ^ - 
"ijveniula riptmim, pinguis torrsnto oloaoa 
et aolitua mediae cryptam penotnn Bubuiao. 

Ipii pauca Teltm, facilem ■ pnobeat anr«M. 
'nemo petit, modicis quae mHleliaatur amioia 
a Soneca, quae Fiso bonus, quae Ckrtta aolebat 
ooiargiri; namqne et titulii et &ieibns dim 
maior habetiMu donaodi gloriat aakm 

[iucwwltiin et CMiim (terilu bcit uxor Ktniona.] 
nt tu» mine Mygnle pariftt licet ct puero« trw 
ID grenuum p«tria fundat limiil, ipao loquBci 
gandebit nido, viridem thoraca iubebit 

"mri minimMqiie nuoes uacmque rogatuni, 
I mi quotieu paraoitiu venerit infuu> 


Tilibiii «iteipit<M fiiDgi ponenlur unictc 
Mtim domiiu^ nt quJea CUudim edit 
«(« ilium ttxoii^ port qnem nU unpliu edit 
Virfo aibt et nliquii Vimmibui Hit. inbeUt 
1501W11W dari, qnonim mIo pHcui* odora, 

qi»li» petpetuiu PhMKum nutMninai habebrt, 
««le« quM {XMNa milMwpta tororibiu AfrUj 
to wcMe friHrii mnli, quod in aggen rodit 
qui bfgitur |Mnu «t galea metuawque flagoUi 
IJSdmit ab hinuU ioculum torquore ctqiella. 
JjiMtM inponuo Vimmem jmnisn credai; 
«» agit, «t doleaa ; lum quae oomoedia, minuw 
qttH nelior i^orante guU I oigo omni* fiiu^ 
■ neaoi^ ut per lacnnuu effundero Ulem 
ifeoDgarii pnMoqne diu stridere moWi 

to tibi liber homo et regit oonriva videris : 
<aptutt ta nidoro niae puUt iUe culimw^ 
kL*^ "^'**»'i qo" eni" tarn nudu^ ut iUaia 
Mi ftra^ Etnmmro pnerg ri contigit auium 
l$Snl Bodu tantum et aignum de pMipora lora T 
y ** »* oooandi roe decipit. 'ecoe dnbit iam 
•MMMm l^Nwem alque aliquid de dunibiu apri, 
Ml noa iui v«Diet minor altilia,' inde parato 
iBtaotoqua oonea et itrtcto pane taoetia. 
lyBiUa B^ q«i te no ulitur. omnia tern 
.■JPJ*^** «W»e« : pnbaodnm rertioe raw 
fnebaUi qnaadoque caput, nee dura tiniebb' 
i«Sm pitt hb cpolii et tali dignua anJoib 


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ipieera et qiMlii Batalnm oonAmdat Erinjni 
Mm n TargUio poer et tolonbila dvwt 

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t gnTS baciiuL poaojmiu, «t lit 
aaa niMr aittiqiio Bnbreniu Lappa ootlinnto^ 
«nw e( alvMdM et iMium pigneimt Atniu 1 
BM habet infeKx Nnmiter quod mitut Kaica, 
QiT''rtimf quod dcmet hebot, oeo dofuit illi 
vade ai w et imiltft peeoendam cania leoMin 
iiB donitVM, eomtftt leviori beliu eumptv 
■uuiiini, et caphuit pine intOTtina poeUa 
aci itoiHii fyaa iaoeftt Loeutua m kortu 
MMtnoreii; «t Sernuio tenuique Beleio 
IJocM qaantftlibet quid erit, ri ^orU teatnm eitt 
eomtvr ad voeem itKundun et canneii wnioM 
TMMtdCN^ laetMD cum fecit StMtiu arbem 
prankitqae diem: tuta dulocdiiM captoe 
■dBett ills ammoit tantaqne libidine vtrigi 
andttnr; nd oum fragit mbeelUa Term, 
•MKit, intaetam Rtridi Bui vondit Agavea. 
Ule at ■"■wt'M mnltia laigitni hooorem 
■■HHtri digitoe Tatom ciraumligat aim. 
qaod MM daat pracerei, dabit hiatriob ta Cameriww 
«( BiwaM, ta noUliam magaa atria eorait 
ptariactot Pelopea taat, Pbikmiela tribeao^ 
kaat tamea iandem vati, qaem pnlptta pawaat 
qak tibi Maaewia^ qnii muw erit ant Hnwaleina 
aat Fabiai, qaii Gbtto iteraai, qak Lcntalaa aherl 

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MmtH eloqniot CSeerom nemo dnoeBtM 
BSM dederit BsmnKw, aiii faliorit analui ingem. . 140 

' rapicit haeo primimi qui litigat, ut tibi nrri 
ooto^ decem eomitM, ut port to aella, togati 
Mto pedes, idoo condncta FmiIiu ■gebftt 
atdoaTcfao, Ktqne idfo pluru quun Odlns agebat, 
qaui BmUu. ran in tonni facandia pantio. 145 

qwMdo lioet Baailo flcnlom producere matnml 
quia beao dicentem Banlnm font I aceipiat to 
Qaflia vol potim nntricula caiuidiconim 
AMea, li placait nercedem ponere lingwM. 

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mam qnaecmnqiw wdona modo l^erat, kaeo oadon itasa 
pedant atqne eadom canUbil Tonibna itdem; 
■eadk nuMfoa orambe repotita magialfOA 
qda odor et quod nt cauMo gonua atqno obi Munina 155 
tptMtia, qnao roniant divoriao forto ngittao, 
WMH Tdint omnoa, mercedem idrere nemo. 
'■enedom appdbut quid onira ictof "cnlpa dooentta 
niHeet aiguitnr, quod lacva parto matniUae 
wH Hlit Arcadioo iaveni, coiui mthi Msta 160 

I dirtM caput Annibal implet; 
I id ea^ de quo delibentt, an petal ttibera 

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faaatoB via atipakra, et pntiima acdpe^ qnod io, 

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pMBttiiii moltot TUiM ilerilisqiie eathedne, 
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fhnlMth! «i kne bopM ndiilii^ A ih awi ^ 
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•■8 1009 1 metneni nqpe iam gnndii AflhiOot 
patrib fai monlibiis et eui non Unw 

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Br f— ^pwm totiana CSeoronem Alkbioga dixit 

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qmdnm gnmmaticiia marmt bborf ei tamea ex hoc 
tpedeoMiae eal (nunaa eat anient quam ibeioria aan 

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^itae iado aliqaid decrcaeere, non alitor qaaa 
iiMlittr IdbenMM tagotia aiveiqae cadard: 

I paieat, BMMliaa qaed aoetia ab boim 
q«a MBW fidiar, qaa namo aedeie^ 
set ekB«|ao laaam dadaoeie bno ; 

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ibaal paarit cam totaa doodor oaMi 
et haemet aigio faligo Karoaj. 
leiea^ qaao ei^itioBo tribaai 
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at laaanapliafi mboraai rq^da eoaateli 
at kflit Uaieriaib aaetoiea aoverit oamoa 

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pellt aat tlnaaaM aat Fhoabi balaoa^ dioai 
AflUaaa^ amairr patriaaqae aoreieaa 
diaaiqaot Aoaalea merit aaaai^ 
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cxigite at morea ieneros ecu poUioe ducat, 
at ai quia oeia Toltum ftcit; exigite ut ait 
el patar ipaiaa eoeiu% ao turpia ladant 
I40ae fiadaat neibua. aoa est leve tot paenmna 
ebawfaia aiaaaa oculoaque ia fine trementia, 
'haee^' iaqnit, 'cura: aet cum ae verterit annui^ 
aodp^ vidori populua quod poatulat^ aurum.' 



Stemmata quid fiiciunt? quid prodest, Pontice, longo 
aanguine ccnaeri, pictos ostendero vultua 
maiorum et atontia in curribus AemiliAnoa 
et Curioa iam dimidioa umeroaque minorem 
5 Oorvinum et Oolbom auriculia naaoque caieniem.? 
quia fractu% generis tabuk iactare capaci 
[Gbnrinum, poathac multa contingere viiga]^ 
fumoaoa cquitum cum dictatore magistro% 
si coram Lepidis male vivitur? effigies quo 

10 lot bdlalorum, si luditur alea pernox 
ante Kupianiinos, si dormiro indpis ortu 
Inciferi, quo signa duces et castro movebantf 
eur AUobipgicis et magna gaudeat ara 
aaius ia Herealeo Fabius lare, si cupidus, si 

1 Susans et Eqganea quantumvia mdlior agna» 
si teneram atlritus Catincnsi pumice lumbum 
aqualentis tiaducit avos emplorque veneni 
fiaagenda miseram funestat imagine gcntemt 
tola Ucet Teleres exoment undique cerao 

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boa aale eflgiaa maaoram poae tuorunii 



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ivtiliMaM timx flMlit diotiioM Mmii^ 
MJgnninp ptoo&nm; Mhnab C h ch i lw e , im In 
HflMnib yi>*"-^| -^ alio de wutgrnmifmnM 
cifk ei ^gp^giM patriaa contii^^ oviMiii; 
«nluMi9 libels popdwi quod dumi Ofeiri 
iBfMtOb 9^ tnttk gBtuBnnxuk dix6rit hiiDCt qui 
a rijg m giMit ei pnwokio nomiae tiaioni 
iMu^uit MunuA fiii iMth i in Alfauit# yfocuMMp 

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J0 quos illis damns ae dedimos, quibus omnia debea 
Haec satis ad iuvenem, quern nobis £una superbum 
tiadit et inflatiim plenumque Nerone propinqua 
tania aaim ferme sensns communis in ilia 
fcrtuaa; aad te eenseri laude tuorum, 
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planipidei audit Fabioa, ridere poteatqui '|||| 

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vi Biacatonim puori Senonumque minoresy 
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hie DOVU8 Arpinaa^ ignobilis et modo Bomae 
mnoicipalis cqucs, galeatum ponii ubiquo 
ptaendivm aitonitis et in omni monic laborat 
tantom igttnr mufos intra toga oontuiit iUi 

ac titnli. quantum vix Leucade, quantum 

le campis Octavius abstulit udo 
ca«diiMe amduit gladio ; set Boma parentem, 
Bona pattern patriae Ciceronem libera dixit 
Aipbas alius Voisoorum in monte solebat 
poseeie meroedei^ alieno laasus aratro; 
Bodoiam post kaeo frangebat vertice Titem, 
si IsBtos pigra munirst esstra dolabm: 
Ue tamen et CSmbfos et summa pericula lerum 
«nipit^ et solus trepidantem prot^t urbem, ^V 

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qvi Mnqnam attigepmnt maiora cadavera eonri, 
wMBk omatnr lamo coUega secunda. 
piribdae Decksrum animae, plebeia fuerunt 
mbim: pro totb kgionibus hi tamen et pro '^ 

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adkinit die infeiini tenaeque paienti ; 

finis enim Deeii, quam quae semmtnr ab illis. 

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al fiMSSS Msndl Ngu* ultimus ills boBOfum: <00 



proclita laxabant portarum claustra tyrannii 
oxulibus iuvenes ipsius consulis et quos 
magnum aliquid dubia pro libertate dcceret, 
quod miraretur cum Goclite Mucius et quao 
265 imperii fines Tiberinum vii^ natavit 
occulta ad patres produxit crimina servus, 
matroms lugendus; at illos vcrbera iustis 
adficiunt poenis ct Icgum prima securis. 
Halo pater tibi sit Thcrsiten, dummodo tu sis 
SjoAcacidao similis Vulcaniaquo arma capcssas, 
quam to Thersitao similem producat Acliillea. 
ot tamen ut longe repetas longcque rovolvas 
nomen, ab infami gentem deducis asylo: 
maiorum primus quisquis fuit ille tuorum, 
275 sut pastor fuit aut illud quod dicere nola 


Omnibus in terris, quae sunt a Oodibus usque 
Auroram ct Gangen, pauci dinoscere poesunt 
rera bona atque iUis multum diversay remota 
erroris nebula, quid enim ratione timemus 
5 aut cupimus f quid tam dextro pede concipis^ ut (e 
conatus non paenitcat votiquo peractif 
ercrtere domes totas optantibus ipsis 
di faciles; nocitura toga, nocitura petuntur 
militia; torrens dicendi.copia multis 
10 et sua mortifera est facundia, yiribus illo 
confisus periit admirandisquo lacertis. 
sed plures nimia congesta pecunia cura 
strangulat et cuncta exuperans patrimonia census^ 
quanto delphinis ballaena Britannica maior. 


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Longinum ct mngnoa Scnccac praediviti* hoitoi 
cimuit el egregiw Latenuionim ob«i>lot acdea 
toU eohoM. Ttatit venit in cenocula mile* 
p«ucA liMt portM ftrgenti Taiculn piiri, 
nocte itw ingrcMn* gladium contumque timebia 
et motae »d luiwim trepidftbis harundinw umbra*; 
caotabit T«nni« coram Ifttrone viator. 
prinut fere votA ct cunctis notiMima templis 
diritiae, crcscttnt nt opes, ut imwimu toto 
nostra ait ana (on. aed nulla aconita bibuotnr 
fictilibua ; tunc ilia time, cum pocula aumet 
gemmata et btto Setiniim nrdcbit in auro. 
iamne igitur Undas, quod de wpienttbuH alter 
ridcbat, quotiena de limine movent unum 
protuleratquc pedem, flcbftt contrariua auctorT 
■ aed facilis cuivia rigidi ccnaura cachinni; 
mirandum est, undc ille oculia eulTecerit umor. 
perpetno riau pulmonem agitare aolebnt 
Democritua. quamquam non caaent urbibiia illia 
praetexU et trabeao faaces ledic* tribunftL 
quid ai vidiaset practorom currilnia altia 
exatantcm ct medii lublimcm pulvoro dm 
in tunica lovia et pictac Sarrana ferentcm 
ex umeria auloea togae magnaeque coronae 
tantum orbem, quanto cervix non aufficit uUal 
qoippo tenet Budana hone publicus ct, aibi coniul 
Be placcAt, nirni aervua portatur eodem. 
da nunc, et volucrem, eceptro quae aurgit eburm^ 
ilUno coniicinea, hinc praccedentia longi 
agminia officia et niveo* ad frena Quiritoa, 
defoMa in loculia quoa aportula fecit amiON, 
turn quoqne materiam risua invenit ad onuiu 
oocnrra hoaiinaiD, cuius prudentU monitnt 

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50 vcrvccum in patria crossoque eub aero naacL 
ridebat curna, ncc non et gaudia vulgi, 
intcrdum ct locrimaa, cum fortunae ipse minaci 
mandaret laqueum mcdiumquc oatcnderet iingiiera. 
Ergo aupcrvnctia aut u( pemicioaa pc^tuntur, 

55 propter quae faa cat genua inceraro dcontm I 

Quoadam prnccipitat itubiecta potcntia mngnoe 
invidiae, mcrgit longa nlquc inRiguis honorum 
pngina. dcaccndunt etatuae restemquc acquuntur, 
ipaaa deinde rotoa bigonim inpaota aecnris 

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iam itrident ignea, iom follibus nttiuc ctuninit 
nrdct adoratum populo caput et crcpat ingcDS 
SeianuB ; dcindc ex Eitcie toto orlxs accunda 
fiunt urccoli pelvca anitngo matcllne. 

65 pno domi Inurus, due in Capitolia magTium 
crotatumque bovcm, Scinnui ducitur imco 
apectandua. gaudent onincs. 'quae labra, quis illi 
vullua crati numquam, ai quid mihi crcdin, aninvi 
hunc hominem. acd quo cccidit sub criminc? quisnam 
\ 7(>dclator) quibus indidbus, quo teste probavitf' 
"nil horum, verbosa ct grandis epiatula venit 
a Caprcis." ' bene kubet ; nil plus Jntcrrogo.' acd quid 
turba Remil' sequitur 'fortunnm, ut semper, et odit 
damnatoa ; idem populus, ai Nortia Tnsco 

75 favinact, ai opprcssa foret sccura scnoctus 
principts, hac ipsa Sciauum dicerct bora 
Auguatum. - iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulU 
vcndimus, cffudit curaa ; nam qui dabat olim 
imporium foKos logioacs omnia, nunc so 

vOcontinet atquo duas tantum res onxiua opUti 
panem et circensea. 'perituroa audio multoa.* 
"nil dubiuDi, roagna est foraacala; poUidulua tni 

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qiutm timoo, virtus ne pocnu cxigat Aiax 
at mde defensui 1 cummus praccipitei ct, 
dam iocet in ripft, cfllccmus Caeaorii hostem. 
aed Twleuit aem, oe c)du negrt et paTidura in int 
cerrice ob*tricta (lotninum tnihnt.' hi tennoDea 
tune do Sct&no, wcretA hoec munnunt vitlgi. 
TiSDe Mlntari <icut Seimnnil hnbero 
tMtUindem atqne illi tammu donnre ciinilct^ 
illmn exetcitibiu pracponcre, ttitor habcri 
principii (ingiirta Capreonim in nipc •edcntis 
cum grcgc ChJdacoI t» eerte pila coliorte^ 
egregicM cquita ct cftttra domciticat qitidni 
bMe eupiaa t et qui nolnnt occid«ro qucrnqnam, 
poMe volnnt wd qane pncclAtn et pcoRpcra tanti. 
nl rebui Uetis par ait mcnsura molorvm? 
hntui, q«i trahitur, practoxtam aumero nlavi^ 
an Bldenarum Gabionimqiic cmc potcsto* 
et de mcntnn iiu dicere, vasa minora 
(nngere pnnnu«na vacuia acdilia UlubrisT 
ctfo quid optandnm forct, ignorasMi fateria 
S^anum; nam qui nimtoa optabat honorea 
ct nimioi poaoebat opca, numerosa parobot 
oxcelme titrrii tabnlata, unde altior eeset 
caaua et imputsa« pmecepn immane ruinae^ 
quid Craaaoa, quid Pompeioa cvertit, et ilium, 
•d ana qui dnuitoa dednxit flogra Quiritcal 
■ummuB nempe locui nulla non nrto pctitna 
tnagnaqne numiaibui Tota ciaadita malignii. 
ad gencrnm Cereria line caede ao vulnoro pauci 
deaeeodont regea et licca morto tjratini. 

Boqninm tc famom Demosthenii aut CSceronii 
iocipit cottars et totia quinquatribua eptat, 
qiOKIiui adliiM nno parcam oc^t ane Hbemn^ 

quern KquituT custoa anguatao vemuU capme. 
etoquio aed utcrque pent ontor, utiumque 
largua et exundans Icto dcdit ingenii fona. 

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sanguine cauddici maduenint roatra pusillL 
'o fortunaUim natam me conaule Ronuunl' 
Antoni gladioa potuit contemners, si sic . 
omnia dixiaset ridenda poeniata male, 

I3J quam te conspicoae, divinn Phillppica, fama^ 
volvcria a, prima quae proxtma, aoovus et UlmD 
exitus eripuit, quern mirabontur Athenas 
loTTcntem ct pleni modcrantem frena thcatri 
dis illc advereia genitus fatoque sinistro, 

130 quern pater ardentix mas.ine fuligine lippus 
a carbone et forcipibus giadioaque parante 
incude et luteo Vulcano ad rhetera misit 

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lorica ct Tracta de cassido buocula pendens 

135 et cuttum temone iugum rictacque triremia 
aplustro et summo trietis eaptivoi in arcu 
humanis maiora bonis cre<lantur. ad hoc ae 
Romanua Oraiunquc et Imrbania induperator 
10} erexit: causas discriminis atque laboris 

I40inde babuit lanto maior fiunae sitis est, quam- 
Tirtutis; quia entm virtutcm amplectitnr ipsam, 
proemia si tollnst patrinro tamen obrutt olim 
gloria pauoorum ct laudis titulique etipido 
hoesuri saxis cinentm cuatodibua, ad quae 

145 discuiienda Talent stcrilis mala robore fid, 

quandoquidem data sunt ipsii quoque foU sepulebril; 
expende Uannibalein, qnot libroa in duce nimmo 

ItnveniesI hie cat, quem son ca[nt Africa Maun 
percusBB Oceano Niloque admota tepenti, 
50 rurmu ad Aethiopom populoa altoaqne elaphaatoa. 


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aunodiuqiie diena aedei ad praeioria r^gi^ 

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mom gladii, noii taxa dabuni nee iel% aed iUe 

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vi pueria placeaa ei dedaaaiio fiaa! 

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qaaafwla wii iKNntnimi eorpotcola. crediiiir oliai 

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andai m Ualoriai ecNMlniiam etaaribua iadem 17}! 

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qnot Btailiii fodos, qnoi dmimseriiNorii Himia 
popilkM^ quoi longa viros exorbeat uiio 
Maura die, qaoi difletpulofl inclinct HamiUut, 
pofcumm citim, qooi villafl pcwmdcat nmic, 
quo UNideoto grans imreni mihi barba sonabat 
iBe mneio^ bie himbis, hie ooza debilis; amboi 
penlidii ille oculos et liiseis inndet^ huiiis 
pallida labra dbam aocipinni digitis alienism 
ipee ad ean s pectum oenae didocere rictmn 
metns hiat tantum, con pullus himndinis, ad qucm 
oie vdai pleiio mater ieitiiia. sed omni 
■Mmbroram damno maior dementia, quae nee 
Bomina serromm nee Tultum agnoseii amici, 
cam quo praeterita eenani nocCe, nee illot, 
qoos gennit, ques ednzit nam eodioo saevo 
herodes retai esse sues, bona tota fenintur ^ 
ad Phialen ; tanium artifteis Talet halitus oris; 
qnod steteiat moltts in caroere femieb annis. 
ni T^geaai senses animi, dueenda Uimen sunt 
fnneia naloram, rogns aqneiendns amataa 
eoniagis ei fratris plenaeqne soraribos nmac 
haee data poena din mentibtts, nt renorala 
semper dade domns mnltii in hietibns inqne 
peqpetno maerore ei nigra Teste seneseant 
rax ^dtns, magno si qnidqnam eiedii Homeits 
aieaq^ ritae fiiii a eomiee seenndae. 
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dktalil aftqne snes iam dextia compniai amio% 
qniqne nonun totiens mnsfemn bibit on^ pammpei 
ttttanda^, qmmtam de kgibns ipse qneraftnr 
ei nimio de stamina earn Tidei aerls 







Antilochi barbam ardentem, cum quacrit ab omni 
qnisquis adest ipcius, cur haec in tempera durct 
155 quod ftcinus dignum tam longo admiscrit acvo'' 
,. haee eadem Peleus, raptum cum lugct Acl.illci. 
atque aliu.^ cut fas Ithacum lugcro nAtantom. 
mcolumi IVoia Priamus vcnismt ad umbras 
Assarad magnia sollemnibus, Hoctoro funua 
260 portante ac roliquia fratrum ocrvidbus inter 
Iliadum hicrimas, ut primes cdere planctus 
Owsandra incipcret sdssaque Poljxena palla, 
SI forct exstinctua diverw tempore, quo non 
oocperat audaces Paris acdificare carinaii. 
565 longa dies igitur quid contulit ? omnia vidit 
OTcrsa et ilammia Aaiam ferroque cadontcm, 
tunc miles tremulus posita tulit arma tiara 
et ruit ante aram summi lovia, ut vctulua bos. 
qm domini cultris tenue et miaerabile collum 
27opniobet ab ingrato iam fastiditus aratro 

exitus ille utcumque hominia, aed torva canine 
Utront nctu, quae post hunc vixerat uxor, 
wstino ad nostros et regem transeo Ponti 
ei Croesum, quem vox iuati facunda Solonia 
»/5wspicere ad longae iunsit spatia ultima vitae 
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cum stimulos odio pudor admovet elige, quidnam 
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destinat optimus hie et formosissimus idem 
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flammeolo Tyriusque palam genialis in hortis 
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antique, veniet cum signatoribus auspcx. 
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ni parere veils, pereundum erit ante lueemas; 
340 ri soelus admittas, dabitur mora parvula, dum les 
nota urbi et populo contingat principis aurem. 
dedecus iUe domus scict ultimus. interea tu 
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dcspiciam, qui flcit, quanto sublimior Atlas 

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figendum et mcmori tractandum pectore, sive 
eoniugium quaeres Tel sacri in parte scnatus 

30 0880 velis; neque enim loricam poscit Achillis 
Tliersitcs, in qua so tronsducebat Ulixes; 
ancipitem sou tu magno discrimino causam 
protcgero adfectas, te consule, die tibi qui sis, 
orator vehemens, an Curtius et Matho buceae. 

35A08oenda est mcnsura sui spcctandaque rebus 
in summis minimisquo, etiam cum piscis ometur, 
no mullum cupias, cum sit tibi gobio tantum 
in loculis. quis enim te deficiente culina 
et cresoente gula manet exitus, aere patemo 

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aescio quid superest et pallet fenoris auctor, 
qui Tortefo solum, Baias et ad ostrea currunt 

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bquilias a fenrenta migrare Sabura. 



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parte anni, qnaloa fuerant in vitibus, nvae, 
Signinnm Syrinmque pinim, do corbibua iadem 
aemuia Fieenia et odoria mala rccentia: 
nee metnenda tibi, aiccatum frigore poetquam 
antnmnum et crudi poauere pericula sucl 
haae olim noatri iam luznrioaa aenatua 
cenn Aut Curiua panro quae Icgerat horto, 
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castronim imperits et dictatoriB lionoro 
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ercctum domito refercns a monte ligonem. 
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• ct Scauros et Fabricios, postremo severos 
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qualis in Oceano fluctu testudo nataret, 
95 darum Troiugenis facturo et nobtle fulcrum, 
scd nudo latere et porvis frons aerea lectis 
vile coronati caput ostendebat oselli, 
ad quod lascivi ludebant ruris alumni 
[talcs ei^ cibi, qualis domus atque supellez.] 
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urbibus everris praedorum in parte reperta 
magnorum artificum frangebat pocula miles, 
ut phaleris ganderet ecus caolataque cassis 
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argcnti quod erot, solis fulgebat in armis. 
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nocte fero media mcdiamque audita per urbem, 
litore ab Occani Gallis venientibus et dis 
oflMum vatis peragentibus. his monuit nos, 
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ai forte nnoem deiooerat eumsi 




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hie tibi vina dabit diffiisa in montibus iUii^ 
160 a qoibus ipse venit, qaorom sub Teriioe lumt; 

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l65[q)ectani hoc nuptae iuxta recubante marito^ 
quod pudeai narrare aliquom praesentibus ipsis»] 
imtamentum Veneris la^guentis ei acres 
diritis urticae. (maior tamen isU Toluptan 
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attonitus nullum conferri posse putaret 
naufragium relis ardentibus. omnia iiuni 
talia, tam graviter, si quando poetica suigit 
tempestas. genus ecoe aliud discriminis audi 
25 el miserere iterum, quamquam sint cetera sortis 
ciusdem pars dira qutdcm, scd cognita multis 
ct quam rotiva tcstantur fana tabclla 
plurima; pictorcs quis nescit ab Isido pascil 
[accidit et nostro similts fortuna Catullo.] 
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altemum pnppis latus cvertentibus undis 
arbori inoertae nullam prudentia cani 
rectoris eonferrel opem, decidcro iactu 
coepit cum rentis, imitatus castors, qui so 
35cunuchum ipse facit, cupiens evadere damno 
testiculi: adeo medicatum intellegit ingucn. 
'iundite, quae moa sunt/ dicebat, 'cuncta,' CatuUun^ 
praectpitaie Tolens etiam pulcherrima, vestem 
pnrpuream, teneris quoque Maeoenatibus aptam, 
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pensa manu ducunt hilares et staminis alU 6j 

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ventua adest^ inopi miserabilis arte cucurrit J 

Teatibus extentia et, quod superaverat unum. 

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Italiam — non sic igitur mirabere portus 
qnos natura dodit^ — sed tninca puppe magister 
Sointeriora petit Baianae penria cumbae 
tnti stagna sinus, gaudcnt ubi vcrtice raso 
garrula securi narrare pericula nautae. 

Ite igitur, pueri, linguisque animisque faventos 
sertaque delubris ct farra inponite cultris 
85 ac mollis ornate fooos glebamque virentem I 
jam sequar et sacro, quod pracstot, rito pcracto 
inde domum rcpctam, graciles ubi porva coronas 
accipiunt fragili simulacra nitentia cora. 
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potura dabo atque omnis violae ioctabo coloros. 
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ct matutinis opcratur festa lucemis. 

Nee suspocta tibi sint haec, Corvina Catullus, 
pro cuius reditu tot pono altaria, parvos 
95tres habet heredes. libet oxpectare, quis ocgram 
ct daudentem oculos gallinam inpcndat amico 
tarn sterili — ^verum haec nimia est inpcnsa, cotnmix 
nulla umquam pro patre cadet sentiro calorcm 
si cocpit locuplcs Gailitta et Pacius orbi, 
too legitime iixis vcstitur toU libellis 

portions, existunt qui promittant hccatomben, 
quatenus hie non sunt nee venales clephanti, 
nee Latio aut usquam sub nostro sidcre talis 
bdua concipitur, sed funra gente pctita 
105 arboribus ^tulis ct Tumi pascitur agro, 
• vWesaris armentum, nulli sorvire paratum 
private, siquidem Tyrio parero solebant 
Hannibali et nostris ducibus rcgiquo Holosso 
iMNvm maiores ac dorso ferre cohortes 
1 10 partem aliquam belli, et euntem in proelia turrom. 
• I nulla igitur mora per Novium, mora nulU per Histnim 




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dopoMtmik itapet haec^ qui iom post teigo 
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M ttiha ill melius tot renim proficit usus? 
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porfdiam fraodes atquo omni ex crimine lucrum 
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porque tuum, pater Acgaei Neptune, tridcntem; 
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quidquid habent telorum armamentaria caelL 
ai vcro et pater eat^ 'comedam/ inquit, 'flebile nati 
Ssaiuctput elixi Pharioque madcntia aceto/ 

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et nullo crcdant mundum rcctore moveri, 
imtura volvente vicca et hicia et anni, 
atque idee intrcpidi quaecumqiio altaria tangunl 
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hie putat eaae decs et pcierot, atque ita sccum: 
'deccmat quodcunique volet do coqioro noatro 
laia ct irate fcriat mea lumiiia aistro, 
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pnicatat et eauriena Piaoeoe ramua olivool 
lOOut ait magna, tamcn certe lenta ira dcorum eat; 
at curant igitur cunctoa punire noccntea, 
quando ad me venient? aed et exorabile numen 
I fortaaae experiar; aolet hia ignoacere. multi 
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Uiquo a lucifcro donee lux oocidat audit? 
huniani gencrii morci tibi nosio volenti 
l60iuiHcit una domua; paucos consume dici» et 
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quia tumtdum guttur miratur in Alpibus? nut quii 
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I^S^Bonriem et madido torquentem comua cirro? 
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ad iubttai Thnicum volucroi nubemquo ionoiam 
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tus, vexare oculos umore coocto: 
lacrimis amissa pecunia veris. 
si cuncta vides simili forn plena queieUa» 135 

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supervaeui dieunt chirographa ligni, 
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humana larbal pavidum eogitque fateri. 
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cum tonat^ exanimet prime quoquo murmure caeii; 
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proxima tempestaff, velul hoc diUU eereno. 
piaeterca laterii vigili cum febre doloicm 
330 li eoepere pati, mimum ad sua oorpom morbum 
infetlo crcdunt a numine, eaza deorum 
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balantem el Laribus crittam promiltero gaUi 
non audeni; quid enim sperare nocentibut aegris 
33s coneemum? tcI qnae non dignior hoelia Titaf 
[mobilif el varia eel ferme nalura nudorum.] 
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ttiminibtta tamen ad mores nalura recurril 
i40 damnaloi^ ftm ol mutari ncseia. nam quis 
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eieelom eemel attrita de fronte ruborem? 
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tandem pro multie vix iugcra bina dabantur 
▼ulneribw. meroee haeo eanguinie atquo laborie 
165 BBllie TiM Brnqoam Bioritis minor aut ingrataa 
OBrU fidee patriee. eaturabat gicbula talie 
petrcm ipeom turbamque caeao, qua feta iaocbat 
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▼emula, tree domini ; eod magnig fratribue bonim 
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175 humanae BMmtie vitium quam saeva cupido 
iBmodict ccBeue. nam dives qui fieri vult, 
ei cito Tult fieri: sed quae rovercntia Icgum, 
quis mctus aui pudor est umqnam propciantis avari ? 
•vivite content! casulis ct collibiis isti^ 
18O0 puorir Harms diccbat et Hcmicus olim 
Vntinueque eencz 'pancm quaoramue aratro, 
qui satis est mensis. laudant Loe numina ruris, 
quorum ope ei auzilio gratao post munus aristae 
continguni homini vctcris fastidia quercus. 
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per glaciem porone t<»gi, qui summovet euroe 
pelhbus inversis; perq;rina ignotaque nobis 
•d eoolue atque nefii% quaecumque eet, purpura dudl* 
kaee illi veterse pmecepU minoribus. at nunc 
190 post finom attiumni media do nocte supbum 
•iMBOBue iuvoBem pater ezdtat: 'accipe cen% 
""•^ IHier, v^la, eansae age, peri^ie rubrae 
Mioram l^gee aut vitem poeoe UbeUa 
eed eapui iataelBm buzo Bareeque pikme 
195 adaoiei ei gnadee nireior laolius alaa 
dhrm Mmienm Bil^gias^ eeetella Brigantum, 




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^^ diqdioeMit oenlis venientui amid, 65 

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'%tci mm agitasi ut taiictam filius omni 

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Mi quod patriae ctvem populoque doditti, 70 

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ei beUomm et pacts rebus agendis. 

enim intererity quibas artibus et qtiibos banc in 
Lbas instituas. eerpente ciconia pullos 

et iiiTenta per deria mra Uoerta: 75 

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^^etus p ro p cr at partemque cadaveris adfert: 
eit eigo ctbos magiii quoque vnltiiris et se 
«Bti% propria cam iam facit arbore nidos. 80 

leporem aitt cepream famolae Ions et geaor os ae 
^•Ita Tenantiir aves, bine pnieda cnbtli 
ntor: iiide autem cum te matmra levarit 
•timulante fiuno fesUnat ad illam, 
^ primum pniedam mpto gustavemt ova 85 

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CSiietae^ summa none Tlburis aroe, 
PhiMiestiiiis in montibos aita parabat 
villaram Gfaeeis longeque petitis 

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^pido Tinoebat Capitolia ttostia Posidea 
sio eqo Imbitat Oretoiiiii% inminiiit rem, 
epes; nee parva tamea mens ura nlietae 
enlf ttitam base tnrbavii ttim 



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Quidam sortiti rootuenicm sabbata patrcm 
nil praeter nubes et cocli numon adoront, 
ncc distare putant humana came suillam, 
qua pater abstinuit; mox et procputia ponunt 
100 Komanas autem soliti conicmncre leges 

ludaicum cdiscunt et servant ac mctuunt iu^ 
tradidit arcano quodcumque volumino Uoj^ses, 
non monstraro vios eadcm nisi sacra colenti, 
quaesitum ad fontem solos deducere verpos. 
105 sod pater in causa, cui septima quacquo fuit lux 
ignava et partem vitoe non attigit ullom. 

Sponto tamen iuvencs imitantur cetera, solam 
inviti quoque avaritiam excrcero iubcntur. 
fallit enim vitium specie virtutis et umbra, 
1 10 cum sit triste habitu vultuque et vesto scverum, 
n'ec dubie tamquam frugi laudetur avarus, 
tamquam parens homo ct rcruro tutcla suarum 
certa magis quom si fortunos scrvet cosdcm 
Hespcridum serpens aut Ponticus. adde quod kunc, 
115 quo loquor, egrcgium populus putat adquirondi 
artificem; quippe his crcscunt patrimonia fabris, 
sed crcscunt quocumque mode maioroquo fiunt 
incude assidua scmperque ardcnte camina 
et pater eigo animi feliccs credit avaros, 
120 qui miratur opes, qui nulla excmpla beati 
pauperis esse putat, iuvenes hortatur ut illam 
ire viam peigant et eidem incumbero scctae. 
sunt qoaedam vitiorum elementa: his protinus illes 
inbait et cogit minimas ediscere sordea^ 
195 [mox adqairendi docet insatiabile votum.] 
. servoram ventres modio castigat iniquo, 
ipse qnoque esariens; neque enim omnia sustinet ornqoai 
mueida caeralei paois eoDsomere frusta» 

76 XIV 

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earn litais «idita» pares quod rendere poMb MO 

phiris dimidio^ nee te fii^tidia mercb 

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■ea eredat poDendum aiiqiiid diterimiiiifl inter 

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qnalibet. Ula tuo sententia semper in ore 205 

vierseUu; dis atque ipso love digna poeta, 

"mide habeas^ quaerii nemo, sed oportet liabera*** 

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lioe discunt omnes ante alpha et beta pnellael] ( 

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praeleriit Tehnonem, ut Pelea vicit Achilles. 

pareendum est teneris: nondum impierere medullas 215 

nMUwraa mala nequitiae. ast cum peetere barbam 

coeperit et longi mucronem admittere cultri, 

fidstts erit testi% vendet periuria summa 

cngua et Cereris tangens aramque pedemquei 

eialam iam erode nurum, si limina vestra 220 

ttortilera cum dote subit quilius ilia prometur 

psr •omnuai digitis! nam quae tenaque marique 

adquirenda putas^ brerior via conferet iUi; 

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aonraniiur. miiicra est magiii custodia ociiaua. 
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aarvorum noctu Lidnui iubot» attouitus pro 
alaetio aq^nitquo suis Phiygiaquo oolumiia 
atquo oboto ot laU tcstudina ddia nudi 
wm aidoiit cynici ; si fr^goris, altera fiet 
JlOeiaa doming atque eadem piumbo cominiflsa manebik 
aenrit Alexander, testa cum vidit in ilia 
MMgnnm babitatorcin, quanto folicior liic, qui 
nil cupereti quam qui totum sibi poacerct orbciu, 
paararua gestia acqiuinda pcricula rebus. 
)I5 nnllum numen babes, d dt prudcntia ; nos to, 
noB fadmns, Fortuna, deam. monsura tanicn quaa 
anfficiat census, d quis mo oonsulat^ edam: 
in qnantnm dtis atquo tunes et frigom poscunt^ 
quantom, Epicure, tibi parvis suffedt in hortis, 
S90 quantum Socratid ceperunt anto pcnates. 
nuuMinam aiiut natura, aliut si^ntia didt 
aeribus oxomplis videor to cluderof misco 
ago aliquid nostris do moribus, office summam. 
Ma aqptom onlinibus quam lex dignatur Otbonisi 
SS5 haee quoqno d nq|am tiabit extenditque kbeUuiu, 
anmo dnoa oquites^ fiie tertia quadringcnta. 
d nondnm iqplovi granmun, d panditur ultra, 
naa Orood fninna nmquam naa Jtadan lagna 
anflUenl aniiM naa dintiao Naidsdr 



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iumortale odium et namquam soniMIe ndmis 
33 Afdet adhuc, Omboi oi Tentyrm. toiiiniiM iitriaM|M 

inde furor vulgo^ quod numina Ticmomin 

odit uterque locus, cum soloi credat habendot 

esse dcot, quos ijMe colit set tempore festo 

alterius populi rapienda occasio cunctit 
40 visa inimioorum primoribus ae dncibus, no 

laetum hilaremque diem, ne magnae gaudia cenae 

sentircnt^ positis ad templa et oompita mentis 

penrigilique toro, quern nocte ae luce iaoentem 

Septimus intcrdum sol invenit [horrida sane 
45 Acgyptos, scd luxuria, quantum ipse notary 

barbara famoso non eedit turiia C^uiopo. 

nddo quod et facilis Tictoria de madidis et 

blacsis atque mero titubantibus.] inde Tirorum 

saltatus nigro tibicine, qualiacumque 
I 50 unguenta et flores multaeque in ifronte coronae» >• 

liinc ieiunnm odium, sed iuigia prima sonars 

incipiunt animis ardentibus, haee tuba rixaa 

dein clamore pari eoncurritur, et vice teli 

saerit nuda manus. pancae sine Tulnece malae* 
S5 viz cuiquam aut nuUi toto eertaroine nasus 

integer, aspiceres iam cuncta per agmina mitus 

dimidios, alias fiicies et hiantia ruptis 

ossa genii^ plenos oculorum sanguine pnjgnoc 

ludero se credunt ipsa tamen et pueriles 
60 exeroero ades, quod nulla eadarera caloeni 

et sane quo tot rizantis milia toibae, 

si virunt omnesf ergo acrior fanpeia% et iam 

saxa inclinatis per humum quaesita laoertis 

incipiunt torquere, domestaea sedttkNii 
65 tela, nee hune lapidem qoalis M Tnmus el Aiaif 

rel quo Tydidss pswwil posdevi eonm 


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Aenete, ted quern Vttlciiiit emittere doxtnu) 
ilKt diflrimiles et nottro tempore nalae. 
MUD geniM hoc Tivo iam dccreicebat Homero; 
tcm fiwkM homines nunc edncat atque putiUoe. 70 

cigo deu8» quicumquo aspczity rklet et edit. 
A derertkulo lepetatur fabula. postquam, 
■ulMidiis auGti, pan altera promerD femun 
nudet et infeetis pugnam instaurare sagittis: 
tcfga fuga celeri praestant instantitms Ombts 75 

qui Tirina eolunt umbroeao Tentyra palmae. 
labitur hinc quidam nimia formtdine curauni 
p r acci pitane, capiturque. ast ilium in plurima tectum 
frusta et particulas, ut multis mortuus unut 
■ufficeret, totum corroeis oesibus edit 80 

Tictriz turba, nee ardciiti decoxit acno 
ant veribus; kmgiim usque ailco tardumque putavit 
ezpectare focos, contenta cadaverD cnulo. 
hie gandere libet, quod non violairerit ignem, 
quern summa caeli raptum do parte Prometheus 85 

donavit terrisL elemcnto gratulor et to 
exuHare rcor. sed qui mordero cadaver 
•ustinuit, nil umquam hac came libentius edit 
nam soelore in tanto ne quaems et dubitcs an 
prima Toluptatem gula senscrit; ultimus autem 90 

qui itetitt absumpto iam toto corpore ductis 
per terram . digitis aiiquid de sanguine gustat 
Yaseones^ haec fiuna est» alimentis talibus dim 
produxere aninws: sed res divena» sed iilic 
fbrtunae inridia est bellorumque uitima» casus 95 

eztrsoii, longaa dira obsidionb egestas. 
[huhM anim, quod nunc agitur, miserabilo debet 
•iMBphmi esse cibi, sicut mode dicta mibi gens] 
posi omnp herbasy pott cuncta aniroalia, quklquid 
e o f s bat taeai .teatris furor, hostibus ipsis lOO 


^ononw pr«nccpta monent; nee eZ 1^ 

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««in lacerent nolcnti suimre Nilnf 

P«^l* fictilibiM Wlitum ,1 . ^' 




•qoaloramque rei« papillam ad iuim TocMiteiii 
cileuiiiteriptorein, cuitit oianantiA fleta 
prm paelUuret fiidant inoerta capillL 
natiiTae imperio gemimus, cum funns adullae 
Tirginif ooenrrit rd terra daitdiiur infant 
et minor igne rogL quia enim bonus et face dtgnns 
aroania, qualem Oereria Tult etso sacerdoiy 
nlla altena ribi credit mala? eeparat hoc noa 
A grego mutorunif atque ideo vencnibile aoli 
aortiti ingeninm divinorumque capaccs 
atque ezercendia capiendisque artibus i^ 
aenaum a caelesti demiastmi tnuctmus aroe, 
cuius qpent prona et tcrmm npectantia. mundi 
principio induUt communis couditor illis 
tantum animas» nobis animum quoqne, rautuus ut 
adfisctus petere auzilium et pmcstare iubcret, 
diqierKW trabere in populum, migrare vetusto 
de nemore et proavis habitatas linquero silvas, 
aediilcare domofi, laribiw coniungero nostris 
tectum aliutl, tutos vicitto limine aomnos 
at conlata daret fiduda, protegero armis 
kipsum not ingenti nutantem vulnere civem, 
commuai dare sigaa tuba, defendier isdem 
ttirribus atque una portarum dave teneri 
aed iam aerpentum maior ooncordia. pareit 
cognatis maculis similis fera quando leoni 
fertior eripuit vitam leo? quo nemore nnM|uam 
exapiraTit aper raaioria dentiiius aprit 
Indiea tigria agit rabida cam tigride paoem 
perpetaaoi, aaeris inter ae conveait nrna 
ast iMNaiai fcmm letale ineude aeCMMk 
preduaiase pamm eat» cum laatia et aaroala tantum 
aaMeti co q ue r e et mams ao fouMia 

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ifadiimfiyii nmliiio coide VageUi» 
cm dm crmm habefti, oflendere tot cidigM^ tot 
wtSBm dttfomak qvit tarn procal afaiit «b vibe 
pneteraw qm tui Jfylides, moieiii aggeris «lCni 
«l tpwdiil? herioMe neeeBtnr proiinua, ei m 
mtmmimwm Mm aollicitoiiiiis amieot. 
*da iMtonit* index cum dizerii, endeei ille 
aenio qiii% pogom qui vidii, dioeie 'ridi,' 
ei oedam dignmn faaiba dignumque CBfillk 
mmerHiiL eitiiis fidram produeere tevtem 
eo«tni fugumm poari^ quam reim loqneiitem 
eoaCm ibftenam aimali ocmtraqtie puflorem. 

Plwemia mme alia alque alia emoitimenU iiotom< 
mniimmtoninit eooTallem raiis aTiti 
imp iehu ani eaaqpnm mihi si Tidmu ademil^ 
ei aaenrai eflbdii medio de limito mzum, 
.qwid iMa com palulo eoluii pab annua libo^ 
debitor ani aompioi peq[ii non reddcro nummoi^ 
vaaa enpervneoi dioens ehirognqilia ligai^ 
eipertandoi erii qni lilee indioei annus 
teiini popnlL aed tune quoque mtlle feienda 
taediai mille meiae: toiiens mbiellia iaaium 
atefnunUifi iam fi^undo ponento hoemaa 
Omdicio ei IWoe iam mieturienie^ paiali 
d U g iedi m ur lentoque ibri pugnamui haiena 
nai iDii^ quoe anna teguni ei balteus ambil^ 
ned plaflitnm eai ipeia praeatoiuf tempua mmmU* 
mm tea attariior loi^ anflamine Uiiai 

Mia pmeiaiea toalandi auliiibna ina 
wkm patoa dainr; nam quae ami parla laboie 



Srr? 'T ^""'"^ "^P^ P"^' hunc &Tor aequu. 
Fwehii ei puldiro reddit sua dona lalxMi 

ipnus oerto ducis boo refem videiur 

•^ qui feriis erii, sii Wicissimus idein, 

«* l«eii phaleris omnes ei toraiiiha. #mi»^ 


M 39 





\MLU B8T. 


TtRiD of liiteniBg to pociie neitaUont, JatwiAl noolftf to nUUalo in 
Und, Mid WMto Ink and poptr wilh <]m twt of <]m world (1—18). The 
eomiptioa of tlio timet leofoe him m> cfaoiee: if he if to write at alU 
he eumot bat write mtire (19— 60V. The whole of homen life, itn 
Joje and aorrowi, ito baaliieei and pleamrea, the theme of latire 
(81 — 88). Keter did Mwh open rampant Tiee {iivroke ceniora at in 
the Borne of to-day (87—160). If it be too haiaidoaa to attaU the 
liring, the pott will tiy how far he wuj oaft^ expoee the crimet of 
the dead (150-171). 

Thit tatire mval hate been pnblithed afltr k,9. 100, in wbieh xear 
Marine Prieena (47 eef .) waa nnndemnti CSLHor. a.itL Ptn. i. 

1—6 Ifnal I be alw^yi a paatife Uattoar 
amltragtdieef Shall I never iilott f 
qaom. hittor. eonttr. 4 •/ «yir<< toe, fkal I 
in 90 noUff « Ihnr, ner, Uk$ « mttU im « 
MvlA ofiyif, rmotoid la ifirnmidr Ufa Ite 
diMiMtai II. Sod. MBlr. 1 7 ^ lOtLHIb. 
andiTi Fltnun, fntndew anditorea, 
fMfat mln UU mm rral fntaif mmi andiro 
laalnairt af tt at it nan etw aMfMrwB« ted 
f/ffMt ide, • • . nl dItdMi ntn andiri 
andira. Inlfle eeufnaMlInt tnnta 
teree feaabanfwv dfftnft In mm 
fft dto t ff nit nnitlM. ftae tral nan 

lo epiea, eomedlet, elegiet, 
1 Lneian 
M^feC nel he eltnt fioiteUu 
^ ft MmUff «6e«C wiik 


B tf p. tW L • ipm mim 

i net ttlM mlU am- 

dltt^jinlf rnfmUt andi- 

eaeptt tt m nm imm fmi 




r/mlcfc ■Bromir often, M ben, to mte cril fw 

•Yil. Sea 4t Ini 8 i 8 dotorem. ibid. ii 88 | 8 <ii<«H«». id. TIijim. 
1084 teelui, QainiU. deeL 845 cimtumfUmwu Pm. n 68 dktn prntenm, 
CIs. tp. fuB. I 8 c 8 oir chItm faiifianM, ptU m tf, ut i4 m me were 
imktereo nnv ta «llf« frf«<ra«; nr (IM ry* '<<<« repoDan, mm vrarrit. 
Freperly to i«p«y. Dij&n •«« •*•/* I »Mr, mnd ntrer mmit the eewet 
BcbTc^ 81 I 8 noil dicimMi roposaii hent^imm mut •oWlt. wMum 
enim iio8if wltrmH, f ««« •«•! «Wriiii eoiivetiit rrrbmm. Id. do bfii. rr 88 1 4. 
Ct FUa.ep. i IS 1 8 iir viHemr, quorum tecilmtinmUmt mdfui, mm Attdiior 
fuimt, ted ereditor. Uied alwoliiltly, m hen, by Aug. e. AMdem. i 
%Umqu9U lmqw0 eum expedleaee, ....UU Uhi pieate repoittii: mm 
MtyMHC pmeeidium (num. 2 «»"«■• » 

trittoo loog to be inldiad to one or two reeitoUooi. Plin. ep. iii 18 1 4 
lcitodin8B.). lb. rr 8 1 1 Tin 81 1 4 jnt fridNH m. ft tt % \ teHiw dle$, 
BACCi Cm. dt or. 1 1 858. Marl, in 18. ti 41. Hor. ■. I 
4 M. nuwiDB 88 aeq. Epio poeai beariog thii iUto 

u% MttkiMd by Arirtot. puK. 8 i 3. by Wog. IfCTt.ii W -«*2«»- 
ThM. 88 (Wckktr cp. Cydii* I 881— 2): for tboM of DiphUot, Pytboilra- 
tot. JBopyrot, fco Uodo bcllen. Picbik. i 171, 404. For tiie iora ef. 
AcbiUdi, AcBcii, Amafonu, Heraclds, Tbebaii. 
3 iMrvxB Hor. cp. 1 18 40 rfo nobUium tcriptorum auditor et oltor. 
u 8 108—8 muitm /erv, mt fietcem genue iuritabile ralum^ | eum eeribo ei 
'euffiex pofull n^ru§lm enpto: \ idem, /nitlt ttudlit et menu reetptm, 
oMvrm Mtaliif impiiBO lepentlbut nuret, ib. 97. 
BBOTATBBiT ni 9 B.: f oT tbo tcoM Madriff optiM. alt 87 eomparM vtii. 
Am. IT 89L n 785. * Shall it go for notbing tfaat I hare liMtrned ?* 

TOOATia )( panimteu. The Bational eomedy of TitiBiai 
(SeiVB. SaBKnIe. 104<^7), Qnintivfl Atto and L. Afraniu (all b.c. 189 
—79), to which tba adort appear to the togu, and the manner* of the 
lower rtatin of Uobm (whence the name tHbernarime) are repreeented; 
women play n Biote, ekTee a leee, prominent part than to the V^nimtme. 
To§utete were etiD acted nndcr Chmdine and Nero (Suet. Ner. 11. PIto. 
h. B. m 1 49y, bnt flarooicd with pantomtoie. The fragmenU hare been 
coUceted by Menkirdi, Lipe. 1888, and to Bibbcek*e fr. com. 11^—188. 
See UommeeB*ihiitoryaBdtheUteraiyhietorieeofTenffel|17,Diihror 
Bemhar^y. Bob. ep. 8 i 8 mm udtiufiHm tNmieoe ttee togatai neefref. 
kmkent emim hme noque mtiquid tereHtatit et tutU imier eomoedime me (re- 
00edUt medime, Fkonto ep. ad Antonto. u 9 p. 108 Maber vel eme§ #.- 
tomoediU UenUmtiM mrripereii»\,rei mrbmumt e» togatia. Hj. •^ " f* 
dUtiarj/nmi toga eoneemieee Uefimndm. Id. a. p. 885- M8. Qainttl 
sl«88,100. ]4aniLT488. 4 «*?•• Hor.«.i88: 

mitemhiUe. a. ^ 77 eglftm. Pert. 1 81 eifwi eUgidU endi dfefanm 
•meerve. flk 84. Plto. e^ T 17 II TI 15. .^ .^rS""?*" 

lUrti 7010«Htfftor foieM/Mpoefadif. Ben. eoi 189 1 U UontaaB 
laltaa «M iwiltoc n poem MrraWUe poeU ei mMtUt Tfkerli neCaw i 
Meerv. erfni H 9ceum UbemMme Uue r e bmL flnfMnmlBdigBarclB 
tnUftB Ulna Ulo dl« reeftaeie et nepmnl meeedendem ed reeUmUme 

Item B«dlr« nb orlB td oeanaBm.' wobm Moglm 

lCMlni80.T78 88. Ben. ni 98 1 9 <bdow m 41 ■.). . Ib #tonf fffiyte 
IMT. MVsiM altaie to the ttatinn of Ihia m of HmmIm. 

«r> wmj um tmm lo lae w«m "* w « 




Romans; by Aeeefaylafl, Sophoklei, Enripidee. Agatbon, Kleophon, Motdiion, 
and lophon. Hor. a. p. 115—8. Orestes gave name to tbo extant tragedy 
of Euripides, and to otkrra bT the younger Enripidee, bvtbe younger Kar- 
kinos, and by Tbeodcktcs (Uelcker ghccb. Trag. in 1485. 148U). LociL 
ap.Prise.z5S ransnro tmyicut qui earmiun pcrdit Oreste. Verj^Aen. it 
471 teeuit anUatut Orestes, Pacavius wrute a Dulurestcs. 
rLRXA IMsdaii cites this as an example ormargo/rm.; KeaeFormenlehiB 
1 661 gives other exx. from AcmiL Alacer, Kabir., Vitniv., Stat., Apnl., 
Teft., Amm. ef. t 78 taevn gramliHe, bummi etc 

• Written eren on the back of the paper, the bonier to Uie Teiy end 
toing already fnlL' The baek of the pa|iynis was generally eokrarcd 
(ni 98); books written on both sides were called opi$lhoffraphi. Plin. 

2. ill 8 I 17 eommenlarios CLX mihi rtliquU, opistho^nphoe qui- 
m ft miuutitsfme $eripioe: qua mtione multiplieatur kU numerus. 
Mart. IT 87 11 inTersa puerit arande ebarta. ef. tiu 69. Sidon. 
ApolL ep. Till 16 1am venitur md marffiuci umbUieorum, iam Umpue 
nf, ut enlirieut mit, Orestem no$tntm vd super terga/aiK. ib. ii 9 
8n. eoMoUie tergom madidit aordidore ealamis. ib. riii 1. n 1 fin. 
See Becker Oallns ii 875 seq. Mart it 91 4. On the baek of the 
papynu US. of Hyperides* fnneral oration are some astrologieal notes; 
SM Uabington's ed. Cambr. IBoH fol. Martinardt r (9) 891. The eynie's 
terip was full Lncian Tit. anct. 9 9wtw$9ypdtwe fitfiKUm. ef. dig. zzzvii 
11 4, Esek. II 10, apoe. t 1 WeUt. scaiarua 

SeHbta would have been as correct: Suet. Tit. Ter. 9 EHancAiw bit die 
y« ^* I3f TEaoo Arator ep. ad Partben. 9 rte 

dMrtt in tergo jM^/aa leeta modum, mecovx ti 130. 

lee Heinr. oacsTRS Valer. Bnffln. (Hieioimn. u 887 

Vall.) n« Ores ten teripeitte ridi-ar, rait. 

7—14 ef. 89 seq. 169 seq. Tbo legends of the Argonauts and Cen- 
taon are dinned to our ean at erery turn. Poets, good and bad, still 
harp on Uiis om string. 7 tii 232. Cic. ad Qu. fr. 

[ii 2"" '*"* ''** '^*'''' •''*' unieuique sua domus, nota e$§e debeaU 
Lodan Toxar. 6 ^eaeh of them would tooner forgtl hit feUhfft umm, 
rtoa 5s iffuorrtut 0/ the adrenturet of Oreste$ and Pyladt;* Herod. TUl 
85 f 8. ef. Hart, it 49 epigrams less trifling than stories of Terens, 
Tbyestes, Daedalus (Iut. i 54 n.1 Polyphemus. Aug. conL 1 f| 90—97 
•.g. lenere eoffebar Aeneae netelo euiut erroret, obiitue errorum wuoruwt, 
et plorareDidonem mortumm, quia le oeeidit ob amorem, eum interea aie 
ipeum inhie mTe morientem, Deut vila mea, tieeit oeuUt ferrem miter- 

r^""'* ^ LOCUS MAaxiB among the Colchi. where hung the 

m fleeee. gnarded by a dragon (Ter. 10. iit 114. schoL Par. in ApolL 

n "J®^- ^^J^.7 ^'f^' ^ ■^- ^' "1- ^" •!»• M/8in- ^. m. 
iSTen Horn, ft 70 ealls the theme haekn^yed 'A#>^ ran ^Xoowu. Marl 

*" •• •— * l^rplrit nihil inembatque patae, [ ut matrnut draco, f m^ms 
f*BiiBt poetae I euttodem Sey thiol fuitee IneL Hythieal geognnhy 
n ^"^X"^ ^^ poetleal eommon-phMea, m wo see to Lnean. ef . 
fj^'^P-l^Fm. I 70 ponerelueumttrtifieet. $ asouiaivn. 

yiu!!?" ^«*?^ ^'^(•••**^ The ilMltee ftiiiitoe, ieren laknda north 
SLSr'^L?^ •fe^"*'^~r ^"^ ^l^'O. from Idpara, the ehUf of 
"•■ I iod, from thdr Toleania formation, Vuleaniat. The moat sonth- 

!!g'fe.'?? /«towy; Prod. t. Bymii. i 805-8 Vnlaaima ... repmire 
Miftif I /ertaf if Aaollat mMwe fiiker em pel Aettme. Iwr. nu U 
IAmtmb iBlenMh 8«MQrtop the sodan SfiMitol^ «m the abodo el 



(FUb. m n tl, K BoUb. «. AgiOidUM m. mM. ApoB. 
TO. ApiolL ibi and in 4S. V«L Fl. i S79 leq. UfTM tie. i oo Am. i). 
T«i. Ami. Tin 416— 4SS frntUm Blennlnm iuxU Imtm AeoiUmmui \ 
tHiiimr LifMren^JkwtMtlbM tfnimi mx/i, | f luin nUer $ptau H Cfelo' 
gmm csTM €mwitnU \ mtitra Aetnaem foMmf, 9tilMiqu$ iiumdibm ietm | 

fmmmti km ipdt mnkeUt; | Vtiiemmi damfii ei Vttiennlm nomine frf/vf. lot. 
■im allidM to tb« AfgoainiU who Tisllcd Volciiii'f forne and Um lute of 
Atofan; ptrlMipf to Um Mem of Tel. Fl., m Uiempeolo Ferieio 
(/(raw Pturlkitlu tl594) BMuntaiiied. Axnvsi tolcaxi 

TeL FL n tS6-« 'kaet Antra rUeih VnUnmi^nr* mlt •fcce iomot.* 
evi» AeiVT Ti 403 f«M S^rrt, f hM Thneei nfnt. Th% winds eome 
Mtnlfar after tbelr king Aeotoii. Aurrt ie Uie proper term to eiprctt 
their ddUbention in VaL Fl. 1 674-l»e. 10 Vel. FL 1 837 

—Mi. ABACVi, llinoe and Rhadanmnthne irero ibe Jodf^eo of Uie dead. 
Tortart (lerfaMf) migbt be appUcd bj a index qnntitionie; bere waeted 
vpen aiiT gneetc Beo Hejne eie. zi on Aen. ti 431—9. 
a&rae baon, eo miina agUn, i S57. Obe. tbe latirieal fkrtivni and 
peUienUm diafanrtlTe, eontentptnooa for rellerit, ef. 84 and ti 1(3 
flMTwefer inton, Aa Iqt. bere moeka tbe fable, otbcn rationalieed it 
Term r. r. ii 1 | 6 makce tbe golden fleeced imnii etolen bj laoon and 
TIneetee (Attlia ap. Cie. n. d. in 1 68) to be eo named vnpler enritntem, 
•ad ethere fSnid. Ufmt) fonnd in tbe golden akin aa atebymint'e pareb- 
seat, eontaming tbe n^jnteiy of gold-inaking. Ot. amor, i 16 90, 21 of 
the J r yen air ffen of Varro Ataeinna I'trronem frimnmqne mfeai fnne 
mtteini neitu \ nnrtntui Aetonio letfmpetHa dnelf 
11 Moa i caua tbe HoaMrie cpitbet of a borae need br Latin writen at 
tae proper name of aman-boree. In tbe affray with tbe Lapitbao tbii Cen- 
taar Or. bmL xn 610 inmnl deteeimm virihm mutrl | forte tmliem nnetm 
wnUdnm eonieeit in Aoffm, | ezempinrnque fnit. Loean ti 886. VaL Fl. 1 14(L 
On the qmeope Qnufciyi) eee Lobcek paraUp. i 44 and Galon tbere. On 
the anaatitj L. MQller do re metr. S5S. 12 raosiToxii 

a ftea patron, who lent bia gronnda for rrdtation, in 9 n. tii 40 n. Mart 
IT 4.6 f Hi €ompo$iUi$ mein TibnUi \ in Stelinc reeitnt dome Uhett^f, 
Flin. ep. Tin U 1 1 deoMfai eaflai recitantibnt praebei, speaking of Ti- 
tiains Gapito. If. Bea. anas. 6 1 97 SextiiiuM Enm,.. reetiatnnu in dcm§ 
Mfmilnt Corwini PniUonem Aitnlnm ndroenrernt et in frineinio knne 
nermun nan efne OMfRfn reeitmvit: Doflendos Cleero est Latiaeaae 
■lliatia lingnae. iVflle Atinim non te^nn nnimo tnUt etnitt • Miei- 
mUt fa fwd HH Uhernm tit in domo tun viderit t efto ittnm nnditwnt 
mm mm rnl ainlaf vidior'f nipu iln emuurrexit, Miebobr (Froato xxxtii) 
JdwHflM the Flreato of Ibt. with Fronto CaUns, h\Mf eommended aa an 
«alorlyFUB.en.nll|6LiT9il6.TiU|i. Fmn Fraat. ep. ad IL 
OMiir* I • pii 96 Vabor liarntint FUeent memomhliit poHm, wUhipumrmUr 
Mftmnmttm a UnuentMnnm knrtm mot aea niiinnt, eL ishoL lb* 1. fa 

h tM twr of If. Aariliai. fuirin 6 

the MMtMsHnMi Tbe pnMO (vlafei boti ite epogd Muml 

to the J6«6 fOfB. 60 61B6. 61 i. MilWi 94 10) m^ ie 

(fl60nf OM gl NbU, another ia AffMdia, shown m plialai tar 

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igi iflMiilid TTlfh 

Hfl«wli60niot ol MpU, aaother la ANidia, shown m piaalai bf 
ApMMnlM0phr.h«pLi?16llFUB.ifi|960). XeneelMlttd hh 

mEm M^faMortil' to teadk (Band, m 6L AoL ?. fcnl4)t tb 
iPiiiiB flaM af tho Fmfaui Uogi ii ctai MMMd ( fkl mt m . lo f«g» 

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fframM e,t^re,n,^Zlih^t&lJ"''''"'l *•"""»""•• "»««. Ilea 
UOen OTcr tbeir win. tHoTTfTii li v * • "•• '»"•« elauiemt m lo 

tmtiM for k ri«n«o™,il*.e „,'?'• •"♦"Wfinnt pMiioo of Hor- 
P<Mi«i ^orfenta f^SnSi "Jl '^"*;rf "'".r », »2 clto cmgNM 

I. IM 

vidltnUfD. "*««0M4 SUtiw. »iid murbl*. taUId fa th, 

nch CMM lb. MJtetiT. Mm. <.. _. i f " amioco Lecnu f'fa 

-••UldB. iptn fcetorBiTrS, liS^' i"^] *''• '«• •«»• to m. to 
l*iHol- cSlTfaSS; cLiSTir'rj.'*""' •««•«»: Ibn <,rf,« 

'qalbM fnra.', tb.«iia »\^* -TLr »y r"(P»«<ir I uk. to b. tfaiplr 
Bene, J^-rte^oJlV^S/Stt^'^S^X.'''""''"'^'"'"'"*' •»»/ 

^^ •■ raeiant (1& m 160—914. QoiatiL u) havt Msd 



n 23-27 

villi ft rra^Mwii. ef. Tal. Mai. vt 8 1 S. Plln. ep. t C 1 1. MtftxirSl. 
Bilk. eoaiiitiikNi rr««fr«lM«, vemith, 2i patbichm 

otiTCt Fft ttttf Cif SlAt 1. II 7 SM,S9 /frf//<v Athfn«i | NMrf/f, Ikutleu^ 
proTOCAi trapetit. 8cb. cp. ISO died on 00. Qnintil. x 1 1 98 elfgim 
...Qfmgem proToeanttt. V!iui ivolMbljr Ciniia- 

MM, ft barber Stmrnae umnfre fueitii eqwt in Mart, xi 17. m 04. 
Of. ika aonrt barber mmhitiot rritiiMs and higlily raid, vbom Jnlian 
•minariljr aatUered Anmian. xxii 4 H 9f !<)!• ^^ npftarU aa Ciu- 
MMW and Crinpinnii irero Tety frcqncni in Homo iiineo ilio pnMcrip- 
Uona e,g, VenticUm tii 199; Mcna« Hor. epnd. 4. Pio xltiii 46 | 7; 
AiktiMM Ta?. k II 67, 90. 25 repeated x2S0 

d IIT 116 n. A parody of Ver|p eeL i S8 erttiHiilhr po^l^iHam tou- 
dantl barba cmMnC 26 milucab lUime liad 

not foi|ottai Cleopatra 180^ 181. xr. tuxa casoh 

a Cannpian slave bom and bred, ao Marl, x 70 4 (ni 16 n.) Stimfie 
Tama, a Btimaa to the baek-bone. Iqt. ? 106 of a Ash, rernnla 
WjMnraL ft natiTO. Mart in 1 4,6 p/m mm p/ficeaf, dominm oni 
natna in nrbe eat; | debrt mtm Oatlnm rinerrt verna liber. Aal. 
Max. ni 4 1 8 of Senrirn Tnllinn, vornan hmic urbi Mitim rtfitm iandu 
Am Jaded fulaptnarica loagbt diitnietion in tbo pert talliet of tiaves (Ben. 
eoaat aap. 11 1 i. MaiqMrdI t (1) 159), m cip. in tlioM of E|<yptian •UTea 
Stat a. ▼ 6 60-09 mom mo mfrrmttii Pkarim de pube toqtiacei \ dflifina, doe- 
tnBTa ani aonvieia Mill i infnntem, Hnffnn nimhrn MtibHsqne pro- 
knmm | lUexi. Kow renM and its deriratives (Fore.) conmHo thii giy 
iMpwdeiiwi n 9, 10 eerfe armfieo etmleiittit itgrbai J Ternam eq^iifm eon- 
TiTft ioeo mordonte faeetna. Deeker Oalinfl ii 109, 110. The 
niHinpflntir of Criapinnf (it 81 pnrpnreni wmffnl rnetaret aenrra 
PalatI) wai a paanport lo DomitiAn'fi favour. 

CASion Ti 04. XT 40 n. called Canobnt by tbe inliabitanta QnintiL i 6 
|U; ftdty near the most iroHem month of tbe Nile, 130 stadia N.E. 
of Alexandria, with wbleh It iras eoimceted by a canal, vliereon boata 
ooMtaBtly plied, while tlio passeniters were entertnlucd with laseiTioos 
■nude and dances Strabi 80L TheRe dissolate nuinners were known 
as Kor«^#tfff ibi 000. Ben. ep. 61 1 8 The wt$e mam, or he Kho atmt «l 
fcfcoifaf ituK mtut mroid eertttin ahodet, «« air/iiromb/e fo rf rf Nom prsc- 
ffsr. There/ore, ^ he he Uohtiig ahomt for <i qMiet retreat, he will noi 
ehoooo Cmmoptii, 27 caisnxcs after coming to llomo 

dealt in the salt flsh of his natlTS Egypt <it 88, 88 cf. Tltselliunn 1 166 n.), 
bil ftflerwaids became wrinerm equitum, and member of Domitian*s privy 
ceaMil ih. 88, 100, when the extraTaganeca of his attire i 97. it 81, 
Ma clianii of Jewels and dandy dre i 98, his hiTlnh perfnmety it 100, 
109 pinfdkfd fsnend hatredC The comi poet 'shigs another note 
Uui, TU 99 ffle flmcidmm vUeoe temper, Cri spine, tonemtem^ \ nee te. 
Mtmm mtm §mm Ua Memphis omrt \, If my TcrMs shall be read 
il mm^ for ilMf often endive Caeear's *«aerod car*, dieere de nohit nt 
UtkitMmiUmemii. | lemporibns traestat non nihil lata tnls. 
Iho apt MMtaaien : cefmi MMMd^ ffeo i.t. to l>enlthui, the lentfnf of Ter. 1. 

fffftua TI 9ML Til 184. x 80n., 884. xn 89 n. Lnehm dted 
« Tt. Ob the peataese and tnide of Tyre (Mr • rock *) aee the «prieekss 

SiffMhMida ifu* (1) 890-871, lU norple 871-879. MofVi PbO- 

af MmhtNMhedtheiBlMotpwide). Wbier 
•k PMli<faiipeiMiiiloB|y»lfeMl>iB)«wtawi«to 
Ite B»dH I pwplo woolt dXir9(i#spa, «o Ho«er r MM. ISeno 

I 27] 


ty:;un purple. 


the philosopher, a Phoeniciim by birth, lost both his sliip aiid it^ cargo of 
imrple by diipwreek Diog. L. Tit | 8 cl f | 4, 6. ef. Plat, do iuim. utiL 
3 p. 87. Sen. tranq. an. 14 | 8. a metaphor of Zeno's from dyeing in 
Phit Phok. 6 I 2. After all its reverses T}Te recovered by its seaman- 
ship and pnrple factories ; for the Tyriau jnirplo is roiiateil far the finest 
of all, and tho fishery is near and all nppliaiiccfl for dyeing abonnd ; tbe 
mnltitnde of the dyehig works, if they cumber the city, enrich it Strab. 
767. Plin. T I 70 of Tyre nnitc omnit eim mbilUas conchy I io ntqtie 
purpura eonstat. For many hnndrcd yenn tlio mannfnctare fionrislicd 
on CTcry coast of tho Mediterranean, m in Laconia ruus. in 21 1 and 
at Tarentnm ; oven in UritJtin in Iktie'ri days h. e. i 1. In tho time of 
Uenjaminof TudeU(ilGl— 7:t) the Jews worked pnn^o mills inTvre, and 
he funnd Jewish dyers in JafTn, Betblchcnt, Jcniiuilcm. the nation liaring a 
monopo^ in\he eastern eniinro Hitter 87'J. W. R. Wilde, narrative of a 
voyage to Madeira, Teneriffc, and along tho shores of the Mediterranean, 
DnbL 104(^ ii 140—161, 408—488. relates his disoovcrv of >*aU or mortars 
at Tyre, in which (Arint. h. a. t 15 f 9. Plin. ix i 12C) the smaller ahells 
were ground, round holre cnt in the solid Mondstoue rttck, ranjintf in tiie 
from that of oh ordinanj mtol pot to thot of a grmt boiler, many 7| ft 
in diameter by 8 dtep, Komo larger, some very small. In and alnitit these 
mills were maiwea of broken shells of tbe morex trunenliu. Berth (ap. 
Hitter 807) funml in 1H17 aome slight remains of the fisIicrT in tho 
luontlis of June and Jnly. Tho dj-o was obtatned from two kinds of 
nnivalvcs 1 the smdier bHeinnm, mnrex, k^v^, < whelk* (Plin. ix | 180), 
which was picked off tlio rocks, 2 pnrpttm, wop^'pa, eanght in weels 
(Soph. ap. schol. Aristoph. eq. 1160 kiijuUi wXiktms) in tbo sea and 
thenee eaUed peioffia \ii 131, 132), also poenieum ffxmi its native Phoe- 
nida Varr. 1. 1. t | 118. It wns nscil for food Lncian cm. 11. To 
produce the trao Tynan dye (of tho colour of clotted blood, 'bnt varvin;; 
with tlio light in which it wah stcii, Plin. i 184 ninriennt od^peetn idem- 
one gmpeetH refulffemt. cf. the jest of Angnstus in Mncr. ii 4 f 14, and 
Plhi. XXI I 45;, the wool was dip|HMl in two different baths, first of 
peloffirt, then of bneinnm Plin. ix j 184. Comclins Nc|k>h ib. | 137 says 
tliat this became fashionable in his time, nnd was sold for mora than 
lOUO denarii |ter lb. P. Lentulus Spintlicr cnr. nedtio d.c. 03 was cen- 
sured for wearing the dibopho, relnti mofinijleo impendio, comments Plin., 
quaUter nw omnespnene eommoiliore* purpnrae tiuffiiHinr. Cf. Or. a. a. 
m 170 quoe jia Tyrio mnrieo Una rubes. Cie. Verr. v 1 140. There 
is eoathiud mention of it in the poets e. g. Varius ap. Macr. vi 1 § 40 
inenhet et Tyriia otone ex tolUlo bMt auro. Tibull. ii 8 01. 4 88. 
IT 9 IL See Fore. Piiilostr. ep. 54 a 28. Plin. ix | 127. As each 
paipMna yiehled Teiy few Axo\n of dye, tlio prico was always high Plin. 
ixxT I 46. Vcrg. g. in 901 onnmris Miletin raagno I rellem mntentHr, 
Tyrlos ineoetm rubores. Tibull. it 2 15, 10 Cui molUa carls | rellem 
drt aneia bia madofacta Tyroa. 8Ut. s. in 2 139,143 quo pretiosa 
Tyros mbeat» eno pnrpnra/aco | Sidonlit iterata cadis. Hence it 
was appropriated in Israel to the priestly vestments and the sanctutty, 
and •finrwhere to prineee and their courts, e. g. to the purple tvrontt of 
OneaeHor.e.18612. LadaadiaLniort.lO|4.catapL10.IHog.Ln |7a 
Ota.p,|46dpnrpnra regalia. Vefg.g.n406 nonpegHU 
fmitf mm pirpnrn regnoL Fore, pwpwntmt, purpnremi, Tbe Bo- 
mb MBperon, like owTodoffa, ieakmabr goaided eiiefa ootwaid badges of 
Rsk (MidMdr. 684{ reetrielHolawa of Obeear Soet. 48, Auoa- 
(Mo HA 18, what Nn Motho il g|T«i, fif y^ rvct cd rdr r»- 







X^mfp «^ tfX^d»r»). tod Kcio(SffiPt 81 et Philodr. bar. SO f 11) profvd 
wtbit terrim ifdoit ittUon ; nberhu fnr ft limt elMekoil tlw annrpft- 
tloa by UiBMlf WMuteg ft blaek elnftk st ft fpMtoelft daring ft ihowir 
Dio LTH II I f . SolMMwntlT kohvmif, entirt fdffff or cloftkt of pore 
fNupIo, ftloM wvrt eoniiMd io tlie «iii|ieron ; to * ftMoiM tbo parplo ' 
idmbI to bceoBM tai|icrar or to bo gniHy of hicfa trauoa Amn. ut 
1 7. Wbat fp e i oi i ftand the rmio crowd flouted, 'tnmpUiig on tbo 
pridtof Pkto' niog. U n I SO. Inr. sit 187, 188. Cio. p. CboI. I 77 
tl piem ftltim wtimrmm knrmm mitqnid offendit; tl pvrparso genoi, 
if mm9emmm Mlrmw, ilipUiuhr, »i uitnr, p. Clncnt. | 111. tod miorftlittf 
•on mr o d tbo 'mcopicbwuiblo culonr' Sen. qi. 114 | SI fui Ueernfti 
colorii laprobi [ef. PUn. n | 180] fNnrimf, qui peHnefntrm tofum, 
mni mimmtjkcert fvurftroM, fiiod Aomimmm oenlU tmntire tieemt, inrilant 
11 lot ff In M advertimt, rttiunt ret rfprfheitdi, dnm confpicl, CL PUn. 
91 ISOi 189-141. Mart i V6 (• bypoerito'i exaggerated kNitbing). Tbo 
dignity of pvpio In Rome (n 185 n.) ii well aet fortb In Plin. I Itl fnacf 
kmic 9eeure$fu Rommmtit vi^mtaelnnt, idfmnwpm mniettate pHeritint e$l, 
^itiimgnii «o eqaite caiioM, mii m4roeatnr placnndit, omnewt^ue tettem 
Mumimmf, im MmmpkaH miuftur 0tiro. ^wtproptrr eremata et pmpnnte tit 
fH««Nfa, i. 0. tbo ostratagant prico, { 1S4 fa^frirt tmdtm luxnrim ptirUt 
fftne ethim wmrptritU prrtin fret. 

WHb S7. S8 ct Lneiaa*a bingli Nigrin. SI at tbo rieb rdt vo^^v^lloi 
v^o^ofrerrt t «al rt4t lovr^Novi wfrtlwwrtt. Hart li SO 1-9 vi 
ft fciindad lUto tnmod knight Aw/r, viHrt illnm §Mh$eUUt pHma tenntem, \ 
emint ei httie liteet aardonjehata manni, | mnneqne Tyron toUm§ 
epetMven laeornfte. With the pnrpio of CrUpinai cf. that of Pbaii*, 
who kwdlj oonunonda tbo edict of lloRiitiaa, pnrifjfin§ the eqnettrian 
oeata; 'now wo Mj aft al eaie, now wo are no longer crowded nor 
ooilod\ wboa tbo beodUo Upa Mm on tbo abonlder Ifait t 8 ll.lS 
#/lot pnrpnroaa ef ftrrogftntea | int$it tnr§en I^ecUm§ lacernaa. So 
Baaana, wbo tboi«fal to malntftin bla aeal by bia brilliant attiro, krr- 
htirmm imAttm e^cnt, ia reminded tbat no tmetma ia worth a Imigfat'ii 
catato, S8 7 fftmirinfienttmm nmllae faaf, IUit$f, laeernae. On the ooat 
of tbeao mantlca Mart, it 81 4—8 milibna deeom dUii | emptaa 
IftcornftB MHiMi mm Ptmnlllae; \ aardonjfc/ba vmm Unel^ne ter tine- 
fma I dofiem simllet fncttbmt Mtr/f gemmae | dedime Jltunim CneHttm- 

¥ir imrmHi, Tin 10 1,S omit laeernae milibna deeem Aitttu 
jriaa eoloria optiml. Bee the loel ehuM Ariatot. b. a. t 16 and 
tbonco Plin. is | ISI— 140. Oppian p. t 608-811. VitmT. Tn 18, 14. 
FUkMtr. im. I S7 1 4. PMlns 1 1 46. Boehart bieros. n 6 9-11. Forrar. 
4e n Toot n 1—10. Balmaa. on Plin., on Tort, and on biat Ang. Craden. 
Wiaar BenlwOrtotb. HSt Dnoange gloaa. gr. app. a. t. nyxwXtvnL 
Fora. Beaker Oalhm iii* Sll— S14. Murqnanlt t (S) ISO— ISH. cap. W. A. 
Babnddt Fow d i nng en aaf d. OoWoto d. Allertb. BorL 184S i 90— SIS. 
laoata Pntbiore mem. aor la ponrpre, Lillo 1800, a record of experimenta. 
Da Sankj Toynga m Terra Sainto, Par. 1806, n S84— 8. Wo leam firom 
Mail Till 49 tbal Cdapimu wore pnrple, and tbat Mart ranked him 
•bo«« thi tnlgar baid, aa tbo farorito of tbo oonrt Nneli caf dedeHt 
Tyrlam Criaplnna oMtea^ | dnm awtaf tmlltn frnfalrarfiM lofaii. | 
fnfaffafe Mm, nmorla tmn wmmerm rrddr, preetimnr : \ non hoe Vri^nM 
fi*, anl «Mla fOfoC. j nan ^nionmn no empH aatnrataa mnrioo Toa- 
i9% I Mi Miff dollalla eonrmlf i§if e«hr, | tl it prmedm tefiaC /m- 
#'f M InMmfft huHf | fan p^mle wieflw fiillere, nrn 
■iPigms •UliMiii «p*i tlw aloak ionit M thi 


to raeorer atragglcn Pallad. i 17 |8 erfannm eorpai oinil« mi.ia o^ 

X* ^^ "J"*"""* "" IK^ " ri'««ori« with OligSrt? 

ri.«L -ST. ^.r »<»'»Kngl. <^f- rl-rnu <MmM, der lllmmetlrlnl 



[I 3:-35 

9i Utt9ikn ilanrM , tod to order tbiTM tod plato and marrine 

Iht Mi li iMliiuitiij m m-lVI Mfttho de/klt. Ifitfi. ii 

jMlMVMi kli tlag kg ft dloMT aad to ikm^jr 

toi mnm^ Um ■t m ii Mm Hrf s l«fftl«8 

if MpMftrtlvJ nMBt««« ••lift ffRfffif M Mprar. 

[■«■ II tia. n luniA iTM TIm 

lMbt.ft lien ni AfrilnplM Bwt f . Mo ua f f 1 1 

IvibuD't flow Inn* Viiiin 

• IV Ml n ttS. IT fd, i MftRtM ftMieltiao. t U. 

vmJOMi IT 48 ■. m lit, 7 ttetewt oeelHH 

itlal«v I •nitmB iir«tflMiiki|W. ScM. andfioCMdi dtbcr 

I Odff m IM ■., «r HrllodoffW the iloli vlw boinjned hto 

U mMM |Tm. s? it, xn 7— f dan Ml mim HcUodonu; 

«C IMmm VIS Ms irreftlBfSfp <lsrflaNls nemeri*), or 

iteiH; OliMn ffMs M. AifirfUM BegnlM Flin. cp. I u 

mnfafl MfHfii/BMi, «iM» tt kit iM Pn i tho dcictiiiUofi 

If Ml ffte lo«B»lf ■ fiteiimm, ftmiiwr m iMffr/i^ iittetiir o jifH 
Hi «M ft Hiol 

riOLitiTtll ik |d tonrtmtiur mI IffvM a/m teteMlalr. 

tl doltftlBBlvr •dfrMtv#C«ira«l^v«iriil»fMrfif/lf#aiif,rNmiHf 

• I i te sosHM mrmnitm wr M fso ww, ta moism iit^swi a 

OMtn^jr ly tkoio iiifonMn 7^ lu i S f H/6ir« dlr^ml 

Hjr Milios opproiiL 94 BArrtm nii 1S(*. 

M sranuun tvo» wmm t iii 239 f sfrf 

V tho Lsmlsc, bad 

«^ft« i« Mrpori^vs? Tho kWbwl MUUlgr, i 

^M fMT IV 141— li4. StMtiMm noMtfi. 8o Irrif «rMsf«m, intern 

^■Mv«rfliM«jM«frrffftaff,«nMvC«f. otsdSa. coxbm 

"^ ~ 'It ^ooM oftMWini fOMfi fBOBMdtoV QoinlU. 

fMd jftmldefMrg ■! komlMM do vortri, mhu 

ifor* SmL Don. 9 otI • • • • oMd titftirium wt* 

Moii hBd boM ftdmttooi In tritl. lion In rore.. 

FML n 1 6f B. 8o MrwHIw Md io Hon. JImuti 

OMn M Hot. op. t Un. 

nMBlibMk it KoM'Si BdML ICftssft norio 

iiMtar« €C CftVM ■«»«■• LftllBB* WW solor nlnieis. hi 

ITotmIo iteiMf lllMrU rC dollolM il^fwfi • • • If ftsio sirfrsi 

^«i grffsfco ^^frrwii utiA mmL AAfOtM-kirfOBocbioi 

« jMMMiNnM 4flrieM Isoi Im •pUno obI^oo ositlo- 

MBt OMJwrw MOO SHUT iwUmm tmtgJm nJtiwrm. JUtrieolft 

hi Ihi lint of Ui dioik iU«i A-Bii H bonan Too. 4d BBS 

tIHiwIb Obtbo ICoIIbo oobmWIbi; • • • • of Ubom BftobUi 

it teiMikn? AMiln Mkop. ndlilib viltf 8.el•^ 
In Biini UnilM of Ifco ono 4n iMMlton k kb Ustocy. 
ndMMd* B-mil Mnnph In.lhi oppoiMkn; IniIwImb 
1^ *• •MsSi to InpiMd Hton-fe AtfBMM f^M (ol. 
dL Mil Hmb MddM^r tamod m lin M f . • taoiffolii mrai 
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TonvfldMiOa T f BlOMIOfoiifoW 

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_MBlaito BiMili fc i^tow OBtanrfn^dolorropfr* 

dKnlMM InrMla^Algilin, IUmbi Mm' 
Littottii 01 FbIIm I m Si 




Boo Pow. AM m T SI f.,^ y^, 
tor «ilMi|t • lift of Hrf»Hta, pJElrffS"**^ » 
•»* fc««i. .^SSU W. t^'TS^A^'Ti? St *• 

««.n-. .««^ '-^ «S^X\t- ^-5 

W. Ibt. it m a] <mv HriSlJK ??"■■•*'**» *"'« 

■■«t Dom. 1. BalmklJiOT iil^» 1.?'": ^'•^•" »* 



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"te bulthtl Iran Italf. Hottilioj FlnoinH, ■ l/fclm ot Uarlu*. h»d 
■» BB«UI»d lh« ■nrdn otUw »■«, ud OlpBlatcil lor 10,000 mlarsM for 
Uw4 ■><« U» bMl gf pvUnw-BOBaj | U m>/h uwtwenfril. f ■( 
UMwavlM jMafafttHWif M>UMrrt|Hrii(r«fliruiithm4al. Flrafim 

■ U «u not tipfiM Uw •nati, Inl ealj nclnM frOM lk« bopl al 

■ Hf— iililil|i f i fiM fiMiet wUmt ■■( am f rum anlitKvniii, Mfthr* 

■ MMfaia JTMla ar^M (wltfiM fflh «fiff6» lit nir«(iu arfiarf rf int. 
MNsa ■ wdrMwafalu, f ■/■ M (« trfmlloor Inrpltrr gntrml, 4i fnimit»- 
ttw titmrtrt dim Data bch/ tonlliiii rrl itmnnrr aHf rrl mtmlrmt 
WttmtfMHiH llMritmPHKam, fiif frfr irprtamhirifa danai 
*%*hm%tt»Um»ati* l/nli.dlat ' -'-■ 

«t«tt<«l7UNl)a«tkltClMd- *^ 

^taUalllMMbnlMbadNMlirtd! ibo « leUm to a lalitmi S 1 11 (a, 

fc, if*«r ad It ml»i Urn tnlrHlnm muBAmfln rritgl miHt rtmllla tlmtlt. 
••raai. Al larloa wa* Irom Uaclira. Cla«inii frnm Afrin, Uii UmIM 
fcataJ I B 4rM malnrn tt Mffpl, 8nc(. Pont. 9 atlodH to tlwiw tqnwra- 
*<a^ I DoMiUui N (trMIf CDntrollH th* pnwiminl* nl HrfW mnJrillMrt 
^•KfwaH ai^ir Imtlhru tjctllcrlnl. i fHitHf plrrnr^ue fnti turn rn» on- 
^iaat rWaiisM rMIaui. aiiin Iim ennnotri circM, la 

■».^ontBiiidinaa.»i». U.Ben.cuiitr.ii 14|4ii. imi.Onn' iman. 
Kwa afli, trrfamai, an potantin arfHuibnii. ml bibi*. Bra. cp. Itl 
K tt frtantf ktt adulftttttHHm Hllum rrl, i<tl rlr/t nrnlHHt, rl In Ipm 
IMm'M* ialhwl llnfju iHfrr nuilnt bibanl. Ihud potont. Cm, riitl. n 
!■ lO* fBAM matbm din U n villa Iwrpiuimr <■• prrtitrchiliii. Kb bora 
kartta bibabalai, Imlrbahir, rnM'tMrnr. Lnrian d* nlunn. 10 Df- 
" ' ..—.-. ... J riol«ny uicknoniFd IHooriiu <4 

rm*lm ■■•yi^Xwf «il ipM^xM*r^- On th« iDinnoa* br* of ham 
>sa«a cr. DJo Lvi m 3 iA-i")-" ^nc- U >4 I 0. &pn. ad KeW. 11 1 1 
'ifuif ilbi diiw I rmuma Dii laim a 

e. {. IB. M Inwi nf HFrcnlH nprnil rl trrtell mtllt 
ta i I a r. VI. Aa^ de cit. D. » H | 1 wim komlmn. 
If /MM [C.) if<rfu, Mfnlr, -/n'bw, nuJftm. faMHihu, dl0»llHU 

lalarJrlpcrfiai, dla iraliL Ou rf.'i Inlfi ■*« i IM i 

It ««. U. 8«n, oonli 11 1 1 pac* 171 1 1 aoIaFa ln^lrla rrHim • 

KnIal.pfiH laavi ra faanla hnbrl rl Imblliira fl 

"'" ■ ~ * . . pfl fHrium foofw rtptdlr 


H lU. 1 

1. Haii.l t 421. 
,V dmnhHimulliU tIcIbii. 
. . . <Heiam SHbrHaai. Pun, 

iMiam (riw K>^| el. Bahnk. 

an V*U. I 8 1 1. Oad. on Tbom. Utg, p. 838. naaM 

tiu M— n *■ «. !■<■■■ /Mtmlnr (mla | «« Ciplla f( Samlliir TH/rlat, 
lanaaBtl tnln I piralai Cltlcam. ltd luid diDiDallo teafrHl \ ... 
ISBDia ftiiti* aanlon. »» III4 ploratnt l«rl. 
I paaaala wWi. Hor. i. ii t 60, W foHafrffw | ■» iKJ 
k/a t a m w rttkr plorara fahfn'- 


/karat DM 

I, mora klBdllnc, woitfaln' tfaa 

^ a^'HoriM (If, M. IW— Ism Uiin all tbi I 

—II, M 91, lO— IM), labooit of UoraUn, 'ratom' 

El-53] VrsuSISA LL-CK.INA. TIHlE.Ul^AnE LEf.Ems, jot) 

"Mmliii. (Dlooorr) aii.lri'Mr ^■nn HO-IM), " 

Bl «. 1 wq, BO, 4J, (17. (u H7 tkhu.mi Knr .. .. I u •- 

mr eolean,. At Vnnwia (IVwi,. , eitr ol .h«l 
tlM Appton way, bM«m. IkDarcBtani ud Tami. 

aiaoia mUfni4 nntta liief<riiii rJil^i t mi §^ it y.^"- -r.rrr, p ^hh 

;"l:ri;;/^.v^n,r,7'; •''■^4'' ■■" "^^^^^^^ 

h^.Tlc^""l.,iTi^ "" " '""? **"'■"''■ » SIM lueo- 

•« "IW. fmi< panli dirrn Tlla, Vrnia Mf. I una *,,: ari.»..,». Ti„ ' 

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cnux oMMBTit I tl. MiliUuy eommaiids loogfat ■• ft BftiBlraaoM 
1N^— 8. Yoathft of nuik, HIm oar tpeudtbrif t, ftfler • ihoii ferrioo on 
y»^ ^Uff of ft goBOTftl, bqpMi tlioir earaer, equeatrlt ){ cnXipala wUlitim, tm 
pv>»C^»att of ftii ftiixiUftiy eobori, ftml pftnted ibrongii Um eomonAnd of fto 
■'« ^^tmm to Um tribviMlo Bnei. CUnd. U. 8UI. i. r. 1 06—96. Plin. 
87[ B 191 1 B ipoftki of tbe pmefectnm cohorlis m tbe eouuMtiee- 
Utdfi opMo. I M, 89. Mftrqiuurdt iii S78, 9SS, 991, 417. 


nr I* 9tt, 9U. 69 9Vi bosia doxatit prabmepiboi tiii 

-117. n 196 praodft cftballorviii pmrlnt. Arlntoph. nab. 1—196 

^^ l4Kisn Niffia. 99 on Um nUtnet of cfaarktteera, tbe luunei of boriM 
^« Tin 6«— «7. Til 918 uX Um 

lrr«MW« wbicb seixe<I upon men of 

i^imUUoa. Vitellins "bi hii joaUi wm often teen grooming tbe 

of the bine feetion Dio lxt 6 | 1; and won tbe faronr of CftliguUftnd 

BnelL Vit 4 frr anrif/nndi BtMiUnm ; CallgnUi wm • Mtron of 

nn Dio 141 6 1 1, and bimaelf a *whip' 1 5. Snet. 18, to devoted to 

^H^eas Bnei. 66 «l crnnret in ttabulo nniAne et manrret; Im em- 

^d the praetorian gnard in building ■tablce for Eatrehni, of tbat 

^^^^J^m^n lo«.ftiiiziz4 1 4. See Friedlinder ii* 188—904. Haranardt 
^ ^^m 618. Beefcer Oianklee i* 148. Hnid. 'AXfitm, a knigfat n^ 'Xwrm- 
"2^ ^v^evftfwp aoi (veicdWwr d^ fir^^if. Hat. de fort. Alex, it 1 p. 
Z^_ ^ Ateaa, a Bqrtbian king, preferred the ncigliing of bis boree to 
io far had he FnuoTcd bin ean from tbe MiiKee, and io entirely 
■nnk hia loal in bia mangera r^ f vx^' <V raif ^rMii cfx«'* 
BOiiATiT Tl 868. Til 93. Hor. op. i 16 89 qnldqnid qmrne- 
'• mifrf donaret «r«fro. Veig. n 811 nnhibn*. SiL ii tMJlammli, 
CAOBT oHKi HAioarx CBSieu faai b)tt tbe familj estate, of a tenator 
.^l^hi. 60 i>^'> KBvoLAT Iff 10 n. while seonring orer 

;^^^«ininian road : driving in Rome waa forbidden, with certain ipecified 
'^V^^Jona, during tlM daj in 988 n. 61 rLAMixun 

^ « the peat north roM, begim in tbe eeniionihip of Hannibal's oppo- 
^ ^. Flaminiaa b.c. 990 Liv. epit. 9U. tbongli Btrab. 917 aaeribcs It 
^laaiaios the son cos. 187. It skirted tiM eampoa Martins, passed 
^h the porta Ffauninia, porta dfl popolo, and 1^ the pons If alrins to 
^hi bank of the Tiber and so by Orrienlnm, Kamia and Pisanmm 
VamHOi, whenee tha Tia Aemilia led to IMacentia. It waa one of the 
SrMnented loads Tae. h. ii 84 riMn Flaminiae Tiaa eelebri- 
"^ Jlail I. 8 8 totaeirr Flaminia Roma riAendn ria. Reason 
whj the prodiipu shonld choose it for his driTo Tin 148 jrrae- 
lenun €lntrt$ mtqme esM. Mait. it 84 18—90 illU Flaminifte 

^""^ imtpit ) ceatator mttU n»edo tmeentf, | ne Wcarfe rota tit wutewta 
L"^^ ChuM. episL 8 7,8 «« renrs f«l teripta frmt f f n/ii tempore 

^D|eaisani Flaminiae pnlTarnlenta viae. 

^,om» II 146—8. Aen. it 478—7 eqnonm agitator 

I anaiper Antamedon. Used, like Jehn, for a charloleer de. 

Am. 1 98 $mU wmnibm im earra tattocat Antomedonlem l/f«a^ 

J of liaUina Ohnda, who 1 10 detem kortt naetumt§ tex H fate- 

"^liilft Biifta MuemMi tltllM perTolarli. Or. a. a. i 8 rfpAjpf H 

^»m«doa meof aawrfs epa, ef. 6. n 788. Ir. t 8 8. Ansoa. eplst 14 10 

lei ft aea>lafr(^er AnIomedoB. Gt iT88if Irfdiii. 189 Promethfm* 

dptmemmntmwL 62 nm hfaaaelf hla 

parr 'pafli*. Tm 147-1I0 wHh tnaBniid «mphasia inat |, 

fatom mditriapti wuUla n^wUm eommt | aarte fMifrai, and faaa 

anf ffarra ittitt ] iittftmtuii araiie. mmL Mam 99 efaeraai ffadfe mI 

Uoernitii. ,»i Ir- %'''•".'.''' »*"«»"' «•< <w'« onuHtm. Petto 
JSLTL-^ "there .weep, loidly by, liuinR iifa, Umooiu » 
■Mn.t. . A tT. *■»«■• o» oylnni. II (JOo. CBBAaiiv2!l 191 n«n. 

book. Mwnminlt T (»)'iSi~7''°"»«y- «.U«.mjrB«»op«„H.„, b., 
M»t 1 19 1 latMfSie^ -/2Si!? «i^^' •ftanrarda Oerman, 










▼itift laft latere nolnerii %6, hoe tibl oeeurrei^ kunc mm fiii §olMiii 
tunicii im urbe temper ineetteritt . . . kmite etae, qui im irUmnali^ in rof. 
iritf in ouud pmblieo roetu $ie ndparnerit, «l pallia veinretur cnpmt exelnsit 
mtrimqne mmribuaf Bee Utce of H. br J. H. Meibom hJk 1653, Liuii 
Otiii 1RS4, Frandien Altone 1843, J. IhtUiet in tbe Daldi iymboL Ut 
▼ 1— S0. iupmo Lacon iz 688—9 of Ceto nm/U 

▼ehiiar eerTiee inplnni | earpentwt tedent, Hert. 11 C IS lUfMfiMiiii 
delieieo inplniorei. 9Cl quod nee carmine fftarior nnpino. Sen. de 
ben. II IS 1 1 of the pride of wealth Hbei . . inlerroffaret quid te lamto- 
pere reinpinot. Pen. i 139 Jehn. Lncian pUl. 13 I was driTing in a 
white cbanot, r^inrnd^, conipienoni and envied bj all beholden, mere, 
eood. S. 67 HioxATOR, rALSO JahB tignator falto^ qui, 

bat there Hocmi to be no anthority for inch an aU. lladvig optue. 1 40 
read* either iiftnatnr, (also * nt primnm nnivoree Jalm dicator, deinde 
tingalatim. ct ita nt faciliUi rei ii(9iificetar, exig, . . . H«f« (qood tamen nee 
per le bonnm mt et niniii node lie dicitur tignator)*, or tipnato/atto *ni 
•ignalorKriptam nit abaliqno, qni inbieetain praeeolcntii eententiao mb- 
•lantivo exprvKMiini (UMideraTcrit.* Marlcl. conL/rtM.aud no MS.y. Hat 
iiffn, , MM dcJined by the rehitivc clanK, if not * bare ;* the word b commonlj 
need alone, without a f^en. A frioud, ealled in at the nnvtal efliiny, to give 
validity by hi* signatnre to tho tciitenietit, take« that opporiuiiitv to 
deceive hie friend, ijitia eutUidirt ipmn cm$todr$t x 83G n. viii 143 faliae 
•ignare tabetiai, 8ee Fore. DirluM-n, UounelL Exx. of furisny Tac an. 
XIV 40. h. It 80. Bnet. Ang. 19, 83. CUnd. 9, lo, Ncr. 17 adrenua 
faliarioi twne primnm repertnm^ ne tahuiae niti pertnttie ae ter Una per 
foramina traleelo [Cie. CatiL 111 1 10. LncUn Timou 33. Alex. 31. 
MarquAnlt v (3) 887 — 9] v9*«iijnarrntHr ; eaatrnm «( trtlamrntit primae 
dnae eerae^ tentrttoram nomine mo<lo interipte, racaae tiftnalnrit mtendt- 
rentur^et neqni alicni tcntamcnti icriptor Icgatuui eibi aeeri- 
beret. IteKulan Plin. rp. 11 30 dictated wilU iu hin uwu fiivoar, qnnd e$t 
inprobifBimnm $enM faiti. 0]tpianicas iu Cic p. Clneut f 135 praetiaed 
both crimen, of foti^^^ry and potNonin}L | 41 Diaea teatameutnm faci" 
fnte, enm trthnla* prehendiiaet Oppianicmt, . . . diffita iegata deierii: el , . 
ne tilnri$ eoirjini pottet, tentamentam in aliai tabnfai tranteeriptnm^ 
■iRnin adulteriuii ointitinavit cf. FhiL ziv 1 7. CrasHoa and llorten- 
Mua dill not diddain to profit by a forged will do off. ill 1 73. GatUUie Sail. 
IG f 3 lent te$tfi lignatoreefNe faUoi. The tablet* of the will 
were pierced with one or two IioIm, throngh which itriiigi were pamicd, 
tied and teiiled ; by tho side of the scali tho namce of tlie tcitator and 
witnenwei in the gen. caw (m. iignam), wero written. Titan, who waa 
•killed in eonntcrfoiiing handi, boaited Bnet. S maximnm faliarina 
MM potninae. l*md. cathem. IS 83—88 kune et propketi$ tettikne | i«frM- 
eee vignatoribnii | te$tatar et talor inlfet | adire regnnm et eemert. In 
bomiiian'e time Hin. pancg. 84 n«/I« iam te§tamenta teenm. dig. xlviii 
10. xxiz S 4-7. eod. » 33. Boin Criminalr. 774—9, 788—8. I'rivatr.* 
791—3. LAUTVX III 331. ¥11 178, 177. zi 1, 140. 

znr IS, 3o7. Cie. p. Flaee. 1 90 patrimoninm, 

BiATux 89 n. 68 UMvn tibous m 138. It 

voold be enoogh to pay Oaina n 1 117 Tmre RBBsa zaio er Tixivh 
■ZBEOBM zeBB ivBBO. On the ixoBj tt. Hor. b. u 1 83 — 8 Semenne vivneem 
erede nepoti | awlrfBi; nil faetet eeelerte pi a deztera; wUrum | mi 
neqne eaUe inprn qnemanam neq;na denie petit bee :\ ted mmlm iaUei m 

vitiate meUe eiewta. Cie. pi Beaar. n 1 9 Or. wyeCfBai deditee likerta, «l 
mi tmienlae ■#■ IIU f ifdea ▼!■ 84l9rr8l jf ne y m eafai end reehm 

nj ronoxBua cuxmu. bdbbia, ni«-W 

m*tttf «"'W« «« «•»■•?£*'; J(,""...t««i|t«mnik Iter. 

UttH pttrti turn Cerrre tfrt"""'- ?'?:_ » Ji after iMniiui MMdona, 

man ol hU WnnU. «"*" ""'flt^^iZJ!/ Tlbcrini Sort. M on" 
inttr Smm porreet. « « if"%»?;%7«Tr«" W't. •• w « " J'Ji2f 

Borraelan ««<-r» *'"« I <""«<«« ■•»■■• ^^ „„«« •■ *• 

kbit T 78 W. =«)>w«liw. .^ -,, 2«mp» I Ml. »«*« 

■a afaMiato el Ml •»«•*"•!" ??!f' ijl!i ««. m the word i««M 

S;:;;;i'::as?. ^vSS" %«««...« .^^^^ 

T Uil w m-* W<-T**»- ^i? uT^ ITI-4. §!»-«» ".w* 



ribetftrim nomlnet • • . qmu Oneci phryHUi roetrnt, ^ntndUitmae om- 
nkMt gemiitit retuti corHibiu, plenae Tenefleioram. Hon ftboat its 
Me in poitoDi, antidolef, encliAiitniciiti ind. mna. rubeta. TlKtiphr. fr. 
15 1 If I 835 Ckhn. Um euvious sUi; burict btii right horn, vhidi in of 
•enriot agiunsi the poison of the ^pvrif. Aol. n. a. xvii li it< very look 
rcnden • man pale for iome days; if any one bruise it and ponr the 
Uood into wine or any other drink, wrrr^ ol r^irtt^ Karipttrm #o^(#r«< 
r^ r«n|^ dgpt^rrtt ^o^Uur ^nrif5aor ^fyiymu r^ w^ A«<ire re ai^ 
spi#ir, the potion will be at once fatal. I'hilo do anim. proiir. SSsHl 
745—700 the mddiost of men turns yellow as the jaundice at sight of Uie 
^'•rf. Its one liver is a deadly poison, but the second acts as an anti* 
dote to the first; pound it well, squeeze out its blood aud serve in wine 
or any other drink, and instant death will ensue. The two liven also in 
AeL n. a. zvii 15. cf. Nieaud. alexiph. 580-000 [ = 507—593], whera 
Bchn. S74 — 282 cites Aotins e. 80 (which corresponds with l>iosc«ir. de ven. 
•1 cf. parabU. ii 157) aud by the horn* in I'hny idcntiflis it with the 6N/0 
corNMfNS L. In PanL Aet;in. ▼ 85 with Adams 11 207, wine, exercise, toe 
bath, are the remedies preseribcd. Dioseor. de ren. |»rcf. the skill with 
which poiionf are disguised in medicines, in drinks, «> efreit €KX^polt, 
in saooce : the suspicions should eschew all highlv seasoned disliet; when 
tkiritff tlie/sboald not drink hastily, nor when hungry cut, but firit take 
a dranglit of eokl water, and then earofnlly try the quality of what ii set 
before them ; when ailing, they shoQld reject the draughts of pretended 
remedies, At tU^p9»€w ol Ktuccvpytvpret rd ^^X^njpM. I'lnt. qnaett. eonv. 
Till 78 1 4 B|ieuks of the hostility of tlie nf6<r<<i« to man, and do iuv. 8 687 a 
of man's antipathy agaimt them. They were used also in niagie iii 44 o. 
Prop. Ill 6 [3 IT 5 or 0] 27 ranae iHtrteuta rubetae. Lucian philops. 
IS. The luoro deadly mineral poisons were unknown to tlio ancients 
Qaintil. dccL 850 p. 741 B. alind [rrnniNm] fx nnlirihH$ herbarnm eon- 
trahitHr, atind fx. animalibHi mortlferii renrrratnr. On the prevalence of 
poisoning in Home see Plin. 11 g|'l50, 157 earth bears itoisons in mercy 
to man, to save him from famine, the halter, the swonl ; that wo might 
pass awiqr whole and entire, with no loss of blood ; earth liean them as a 
lemedr, we have made of them the poison of life, zviii H 2—4 man 
akme has found poisons, ipti noerntiM nliqnid damntfrrro, noi rtjimminn 
injicimut ft rerum nntHne elements, Hor. s. 1 9 81. 11 1 48. 58—50 where 
as in 3 131 a sou poisons his mother. Pliilo spec. leg. 17, 18 11 815—0 M. 
extols the Mosaic laws against poisoning aud eiKhantment: roXv^r^^wra 
9M€iT%^ brought toi;ctlier to the same salt and tlie saino table, ip www- 
lait iff rerSa iwuOtp, the means of life are tninsfonued into workers of 
death; often madness ensues, expelling man's diriner part, leaving his 
brute nature only ete. See also ad Hercnn. it | 28. Plin. ep. tii | 8: 
iodd. l*lin. Snet. Galen. rfneitMm. on the trade Iut. ziii 154 n., on anti- 
dotes xiT 252 n. Marquardt t (1) 07. llejn in PanlT, renrAeium, veiieHHm, 
Criminalr. 400, 410, 420 seq. 435 sea. nx. 881 many nolle lloomns were 
leportod to haTe been poisooed ; and 170 matroni were condemned Ut. 
▼Ill 18. VIA. II 5 I S. Oroa. iii 10. Ang. dT. V. in 17 1 1 BX. 180 there 
vaaaUkeabm UT.»xiz8f8. bx. 184 aoeoiding to Val. AnUas ibi 41 
M 5, 8 cL 88 f 8, 9000 poisoners were eoudemned. o.c. 180 the consul C. 
Calpamiaa wae poisoned by hia wife LIt. zl 87. ■.& 154 two eonsnhmi 
wa Poieoood 1^ their wives LIt. epit 48. VILti 8 f 8. U. Cato in 
QuntiL ▼ 11 g 88 nuUam ndMlUmm mm enndem nw rtnrjiemm, 10 1 85 
/fgWj M • • • • teHfJkiMU iH /emiM eredat, ad Henmn, i f 28 maiom 
80if»i| « t • fMii ^iiypMlleMi itdlMnuUf 9* vemjkU quoqw dmrniiaU 


Huron or ponomiro at bomb. 


ccMMilclMr. Q. Tarhit, tribniM B.e. 91 , po la cnad MMSm Ole. ■. d. m 
1 87. In e. S of tlM dioUtor Balhi*i Ux Com, it ilenrUi ft peraument 
ffVMilfo dr reitefela wm fate edncad; tb« nalwr, feller, or poweiior of 

telNvelldl MMlMif MMM, WM BOiiislied, if free with oqwe et iffni$ 
ctio, if • ibiTe with death dig. iltiii 8 B. Cie. p. Clnent f 148. 
laet IT 18 ft. eoO. 1 1. The Tictimi, chiefly belonging Co hie own fuBflr, 
of the Thng SUtim AlhiiM Opftianicnii, B.C. 70—74, are named by Cm. 
CfaMBt. H SO, n — S5, 87, S8-— 80, 40 vhero O. has a phjMcian in imr, 
aod UiM a IniTelliBg dmggiii ibr a speeial mnrder. 44, 47, 49, 80, M 
Aairialf im wtoribus neeanki$ trtrcitatL 88, 68, 80 — 88, 188, 189, 801. 
Ob tha mediau arrrne and hie poiemia ef. Ben. ben. iii 84. ep. 180 g 8 (of 
Pyiihui) t Boet. ^er. 8. B.r. 08 the jtMniger Oppianieoi aecmed Clnen* 
not of polaoning C. Vibina Capax Cie. g 106 ; and Oppianlcas the father 
gg 180—178. 188 — 6; alio cl attempting to poiflon romig O. himaelf 
gg 188^8 enm 4nrftmr in mnUa ax. 64 Calpnmimi lleetia wae ehaignl 
with poieoning hie two wivee with aeonite dnring vleep Plin. xxzii g4. 
•.c. 48 Oetananofl wae Mwpeeted of poisoning Fanna the eoniml Tae. an. 
1 10. Boei. 10. Pio xLTt 89 g 1 : aleo Dmnni a.c. 9 Snet. Chind. 1. Under 
Angnataa three triala for poieoning are known, in all three Aeiniae PoUia 
dafendad tha aceoeed. t Hor. epu i 6 9 Porph. Moteki ennmim. ii Apol- 
lodoraa; U. and A., both rhetorieiana of Pergamnn, A. wae eondemoed 
and opened a aehool at llaefilia Ben. eontr. ii 18 g 18 p. 181 86. iU 
NonittB Aeprenae, a friend of Angnntne, who eat among hie tidrocnU, wae 
aa e n n d of poieoning 180 gneeta Plin. xxxr g 1G4. Koct. 60. a.p. 19 Oar- 
maniwie waa eaid to hare been poieoned hj Cn. Pieo and hie wife Fhui* 
aina Bnet Tib. 68. CaL 1—8. Vii. 8. Tae. an. ii 89—76, 79, 88. ni 
1—19 eepi 17. Tt 88^ Dio ltii 18 g 9. Plin. xi g 187. A.n. SO Aemilla 
Lapida waa condemned for an altempt to poinon her eome time hneband 
tha dicf§ and ar6«« P. Qairinne Tae. an. iii S8, 88. Kiiet. Tib. 49. A.n. 88 
Dnune* eon of Tiberin*, wae poieoned bj hie wife Liria and her para- 
■Kmr Beiamie; the agente were exeented A.n. 81 Tae. an. it R— U. Dio 
LTU 81 Lviii 11 g 0. Bome thought that Tibcrine (Bnet. Tib. 73, CaL 18) 
waa poieoned ht CalignU; aleo hie grandmother Antonia Cal. 88; the 
mjmillo CohnniNiB ib. 66, whence wo team that Cal. kept a liet of poieone; 
1m left a large trank fall of poleooe 49, which Clandine flnng Into the ica. 
Afrippina, Meio'e mother, poieonod Jonine Bilanne a.p. 64 Tae. xiii 1. 
IMo uu 8 g 4. Nero, the areh poieoner, ordered tho execution of a knight 
Aatomna for poieoning, and the bnming of hie dmge ib. 7 g 4 ; ho thriea 
attamptad tha life of Agrippina, bat found her fortified bjr antidotee ; hie 
aant DoMitia he did poieon for her eelate Buct. 84 ; aleo Iharnm the pre- 
leal and aertain rich and aged freedmen, ' eipieesingthe eponge,* 86 rfame 
ptriim dbis ptniim potionibna imdito ; the ehiUlren of PiHo*a eonfede- 
ntaa 88; he waa aten aaid to propoee 48 ieiintnm unirennm rmeno per 
emnlrU mttmrt. Domiihui waa bjr eome beliered to hara poieoned Titae 
AV. Caaa, U g8. PhUaatr. Ap.Ti 88 gS. Dio Lxn SO. A.n.91 not hi 
Bona ob|j, bnt all mm tha world, many were killed bj maana of p o ie oned 
■aadlaa IHa iini 11 g 8. Bempronifla Bafaa, an Ibanaa aunneh, trana- 
palladia aa Jetond Mder Baptimina Barerue ae a poiaoiiar and andumler, 
atlahiad paal power nndar Garaaalla Db unni 17 1 8. Phuywfaiaf, 
apeytrrtt, v^enlp#M, Wmrom^ waa a alava who taatad fltil nh a lar a r Ua 
ala er dnak; aa natitnlioB ber i wiei d fmn tha Paniaaa Xan. 

(hr. 1 8 g 9. kj tha Otaaka Alh. 171. am tha ^rnnta of 0f99M Xen. 

aaid la hata baaa poboaad hfJbiM taatffi 
PHib in I IS WM ntaMI by Oaapaln tiv 

' siiI4|9. 




aelagtha aama preeaation: aha pot on a poieoned garUnd, mx mee» 
drafe kilaritmte iHvitatU AntoniHM ut coromu bihertntf ae he held Uie 
enp to hie month ehe elajed him ; inde induetam ciutodiam bibere iuult 
Hi€o ex$pinui1fm. About tlie eame time Hor. wrote of tlie town mouee 
s. II 6 lUB— 9 vtntUiUr ip$i$ | fuMffitur nJicU$, pnirUinbfH$ [praelibatu 
BentL] oeiiie f aod ad/ert, wliere Uentl. tnti* an allusion to praefftutmtio 
d. Or. am. i 4 88—4. add ApuL tii IL But tbmij^ private pcnona 
eftcrwarde emplojred eucb skree Orut. 080 3, their use wae at firat eon. 
fined to the emperore I'lut. Giyllue 7 g 3 p. V90 a riSr /So^iXicmt w^rycv- 
rriSr WMwrmArtpow. Philo de sacr. Ab. et Caiui, 10 ii 170 M. natuia it 
said ekilfuUj to hare failiioiied tbe smell ae a handmaid to the taste 
mMav^ /9a#iAilet wp9ytv0Tpii§, Cw^Koeif. Cf. Calpum. deol. IS mrdicMi 
tf/rattHicida. Taeters of Augustus Grut. 68 6. 008 4 ; Tiberiue Or. S^JS ; 
Claudius Uenzen 0837. Tae. xii 00. Bnet. 44 Holotus a ipado, cmplmed 
to poieon C; liritonnicus at Nero's court Tae. xiii 10; Trajan Or. 
794 a potioHf, item a lapunm, Thej formed a cdlfgimm Doni ix 34; 
with a proeurmlor Orut. 681 18; and a dfcutw Murat. 907 8. The 
crtdenee table, Dneange ered^nth, Tommoseo cndenza 8, prcservee tbe 
mtnuory of this eignificont guard of tjmniir. Tert. ApoL 89 fin. of tha 
iunocvfit meals of Christians non prins ditcHmbitur quam ormtio nd lUum 
praegustetur. On the poisoning of wells see Ben. de ir. ii 9-8 g 3. 
VUx. II 30 I 7. 71 iNSTiTonr Buet. Ner. 88 Lncustae 

pm mvmU operm impunUatem pmediaque ampin, srd ft diseipulos dedit, 

neuoa in 104. t 168. xiv 313—8 meliurem 
praMle mtiffUtro | dltetpulMm, Bo [/J«iyr] iy^dt, iptrri, KpHrrw^, d^dmf^, 
often impljr no moral excellence VfL i 488 0ladio bonus ire per kmtei, 
434 ormqtie Tkeudlieo melior eonlmnderefreno. So optimui Iut. 88 
▼> 190. LiTcrsTA turuus, a satirist oontempo- 

raiy with Inr., in the onlr extant fmguieut ap. 8elM>L ae emended bj 
Caa.rjrfH0 Caetareos mtboirM homicida Loeueta ( oceidit curaeque venthi 
odmota Seroni ett. A (iaui by birib, summoned to court by Nero, who 
kamt the art of poieoning from ber (scbol.). Bjr her means Agrippina 
poieoned Claudius (r 14t» n. Dio lx 34 g 3. Tae xii 00 exquisitum 
nliquid piocebat, qmad Iwrbarrt menlem et mortem differret, deligitur arti- 
fex fo/iaia roenbmlo L., nmper reHejieii dnmnata et diu inter itutrumenU 
kabita, eiug muHerii ingenio /Mrr/ifew rirej), Agrippina and NeroBri- 
tonnicus Tae. XIII 16, 10. Buei. Nero8d. In both com;* tho operation was 
toa shiw for the em|>io.\¥rN* iuiputieuco (Nero struck her Huot arpuen*, 
pro vtneno remedimm dediMte) and L. was commanded to prepare a mora 
rapid poieon ; in hie last agonjr Nero hod recourse to her aid Buet. 47 
tumfto o Lueuita reneito et im aureom pyxidem eoHdito, but his slaves 
eomad it awiqr when tlier abandoned him. Golba Dio lxit 8 ordurad 
her with Narciesns, Patrobius and others to be executed, after being led 
bound through tha city. The name occurs in Gruter 714 8. 1189 3. 
MoiBmsen inscr. Keaa 0044. ConOa dclle due BieUie i 166 (citetl 1^ 
J bv H««MUi«)- Cf. Tae. an. ii 74 iM/amem renedciii ea in prorineia 
mM. . . R«Hiiiw iTarfifwai. in 7 fmmotom oenejieiU Hmrtinam tmbitm 
morte BrmndUii extimimm reneaaai^ae aoda crinimm eiui oeeuitatum, net 
«'« in canMnr effaa tmmpti exUU rrpertm. Ban. n. q. iii 86 8 1 magno- 
ram arlifian ^ . -...-» • • 

m rraena, quas deprekendl uisi moru nom pommit. Baa 
■aaa hiat fanfaot. ii 47—08 Bohn for a hUer Lnoneta. Toihaa of 
ao and Maplaa afar. 1700-1780. who gave her poieoaoaa dimia la 

"* "'""*"* diaa laadaa anaef 



mui rlfii 9ekeuiewL wmmmm mt rorvLOM Tm. n 

• fftasa et fMient, m tf atf im fraHt dkti$ faetltfut ex fo$Urilmu 
ft if^nmiM metmt $iu Ocrm. 88 oUttUttioni 9emU$qtie. li. i 88 emm mi- 
miitnlihMi ei nrtclbms. EeksCciii ImL lo WalUier'i Tae. keiiMti4M$. 
lloddim. II S7l Kr^^ger 970. Verg. ((. ii 101 Ot. m. iii 81. TIm h- 
ncnl proemioDi all pawed (hrough Um most enmdfld part of Bcmm, Um 
fDram Uor. •. 1 648. ep ii i 74. moaot Cie. 

CtaMi I 80 indkln et ve»ti$Ui venent. Smt CaL 1 of Gormuiieu 
Ifrorri, f of toto carport ermHL Tm. ml il 78 veitrJkU iiftUJ, Q*>^^1- 
dfld. 18 f 4. to jirove poiMiiing oportet oeiendu pmtn iivohlMu cmlorfr, 
itier efforentiam wuimmb jltteMt tabe eorpui. 

KnsBitB MAtiTOf Ti 178. 668—7 ctm$mlU ieterieme Unto 4e ftinen «m- 
trU I ante tamem do to ToMfH/l C«a, 91M11W0 mtrorem ) offer ot cf pa- 
fnuM. UT fSU^l olotoa foni erede murmm^ $i limiiM retlm \ moriifem 
OHM ioU MfUC. JIari tiii 48 effort wcoen t'nbitiu^ ChrettUla ao- 
ritoi, l/mmvoMfHf tariB qnnu€t nler^ue faeem. | rietorei eomwUtle, 
Venm: foot f«te maiiebU | rjrffM, ima rfeof Ml Libit iita fermt. ix 16 
imteriPiit tummlo trplem edebratn virormm \ te fee U no Chtoe: quid pole 
dmfdeiwf 8en. de ir. 11 0—8 f 8 imminet exitio vir eoniugi$, itia uio- 
riti* Sen. fr, 18 1 4*8 op. Hieroii. odv. luvinUin. $i totnmdomum regenimm 
el €9mwU»erie, eervirndum eet: $i alitimid tmo arbitrio retervarerie^ Jidrm 
#fW kmberi mom puUbit, §ed im odium rrrtrtmr ae inrgia, et niti eito cmmii- 
/orfit, pani6il Tonono. Son. op. 118 f 6 coolcnt in weoltli, an hot ideo 
mim pmtOM ette dirltioe, . . . oolo propter itiot nmlU reoeHom Hliut, moiU 
vior inpeglt I Hieroii. ep. 188 od Agemcb. f 10 telle • etoiy** iucrediMo. 
jel ootbentieolod bj B10117 witneeeee': ot Komo o mon wbo hod buried 
81 wives, monied woaon wbo bod bod !M boebonde ; Jerome bod toca 
tJioa bineolf ; tbcy belonged to tbe lowmt cUm ; tbey themaclTeo antiei- 
poted tbot tbii moniagD woold prove tbo Ust. «hmmo omuihm erpee* 
(«ffo virormm poriter oe femiuorHm, poet tmmUu rudes quie qnem of ferret 
rfdl flMrf (ir«, et totine nrbie popmlo coj^fo^nf^i coroNoCof et poimmm temene 
. • • . notirff multimtiboe feretnm praeeedebot, 

78—90 Btontly eiu, eom tbe bondage of Gjaroa or dnnnoii, if 
jmk wonld bo aonietbiDg in tbii world; virtue itorvce on praiiio: Hie 
ovine that wine porfci, maniiioni, eoetly tablon, |iUto \vy old naiiteri, 
omboeaed beakcro; 'o emeokinff eim it h$t: Wbo con ulecp for fatlivn 
tbot bribe tlieir aona* wives to ioeent, girle odnltereuMi befcHPe marriagp, 
etripling gaUantof If nature in grtHlging, iooni inditca tbe vvreo, tbo 
beet U oou. eacli aa I write— or Clavicnoi. 

73 cf. 109 for tbo aotirieal exiiortation. aum au- 

fluiD OB tbo Bttddra nao of tbe Xnd peraon of. (Lapas) 91. 11 06. v So. 
Ti 191. Ttn 98. X 90. 189. 805. 810. 820. 846. xiv 8f>7. Leva abmpt trans- 
itions in V 107. Till 40. XIV 914. Elision of a long vowel or diiilitboii« 
In let tboab also vi 80. viii 188. xiv 76. L. UuUer do ro motr. 8^-8. 
With the oxpreaefoa d Sen. Oed. 678 mnne aliqald ando eeeUribms 
digaaa fHls. Ibv. baa dlffnut morte, rerm eroee, ttifimote oto. 

numaoa xi 79 foeie. Hjmm, bind. Volent. aon. 1 11 <m«f 
lanwrtt bro^ioroo. nuvioos oxaois it cabcebi 

sf78l XIII848— 7 nffff pmilehir eoreoris mmemm ) onf aoria Aegaoi 
vapoa soopiloofiiff froqnonlesl oxnlibas aagnia. State pri- 
••Mn^ oap. lader TIborins and DonitiaB, were honished lo aoao loekj 
Wol (a Bt Hi l eai ) , lo o borbonma frontier, no Ovid to TomI, or to tbo 
Ohm, lilii il ollho deeert dig, x^vni 88 7 1 8 oL Cbwd. la Balrap. 1 178. 
' adfl8|l|tewm8llMSIb8riaolllMoapli«. Tb8 dtwiailoa 




of tbe Isbuida of tbo Aegaeon (antbol. PaL ix 408. 421. 650. Boaa gr. 
Insolreisen. cf. tbo admirable statement of tbe causes of tbo decaj of 
Oreeoe at tlie end of Tbirlwairs bistoiri fitted tbem s|)eciaUj for tbe pur- 
poeo. Ojaroe Jmra (Ov. m. vii 470. Mela ; ace. Cie. Att. v 13 g 1 Gy- 
amio) pi. Gj'ara (Pbilo, Epictet., cf. Iitmara, Maenala, Taenara ete. in 
Neue FormenL 1 800), a rocky iHlet (x 170 Gyari ehmns scopnlis) 18 
in. p. in circnmference, N. W . of Syrov, O'i in. p. from Andros Plln. iv 
I CO, not far from Delos Petron. in autbol. 175 6 M. alta Gyaro, classed 
witli the Siwrades (Plin. L c. Mela 11 7 § 11. Ste|)b. Uyz. Snid. in some 
MSB.): or Cyrlades (llin. viii | 104. AriemiJur. in Strab. 485. Ludan 
Tox. 17). In the sniiimer of b.c. 2'J Ktrabo 485 — G vinitcd it and found 
only a small fivhing village (tlie poriile tiKb was taken there Lucian Tox. 
16. llfrtsbcm die iiescb. Oriecbcnlttiids unter d. HorrMcbaft d. llOmi'r 
n 435); a fislierman was taken on board, cbarj^ed with a petition to 
Aogustns for a reiluction of tribute; the islanders were rated at 160 
draclimao, and ctHild barely raise 100. Aratns r'r roct rard Xcrroy cited 
by Strabo, ranks Gynn^ with 'iron Pholegnndroe.' Plut. de exiL 8 
p. 608 the wise nuin will if bonisbed bo content to dwell even in Gyaros 
or Kynaros orX^p^, ixaMror xoi ^vrwoOui froffip, without despondency or 
lameutation. 8en. ad Hclv. 6 | 4 dfterta ioca et asperrimas in solas 
Keiothnm et Seriphum, Gyarum et Cnrtieom {tercense : nullum inec 
miet rj-i/iNM, in qua mm aliquis animi cauna moretnr. Antoninus Pins 
said of bis dissolute wife Faustina, ep. ad Fronton. 8 p. 164 Naber / had 
rather lire at Unara (Gyaris) tcith her^ than in the Palatium Ktthomt her. 
Vano Plin. viii f 104 ascribed its dcpopnlatit>n tn mice, wliich mii;bt well 
be tme if tbo statement of Theophrastus conM bo received | 888 cmm 
{neola$ futforerinl, ferrum qmtque ro*i*$e eo». cf. Autig. Caryst. 21 wbo 
adds lliat no tree but the ix'P^ Pt>w there. Aol. u. a. v 14. Stepb. Bys. 

away from Home 1 * les. Sup- 
posing I were sent to Gyam T If it Ite for jfour good, you will flo. If not, 
$on hare a plaee to which you may yo inatead of to Oyara, whither he too 
ehall come, will he, nlll he, who temh you to Oyara. 11 24 | 100 Athens, 
Thebes or Gyara. g 109. | 118 Inppiter sends mo to Gyara, dape mo info 
priion; not from hatred, fiii y/rocro. . . uor yet from neglect, seeing he 
neglects not ex-en tbe smallest thing, but provin;; mo and usmg me as a wit- 
ness before others, iv 4 f 94 Would yon have me go to Uonief To Bonio 
I will go. To Gyara f To Gyara. To Athens 7 To Athens. To prison? To 
prison. Tiberius A.n. 83 sent C. Sllanus, found guilty of extortion in Asia, 
loCytbnna rather than to Gyaros Toe. an. 111 G('»— €U. iv 15. 111 00 addidit 
intuhm Gyarum in mi t em et tine culm hominum rtte, Ro a.d. 84 
Tiberius interposed to send Yibius Kercnua Tae. iv 80 to Amoigos rather 
than to G. or Uonnsa, eyenam aquae utnimque inaulam rffereue, dandoe- 
ooe vitae m«s eni rita concederetur. Musonius Uufus, the tutor of Epie- 
ietaa, waa bantahod by Nero aj». 65 Tae. xv 71« to Gyaros Pbilostr. Ap. 
▼11 16 1 8 wbeio be discovered a fountain ; while be was there, pilgrims 
ittcaaiod from all aidea to aeo bim, afterwards to see tbe fountain, which 
bceaao no lees eelebrated than Helikou. As Suid. saya that Comntna, 
Ibo tator of Porsina and Locaa, author of tbe extant treatise on tbo 
Botato of Um fDdb, waa banished with Unsonins, It ia probable that hia 
Uaod aleo waa Gyaroo. Edo um 89 1 8 Nero eoaanlting hia irienda bow 
■uy booko ho ahoald writer oobm llwaghl 400i *Too aa^y* aogro Cor^ 



■■tai 'M OM wfll im4 awm.* nut fnur iiei ChrftippM wnu mmjf 

praltS. F^ mi-nn. B«H. Cd. « •« jiilj, whom J« h^ weriW, 
Eum hfaa tlMt be iMd ahmTt pnijcd for tho deiUli of TiMfi ^^^^ 
moiMiim. flfrfmuw 9iM f «of m rtwl« «wf •Mwtm ^^F^***;'* "^*'' f^^ 
iBivUi, 911/ ifRlrfrfof wmnw-Wfirfwl ; an exMBple which Keio SmI. 4B 
tahii detMir Ihon^ of iniUtinit. Suci. Cat S9 relesAili MivHtat 
Mil fofMHiiniaUi A«»rw «f, m^ tHam 0hdio$ miiinbatur. i^^p^^}^ 
Idol Tm. h. I S pimnu ewiliU nmn, infeeti emedibiuteojmiif PhUoflff. 
ApTYtn S |4 dtiM won iiiiiiad, the iilaiidi full of ciilw. the e»m|M of 
Sir. tho WDOto of raiipieioB. Titoi Suet. 8 onkmd informen lo be 
MowiH MMl evdirncd MMl oipooed to tbo popolMo in tho •mphitheotn 
uA then lokl for fUiTM or eoof crcd In «$ptrrima$ Ititnhrum, Tort apol- 
U In intalot relcRftmnr. Amm. xt 7 1 « iniaUrl jwriw. "▼ f I » 
ImnUri lolltaaino tlttmiMimtmr. »ti 10 f 7. AmcuiK tbo itUndi w 
O M ptqyoa wffo a i Cotaka, to whieb ScnoM wm Uminbed, •• be com- 
■bim hi bif 9 epifntM • raprr exillo* 1 7,8 puirr rclogotlw, IrM r*', 
JiiM MfVf 9eftiUi$t I ▼iTornm einori #i« tna term lerh, t I iMrfmm 
prmenptU inetnaa frt Conlcn rnirii. n kit win hitec rfiw wnf. cxnl «t 
•xlllnm. il BorOinUi wbcro the CliHhtiaB fxileti were rclkrcd Mr 
Ihnhi tbo mistfera of Commolof Hi|ff(fl. rsfnt. hocr. ix li. B«}chb 
r. m «7*7. Dk) lvii «7 « J. Hi PUnaniA T««. an. i 8. It Pob. 
Tm. I SS. xiT (13. Burt. Tib. 59. l>io lv 10 f 14. lxtii U 

I 9. ▼ POBtUi Smt. OU. 10; to thin the Cbriiitian cmifcMor Fkrio 
llMrftilbi WM bmiihed Em. b. e. iii 18. ebr. 1. ii olymp. S18; brr 
mS wm fOTOKoecdl hi JerooMi time ep. 108 -S7 ad Emtofb. | 7. 
^ IMmetM Tae. an. ir 71. b * Seriphot x 170 n. ii Dontua Tm. m. 
If 80. iU Patmot apoe. i 0. wberr • tbo nebool of the apoealjMo* it aUH 
kiM hi a eell laid to have been the leene of St. Jolin'a TiMoni. De 
WoMo EtaiMtaiig 108 b n. «. Hertzberg n 517. hr Androe whither AtII. 
Um FbMeM^ptho pereemtor of the Jowe, wm banbbcd by C^1»««JS I^; 
tei baTing iatontdcd to mto him from banisbmcDt (lliilo in Fbee. 18 
n §80 U.) iff Hkr \vwnrdTw r* h Aly^ eaWed Gyara.ib. 10-11 to Ml 
aeeont of bto aMamUnation. P. GhtiM OallM and bto wife KgnMto 
llaximUla wen exiled to Androi after Pito*i plot A.n. 05 Tae. xtJI, 
wbera they won the afTcction of the people, and were lioBoared witli 
iuM ri ptfc m i and etatnea Bilekh 8849 i. 07C8. iii 1038, 1871. »««■ ii 10-19. 
▼ KjibBoa Tm. an. in 09. tr 15. Ti Amorgoe ib. it 18, 80. Tii Nam 
ik nrO. tU. Tiil Pholcgandroe and Sikinoa Plat, praee. rcip. ger. 17 
I e p. 818. Ix Lesboo Tm. an. ti 8. Dio lvi 87 | 8. ltiii 18 | 4. 
X, xl Ebodea and Coa Dio lti 87 f 8. xii Crpto Tm. an. it 81. c Oer* 
cina ib. t 53. IT 18. d in Uter timet i Zakynlhoa Ainil. m. tii 8. 
tt Boa and other Dahnatian tohunU Amm. xxii 8 f 0. xxtiii 1 f 88. 
•■d. Tbeod. in 5 58. Pblkietorg. it 1. Ui liipan ib. xii 5. ir OjpM*. 
Mairtoa fai Egypt faaked with iafamde for tbla pnrpoM eod. Inet. ix47 
i8f8.BmU.xxn8.ciutl. ▼ Syltoa 8^ll^ Ber. b. a. ii 04 1 10. The 
AMfCaffe in f Mirfan WM al irat engiafled OB, and inallj M^^ 
MMT if V"f« fatenlfefle; H faiTolTod kwa of eiHitu, of the fighta ef 
iimatirn mrtrfa jPOfcefM, and of aneeeMloB, maUng the txilo a pnf' 
r«M». iirfitfad to tba <M frafteia oBlj; depofji^ w gnm 
iMiiid bj ooBJiMthm llie rrfffolM rataiDed bto efirlfM. and hi MBenl 
GTSA. Tbo gnrfM wfM dig. iLTm 19 88 <• JiMto ^. *^ 
«M. fvl., Ill fiffnnnm rtL. in iewmm rek iM Bete ta VmOf.Jm^^ 



bj lifla to AngMtu Dio lt 18 | 8 ; AngMtni ib. lti 87 JB 8« 8 learning 
that many cxilM liTod ont of tb^ appointed plaeo of baniihment, while 
othera (like MariM Iot. 491 llTod laxnrioosly there, imposed TarioM 
reetrainta npon them, e. g. tney wore not to liave moro than 80 tUTci or 
f^eedmen. Ot. tr. ii 199, 180, 185—7 aceedtintt te non adimentft paternaf\ 
— faiRf nam r/fa jMniM mnnerii ntet — ope» | . . . . rdtcf nm, quamvii immile 
minaxque, | atUtwieH in poenae nomine Une/nit: | qnippe relegatni, mm 
exnl, <ffcor fa ff/o. t 11 9, 10, 15, 18, 30, 81 fmUitur itU lamen, quo 
indict nominor exnl: I wwUior e$t cnlpam poena iecnta meam \ , , , »nee 
ritnm, nee opea, nfe Ina lafAf elTii tdcmit. | . . . . nt( nUi me patriie 
intiit ablrtfoeh. | . . . . ipee relegati, aofi exnlin wfi<iir fa me | nomine. 
Tbe. XT 71 after naming citixcna banished after Pim*! plot, one for hie 
friendiliip for Sonoca, Vcrginiot m a mMtcr of eloqncnce, MaioniM of 
philoeopliT, adds Ato lesser names, to whom, vetnt in atimen et nnmernm, 
Aeffttei mnrii inmlne permittnntnr, Plin. ep. it 11 Valerius Lieinianus, an 
exiled Mnator, nrofessor of rhetorie in Sicily, kcluring in a Greek 

CiUiam, having lost tho ins toffae, looking on the foreign eostnme, began 
tterljr, f^tine deelamntMrm enm. ib. in 9 | 84. ti 33 f 5. Pint, do 
exiL 8—13 speaks of relegation to islands, csp. to tho Cjclades; 11 no 
OM eomes to an isUnd to disturb, to beg, to borrow, to make yon go bail 
for him; only the best of yonr friends and relations make the Torago 
from good wiU, and because thoy miss yon, 4 5* iXXot filot a#vXot tnd Itpit 
affirm r^pwXtuw^ Kml tutui0i§ic4n #x*^fTir* S^ dig. xltiii 33. Heitx- 
berg I 489. II 88 seq. 90 scq. 143. 74 aliquid hi 

880. Frennd. Bos /uy p. 3G0 Schi&fer. Haase on Keisig 848. comment, 
on Acts T 80. Tiii 9. Bamsh. p. 574. Cic. in CaeciL f 48 ut tn turn aliqnid 
esse ridenre. Plin. ep. i 38 1 3 eum tribnnue ettem, errarerim fortti$$e qni 
mt esse aliqnid pntari. PUt. apol. ad fin. rilr Socw^ n rZnu fiiiih 
inn. [* Bnrm. Ot. her. 13 81. mise. obs. t 365. Upton ad Arr. p. 308*. 
loBV Tatlob.] Jahn with the inferior IISS. reads aliqnit, whieb is also 
eommon Pcro. i 139 Jahn. Viger 153, 780 H«. Cf. tomebodjf, eometMng, 
a nobodif, da$ wltt otwas eaffen. Iut. xn 110. 

rMBiTAS LACPATta KT AUiET Hoph. fr. Aethiop. r« ^r I Kkui' frcfm, roS 
M Kfpbnbftv ixw. Iut. tii 81, 83 tnntMm admirnri, Innlnm I and are 
ditertoe, | «f pneri Innonii arem. xi 58 it landem iiliqnai oeeuttna 
$nneo, ii 80. Theodor. in Ath. 133 b ri MXct^tr iUp vX«or fx**^* i^rmmU ik 
ri Umf. Hes. op. 048. 75 cmxinibub dbobxt 

BOBToa XIII 34, 35, 105. Tne. h. i 73 cited on 155. an. xii 67 of the pliy- 
aieian who helped Agrippina to poison CUodins, hnnd iffnarni inmmm 
teelera incipi cum pcricnlo, perogi enm praemio. xt 55 pracmia pcrfidiae. 
IT 80 aefWBi de pracmiit accntatorum nboUndi$. . . . delntoret . . • per 
prsABia eUciebnntur. h. it 43 Bcgnlus had overthrown tho Crassi and 
OritM te tprai potentiae ; . . . Matu praemiorum iffnotum ndkue intfcniMm 
ei wnUli de/eniionibM$ cxpertnm cnede nobili inbuietl, cum at fnnere rei- 
jMllicM raplit ccmnlaribne tpolilt, aeptuagiena tertertio Mffinntw et 
metrUUo ptdftm innoxioe pnerot, MuMtree eenet, compiauu feminme 
ndtm fulnm prmtnnem. Plin. ep. n 87 | 8 recordater . . . ptmrimoe 
JbnefVi peuim^ evffws delmtm, dbbbxt thi 70 eaf 6«s 

onate dobcB. »mTM Tt 488. tii 79. x 10, 884. 

PIfai. xn If 50, 51 teai qmldem bortornm nomine in fpsa «r6e deUeime 
i^fM oiOaff M pmddmU. primue hoe ineUtnit Athenie Epiemrm (lor. nr 
819 m,} off MMftoCer. «sf m ad «na bmWs non fneni in eppidie kobittri 
rara. Btm, da tmat. aa. 8 | 5 If any one qveatiooa the bapftean of 
PiiUMHi, lti Mm fMatioB thai of tbt foda thmaahM, fved iflit me 

n6 rOWWBBS. CiWWW. botbta, n«»-W 

«*i«. .Mi. «M*-7.1l»t.H»Wfc »"»••« occcmhtM*. 

- » « 11-". ^sr?t.:jMj«. »jr'£?a7.V«ir» 

SZTpS-*- k <""'^!!^Tt ^T»^ i. w « 14. itart. « » ti. Aft. 

IMM PtrU t>m Cerrre *'"•■;"• f7_,« Mn DMnteg M«»^ 




•I iff •! mam rm ^9*t»f ''"**'?!Sr^ J^ t<r %iO n Itio. x ti. xm » 

rabetftram ftoMfiif, . • . qmu Qmeci phrynui roeant, ^ntndUilmae «m- 
NiMJRf 0emiMit teluti eornibutf pleniie Tenefleioram. Hem ftboai its 
Me in poitoDi, •ntulotet, enebautmciiti ind. rann, rubeta, Tlicoplir. fr. 
15 1 If 1 835 Ckhn. tbe euvioas sUt; barict liiii right bom, wbicii i« of 
•enriof igauiiit tbo poison of tbe ^pvmi. Acl. n. a. xvii li iu vtrry look 
rcnden a man pale for aonie days; if any one bruiM it and pour tbe 
Uood into wlHf or any otbcr drinlu wrrc^ d rmtrkiv Kardpttrm #o^c#rc2 
r^ w^tnfpdw iKpijiovrrtt ^ofUuf ^nrf^oor ^yi^rrst ri^ wp6i iMt99 t6 rnXftm 
gp&etp, tbe potion trill be at once fatal. I'bilo do anim. proiir. BSsHl 
745—700 tbe mddiest of men tumi yellow u* tbe janndico at iiigbt of tlie 
^Vf. Ite one liver is a deadly poison, but tbe second acts as an anti* 
dote to tbe Urst; jiouiid it well, squeeze out its blood aud serve in wiHe 
or any other drink, and instant death will cnsne. Tbe two liven also iu 
AeL n. a. xvii 15. cf. Nicand. alexipb. 580—600 [--507—59.1], whcro 
8ehn« S74 — 282 cites Actius e. 80 (which corresponds with l>iosc«)r. de ven. 
•1 ef. parabU. ii 157) and by tbe horut in I'liny idontiacs it with the hnfo 
comutnt L. In Paul Aegin. r 85 with Adams ii 2U7, wine, exercise, ttie 
bath, are the remedies prescribed. Dioseor. do Ten. |»rcf. tbe skill with 
which poiiona are disgmsed in medicines, in drinks, «r efroit ecXyoiff, 
in saneet : the inspicions should eschew all higblr seasoned dishes; when 
tkir$tif tb^iboald not drink hastily, nor when linn}9y eut, bnt (Irii take 
a dran^it of cold water, and then earofnlly try the quality of what it set 
before them ; when ailing, they sbonld reject tbe drau^rbts of pretended 
remedies, At tU^potf^uf d Ktutvpytiirrtt rd A^X^njpM. Tint, qnaett. eonv. 
Till 78 1 4 s|iouks of tlie hostility of tlie rtrfrrlti^ to man, and do inv. 8 587 a 
of man's antipathy aipiinst them. They were used also in roa;ae iii 44 n. 
Prop. Ill 6 [air 5 or 0] 37 ranae iHirtriiiti rubetae. Lncian philops. 
IS. The mofo deadly mineral poisons were unknown to tlio andents 
QttintiL decl 850 p. 741 B. ulind [rrnfiiMiH] fx nulirihtts hfiitarnm am- 
tnkitHr, nliud ex animaUbM morli/fri$ rnurratiir. On the prevalence of 
poitoniiig in llomo tee Plin. ii f|'l50, 157 earth bears itoiRous in mercy 
to man, to saTo him from famine, the halter, the swtml ; that wo might 
pass awiqr whole and entire, with no loss of bkK)d ; earth liean them as a 
lemedr, we have made of them the poison of life, xviit U 2 — 4 man 
■lone has fonnd poisons, i/mI noerntiut nliqnid damm /erro, noi etjlMmiiM 
iHjicimui et rerum nnlnrue fUmenta, Hor. s. i 9 SI. ii 1 4H. 58—50 where 
as iu 3 131 a sou poisons his mother. Pliilo spec. leg. 17, 18 ii 315—0 XT. 
extols the lloeaie laws against poisoning aud eiKbantment: 9o\»dw$ptiw 
eereina, brought together to the same salt and the same table, iw erer* 
Uit d9wm^ iwmOtp, the means of life are tninsfonued into workers of 
death; often madness ensues, expelling man's diviner part, leaving his 
Wute natnreoiily etc. See also ad Hercnn. it | 28. Plin. ep. Tit | 8: 
indd. Plin. 8uei. Galen. renrnMrn, on tbe tnule Iut. xiii 154 n., on anti- 
dotes xiT 253 n. Marquardt t (1) 07. Bejn iu Panlr, reMrtieium, cramMM, 
Criminalr. 400, 410, 430 seq. 435 sea. nx. 881 many nolle Romans were 
Kpertod to have been poisoned ; and 170 matroot were condemned Liv. 
, viii 18. VH. II 8 I 8. Orod. in 10. Ang. eir. V. in 17 | S. bu^ 180 there 
vu a Uka abm Ut. xxxix 8 f 8. bx. 184 aoeoiding to Val. AnUas Ibi 41 
ii 5, 6 cL 88 I 8, 9000 poisoners were eondmnned. d.c. 180 the consul C. 
Cdpmiiiaa waa poisoned by hie wife Lir. xl 87. ■.& 154 two eonsnhmi 
im RolaoiMd far their wiree LiT. epit 48. TV. n 8 i 8. U. Cato in 
QvhmL ▼ 11 1 88 nmllam adiilUrmm mm eandfm n§e rtnfjieiim, 10 i 25 
/ff^tfj M • • • • tenejkium in fewdnm €reda$, k\ Hernin. i i 28 wifervw 
80if»i| « 1 fmm imfikU€mm imdiMnuUf sii vctwjkU queqw dmamtU 




eMMwrnkaitir, Q. Tiflai, Whnm B.e. 91 , pottoned MeMaf Ole. a. d. m 
f 87. In e. 5 of tiM dioUtor Balls*! Us Com, de iffarUi • peraument 
fVSMlfo de retufela wm fate edncad; tb« nalwr, lellnr, or poweiior of 
poitim iNVffiidl kouUnl$ eamta, wm iniiiiiiliMl, if frre with cf aur^ rt l^lt 
hurdictio. If • tkiT« wHh dciUh dig. iltiii 8 1. Cie. p. Clnrat | 148. 
lait IT 18 5. eoO. 1 8. TIm Tictimi, ehiefly belonging to hit own fiunilT, 
of tbo Tfang SUtini AlUnii Oppi•nicnl^ i.e. 7C— 74, sre mmed hj Cw. 
CfaMni. H SO, 88— S5, 87, 88 — 88, 40 wbero O. hM ft phrnician In p«r, 
and UiM ft taiTelUng druggiit for a ipedal mnrdrr. 44, 47. 49, 80, 88 
Aonfalf im uxoribuB neeandh trtrcUatl, 88, 66, 80 — 88, 185, 189, 801. 
Ob tko medlcMB terrm md hii poiiioni ef. Bra. ben. iii 84. ep. 180 g 6 (of 
^Trinu) ; Boei Ner. 8. lc. M Um j tw m gcr Opni«niettt aeeoMd Clnen- 
lina of poisoning C. Vibiai Cftpnx Cie. f 106 ; and Oppianlcai the fktlwr 
U 180—178. 188 — 6; nlio cl ftttenpting to poiaon romig O. himtelf 
II 186—8 cmm dnrrtur In mnlio. 1.0. 64 Cnlporniaii llettia wfti efamignl 
witk poisoning hii two wivet witli aconite dnring sleep Plin. xxxii 1 4. 
n.c. 48 Oetavianuf was sospeeted of poisoning Fauna the eonsnl Tae. an. 
1 10. Boci. 10. Pio xLTt 89 n : «1m> l>nisns a.c. 9 Snet. Cland. 1. I'nder 
Angnstoa tliino trials for poisoning are known, in all three Asinins Pollio 
dtfendad tka acensed. i Hor. epu i 6 9 Porph. MmcM ennttim, ii Apol- 
kdoms ; U. and A., both rhetoricians of I*erganlQ^ A. was eondenned 
and opened a aehool at llassilia Ben. eontr. it 18 1 18 p. 161 86. iii 
Nooins Afprmas, a friend ef Angnstns, who sat among his crfroMff, was 
ae e nssd of poisoning 180 gneati Flin. xxxt f 164. Knct. 66. A.n. 19 Oer- 
nMtticns was said to hare been poisoned hj Cn. Piso and his wife Flaa- 
•ina Baet Tib. 68. Cal. 1—8. Vit. 8. Tae. an. ii 09—76. 79, 88. ni 
1—19 espi 17. Tt 86^ Dio ltii 18 | 9. Plin. zi f 187. A.n. SO Aemilia 
Lapida was condemned for an attempt to poison her some time hnsband 
the ifirrt and or6«s P. Qairinns Tae. an. iii S8, 88. Knet. Tib. 49. A.n. 88 
Drasns, son of Tiberins, was poisoned bj his wife Liria and her para- 
Bonr Beianns : the agents were exeented a.p. 81 Tae. an. ir R— 11. Dio 
LTii 88. I.TIII 11 f 6. Bomo thought that Tiberius (Suet. Tib. 73. CaL 18) 
was poisoned ht Caligula ; also his grandmother Antonia Cal. 88 ; the 
ngrrmillo Colmnbos ib. 66, whence we team that Cal. kept a list of poisons; 
he left a large trunk full of poisons 49, which CUndiui flung into the sea. 
A^ppina, Meio's mother, poisoned Junius Bilanus a.p. 64 Tae. xiii 1. 
Dio uu 6 1 4. Kero, the areh poisoner, ordered tlie execution of a knif^ 
AntoniHa for poisoning, and the burning of his drugs ib. 7 1 4 ; ho thnca 
a t ta m ptad tha lil^ of Agrippina, but found her fortified b.r antidotes ; bis 
aani Doadtia be did poison for her estate Buct. 84 ; also Vurms the pre- 
leal and aertain ridi and aged frrodmen, ' sqneeiing the sponge,' 86 rfanis 
fwUm dbii jNirffn pot ion i bus imdilo: the chiklren of Piso'i confeda- 
lataa 88; be waa aten said to propose 48 $enmttim MHircnum rmrno per 
tmnirim mtttirt, Domitian was bj some boliered to hara pohioned Titas 
AV. Caaa, 11 1 6. PUlaatr. Ap. ti 88 1 8. Dio lx?i SO. A.n. 91 not la 
BoaM ob|j, bat all offwr tha world, many were klllad bj maana of p o is oned 
IHo UEm 11 1 8. Bampronius Bafoa, an Ibaiiaa aunaafa, traas- 
m istoiid andaf Bapihnius Berems as a polaoiiar and anehantsr, 

Garaaalla Db unmi 17 1 8. Phi^asfalsr, 
apaifstrrtt, v^sri|p#M, MfafM* waa a slaia who taataa fltil a ha laf a r Ua 
mmkm nla er diaakt hi lastitiitloa bocivwad fmn tha Panfaaa Xaa. 
iait Chrr. 1 8 1 9, bj tha Otaaka Ath. 171, am tha ^mata of Oraaaa Xea. 
HiHr.4f8. ilMMdir waa aald la hata baaa poiaoDad hr Ma taataw 
8iiI4|9. A1orfa8mB.gmil wwhatodbyChopalnitig 




aalagtha aama praeaation: she pot on a poisoned garUnd, mx rnnee- 
denU MmriMe invitarU Antonium nt eoronns biherent; as ho held the 
enp to his mouth she slajed him ; inde induetam ctutodiam bibere iuuU 
iiieo fxtpirantem. About tlie same time Hor. wrote of the tu«m moose 
s. II 6 lUB— 9 rtrnUitft iptit | /nMffilur officUt, pntflambcm [pnelibatu 
Benil.] omne quod ad/ert, where Uentl. finds an allusion to prae^/wtatio 
d. Or. am. i 4 88—4. add ApuL ni 11. Bat though prirate persona 
afterwards emplojred such shires Grut. 686 3, tboir use was at first eon- 
fiiM>d to the emperors Tlut. Gryllus 7 | 8 p. if90 a rwr /Ss^iXicmt v^rycv- 
s^riir WKtwTiuArtpo^, Pkiio de sacr. Ab. et Caiui, 10 ii 170 II. nature is 
said skilfully to haro fashioned the smell as a handmaid to the taste 
KoMwr^ fiu^tXiit 9p9ytv9TplU iw^K9oif. Cf. Cslpurn. decl. 18 mrdicHi 
itiraHHidda, Tastem of Augustus Grut. 68 6. 608 4 ; Tiberius Or. StfUa ; 
Claudius Uenxen 6387. Tae xii 60. Buet. 44 Holotus a ipado, emplmsd 
to poison C; Dritannicus at Nero's court Tae. xiii 16; Trajan Or. 
784 ft potiow, item n laptttta. Thcj formed a eotUffium Doni ix 34; 
with a proeurmtor Grut. 681 18; and a decmtio Murat. 907 8. The 
tredenee table, Ducange credfntin^ Tommoseo endrnza 8, preserves the 
memory of this significant guard of tyranny. Tert. ApoL 89 fin. of tha 
innocent meals of Christians iron priMs ditcHmbUur quam ormtio md Uenm 
iiraegustetar. On the poisoning of wells see Ben. de ir. ii 9b8 f 3. 
yior. II 30 I 7. 71 iNSTiTciT Suet. Ker. 88 Lucustae 

pm mvaUt operm impHnitatem pmediaqut ampla, itd et diseipulos dedit, 

ncLioa III 104. r 168. xiv 813— 8meliurem 
jPfUMCe mtiffUtro | ditetpulMm, So [/J«f^] aym$^, iptr^, KpHrrw^, a/<ifrwr, 
often imply no moral excellence Vifl i 488 pladio bonus ire per hattee. 
434 ormqiie TketmUieo melior eontunderefreno. So optimu$ lur. 88 
▼I IM. LiTcrsTA Tunius, a satirist oontempo- 

raiy with Inr., la the only extant fraguieiit ap. BcImiL as emended by 
Caa.t'jrfNo CoetareM eobalet komieida Loensta ( oeeidit euraeque veneni 
odmof AVrvffi eet, A (rani by birth, summoned to court by Nero, who 
learnt tha art of poisoning from her (schol.). By her means Agrippina 
poisoned CUudius (r 14H n. Dio lx 34 { 3. Tae xii CO exquisitum 
•liquid ploeebat, quod turbaret meulem et mortem difftrret, dcliifUur arti- 
fex fc/i«Nt roeobulo L., uuprr renriicii damnata et diu inter iuttrumeuti 
kubita. eiut mutierie ingeiiio pttratum virus), Agrippina and NeroBri- 
tannieus Tae. xiii 15, 16. Suet. Nero 83. In both cums tlio operation was 
toa slow for the em|4oyers* imimticuco (Nero struck her Huot. orffueu$, 
pro veneuo remedium drdif$e) and L. was commanded to prepare a mora 
rapid poison; in his hist agony Nero had recourse to her aid Suet. 47 
$um^o a Lueutta reueuo et in ouream pifxidem eondito, but his sUres 
eamad It away when titer abandoned him. Galba Dio lxit 8 orderad 
her with Narcissus, Patrol>ius and others to be executed, after being led 
bound through the city. Tha name occurs in Gniter 714 8. 1189 8. 
Mommsen inser. NvaiK 6044. Corrk dcllo duo Sieilia i 166 <citetl by 
l^JL' ?•"■•■")• Cf. Tae. an. ii 74 injfomem reneAeiit ea in proeiutim 
tyyyj • • • nouUmg Mimrtimom, in 7 famooam wene/ieiU Uortinam ouhitm 
■Mate Brmndi$H extimtom veuenmmqut uodo crimium eiut oecultmtum, neo 
«'« ia canMnr sffaa stfMfjrli exUii reperta. Ban. n. q. iii 86 1 1 magno- 
'■■afllfiauM ceaciM, quae deprekeudi nitl moru turn pommt. Baa 
ywwna hUt fanfuat. ii 47—68 Doha for a hUer Lnniata. Toibna of 
PilanM and Mnplaa dr. 1700-1780. who yira bar poiaonoaa dimia to 
«H«atoo|wortobiqrlbam,ftadkilladaMfathao800MfaoBa. ^^ 

ya MB FAiua Ola. Brai 1 881 par madias laadaa pmH 


mitirtfia vekeniewu wuum mt toruMW Tm. n 

• f Amaa •! potUrm, m 6S affiw frmvit dktia faelifu ex poUeritmit 
tt if^amitL wutfu fir. 0«fnu 88 6UetUiiUmi MmU$qtu. n. i 88 cam m«- 
fUtrmiihui ei mrtcibmt. Eekstriii ind. to Waltber't Tm. kemUrndpt, 
llnddiiii. II 87S. Kr;;8er 970. Verg. |^ ii 101 Or. m. iii 88. The fn- 
ticnl pnoeMloai all |WHed througb ilM mcwi erowdcd |MUi o( IUmm, Um 
loniallor. a. i848. cpii8 74. kiomm Cie. 

Ckwnt f 80 iHdMn et vftigia vtnenL Boat CaL 1 of GarmanicM 
lirore§, qui toto carport enrnt. Tae. an. ii 78 venrJUU tifiiu, (^intiL 
liod. 18 1 4. to jmnre poiaoning oportet o$tenda§ putrt iivonlnu emdtter, 
inter affarantina manm /nent take corpm: 

KFf BBac MABiToa Ti 178. 666>-7 eontmlU ictericae lento iff fmnen aui- 
trii I cRfa tMimem da ta TmiuiqmU tua, qtMndo mtrorem | clTerat et jm- 
CnNM. UT fSO— 1 alatan iom credt nurrnm^ $i UmiHa rettra | nufrtifen 
CMiii dote ttML Mart Tin 48 effort worn Fttbiiu, VhretiiUa ma- 
rl ioa, \/wmerenmqmf toria fitAftaf Hterqtie foeem. | rietorvt comuitte, 
%'eniu: qmot i*U montbit \ rxitmi, mui Huoe mt Libitttin ferat. n 18 
imeripeit tmrnnh §rplrm ceUbrola virorum \ tr fee it so Vkloe: quid pote 
rimfiieiutf Sen. de ir. ii 9—4 f 8 immitiet exitio vir eoniuffh, ilia lua- 
TiiU Sen. fr. 13 f 83 ap. HicroiL adr. luvinian. ti totam dommm re^eniom 
el eommU§eri»t tervifndmm e§i: §i otiquid tuo mrbitrio reterrnreria^ Jidem 
§ibl kmberi nomputabit, §ed in odium rertrtur oe iurffia, et niti cito rtmnU' 
luerU, pmrubit Tenena. Sen. ep. 110 | C content ia wealtli, oh hot itteo 
mm pmtaa eue dirltitu, . . . « m^a propUr iUat nulli veuenum Hiu; uhIU 
« ao r inpeffit 9 Hieno. ep. 188 ad Agemeh. 1 10 tells a story '* incredible, 
yel antbeuticated bj manj witnesses': at Rome a man wbo liad buried 
tl wives, married a woman wbo had bad 3*i husbands ; Jerome bad seen 
thtm himself; tbcj belonged to the lowrat cUss ; tbej tbemselves antici- 
pated that this marriage would prove tbo last nmmn omnium crpec' 
(mtio virorum pnriter mefemiimrum, pott tanUu rudu quit qurm ef ferret 
rieii moritut, et totlut urbit populo coi^uenU, coronatut et puimmm tenent 
• • • • ii»»rfi mullinubne fcretrum pmeeedrbot, 

78 — 80 Stotttlj sin, earn tlie bondage of Oyaros or a dungeon, if 
you would be something in thia world; virtue stancs on praiso: 'tis 
•rime that wine parks, mansions, costly tabk'n, idate by old masters, 
embossed beakcra; •« tnrokinff tin it Imt.^ Who can sleep for latlivrs 
that bribe their sons* wives to incest, giris adulteresses before marriagp, 
atripling gaUants? If natura is grudging, aoom hiditea the verso, the 
beet It eau. such aa I write— or Cluvienus. 

73 ef. 100 for the satirical cxiiortation. aum au- 

QUID OB the sudden use of the 2nd person ef. (Lupus) 01. u 60. ▼ 85. 
yn 101. Till 08. 1 00. 100. 805. 810. 829. 840. iiv 207. Leu abrupt trans- 
itiona hi V 107. vtii 40. iiv 214. Elision of a long vowel or di|4ithoi« 
In 1st thesis alao vi 80. viii 128. xiv 70. L. Miilier de re motr. 268-0. 
WHh the axpreaston ct Sen. Oed. 870 nunc aliquid aude tuUribuM 
dlignnm fuls. Inv. baa di^nut morte, r^ni eruee, ttipmnU etc. 

Mumnoa ii 70 JoeU, Hpam. fauid. Valent aen. 1 11 fm«f 
lawerlf braTloraa. laiviBua otamb bt cabcbri 

xITOL Bill 848 —7 mlpri putietur earearia mrcmm | cnf marie Aegaei 
rnfom aaopnloBfiv freqnanteal einllbua magnla. Stata pri- 
BBMH^ aap. n n ds r nberina and l>omitiaB, were banlmd to bobm rocky 
iaiat (b Bt Hakaa), to a barbanma frontier, aa Ovid to Tomi, or to the 
aiBW,iriBHiiof thaiaaaft dig. iLvni 88 7 1 8 at Chmd. in Entrap. 1 178. 
a47 8lfS|tkaBBW«vtki8lbiffteeftha0flvii«. Xhadaiola 


otaha. beleqatio in insulam. 


of the Islaoda of the Aegaean (anthol. PaL ix 408. 421. 650. Bosa gr. 
Inselreisen. ef. the admirable statement of the causes of the decay of 
Orecoe at the end of Thirlwaira histonri Otted them s|iecially for the pur- 
pose. Oyaroa Jura (Ov. m. vii 470. Mela ; ace. Cic. Att. v 12 f 1 Gy- 
arMMi) pi. Gyara (rbilo, Epictet., cf. Iftman, Msenala, Taenara etc in 
Neue Formenl. i 500), a rock^ iHlet (x 170 Gyari etaM$Hi scopulis) 12 
m. p. in circumference, N.>\. of Syrov, 02 in. p. from Andros Plin. iv 

I CO, not far from Doles Petron. in anthol. 175 M. alia Gyaro, classed 
with the S|K>rades (Plin. L c. Mola ii 7 1 11. Steph. Uyz. Suid. in some 
MSS.); or C}TUdes (Plin. viii i 104. ArtemiJor. iu 8trab. 485. Lucian 
Tox. 17). In the snnimer of n.c. 2'J Ktrabo 485 — ft viKitcd it and found 
only a small A»liing village (the purine liHh was taken there Lucian Tox. 
16. llertzbern die iiescfa. Griechcnlunds unter d. Herrschaft d. li5uiiT 

II 435}; a fisliennan was taken on board, cbar^^cd with a petition to 
Augustus for a rviluction of tribute; the islanders were rated at 160 
drachmae, and ctHild barely raise 100. Aratus ir rtSt Kurd \ivror cited 
1^ Stralio, ranks Gyarrs with 'iron Pholegnndros.' Plut de exit 8 
p. 602 the wise man will if banished be content to dwell even in Gyaros 
or Kynaros nXifpdr, Ixapwor koI fvrwtaOat nur^r, without despondency or 
lamentation. Sen. ad Helv. | 4 detrrta Itica H asperrimas inaulaa 
Seiaihnm et Seriphum, Gyarum rt Ctmicom prreente : nullum inec 
nift exilium^ in qua mm aliquit animi rriiriKi moretnr, Antoninua Piua 
said of his dissolute wife Faustina, ep. ad Fronton. 2 p. 104 Naber / had 
mther lire mt G^arti (Gyaris) with her, thnn iu the Palatium vithout ker. 
Tarro Plin. viii f 104 ascribed its do|H>piilatit)n tn mice, which might well 
be true if the statement of Tiienphrastus conM bo received g 222 cmm 
ineolot fufforerint, ftrrum qmH^Ht roninae eos. cf. Antig. Csryst. 21 who 
adds that no tree but the Axrpoot grew there. Ael. u. o. v 14. Steph. Dvs. 
2on. lex. p. 458. [Arist.1 luir. an*(e. 24. Tlieophr. fr. 14 f 8 i ((84 Schn. 
Epictetus often names Gysros i 25 fi 10, 2U as contrasted with Nikopolis 
(hii own place of exile), Atliens, liome. ii | 22 * Hut I am in danger of 
banishment' Whut it bonithmrnt t To be away from linmr f *Ycs. Sup- 
posing I were sent toGyamf 1/ it be for your jfood, tjou trill ito. If not, 
you bare a place to which you may pn inttcad of to Gyara, whither he too 
thull come, will he, niil he, who tfutlt you to Gyara. ii 24 g lUO Athens, 
Thebes or G}-ara. f 109. 1 118 Inppitcr sends mo to Gynra, clapa mo into 
priton; not from hatred, fti^ yivwro, . . nor yet from nc);k>ct, seeing lie 
neglects not even the smsllcHt thing, but provin;; mc and using me as a wit- 
ness before others, iv 4 f 84 Would you liavo mc go to lloine? To Rome 
I will go. To Gyara? To Gyara. To Athens? To Athens. To prison? To 
prison. Tiberius a.d. 22 sent C. Silauus, found guilty of extortiim in Asia, 
toCythnus rather than to Gyaros Tac. an. iii Ofi — G*.l. iv 15. iii 09 addidit 
intulam Gyarum in mi tern et tine ciillu hominnm e**e. So A.D. 24 
Tiberius interposed to send Vibins bercuua Tac. iv 80 to Amorgoa rather 
than to G. or bouusa, etienam aquae ntramque intulam rrferent, dandot- 
que vitne utut cui vita coneederetur. Musoiiius Uufus, the tutor of Epic- 
tetus, was banished by Nero a.d. 05 Toe. xv 71, to Gyaros Philostr. Ap. 
Tii 10 1 8 where he disoovered a fountain ; while he was there, pilgrims 
etreamed from all aidca to ace him. afterwords to see the fountain, which 
beetme no leaa celebrated than Helikuu. As Suid. saya that Comutua, 
the tutor of Parriua and Locan, author of the extant treatise on the 
Batura of the goda, waa banished with Muaoniua, it is probable that hia 
ielaDd alao wm Oyaroa. Dio lxii 80 | 8 Nero eonanlting his friends bow 
Mmybookakaibovld writer aoma tlwagbt 400: *Too bmbj* aiqra Cor> 

»3 -— • 







frmedU nee horti tint nee alUno eoUme mm freHottt nee grande In foro 

JemMt, Tac hiit in 18 domoe korUm opet ftineipi mhetmleriHt, In SoIIa's 

ptoMlpCkNi Plat 81 1 9 OM Tieiini owed hit doath to hit BMiikm (tbte 

tfcWXf L •. nrmelmium), uiotiiar to hit gudcM, snothcr to bit tkermne. 

UU Kaboth's TliwTMd tbcy weio covttod bj tht JoMbcl of BoMM. Tu. 

It 1 and •• [TffiMalinil bortis time inkimns. Ballut tbo Uitoriaa ovad 

bb fludens la tba ^mtj botwoan tba Qairiiial and Piodui (Taci iiii 47 

b.iu8f.dif|.mS9|8 Becker 1 58t— 6), wbieh aflenraidi bceama tba 

Mopeitgr of the emperon, to the apoiU of Mnnblia. Tbe horii of gnal 

lumUea vera baportaat bmdiiuirica in tba topoeiaphj of Borne, e. #. 

i LmemUlnni on mt Pindn^ irbkh couiinncd eren in Klntaivb's time 81 

IS to lank vitb tba eottlieit of tba imperial parka Becker i Stfl. Tae. 

XI 1, 88. 87 ; U Mneernntiani Ibt. 13 n. on tbe Eaqailine, vitb tbetr 

loflT bnlUtnei and vide pronpeet Becker i640-L Hor. a. i 8 7—10. Tae. 

ST 89. Boat. Tib. 18. Ver. 8rt. lliilo leg. ad Gainm 44 it £97 M. ; near 

then iU UmUni Becker 1 641 Boet CoL 69. lliilo L e. ; iv SenilldMl 

7ae. xw 66. b. in 88. Suet Ker. 47: ▼ tbe gardena of Agrippina, vitb a 

Mrticna and a xjatoa, vhere CalignU Sen. dc ira in 18 g 4 beheaded ad 

jMvraaai aenatorn, knight* and mainmt, vhero bo Ant reeeivcd lliila 

•nd tba leat of the Ji-vbb embaaair l\ leg. 28 ii 671 M. Becker i COO; 

^bcva be boilt tbe oirena In vbich ha and aftervarda Nera exhibited 

Ibcir aUU aa ahariotecra Becker i 071 : vbile the Chriatiana baming hi 

pltcbad ahirta lit np Nera's ancetaela Tae. an. xt 44 ; in 1m gardana alaa 

ficfo gave Ua flrat eoneeita ib. 88, in a theatmm pcemliare Tlin. xxzm 

1 19 1 Ti tbe gardena of BomitU, aftervarda Kcro's, vhere Hadrian built 

tba naaaoloain, in vbich he vaa boried and alto the tnccccdiug eniperora 

cutaiiilj dovB to Commodna Becker 1 000—1 ; rii tvo korti of roni|wina, 

9im aftervarda oviied by Antonint, vho there entertained Octavianna 

Ck FbIL u aOOn., 109. xin |84. Veil, ii 00 | 8. Becker i 01^-7 1 

^ the Jberff Vmrtaria on tbo right bank of tbo Tiber vera a park, opened 

to the peopla by Caetar vbcn alire and beqneathed to them by hit viU 

Cle. FbU. n 1 109. Hor. a. i 9 i 18. VM. ix 16 i I. Tae. an. il4I. Boet. 

Gaoa. 88. Hat. Brat SO 1 1. Ap^ n 148. Dio xur 8^^ | 8. xltii 40 |1 

decker i 471^ 657. Agrippa alao Dio ut 4 beqncatlicd bit gardent and 

^Ui to tba paUie. 6eo mora in Pithieaa horlL Tba gnrdcnt fringing 

(^ riTcr bank <Stat t. nr 4 7 tN6Mr6aNf«f hc radnm pratlfxitnr hortia) 

^cf« a uomincnt featara In that panorama of Borne vhich Ailed Strabo 

^t8(B vitb admiration rwr X«#«r rW^oMu rwr Iwkp rov wmtun lUxf^ nS 

dWf#^oo oafPty^a^unir advr crt6cunv^Mu 6«raraX\affroi' va^f xaiti rV 8ia«. 

-^iarfne la ganenUj a kitebea gaitlea or ordinrd {nlitoriM$, vbich brinp 

"^ moity ad mflf MM taeetut) ; korti, to named aa conpriting man/ bedi 

ploU (of a tlMTard CoL nr 18 | l\, a plvarara garden dig. tii I U 1 4 

^^.mj/Uirimm . . fraedimm, rMAcrim vet ffettntionet ret deamMetllonet 

^gtiotihmt in^etnmh opnent off nc aato^mif ktihent. Bo L 10 198 barfl 

-^ifhnnl K 'a mf'f" ofitorit. C. MaUna. a friend of Angnatoa FUn. sii 

« IS iatiodaeed into Bobm a^oni tonrilirt. Adorned Inr tba art of tba 

SMlarfat , Cha Bomaa horti reaemUed tba atiff French and Italian gaidcaa 

7tha 17tb and 18tb eentariea. Cle. ad On. fr. in 1 i 6 hia topinrttu 

akntliad tba fllla and valka and atatnea vitli ivy; in ninj*a Taaean gw- 

doas cp. T 8 1 88 tba ptanaa vbleb aanoanded the hippodrome vera ckd 

vllh ivy and iMtoeiia of H nm fkom tree to troa. Bo alao pariviakla and 

vara brriaa iopUrtne PUa. xxi | 68. nti 1 78. Tba cynreaa 

1 140 «M aaad la irfcfaraf flprrff ffiffarlf, btiBg dipt hito baat- 

igtla,ita, Bo8alitirai0atiatoAgiBaaofaBiflMkniiLap.T6 

1 16, of pyraroidi, or of Ifttert §.! Ba, SB. forming the name of tho owner 
or of tlie artint; or it tencd, at did rom^mary, for a border for tho flover 
beda H 10, 84. n 17 1 14. Harot, tomctimea eren boara and deer, vera 
kept in tbe voodt of the horti Varro r. r. ni 18 ; and Hortentina trained 
them to eongregata at the vinding of a horn, Uovu liy a nev Orphena. 
Tba fftmth a broad, aoft but firm, alley riin. ep. i 8 f 1, in vbich tlia 
ovner took an airing in a aedan or palanqnin, aometimct n 17 f 14 
aneompataed tba vhole garden, tometimca retembled a cirena t 6 i 17, 
aomatimea ran ttraight at an arenne ix 7 | 4. Tho kippodnmtu, drive, 
vaa tnrronnded by a thmbbeiy of plane, box, hay, ra«c, cy|ircat t 6 |9 83, 
88, and vaterad bj trickling atreamt f 40. Mart, xn 60. 67 83 imtrm^ne 
limen elawMB etaedo cnr*H$, Xysti = wupaipSfuStt vera nneorered valka 
Titmv. Ti 10 s 8, or terntret, fragrant vith riolotii riiii. ep. ii 17 1 17, 
gay vith flover bedt edgrd vith box t | 10. IMiacdr. ii 5 14 penm- 
Monte lortn domino viridin cl. 18 prarcnrrit olinm in ryMtnm, Tito 
vater for tbe garden vaa laid on in pipet of vood, iNittery or lead Plin. 
xri X 224. XIX f 00. xxxi f 67 ; and formed jctt and vaterfallt Plin. ep. 
n 17 I 26. T I 24, 87, 89 ; poolt and canalt. SHi, Knripi, Cio. da 
legs. If 6 2. Plin. ep. i 8 f 1. Batbt vith ball-roiirtt it 17 1 11, ▼ 8 
U 23—28; porchea n 17 H 10—20. t f | 2H— 31; and toveni eom- 
manding extentive viovt (it 17 U 12—1.1. Hor. c. ui 29 10) alao be- 
longed to veil appointed horti. The 'toft* acanilmii, the favorite pUnt 
of artittt Verg. eci. in 46, formed a • liqnid* lavn I'liii. ep. t 8 || 10—80, 
and vith Ita long, broad learea clothed KanLi of ttrfanit or tlopet Plin. 
zxn 6 70 erepidinet mnrtiinnm odmrgfutinm^ne pnlrinnrum torof. Tho 
farorite treet vero planet lur. 12 n., boyt, myrtlet Plin. ep. rO ff 4, 
20,22,27,80; Tinen. flgt and mnlberriet n 17 f 16. t H29— 89; 
pinet and poplart Hor. e. ii 8 9. 11 18; Veig. eel. 7 06; and yoviL 
Among flovert tbe rote and violet are mott often named; tiien Um 
lilr, crocot, nareittnt, irit, liynrinth, amaranth, poppy. <>reeuhootet, 
bothontea and tbe art of forcing vero kiiovn to the Bomant Mart, 
nr 22 6,0. 29 4 (vinter rotet). vi HO. vni 14, 08. xni 127. CoL xi 3 1 62. 
Plin. XIX f 04. Bee Becker C»allat i 99— lOL in 42—67. Friedliiudcr 
11*148. Panly hortnt. ind. Plin. topiarin*. Vcrg. g. iv 118—146. In 
thefar gardent tbe rich entcrUiued their friendt Cie. off. in f 68. do 
am. i 7. Phil ii | 16. Veil, n 00 | 8. Tae. xvi 84. Mart, xi 84 Aper 
booglit a hoaae, too old and gloomy for an ovi to nxwt in ; ricinot iltl 
nitidnt Mtoro nonidet hortot. | ecnohit belie, non hohitobit Aper. Often 
the gaeaU redinod on tbe hivn Spartian. Sept. Sev. 4 hnmi ioeem nrnte- 
rrfar. Mart, xn 60 von have plantaiiont of bay ami of plana, lofty 
eypreaaea, aoa nnint iaiaca, a porch on a hnndrod pillara, onyx pare- 
Bionta, a race eonrta and running rilit ; ted nee eeuantibat Mt^Maai,) 
arc aeaifffo forat ett; qnnm bene non hobitot. Pliny entertained hit gaettt 
on a marble coach ander a vino tnpportcd by 4 marble pillara; vater 
floved from beneath tbe eooeb into a fountain, on tbe margin of vbieh 
tba larger dithea vera aet, tba amaller on flgnrra of plauU and biida in 
tba vater itaelf ▼ 8 88, 87. Cic. off. in f 168 hortaloa . . . ., f ao 
inritore omieoe, et nbi te deleetare tine inUrpellatoribuM pottei. Tae. xiv 8 
timm there, h. ni 80 of Vitellint am brae alia hor tor am mbdiint, nt 
ifnorn mnimoiio, ^ibut ti eibmm tmgfierot, iaeent torpentqne. 8net Tib. 
16. CUad. 6 «6fccfa tae diffnUotia ad ofiaai eoncettit, modo in hortia ei 
onhnrbono modo in Camponioe teeettu deliteteent. Cie. p. Babir. IVwt 
I 88 ielielmmm caaaa et vobtpUtia . . . • fn hortia out tubmrbonit mit, 
Aa tht aaal ef plaaava tb^ fwv aadar tba patRMMfi ef Taoaa Fbwtia 




ihit : ftifnm debile eermit •pm. j hi duo lomgmewo eemeniur JfttHart fwmiiA 

awUeiM I taqflm Aemeidn f <9Miwf m wumm. \ km€ fn^tHMVit DUime jni/- 
ckmrima Dido | im pmtera, Pkrpgh ewm daim eema tin nt | wUnUm$/iuria 
cum priacm tortuwimUi mnKhm, | in Primmi etihtkU Aitptimmeta bibtt, xi 
70 7, 8 il te deUttmt nmwtermta peetMim, tftuU | Argentnm, BeaiAt, 
mmrrlun, vtnde downum. rr S9 1—6 argenti $enu» •mne tomfmrmHi^\ 
et ioluB Teterei Aipronlt mtra, J §olmt PnxUeUi intuitu Seopntque, | §9liu 
Pkidiari toreumm catU, \ $oliu lientamm habet imbortt. iit V3 mrehetjfpa. 
lUrqauUt ▼ (9) Sll, S71— 1. 8U. xi S79 Dr. trAifTBii kxtba 

TocvLk CAPBOM T 81 IL cnutmt, n 145 fdutnr. Hart. Tin 61, ipoaluiig 
(to Proboi in tehol., Webor, Beekar) of Uiia rtrj bowl, 9—13 itftt eaper 
A folio Tkfhani vfUrre Pkrixl | euUui: ob hae wuUUt tecta /mitte 9oror,\ 
AfMc m^ Cinffpkiui tomtor violoverit, et tu | ipte (im prntel tite, Ly«v, 
Vflit, Or. B. T 80 — 8S oHii | oxtAiiteni signU . . | . . rmter^. xit 
<5 C 6 signii extAntibnt atper antiqtiiu enUtr, Bcftkcn carroil w 
wood Verg. ed. 8 96— id Sen. ep. 8 f 3 mrfffntmm U qnod toiidi mMii 
cdHittmra detcenderit* Marl ill 41 interia phiolme UeHtorit manm lUwtoi 
fiifrrta rivit ft timetHr oritfntMWi. Balm, in Holin. 1045—9. Becker OnUnt 
III 8!iO— 3. Marqnanlt t (3> 274—6. 380. The goat wm Mcrifleed to 
liMchus anthol. Pal. ix 76. Yarr. r. r. i 3 i 19. Ot. f. 1 8J4— 801. Veig. 
fi. II 8S0~4. Mart, in 34 1,3. Prdler gr. Mvth. i 60L K. F. Uomuuin 
gitteml. Alt. f 80 4 ; ao tbo satjn and Pan hare the (arm of gnota. On 
ibo goat as a prir.o and tbo namo tragodj, leo Itciitl. IMialaris ind. 
Tpiyot. DionyMM appoan with a panther and goat ou cuinn of Trallra. 
On extra et. Hand ii 079. 77 MMUiiMt 

Hor. a. II 15—7 '^Hirtenf.' ne fuelam, fa^NCf, | oaui/jio rtrttui *mhj 
prream mile, $i it»n\opHmmm fmt: vfrum neqmeo dorniiro. Aog. 
kwnt. de exod. 81 35 ovarii obdobxii, DoxiirB ? . . . intdUfiitHr^ f narr 
feiMtf id e9tf non rindieoal Anion, epigr. 84 5 — 13 «fl f^ dtimmmoo 
nolo otin prrdere mtitite, \ loftmram aomui quae parit atqme oUi (Inr. 
51 n.] *mtiliiu dormire /alf, quam perdere Bomnnni | mtque oitmwC 
henf ait, . . . irateor Procnio, . • . hnne ttndfo ulelaei [for. 1 n.] r( promota 
fit knee mltio rati, | qui wa nou edit earwUma^ nottra trgat, loan. Sarub. 
poller. Ill 18. xcBCB ooRBvrroa atamas 

a parallel eaae of a mothcr-in-kw tempting her aon-in-law in Cle. CInont. 
H 13 — 10 e. g. /Uia^ qwie . . . nefarium matrit paelicmtam fern nan 
pottet, I 170 JlUam taam, illam quam ex genera coneepermt, 188, 198 
nxor fffnrri, wnrerea AlH,JiUae paetex. M. Ben. exe. oontr. fl 8 1 1 p. 400 
ti ffeneri atlnttera, /liae paekx. Fortun. cited Yiii 145 n. ooBBumn 

connotca both ■rdtictioii and bribcrj dig. xltiii 19 88 | 8 f «< nowIimi 
riripotentft rirnina [nneh aa tho tpttntae of rer. 7H] eorrnmpnnt am 
floudomned to tiio mliicc if of low rank, if of a hitdicr cIbm are rologatod 
to an Ulmnd or icnt into exile. l*liii. xxii f 8 eorrnptor iatidieiar 
nuptaf, Dirkffen. ind. Bnct 78 ■ranaAi 

Tuarea ni 110, 111. dig. XLnn 8 18 1 8 #1 Minor daodfeim aiuii§ im dommm 
dedacta adnlterina ^ommiaerit, auMi mpad emm aetatem e x cemer i i 
toeptritqme etse lUBor, mom poterit imrt viri aecmtari e* to adtUierio qmod 
•nte aetatem mapta eomwUnt, ted vei qumtl aponaa poterit meemtai. 1 8 
iivi Secerut et Amtomimmt re$eriptermnt, eilam in aponaa hoe idem oimdi* 
eandum, qmitt neqne mtitHmomimm quateemmqme, mee ipem matriaonii 
Tiolare permittHmr, Inatin xxi 3 1 3 vlrplmet anta nnptiaa ub d m te bmt^ 
ttmpratatqme proeit reddebaL The legal agi for tha nuuiiaga cf woiMn 
taa 13, the aVoragt agt 14 Epfat f. 40. F rt i dlln di r i» 487-478 bam 


iMeripUoBi. ef. tht ifi of Qnfaitiliaii*! wilt. praithtatos 

ABVUBB II 140. II IM II. 8«ei. GkHr. 34 DrwMittttm rUimtte virpfnem prae- 

lostalwt Mdkue eredUnr. Aog. 44 wkirM* e pithe propriM ordimet mmig' 

•ovli; praetextaCit eunenm «NHMt ei.proxiwmm ptiedti0o§ii» Flin. ep. 

IT 18 f 8 rtnU md wu ttilutaMdmm mnnUipU wtei JtliuM praeteziAtiit. 

Avie ego •ttiutei'f inqvmim, retpomdrt •etiawiJ Cte. Phil, ii i 44 tenetiie 

vamoHc praeteztAtrnm te Avor/Mf .' Sen. brtr. vit 8 1 1 pupillnt 

mdkme et praetexlatni. Cirvro in Buci. rhH. 1 Mid Ben. eonir. pnef. 

"^ 80 1. 11 called tho eonaols Hiriiiiii and Ptaaa wbo pnetiaed dedaiiMi> 

^hm ■■dit him hia diadplea and prmnHet practaitatoa. Imr. x808. 

79 VATVBA MBOAT aoihoL 800 M. 4 quod aatira Bffgai, nee 
frttptt rmiio, Boilcaa la eoi^e $i^0U, et rant mh ApoIIoh. cf. poetm naa- 
•liar, ami JU, Caltin la the Teraca to Chriat» hia on^ poam qnod 
Bat«ra nagal, itndll pitu ejkit ardor. 

M c&OTiEsiua ao Schnaidewiii pfaiioL 1848 iii 181 frada for CnMnmt in 
MtH, Til 80 8,8 mequatet ieribit Ubne Clnrienna et Vmher. \ mequolU 
f Arr <cC, Cretlee, mui molmt e$t. Ennod. ep. r 8 in Oron. oba. ii 83. id. 
citpA on 18. ef. the irooj of Hor. a. i 1 130—1 me m CrUpimi acHaia 
^ppi I eompito$te pntt; 

81—146 Hnnran life from the flood, with all iia paaniona and in- 
temta, la mT theme (81—88). The founbler iitakew fain fortnne, leaTing hit 
Mign the vhile in tattera (87—93) ; the great add pahue to paloee, Inxoiy 
^o Ibxbit, but for tliem§elrea alone; poor rrtainera maj not pane tlie 
^ lig n o l ioW , where, after a jealonn nrraiiny, the flxed pittance is doled ont ; 
ora and trihoiiea thcmaelvoa attend the lepi'e, and are ncnred in Uia 
of tlieir rank ; hot a wealtliy frvedman clairaii precedenee (01—109); 
Mammon ia tlie god we wombip (lOO— 116). Tlie dole it an item in a 
^feonsnTa rermiie; can the poor man Mom it, who ha* nothhigelae? Great 
"^ ia their palanqnina follow their hnabaiMlN for a aeeond dole; aoma- 

the em|itj paUim|nin deeeiTe«i tlic ntcward (117—130). After a long 
vf* attendaiwe clienta diipene to tln'ir dinner of herfca ; while the * king' 
id patron deronn an eatate at a aolitary board. Ezeepa will ent ahort hif 
•^Uix« ; nnd'he will die nnwept (137—148). 81-66 From the 

^■j when Dencalion, 'elimbing* the peak of Patnaaoa in a boat, nooRiit 
^o mi ad of Tbemia how earth might be repleniahed, when atonea kindled 
into man, and mother I^rrrha preaented her danghtem, newborn aa ther 
wrete, to a anitor'a choiee, — frrai that day forward all aeta of man, all 
paaalona, the whole giddljr whirl of life, form the medley mixture of n/ 
••*<>•• 81 n QUO Ti 394. X 77. xir 381. Cie. off. n 

1 18. Hand u849. bx q/oo mvcALioir lo xt 80 81 

naai acefns a Pyrrn encMf iiaai eamfa nyraMfa rofi««, | nmltm opot 
trmqitm pepmHuefoelt. Varro de gmte popnli Bomani began the ^ythieal 
period with the earlier deluge of Oraina Cenaorin. 31. Aug. eir. D. 
imi 8l XXI 8 1 and pb^ed Deaealion'a delnge in the reign of Kranaoa eon 
ef Kckropa ib. XTin 10. 8o Apollod. in 14 5 ffl. Clem. Al. atr. 1 148 8. 
ptoeea H«kmr generaUona alter Moaea a.c 1888 MOller fr. hiai Or. niM8. 
TheophiL ad AntoL n 80 idcnti8ea D. with Keah, and derifea the name 
m 16,18 from A<8re, caXei apitff 4 tfdf eft ^wrdimar. Flop. ii«iii 88 
88— 88naeathefloodof0.aaInT.doeabefe; Tiee, ka a^a, praralled hi 
Balnn'a faign, et etm Dewemihtih motuie Jtmjitre per orkem^ ietpmtmiti' 
fMU DraMUenii afMit. Bee on O. Oroto pt i e. 8. Fkvllar gr. MythoL i 
88.66. Welahar gr. OOtteri. i 770-7n. The Chaldean and other tm- 
iof8daln§aaineollaetedbjWiaarBMlw<irterh.^enf*f T.Dobki^ 
- -' - - 1|«h9ori8iMd8irthoffili88««8Nwb7Biid#- 


rD!S!u5^^ TheG«.l!l"rr^'f*'^»«'^~'^ 

«-. of th. flood hJS^c" rt;,:.^"i' rltz^ nT^imr^ Ji^ ^ 

ftptertt, an epithet of Ap.imrA (8tmb. 670 Plin r i irtr^Tl #« 1 

m «» Jf. who B«mc. mt Itari" '* *"*""• ^^tSUi """iw/ "' ?* 

£ita» ttife h i^H '""*•' ^"^'•" '^"^ » l^cannn, 1.,. I';,^^^ 

SSSi. <oSJr.'.fi. r ''"• "•: V^ •" «** Al""- "»«•>• 705 dcrirei 
"nanii (omanaUy Urauu) from Uprmt. Ot m i 3l6_oT»-. 

•»d Akettikim«- v.. \f 'n-- # i • . eoBTEB vi 683. TbrmRybuiol 

■owitin fktFdlJ^L^ tl!^ "*• Corjcian nym|>li8 and doitiot of the 

•Ah^^rmlr^^^L^^^iA'^'^ •"*'" ^"^'^^^ -orti.. They 
^-^wry may reaton mankind (a eommon innuirv ef I^inat aai i 

,„^^jqgwff ii».w n»ftoiil UiUat lortei lomtim. [• Law. iv l£S 



DI8CUB8Ua. (I8i-66 

Wtetl.; il fl»^ ""SSSJlSi^VTlnnHS- "Wet n>t^«. 
Mtkhw to cBrlor br »«>»M!?, . ^^Lill-m wai pwctlo** •mo"? »»• 

»tto».H.tieT«rio0; th. *sfcS £^to WeSSioo king of Th-wly. 
■ Wind to ibe aMOBUiw. oUicw "" ."" XjJC!r Akimn* i» »— 7 /•'"'•' 

UVtittmn* Upia*« """f'^'^!Ajr« iUl«Mrr««"»f"* '«}ri 

••d «. -M ^.^^. «& «f«i»d to ttw pert.? ■°r-„r^--n« and womeB aal 


86-60] FASaAOO. ET. AVAfilTIAB 8INUa HOB ANOCOS. 13 1 

Hdenf Tie. a. rr 74 Ramae nutl discnrsai, ti mtgnihidine urbU 
incertHm qmo quUfue ad nefoHum pcrgaL PUn. ep. 1 tf f 7 »trfoUum tttum 
inanfmque diteartum et muitum iiifpto* labore§. viii 83 1 6. Mart. tii89 
1 diBearinii rnriot raffumque mane, Tert d# idoL 11. Una, 1 10 1 84 
dUeartam publietim of the BainnudU. Cf. ind. Apul. and QaintiL 
In this Miiio Um word belongs to the lilvcr af;e, which ahio eoinod Um word 
onfW/o 'bftfjbodj' Thacdr. 11 6. Friedliinder 1' 823. Exx. of <i«l^^^ 
from Pint, in Wfti. 00 Eauan. 878 — 9. fabiuoo a medloy, 

botrh-poich ; propcrlr mixed fodder given to cattle Paul. Feat 91 U. ; of 
barley, Tetch, apeli Yarr. r. r. 1 81 | C. Plin. xtiii g 143. cf. tatara iu 
Foro. EiT follows the namber of the predicate, m 

it eommonl/ does when tlio imHlieato is a substantive, and ett follows im- 
mediatolj upon it lltuhia i 810. Zumpt { SOU. Uamshom | 97 n. 4. 
Cart. Ill 8 I 16 MUtzell Iforffphori vocabantur proximtim kU agmem. 
Ox. a. a. Ill :i'Ii qvai §erHU vettit, $ordlda latui f uit. 

67—93 ^y^etk was vice more rampant? avarice more greedy? the 
spirit of gaming so fleire? for our gamesters stake no longer a sincle 
imrse, but their all ufnin the cast ; their stewards act the squires in the 
battle of the dire and coin : 'tis matlncss on madness to lose 100 utterUa, 
and cheat yoar shivering lacker of liis livery. 

67 KT QDAXDO ou ft in indignant questions see Miihlmann eoL 888. 
Hand 11 498. Cie. Phil. 11 f 80 n. vnioauJi 147 
seq. n 398 scq. [Hen.] Oct. 439 scq.s441 scq. collectm vitfa tot per at' 
tatet dim | in no$ redumlant. Mttfculo prrmimur (irari | qno $cciera regnant 

88 AVAniTiAE PATUiT sixus aroritia^ like alea 
here and ffnla 140 n., is personified ; she opens wide the folds of her to$a 
to receive. Sen. ben. vii 19 1 8 «i nnmmos, qnoi accipitt 'n sinnm tMMin 
difcinctu§ /nndet, dabo, 11 10 | 3 of Alexander's friend, wlio refused the 
offer of a city, est tawun aliqui$ Minor, annm nt in siuu eins condenda tit 
eivitat, VI 43 1 1 they greatly err, who think it a proof of generosity 
proferre, donare, plnrinm sinnm ae domum implore, cf. 11 81 { 6. op. 
30 i 10 non licet divitlas in sinn pwHat eontemneret 74 | the man 
who thinks that there is any good other than virtue, ad kaee, quae a /oT' 
tuna fparffuntar, sinnm expandit, and anxiously awaits her favours 
mlt$ilin eiua. ep. 119 | 1 do yon ask, what I have found? sinnm laza, 
mernm Inenm est. de const. | 7 qui hostem oner a to %\iiVL fnginnt* 
Stat. s. I 8 78,80 detunt qni rapiant, sinnsfwr pleui ] gandent, dum 
nora Inera comparantnr. Or. amor. 1 10 18. Prop, in 3 11 10 13. ApnL 
▼tn 88 ttipes aereas, immo vera et argenteat^ sinn reeepere pa tale. 

ALEA XI 170 n. ziv 4 n. 

68 Boa AKiiioa habuit? Lncan riii 641—8 o tnperi, Kilmne et larbara 
Hemphit | et PelnHaei tam motlit turba Canopi |hos animos? Sen. 
Troad. 8393 848 aoam. hos Scffrus animos? i,e, the ruler of so small 
an isle shew snch a spirit? Pthkr. teelere quae fralrum caret. On the 
omission of the verb cf. ni 807 n. Hom. K 48 xp^it /SMrXifr i/U xal ad. 
A«ixo8 Verg. ni 888 of a whipping top dant animos plapae, Stat. T. 
ni 871—3 Mi rapidua torreni, animos c«/ rmia minittrant {/amino. In 
mdi ecBses as 'aidow/ •ms^' 'focee,* 'spirit,' «eonnigo,' the pL la 
ntoal Ti 886. iiiQua imre In the post-Augnstaa 
poets I 7 limea only In lar., wImnm nes oeenia more than 100 times L. 
If Gller da n metrlea 896. vbqcb bxix tie 68. 
n 80. In I? 107 fwe cnfai. locolu ranked with 
w a t c i itfi ia B t m a er pUamlUt * eaUoeli eaikei or eaae with eon 
(Tiir.r.r.inl7|4 kewUim arwif at ol patol.bpiia) !■ whkh 

9— « 

IB. [I sa-M 

(. M«H.t80 7 
1 8 ' Miiynitm 
ff nerarh, quit 
jrhttmrt', locii- 

. m. IT 1ft. «^*^^ 

W), rinpi (VM. 
lie xmii 63 1 0. 
, lof ellnm tihi 
nr (Or. £. ti 749, 

ri 107, of lifclcM 
) CAHVM tliffwr. 
) root, ertHfntia. 
ibnln fffrdforfff. 
d miirpn ; vome 
OH Vo|nM. Pmc. 
nndcratAnilH tho 
led an ecnenl, 

the CBino rUnt. 
Fn aIcabi, ut fiio 
'erg. cd. Ill St, 

t ffMIW MM« /'"^ 

frt tfirio exfrcfHi 
M trnr in Sirily, 
r Tinent, Irnlit 

OBR CtlPlllCT, |Hiy- 
irvrfriffiff n-'oil to 
im tho IVilntium. 
Helf and to^wl it 
rM rH/fM.-ilmwiiii? 
• My thv fortune, 
ri$n aiiipcn»»- 
<• GrnetHlo in$»it. 
?rt nontm homtrrm 
H diiponsator. 
9. Tbo word like 
when monoy wm 
im g 49. Ciniun i 


fnror, Hin. n 
nt in ii^o tttHtitm 
Im frenzy of the 
icit, U manifold, 
ruaoa ii 19. 
MNM, ittttnin rte. 
, (nnr Ineri etc 
17 A. to Tiboriiu, 

lif«/MMi rn/M |»rr 
stber made a ftmt 
oanymriered hi* 
tl Mllift 


WHO miminf, after htffaiK bem larMily sBiimaa In plajlnfc at I tumSij 
am. For if I liail enforeed Iha throirs, aiiiMNi, vliieh I allowed to be 
revoked, or had ke|it all thai I giTe awi^, I aboaU have won, rtritfrai, 
cTni 60.00a.' 98 RT . • . mnr II 140— t Miililmanii 

I KM— 5. noaimrri TnmcAX iiox risddkrr M:nm rorn. 

I 54 irl« cnmitem horridnlum tritu ifoNiriv kurnm. lur. » 66 f«/il 
dieam tenpmUt imfmntm «fiuH<me DerrmM f 

TimiCAM Ti 477. Plnnt. Amidi. 808. Hor. a. 11 8 70 prwetiKti reefe pnert. 
Sea. da brer. ^it. 1*J f 5. Free hdMNtrem aluo wore the tnnie alono Hor. 
rp. I 7 83 tanieato . . . poprth, Uieb, com|Mnion. Cato r. r. 50 (GO) 
reeommeiuU an allowaiieo of one timie of 81 fl. and 1 eagnm to ondi ulavo 
every two yean ; the old onei to bo rctnnml, in onlor to lie niadtf up into 
ctntone$. RBonBaa often does n«it imply giving 

buck : in Lner. to amign ai a property Ilanro on 11 9<V atkl 11 513. Hor. 
a. p. 9. Here, aa with ephlul^t, wmmUia, Ifjnitm the word, liko itii deri- 
vative •rentier,* menni to give aa Id duty bound Ond. on Knrt. Tib. 10. 

94 — 126 Our fnrrfatlien bailt fewer iiiaiiiioiM» nor dined in solitary 
state on 7 coaraes ; [their board wan at onee hoapitaUe and frngal] ; now a 
■canty dole In let oat to lie Pemmbled for by the crowd of retainers in fnll 
Boman eostnmo [twilr and enmbrowi] ai the atmosl tliradiokl [for they 
may not venture fnrtlier]; yet [sorry aa the large* in] tlie patron wans 
your face with a }e«lo«s eye, fearing impootnnt satisfy him of yonr iden- 
tity, and yon will rrceive. He Uda the erier invite tha very flower of 
Rome's nobility, who date fkom Troy itself, for th^ too throng the thresh- 
old with ns poor. ' Kaeh in the order of his rank; praetor first, neit 
tribone.' Bnt a freedman eries: 'First eome. first served; whyshonld 
I fear to hold niv ground, thoofdi • Syrian bom, aa tlia tell-tale windows 
in my ears wonld prove, if I eared to deny it? Bat five shops* rents 
bring up my estate to the knight's four kHtiHreA; what is Corvinns tlie 
better for his Intielavo, if he is fiiin to keep a gruder^a flocks at Lourentum, 
while I am wealthier than Palbu and Lfeinns f Let tribanes wait, let 
not him make way for tlieir saercd pcrsoni^ who bat bite had come to 
Itome with pipe-elayed feet [a shive for sale in the mariwt], for wraith is 
the one god we wontliip, tlicmgh Money may not yet dwell in temples, nor 
altars smoke to <*a*h, as Peaeo Faith Vietoty Viriiie are ailored, and Con- 
eonl [whose stork] after greeting lier nest liovers over it cUittering. But 
when a eoasnl at the year's end casts np tha proceeds of the dole, when 
the dole has a column to itself araong a coiiaiil*a reeeinta, what are poor 
clients to do, to whom the dole alone brings flrinft food and clothing r a 
crowd of litters [of tlie great and noUel cbiinM tho • hundred mites,' and 
tlie wife bedrid or ]nre;nMnt is borne after her hasfaand. One, a master of 
tlie craft, shews an empty diair, with curtains c l oecd; **Tii« my wifo 
OalU : keep a lady waiting I Galla, shew yoorself; n^, doa*t ronso her, 
she wiU be askcp.* 94 QVM Avoa. totidbv 

BREiiT viLiua X 935. nv 88— 95b. 875 cvafaai villa a. Mart, vii 78 
asks one who had honeea oa tha Esquiline and Afcnliiie, in the vicna 
patridoa, near Cybela*a templa and scar VcsU'a, near tha old and the 
new luppiter, dlc^ mki ttmreukmt dk^ fua tf parte reqmlmmt | faisfvis 
«WfN^ kmhItmU Itmxim, nmeamm AaMlM. Fiiii. xvnt i 88 tha aetata of 
iMcolltts conldBot aontahi Ua vtthk Ben. an. 90 i 85 cayada/iyB l cr Ba i 
Uetm. I U the anciciila MM AaialaRlilsMi iMter arNoBk 
nmotruk ▼80-88. vn 184. « 84. Fkupi v«iv4 78i Hor. a. n 8 104. 
8ca tha order €f aowaea Ih. 8 10,48,88. PhUo vltaaalMpL8n479M. 

i^ All i Willi aUywdwrtadiMid 


•ad Ml ftsd ri wi and »ir/ Angitftni Baet 74 Rtve 8 fcrrol*, or at the 
itoMi A. PMiiiua CvfiUA. 1% below be wm empeior, "f^ "^jf^J^- 
BMi. ep. M 1 19 «iiilfc»i »«*oe mwlta fereuU /<«T«iif. lb. I <7 of a 
9md» SiA witlfoniM f«r0«lor«ai emflMf^firA eot^nt ft rttkafMint. in 
IS Utet emilh rl f»(A'M ^n aittUa ferevU 4i9€reti9 Mnm perrerme 
•t^iUme tempm timmnU n. q. !▼ 18 I « rf/^f^-nfw «ori» '•"■|2f *■" 
•e Mrf^«f^ roMrawflo «iW»i »wrfll. lb. iii 18 i « cited on !▼ 69. IVtroo. 
tl «wriif^«rib«i f«re«IU e«iii /if*rrriiii.r <« ioiiinMai. Ctlparn. 4 
1«7. Tlie eonnefl w«w iefTed «p in snecvMion Pctmn. 86 seq. riiu. 
xxwii 8 188. Lunprid. Elmt «8. ElnpOiiUnB ib. 80 once 8«Te * dinner 
«C SSconnei, the inieftibnthinff after eftcli; at another time tlwaoTeral 
COMVM wera atrted at the honaet of Mvcral frfemla, tba snetU paiwinit 
^^NMft OM to tbe otlier <bera mittm and ffffntn are nurd as eqaiiralent). 
»nrii/arM iffrUmtmrn fiom fero) in a rnittr : one in Petron. 8o. 80 eon- 
**iBQd It aemal dialiea of meat^ flah, fowl, fmit and TegeUblca, arran»c«l 
^^ Um Bina of tbe aodiae ; tbe eompanj teeminK diiappointcd, the npiier 
l**n ol tbe>WmlNM waa removed, and rarer daintlej (capons, 1»*«*J "tr a 
l!?«aieh, fl^b with rieh aanee) aroeaied beneath. Maiquardtjr <*> »35-6. 
***kerOeltaini»fsa— 8. On the ancient aimpUcity aee xi 77— «>. tato 
if* 8etT. Aen. I 788 el. 887 et im mtrio (i.e. not 9ecrtt&]ft dnobnt 
it^^^Hi fpN/eftif Nfirr tfafl^a/. On the Tarioni Uwa whieh from tbe leM 
^*'a a^ 181 m dovnwatda endearonred to restrain the amonnt spent 
SJaasUaiL the nvmber of snests , Uie kinds of provUion. see llein in 
^I^^MOT-IL VM.nlT». Geaii84. Win. x 1 189. Maer. h 
fr^^lWi epoL 8. PanUn. rit Ambros. 1 barley bread is •^w** •)«« 
<w/*»^. eiif eentenis Tielbns ferenlornm ^uotiHinm eonvlrU 
yrf^ rmeuire em*9emnU 05 sbcrkto ISo— 141. 

i^ A i^ I 8 tbe simplicity of the ancient dirt, wnxlmh riri$ prandore 
Ah//**r*t«lo rmrNinliiftf noa tnt, nee Mtte nllmt epuht habebamt, fM«f« 
^-'^^ «tr»Mi whitert embcBeerfMt. Bnet. Aug. 7U cena ;i![oqne cljf# 
* ior fn /a6«l/« /Wrt. at which the gnests wore the habit of tbe 18 
"^ Eoddcescs. Ifiplenres in Ben. ep. 19 1 10 * choose yonr company 
^ thMToar pmrision. For It U a lion's Ufa or a wolf'a to gotjte 
^ friend.' iinf mmlee riBrentie. Lncian epist. Bat. 84 has the 
A^parison. Mnt. qn. eoor. tin 8 5 f 8 p. 788 derives cenn inm 
m^mniimm being a aoUtary, tfM a social meal ; ai^a^a too 1 5 M 
Wm#^«m. tii pr. 1 1 p. 897 a Woman who dined alone said, • bo 
that day, but had not dined.' Ameipsiaa in Athen. 8 e 1^ /t 

,,o^y^ mi tmxApmC- ^ ^^^^^^ T ^I^ ^^ 
• 1 B. 8n rV #iXsC«riay 4#ir«, |ispMiri«r rfrinflt^. For tbe 

ml Her. •. n 18 18ul4 primtw Wh eetittiB entt krerh, I cesiiiiaas 

rsncvLA csxATiT Uor. ep. 1 16 84 jMfinaf. 

iMnuLA 118, 188. originally »#w»yrff, a wicker basket 

Ike Mor earrfed away their portion of meat from a viscrrafie er 

lertainment with saeriftee. Bj Nero Bnei 18 ptMicat tenmt «d 

fwl«rtes/ L e. he anbaUtnted lor a seat at tbe feart a poi^ 

Ueh waa aeon eommited lor a aam of moMy. Bnei. Gland. Si 
.WimiHMai H krtn diemsifns p«»ror««i (sMtansJ. fnorffve «AMftore 

- ' - imiimn $e pofmlmn; where «p. Is nsed (asin Mart. 

B , ffffffri-ff sportnla, irete data esO of a aligbti baety 

tumlHsi BmI. 7 aparlnlaa pmbUeat imttmUU rrvoeato ncimnim 


only in Mart iir, written 84—88 a.d. ill a! tre find mention of the actual 
entertainment of clients iniftcad of tUo diKtribiition ol2oassfs: the change 
being inconvenient to the patrons and niiiious to tho clients, who had no 
other roeana of proviJing rent and clothing was loon ahaiNlonod. Fried- 
liiiider 1* 849--86a. Docker Galhis 11* 1(U— 170. Mnniiiaidt v (1) 210— 
S80. riiiMo UMixB 100 n. 1.TJ n. iit 134. vii 91. 

Snei Tib. 88 AMae nomtie MlMtnHtll cauM pro forihui HHstuHtfm. Tho 
expression nrimo iimiMe Aen. 11 409. vi 427. 8Ut. Th. iii 670. s. v 8 72. 
96 r-ABVA Mart, iii 7 1—8 centniii niiscUi itim valtU qnadrantos,! 
«ntfmkml0ni9 eoHyiaHmm lauL x 75 11 sportnla not immxiI [M. and 
Galla, another Instance of women receiving the i^Mrtittn] qnndngutibtu 
nridacea/rfM. 99 sedet 11 I'JO eena sodet. iv 74. 

Ov. tr. II 481 parva sodet ternit inttrueta tabelia tatniUt. 

TunoAB . . TooATAR Pfop. v = iv 3 56. Mttii. VI 48 qHoH Mm 
pmnHe iopko§ etamat fiM tnrba tugato, | non tii, Pamponi, ccna ditcrta 
fan eft. tooatab hi 127 n. 172 n. 

97 iM«n the patron. ixsimcit pries into Mart. 

VI 88 1—4 qnidam me moda, Rnfe^ dit iff enter | in spec turn, vehtt emptor 
cut IttnUta, I enm mltn difiUtnine tnbnolauet, | ' tHMe «, tune ' ait • Hid 
MartialUr Used of the augnr's scnitiny luv. iii 45 n., tlie physician's 
llanL Pers. ii 6 15 morbum: tho btiwr'H Sen. cp. 47 f 10 qni evuum 
tmptnnu mom iptiim inipicit. M. Svti. coiitr. ix 2S § 11 p. 279 4 cnm 
tlieeret it nepotem tunm non videre reiie^ sed inspicorc. MUhliuann 
iiupeetio, in*peeto, iwpeetjr, impicio. 93 scrro- 

aims the Homenclotoret took bribes from tndi intmtlvrs Amm. xiv 6 1 10 
mtreede meceptm ImerU qnofdam et prandiU interHHt ipuobilet et obtenrot, 

PALSo KovixB roscAS dig. XLvii 2 52 (53) { 11 if 
any one bss given a baker ordoH to supply fine Hour to any 0110 wlui 
afaonld ntll for it in liiit name, and a tvystamlcr. hearing tho order, petiit 
oiui ttoMiNe, tlio baker may bring an action for tlivft. 

99 AoxiTUS the nomemetalor kept a * visitors' book* Sen. ben. vi S3 
I 4 htos tm librot, quot rU nomenchlorHm evmpleetitur ont memorU nut 
mmitui. omieorum exMiman eue f Piin. xxix f 10 alienU itedibnt ambuta- 
mut, alienis ocnlis agnotcimnn, utiena mnnoria $alntnmui, Amm. 
XIV fl 12, 13 • a stranger to llorae, soiiig for the first time to wait n|K>n 
the great, ii received as if iio hod iH.'eii long desired, and is enchanted t«> 
receive such attenticms from men of tiioir rank. Let liim next day repeat 
bis vi«it; ho will find that he l« not known, but again aMkcd who ho is and 
whence ho comes, llrcognised at last, agnitnt vera tandem^ if ho is le- 
csivcd into favour, and pays astidnous oourt to his patron for three j-eais, 
•ad then after three years* absence retnms, he must resume tho samepro- 
ceu from tlw beginning.* IQO ipsoe . . . irsi 16 n. 

TaoivoBXAa viii 181. xi 95. vim 80 Teueromm prolet. cf. iii 239 n. Pen. 
I 4 Troindet, Yarn (Serv. Aon. v 704) and Uygiuns ib. 889 wrote de 
fmmUiit Trnfeaff, the Iloman families which traced their pedigree to Troy. 
Among them were the Iiilii viii 42 n. To Schwegler's list i 10, 883, 
884-0 add the QninctUii Philostr. Roph. 11 1 { 25. whero Herodes Attiens, 
observing tbe deference whieh M. Anrelins paid to tliem, said, * I bUmo 
Homer's Zens also for k>ring tlie Trojans.' The wife of Herodei traced 
ber descent to Aeneas Bdckh 0280 a 8. Klansen Aeneas and G. C. Lewis 
ttsdibUitr e. 9 have collected the anthorities on tho Trojan origin of 
MBe. Dionya. 1 86 atates that about 60 * Trojan families' existed in his 
•«9« ; eertainly an exaggeration. Bee Friedliinder i* 801—8. Hommsen 
M the patrieiaa fenlef in Rhein. Mns. 8 F0I9S zvi 868 and 18m. Gseeb. 
r lOL B. 0, S89 Aeanmnian envoys, seeUng tbe friendship of Borne 



(Tbiifwdl) •ieiURNi^r e«pi07«(l *^ ^l« ^ B(MM*i Troi«i origin, to 
ialtoff tiM Y«niij of tbe gratt Minllicii, and to rceomincnd tlieir soit, on 
tko groond tlMt tbo Actrmmiani alono Among ibo Graoks Imd kopi alool 
fkOB the eipcdition agrUniit Troy Inat. uviii 1 | <L Birab. 408. It «u 
piobnbly the int timo tb^ hi« ever boontcU of tbo oinipiion of tbeir 
Btmo in the Homcrte Mtalognc.' Ijit. xxr I'i I 5 a rroiibcey of Mareioa 
WfofO B.C Sit atrkil tbeHomantTr. nmnem, Troingona,/!*^ CciimiM. 
Clandina Snet Sft Hirtuilmt, qMaul llnmnnae fitntii nnctorihu*, Irtbmla in 
pemetMmm rrmMt, ritlng a letter in wbich llome offcrrd Sclciicnt [l^ilo- 
Mor B.C 187—175] fricndtbip, nn conilition that bo would free tbeir 
faminMn of llinm from erefj burden. Ilium, wbicb was idontifled vith 
Tw^, waa Titited by Lnean and otiier |nl(nrim« FricdUinder ii« 70— 7S. 
Uj liner. I 1 tbe lloman pco|4e aro railed Atneadae; b/ SiL xtr 117. 
In Ctfd TnltiffeMe: cf. for tbo form GrniM^rurt. 

tKigiaiT Hor. a. 1 8 18. Suet Aug. M ofiicin cnm mMltfi mutno exatnlU 
ttre priMB dlf$ cfffaaf mc mtitrmnet frffwntnrf tfttiit, qnam pntHdi fam iMfN 
ct im imrbm mwrnnlam MBOHtaUorum die vosatup. 
^wsLAJn UMEX KT iroi 117-1S8. Ill 13H-^1»0.339— Ml 8Ut. a. i S 

%tHP s #Miil« bonoa [In?. 117], eiiiint rfninnt ad limina/ff«rr«, | omtil$ 

^fhei^ teritur fniftexta tmmmltH : \ kiiie fqne*, kine iurenum cofln ftola 
^miwia Imhomt, Ben. nd Hare. 10 f 1 ampin atria et fxcluwrum elifitliitm 
%.arbn rr/erU Toatibnla. ben. vi 84 o.g. § 1 maftno ae$timarr introitum 
«ie tmetmm tifl liminftt; in tbo boufo mnlta oHia, qnae rtcrpiM anoquf 
^jreimdnmU 1 1 Giaecbut and Livioi Dmrat tint iiortc«l tlicir frienda 
Anto ctaaaea. kabmemnt itaqne i$ti amieot primnt, kabatrHHt §e€umtnt, 
'wmmmmmm rrrot. | 8 amiemm roeai, eN/iw di»poHitiir $alutaiiot (Iut. 
"3011 . . - tnin$ rtA^art ei pabiieum verbum et /imwiViiam i0iioti$ ba?e 
«im» mM ina ordiue emittHnrf { 4 a<f qHemennquf itrtqne ittormm veneH$^ 

tttonm §atiitatia vrbem eoncntit, Bcito, rtianwi auimadrertvrii dmeBtm 
nmenti freqneutim ricot et commeaniiam in utramqMe imrtviH eaterrit 
Mmcrm coffprrfM, f«mrn venire te in loeum hominibnt pieHMm, amieia 
Menvai. % B in peetore amiene, non in a trio quaeritur. ep. 84 { IS 
Infaerff ittae potentium domoe, ilia Inmh/Zmom Wjm falatantimm limina? 
««ll«n kabent eontmneUamm, nt intre$, lAut, enm intraverie, 

n irai Mart. 11 18 eapto tttam, pudrt ken, $ed eapte, Uaxime, 

enmai.* | fn €apta$ aiiam: iam inmne ertfo pare; \ mane •aintatnm tenia: 

fa Meerit ieae \ ante Htlntatnm : iam enmrn ertfo pare; \ »nm eome$ ipee 

tnn§ tmmidiqne anteambnio reffi$:\ tn eomet altrrintf iam iumm erga 

P9rta» I eoM Ml ett $ervnm : iam nolo viearint eue ; | qui rex r«r, rei/em, 

Mmmime, nen kabeat xii 88. Martial docs not Ikowcvcr tpcak of tbew 

«MlMiora na neeiTing tbe $portnla. Mam- illuKtrionM lamilica fell into 

fi^mlb vorerty 0. g. tbat of Hoiteniina Tac. an. 11 37,88. Cie. Tnae. ill 

§40 tbo famona Piso Fmgi bad alwaya opposed tbo 00m law of C. Grae- 

it waa pawed, eontnlarit adfmmentum aceipiundnm 9ene- 

jbarved bin witb ineonaittcn^ ; be replied Sollm mm 

Grmeeke, UM ofHfim dividere libeat, ied $i faeia; partem petanu 

101 noMacDii Inv., aecocding to tbo livoa, wm 

leenMie iMerfnaiJIfiif on olnaMHa. cf. iv 98 wNle^r, «f amflai 

[w tm$ fCpnafIt, »a aajra tha MMtar to tha 

nAnoM m 198. 
m IS— 198, 181. WW 899-881 n. Tbo offlean of tha 

^ tiaaauiara ote. wwo akTM or freadmaB» wbo attainad 

MSl noww oai waiOth I bj thk nfOBoa tbajMOvineiab 


it 894—448, 478-491 * Beeker 11 (1) 78—80. Bcin in Panly. Trimal- 
ebio in Petron. 78 iolicrita from bis nuMtcr patrimoninm latietavium. 
DUaL lY 84 speaks of tbo glorjr of tbo lioman fniiicliiiio m sullied bj 
manj wbo purebascd tbeir freedom by poinouiugii, brij^nda};^, burgUirj, 
etc. CUudius, on tlio otlior band, on a wido sun-cy of liomnn bistory, 
Tae. XI 21, found precedents for tbe most libvnil bospitalitr, iibertinorum 
filiii magiitratui mandari non, ut pleriqne fatluntur, repem, ted priori 
popnio faetitatnm eat. Tbo same Claudius Suot. 35 libertinon, qui »e pro 
eq«itib»M ItowMnii agerent, pubiieavit. We sco from Hor. s. 1 G G, 88-41, 
4r»— 50, 80—131, tbe jealousy witb wbicb ibo 'new bloo<r waa regarded. 
Ijatcraiins, wbon Nero's frcedman Eponbroditus took bim to task for 
somo olToueo that he bad given, replied Epictct. 1 1 | 20 ar n BdXtt, ipQ 
#ov r^ Kvplif. raion noo on tbo stmcRlo for the first 

place ill 94a -a ^00 Aosux cliMiou in this pUeo 

II 28» 150. ziv 909. xv l.'>5, IGl. 

104 XATCS AD EuriiRATKx III 03— GG« 83. Bidon. ep. ni 17 6 natna 
ad Enpbratcm, pro Chritto erffatlnfa prnunt, Cic. do prov. eous. 1 10 
Indaeit et Sifrit, nationihm$ natii ierriluli. Lir. xxxr 40 | 8. x«ti 
17 I 5. Eunus, the able leader in tbo flnt scnrilo war, d.c. Ill or 134— 
188, was a Syrian, and called bimsclf Antiocbus and bis troops S^Tians 
Lit. epit. 60. DS. zxxir 3 i| 5. 24. lu ralcstino it was not nnnnunl for 
parents to sell tbeir children exod. 21 7 ; or (or a man to give liimself up 
tosUveiy Lcvit 26 80. Syrian sUves gen. 16 2. 1 chron. 7 14. On tbo 
trade see Joel 8 8, a Amos 1 0.0. 1 Mace. 8 41. 2 Mace. 8 11,26. 
Hebrew slares Deut. 98 08. Is. 11 11. Nch. 6 8. E«th. 7. 4. In tbo 
days of the Maceabees and after the wars of rom|x>inM tbe I'bocnicians 
drove a brisk trade in S^-rinn slaves; tbo great mart was DgIos, wbcio 
myriads were sold in a day Stmb. GG.*%— 0; tbo profits of tbe sale formed 
the chief attmction of piracy to the Ciliciaus. In the Jowisb war los. n 
9 I 8 97.000 Jews wore taken pririoncrs. Tlic Jowii of tbo • diaH|>ora' were 
mostly frccdiuen ; in Unmc there wrm a Jvw'ihU qimrtrr bcvoiid tho Til«r 
(Philo log. ail Cff. 23 ii 5GH M. Tite. an. ii k:0. Tho c«>untrics bovond tho 
Guphmtes teemed with Jews Pliilo ib. 81 ii 67A M. Movers Pliiitiiz. ii (3) 
70—80. Winer Itealwtfrtcrb. Liltertiner, Rom, .S'il7<«rN. Crcdncr Einl. 1 880. 
eomment. on Acta 8 0. B^-riaus scrvitl iu C'rccco and Ital>- as bakers, 
cooks, hairdressers, singers, dancers ; Syrat, Sijri$cHii, Sitra, Sijri»ca, m 
standing slave characters in Greek and lloman corned}'. lur. vi 351. Cic 
de or. II i 2G5 Si/ri renatet. iu Pis. 1 1. Tho author Puhlilius Bjtus ro- 
tamed in bis namo tbo memory of his bonda^. Cappodocum (vii 16 n.) 
and ArmeuUn skives (Libon. op. 725) went also numerous. 
MOLLSs Teri palL 4 anrem/oratn ejfeminatnii, in aubr 

nxESTRAi earrings of the Hebrew boys exod. 83 9. cC. gen. 85 4 ; of 
tbo Midianitoa judges 8 34. Xen. anab. in 1 § 81 'ho has no concern 
witb Docotia or any part of Greece, for I saw him. like a Lvdian ' 4/i0^^ 
r* ttra rcrpinnp^ror. DChr. 83 p. 854 R. ascribes the practice to Phrygiana 
and Lvdians. Pkul. Poen. v 3 30, 31 Mtlpliio myn of Carthagiuion slaves 
ttaal they hare do fingers in their bands, qnia ineednnt eum annlatia 
•V'ibna. So the khiga of Bal^rlon (NieoL Dam. fr. 8 iii 800 MOUor) and 
of Sbrrhi (Snid. AXi^w), tbo Afneana IPlnt Cie. 8818. apopbtb.CieL 9 
t?Wb.qtt-««v.iil4|4 n.681. llaer. tii 8 i 7 OetAvin^ reputed 
off Alriean deaoent, oomphdned tbat ho eould not bear Cieero, wbo replied 
teria aoMos bena foraimt habere onivt), tbo Mann (Dio lxxviu U I IL 
Afiba (FMroB. 109 PtHmnda anret, «l faiiCnaor Arahee^U Indians (Oirt. 
tni9|91,Bl|80. 8lnb.719; Air. lad. 18 f 8 aaya tbo rii«iWHO ol 



106—100] oobthius. wealth of freedmem. pallab. 139 

nottUiiM was the flnl of tbe Idngi to «m Plin. is 1 18C tojtm ^metextm ct 
latioro elft?o. Tlie UtieUre wm worn by the prietU of Hakam at Gar* 
tliape (Tcrt. palt 4 ad lln. latiorh pmrpunie nmbitio), by tboM of Ilcmlea 
at Gadfft (SiL iii 97X and by the PhoenieiAn priosU (Heiodian ▼ S 1 9). 
Angiifliai granted the honour to sons of aenatofe (Suet. 88), and of eqnitea 
(Ovid and hie brother tr. ir 10 80, iUi); io alao Caliinila Dio ux 9 1 4. 
BaUcnisro tlicii. ant. liitni. in 1840—73. Fora. rhr«*. latiehnH$, Becker 
II (1) !t77— 380. Harquardt ▼ (3) 165—7. Decker GaUtM i 107. ni 1G8~ 
4. IMtifcnR r/(trN«. e. Inlm, purpMm, 107 lauubxti 

Jjanreiilum Uj near the eoaat of Latinm, between Ontia and Larininm, 
10 in. p. from Ilonie. It i« ealled the cnpital of Latinna (Aen. vii 171), 
and wna named in the eommercial treaty n. c. 600 between lUnno and Car- 
thage Tolyb. Ill 83 j| 11. It sank into inniftnificaitce nnder the repnblic 
In riiny'n Ijanreutiiio eatato e|». ii 17 I 8 multi ffreKOfl orinm, MM/fn 
ihi r^ MfirMM bonm armfHia, quite montibM$ kfeme dfpnl*a hfrttU rt ienore 
mno nitfM-HHt. cuHTonrr coxnucTAa keepn for liiro 

a iitranf{cr*N floekii. dig. xix 3 {4 a flock, qnfM quh eonduxerat, 
havinff U-cn driven olT, if it can be proved tluit tlio keeper waa not 
gnilty of eollniiiou wilh the robboni, lie ia not bimiid to make leood the 
low. f 6 «l qnh rituhi pmcrntbn . . • eondaxat. MunA. inaor. 
p. fiOO condnctofeM ffrrtfum orinricornM, 

108 coariN'ra viii 7 of that (omilv of tlie illnatrioni Yaletia gena (Cie. 
p. Fkcc. $ 3.)), which claimed deaceut from M. Valerioa aumamed 
Corvaa (Li v. vii 30) from the miracnloai aid which he received from a 
raven a. c. 849. to wliom Anguitai erected a atotne in hia fomm, bearing 
a raven upon the head Oell. ix 11 { 10. Lilco many otiier uobto CamtUea 
(FriedlJtuder H 319, 830) it waa now ao redneed, that Nero granted U, 
Valerint Mcsaala Gorviuna conn. a.p. 68 (Clinton) a yearly penaion of 600 
acttcrtia Tac xiii 84, qnibtit J/, pnnpfrtntfm innoxiam 9H*Umttirrt, Long 
aftcrwanln Avicunfl con*, a.d. 4aO claimed deiceut from Hcmiala Corviiraa 
J (Sidtm. ep. 1 9. Ifncr. 1 1 36). 100 TkUMmt 

Pallaw. brother of Felix the procnrator of Indaea, wan a froedinan of 
Clandio!!, who refnued ou hia behalf a propoaed grant of 16,000 »r$tfrlia ; 
oil which a •en. cona., engraved ou bniaii, waa aOixed to Caeur'a atatno 
Plin. ep. VIII § 18, in which thia, Tac. xii 68. labertinna §e§tfriU 
ttr milift poincflflor mmtiqnae panintonhe hndibut eMmnlabalMr. Cor- 
iiclins Hcipio, Tac. ib., moved a veto of thanki to huu for waiving liU 
dignity an a denceiulant of the kinga of Arcadia. Piiny ep. tii 89, maaing 
by the tomb of l*allaa, remarked an inscription eominemorating the aen. 
eons, above mentioned; he aftonrarda examined the record itaelf viii 6, 
and wrote an indiiniant comment npon it e. g. | 4 PmtlaiiH urc0 pnt' 
toria ornnmentn ajt'eruntiir ; qnlppe nfffrmninr m tfrris, IHilka waa omni- 
potent with CUudina Tac. xiii 14 rttni nrbitrium repnl nfitbtit; ho 
amassed hia wealth aa imperial treaanrer Rnet. Cland. 88 « rnthnihrnt, 
IMin. 1. c. i 7 cMsfos prineiptillHm ojihni. FriedUinder i' 108. Once whan 
Claa<liiia needed moiM^, he waa told Suet. 1. e., ht wmlH ktire tiioiigk 
«Nff fo fpnre, if kU two freedvten (P. and Kareiaana] iroifM tmkt Mm into 
partntrthip, Plin. xxxin f 184 wn bav* known manT 9erritnU Uhem^ 
loi wealthier than Ciaaana or Balk, thna nnder Cbuidiiia, CalUatna, P., 
Marcissna. Hia arroganea waa ao great that he gave ordera to hia alavia 
only by a geatore or by writing; never by word of mouth Tac. xiii 8S. 
Dio Lxn 14 1 8. ef. LXi 8 1 8. On hte gaidena aea Beekar 1 66a VUd- 
Uua Snet. 8 werahippad MMmg hia Lnraa goidaa JmagM of P. mi Nnr- 
ciaiaa. a.*, fi Itaw. at wm §mwnXlp baliawdit Tm, itf if foiaoMd P. 


Motl iimauam fecnnUm Unfa ^e^a ^i'lIT^ t?h.Tn^ll'l • 

^^ ^!m»M « l^gcnerfo plur. el. ii 8. mi 4 C«rlai. ii 88. n 
iM. SI 91 ^nZ JTiSSrSSr^x 108 Chii.0*. Aug. eoi... er. lu | 88 

JkiiilSlimrxiY 808-8. i2Mii. Pcni. ii 88 mmc Licinl |ii cam- 
£r?;»e CmS ^iX «» dfrfto. Sen. cp. 119 I 9 ,««r«« i.«i«/it« turn 
?S^ LiK-r;;irr«i.f«r. WO 8 ll cited on CO. 8.a.«. qn r 7 
*ii!Si!«aS He WM * tUnI, priKwr of Ciicwir, who nuido him bin dw- 
^S^id wLSdwitcd hlk MhoL h. I. IHo UT 81 P 8, pcrhant by 

«l L^SliVrnT^diol. Vtn. Mner. ii 4 | 34 ho iwcd to eontrilmlo Urge^ 

£ Um p5L work, of Angn-tu., once ho .ent him • iK^ 

!?Jwf!r WvNiff A blABk KMCO milor tho amomii, which A. fllicU lu wiui 

^TZ^c^ferTm, ^omlne:^norropeH.imp.n.nm,u^^^ 
mS^Am nraenntor of 0»iil under Anffuiitiu B.C. 18 and 16 ho amimicd 
t^' wtlST^ng 1* ««ith.» tribttto in^tho year ehwng. a- 
S^b^irai onW^Uio 10th month, lor an 11th and 12th alter it. Wo 
MlSr Sn de morta CL 8 | 1 istiffdunl . . . mnttit nnnl^ rtfnnttt, 
ULt^vo^ to ^Srwma poiilar Indignation Vy building the Ua.ili« 

aTiL^ Satoria al tho tod mikatono wrhol. Pera. Mart nii 8 8 «/!«- 
2L «JiJLiolni«anno«i lH./r<# «w»f. anthoL 77 M. atanaorjo Liciw 

smnral Llilnnm. Uil nltmm fama C^ionem^Vmpevm^^^^ 
Cr«^ *«•) Tha 8imt diatich ii in aehol. Per., ani •«h»^i^i"2i* 
^^ «m« «ul !..••«•* u Ui# nnbliahed under the nama of Petron. by w. 
r^lJ^Xi^^t^%Of^^ BeaMadTigopny.ii 

«• S imSt^ I— --V ^^^„^ ^jH, the Irony cf. 42. in 88—40. 
^«;!^ ^^^110 twcAKT DimiAB Hot. a. n 8 

VtH^^ ueno -iiiw Le. trilmno 109. LU 1188 

ti~I;/^^ Ml mamtalmm emni aaeroaancti. Plin. ep. 1 28 1 1 fia- 

Snt Jt t£ --5 !«!«<-• to' • 1 100 «. to imftria. 
^■"•^^ V?; ,TOJB^«niai.hi.rl.a Pera.T78-9. ^ ,, 

.. «a>o U.UI iSS?a%?Jw.«uT alm. tii 18.17 g«to l^'fJlM. I 
SJ!f!J2^d7^d«5rOallto talo. ef. iii 88. A* ti 77 Jahj. 
SS^tC!^ 8 89 f«Sta« emart. Or. am 1 8 88--4ii«i l«, •^"'•. ^* 



7S£i!!?A»drfi;^ .^ oOm amIaM hj tha U^ 


$refihn$ opprobHnmqne imoUniii fortanae, quod ft no§ ntlco potiri rerwm 
rUfimui wt pnetorin qnoqtu itrnamfnta dtecrni a tfnatu iuhenU Affrlppiua 
Ctaudi Cme$ari$ rlderemm, tantumqne mm cum laureaU$ fnMcibut remitti 
iU9 unde aretati. podibn. tulvenltsfnt. In tho laat word, ho i. 
aUoding to Palla. Plin. en. fiii 8 I 14 oraetoria ornameuta PalUuUU. 

113 MAIRHTA. nor. ap. 1 6 87 Obb. reainn poounia. 
nantk Bcucca i. only .peaking of tho riche. of tcinpIcA pror. 6 1 2 non 
mnt tUvithf btmum: Uaant hahfnt iUm et Klius tenOf ut hominrt pec a* 
niam, eum in tcmpli. eon.ocraverint, ridrant ft InforHift. At' 
nob. IT qnit nd fxtrfmnm dcam Peeniiinm et*f rrvdat^ quam relni 
mtifimHm nnmen rf»tmr indicnnt Utti'mt douarf ttnitlnM nnrccM^ Utca in 
Indh atqMf in »pcctncHHt priora / Bo Aug. civ. 1>. iv 21 (where ninoug 
abntnict diTinitie. oeenr Victoria and Virtu.; alio Acsculunns and Argeu- 
tiunn). 21 ^alKO Virtufi. Ccnicordiii, Victoria), tie 8 |f 2 rur cclchntta ni 
dea ilinerra, rt tthtenntta t$t dm Pccun ia 7 11 and 12 Itippitor IVcuiiio. 
On tha wondiip of wealth under the empire nee Pctroii. 137. FripdliiiKlvr 
I* 825. Meuand. in Stob. 01 29 makcM Gold and Silver ilio only Rcr^icc- 
ablo godf. 114 iiAniTA. tUiM iutreiiM. UNe, with 

tho abl. or fa or ft/mif. i. more u.nal xit 92. 2C8 ; tho iraiif*. nuo (&v JC2) 
i. eonflned in tho act to tho poetn and to later proM Mtthliuaiin, who 
give. exx. of tha word a. applied to gods. nux- 

Moaux 48. Ill 148. v 180. Tha choice of tho word mark, tlic i«oet*8 
neorn ; tho gen. or dat. are alike adminnible Iffriwai fiwfi^ rijt Ot^ or ro9 
$€99. 115 On these abntmci divinities hoc Mur- 

finanlt it 22. Preller rifm. Myth. 6uO— (131. Dtflliii;;er Hcidcntli. u. 
Jndentb. 4ri9. lur. ti I, 807 Pwdieitia. Cic. n. d. 11 g 01 rt» ipua, in qua 
ris inctt mainr aliqna, tic ttppftlainr, ut fa ipta uomlnrhir dtus, ut 
Fide., Ml Ufn$, qnat in Capitotio dfdieatat ridrmn* prarimf a }£, 
Afmiiio Sfanro, anlf autcm ah Atiiio Catntinn rrat Fide, fomftrata* 
ridft Virtu tl. temptMm, ridti Honorii a M. Marvrllo nnovatttm^ quod 
multit ante anni$ rrat MIo Liftuitieo a Q. Maximo dcdiratum, qnid Opitf 
quid SalHtitt quid Coneordiae, Libtrtati*, Victoriao7 111 | 47. do 
Mg. 11 f 19 in an Ideal eodo o/fa, pivptfr anar datnr homini adtcfntut 
in eaetum,, Mfntfm VIrtutom Piftatrm Fidem, farumque ioudum 
dflubra unnto, ufVf ulla ritiornm. llin. 11 f J 14. 16 mo. human fccblo* 
IMH in llie inquiry after the .hapo and form of God. Whoever God i., 
if there be any other, and wherever, ho i. all feeling, all .iglit, all hearing. 
innumfroM qnidrm crfdcre atquf fiiam rx eHii$ komimtm ut Vudifitittia 
OoBOordiam Mfniem Sptm Ifonorcm Ctfmcntiam Fidem. .. . uuiio' 
rem ad inrttrdiam arefdit. Homo, in Luelan deor. eonc. 13 deride, tho 
VMubatantial nnme. tvrt imup rvrup wuff ii$dif aCrt #tvr$rcu 6\tM ivpotU' 
9m, *\V1irre i. ^| vo\i'ifftC\iiTo9 'Apirit Nature, Fate. Fortune, hollow 
name, of thing. Invented by thoite dullard, tho philonoplicr. ? . • . I nhoiikl 
llkatoa.k yon, Zeu., whether yon ever mw Virtuf, Nature or FatoT 
Amob. IT 1 intfiro^re rot libct iptotquf ante omnia Himamt* duminot 
rerum ae wincipet^ vtrumne fxittimetit Plftatrm Concord i am Satutem 
nanoftm Virtntoai Fflieitatfm ctttraquf kuiutmodi uomina, anibut 
ara. vMeani. a roM. earn magnfjleit fxtudifaatat di'lnbrit, vim kabfrf 

diviimm eafliqut im rrffionihut dfffret Ylotorla Pax Afquitat 

quamm ratiane qma Ha intfUegi pottuat dei etM atqua ad iuperorum con- 
alUmmpfrHnerti Ai^ dT. D. nr 14— 24. pax 

a goddeaa BH^ In Haa.; ahe had an altar at Athena ainea B.e. 449 Pint 
Ofan. 19. Sea Papa-Uenaeiar WdrterK d. gr. BigenBamen. HSi. Paa|y 
irmu. Ai^«itMfaUiiiiidi«aitotogtofiithaObfiMaHhMP>nliar 


tmuL yiOTOBU. vnrrus. n IM us 

m. Vvftk « mi TonrHr- apdictic* to Ur ii«f th« toni« a 

£y^i«iL«i. UMdMtoi ■urn. Heniwi iii»ef . Ind. rw" • 

2r^ jy nVn.nirr^TlHt vonhip of FW«f wm takl to haro Iwfii 

iKOMai \«IT. I. 1. T I «*. "»« TICTO»IA W«» U Ml «pl- 

Z«a^ IwLn I Sia. llMcbc. Hcnxen. Jrcnnd. The ««e»« 

•BrtO? OeterUun* Xr tbo Utito ol Aetlum ■.& ». trot 8r«"»^ 
SS^hteS-M »• mMeh for St. A«bT«» wbo *f '2*^ "•gjjr^ 

14. 17^ wwci 'A/KT* ui4 O/iwrf* were dfORhtoit 

i«8«lVr Mil PnaUnn Mbmcm Ir. 17 iii 164 MBIler ; 'A^t* iMd • tern- 

*« "orSZ XkerrS»-7r609-611. rnller lOm. Myth Mi-*. 
'H^fad.'i<to;fto«iA Virtue oecnre my often Jnroin."^ Iiie^ 

** SSI I JOoSctai of the reUgloii ol Borne Tlrtne tolfnia ft, 

''•* eof/rMiif, Kd nImMe tola atquf profotllo. An*. Or.V. n », «, 

17. • '"'ii, «Mir*W CMMTAt COXCOBPU IIIM mIkM*.. tUt to 

Sir >*•«#« mw mWcd by th ■ pwei*); the etork Ij, VuXwa. M Biin";. 

»»''*«le«»VJ?uJ^l3 ,1 rUwrnot Ol Owcordi.. It to "ot aow 

«• irtUtffoT ol tbo .toA to Concord, thw to .-eribo the 

:!**• mTthTwSitoto rboebne; or the bcgRlng jj }>«o '•»?»• 2f 

'■*- toirn. lSl» »-iO et*l<e Iwm hto own knowledge that tbo tto* 

- tIm MiMtM hftUi hif Met and cMttcn. TM foa- 
tSSi STE* *• »«?•• 'Bh her "«t aMnjM 

TAff Or. ■• ▼! if V** •••• 


atMii4iit oropltABto el eon U ronlro, coitcoiima 

^iMM^o oemni in Apolkm. Uli. 11 718 and nclinl. Arpmn Millir. SM lior 
templo in Tmllef ; ClMriUm 111 *J miotbcr In MiloinN ; rani, t 14 | an 
•Iter in KlU. 8co rapo-Dcniclor. lIHt. Tlio prinripni tcinplo o( Con- 
ooidla in iComo wm at tbo ontmnco to tlio Cnpitol, ovcrlmiipuff tlto 
Foram, bnilt by Camillnii, Pint 49 1| 4. 7; here In Cioero'n time (I'liil. 11 
f 19. nt I no. Hall. C. 40 g 5), and aftcnrardn tbo ncnnto often met. II 
waa reMtored by Tiberini Or. t i 037— C18. Hnct. Tib. 30. IHo i.r 8 i «. 
LVi 35 1 1. Becker i 811—0. llnnsen 111 1 CS leq. 803 «eq. For otber 
templri aeo flecker 1 3<ttf, HIO, 543. Coneordui occtim often on coiui and 
inaeriptiona Ilenzen. ILiscbe. Aiif;. civ. I). 111 35. rroUcr G'J3— 5. 

117 aUMnua hoxob the eousnl 100 n. Scnatoni atten«1od 
tbe loT^ of Scianna Tac. ri 8 UbrrtU quoqnr ae ianUanhnt rin* Hole*- 
cere pro maiimHeo arripiebrttur ; even coimoIs Dio lti 81 || 4* 80 tbo 
proriiirlal nennton nscd to rccetvo one or two denarii at wetUinp^ and on 
otber fcffCive oeeaaiona IMin. et Tnii. ep. 110 = 117. For honor poo 110 
and cf. the eoremonial nM ol gmce, honour^ mnjefti/, rerrrnier, txceileneif, 

118 aroBTVLA 95. Inr. Ih alone in rppreaeniing 
tbo rieb and noble of both aesea a« actnallj reccivini; tbo dole. >Iari. 
ppeakii onlr (zii 30) of their going tbe round of morning riiiita Fried- 
Under t* 854—5. HQ quid pacicxt ii G6 — CO ud 

«|nld I non faeient nIH, enm tn mnltiein iinnias7 Mart, x 10 1—4 
Cnm tn, hnriftrri* aniinm qui fttucUmn intrtiHf \ mane inlntntor liniina 
mille lrr(i$i\hie effo quid faein'ni? qnid noiti$, Pontte, tcUninit^ \ qni de 

piehe Snmae denMqne tnriht tnmHMt \ 11, 13 quid faciot paupori 

ral Non fircl e»»e elienli f | diminit no»tnti purpurn retlra togaa. 

coniTKH 40. Ill 384 n. vii 44,143. viii 137. 
■ino from tbe »pnriuln. Mart. 111 80 1—1 nportnln unita dnlnn ffratit 
ronrirti reenmhit: \ die miiii. qnid liomne, liartnlinnr, facit7 | undo tibi 
tognla ett et Inaeao prutio eetloet | unde dntur qnodran* (for a liath)* 

TOOA . . CAixEca HI 149 n. worn together by tlie 
Bomam when in full dresi. Cie. Verr. r f 80. Phil, ii | 70, eontnuting 
hiiuMlf with AntoniuH, ' jon aaked Imw I rctnmed; in tbe first pUco in 
broad daylight, not in the dark; deinde eiim ealcein et toga, nnliii nee 
limllieii nee laeernn*, p. Gael, ji 03 toflaiit hominilm* . . . ealreati et ret- 
iiti, wliero the inconrcn fence of iKtlli ih ppoken of. Pltn. ep. tii 8 cited 
OB III 173. Hnct. Aug. 73. Arlemid. iv 73. Bo in ILidrtaira time Oell. 
Xiit 13. TertnlL do lull. 5 calceos . . nroprinm togao iormentnm, Cf. 
ifiwtx^ *"d inrhitwit Jlriud. on Tlat. liipp. mill, jl 35 p. 391 a. 
120 rvMi'M 1S4 iffnit emendnt, iii 349. l>ipbilns In Atli. 380 mnkoa a 
paraiiito obnerro not tbe arcliitccturo of tbo lionfle to which ho la invited, 
bat re0 tm-^tifimr rhtf nawwhr, if tlint riiiea rertically In a thick column, 
then he la tran«portod with Joy. The ancienti had no chiiniieyfl riii 8. 
Verg. ecL tii 50. g. ii 313; Bcckmann hieit. invent, i 395— 313 Uolui ; 
and the emoko would iiU the garret of tlio yoor in 801 n. App. b. c. 
IV 18 raeWlrif ifwttpa^at, Apnl. m. i 31 of a miner in cuim koMpitio nee 
fnmi flHv nidoris mebulam rererer, Qionta eoold not aapira to acapnm 
<>tart xnr 15) or coeta Hfina dig. xzzn 55 { 7. 

nBTCiaaiiiA UDcncA ztr 144 d^n«« . . o/ira. So the poota iiae the aing. 
with nmllaia (it 47. vni 7) and plnrimui (iii 383. nii 58). of . 04 n. iestm 
terwiee, LnoMi vn 480 fNWNNU'rNM . . miuUe, MiihlmanB <MmiairnM 
qioleo Or. (Ua), TibnlL, PUn. h. n.. Mart. 

onwif 9VAMiAaTBt«35afM«»G| aeateteea. Mb. Uari. i 89=00 lilaC 
JMbbb mUd fBBdrBBlea aporlBU ••■!«•. ui 7 i eited on 90. ivOa 


n 88 ebiiBcing to nloto GtodliAtiiM bf Ui nftme, mi boI wilh iemtfie, 
BBj ffccvloB eoft mo e. f. nii 4:1. 1 70 19. 74 oiled on M, 7S 11 ; lono* 
tioMf no iMil of * lyvrffflo mtilor fill 4S. n 101 tluw dennriimli ms- 
lenoi. 1 fl7 ihifi^ oevloioM m * Urtlidaj kmefi, sn 90 14 twomsr 
■eiUfOM. LwiMi do amr. oond. 11 • oboli. Tho w t lo m wm vorto 
•I tlilo limo ft Ulllo BMio tluui 9 id. 

m QVAMuimti Ti 447. Tn 8. lUtt. 9 90. Ibrk 19 41 Tho Mii«lloti 
ooppcr coin, no! coteed iiflor Tnjon'o iiso(7)3ioiBiBiia Oooeb. d. lOoi. 
IMiiiwoocni 701—1 OoiM 1 199. utetKX 04 ■• 

133 mn abicsiti asori oportakm. 

MTA iA« CALLtDUi Aim by tUs tiioo on odopl in Um ptofeoiioB wbteb bo 

boo moitered. 8eo ibo loiioonf emlMui, 124 

cuvoAX 05 n. IT 91 n. nuAU ti 808. tii 149. 

properij o cbftir or lodoii, from ieAeo, vbilo Ifettfm io o oonrb. Mart, 

X 08 11, 19 lootioo nre te tnta peUf Vfloquf, | nee rinHlctiMt lollo 

mfpim$ clavta. xl07 Icetieom tellomre $eqHnrf Biici. Cbmd. 98. 

1km. 1 Sen. brcT. Tit 19 f| ^ 7. oomt. imp. 14 f 1 qvld referi qnam 

kabemnt [mutkremiU quoi leetfeariot kabfntewif f ii«m otirrattii «niv«, 9110M 

kxmm oollam ? Nero Snci. 90 bcforo bo become rcekletfl, need to bo coih 

fejed iiecreUj,el«M ffenttitorln 9rlln drtmtm, into tbo tlicotro, ond thoro to 

Inotipitc rioti. OtboSnet. Oobditofl propfre maliebri tello inetutrm 

rmmieiHM. Vitellim in bii foU Boot 10 «i6«frM«N« geitmtorim itlU 

betook bimwlf to bio fomilj boose. Toe. o. xiv 4. li. i 80. SfUa oeemo 

liowoTer to bo mod kHHclj for Uetien Bnrt. Aur. 03. CUndini, toy ■ Dio 

MJL 9 f 0, wif tbo fini Romon to qm a trlln M^^y Kmrmwr4yif )( #n^ro8l^ 

"^•i Dio bimtelf mentions it earlier xlvii 93 | 3 'conTvyed bim awi^y 

^iriTntely. m vol po w fe r d ram it U^pm nird#rc>cr f^ifteXWv.* lvi 43 g 9 

* liko % voman.* utn 16 I 4 lleimar. Tiberiua brotigbt L. Beribonini 

Xjibo, in a mortal okknem, into tbo aenato-boniie, in a Ifettea, oneb at 

menofon* wtrr* nno. 17 ff 0. 7 (Arcbelaoo carried into tbo curi^ in a 

4eeilem). Tbo elder Pliny, Plin. ep. 111 6 f | 16, 10, always went about 

3lomo in a $ettm, accompanied by a clerk to wbom bo dictated; and 

-rcbnkod bit nepbew for irasting timo in valking. Tert. palL 4 1 041—9 

Oihler fnfoe fa $fmetip$m$ tetMeitMntlo, qno ptuMlut odMNf or, . • . ipttii 

foofiw foin loeticas et iollao, quit in pnMittt qtwqMt dometiiee ne 

•etrete htththnntmr^ eUratert, On tbo materials of §cUnt oco Lampr. 

EltflabL 4 fnntmt eon$MUn rldienla de leffibm matronatibnMf .... f iioe 

oelln trkfrttur et nintm pelliein an nmrn an ehornta an arffentala, 

Naninaidt T (9) 899. Decker Gallns in' 6, 0. Friedlfindor 

''OQS* Lipo. elect. 1 10. 126 raorvn OALUi capift 

*ebol. qni eroftnt, dleii^ and so most; bnt tbo bnsbond's effrontery k 

j y ^wiMli t ont mora foceiiUy hy assifmiog tlio words to bim, wiib Jabn, 

^%ttffel cto. Ot, rem. am. 0^1—0 forte mdetmn imveni, dominam iecticm 

^^mebmL J bo stormed and tbrealenoil diroieo. | iam^ue ro4lrtlMriis*ioetiea 

^Irodoai' fftfw/r. | pwadient, vim eonimge mmtHS erat. Jerome ep. 99 ad 

R— toeh. 1 89 tdb a tale of lem oncoessfnl impostuo : in 84 Peter*i at 

a Tory noble lady procedod by a crowd of ennncbs, nsod watb bor 

f NO relff iotfor jNffiirrlHr, to distiibnto moner to tbe poor. ▲ 

old WDBum ran fonrard to locoiTO a oeoood dolo: «d qnnm turn 

perrenimett pngnnt porrigitur fro denmrio ei tmnii eriminis retu 

r/kadilnr. 11m nioral is rmdis owmium wimiormm eH oooHlto. 

oouocKT m 941—1 for tbo fnt, wbieb is also an 

idiom, I. Fr. Honnaan oomporoo Tor. Pborm. 801—9 Cv. esf mm 

cMtnoMfc DB.fnMf4ff<r«a. C& fit oril (ymiiiia Ml il 


Y^HTT^^rZ. UTi a"""*- f^ " * •»• Ada P.eni.. B«u, 
'^^*ii^%^Z^,^:i^^^rri^.^ •»« «« hour Iv « 

>nd ia tiM coorti rt^ .u.iy* h'*-'^'"' •"»»'1~>«> ii|»iiliiiii to 
of Bom.'. irmtoi.^;'!'Kt™. KV"» f""! ^V^ «'«' "•. .lataM 
t^atiwomtKgrML^^^^j^S!!^ ?^,^^ *« •'"»•• W« lying 

taAeA, MmU, after lSmL^^^.J^^^j, ^^ '««J '» pnMic labonn 

A(«in»bilo their kin. will TJ-^. .1 . '"^ *?""' <•"»' "P™ «••« dole. 

nr. f.w .how: on <mi t\«Z^ l^l.^. '"".«"'^'' •,•«<*••■ •"Mqnc UUe« 
will be left ; their tr«lo 1. ™^ f ," . 7 •""": "*'»"'• So-m no mniite 

tjrte. «.i. when .«rf.ilH v™°„ir to tl" L^b'tr'n.^r'"".'' r"-"""? 
Henee aimrfcxT aiid inlMt.ti. .»-V I? " " '""' """wW peacoek. 

faWetalk/wall ot.n.-^l.w^^''","^'' "" ""•'"••ome {«w.. 5 

the TnnoiH a^Wa are ..i many laud-mark. « .„ .._ "' "'ansoriTOB 
•alieiit. fc-atnre.. which reliZ il«r,r.I?f„ V ^. *^^'^' .'"•"' Pnwinmt, 
i. the ,«m«,T aitrnWeltT™ li?J en ...Til?"';./'"'"'' '«•"•'*•""''. 

S«cl. r.b. 11. Ve». SM" «^- ^'"". """?" «>*«P«»»». 
ill detail prim, .alatante. J!^JS,t iT? ?'/' "'" """'»• »»" 

■dl Ui« world i. dcroted to kZ^ STbitim i^'ti "^ after aayiuR that 
"Marie, of Imtb mad- "l laThiJI^i ^." pteaiurc, and count, tb. 
"Ppeir to bate an «»eei.l .ilTfJ*?' °''"' "P""^ •'r "omc who 
liVamct aboBt trath^a Hk ?riiT '" .""• V •*'»" '""••-U-mtel, 
iV«lf «Hltotir riSouMi^tjJlJ ""''*" •" ?" "'• '""« •«''• to 

'HHSiebraHirtTiin ^LS».^ ■•?""• ".^ ""' ""> •I"'''*' tiaiuinc. 

■«commontoil.Jff!AS.u...r •'■"*"* " •«'««<»««o»« which 
«• the forum ^^w^M^ iSST' ""' ""* "» "»•» "»"«'. 
*Mm and ehariotWVhih.^.TT'!.,"^ nnmcron. .till to tho 
WfaW or amoort or^J».Il^ v.'" "V*" •" <>e«"P««d with nm- 

wUrb tMh 1MB (M drink.- thir&naM 


At tbo 
•Ton of pUfe- 






Mfirff : wKTi. t*^ «« tofw. '■Jrfra I mntr, trbm Jaha bM eoitoeiwi 
hMeriplkNit, mmninirnU, and t«xU of Antbon. 

PI iSlfiSiet. Krr. WJ. Tbc eorpw of Kbipibala-. L.iii|»r. 17. 83. wai 

Em • 11. llan. «».•». the iefttey of tbe «tatiic of 8<?Unw Im. x M. 
• * • 132 TKWwrMa W n. fimfitr. lie. p. Cnccin. I &> 

rilrntlnm Inrba referta reatlbnla. OcIL iv 1 f l.'"/*^*;^,"'*' 
•rm CmrmirSM rttnrtltrmnt. Some iur|HHHtl that *»»*" ^*"^* ^'/'j*; Iff 
a<^ of tbe Imnne. tbnmch wbicb tbrrr i.« an anm^cli frwn llir ilrect to 

r««*ii|r»«;r. 8<« Noil. p. T. ^ M diriu^ the word ^.r.^f /a *'* '^^^'f;, *" 
^^^innHm *mim^ ihm.^mm 7H»V,i»itfH. rmf.-jit/. V*'*-! «'fr;*'' ^J** '^^^^ 

-y. -518 C of nnU rlillo«»|'liw : 'the *:iUiUm of ollicni Ihry *»» "« 

--:« ««m with eo«rtvPTTb2t tl.c c«»k- and bakrm -n^'^'f ' ^^X t 

t^ rida thi^ aalnte fnmi a di-tanco. before Ihv are will «« ;W»*. •- 

'*- ^ ii w;ffr for tbU tbnl \)^rf vm^ inmi ^. »•* /^.^Si C4.I 

~ ilea Uie Invention to llie Tyrrlieniana U t. r«if eiwaif r* «^- 
•^JxraErc^SS™ T CW X bare becj. H«lt clictilj. "« 1. « "« 

CEXAE ana v 100 apca brite cenandi r«M rf^'jiff. 
^ mete. eond. 7 dtrelU npo" "'« "»<>"»•'*»* *^** pa»il« ]|2.7. 

••^•c- «. — . mmumd at tlie abundance of roW and ullver, €•«,__- 

^•--".TlbwS midit be fome ei«we for tbcm; bnt fw tbe bare bopfjt 
Ii,;nrtbey ^ that tiK. biboiiw ate «•.'*•« •^.'^^^'^Si 

kin^lthUttai; befallen them, nor r^^^^V^^^^]! 
Tiwa ol OdraKma hiid at leaat tbe weetne^ 
laM (Mr kiH of glory .. B«t that o»e who U «^«"^ • **J"*^ 
MMltto i3t «MB Wother who ia ftOtmilBff «!"» the i«tnO« 


of the ftoddeaa Hixii ^^^ deniee her votariiw no favoar, fsrantinf them 
erra moutiiaina «>f pild; in tlie midiit of tlicHe day-Ureainii if the acrrant 
aitka any iiceoflwry qneiition, e. e. Mrr Aprovs wrirr/«r, or mliat ho muat 
aniiwcr die lamllonl who baa often calktl for the rent, tlicy are ready to 
bite off tlie b(»y*R noee, aa tbongb lie had robbed them of all thiwe trca- 
anrea. eiHRt. Hat. 91 tbia in what iiKMt afllicta nn, that to and so should 
keep a perpetual foaat, on a porph} eouch, envied by all hia acquaintanee; 
and that we, lih eqnaU, aiioaid be always mnsing whence to proeuie 
4 obols, tliat we may at least before we f!o to bed, have our lUl of broad or 
porridi^e, with a seasoning of cress, thyme or onions, 
luxia 120/nmm«. 135 ir 140—3. ▼ 02—0 n. 

orriMA aif.rARrn mrj^oiQue Lueau iv :i7ri— jO o prodiifa 
rrmm \ fuTitriri nnmqntim pnrnt roHtenta pamtu \ ri qMiieiiititrum terra 
pelagoqne rihnrum | nmbitiwa /timfs et tantat flloriu mtnuif! l^iilo 
cited f« 04. Mnsa on 1 U. On the use of the ncnt. optima cf. Heind. on 
Hot. 8. II 3 25. llaa^o «m lleisig 030. 136 mes ▼ ICl n. 

TAcris Tonrs v 17 rffrno.../<'cCo. taxtvx 

Iran 05 n. Oie. in l*is. | 07 Ornrci stipati^ quint lit Irctit, $aepe pturfi: 
ipso stilus, riin. ran. 40 f mom tibi trmpcr in Huditt eibut $emprnjiir 
MrifiNff citmrnnnhf rlnt. Lucnll. 41 some Greek viRitora having been 
entiTtaiued several dnys by Iiuenllns, declined an invitation ; * they were 
lufkillinft t<i put him to such a daily cxitcuse.* lie answeml ; * it ia tme, 
some little of this Ik done for yon ; l>ut mont for LucuUus.* When ho was 
dining alofie and a finjilf tnbU with a slight repast was set before him, 
he lebukcil his cook ; to the slave's plea that * he thought there was no 
ueeil of a Riiiii|ttnoas feast as tliere was no company,' L. rfjoined : 'didj'Ott 
not know on €iiitpm wmpd AovsovXXy ^(vrn AovcovXXot ;* The stor^ getting 
wind, Cicero and I'ompeins one day told L. that they would duio with 
him, and take |Nit Inek. Ho tried to pat theui olT, but tlicy prevented 
bim ffitin vwit Kiving any orders, except aa to tho ro(»ni; they were to 
dine in *tlie Ap<»Uo*; bnt rnch dining room had its own ball of fare; that of 
the Apollo amounted to 2<N) n^ntrrtin. iacerit 11 1*20. 

137 T0T...oRDiaus 78. XI 117--120. Seneea, Dio lxi 10 § 3, who blamed 
others* prodigality, iiad 800 UUes of citms wood with ivory feet all alike, 
and fea*te<l npon tliem. Annius, 3fart. vii 4M, had *2IW tables and yet 
pine menait hnbet Annint minittntt, tlie waiters cany round tlie dishes 
and do not set them down on the tables ; (originally the tables were changed 
with each coarse, whence mcntn jtrimn, $ecundn etc. Scrv. Aen. 1 SIO, 
723. VIII 283) ; fnaMsrarrMnf fialtatar [dishes] nAantqmt lancfi. | hat robit 
fpMltii hnbflff tnnti : \ not offfudimur ambnlnnte ccau. 
ruLcnaia the wood of the eitriu was preferred to all others. Cato in 
Festus 242 21 «fAet...rxpolitne mturimo oprrt citro atqnc tbore atqne 
pnrimtMtit Pornieit. Veil 11 80 I 2 the fumiture of Caesar'a OaUie 
triumph was of ritmt, Strab. 202 the Ligorians have great store of forest 
traea, many of them rf rsiciXif *in vein* not inferior to the eitnia for 
making taUea. 820 at ia Uaumaia that snppUea the Uomana with the 
■■oal fariegated and largest taUea of one pieea iMseCAevt. ef. Plin. uii 
i f 1. Frtron. 119 27—31 reee Afrit ernia Urrit | jmiflMf «e oMcaffs 
fcallafar ri//8N« aamm | cffiv* aieasa... I hoe tteriU me male nobiU li0nmm\ 
fwifl 9epmlta wtrra rlreum v<niL Loean n 428—9 faafam llanraaia 
fraff I rob or* diritime, quarmm non noeersl uram, | asrfcitri ceRfeiifa 
Maila rlrrlal ef «ai8ra. | in nemm tgnotmm motirat venert teaaret ) 
ofM fpmla$ manaasgiie ■rfirfamf orbe. Plln. xiii M 91 — 102 
€ftlM«ilnMatl«|lh} thavoiBiiif avMNhadndradwMiBftUDd 



of wen upon Um tree or iti root xti | 186 quibtu tuni tubna iiemt in 
rmme 0lmmdM,.,.qtiO(iam ealh enrnh in $e conroUtto, hoe preiiotUiimum 
i» eitro ei •ttve, xiii | 06 fNmf Untl emiiur mrborum r ilium nt; in 
iMf . MenC. tnmk Um dtni rwrmbled Um wiU cTprait : Um noMl «npni^ 
fovw on rat. AneonriM in MaantaaU, Umu esMiMCcd. lOOUMmnKito 
•labi W0fo Btripcd lUw tifsmi, mottcd like piinUien. or had % miTeUko evrl 
t<BMnUii« tho fj«t of % peieodi'i Uil (et Mart, xit 86 Irctiu jMroaliiM]; 
aaxl camo aflaUe, apeekleA aa with partky nccdi. The most iapor* 
tel point waa the colonr, that of moad, ma/fWM, being nrclerrcd. The 
■tiraa waa mneb need in Teneering Mart, xit 89. 188. Ben. dc ir. m 86 
11 thcae cyca whieh eannot endnre mrntmm ni$i erebrit dUUnttnm rfnit. 
The word cilnu ii a cormption fnnn Kiioot, the tree, Tk^Jn artUnUtn 
^■hU CmlUiHi fuadHralrit Vmtenat. Ptill growa in formta in iSarbaiy 
M on mi AtUa, aa in Plinj*a dart ▼ f IS. It exude* th<* Mndarae of 
JNttMree. liens Ootanili d. Ur. n. I((<nMr 862—4. Vom on Verg. g. ii 1S7. 
PUb. xn H M- <M. There waa a MA trade in thefo toblaa. 

^^MMnrm In Mart, ix 80 7—10 who ipent hia da^a in the nhope, in- 
^pMtfaig the covtlirfit abTea, pUtc, jeweiii, etc. and afler all b<mgfat for 
H ningia •# two enpn, ah'NMU et ooertoi exmit orbea, | rxpiMitiimiftif nlle 
^u§mm papoteit eimr, \ et IrMimiineMm memut qnttter hrxa^Unan I fa- 
^l eitro nea ttlh eue ttn. Bo Kroa x 80 ]l »ighi« fn>m the bot- 
of hIa heart, beeanie he cannot baj np all mnrrinc Tawp, all 
davea in the market, nobiliuarf eitrtim, Manj kn^h at the 
€># £roa, bat weep then w elTee inwardly, Ittmine tieeo. They were 
CDoai^rfeltcd dig. xix 1 81 1 8 fi menaan f aaW eitreaa, tftiaf mM faaf. 
Ano i Hrng oeteemed nnterial waa niai4e Hor. ■. ii 8 10. Or. m. xii 846. 
'Vn. xws I 88 mar ,.,ofemm eifffmntin ae MubtiliMe eitro $eeMnHitm: 
€ritp9 wimeMlmmm di»emrm waa ealled ' peacoek** tail.* | 68 an 
■re OB the maple. aMifliMfMai,...«i wuifiiiitutiinrm memmrum eamerel, 
. ^ — i^ie prme/erretMr eitro .* of another exereecenee, frnwraai, tablea of 
f fST^^^'*^ N(fmrr«r<f wero made ; maple waa naed in Teiiecring xxxiii 
L*y_ * — * acerv o/rrfa aal eitro. 3Iart. xit 00. Lenx Dotaiiik der Or. n. 
Ill "i ^^9. We oven rend of tablea of vilrer IVtron. 78. diff. xxxiii 10 8 
If. ^9 1; of gold Mart. Ill 81 4; Jewelled dijt xxxit 8 10 § 14. Oand. 
""^ ** Ol. oona. 166. laria xi 133-8 latoa rM 


^'boa I prmode ekmr. Cie. Terr, it | 87 maxim am et pnl* 
— „ ^ A.'^iB mrMoai eitreom. The largest known to Plin. xiii H 08, 94 
flfl^ j^^i^tofFtolep]rkingofMaitfetania4^ft.indiamotcr,8in.thiek. 
n^^^ *^ ^irea cnnningiy Joined; b * aolid one of Nomina, frcedman to 
A * «.^^« 3 ft 11| in. hi diameter, 6| in. thick; g one of Tiberina, Teneered, 
in diameter, i; in. thick, f 97 after the Teina and eokmr of Um 
^iio waa chiefly regaided. oaaiBua xi 133 n. Varr. 

B 'the dhringtable waa called eitliba ; it waa aqnarc, aa It atUI 

trbt ^^**B^ ; . • • aflerwMda it waa nmdo round.* [Ot.] her. 16 « 17 87 

^■wie In mtneae. Mart, n 88 6 nI Manri L/Aycif ctntam 

■m^m orbta. Maadto horiaontal eeetiona of the tree, or of ita 

taala for thaao Inznriaa came in a.c 187 after the war with 

t^a i d fc ^^'^ Ut. zxxb 6 1 7 atonepodia. Tenffd in Panly toetiM. Mar- 

^im ^^ta) 87, 818-4. Backer Oallna ii 809-6. When Uwae drenhtf 

• IbId twm^ the leetangnlar triclinia ware exchanged for aemi- 

•chaa calM tigwrnU from the Or. c. Thcaa were adapted for 

(AaMclfaaN),orMart.x48 6fbraeTengHaita. xnr 87 ' atibadk' 

atg cffipfMi tettitMm algmn: I aefe «apff ; oa waA a aioa 

- - - Ua 8 Irii, 8 CM-agfd^ 8 fo^f • 8 iM 


137-140J coMRnrrsT PATnrMONiA. LrxiRUE rordes. ,51 

KwplM, miOtn no mn. ion^l ui.l« m^ cmp oyment in tb. looh A 

•<rfJ. tlio iw for IWwWnrt 1 ?^ "I"'*?"*: two .,4/M»a rrgt peiitnta 

'«•". «M *,, i„„„« A.m(l G«nl/ «™ i »«•«."«,• "'•'em eitri 

for pmri. I'llu. I W mc^,.?„'l'^'^.'",««^'«"'«'"'«l»p.Miou 
-iifHl bnllfM meuMrBm orbn.'.i, ' ' '"f'"'« ««'«" "lyfiKiiiii et 

•■«» 'Vmeilmt tonit. ^ mt. r. r. in 3 | 4 rftnw, ,«. 

IJSJI* 1 "P. KoiL 'conK^i- «f,«^°"rw " ""'^''="* " "• Mori" fr. 
■rithi, fr. fniion. i lUd. mram'Sv,', >"'"""* ?« eom.,» pceaaiam. 

» 419. 8o tV. p. Q,u,Kt V^ .JS!i^^ ' *^ V"^*". Horn 
189 rAMiw, dneribcd ia lat. v.' , ^ 

•» aordi a »'„ rTTSr7oc?«,i t^f '^ •"*'^''- «"" "'•- « aiari.o 

« •»•""«. tarpu7iVagra"nrTjT«3'L::i:f '*'■'"■•""• •"««*^ 
»!• • Sm. m m < ■ * • « Begala. m m,mm arari. 

•■* nUthmtpMiu!^:!^^'^: .**"*'** '"arioaa. In Im. 

- • «.«=*-;arfix.Siir:SiJiJ^ 



■cBi mim potBft. Cf. fr. weemnla, rea^r mcnej; perkwfum, Immlnrttl 
jeopardy; rfufnum^ qnick pmiKin. Ren. rp. OS H 1ft— 18 dnwi m g|iiu4l/ 
pietare <»f Cliii pnniiilitnoiit 1 18 iiinnmmbUf§ tHorho», lappliela lax* 
vrifte. Hrinr. tvd* Portm m in Hor. r. 111 1 S3. Tibnll. i 4; ffnnen» 
in often iimhI of a god wlw rereala hinmelf, laakefl liiii povcr fdt, wa 
Fore. Grang. lect an aUnakm to Hor. e. it C 24 cmlpam jutrna premlt 
€omf». TV 78 n. i»Kroxia Axicrva 

in tlie apod^tfrinm ortpnUaHitm, Petnai. 79 protffti§fue re$timeHtit, • • • 
bain en III inlrarimiif, Marqnarilt t (1) 78ft. 

143-140 an imiUtion of Pcni. 111 98-108 tnrcidna hie rputh 
tltiue niho rentre laTatnr, | pHtturf wMtpnrrtia IfMlf rxkrtittnU mrMtf§;'f 
$rd tremnr inttr rinm mbit ertVuUtmqHr trientem \ fxeutit e mnitibtta, 
tifniet errpnere rrtfrtl, | UHctrt cndnnt lnjrit tunc pnlmnitHrim hbrit, | kiite 
fafwi, etiniMne^ MarfcMfW hentnlM aito ] eonin»itti$ Itrto ennMime f«- 
tatu§ nmamii \ in ptniam riffitlat cairn txirndit: ml ilium | hrtlcni 
ettpile iHtliiUi mhierf QhMU§, 143 Tuaoinca kt 

cRUPrx rAvnxRM IX iiALXRA roDTAi Cte. p. Dciot. I SI a paiwaga viiicli 
hhvwn tliat »>n('li cxccHi waa a matter of ruano raN*. in^nit, mmert pout 
ceil am tf rrllr dirittf^ In balnenm fi* dnrrrf eorprntnl. ail iani. ix 18 
I A jtlnrn iam pavouci eon/rcl qiitim in pnllot ntlumhimM. f 4 mIImm 
ftt hfr ernditato [mori] ^ntim intic fitme. An. 11 1 SRI nuttni, . • . ««/ In 
mfMMrtm romtinl el aw/ Hf conririia pH/fntnlur crndi^wr poftridie at 
rnrttti intmrtiilent. fat 1 2)1 eitn»tt f*i . . , ernditaa luorbi. Cat. niai. 
f 4A card [nciiectnuj epulit ex»lfHcti**inf mentia ct frcqitenlibm§ putHlit: 
rnrel crjio etinm rinttlenlitt et eriiditnte ct imu^mniit. Hiv. ep. 1 8 61 
erndi tnmidiqne laveinnr. Coluni. |v. { If* nl tipti rculamHi itd 
0nHntt, qnttlidiaHiim crnditatem Laeonicii oxeo(|uiiuuK. Hen. ep. 
HA K 10 of old bath* IumI Mff7/M <ir 9»tlnhrrM lempcrtilnmm, iiou httMc <ftfA« 
Nff/NT inrentn e$l aimili§ Incendio, ndcn qnldcm nl coHciclnm in tili^nm 
Ktltrr nrrriim rinim Ittrari opnrtcnt, nihil m!hi ridclur inm inlcrta^, 
urditit Imltinim an calcai, 15 i S. Petnui. 73 after a Inxuriona fiuuit 
Triiimlrliii* nnVn ^nar^ nan riramnti . . . ^rtmieiamut mw in halnenm 
.... »ic calrt tttrnqnam f 11 rn na. Habinnai rridiet de una die dnnt/arcrr, 
nihil mala. After tlie liath dir'clale ditcntm tLo party a4jouni toanotlicr 
dining room. Hen. ep. MH | 11 qmanlac nunc aliqnlt rMnlicilalit damnat 
Scipianrm, qnad mm in cttldnrinm tMnm lali» niHrnlarilMia diem mdmiacHl f 

fnodnon in mnlta Inee di-ettqniltalnrel ex-nteclahnl^nl in Imlneacancoqnereit 
lin. xiT % 1311 after liiieakiiig of gnnmian<iii wIni take ]Kiiiion to en!ar^<« tkvir 
capacity (»f drinking wine, eanlluima§ er cit baliiieia eoqni rldemna 
exmnlmiiqne effrrri, xxix i 80 ilia prrdidere imperil marei^ illm faae Mni 
patimnr,. . . balineae ardentet qnibna por«naderb in eorporibnn 
eibog eoqni ut nema nan minnt rnlidm ejtirett ahaedienli$$imi rem 
fjfrrrenlur. Quintil. t V f 11 Inmaret a n.vmptom mrnuion both to poiimn- 
ing and indigOKtinn et renedeii et ertiditatin. Tliin cxeeM vaa uabitnal 
with CalitfuU IMiiL leg. ad O. S 11 ft48 M. efa^a^ia m2 iwl vXi^mm tmi 
iytmt «rX%N^M iwtivpLai $€pii9\9V€ln% n inntpmt n2 tium ni 
ffi-^ wdXw •h0^\t'yiat nnl t^ipoi ynwrpifuipyinif and vith Nen Hnct. 
SI7 epnlas a medio die md medium naelem frntrnkebnl, rr/aimt anepe aalldia 
piteinia oe tempore neallvo nlvatU. lint, da muiit. 4, 8 nwaka of tho 
many oecaaiona in wbich cieeM waa almoat aonpnlioiy; 11 p, 117—8 
many neglect Um indigeiitioBi wbicb an beralda of diieaaa } from Iota of 
ploacnro or from chamc they 'plnogo into hatha* and atrifv to drita m% 
•bv li^ rlr elrfr, KfmurdX^ U n|p MwdX^. 17. Galaa Tii #08-8 K. 
to hatha immcdiataly after aallag v^Ar aal iwiwrmw xv^ iioHmhi^ 


rieSfm. The bwtUmemeW-ak when ywtCTd»y'i»edktiiow«iWf 
^Mlcd, and wv AN mJy tot MioilMr; weoaghtnotto ImUIm AfterMiioR, 

ltwqaJ3tT(l) S77--5M. Henog in PmI/ 1* SS3S~7. On Um time 
•« hiahing iM II 104 n. cnyDUii «ii «». Galen 

Alim. fne. in 19 ti 701 K. pronoancm ibe pearwk bard, imlii^tibM and 
•inewr; tinilarly Bimcmi Scth alim. fae. TAOS p. 100 LauRkavcl. 
Boebait dtct ATknina and otbcr AraUan pbywidans to the Mune trar. 
poac. Hor. ■. n 9 23—80 deridea the nrcfcrcDeo of peacock to abieken, 
■tenly baeanae of Ha rarit.T and cofit and ontward beauty. 

PAvoxEX Tii S3 n. Solonion'a sbipa, 1 k. 10 89. S ebr. 9 91, 

Wonght peacocks from Tarnbiiih (Tarteaan*). India produced tbe larf;eal 

^••eoeka Ael. n. a. iti 9 ; tboy were kept in tbe rojal parks iiii 18 ; a 

■BbarabNis atorr of an Indian peacock preaented to an KKyptian kiii|^ 

^^ vould not keep it eiflier as a pet or for the Uble it S3 «rfl Wskf iivpfim, 

J imrp^ ximp, but dedicated it to Zens; a young e|ficara bribed a priest 

^VnmrahTor bim; but an as]t appeared in its stead; the pnest was 

^^kilied for aacrilcfle; tbe ei*icnre was shortly after ebokcd by tbe bona 

^ « kbd; tbe peacock lired for 100 years, but appeared no mora to men. 

^ Ucian navig. 23 a peacock from Iiulia ia one of tlie debcaries tn 

2JWsb the poor wan aspires in bis daynlrcam. Auson. e|»i^t. 90 10 calU 

'* •n»Tal bfidT MedbiiSuid. lUniucM «^f. raiif cwr1^^^^^ Clem. Al. paed. 

"H • ^ 1C4 P. Ill 4 f 80 p. 271), Uabyltmia <IW. ii 58 | 2>, IVrsia 

/•"hot Aiistopb. Aeh. 68. ar. 7«7) are iiam«-«l as its bumc. rcacodts wera 

iirtiodnead into Greece from *tbo bariiarinns* Ad. ▼ 91; Tbcopbraatus, 

yiin. z I 79, said that in Asia also lliey were aHrfclleil, To lUHne tliey 

5«» broagbt from Samoa tii 89 n. Varr. ap. Gell. ti =» tii 10 g 5. In tbe 

™» of l»*riklea tbey were so rare in Grcew, thatTisiton came to Athens 

T*" ^»»rU and Thcssaly, to see tlic birds and buy eggs ; tliere waa a 

S^ on the new moon, and this eontlnned for 30 years (Antiphon m 

Zl H'^f^r^ on tho peacock in Atb. 897 c-e) ; a pair of birds then 

•Jrt lo^ooo drachmae (i<l. in Ad. n. a. t 91). AlexnmUyr so a<lmin'«l 

"5? .^laJch ba saw in IinIUi, that ha punished the slanghter of 

iry Vt* a iM iUd. ef. Curt, ti 1 i 18. In Homo Ilortenaina %arr. 

j1!1-'" O g waa aaid to baTO Arst serred tliem up at hia inaugural 

SI?7' •• angnr; faod potlnt factnm fast la/aWos/, ^imni ^rrcri html 

ri '•2:»-tb«ir Macr. in 18 l-ii 0) | 1. Win. i » 4«. AeL «. a. 

J''- X-^rt. do palL S ad fin. pmreMam pnhm, fwa ll»rlrii»lnt ontor 

llTT* J*«Tnm tlH fwasa potMii verMrrf. M. Aulldins Imreo was tba 

1 , JV*tt«i tliem, and maile a profit of CO.OOO MB. upon them Varr. ib. 

f^L^^^«ii. lb. Tert, da aiiinia 83 Lmrcnninnn eomUmeiiln. An egg IM 

--^ * ^Aii« f 6 aold for 8 denarii, a bird for 80. Maer. ih. «w rw ajia 

1 aof MM $fd eifsm ptulfndM, «l oim parvmum quiMlt «<'Mrf ft 

Mme hodle mm ditmm rfffas, scd aaiafiKi mm vtneunU In ■.©. 40 

^ waa a atandfaig diah Cie. Urn, n 90 1 9 srd atfd# mi4mei«m 

rt§0 cenmm dtii aina paTone. Hor. a. i 9 116 peaaoak naked 

PnbliUua Byrva In IVtron. 88 9 faa fUtf eU^uns paT* 

I ^naMfo nmleim nitres lUthwtonie: Mart, iiii W eftodji ▼" 
t«C tba ddiaadaa with wbidi VitdUna. Buat 1% 'aidkalad; ^ 
biAldi IM eallad tlipewM mnertne w^hM^jm, wafa riiaaaaBta* ai^ 
• btmfaHi: pfModi waa an ingradloiilfai 3*l5"ft^«!25^ 

W«B BmrtbnTi. Tba Bonta irtariaa, with tbair ptfUMfva, 


Mart, m M lt-19. 


neeeaaary for peaeoeka. Cato was not acquainted with them, but Tarro 
III 6. 9 9 10. Cdum. Tin 11. Pallad. i 38 giTa rules for breeding and 
keeping them; both Col. { 1 and PalUul. f 1 mention the danger of theft ; 
Tiberiua, Suet 6(1 milium pmrtarianum oh iuhreptmm t viridiario pavoitem 
tufiit otmiit, Varro's gorgeous aviaiy, in 8 — 7, bns Im'cu often dcline- 
ated WiUscbol in Panly ti 2C06— 9. Duraau de la Mallo ^ni. pd. daa 
Bom. II 179—199. Atb. 654 d— 686 b tba multitude of peacocks in Boma 
ia now ao great, that Antipbanea might acem to have said prophetically 
vXWsvt dd pw rim ipirvy^tm. Atb. also cites comie poots to shew that 
they were kept aa house peta in Athens. Peacocks, as a costly gift, 
were offered iu aaeriffce Amob. tii 8; e. g. to Caligula Suet. 32. ISochart 
bierox. 1 e. 90. 11 e. 16. Moren Pbtioiz. 11 (8) 04, 95. Harqnardt t (9) 
49. Becker Oallna 1* 104. Ii4 auniTAB Moaraa 

Cdaua 1 pr. p. 1, 9 Daremb. wa learn from Homer that diseases wore 
then ascribed to tba wrath of the immortal gnds, and aid was sought 
from them: it is probable that though tliero wore then no remedies for 
bad health, most men neTcrthdess enjoyed good, because of the Tirtuous 
manneni, which neitlier alotb nor luxury bad eomipted : Miquldrm knrc 
duo corpiunt, prim im Orarein, deintk mpnd no$ tijfiUfrHnt. ideoqne mnl- 
tipler i$M mrdirina, meqne olim nfi^Ht apnd aliat ffrntet nreftturitt, vix 
ailquos ex nobis ad senectutia principia perdncit. U, Sen. 
eontr. x |v. p. 294 1. 14 cites aa a piirtfiUnm ot Musa, for which 
dfbnii dt corio tint noftin mlinfieri^ the following runt qnidquid orium 
rotital, qnidtitiid pitcinm nntat^ qnidnwid ffrnrnm dincHrrif, mmtrU $fpe» 
lltur veHlribtu. qiuure nunc cur subito inoriamur. morlihuM virimut, 

INTRSTATA sexEcTTs tlic fricuds woulil recciTo no 
legadea; but the aatato would go (1) to the /mi kfrrdr*, (2) to tba nffnnli 
pnximi, (8) to tlia fKntUtt, (4) aa bona rncaHlia to the oenrinm or later 
to tba /«<•«« Kein Privatr.< 817— 9. Onins in g| 1—7. 
145 Kcc TRisTia Cic. ad fam. xt 17 | 3 no* hie — tamen ad te $eHbam 
aliquid—Sullam patrem mctiuum kabfbamH$; alii a InlroHibuf, alii eru- 
ditate dicthant; populua non curabat: eombustum enim ossa 
cnnstabat, rAn(Tr.A ti 402—412. xi 1—8. l*lin. 

ep. Till IM f 11 hahe» amnn fabnlas nrbis, tiam iunt omnft fabnlao 
TmHh», llomitiua Tullua |} 1—11 had refuted tho proverb tliat men's 
last will is a mirror of tlieir cbArocter; nam cam w captahdum prarbniMset, 
ba made his ado|ited daughter his hciresM, and left k>gados tober children 
and grandcliildren. er0a rarii Ma cirilate fermoMm : alii [i. e. the irmtl 
amiei of Iut.] /etnm inftralnm inmrmnrem loqunnlMr trque ip»o», dam 
inteeianlnr illnm, Inrplsnimit eonffMionibnt prttdnnl, nl qui df jtatre ava 
pronto fwasf de orbo queranlnrs alii contra hoe iptum laudlbui /crunt 
quad f/f frnttralnt improbm Mpet homlnnm, quot $lc dcci/n're pro moribm 
tempamm pmdcnlia eti. Hor, ep. 1 18 9 Obbar. Miihlmann fabnUt, 
Friedlindar 1* 849— i. M. Sen. eontr. 18 f 9 p. 17C 94 mnks pndieitiae 
fmetna ctt pndiemm ertdi ft adccnma omnct inlcccbrat atquc omnia delC" 
mimenta muiicbHs iniKni at vclnii toium jirmamentum in nuUam ineidime 
fabulam. Bnai. Dom. U fafcr eeteroi did fabnlaa. Capitoiin. Varaa 
Mill. 8parUBii.FMean.ll. ef . ^ii;#aXa>«ir. SuMu^skaysfp. 
146 mienvu msva s 940. Uany axx. ia MUblBuum funu 710 a pr. 8 pr. 
XifdmuiiB da faa Bom. it 1 p. 101—9. iMATia Pira. ti 83—4 

ted mmmnmerii ktttt | neplcget, i ratn a a nod frai enrtavrris. The eaptm* 
far, •% mdag niTaa' Hor. a. 11 8 87. would ba aa muab Toxad, aa tba work! 
waa wmwad. whaa Ma ptay aa e a p ad Mm. af. Inv. nil99& In Boma it 
vaa M aftMt la pMi •?« iiMMd te 8 wiH Gla. FUL u if 40 a. 41 a. 



FRAECSP8. TOTOS PANDB 81NUB. p 140— 161 


Bar. ■. n fl •6—7 frwwr<» r»«iiW patiMepie \frMdeferwU 

4amw dfitfm, tiAAe | Irstnw pitlmum, rMnm. 

»LAODinii»ox Mil not ri JiJtoESiwii ; they do not ewn irijm forroir, Ml 
Hk* all tlM irorid, * Apfliina tho jiifiti«« of tncli fMrfnl cntU* 

147—160 Nothing will rramin for iiflcr timef to add to our cor- 
tniioa: po^ty will hat ape onr aeU and oar dMim : all Tiee hat Mt- 
ticdal iU MBith: poet, hoiat muI, ahaka oat eveiy ntitrh of canvnsa 87— 
JT nlW-170. Vn2l.«9-W. Ti«-.»7,60-*4»84.«i4-241.«7~ 
lW.»t-Wl.«»-W7.W3-.«.(tt7-fl6l. II lOT-178. nil 6-37. 

80-119, iJ»-lflo. 147 «:«'7«'r;. «* ** ^""^ 

faairn nlterlna «ioN«frwM, 7»»«fiii motH§ ammt9 Or, f. 1 iWii—O. 

14B MI'OUK* 11 14n. VIII *i3l. XIT 189. 

148 ni nuBCtriTi x 107. Veil. 11 8 | 4 "W tfmfl rreto d^erminm f*ln 

in praeeepa perrenHmr. 10 1 1 ndfo mntnrf m r^rth in prnra, m prtiria 

la praecipitla nfrrenitnr. 8ee Fofe. and ind. OIp. otkbb 

ntia wiyi tlia poet to hiniMlf. Wnd. I'j-th. 1 01. l»»thm. 1 1 40. a very 

ftcqttent metaphor in poctN and fhetorieiana Fora. Kim>l. Uonnrll. Ov. f. it 

7». 780. lOin. ep. 11 II i 8. rr 80 | « /a f wo tn InRenii Wwa/ dolorlij. 

fHtf ralla lMti$*imf rfcttu e$. n 83 1 10 dodimni reU indignation!, 

4rdim9$ irae, rf^l/iaa- dolorl, rl in 4tmptiuima enn*n, qnati mrttfm* 

mmH^ plufibtu rentii tumtt* rfrti. Sararo 00 SIdon. ep. viii I ml on. 

lUrfc the alternative in Cic. Tate, it 1 8 fttillmnf mi* vela tmetro 

imM9i§] mm fmnti t portm rjurAinilU frntMnm remigaref Uban. ep. IfiO 

«o • pleader Wrii#«r t4 (rrja r9t , 160 totoj 

^^yps inira Cie. L e. panderem Tela ^mli^mtt, nm. ep. viii 4 fa 

fmmitte radrafri, pande vela, <te ti ^a<i»'/o «'*«•, Mo inftrnio rfhrrf, 

S«B. de iin II 81 {5 fftibfmalor NWMtfMffm itn totoa »inut ieemnt 

Mwiimit, nl mm expedite 4td cw/mfcrai/Miii arNianK'afa ititpoMrret, 

160—171 Hote perhapM yon may ank •wheneo a genint eqnal to 

na theme f whenee that Wniitneiii wherewith [rtr ?f •"<*«!(■» Naff-. 

lAttim Witt bfflnl] the aneientii wrote off aa tlieir blood boiled within 

whatever they lint, [wherewith lincilinii wnHeJ, ir*o«' ntimf do I 

ir la arwMHaei- 1 HVhif awM^r, rAz-rlwr .Vitr/an fontire mj/ y»U, or 

r«>r Bet forUi Tigellinnii. and ywi will light np tlie amphitheatre bjr 

lidbt amid tho«o piteh-pine idakea, by which they ham a^ tliey tUnd, 

riSa awoke with pieieed hfeatt, and fwhieh iitakwij pbwgli a broad fiim»w 

-tbffOiMh the niiiUt of tho arena.* What, tlimild lie who a«lminifiten<d 

volaon to three nneh*. ride pant idong on lila di»wny pllb»w, ami theiiee 

look down with dlidain npon mr f * When he thaU meet yon, lay yoar 

tafler M yoar Hp. T/i A/mae^oa hnt to rni^. That • he \oti m^ 

V^Aeneaa agaitiiit Tamat. and tafely, yon may womid Aeli lea in ejik 

maa fef. ^ 108 1. nlt-J, i/y/« ««lf *^ ^^ pitcher, wne wUt rr$, mt if 

he drmtm Mmtfif for rompttntf : hat kt Lncilloa once in a glow «h anjtnr 

4mw Ma iwoid M thnnder in Tcno, the hearer, whoae wMl ia eliiU with 

Mm, Mwhei, bia heart awcate ander hia aecrot aina; lienee wrath and 

Smm • aooBt well the eoil then befora the tnimpet aoanda to battle; f8e 

miumid aaaitelaal rrpM tm Inte.* [U H be •» »«Maido«a to tojeh the 

CfM^ I will iiy viMt My bt aatd afJnA U^ 

^tiSi Ughww alda. 161 iimBniuii wa mawwai 


matarUjwmltlBgeBiam. tsPMtotvl8 48. PUn. 

«. n i I « ■« matarU pliifw teHhenM daftalar. nt^m enim mim 

mMehmmiMI, Twttt, md euim txemplmm mot raaat. ilUenimft 

mm nigenUm et io§ew»$ pm fmrtHm rrraai fim aia ^fiirfr| 

aiVliriiat nSffd. 


hifltni in thii plaeo ii 34». v 158. Tin 241. ef. in 70 n. 
U.S111: ir.kA raioBUX aivrLiciTAa Cio. p. Plane. | 83 ubi ilia onti*iM 
Ubfiiat f PBioRUX scttinEXDi sixruciTAa a double con. 

snbj. and of the gerniid Madvig | 888. llciHig p. C'iO. Zumpt I 42a 1. 
llamahom 107 3. Maithil f 880 1. EUeiidt on Cic. do or. 1 { 210. Cic. 
Tom. II i 89 KUhner hffor ett funetio qMacdam vH animi rel corporia 
(gen. tabj.] graTiorit operis et manorie [gcii. obj.j. Often one 
gen. dopondt uixni another Drak. on Liv. xxv 15 H 11, wbich may mislead 
where one is a pron. Cie. p. Soil, g 2. liftol. f| »4). 37. Nc|i. Ait. 3 1 1. 

UOOL /I 2(Hfc X52 R.-nillRNIil QUaiKUMQUK . . . LioeuET 

Tac. h. 1 1 of tho timet of Nerra and Trajnii mra tempitrum felicitate, hIh 
leutire quae velit et qnae nentins dicero lioct. Cf. Agr. 8 on 
the wciKht of t}*nuiny as rnixbiiig intellect. Caesar, wbt»K0 clemency wat 
proverbial, Sact. 78 lioio Calco po*tfamn$a epitjrnmmnta tit reconciliatione 
per omicot rtfjenti nliro nc prior §erip*it. YuUrinm Catullum, a quo nilU 
rerticHli$ de Momitmt [Cnttill. 671 perprtua $ti(imttltt impmita man di^i- 
mHlttrerat, §ati§ fHcientvM emlfm die adhibnit eenar. 76 §1 qua inttthnc 
eiMl CfhfitareHtHr firttrinn itdwr^nt §e out dicerfntitr, inhibtre mnluit qtMm 
vindieare .... oetrbe hqHt-nlibui §ntii kobuit pro contionr dnmHtinrt ne 
pcrterrmrfHt, Aulique Caecinae criminustMimo libro ft Pitholai earmini- 
but mttie,liceHtii4imi$ laeeraiam exittimationem $Hitm cirili animo tnlit. 
He burnt niiread the private oorrespondoiiee of rmuiicius Die xi.i 03 
Jf|6,0, and ScipiiiXLiii 13 { 2; and avcugotl hiuiM;lf ou Cicero's enco- 
mmin of Catu in no other woy than by writing an Autieato jl 4. AugOKtiH 
for many years allowed the utmost licence of siieech Suet. 51, 54; accord- 
ing to the advice put into the mouth of Maecenas bv Dio ui 31 %% 6—8; 
Jaler, Suet. 65. when lampoons were dis|K*rMed against him in the senate,' 
idmodo centMit, coffHotcendum poUlutc de fit, qui lilwUo* out earmiua ad 
iHiuriam euiuxpiam iub olieno nomine ednnt, InniuM Novatus 61 was 
lined for pubUshing a pseudonymous posiinil a^'niiist Aug. 5G ioei* 
quoqut quoruHdom inridiotit ant petutantibui loec^titu*, eontradixit 
tdicto. Of old Tac. a. 1 72 foetn orfiurbmitur, dicta impuiif erant. primut 
AttffHitu* coffnitionrm df fommit librllit »p^rie liUfin fiiu [i. e. molcMMis] 
tructacit, commotug Catmii Serrri libidinc, wlio' had libclhtl men and 
women of rank. Thin wns about a.d. 8. Cassiiis was UiiiMlie^l. Tac. ir 
21, to Crete and afU'rwarJs, as ho gave new offence, to Sori|ilios; his 
wntnigd were eondemiiod to destniction Huct. Cal. Ifi. a.i». 2:I Aelius 
Satuniinas, Hio mh 22 { 6, was thrown fmm the TariKiian for ■owe 
•tttiMec>iuly* vernes against Tiberius. a.i». tU', CreiiiutiuM Conliis was 
oceased by creatures of HeUnus of calling Casnius 'tlio biKtof tho Uo. 
uiaiiN; Ctnrdus sUned himnelf to death, and his iKxiks were burnt by the 
aodilw Tac. a. it 81—6. l>lo ltii 24 ti ». 4. Suet. Tib. 01, wlio aiUk 
tliat Mamerciis Bcanms was aecuiod and punished aiul his plav destroyed, 
7HfNl in trnffoedia ApamcmnoHrm probrit lacetniuet ; ct Toe. vi 0, 2*J. 
Oio Lviii 24 118,4, who ealis the tragedy Airous. So far had Tib. 
departed from lib earl^ profefsion Snet. 28 fa eivitatc libera lintinam 
mnUmfte llbemt ette debere. PUn. ep. 111 6 1 6 of hii nncfo teripi'U §ub 
*ycnme novlstimlo nnnh, cum omne ttndiorum gennt panlo Uberlud et erec- 
titu perlemlotnm tervitnt feeiuet, a.d. 02, Tae. xit 48—40. xti 21, Anti- 
olias Sosianoa, then nraotor, waa aeeosed by the lon-in-faiw of Titfetli- 
ana of harhig reeitad at a feast a hunpoon agahiat Nero; the nropoied 
MNrtaiMa of death waa eoounnted for doportatkm. Among tho netims of 
l>wHiaa, Bnai 10, Hannogeoea of Tarans waa aiaeated and hla eopyiof 
thdta crasMad pnfUr qmudtim in hUtmitt^rmf Aaliaa Lamfai et sas- 

^ 5a APBOB, AHDCAL PROPTEB 00!mVU NATUM. (1 140-148 

^^mpift^ n SI F«rp«mii . . icicrri. ^ ^^ i*''*!^* ^^'^^JT 
TST 1 W ■M^M« r$t/onmeml^. «tJA«TA MT oifl4 

•obTr H n. IM. xi M. «▼ 10. ef. ii 114 irHff jrli. The iwfi gnwrily 
MBMlM datlony or cfitenricm; many exs. in MtthlmMiii. 
Ioiii»i mo* rwiT An»« Tibcriw Soet 84. to tet mu fximpto of Ihj- 
2^, 9oilem<iiym$ ip$e tenit priHimnA taepe ae 9emf$n dfionU ^PPO*iifi 
4imidU%ntnqMf iiprBin, mjkrmnin * amma e^Aem kahtrf, fN«r iotam . 
Her ■. n S W— W mneidum epram •nti%mi hitdabant, noH^HlanMUi | 

4 40-4S. 8 «,7. Miirt. i JO eitcd oo ▼ 104. Mert i ^« -**./• '••t" 
Ml (M trittni fuiMMM, Mtneine, wefl | /I poi turn «« iio6<i utt *w 

C«^rop« Jteiir|H,<«f. I ei nihil inele detom ••* J /««""• '^f; 
tartMeT oiii»rt; I ponVre eprnm nabU tie et h^rrna jod-f. | ponetur 
mVMnt eper A '«/'«/-«•'«• \ •*'« '» pon.rii cni CkarMcmMt epro. 

Hltaf.«OT'ri. . Oi. >uA: I M=.*5. U..1...II. on Ot. h.r. »0 «5. 
u^«mI on Hot ft. II S 39. Arnoti T 110 n. 

SJ^ Sd-t. iiiJO Ihe nod. iMdo """Wild ''*«:'."?•" "*" 

IS-? IM • wriiKTSTgooa lor Dotbiag tat to to crten.' So > «cr. f. r. 

dL i. M i IW. »o Ckm. Al. rtr. n | MB |>. Wl I'. 0.lcii .hm. fae. iilW 
n ^ TOO kTw tbiU tt fa iho mort wrtrUiodii of mciiU. I'lMi. vm 1 «7. 

^MnMaM •! «h« munber ol pictfc 'Kv.' iM the took, ^h^f«»• 
ZhT •otWiiT. kboiil Wi bnt Antoiiiii. mMt Imt. Iifa iwyt doo. to • 
tS^ U« b;^ e.U tor U. diao* >t omo. or «w««tly. or bo iMy d«fcf 
iTllMM. li M MiocMtrr to Mrnra not on. dinner, bat wrcnL tko- 

Imo» PUn!^ Sl41, 14«; of Celigak Sect. »7 ; ol \iMlim Bnct. U 
Mf<enr»/-Herm •mlcorani,qaie WUe eonlnnciioncm heberct. 

]itill^!^lIJS^i^1^ •d perdendii 

Tl»V ie^llTm f W •titfe . . . «ediee-inl nate. xm I W of 


hMWlM fliwelw, Uooddwl ejet, qwdLing hMidi . • . . MM fiM« 


ff^r!lBe preeieBN, /MefM iMMti n f>f»<M nacUmm, Gie.dlfiikii 


eeni fnim poena. Cf. pr. mvwife, ready moncj; pertemlnm, iinniiD<»nt 
jeopardy; rfntnum, qniek poinon. 8en. pp. 9^ %% 15—18 draws a ghaMly 
pi^nro of thii pnninhniont 1 18 innnwuMbUct wutrhot, mpplieia lux- 
nriae. Heinr. read* Poena as in Hor. c. 111 8 33. Tibiill. 1 4; fme$eH« 
. Is often nwd of a god who remUs himnelf, innkos his powvr felt, see 
Fore. Gnmg. sees an alloskm to Hor. e. it C 34 ^ wZ/Nim pttrnn premit 
eomet, tv 71 n. iiKroxis amictus 

in tlie (ipod^teriMm Qi Mptdiarium, Petron. 1^ proifctitque rettiwuntit, . . . 
halncam intrarimnt, MArqnanU t (1) 384i. 

148—140 an imitatkm of Pen. 111 9A-106 tar(;idns hie epntit 
atqne aiito venire la Tatar, j pntture tnlpnrrnt iente exhuinnit mfiUrt:\ 
srti tremor inter rinm tnbii enlidumtiue Irirntem | rxentit e manibHM, 
denle§ erepnere releeli, \ uneta endunt laxit tnne pnlmenUtria tnbri*, | kine 
tnba, eandHtiet tnndernqne bealnlM tiiln ] eoniHutitua Ireto era»ai$qne /«• 
tarns nmomit \ in portam ritfida§ eatert extendi! : ot illHm \ ketterni 
enpite indnta tnhiere Qniritet, I43 runoincs »:t 

Gttvnux rAvoxBM ix iiALNrA ponTAS Cic. p. Dciot. g 31 a pasMge which 
^hcws that Mifh excess was a matter of course enm, inqnit^ romere post 
eeiiam le telle dixit$et, in balneum te dueere eoeperuiit, ad fam. ix IM 
I 8 plnrei iom paToucs eonfeei qiittm tn putloa eohimbinoM. g 4 Mfint 
eat hie crndltate [mori] quam intie/ome. rtn. 11 g 23 aaotot, ,, .qni in 
menanm romant et qui de eunririia onfemntHr crndi^Ni* poatridie at 
ruraut intmrnilent, fat I HI eonait eat . . , crnditas uiorhi. Cat. nial. 
g 44 earrt [sciiectiisj epMlia exalritrtiaqtie mennia et /reqneiitibna poenlia: 
eoret erifo eliam rinolentia et criiditAte et ina.mHiia, H»»r. ep. 1 6 Gl 
erndi tomidiqne la^emnr. Coltitn. ]v. % Hi nt tipti reniamiia od 
Honeita, qnotidiantim crnditatem Laconieis exco(|iiiiiiiiii. Hen. rp. 
MO g 10 of old baths IumI uliltm ae •ulubretu temjieratiiniM, iion bane quae 
nnfter inrenin eat tlmilia ineendio, adeo qiiidem nt eonrictum in oliqno 
acrlere arrrnm rirnm Inrari opnrteot, nikil rnUii ridelur iom interea*e, 
nrdetit iHilneum an eoleot, 15 | 8. Petron. 73 after a Itixiirioas fisast 
Trimalchio auks qnore non riranina / . . , . euniritimna ttna in btdnemn 
,.,,aie eolet tnmqnnm f u m n s. H nbinnas replies tie una die duna /oeere, 
uikil malo. After tlie Itath ebr'.etate diaeuaaa tlie imrty adjourn to another 
dining room. Sen. ep. HTi g 11 qmantne nunc aliquia rnatieitatia damnat 
Selpionem, qnod non in e*tldariMM annm lotia apeenlarilma diem admiaerit f 
auodnon in multa Inee deet>qwliatnr et ex.*i>eelalmt,Mt in Imlueoeoneoquerett 
rlin. KIT g 139 after speaking of goamiands who take iHiison to ciiIari.*o their 
•apacity of drinking wine, eantitaimoa er ria haliueis coqui ridemna 
exanlmiaqne ejTerri, xxix g 80 ilia perdidere imperii. morea, ilia quae aani 
patlmur,, . . baliueae ardentes qnibns porsnadorb in eorporibns 
eibos eoqai ut nemo non minua ralidua exiret, oitoedientiaaimi rero 
eferrentur, Qnintil. t V g 11 tumorea a symptom common both to poison- 
ing and indigestiim et renej/ieii cf c r n d i tu 1 1 s. Tliis excess was habitnal 
with Calignb PhiL leg. ad O. 8 11 548 m. sfs^^a xcU iwi w\nfi€€i rail 
eveMt dw\^^p»rm iwi0vfdn^ itpfioXovtimt rt dc«i/>oc cai ttitri ml 
n4H rdXir sffw^\iya« sal f^JJMi yutrptffMfyioi, and with Nero Siiet. 
87 ejNrfas a medio die mi meiiam noetem prolrakebat, rr/olua aaepe ealidis 
pUelaU ce temtmre aeailro niMtis. Plot, de sanit. 4, 5 apeaka of the 
naagr aeeaahni In whieh exeesa waa almost eompnlsoiy; 11 p. 137—8 
mmj Bogleet tba indigestions whieh are heralds of disease ; f nmi kit* of 
iwawe or from slnune they 'plnngo into baths* and atriTe to driTo m^ 
flfhrbi' 9Um^ ff^MumUf U n|p e^acvd^qr. 17. Galen rii 708-4 K. 
w batha immedklaty alter aalfag i^^Ap sal iwiwrmw x»^ i^v^rXqei 



^rJrwpM. Tb€befltUBein«>S--SfavlieBjMteidftj*aMdfatlioimu{lil7 
4lae»led, and wv tra mJy tot wioUMr ; we ooglil do« to bailie after ratiuR. 
ta ^4 ti^ffm^t car* ptfp^ nal ik«^ -yinrnu. Becker OaUua lii* 68-1 14. 
JlamwdtT (1) S77— 501 Henog in Paalj P SS39— 7. On tbe time 
of bathing ace it 104 n. caoDUii iii 23S. Galen 

alfan. fae. iii 19 ti 701 K. pmnonncw i tbe pearwk liard, imligrttible andl 
ainewr; aimilarly Bhaecm Scth alin. fae. TAOS p. 100 Lanf^kavcl. 
Boehart dtet ATknraa ami oibcr Arabian phvniciani to the eane trar. 
poae. Hor. ■. n S 23—80 deridea tbe prcfcrcnco of peaeodk to ehieken, 
BhBsiv beeamw of iU raritj and cont and outward bcaaty. 

PAvoxEX Til S3 n. Solomon'! shipa, 1 k. 10 82. 9 ehr. 9 21. 

Wongfat peacock* from Tamliinb (Tartetan*). India prodnccd tbe larf;cat 

peacoeka Ad. n. a. iri 2 ; they were kept in tbe royal park* nil W ; a 

miinenkNia alory of an Indian peacock prcwntcd to an F^ptian king. 

who would not keep U eifbrr at a pet or for the Uble ii 8;i in Wskf iitfttm 

4 >wrr«4t M^. but dedicated it to Zenn; a young c|ficnra bribed a pnvat 

to praeura It for him ; but an aap appeared in it. .lead; the prieatwaa 

Mmlalied for Mcrileee; tbe eiitcnre waa shortly after eliokcd by the bone 

•fsbiid: the peacock Hrcd for 100 yrara. but appeared no rooro to men. 

In LMcian narig. 23 a iwacock from India la one of the delicacici* in 

Whieh the poor man anpirci in hie day-dream. Aumhi. c|*i«>t. 20 10 calU 

H • mjal bSr Media (Sold. Mfiiucit «^f. rmiif OTi»\if{. Clem. Al pacd. 

n I i » p. 104 p. ill 4 1 30 p. 271). BabyUmia (l)». ii 53 | 2). IVrela 

fnoboL Ailitoph. Aeh. 63. ar. 707) are nara«tl an Km bt»me. reae«idM were 

liiiffv^taeed faito Greece from *tbo bariiarinna' Ael. v 21; Thcophraatun, 

iMiB. E I #9, aaid that in Asia alao tliey were adrrcUcii. To lUmie they 

^wroffw brought from Samoa vii 32 n. Varr. ap. Gcll. ri ^ tii 16 g R, In tb«» 

4ini« ol I'^riklca tbc-y were to rare In Grcew, tliat ripitow came to Athena 

Sparta and Theiwaly, to nee tlie birda and bny egg« ; there waa a 

on the new moon, and thia eontinned for 90 yeara (Antiphon in 

speech on the peacock in Ath. 897 c-e) ; a pair of Wnbi then 

10.000 drachmae (id. in AH. n. a. t 21). Alexander eo ailminil 

which ha mw in IiidU, that ha miniHhed the fliangliler of 

by a too iWd. ef. Cnrt. ii 1 I 13. In Bonto llortenaiua >arr. 

mr w. Ill i 6 waa aald to have Arat aerred tliem up at hia inangnral 

^MBcr aa angur; «ired poUhb fnetum turn ttmirioti, ^wam ftrrri html 

rfrf laaifakfffr. Maer. in 13 l«ii 9J | 1. Win. x f i^i. AcL n. a. 

w «l. Tert. de palL S ad fin. pmMdnm ffnlnm, ifna llortfn»in$ orator 

mHmmi parum rlH chhm patuli orrltlfrr, U. Anfklina I^reo waa the 

ikrat to fatten them, and maile a proflt of CO.O(iO US. npon them Varr. lb. 

I I. riin. lb. Tert. de anima 33 LurennittM €0$nHmenla, An egg in 

Vnn^a time 1 aold for 3 denarii, a bird for M. Macr. ib. mv rr» nom 

«naifr«H^ aofaai $fd eilom fdtnio, «l era parenaM quMt detMrlh 

wemtmmL a nee hodU mm dieom riliui, Bed ommino non rracaaf. In n-c. 40 

ft paneoek waa a atandfaig diah Cle. faak n 20 1 2 fed ejda mudoeiom 

HUmWrth teuau dedi alaa paTone. Hor. a. i 2 116 peaeoek naked 

wftk twbot PnbUUna Syrva In IVtron. 33 2 fae P***'* '«•""; P*^» 

tmeUmt | -faaial* iraifffw aarra ifa^ffoafca. Mart, xiii 70 ri«^J« ▼" 

nTAMg the deltemdea with wbleh VitelUna. Sntt 1% 'Mtont^; ^ 

k«M aiA wbkh IM eallad W/|wna Jf f arrrac weXM^ won phaaaanU* ai^ 

^^ VhnlM:pnaoekina«iliigi«Uenltoamwn^^^ 

TatM Spwtta&ii Tba Bonaa ftvtaika, with tbelf Mttridin. 
^^ I, phaaaanta, pigeoaap toalMoea, MmI. m ••l«-»' 
A^bA boM. iMwda Md kMpan, AiL ▼ tl, 




neeeaaary for peaeoeka. Cato waa not acquainted with them, but Tarro 
111 6. 9 9 10. Colum. ▼111 11. Pallad. i 28 gin rulet for breeding and 
keeping them ; both Col. { 1 and PalUuL f 1 mention tlio danger of theft ; 
Tiberiua. Suet 6(1 milium prmflorinnum oh tubreptum e viridiario pavonem 
oopite minUL Varro'a gorgeooi aviary, in 6 — 7. hiui \hh*u often deline- 
ated WitZNchel in Panly ti 2608—9. Duraan de la Malle ^ni. pol. dea 
Bom. n 179—199. Ath. 654 d— 635 b the multitude of peaeoeka in Borne 
ia now ao great, that Antipbanea might acem to ban aaid propbetinUy 
wXtlovt tioi pw tQp oprvy%m. Ath. also citea comic poota to shew that 
they wen kept aa boun peta in Athena, reacocka, an a coetly gift, 
wen offered in aacriflce Amob. tii 8; e. g. to Calignia Suet. 22. Boehart 
hierox. 1 e. 20. 11 e. 16. Moven Fbdois. 11 (3) 04, 95. Marqnardt t (2) 
42. Beeker Oallua 1* 101. Ii4 auniTAB Moaraa 

Celaua 1 pr. p. 1, 2 Daremb. we learn from Homer tliat diaeaaea wen 
tlien aecribed to tbe wrath of tbe immortal goda. and aid waa nought 
from them: It in probable that tliongh then wen then no remediea for 
bad bealCh, moat men neTerthelcM enjoyed good, becaums of the Tirtnona 
manneni, which neither iiloth nor Inxnry bad eornipU<d : $iqttidrm knee 
duo eorpitra^ print in Oraecin^ dfimie opud not ojlixrnmt. idtoqne mnl- 
tipter itf*t mrdirino, neqme olim nei^ut apud aiiat grntet nferttnrin, Tis 
aliquoi ex nobis ad nenectntia principia pcrdncit. M. Sen. 
eontr. x |v. p. 294 1. 14 citea aa a portrntHm o( Mima, for which 
dflmit dt corio eittt nottin ttttinjlrrl, the following rant qHid'tnid orinm 
rotitat, qnidqnid pincinm nitUtU quidtfuid ferarum ditrnrrit, lumlrit ttpr- 
iUur vemtribtu, qmatre nunc cur nnbito in or i am 11 r. morlihut virimut, 

INTRRTATA aenciTt'a the friends would recciTe no 
legadn; but the catate would go (1) to the nm hrrrdftt (2) to the nffnati 
projtimi, (3) to tlie fientiiet^ (4) aa itonn raeonlitt to the aerorinm or later 
to the /«<•«« Kein Pritatr.* 817—9. Oaini in g| 1—7. 
145 K>c TRiaiia Cic. ad fam. xt 17 | 2 not hir-^amen ad te tcribau 
aHqnid^Snliam patrem morlnnm kabfbamH$; alii a ItitnmilMtt, alii em- 
ditate dicehant; populua non eurabat: eombutitum enira erne 
cnuNtabat. rAn(rr.A ti 402—412. xi 1—5. l*lin. 

ep. Till IM f 11 hahet omnrt fabnias nrbin, nam tunt omnrt fabulao 
ra//N«. llomitiiui Tnllua |} 1—11 had refuted the proverb tliat men*a 
but wiil i« a mirror of tlieir cbAracter: nam earn tf caplnndnm prarbnittet, 
ha made bin ado|ited daughter hia hcireiiM, and left k«gaeii*ii to her children 
and gnnddiildren. erpa rarii Ma cirilate termoMm : alii [i. e. the irmll 
amiei of luT.] ^detnm infiratnm inmrmorem loqnuHtnr tfqne i/ttot, dam 
inteeianlnr illnm, lnrpi$nimit eon/et$ionibnt prttdnnl, nt qui df jtatre ava 
proavo qnatl de orbo qnrrantnr: alii contra hoe iptum landibut ferunt 
qnod Bit fmttratut improbat $pet homlnnm, qiiot $ie deeipere pro moribnt 
tempamm pmdentla ctt. Hot, ep. 1 13 9 Obbar. Miihlmann fabnUt, 
FriedlindMr 1* 342—4. M. Sen. eontr. 15 f 9 p. 170 24 mnk« pnMeitUa 
fmetut ett pndicam ercdi ei adeertmt onmet inlecebrat atqne omttia dele- 
mimenta mullebrlt in§eni ett vclnti tolum jirmatnentnm in nullam ineiditte 
fabulam. Saei. Bom. 15 fafcr ceterat diet fabulae. CapitoUn. Varaa 
Mill. Sparthm. Fneen. II. ef. ^u;#aXa>«iV. luMM'tfaXrrwV 
146 MTcnroa rusva s 240. Many axx. la Miihlmann funnt 710 a pr. 3 pr. 
XMnaann da fn& Bom. 11 1 p. 101—2. matw Pan. ti 

ted aanmmnmfrtM keret \ ne§lepet, i ratn a a aad nai eurtarerit. TIm eaptti- 
liff 'agaidag ntaa' Hor. a. 11 3 37, wouldba aa much Toxod,aa tba work! 
via aanMad. whaa Ma pwy aa e a p ad hfaa. ef. Ivt. iu 129 & In Boma H 
ViaMiaAMtlofMitffir afriaadiaawiHGta. FUL uii40a.4ia. 




thrr pat to dMib nalUinki of Ibe ricb, allowiMg Uicm tj; ■»*• ^'^'^ 
Ih7 il I «. 'Iml if tuf li€q«*t*-d to him mmI to T. lew tbnn Ui«r 
cipccied.* tbo will wm UnnpadvA. ef . on ilio wcjlili of T. T«c. Ii. i J7. 
liicB Siioniii WM iiMirrwd Ki Kcfo with all doc fc>nu«. T. Riye liim lu 
Mutfriii^, 1>H» 13 I 1. •«• tbc Uw •|i»i«t«l/ A.I.. CS Urcini Ljiliu 
offend Nero 1,<NW,U00 H». «« • fee (c* bin pcrfontioncc oil tlw Lirji; 
Xcni nfuM'd Um niotiry. • diMbitiiiiig to do aii}tliiii}{ ft>r liire, bat T. 
riS^loUrrnm. l! .. tbeVriec of bi. life. I«. b. I, .v U | -J Nero • omu- 
miUcd Ibo cifTvninient to tbc wowt »»f iikii. N vmpbidinH and 1 . IKiiic- 
Iriuo Um o nio miw c&nlkd fruiu l«t»iu« by T. for Iwviug diiiouiirctl ii|«i 
tbo HHii the dltiuiniicy iihI iirotUpility o( Ncron biitbi iml pjiiiimMiiiii; 
t. oUo mrtth inrkod ApiaUniHw of Tyaiiii. rbilwtr. iv 4J « 2 •v«rc 
MlMr«i iwiXn'^n,^ n uwL Mp«;l*^v.^ror cfi;oi. A|.. « || i quicUvccm- 
tinncJ bw idulnMypbicia dinf nn^ioiw ; aiul «.ii.- d:ir bcanui; thttiidcr auniiR 
•iic«UpM?.o«rlaiiiKHf«mielbiiiR pball U- mid fball not bo; which wn- 
f ollilU-d Ibrco dan aft«r, when a tbtiiiilcrb«»lt »tniik a cup in Nero * liand. 
I 3 on this T. began t** fear \y. a* a dixiuiT, and not danng opcnlv to 
nceofo bim, watched bini i>|«iiikin;! and Mliut, nilthis ind wiilkiiig, mlial 
1m ato and at wboik- b»rti*i', wholhiT Iw Mirriaccd or n«, • with all Iho many 
c%^t.f eurnnmcut,' »a#ir i^\mt, i»Ar«i n «>X* i^^«>"- ^^7:^ 
i i, tlM tcmiOw were fall of i»u|i»lianU. i»rayiiiix for Niw » rwvvrir from a 
catarrh, willi iU •wolU'n throat and thick vi.ii-e. Ap. contained bii own 
ludignation, tboogh •bnraUng* with it and al»M> kipt Mcuiiipoa •ilent, 
•tbtr miwt imrdoii tbo godis ci fufiott ytXmtt^ x^^f^'"- ./• I'^'nw,*^ *«f^ 
««mb, and cbar^ Ap. wiUi * iuipiity'agaiunt Nerii. f a • there wtood ready 
against bim an acruM-r who hud already- mined many Kal ram-rMr OXiy- 
inalMr M«'r«t.* T. held the arcuMtioli in hi.^ hand, ami hramlinhed it lik%' 
ft aword, • it bail been new whotUnl for bin; and wwild nlay him.* ihi 
ouening tbc rtdl, T. foand no trace of writing; inM|HTtiiij: that a denioii 
nort have U<*u at work, be took Ap. anide. and |irr«Hed the <yiic«tit>ii. whi» 
ha wai. Ap. ttJd him bia father ainl country; he itiMUcd |ihilo«<M»liv, tliat 
hm miglit knuw giNU and iiieti. f « 'but Iww, Ap.. do yon confute deniMi* 
and pbantumi f * In the muuc way at 1 c«»nf ate blomUtaiiied and inipioiiK 
men,' a homo tbrast for T. • Will yoa pmiiheHy to nic?' 'How can I, 
who am no prophet r • And ret they aay that it wa* yiw w1n» i«aid. Mmr- 
tkiag §reat $kmll be nnA tknlf m«< /#r.' * True, but mI that down not to 
ivophccy, bat to wimlom, which iiod rrveaN to wine men.* ' W hy do ytm 
not fear Kero?' * llecauhc the muic («mI wh.» iimkei hiiu temble. make.* 
MM fearient.' | 4 • What do >-oa think of Neror • lletlcr than yoa ; for 
ton think him worthy to ■iug, I, to bo »ilent.' T. in c«mf iwnai. * i«o your 
vmys, on giTiug bail.' • Who wiU give bail for a bcKly, which no iiw will 
Und r 1'. raJra laMi^na t tUm aai w,:Um mp9,^^', »ai ^wtp 0€m9^x«' 

m^MUTWMtwm^ wmmM • Go where yoa will ; ev yap Kptirttn^ 4 vw 4ftw ipx^' 
§m: V Bo i 4 Ap. boaaU that be * took the flekl apiin«t Nero, rm •^Mrarn 
TtwXXiMr ivw^f Jfl lUavirra. vii 4 i 1 by rncowragiiitf \ index and di*. 
Marine T., Ap. made wm$p^4ftu^ nr ri^aFriJa. Wlicn Nero • atar wamjd. 
TTuMcrted him Tae. b. 1 17. Wat. Oalba 17 H ; after Nero • death lie 
vna fofoed to give np hia eommaud (inot lb. 8 i S yet bii rdv^ara are 
aantinned lb. 19 1 1| and the pe«vl« «dled akmd In eirenii fnd theatre 
for Ml blood Toe. Ik, Plot lb. 17 M l-* Boct Ualba ift jNifafo iL 
iimtum mmlMtiM IMoii H Ti0fllM, tvht ex ommthmg ^fromU tmU- 
avffeMf MSk/lc«nlf«<aMM itneolumf nrmntUli «lf »^ . . .pre f^ffflf 
ffltfi miwUUu r^mlmrn edielo inert fniu Oaibn'a laTotlte Yinlai bowtrer 
tei MMlfii iMity Mbet freoi T., wba fifa Ua d 




toloe of l,tiOO,OfK) H8. Pint. ib. || 1, t, 4. T. pcreUted in bin retela to 
the laxt, Mat Otho 3, while honoat men mnrmunsl that hn nlionhl iitiU 
pec tbo »an'a light lurii r^^mVoif iral rMM'roif at' airip Wx opu-rraf. Wlicn 
Otlio'ii cxecntinner reached him at 8inne«fia, he ankcd leave to nliare, and 
BO cut bif throat. Tae. h. i It jntr inHe exsHltnlh cottafeutn . . . in- 
fcfrafo Tiffrllini erUh. S«»phoniiu T, ob$eMrit iMrfntihui/foeda ptifritim^ 
inptMlirn nfwctn^ . . . pmrmin virintum, qttin rrlortMt eral, rilih ndrptu*, 
crndelitatcm mnx, Heimlf arnritinm ft rirUia tcelfm rjwmiii, citrrtipto 
md omnr faeiunn Senmr^ qnnednm. ifinnro if n«n«, ae poilrrmo eiM$dem de- 
§ertor ne pntdilor: nndf non ulinm pfrtinnrint nd pomnm /litfiUmrtre, 
dlrrrMt tidlWiM, qnihnt odittM AVrmii* cnt ct qnibni dinidrriiim. apud 
iimlhtim Titi I'im// jwtrnlin dffeutmt^ prarUxfntit trrralam ah ra Mimm. 
AoNff duhie rrrrarernt^ non clenientia, quippe tot iuterfrctis. »cd 
eftifiiiim infnlnrMm. ro iiifrfiMwr populut, nddita ad rrint Tiffrlliiii odiam 
rrrrafi Till Vimi iMridia, cmcurrrrf e Mm urht in Vataiiam ac form, 
rt hW plnrimm roltfi tirrntia, (h cirrMm ac tkrmirm rfa»i teditiotit vocibaa 
•treperr, donrr T. arrrftto npnd SiMnrmanat mqmat auprrmaf tircruitati$ 
maath iittrr $tmprm com-HhiHarmm ft o$r9iln et deformct mom$ trctU norm' 
emlmfmncibm iufamem ritam fttedarit etiam exitm »rrv rt inhonetito. 

roxK. . . Li-(r.nM=rfii pone«, locebin. In miHi canes Cic. nover 
iaeert* rf licfore tlio aimdoritt ; biter writoni inwrt or omit it iiidiirer. 
ently. n Ttl rlrmt Fidrnit, et atfrlla redo palrrno: xvi 29—31. Ken. n. 
4. II 60 I S roMlrmnr morlem, et omnia quar md mortrm darmitl toatrmptn 
$mnt. cp. lull I 6 di'trakr illi rim pntpriam et We nihil a*iit, Qiiintil. 
dcel. 9 i 13 ohirr mihi mmimm, et habr$ malrdicrmdi materinm. rt. VFl. 
T 606—7 dm rrllerm, rrrtor, I ct mrdio nog crrne mart. luv. vi 3C1— 4 On 
the eonwtr. in the text cf. lie. Phil. 11 H UH, li» n. n. Hull, jl 6 Halm. 
p. dom. f 87 llanat Hor. ep. i 16 64 Obbar. Mnilvi« oiwim-. 11 162. 

TAi:i»A Lt'ccBiR IX ILLA Lucr. Ill 1U17 Munio rrr. 
brrm eami^im robmr pix InmmiHm taedae. Schol. qiirm [Tig.] »i lae$rri$, 
rirnt ardrbia, qMrmmdmotlum in mmmerr Xervnit riri artrrHut, de qtiibmt 
Hlfiu$ttrat rrrro» Heri, ut Incerent ipertatoribnt, ram Hxa illi» rftrat 
fwtlmrm, nr rt rnrrarrmt, A.n. 04 Nero accniied the Chrisiiann of netting 
Tire to Itomc, and exhibited mccn in his pirdcnn dnring tlieir inart^-nluiu 
Tac. XT 44 prrrMHlibMB addita Indihria, Ht/rrantm trntit eonlfcli Imiiiatm 
MNHM iatfrirrnl, amt rntribht affixi, oaf f lammandi rtrywr nUi dr/ecittrt 
dirt im vtnm nnctMrni iMmiiiit nrrrrntur. Thenco Snip. Scv. 11 311. 
*lllien Blaln/ criea TertuU. aiK>L 60, «we have coiKpirrtNl ; . . . thongb 
now yon call nn $armrntirii and frmaxii, becannc wo bom, boaiid to tbo 
■take of an axk) ckft in two, amidst a pik) of faggots, aarmrHtoritm. This 
wtbo rube of onr victorj', our palmala ve*ti$, our triumphal chariot' 
Borning was tbo eustomary ponisbmcut of magicians Herald, ad loc. 
dtcd h\- Oehlor. cf. on riri errmatio IViulaa sent t SS g 17. ill 1. diir. 
XLvu, 10 « I 2. 28 pr. and M 11. IJ. 88 | 1. Hildebr. on Apul. 111 U and 
JIO. llany of tbo mart>TB, as IHriycarp and those of L\-ou, so iierished. 
nodcnt ivrist. 8. (lataker adrers. poiit. c. 41. and the tracts of Clir. 
Mbolt Kilon. 1689 and Casn. Bogittariaa Ups. 1600 on tbo peraoca- 
tlona. Valcat (Sailic. Arid. Cms. 4 frimm rtimm id •nppiirU iKmmt 
imemlt, ut alipitem grmwdrm pomrret pedum met^nintm rt centum rt m tmmmm 

Xi md imum dmmmmtm Hfmret et mb imo focmm adponrrrt incruaitmue 
nUei fkwm trmeUiu Umcre gUmm neeuret On tbo faaica moletlm see 
yg ^^ .•' 150 QVA TAEOA iTAXTBa they are 

iMeMd to the plnaa Hid eonnol alir. 0dML Kerm wmi^fkm kouUmet 
f'f^^pufifrmHttmtufenett k bmi, 




••P.TUtAol.wtaf, Willi ■MiylIB8.,f«tt«fr. .r , n^ 

167 XT MMWR ke. ft qnM iMda Maeit In Or. and Ui Um 

fffktlTC in often to be mpplied from ft preerdfnff rlanie in a dUlercnt eaw. 

Hom./IM Mfr^K'MXMMife^MXMt'^'vt'^^^ il>-^l^' Cie. Vcrr. 

IT I f mnwelftam . . . , f «• rt •wih^ n/iiwwr ft mm pnfbrlMr « jMiNifa. 

I M ifr f IN» rf mt «««f/«f i« . . . rl . . , . h^jm** «iiI ulHm«s UrntpervafiM' 

fmn rif. Gt Halm OB Cie. In Vetin. I S4. Madvig ofmiic. ii 177 and on 

Cfe. fln. T f S6 p. 050. ttiLcvx a nnmbcr of Tictim«, 

kuM to their middle in the nand, are Imnit in a long row. So achol. ai 

m altcmatiTv npbinatian ftm^m, im f na rtiitiift ,iiti^h^nt, in quibui 

•nIrtoaC Cato hi Ocll. iii 14 f If of tlie CariliiifHnians kominrt deiodc- 

rnni fa frrmm dlmidintot ifinem^w circump(fHt rnni t itn inUrftttrumU 

FUHo In Cie. rp. fam. x 8S 1 8 a.c. 4S at (iadoa Bailms defodit im /«da 

ft rirmm €9mhm$»iU Fadinm a Boman citiKcn. who rvfowd to beeomo a 

j f^i*^ 8CB. de Ira HI 8 I 6 rireumtltiti dcfotnii e^poribut iffittf. 

BBMJCIT HABKXA Vct|^ g. 1 114 umorem bibnlti dcdacit' 

hnr«na. niaxxA no Caligala Knot. 27 AUUomu 

m^etmm <4 cwMfaf ioel renlewimm media amnhithcatri harona Igni 

cr«BiaTit. Crfce of tbo popnlace rmpccting tlie ct>r|Mio of Tibcrint Snot. 

7ft fn amphitheatro tfMiHtWanHiim, Min. pan. 88 f 8 Mfmo e fprrta- 

fWrv apeelmctitmm fmct— wu§erm» rMtiptmirt unco ft iRnibni rxM'«rif. 

«f . FriedUndflrii« 170. . 158 dedit vil 84. the technical 

tcrai cf. M«ti, vbenco ifotf ; tha coReUtive if mcfipfff : xiii 186 n. Or. 

s. n. in488 ft dare mixtm tiro tritia aeonita fieMtU, Qnintil. tii S U 17, 

la, Si. tx 8 1 108. Exx. on tmj pago of CelHw, tec Matthiae lex. Cela. 

TMBtra PiTat-if nehol. fffnfmlilfr iitit ftirpfnt ftm f af 
rmrnofmieaRlar; there la no anthorltT for tnppoaing tlint Tigellinn^ 
la mianf acoxita 70 n. ti C80. Tin 819 n. x. Si. 

Vetf. g. II lis Serr. TiUcan it 8SS. Sen. do Ira ii 0-8 f S Inrid^ ter» 
HMIfB mitffnt aeonita novfrctte. Aeonita if dewribed by Theophr. k 
id. tx 18 If 4,8. rUn. h. n. xxtii f| 4—10. The poiiion waa extracted 
Iram the loot ; it mifHit be dmnk in wino or mea«1 witliont being detected ; 
Old was compo n ndcd ao an to kill in S. 8. 8 montli*, or one or two .rear*. 
In the kMt capea 1^ a gradual wanting of tlie body (Tbvo|>lir.). 1*1. X 4 
aeonita the qnidcat of all poiaoni : or! mm fabtilaf mnrmrfrt f tpMmh Cer* 
hfH emuU fxtrmhentf mb inffrh Urreulf iifMMf md Ufmdftim PoMlifam, 
■81 awatfnirar ii ltd inffw aditut, nifiHL It waa bron^bt fnmi the har- 
bov Acone hi the ninna MarUndrnns Theonomp. in Alli. 85 b. IMin. ti 

1 4. Ifaft. Cap. I <t88. O. Schneider on Nicand. akxiph. 41. It ia the 
Irai pelaon tivated of br Kicunder IS— 78 with tchol., who nreMribei 
nany antUotca, as doea'riin., mo ind.; nono howcTcr were known to 
Thtonhmtt. 1 8. Hunter* of panthers, boan, wolrei and other wild beaata 
lild halta of meat poiaoned with aeonita DioM. it 77. Xen. do venat U 

1 5. PHn. Tin 1 99. The diMOtcrr of aconite wa« ancribed to Hckale 
DS.iT4i|S. Tha deieription of Theophr. doet not agree wiUi thoM of 

" Oiaae.tT77,78(whodiatingniriieatwokiBdf, theeaeondtbeac.*|Sapelltte 
UtmA and PUn. 8co Sahn. PUn. exere. 881—7. Sehneider Theophr. 
iiiM-8andlnd.8pTCn||elonDioae.ii808-0. HSt. Terl.paU.Sad 
~ tmikt»9 9mmi aa^ito koitllltiUii. TxnATim 

SO pMintoUi fraedman Harpoerm the right fecfiea jp«r 

— rBvaiUBva puwia 8S n. 84 n. 

^%fHL siil PlfaLiXfi I 14 aC 

lacfmae anoram 


faiTanlad kj Aaekpiadea 

tjttmmmrfi anf ee w aei 





jon trmt It too woU; It liTea on tnifliM, oysten, Falemian wina; 8 
dfomit ft in plnma pMrpurfpqtu ton, xit HO 8. Apul. m. x 84 Itctus 
. . . . plamea €o»itrU Itimidtu, whieh is a pamphraso of tho text (cf. 
aehoL Uctiai ptnmi* tirata rexs. fa mitiim strHctit), Cie. Verr. t f 87 
IfctiM oelopkaro ffrrbmtur, in f n« puMhm§ fnt pc.rluciditt l[eHtenai$ 
rutd fartm. Sen. ad Mare. 10 | 1 the equestrian sUtuu of Cloelia in tha 
Tia sacra, a most fn>quviited tltoruagbfarB* fxprobrai ittrrHtbus iwtlrU 
pnlriHMm ftentdfntibnit, in ea iliot mrbe tic iHtfredi, in qna ftiam ffmintu 
f^Htt donavimut, DicapicuT iii *iJU— 841. Sen. ep. 

80 f 8 f NOtf supra capita hominum tnpraqtie Imrbam delicatoa leo- 
tiea suspend! t: omnium ittornm pfnonata fclicita* f$t, 
160 CUM TCxiRT cnxTUA III 2U0. iUrt. T 4 4,5 hnnc (m .... I mMoiiau 
Tonire, Pnnitf, viderit contra, xit 63 3 contra qui Tonit 
aioiTo coxPEacK LAaei.ujx tho index Onger Apnl. m. i 8 be, moTing to 
his month tbo Onger next the thumb ft in atnimrfm ittlonitnM, • tacf, tmet' 
inqnit ft eirenm$pitifnt tntmnfutn wrmonii *pttrft* iuquit *inffmlntim 
ditinmm, ne qnnm tibi linfiHm, intrmpfrtiuU- noxam fontrahan.' Tha Kgyiit- 
isu gud HoitM Harpokmtes bccAiiio the lioniAU goJ of nilciice, and his 
etfigy, in this uttitnde, was a favorite amulet l*liu. xxxiii | 41. O. Jahn 
hi Ueriehto d. sachii. Ak. 1855 47. Varro L L t | 07 <liifHo tiffnijiemt mt 
tocft. Or. m. IX Wtt tiH.qne prtmit roccm digitoqne silentia 
saadet Anson, qiibt. 25 37 nut tnn Siffniitm Aegyptin* osctUn signet, 
Attg.ciT. D. XVIII i qnoninm/fre in ommbun trmplit, nbi folcbantnr Itis et 
Sernpit, fmt ftiam tinuiluernm, t/nod digito Ubiis impresso admo- 
■ere Tideratur ut sileutium fiarct, koe tii/nifieare idem Varro 
fxiitimatt at knminft fnittr rat laeerftnr. Cranxer Sjinb. ii=» 04, 817. 
CJiper in Poleni thes. 11 srt. 8 who gives mouy plates. Martian. Cap. 
If 90, 739 Kop|\ HcmfHktM, a pliiliwophcr uf mysterinns itowcr, waa said 
to have been bom, like tho Kg.vptittn (Inw luid Holios (Ouiuaskios in Phot 
UbL eod. 349 p. 848 a 81 aud tiieuce buiU. 4tay^Ai«r, 'li^ot^ffof) iwi rm§ 
Xi^crv IxM" rir Knrn^iydfa^m idnrvXo^, cf. I'only iii Wll. Angcronm, 
a Uoman goddess of wIkhu very little is known, also. Macr. iii 9 | 4 
digito ad ot admalo sileutium denuntiat. cf. Pliu. 111 < 05. Cruu- 
icriii7l4. Pauly 1*1005. igi iccusAtim euit 

qci TEUBux nixKaiT *«iiic est.** H. Vales. «whiu tho poisoner you 
s|iesk cf shall meet you, be still, for he who shall but say uic kst, ar/a- 
ritu teiiicfl, homieida, it nt accutator fiat grarittimat pttenat InetJ* No 
other expbination suits tlie context. Attack no powerful criminal; do 
not ert-n iioiut him out as ho goes by; for his guilty couscienoo wiU 
Knigbtwaj suspect that you know iU secrets and aiv about to rcTeol 
5**"* ^, , TEBBOJi a tingtf word. 11 08 panrae. xti 34 

;"«• Cic does not express our •oiil}** iu such cases; in Caes. howovar, 
AdT., and tho silver age wo diid nnnt tantnm. Tor. Audr. 800 Terbum 
m mddidrrtt. PhoniL 197 id, $i pot ft, ret bo a^ffdi. Hor. ep. i 7 8M 
mv TerboiMrcfM mbtfnt, a. 1 1 131. Win. epi 11 8 | 4 iitf Terbo « aiVfm 
•eeitar. iii9|87 littaram fi<fa«<^il(iNi. Cie. faui. n 17 | mf swlit- 
ISK"- T/IT*" "^''- Kwbs.Allga}ier autiborh. puifcNs, nnnt, K». 
gam. Ittillatik SSa. Tlw lexx. giva cxx. of c«rb«ai used of miwa wotda 
y^— : ^ ,, . nio Bar l>ara. 1 38 mt pnickmm ftt digito 

mnttmHH diaiar, Ma eat! Mart, t 18 8 «tf Cofo Ifgor orbo /re- 
fjMM ec dleitur, hia aat. 1 1 L Lnehm aomn. 11 « I wiU hivast yon 
?P*y» hlaig■h^ thai amy one who aaaa you wiU nndi^ hia naighkloor 
ypuinltoyonwtthhkijyr.aayhi^sgy^tiw&ot.' Inr. doaa noi Ubal 
wo ni^ of lanor 8«it llh. 81 mmM ifrlalirwa /dcf air«i«fa. aama 

11— S 


i6a ucbt anoirriAB. htlab ubnam bbcctos. p m-4 

:^»r^%'ss;;?'ji*.«-ff^^ .„«d«toto«pt«.to 

'"."'Tir?' .— .«lMt oM aiwlber ti 430 eommlitU raUt et com- 
TIM a«th of iSSllt wM •eommcmUieiiie loriwiUlloo Epietrt. dU« 

H isT^rs ss::.'3ssrJ5 s=j'« sartg 

^la-.' lIi«i-irfaAS£SriS&^«^ 




mi fhriee edio Mtwen.' Solin. 43. SchoL Apolloa. i U(4. 
Serf. Veig. eel. vi 48. Wclcker kl. Sclir. i 12—14. ApoUon. i Itl— 8, 
1107-72. 1824-l>. 184S-67. Tlicokr. idyl. 18. Plop, i 20. VFl. 
t 110. an 4H0, 587—740. it 18-^8. SUt. •. i 8 22. Mart, v 48 8. 
Orph. ArgoD. 'J'Jl scq. Dionyg. jierieg. 805. Kkiucii Aen. 105—8, 119— 
121. Heinoko on Eaplior. p. 177. On pieturef of tbe rape of HyUs eee 
U. Boelictte pcinft. do Ponip. I. 15. Tctrou. 83. AuMm. cpigr. 85 : on 
eoini UmcIic. Bimiliir Icgcnde of Uio i^wwj^ of beautiful joaibe in 
Weleker L e. 10 tcq. c. g. Bormoe (wbo aluo wnv rv^i^XifirrM), SkepbiM. 
An ArgonAQtica, mjs lur., may be written with impunity, cf. 7, 8, lu. 
Mart. X 4 cited on 52. vknax Stat. •. tii 

4 42 — 8 te caemla Sais I mallet et tipprrntn Ir^titnet fnrtiHs urn a. 
VFl. I 219. Apolkm. 1 1207, 1234. aEcurui x 5H. cf. Tiicokr. 18 40, 50 
Mti^vf I* ^f tU\9M vii4ft I S0p9ot, nin. cp. II 1 1 5. 165 »» 

Hot. e. n 1 89—42 after ii|>c«king of Lncilint Mrf Afc mIUub hand pel ft 
nltro I ^nemqMmm aMimautim et me retiili euttodiet on nil | Tagina 
teetva: ^Hem enr dcstringere enner | lutHi nh infrflit IntwHtbuaf 
Calii^ilA Snet. 53 peromlnrut ■trietnruni »e iMeuhraiionh tuae tcluni 
mimihatMr. Mcnaud. mouott. (f^ nrpti^Kn ^ufm, rJr M reCr Xoytrt. 
Wetst. on Hcbr. 4 12. In L.*f definition «if virtue iu Lact, ti 5 one item 
if kotlem e*ie mlque inimieum hominnm morumqMe malorMm, Hor. a. i 

10 8—4 mU mMlto I NrfrrM dr/rieuit, stbicto Qnintil. 
▼Ill pr. I 15 eloqiti enim hoe ett, omnia quae mente eoneeperii promert 
atqne ad aadientea perferre ; sine qno tuperntrMa tnut priorn [imreMtio et 
ditpotitfo] et timiUa gladio eou.lito atquo intra vni;iuam $uam 
kaerenti, Tbonght (Xoyof /r&dtfrrm) and feeling are tlio alieatbcd« 
ipeeeh (X«>«t Tpofop t nit) tbo drairn, iword. 

Loauci 20 n. 153—4 n. Mart, xi 95 7 audemits tatarat: Lneilini 
efu laboras. C. Lorilinii, B.r. 148—103. of an (rqucvtrian family of 
BamMa, belonged to tbo eircle of tbe younger Scipiu, ai did 8p. Mum- 
mias, brotber of tbe conqueror of Corintb, wbo, Cic. Att. ti 4, wroto 
bumonme poetical epiitlee to bit friends from Corintb. Tbe satirea 
M L., wbereof more tban 800 fragments remain, were Mtires indeed, 
a medley of iwlitice, manners, literature, grammar, cbieriy in bexamcters, 
partly in iambicN and trocbaics ; bis main funetion was to scourge tbo 
Mrruittiou of tbu times, in wbieb naerior armU tuxuria larNfiNil rietumqae 
mUitcilur orbem, 8ee Hor. s. i 4 0—12, 57. 10 1—5, 90—24, 48-71. 

11 1 17, 29—34, €2—75. In tbe time of Tocitns, dial. 23, some pre- 
Cened L. to Humce. 8ce Mommscn's bist. bk. it e. 13. tbe literary 
Ustories of Tenffel f 132, Dembanly, Ufilir. W. Y. Killnr, lloman pocta 
el tbe rcpnblie 159 —177. Lacbmann's recension, promised by Uuupt, 
ap^mircd UerL 1878; L. MttUcr loaves much to bo done in liis editioa 
liinpi. 1872. AaDEm Trebonius in €io. flam, xii 18 1 • 
qui magia hoe Lveilio tleuerlt OMumere libertatis qnam nobhf cum, 
rtloMii odio pari /merit im ros, qaot taeiit, tamru eerte moh magi* digmot 
habaerit, in qao§ tanta libertato Terborum inenrrerot. lliii. pr. 
i 7 L. fHf pHmms eoadidit stili nasnm. QuintiL x 1 || 98—4 truly 
sqn aarura qmidem lata nostra est, in qua primat inaignem tandem adeptns 
LaeUna qnoadam ilm dedltoa aihi adhne haltet amatofea, nt enm non eina* 
dem modo operia anetorikna aed omnibna poetia prae/erre non dnbitent, 
t§9 qnantnm ah ilUa, tantam ah Homtio diaaentio, qni lAieilinm flnere 
litifaHn m H eeae aUqaid qood toUcve posaie, patat. Nam ernditta 
im 00 wUra et libertaa «ffiM inde aeorbitaa el ftbiadantU sftlia. 
Mmt, in 18 1 17 !#• Mer cf vMraHif per fc 

1 66 





166 niniEXiTrr properly of ibe gnmi, growl or roar of mi enmged aoinml, 
ft boar Vng. x 711 ;• lion Kit. xi MS. Of men aIm VFL f 700—7 Xiimoim 
Jhinrm \ inlfmmii MMmH*. A pooile and nol eoBMBon voni, ehiellj, if 
■qI ahrajf, wed la Ike wrf. auasT Hor. i. 1 4 S8 — i 

after dwmbif tba afarttkNw, anbilkmi, Totnpiaoai omnet M wulntmt 
wetfMt^ odfrt foeUu, | *fenum iMbei in fomu, loitfff fufft : JammaJo rltum 
I exemtinl tiki, aoa Me tmiquam mrtet timlrc, * V\ni, do rat and. 16 p. 4A d 
ifihaciectof a|«atrelNikiodK«Mir*.. lipArti «■! PUyym tu^iw, ml^x^ 
^Xffyi^cr«r r^ fvxM' On Um tcrrort of foonricnco mo xiil llRl— 
169. Ck. da kff. ti H ^S. 4^- B. Bdindder Chrif U. KJJtogo ana d. gr. 
«. r0BL Klaatikani, Ootba HMo, IS— 10. raioiUA 

Mnia x«f ('Laer. 111 S09 rtittotn mtiffit cerromm frigida mcni eit; 
a paaiaga wbida •eeni likely to bare beeu a loeitt claMiemi on the pbj. 
aieal eirete of anger, frar etc.; SfM being imitated bj Vrrg. Aen. it 
6Si, and 80S fcjr IVra. 1 110.' h C] 167 tVMn 

Biu SSO faod pnifel^Htlt turnlem aadoribat furfiHet, GelL ix 15|0. 

166 IKI*iS IBAi: KT IJM*RIMAK ffuin tlio pTOTefbial wofdi 
•f Ter. Aadr. ISO bine Wtit Uemmac. He. p. Cael. f 01. Hor. ep. 1 
IS 4L Ttxt'ii rou'TA HAKO AXtNo Plant, mil. 

10s — 6 Hi fn/d ttt, FiilttfiitrinAqmM TolntaR iHtf teeuM in eordef 
Aea. IT SSS aeenaifae ffa eorde Tolntat. ti 1S7 — S €*tco9%tie Toln- 
lallerrfffMff animo aoeiin. 109 baeo ipue nno trittl cum eorde 
Tolntat 169 avimo Kigalt, Joba 

Ti^jrlor, K. F. Henuami, Jahn rrad mnime ; and mi Keil in l*riiwian'ii eita- 
ttea XTnt 1 70. P baa animnnte tubti. Tlio paMagra of Verg. pk«d for 
aaf»a>i Witb ««/ aie ct Ibe fic«|neiit addfe«ief of Homer'i hcivea to tbeir 
p ti aX^' fiya A^MT. Pind. OL u 99 d>« #k^. Kem. ill SO. Ben. Med. 
916, 9SS, S48^ 964, 990 anime. (iailio in Qnintil. tx S f 91 dviw, 
•aiae^ dayw. axtb ruaA* xit S48. xt fS. Aen. xi 

4S4 rnr aaie Inbaai frmer ofrajMf arfa*/ 8il. ix fiO— S ncntie ridrt.., 
I fmmmpu Jimmm mimm ante tnbat? 8tat. T. ti 147 ante Inbat fer- 
^ai|ie, wbence ClaaiL in linlln. 1 9SM tie ante tabat ferrnmqae 
d^rwafae. bind. BtiL 1 19S ante tabam. Benr. Aen. xi 474 ; it waa tbenpe- 
%ial Imidneia of tbu lukieen to eonnd tbe eluirge or retreat Marqnardt lit (S) 
4S6. Tbe BMtapbor ia kept np from 106 fntlt. ef. 111 SSS «4imlor,„ 
^^miiptittM, aAUurrx wlien in aiglit of tbe enengr 

Vifx 6S6. Hifi k Afr. IS | S tnmqfte emm pntctit ktmiit etmtpiel fmtet, 
ikillllef fa ca«i|ie iultet galea ri ct ad ram pngiMm p^mri, Caea. b. CI. 
^1 U 1 6 Umporit tmnln (nit txifinitmt kontiMmque Imm p^rmlut »4 dimienn- 
Mnimnt, al • . . ad galeae indnendan . . . ttmfnt defnerit. In a 
) TtM It BO. 6 in Jiarqnanit 111 S from Dartoli eol. Trai. 4 a eokller 
tiw BMieb canica bia bcbneton tbe left breast, lumging from tbe ncek 
eCiap. ncKLLi antique form. dL it S9. x ISO 

•tfanrrafer. XT 197 dffendter, Hor. alao and {ooMj Ot. nee tliie fonn, 
rUoi abeara Ibe deriTalioB tram daa; eo dMl«, dmflliemt (Laer. 11 OOS 
dnonm, aad alwajra pfnUiellttf perdtuUi: Bee Cie. or. f 19S. 
I 4 I li. OaraeeB Uber Aaepjiraebe n. e. w. 1* 1S4— 9. Fora. 
Itfltaaifr. 170-1 80 Cie. ad Alt xii IS | S fomnl 

il aafv to ebooae Sieiaeed fai l a rl a enl a w aren fai bia dbikfnee tid mntifwm 

mTviAatiiiA 61 B. Halt. SI IS aB apltapb for Pttris. ti S6 (ef. Btat 
iili 1 17i| far Olaseiai, both bsried ob tbie raid. Or. inaer. 48S0 fa aaf 
9<o Flawfafa fnaaffe, r«ffa ae raffye. 4S70. Ita moBBBMBle beglB «wi 
tal Of a ftUMw BMtaa aaor te patla BalWMMi ol te fail o4"i??' ♦d^rV'^?- rj:rnrr w;r: 

u. tuani. ralirieil Mid otbi-ra wrro diipcimed from it, but did not ■■. 

a.lK^ wirLl: JT ^P^ ^? ■"?* ' •***' *^*» *w forfiiteU and Uh> 
MWiKiB. liioeietlan and .Mnxiniian giTe one roafion for it euJ. lu«ft ii> 

Ctu^iuTJi::: :rrt'/;^'':/"'"L'^''-^*' Ti juuVJ.ut'^siTs i" 

Wfa22l. .S^# I'*^"*'j'* 7 *«^' mo^vee were, Iiid. I. e., tbe ft>ar of 

1^ At\^. ifi^r*' ^. ^*™'«'" ^^''^ •« «« 'Htbont tbe 
iZS I- -I ^i?^ *''" ^^ boBonred witb a raililio fonenil itom 
TS^, '■..*'^ .■■*^'* K««»e«k«. Berrioi In Cie. J Urn iTlS < s^ 

t^aiySh f<J Xen. Helku. Ill s II 14. 19. Tbne. t 11 1 1 iyuZ 

1 40S-i ^iv« il^Jft. "*• monnmeuta Latinae. Prud. c. Bymia. 

fcSw Jit n^"T^^ HewDLitianl^ 

tdoLdbJSSLo!??^ '^li^^ cxoivatod ia tbe gieatWmetefy 

JiJJtoe^MaaeB Ibe T. L, tbe ^ 


VOLUTA ANDiO. ANTE TUBA& [1 166-111 

166 n w w MMm f pgoperi|ycftlitgnwit»gwwrioriotrof miinigidaai— 1» 

• botf Vcff. 1 711; • Uoa Kit ii MS. Of mra ftlio VFL i 706—7 Hinoim 
/hutm I liifr«Bi«lt wmniu. A pofUe aad noi coamon vohl, ehicflj* If 
■ol ahniTt, wed ia tbt perf. bubbt Hot. i. i 4 M— S 
ftflcr dwcriMf tbt •▼•mkmii, tuiMtioiii, Tolii|iiiioai omHe$ M melmmt 
9ertw», odtre poel0$. | ^fenum kahei in eornn^ hitffr fuffe : dmmmodo rintm 
I ntmUmI tiM, mm klc etilqiMm mreet « mW/ llul. ito nt and, 16 p. 411 4 
of tbt eieei of Ajufl rdwkiodirMwir*.. 11^ dr«ff Ktd IXty^mf fuetm', mUx^ 
^Xtyi/iktww r^ f^n(M' On ilio tcrron of fonnrieneo mo xiii lint— 
St9. Ue. do k«. u fl 46, 44. B. Scbnddcr ChriiU. KlMofo mi d. gr. 
«. f8m. Kkadkffii, OoUw 1605, 16—16. FBioiitA 
HBVt BtT ('Laer. ui S09 rciiroM M<r^/« eerromm frlgida ncni eit; 

• pim(;> vhieh M«aii Kkcly to Imve bera • lociii elMPiean on the xkj- 
wiitX rftct« of snger, fnir etc.; S96 being imitated bj Vrrg. Am. nr 
661 and 606 bgr I'ert. i 116.* J.C] 167 whun 
xiu S66 f«orf mmfeiftih mmlfm •ndoribni mrfineU OcU. ii I5f 8. 

166 i»*K IBAK KT LAmiMAK frum tlio prorerbial wordi 
of Ter. Aadr. 166 lii«« M«e Uernmoe. I'ie. p. Cael. g 61. Hor. ep. i 
16 4L TKH'x roixik hako avimo l*lant. mil. 

166—6 #rf qmtd rxf, iWofvfrM, I f amf Tolntai tnlf toenw in eordef 
Aon. rr 666 aoennfor flo eordo vol n tat ti 167—6 emeeot^ue roln* 
tal|riyiifH« anlmo aoenin. 166 haeo ijmf uno Irhtl cum eorde 
Yolntat 169 amimo Itigalt, John 

T^jrlor, K. F. Htrmana, Jahn read mnlmr ; and mi Kril in Prliwian'i eita- 
iloa mil 1 70. P baa mnimnntt tube. Tlio panMitPi of Verg. plead for 
«fifBM. H'itb oaf BK et the fuMinoiii addre«M>f of Homer*! Iieroea to thefar 
IMfoXirn^ 0¥tm^, rind. OL ii 66 dye 0v^. Nem. ill 66. Ben. Med. 
001, 666, 616^ 964, 966 animo. Ctallio in t^iintil. is 6 ff 61 dam, 
aninia^ dara . axtb tvoar «it 646. it 66. Aen. St 

4S4 rnr anio Inbam trfwior orrajMf mrtuft 8il. n 60—6 aofia^ ridft,., 
I qnmHtpuJImmnl Hima ante tubas? Btat. T. ti 147 anta Inbai far- 
rnwqno, vhenco Cland. in llnin. i 666 §ic ante tnbai forrnmqiia 
frtmtm. land. BtiL 1 196 ante tnbam. 8enr. Aen. si 474 ; it wan tbenpo- 
dal bwdneaa of tin* tMbiern to foond tbe ebarge or retreat Marr|nardt in (f> 
466. Tho molapbor la kepi «p from 166 fnth, ef. iii 6X6 mtlltilor.,, 
mtigmitu, oAUurrx wlien in piglit of tlio enenqr 

vin 666. Hifi k Afr. 16 f 6 foaif af eaai proeul ktmth eoHtpicl pouet, 
mtlUe$ in eoNtpa iubet galeari rt ad mm putpnnm pamH, Caet. b. 0. 
II 61 i 6 Umporig tmnin fnit exifniltm$ kwUuwtfne tmm f«rmtu$ md tUmlam' 
ifa» aafaiHf, «l ... ail galeai indnendaM . . . tem/Mt HrftuHi. In a 
piala Tiifel ii no. 6 in IfarqnardI iii 6 from Bartoli aol. TraL 4 a aoldier 
oa tba mareh cairiaa bia belaMt oa the left breaat» lianging from tbo ncdi 
bjr a atrap. ncsLU antiqne form. A ir 39. s 166 

indmrmfor. XT 167 dffendter. Bar. alao and (onoe| Or. nta thia fona, 
vbin riiows tba dartimtloa fnaa dao; ao dwit, dmelUem (Laer. ii 666 
Maaiol, dnoaaf, and alwajra merdufllU, penUuUlo, Boa Cie. or. | 166. 
Qaialil. t 4 f 16. OofiMa ttbar Aawijtraebo a. t. w. 1* 164-6. Fora. 

ftrHaaifr.^ ^ _^170--1 Bo de. ad Att. «i 16 j 6 foaad 

H amiv la Mooaa daaaaaaa MNanaealaiB avoa bi bla dialognaa tm aaftf aii 

fil'wumnnk 61 a. Mail, it 16 aa fpita|di for Ftoria, ft 66 (af . Btat 
■>■ 1 17^ fw OliaaiM, bolb barlad oo this load. Qr. laaor. 4666 f a a af 
9<a FhminJM trmmU, nafa aa falMv, 4670. Ila wtiBaanata btgbi wm 
*6l ff a MIMm WM«i Mar Iht paila BaMMtaa al Iht iaol al Ibf 




2?fl!^'^b '{"^'S*- 'Af^' ^^ •'■« ^ **»•* o' the aadant CUa- 
an ttaot. Tib. l, and tbo richlj deeonUed tomb at thm s^mZ^ttrSl \lr 

wiMN mn muy •»« !«»•■»«.♦. lietket . 009. M«„n«St t m ££' 
«f«M MM rofwrf I ^J^^^l'^ "7 '«-/ '"""■ ""'<"«« •JmVT. 

own iHMUcf <8rnr. Aen. T «l. ri IM. I.iJor x» 11 f li .ml -i.i?i- Ik 

la »% f^*u r^Ll'^."'','' '. '. *: "•'■ • "•""'I'* ot ""Iron. ««« x"il 

J Wa,r%lSSS« ..^"•«•''l"'. ' "•^ <^^"l"Win. 111. miowoa tiK. pro. 
41 1*.: •''r'*"*" "uJ X«»lwl«B RiTO oiM ivamn for it cod. InM in 

toSrn. iSr'j5Ef!.ViiL?'*r*- ^ etmicn tomb* tie .11 wi<l»>ul tii. 
•moa m tlw tnbaA KenmtOm, Bcrriiu in Cie. mI bin. nUltmk 

^■■rfww, iiee xon. Helk'u. iii 6 f 1 14, 16. Tbne. t 11 1 1 k v u^ 

SiJlwSl^int- iiriM '.. r> "?«• *« « -^ Til. H,£iii ss; 

^^^* rfirr*. 2^ "'"'• "'' I"^*** ww Uirinl in citlM. 
I Mt-M. .^ J ?. •• "• •■»»'>"»<'"«• Latin.e. rnii e. Syoa. 

•MkwrtWww. Ih, T. Ifc, ih. T. Anii. and lU Amriia. iaU llar4»M^ 


At bii acpartm for CnnM (1^90) UmbriHai ivlatof to Inr. tbe eaafM 
vfakli bAvt drirm him from Borne. There it no room for boneti 
■MB, vbeie tkcy mdj thrive vbo will rnnke bhiek vhito and enbnce 
the Beraefll c i y ki ym e Bt fbr pJm (Sl-40) ; he who eaunoi lie. wlio 
win Mi pfaiy the 9ime of jNurieidee, Aanltcren, on«rofleor«, it m iim- 
lew cripple. To win the petromga of the greiU, yon mnit be niMter 
el their gnUty ecereti (41—67). Greeks and SjriMM, Jaeke of «U 
Iradet, Mown to Borne bj the eeme wind m flgi end dameorn, ooft 
the native of the Arentine ; for they can act any part, taking their cne 
bom their lofd'a changing moodi; they eormpt his wife, hii daughter, 
Ua -very grandmother. Under the name of »toic« they betray their 
pnpOa ; by a few dropa el the poison of calnmny they snppUnt the 
falthfal cUcnta <M— 1S5). 

lltr do loieifDen alone thwart the poor client ; practora themselres, in 
•a thcfar state, attend the lertes of rich or*<i«: men of gentle bkiod 
wealthy fraedmen (kf^-lM). Beipio Kasiea, 'the best of 
Nona or Metellos, woaM not be believed on their oaths, 
ridi ; the f«iy gods are thooelit to expect pefjniy from the 
(186—146). His shabby dress makes him a bntt; he is 
ejected from the « 14 lowa' of the theatre, to make room for a crier^s 
foppish SOB or ifiMihiot*9 (147—150). He can never hope to marry 
Ml haiiasi or receive a legacy (16(K-1G4). Bent and provisions are 
U^ kk Borne, and the style of living ambitions; in the country an 
nedile may appear in public in his tunic. In town the client must wear 
Om eoat^ to^i and bribe Us patron's insolent sUvea (166—166). U 
thero la aonstaat risk el ins or falling boMeai If the poor 
1*1 gMfiM bona, he most beg» and beg in vain; the ridi van 
BM thaa ha had lost Toa may b^y a eonnliy honsa and 
far kii thaa ana ywr*B nirt of a aaohjr mm in B«M (190-- 
161^ Tba Bolaa al Iha 




The rich man is borne through the streets in a litter, irtiere he may read 
or sleep at ease ; tlie poor is hustled by emwdft, bumped hj logs of 
timber, trampled on by a soldier's hob-nsilcd boots. A client, reioming 
home with his slave bearing his dinner in a chafing diiib, is cmshed 
to death under a wagon-load of maible. His liooscliold is making 
ready to receive liim ; but lie tlie while cowrrs on the shores of Styi, 
and has not wherewithal to pay Charon's fee (230— 2G7)* 

Banger of a broken head, from slicnls tbn»wn from tbe windows of the 
upper fitorics (666—277). Danger from *Jloiiocks* who prowl in 
seait'h of adventures, and after leaving yon scarce a tooth in your 
mouth, as injured innocents would fain take the law of yon (276 — 001). 
Danger from burgUrs and banditti; happy the days when one prison 
sufficed for Home's needs (802—314). 

Umbridns could say more, but time presses. He begs luv., whenever he 
viffits his native Aquinum, to send word to Cniuoo ; and promises to 
support his attempts to reform the ago (3ir>— 322). 

See for similar descriptions of Home Plin. ep. 1 9. Mart, iii 4, 86. Lncian 
Kigrin. Ammian. xiv 6 1 12 seq. Cf. Boilcan sat. 1. vi. 

1—20 Thous^ troubled by my old friend's dq>artnre, yet I com- 
mend his design of settling at Cninno and pving one dcnixcn to the Sil^l. 
Tin the gate to Daiae, a picawint shore for sweet retirement; for me, I 
prefer even Prochyta to the 8nbnra. For wimt waste Imvo eyes ever seen 
so drcai}', tliat vou would not think it worse to slmddcr at fires, tbe cease- 
less downfnls of houses and the thousand pcriU of the hcartlens city,— to 
say nothing of poets reciting under an August sun ? Dut while bis whole 
hcNisehold was being racked in one eoach, Umbricins lialtcd at tbe 
ancient arclies of the dripping Capenion gate. Hero whore onco Nnma 
made assignations by night with his goddess mistress, where now the grove 
and shrine of the sacred spring are let to Jews, whose whole furniture is 
a basket and a truss of hay,— for every tree most by law pay rent to the 
state, and the wood after the expulsion of its Muses begs (is a iK'ggors* 
haunt]— we stepped down into Egeria's vale and grottoes — how all unlike 
the true I How far mora manifest were the divinity of the stream, if grass 
edged its waves with green and no marble profaned the native tufa ! 

1 niooEssv Aen. iii 462 digressn wutegta mprtmn, 
Vtop, 1 15 6 UkeH digressu mota, 'coxrrsus Plin. 

paneg. 60 | 8 Schwars quam €$0 andio eonfnsionem (Nasi fuUaf, cum 
digrodiontom pn$ffuereHi, VM. iii 1 ext | 1 eum ndttHe pner md 
Perideh mvummUm smwr r^fstrt [Ateibiade$] tmmqne §ecreto tristcm 
Hdeniem vidlmet, inUrrofwit quid ita tnntam in vuitm eonfnsionem 
itnrtt. Tac h. 111 66. 8tat. s. 11 pr. nc fait mtneri&re limn emmimei 
eanacN H a conf uso scHoCaai cf doletitl dttuwL Bulp. 8ev. ep. 8 ad fin. 
faai erst soneCa it itUmt §lorUi fjnuliatio, fuam pia de «Mftc conf nsio. 
at dial 6 1 1. 8aa O aio or . FUa. an. m 10 1 6 n. TRBaia Ana 

1 166 ■, Aan. m M. Hor. & n 6 61 vetaram ratna ko$pet amianm. 
Ifart. tin 16 6. 2 uvn»-^6o»llAdvig|U7A.Saiipi 


mdMiei recllMntt: frtmU etUm et mm maxime Miffntlbttt opmentis meh 
imtrrtii. On Um lom of CBergjr conMHinent on tittinff ice Flin. ii 19 
11 i— i. Tht book itoelf wti inuuilj bound Lneimn mt. ind. 7 iwinm 
t4 lUr fi^pSim h ri xn^ tat wlyftmkm, ry^nffr ph 9%*^ ^ ^^^f^t 
X^vr«0r M tA' MsXir. In ft prefMO, whieh bo dcliTcnd txtonpnre, 
•Unding, tbo ftntbor nuido bin cxcmof Mart, iii 18 pfrfrUlt$e tHM 
wnU nt mefmtio f«n€tt, | cum te ex-ntarii, Maxime ^ quid rrcUutt 
nin. op. I IS 1 1 Till 81 I S forte aectdit mt eodem die matte im rndtoem- 
thnem iubitam roarer q«od mikl oimMtim fneloquendi dedit, §um enim 
deptraitiie me quit mt imrererentem operit tfymeret, qmod reeltmtmrmt, qmtm- 
qmam et mmieh^ etpmmeit^ id ett itermm amieit, /on ae mtfiotiU non nhttU 
mmistewL Ilui. it 41 qmidreeltotmrut elrrmmdat retlerm eollot \ eoHvemlmmt 
mottri§ mirlktu ilU wtufflt, Dittdeneo di«anned tbo comptnT Flin. ep. t 
17 i t roMM^riNlriliiil knee voce ttMrittitmn, roeem rereemmdla: mmttmm 
mmgmimh, mmltmm oollieUmdlnlt in ort^ mnermn ormameHUt reeltamth. 
etenlm meoeto qmopmeto wuigU im $tmdii» hamlnrt timor qmam JIdmela deert. 
Tn 17 i It qtiod St. Cfeero de ttiiOt etfo de metu $entio, timor e$t emiemdo- 
tor mtferrimma, koe ip$mwt, qmod mot rreltittnrot eopltowimt, ememdmt: qmid 
mmditorimm imfiredlmmr, ememdot. S5 { 1 mot eot tmmtnm dielmrl mlf*imld 
ami tettmri tlmrmmt, f «/ ttmdim tmm pro/trumt, eum HIi fir/ tmeemt hoe 
nmplimt pmettemt qnnd maximmm opmt 'tilemtlo rtreremtmr, Lodiet vera 
•OBotiinet pment Too. um. ni 49 Lntorim Priwnii, a Ikmum kniglil, 
WM aeenocd of icdting tn clefiy on tbo deotb of Ircmuinienii, wbilo bt 
WM Tot aliTe. fif L. fn ifomo P. Petronil, toerm eimt ViteUlm eormm 
wmttitome imtmttribmt frmlmlt, per ramHoqurmtlam hgerot, Plin^'t will 
uX bonind ft onrtain wbcn be recitc«l e p. it 19 f S tl ptamdo reello, im 
mroximio dtteretm relo tedet tomdetfttte motlrat arldlttimit omribrnt exeipit. 
jfoei md onlj elioiee pauagee Cic ad Att. xn 8 { 5 b.c. 41 *de ghrh* 
Miff tibl. cmttodtet igitmr^ mt tolet; ted motrtttttr eetoflarii [i.e. hiei], 
qmot Siilrimt, bomot omditoret maetu», im eomririo dmmtaxat hffot. Hid. 
cp. Till 91 i 4. ef. IT 14 f d Labicnna oiirc, wlicn reciting bit bfai- 
tOf7, folded np great part of the roll, taying ben. cmitr. x i>r. | 8 p. 991 
haee qmoe trmmteo itott mortem meam Uffrmtur, Bouictimct Plin. ix 94 a 
ftreodouin road and tbe author accompanied him in diimb thow. t 19 
PU^r writet to' a friend, a»king bim to rccciTo bit freodman, tbo eomw- 
dm Zoeimna, in a Tilla noted for tbo aalnbritj of the air | 9 prommm- 
fkf meriter topiemter mpte^ decemter etinm; mtitmr et etthora etiom, mttr* 
fiMM eomtoedo meeette ett, idem tarn enmmode orotfomet et fiintoriat et eor- 
mimm legit mt hoe totmm didieitte ridrntmr. So CUndius Snct. 41 ai cm- 
fitmr emplojcd a lector; bit bintoriet of Etmria and Carthage vriilen 
Ml Oreck, were jcarlj read through in the two mnaenmt at Alexandria 41 
PUn. Ti 15 reeofda a piece of goetip {reeemt fobmlo), Pattcnnut Panllw 
via redting an elegiae poem, it cnm reeltaret, ita eoepft dieere Tritieet 
imhet,* md koe tmeoiemmt Pritcmt {mdermt emfm, mt Pamllo mmleitttmmt) 
*€$o vero non firfrfo.' eoglttk qmt ritmt homlmnm, qmi ioel, . . . imterim 
PmtOm mitemtL deUrmtto mUfmmmtmm frlgortt mitmlit, tmm totttette reeitO' 
fwit jprtfftfrmlui ett mom totmm mt timt iptl tmml rermm etlmm mt tomm 
UMkem mt, B ea i t ati ea a flouritbed from Angnttna to Hadrian, and togf 
thar witk daakmafiwit greathr albetod both tbe ttrlo and tbe Matter of 
"loM. If to arrett tbo attention of tbe andionco a auipriae vat 
MH/jiwiaedla learning vat diapbqred, aa In the topognuiUeal 
M of LneaB. The Batter vat bovfrer In geiiafal mnoi Ittt 
W g wd i l thna tbe manaef. Tbe vbolt vm aaerifleed lo the paiti; 
leiMida. dievlnlioM cf fetMry. ikalerfeal 



on 9-12 

Diekoif, Um popakr 'pemqr rMdinni.* roBTAt iiirliicUni: eonki 

poeti (I f ioffiil«$. rUn. ep. Ti 81 g 8) tndtniRie (ib. tii 17 fi 8, 11. Thc. 
dial. 11. liiT. I 4-4 TfUphH$, OrrMtrt). Hiiitoricf iilfio (Snct Ane. 8t». 
Ckna. 41. M. Sen. eonir. z pr. i 8 p. 2<.KI. Sen. do in iii 25 M 4-0. 
qi. 05 i 1 Piin. rp. ni 17 i 8 ft iMognpby ib. it 7 f S), niirrclicii (Hnct. 
Aug. 89. FHn. rp. i 6 i S. ii 10. in 18. rii 17 a fornml defeuro of tlie 
pnctice. Iiiiiii|ir. Alex. Sot. 85), and iHiilotopbiml trcatisci (Sen. q>. 
63 II 0—15) were recited. 10 PUM...coumxiTi*ii... 

■ciiiiTiTiT tbo ntniil oonntrnetioD, when eontemiiftniiirons aetioiiii are 
"pokpB of I 60. T 94. Ti 170. ix 4. xit 92, 05. Exce|»tionii in MadTii; 
i 830 X. TOTA POMi-s REPA VXA SO »mall waa tbe 

boQaebold ; ao poor, ef. 23 — I, wan Umbrician. reda 230 n. 

11 TETEKEa ARCVt MADinAMQOB CAPK?tAV hcnilimlril. Scbol. MADinASI Mm 

f ■>'« 9wpra MM <ifH«fi*(ffrr(H« r«(, qncm nuiic npitrflant nrrwrn, Mtiilitntrm. 
pfimum enim tm^ue ibidem fnerunt portnt. Mart, in 47 1 Capcna /irantli 
P^'ta fan pi nit ptitta, ^1m riruB tltrmlnHtHt^ a bmneb of tlto iff hh 
JMortfa, after croaainR and tnpplying tbo fnon» Caelini Froutin. do aqnin 
^^^""^ > 19, . If af far fN/im portam Cnprnam, From tbe porta Cupcna^ one 
£«^Uie pineipal itatea in tiM wall of 8er\'iuii. the Appian vaj led to Capna. 
^B§ diteoreiy of tbe flmt niile-ntono on the Apjnan way ban fixed the 
petition of tlie pite at tbo foot of mow* Cuffina Utt-lcer i 1(;8_170. 

[Ill 12—20 ** JRlin'a trauiiiKMiitiou by no means brint^fi eoiivictbm to 

jH.riaiind. Tbe im mUem Katrine detr, ete. in tlien ao veryabni)it. IiiM' 

t^rMtn and bia Itooacbolil. aecompaiiied I prciiniuo b? Jtiveiial, walked from 

gbeir town reaideneo to tbe itorln Caprna^ wlicre tlir rnedn waiteil tbem, 

mnd wan kiadeil. Well then 11 Umbriciiin lialted: then, 12, hie aeenit to 

ggf0 g^ rvry appropriate eonneetins particle, * bereii|H>n.* *iiiHni Ihifi :* a rvry 

eooB s^w*** *>*® 'n all antbora ; and no JnToiial i I'lO tlirn» hie funitttH : and 

X^ 9^ A/< tmnderf tihet^ and periiapa (an I rbmild prefer) xt 77 htMlnr hie 

mmkt^trf' ^*^ "''' ' ^k^' ^ ^i'^^ notliing to do with IrrV, but to mean 

*iUm^ ctM' * to wliere* Nama etc. : 1 don't take it to bo exactly in trntlem 

Egtw^f^'^* "^'^ bat aa 1 Mid MUno nbi,* and then in eonfieqiienco of tbe 





itliesiM, I look on in tnltem Efferiae rather as an epexeffenis of 
; * berenpon bo and I went down to wliere Numa nted to meet bin 
»m bnt wliere now ... 1 mean into tbo valley of Egcria.* Then 
fMmc I take to bcfdn qnito a new Mutence.** H.A.J.1I.] 

^R3iAB Lit. 1 19 H "^t S of Numa omniNM pr/Mwai, rem ttd mnUilM' 
4t9aprrHam et Wit taeetilit mdrm rjieaeiwiwuim, deorum meltim liiiel* 
Witttwu fit ful eum deteendere itd animot tine aliqno eommentn 
ndrm^mii ftrvn pottei, tlmuM tibl onra dca Egeria oongr earns noc- 
4 arno « ^mme ; tint §e moniln, qnae aeeeptiuima dri* etnent, taem inatttHerf, 
mmeerAo€^m mnn^ eniqnt deernm ptnefieere. Hero night ia tbo weird time of 
vwwUlioaM s in InT. tbe aereon of intrignea. Stat. a. t 8 2H9— 201 where 
ArioU %.m Clao ■eeno of tboao mootings tomnitine in imntiine manMtra \ qnne 
Vtf mneme Mnmao ritusqmt eolendot \ mitit Arieino dictnitnt 
w^ A fifro. coaariTORBAT ti 487. Uio tech* 

f nr an aaaignation, rendetrone, SteUdiehein : aatirical like 
MO, 84. Titinina gemina fr. 5 in Mon. *toga' «f rM« enm 
seorlo e €> B « llinoril <rr. Ter. Hee. 195—0 wboro tbo oonrteaan aayi 
«o nail fa £ ^mm ^modmm hoeptte | me etee illnm eonventnmm. of. Donatoa. 
^ ^^y ^* ACaaj ou. in Oion. oba. 1 1 15 Ftotaeber. Cie. ad fam. tii 4 
^ f ""^f^ 00 a m fti t ntnm eiOR podsffrm kabet, /me nl in mlinm diem diffemt, 
9mM ^m al»*. al0o nd Alt i 7. do or. i i 965. do off. i i 82 «f oonatita- 
*'" •■Ijp J ^ BR If Ml^wiehiai In rem prmeteniem mm vriiCnrmi. Diotack 


I;!r?or„""i r-"?'- 'S^r.^!?! ;;'r;sr "«^"- 

Num. in LIr. 1 21 ciftnl on 17 '* "' ^^"% '" *•» """<« «»' 
•JwiitKi itra mercil to their miwetini nvmni.. s ?' Vif "'. ■**"" »" 

Xnm. 13 I 2 llio irwch wb?*E «"" '"V''''' *>"••'''""?<« rf»««.. PIm. 

Nun... ,o„.,.,„, *«*.W ««.£1^r;„„^;^^^^^^^^ 

-S. i«^!«T„: I1.J" CamcniirHm aoilc. Ileckcr i fits 

nmnuiff water Act. ,^, '„ """ i'™*"""'. 2%».. wtro in wood, nntr 
inllouio MO 290n. XIT (Mt.M . oni -« 14 'I'meib on the Jew. 

Una. tbo «Hdr«Jh.nhfciXTir.i,J^i,,'7', •".«'">■ .'». '""'"" ^"l-ito- 

.rborl..,.««„,.^,,l'/:;X;,^^;;: /•'l''~^^^ « ».«.„, «rr„J<„| 

> *. A Urge wicker bnskct or l..i.»w.. "'»'"»,*'"' •'"« lUlo (.cU. «i 7 
ins. lor eSming earth. mMn«ilM""1 '» ««""« tnro and Ranlen- 
Tb. Jew. were known br TlS^Li^ji" *'*•. *'."*• "''"• eomimnion. 
di«lemSidon.,p.^°T6tt, rr« "«"'• "/.j!:')"^" J""8" ''J' «""' 

from'. M«Jie..nB«.,J^lnL^V^'^; •'"',» r"""^ ^ "" *" J8»8 
«f«r.t.fniit.5 ii«i^kLln^^?'t''''t"^''^^'' " »» «'• '"»» 
<«-60. • VacVJLZ . 1«S^ ««»"«W^ Iv jPbilo, ed. llichter y 

of tbe wood. Plot. qn. lloui M '.l ., i. .l ^' ikkcedem tlic rent 

/"««»«/upo, tli«.how7" • •"•'*''«' "P"" '*' '»«.«^ *T.r«l 

Mart. »■ 6* IS « CrTrfo,!,, .„„ " »•=»'"«« " «« cited on U. 
•hen it i. tbn.nR^T,^X"^V//»g»" »"'<"««. Tbo wood fa,. 

17 HaeaiAB Or. f. lunt m,™,""*' "*"•"«»'*» fanatic.. 
«a».nl..Ur.-,«y;,i^t«,«"ii'«' ;"~ J»~'»'« "«"7' '*'•»'»'• 

iW •on.lIl.^,r;i^?i°J, ;•"?'"?"■?.'"'•»«•• 1"»<« •"«« 




*anL I tS. X S79 a. sstonsiAT ti lit. imt 178. Ap«L m. ?fn fli 

niffiMCiif . •> I«T. z tU IwUmiv. 118 X 97 M*i|. Tta 

•aa. IT 1. 11. 114 TBAsn rti 190 egemptm notvnmi 

fiittnnm IrABiiL x 178 ft§tln9 «4 wonlrvt et rtftem trftoico i'lMif/. n 001. 
*FMi bj, Mgr uoUiing of, Um ngmnuuiU, and turn to ft emwr crime.* 

115 oniiutu 87—8 n. Plin. cp. 1 81 1 8. Flat qn. Bom. 48. 


mtlttit t90tu l.e. mtUrU poii^Ha, rimiUiHj Madvig pnrerM^ quodmm 4M 
(rMotnr] 4Cf mMlarit htmlmh et potemtiori§ terlere, amujii 

A maatk of ttoal toztoro (8enr. Acn. t 431 dvplox of I f lent ehU* 
mj9), voni OTvr tho toga (lav: tr 7f»U V«no Ap. Nod. ■• r. tpttkB of 
it M A MUier^s drati; Boet. Ctlig. 85 mentioiit ono of pvrple worn bjr 
Idng Ptolmjr ; lUrt it 88 8 out worn by a Cjnle, ami onoCbfr tiii 48 
voni hj A fcm. 116 noicuo occmiT Mir ax drlaioa 

DOui. Lin n (88 a.b.) '(Daka) Soranni. a baii of birth And irvalth And 
•f dMBcaifdied Tirtm>, vai Aceaied (bcin(( then imtiMlh nero Taa. in 
88^ And ImTlng a dAngliter tventr TMrt of Age, ibkl.] bj V, Epiatina Cekr. 
A pUkMoplicr of BoffjttM. EgnAtiAs wab rowAnlcd vith riclioa And bonoam; 
aflUrwAidi iwwroTgr f 89 A.n.1 bo «a« eiilod. Soraana waa imt to dcalb, 
aa (la additioa to a caArgo of eoaapira^) bo m«t aeenacd of naTing, wlmi 
Aaerl8aii veia oflhwd for hit iveoTcrj from aickncHi, emplognnl bit danglitrr 
lo aaa aasle Arta.* teboL Inr. n G8S JiUam DareAO Bor Aai f mAf n^im 
if§€94wm$Unm dlteentUim euet kortattttf dptulil Kemwl: #6 qtmm rem 
wmrt eaai pAtro Ikma e§t a Kerone, cf. M>bol. i 88 tbo liko faw of liclio. 
doraa. aroicca Tae. ib. 88 ^mintum mi$erieonlitte mteritU 

meewtmtiamtii permorent, taminm irne P. Eguatint te»th eoMfitit: cliaai 
hlo Sorani el lane emptna ad opprimeadnm amievm anelorita- 
loBi alolcAo aeelae praeferebal, babiln el oro ad eiprimeadam 
laiAf laeai boaeall ezereitn*. oocidit I^ bit orideace. 

Axicox Tae. b. it 10 Color profeaant aapieatiam, dela 
loalia ia Daream, proditor eorrnplorqne amieiliae cnina ae 
Biagialram ferebal. Oa the <fW«forrf aee it 48 n. 117 nirA 

Ibe bank of Ibe Kjdaaa Dioa. Perieg. 888 KMrw rt r«eXMie ^#qr 4id 
Tdffmf Ih^rm, ximrrva ednealed Strab. xit 878 tcq. of 

Taraaa * witb aaBh leat do Ibe lababitaaU ttadj philotop hj and litcrataic, 
IhAt Ibcj anrpAaa Albena, Alexandria and all olber tclioola of learning 
• • • • Rome knotre well Jbev am ajf wten of letlen imnefrom thU eUfk/or ker 
afrvffi nram milk them,* Here 8t Paul, ApoUonivt of Tvana (Pbllotlr. 
ApoU. I 7 i 1)« the BtoicaMeelor, Ibe leaehcr of TlberiAa,and Albenodorat, 
Ibe leeeber of Angaatai (Ladea lUcrob. 81), with olbera (Ap. Stmb. L 
LK foeiifed iaetmeHoa. 118 ad quax ooaooxbi acLUAA 

nr raniA cabalu ATlaa. 1081 eeq. Cwdnne item wtedUe diaeemit mtUMkt 
TafaL I Pegaaaa hoe §Um nupendh eme§pite $e»e \ impreataeqMe tah 


UpM 9etti§im eAleie, I et$etmt 1n»90nU rerolHtm imtmeetiUi eemmer I 
team. AleiABd. Polyhiat bi MiUler fmgm. bill. gr. Ill 888 dariToa tba 
aaaMfkanlbere^CwblebaonMlraaabae 'Ibe flat of Ibe Iboi; olb«a 
•«|M«) of FMuai. wUeb Ibera fell DIoija. Tbrax 0b. 189) laAkaa II 
Iht faol of PeBtiopBea, wfakh wAa Ihera huaed. ooaoom 

ooaui hmm Ifartlaa. OapeD. n 8 119 el foae Oorgoael lalil 
•aballL AoaA O M K i Higitai apraag fkma Ibe Uood et 

IMaaA. vpbiB P iiU Bi tlmflk off hir hoad Or. t in 480 Oorgoaei . • . 
Afaf. Ik ▼ 8 Mtdaaaei efxL ciaaui s 80 a. et Pm. 

aRia la AaaoSa epiaik % w« 
Uf til. Wh« «Mt A Ontk kaa iMlMi ifw a Biln«, W «m iliiB 

110-188] OinciUM. KOCTB TOOATU& OBDAB. 195 

of ao riTAla, bnl bate bim all lo bimtelf : old elienti Am dwlwmm «•»« 
fiom tbereaUbnle. nor it tbeir lom fell ^ "* iSTJ^ 

M jPalA ^MUmegM \ nxarem ied ktbea, iJnndld^, enm populo. hoc 1 88L 
If ^ ^^7." " *«'■■« Hor. ep. I 8 16 obbar mveeeJmmlnrt 
ealia hoc memeiUo. bcie ni-ed bccawoTf ^Z^lZ 
123 "louoa Holydaj •• drop of bis Greek ronom.' . M mnUam de. 
124 UMWA I 98. 100. 13J. Sen. cp. 84 f W. 
iuxxoTBOR 1 87 n. 125 acaTiTii Ilor. t. 11 g w. 

A/enrti. ^""^ ""' "' "" •" ^^- ^ ^ '"»«« iAolaram an m. 

J^~JW '" '^^^^ money makea the man. Ilio rich aImm n%»mk «ri«k 

S^'S.^vSr?'^ •Tw.UU «» p«» Client i^«u,S."^ll».l^ 
-!w. - I? "»""'• "»• W n in <imlifii,i officio r«l muUlioml 

aeele logalat ert». MamerlliTgrat act loi Am M i?J15 il#^l! 
tt» toga being alwajt worn in amein 149. i 96. 119. th 143 n. X49 
l«M« on I «o^ Til 10 11. X 18 4 (eiied on xii 971. xi 84 11 

lan|.^S?1l;J^"' *• impehuni ok-Zof et ae ottoaqHc praeeipL 
I^AlV«IL u^'TEi"*'';'' ■"' •alAtaluri aliqnom aon reia- 
UUlaram. Id. de ben ti 88. 84. 88. Cie. p. Plaai 1 17. Hor.V n 

SL ■• f • . . !•• "• TMILAIITlAUa X lOS. oAAia ^ 

«n;:^L\JJK'3- rnft^^ Hor.^n888aeq. T^h^ ^ 

•«■(. "•aW.9€irfd^ftaAad«ili»er»rtf«5fli.,/Srt«de^ 

rr^''^^»«n •«/'*f ««fm <!«"«» fa«» 
I hmimmf iipm tdrt aaa f$nmime, aon or bi. 





• IttuHM wr» <*•»" ■^*'".!!!rr,hM at eoeilb*!: nee er«ai p». 

MMijcm IW. yn« Ji^'*- » 5 .«„.ui wrtb rtcldi Uw port of honour to Ibt 
iraslUiy frMdnuui. whi!.. it 416 mm. FrMIUiii<lor 1 19f . 

« tribal medlnm >•' V ll..ir7. rit Hiir. 11 1 •• ^ PW- »• 
••»"«*' , *ff M ^m SO 4 M. W J. 117. »7. M •»• 

•*"'"***^r'u"l'rS.».'p.^ . i H iaV '''Lii:' tt^s: 

hmf wwt ti»t 5P»«- . ^p,^ „^l,, ^c. sot, Mlaiijt 




taqoln Into • maa'i fortano. poet. ap. Ben. «p. IIS 1 14 iimt wu voemn 
ftmimmwi^ «t di?ea Toeor: | an diTon, omnoa qaaorininiiy nemo/. 
•B bonni, I non qnart tt node, quid haboai, tnntntn roRant 
I Hor. tp. 1 1 63 OblNir. 141 fahcit ii C7. 

Son. tp. 17 f i torba ■# r?orvin, aA qnnt paneondoH fniN«M<triiMnrM 
fvfjofiiiiii ft optanda JetiiUtM, fmeile e$t paneoro pnncot ventre; iU 
90 17 *^mld/Ut' intuit * kuic iurhne famitinri T turbn Mm enm c C« 
paid deiierit, (pta te paaett (Qaintil.] doel. iiii | 13 In ffrtfilhtm 
gUTM tulciibiif et ad extolendoi ajfroi proeedrt ifinnla etiam rilieii /«Mili«, 
tnii komU p^puU amnona pendebit. Boo further on the namber of iteTea 
▼lit 180 B. zfr SOS n. Tac. an. it 27. zii 63. lV»tr. 87. 47 Unrm. 
MBi on the hitifaudia ico ir 0—7. »▼ 13^ n. 142 rAionni 

hi the eeme of * a dinh* waa eoodomncd by the Attki»t«, bat U oaed in 
■0 other by Roman writcn Lob. ad rhn-ii. p. 170. ii was larRC (Heajreb.! 
and eqiiare Inidor. zx 4 1 10. Marl ii 27 3 vbnv it if of reil elaf . SI 
18. of pilrcr di«{. nxir 2 19 1 9. It i« uiicd Rpnerally. as here, in 8. Matt, 
zitii 23, but »iiietl/ denotea a aido-<li»h Ath. iz 807* ; and no ineUpbo- 
rically ib. «ci rarra /Up pm rwr Mmxiv wmpafOtu cl Artcmid. r 74. On 
the iramber of diahcs ef. i 94 n. 143 xir 2(»7. Al- 

kaem in DL. i f 81 x^^^>r«» X^^^or, aVv^ rrrcx^4t I' evlcit 
v/Xfr* /r\4t. ef. Pind. Inihm. ii 11. Lueil. ap. echol. uHrum fll7«« 
amkithipeeimenrlrtulimtriqneettt. \qntkninm habean, tantnm ipat 
aiea tantiqne haboaria. cf. Hor. a. 1 163 Hdnd. Or. f. i 217 neq. 
poet, in Ben. cp. 113 1 14 nbiqne tanti qniaquo, quantum habuit, 
fait. Plin. h. n. kit 1 ponlqnnm ientitor eentn letii eoeptnf, index Jkeri 
ffOfH, nm^iilrmtHm dncemqne nihil m*ifii» emrnnre qrntm crn$n$. Mron. 
77 aflaem habeaii, aaaem Taleae. Mamcrtiu. ffrat. act. lolian. Ang. 
SO 1 8 tanto enim vir qniaqne melior, quanto pecnnioeioi; b»> 
bebatur. 3ii*MMoaux 1 114 n. 

ABCA 1 90. 144 aAxornaAcux the Ramothrakian ipoda 

nete intoked in time of danger Arintoph. pax 278. LoOcck Aglaoph. pu 
1SI8. tlioy were arenf^era of perjury Said. liaXa^^kUvc Imtw tmt 
Ki^^«r rMM|^9#a< mwrg xal iurt\i9w r4r M wpKm. and at their altar 
■aniage towa were talten Himer. or. i 13 846. Wlio tliew Roda were^ 
whether Demeter and Pemenhone, Uearen and Earth, iiie Dioaknri, or 
what othem. in diMUf led by Lobeek L L 144—5 to ana 

aau xir 219 n. Hor. ep. i 1 16 inrandaaqne tnnm per nomen 

{lonifliae arai. 145 conTEiijiBaa fulxixa riSlS. ziii 

i aeq. Philetn. fr. ine. 13 Did. tAp ydp wMP^rmw vifnp ev« f x<« 
Xi^et. The poor man, though he confirm hiii word l>y the moat aolemn 
aaneiiona, ia not ox|ieeted to keop it; the avenging bolt (ziii SS3 acq.), 
it ia thonglit, ia nerer hianehed against him. 

147—159 the jioor man'a tattered elothea, and hia ejeotion from the 
front rowa in the theatre, are a jett to hia patron. 143 

ucsajTA I 27 n. iz 27 acq. z SIS. xit S87. zti 43: a mantle, which waa 
eofy coming into nao in Cicero*e time, no that he could reprmich Antony 
ior wonring one PhiL it | 76; it waa originally worn by aohlieni Prop. 
Irani IS 7. ▼■!▼ 8 18L icboL P^rk i 34 lacorna pntliuM jtmbriatum 
f«e off Ml eeU aillfCie vfla3anlnr ; afterwaida it waa need tqr the Inznriona, 
• If l e h J iy hi tha thentro or amphitheatro Mart ▼8 3. id. zir 187 aoijiAI. 
^^tntrmlea nee eeaiwrndaaiar fn mui, \ tmm U$U €l$emte$ nffra lace ma 
t^par. The laeenMe wen of Tariona eokmra fIVrfar, anpr. i S7. zu Si. 
ovniae zSlf. cvcefMne Mail n? UL «airC%elln<« id. 1 96 7K 
149 IM4 iMMMiA wt n ■vffta eaiAVfl mu ITS a. 1 119. Marti 



Ittiiig elwtly to Uit badly tt ioei iwt glw wiiy, M tht tof« dcj^ to p^ 
•BirPlitt. tp. IT 16 ff f 9eUtii i«Bi«ii, nt in fronnoniU loUt. 
Mte refofiif iofapenUUL modo it TI, Hot. i. i 1 10—17. 


MWT Bob. ep. 90 1 9 mm M fcmic nnm plnoi anI abloi affertkmtw, 
loBgo Toblenlornm ordlno tIoU Inlremeoilbiii. jl « fffa 
fceiiMrte ««i» jfr«r<« penifremt. Hor. cp. ii 2 79— 4. Low. ti 549. 
nsMACo T S3. Qointtl. tiii 8 f SI «». e«« dieit im Pitonem aerrtt 'enM 
CiM Mm eomimtio terr acq advfhtUnr: ineidisu videtnr M •ordidum no. 
mul It If dUUngdtbed from tbt jrfaifffniM abw by Viiniv. x 1 | o. 
llarawmlt t S 834. 256 votaxt altb roroLOQt'B xi- 

IttVTUB AcB. II 620—031 <ie rrfaM f mNMJf antiquum in vttmUhtu cnmm I 
ttmferf aeeimm erthriiqme bipemmlbmt intUtnt \ emtre tifirieolae certntim, 
ftfa »MN« mtfiAtvr | rt er«w/<iee« eomnm comcHtto rertiee antai, | «!• 

JSiIiiii, 357 Mart. T 23 (filed on 210). TiboU. 

n 8 43 nrbiqno inmnlin* \ porititur validii mille eoUmna iufih. 
fcibiddon br Tnjui and Hadrian I'Un. pan. 61 f 1 fioN, nt •nie, im- 
manlnm iranaTactiono laxorvm nrbli toeta qnatintitar. 
Bpartlan. Hadr. 22. MoinncA Uic marblo of 

Lana Port, ti 0—9, which ioirn beomo a part of Etrnria aftor AnffOBton 
had 6xed as iU boundaiy tho rircr Macra, having bcforo been Llguriao. 
Thia UMfblo traa white, or reined wiUi a sea-green tint {y\wKlhi$), Mm 
It eoald bo hown In huso blocki and tho qnarrica were i»ear the acay II 
waa mon OMd than any other at Iloni3 Strnb. t p. 233. Sil. tiii 4S1 
tone qnot a mivfit exfftU Lnna metalHt. Of this marblo waa bnUt tho 
■Mmkfaral altar raiatd to Noio Soct. 60. Tho aito of Lnoa was near tho 
inSlRir Carmra. 258 mwtb* 8Ut. Th. i 111 

Bontlbni aaC nlU Gmih effmUa nitthunt | atria, 
859 QVto aorsuaT ra conroBinva ? 1 84—6 do nobilitatf comesa | qnod 
anparaat. Barm. anthoL it 200 15 ntiHC amor et namtn anporoot do 
oorpora toto. 8il. x 203. 260 vom' tho poor aro not minod. 

DO ooa baara tldlnga of their death to their homea. 
261 VOBB AXIMAB n 149—159. Uom. Od. A 222 ftnOl ^ ^r #m#M 
•vvvra^i/rf rrv^nrnu. Verg. Aen. TI 703. Sen. ep. 67 f 7 bmni; m« PNla^ 
4t Stoldi dicert, qni exittimamt aniraam hoiulnioniaRuo ponuorr 
axtrltl pormanora non poooo at ttatim apargi, qala nam fami 
im ezitwi tiber, t$a ttro wm facia: qni hoc dieuat, ridrntMr miU 
trran, 261 "^l- '^Wlo tho UMttcr b thno enwbed to 

death. Ilia booaa (rfoaiwf) and his kUtcs {paeri) aro boay preparing for 
M^t^ ^ 263 ainiouBua a bath waa talten heme 

dinner It 204 n. On tho ihortonod form sco L. Mttller do re inetr. Mi, 
Bdinehardt Vokaliamna ii 405. GonMm ttb. Aniipraclio ii' 009—619. 
Booh fotma passed Into the Bomaaeo Ungnages e.g. frigdas froid, taldm 
flhamU aafflmt angle. Sirigilit (from ttHnffo, to scrape) wmm a cnmd 
Inatnaient of metal, bono or wood, need for romovlng oil and perspirauen 
Ikom the body altar bathing. Sea Itich eompanioo s. r. Boekor Galhis 
u^ 106— oTlIaifBafdt t 1 296. Sympos. aenigm. 66 la Womsdoif- 
Ltwdn Tit 411 carra. capax, alienia mmida fuUb, I lumlajbai faM$ 
mwri menHim colorm, I deditm tudart modico laeeumho lakori. Ilart bit 61. 
at 62 ralaf comMf . They warn aometimea borted wiUi a «xpao VHm- 
xsifi 1 16L tiXTBA towela ApoL met 1 28 oreaoi 

WKfirf ef llntoa lersnL San. op. 96 f 47 veiemu llntaa at atrl- 

fllaa Imiftm. Mart, xii 70— L 82 7. bit 61 2. nfai. SBTm 6 W» «» 
UL MmIoMo waa rnbbad with wooltai nifs teslMid of Hmo Io«4b 

288—270) OnABOK*8 OBOL. lOFTT HOUSES. 211 

PetroB. 28. orro xi ISa-astpafto o^Miia ApnL flor. ii 9. 

Ifaniaasdt T 9 240. 8U n. 8038. 205—0 mean- 

whtie tlie master stts waiUng on the bank of tho Stvx, dcfipairing 
of a passage, as not liaTing been dnly bnriod. Prop, iiisii 27 13—4. 
Verg. Aen. ti 82.> seq. haec emait, qittim cemiM, inopt inhHrnatanuf 
tmrha t$t: \ portitor We Charon: hi, quot cehit undn, srpnili, | nre 
ripoM datnr horrendas tt rattea /taentn j trawportare print, qnam ttdihn* 
•ffo qnierunt. \ centum errant annot rotitantquc haee litora einuwu tum 
demnm admiiiti »ta*ina erontata reti*unt. 

265 TAETiirM roarnxxA Vcrp. ib. 298 seq. portitor hat horronflnn 
«fMii« et JiHmina terrat | terribili sqnaloro Charon, cai pinrima 
OKwro } eanitiet inenttn iaeet : ttant lamina Jiamma. 

266 roBToxxA see Pctron. and inscr. In Fore cExoti 
oraoins alsum Verg. ib. 290 tarbidut hie eeno raMtaque roraainc 
gargea. How liiUa Iut. beliered in these fables Api>oan from ii 150 
"!• ALxrji Vorg. g. i l.lii. often in Lncan. 

267 Ml oIniI, m Charon's fare, was ainong tho 
Grreks commonly plaeed in the UMatlm of tho dead ; a ctiKtom derired 
by Dtodoms (i 90 fln.) from Kgn>t. Tliis coin was calloil Uwok^ (Hesych. 
a. T.).ffonrv«or (Mooris), r«^MV«W (Suid.), ffa^(f3a»a (l»lu>t. cd.Pors. p. 132 
24): cf. TiCdiiid. Taivnt. eiiigr. 59 Brnnrk ouaI. ii 3:15 x«^ ^tfUravt pave- 
toX/mt iiioXot. Lncian do lactu 10 f rc<3ar nr dw90a^ rwr o^aW, wp^ra 
ph ^ipowrtt o^oXor tit ri ar^iia nariOi^Kaw cvr^ iiiaOiw r^ 
wpdfiti r^i wavrtMat ytwiiffofttpoi^. dinl. mort. i § 3. xi $ 4. xxii I 
1 Ueiwt. catA;>l. 1. AfMil. mot. vi 18 st*© tlio wholo ]himaso lifrrret ad 
ip$am Orel rrffiam, $rd nan hncteuit* menu drhvlit per iltat tfjtebrat 
fjKwfrr*', erd.., in ipso ore Unas ferro stipes. Aristoph. ran. 140. 
IVopcrl. v-ivll 7«W portitor aera reeepit. Sach a coin has been 
fovnd Iwtirnii tho Ux>tli of a skeleton at Same iii Kephallcnia; and 
others in lUmim localities Decker Chariklcs iii« 87. corp. ioser. Ut 
t 27-28. thfro ia a special work on tho sabjcct, Seyffert do nnmis in oio 
defanctomni repor(i<«, 1709. Marqoanlt t 1 855. 

M8--314 if you htir abroad at night, you may bo strock by broken 
■herds thrown out of the wimlows, or faU in with a roistering crow ro- 
tamlng from a supper, or with thieves. 269 Qcon 

VATicx TBcna stJBUXiBcs 201 n. ri 81. xir 88. Cic. de leg. agr. ii (I 96 
Bomam... conaenlis sublatam et susponsani, non optimit riit, 
anffUMtiuimis temitit. Sen. ep. 90 1 7 effo rero philotttphiam indieo non 
magU exeofiitatte hat maehinationrt trctomm tnpra tceta tarrffntinm et 
mam nrhet prcmfntiam, qnam..%^phHotophia haee cum tanto habi- 

ttantium pcriculo imminontia tecta suspendit. VitruT. ii8 
17 ergo, earn reeipere non pnttet area plana tantam mnUltudiHrm ad 
mtandam in nrbe, ad nuxiXinm aititudinis aedificiorum res 
Ipsa coogit doToniro. Itaque pilit lapidrit, ttnietnrii tr*tneeit, pa- 
netibnt eaemenfieiit altitndinet exttmetae et eontirmationibnt erebrit 
caaxatae eenaeulomm ad tnmmat ntilitatet per/leinnt 'di»itarotionet, Au- 
pstas limited tho hci','lit to 70 feet Btrab. t p. 235; ho stivmgly rccom- 
MM a work of Biitilina de moth aedifleiomm Suet 89. Trajan limited 
Bto 69 Isal AV. epit 18 1 IS. Koro also modo a regulation to tho same 
«Nl A.D. 66 after the great 6ro Tae. xt 43. Cknd. cons. StiL iii 18L 
181b PUa. in 9 (5) attitada Uetomm. Friodlftnder t* C. 0. 
m ttera Is a Utla In tho digoat ix 8 els hit, qui effaderlmt vel dclccc 
rfat. inpiaa. lb. 1 pr. praetor alt da kis, qui dclcceHatrd c/adeHnt: 
«Kf to c«m ham, fno ffolga iterJUi, rrC In quo ctnsistctar, ddceiamocC 

S5^,»« fcl'wWdi tt-J «t«n-a i^ *« -.. ^^^ ^ ^ ,^ ,„ 

^^ Mr* TI01LK9 nCKRHTIUl Till 158. XT 43 frRtClHllK, WRRCini 

of Antony imdk^t»(™^ g^^ , ^y^ l,^ 



after lb; a«iUi ol P*»^" "; " ilZ , jJJr*»»* ir«#«ii. Son. t»m. 

282 •<>«'»" '^*^.:V, iM. W A. Schmidt Fonehmnjim B«L IJ41 

283 coccwA Hot. ■. w • IW* ,2: WirtnS^ii l— 4«. lUcSuudt T « n«. 

(xWrv lob. ap. ««J;..^«»- ^ ^gj^'. | sTcriRimUly VSl by iC 
Am^, •mlejui ««#««*'••«»• Si*!SS\^m(V«iT.LLT| 138 hem 

'•^ sr Siim. p. w8 14 .-. MSSL^ir JU »i-u •2a 

[va I U8 B. Ammtan. nr 8 1 18 t«M— jy^P* yyy 

28i— 288] BICH * MOHOCKS.' TU PULSA8, EGO VAPULO. 21$ 

•gmlna tftiiqiiftm prftedatorioi globos poni terga trahontti. 
h0 goes OD to reUto bow tbcM foUoweni an m«nbAllod liko an army — 
1 17 f0(inii pnmitenf ierrUimm cnm otiotit pieheiU 4e vieinUate coniuneti* 
«Ce. Chryt. bom. In 1 Cor » 8 #4 M, << ^^ roXXAt wfpif^fittt drSpari- 
Imt dy/\cf, tJ^xpii' «&NU poutfnt ; » , , rl fioHXtrui rk €0i^wfi tww %Utru9 ; 
ff«Mrf« yV ^^ wp9^m,TtwwSM m2 •< #M^rMr4rfXM, MrriM iw /9«X«9V^, 
•ilrMt #r dyt^ wtptimmp •! rV«vr«wrr<f . . . f / M roXXo^ evidynt, ov 
^•Xflf^pwicf Ifvcfr fWrt rMCif * dXXA 0pvwrifui^ . . . . W ^d^ #«c 
^MXfrai r^ wfltiw 4wl r^t iiypiLt ; fiii yip furti^i ^q^M' rtpiwrnrttu in 
•vffVciWif T0dt /rrvyxdb>«rr«t ; ^^ ^S^^' ^Mdt Wrm riSr wponiimm 
Mi rX^or #M /Sft8ijlfrr«r . . . . W M xai r«r<cf ^«/93«i?x**'* 'X***« 
liw IWXMf K9T^iiU999 roit 4\tv$4poitt ^iaXXot M «i^^ r«rr*f armoTtpor 
Mrmf t^; Ktd ydp wnrM titrtXirrtp^t 9Uirmt h fvv^rmr wtpti^pi^^ rS^or 
ff.r.X. 285 AESfBA LAMPAii a lamp of CorintbiAti 

brtNiKO and eonily vorkmannhip. Tlio candelabra of Ilorculnncuui niid 
l*Mti|vii nw nliiiiMit all of broiixi*, a few only of iron. HiHciitl bIiivuii wore 
enitlorcil aa tiircbliearerfl or lAnii>bearerf Bnct. An;;. 20 trrru* prarltwrnM, 
Oielli faiHcr. 2H45. 21130 hmiHtdnrins. Cie. in Vin. j| 20. OreUi G202 
hHt''mariMii. VM. ti 8 | 1 lantfrnnm nrtteferre, cf. Pctron. 70. Mad- 
9VABDT. Mart. Till 7a 0—7 intfrnU domina ifrcnttu uhhm ernt, \ f«m 
mncer^ nt minimam po««et tix fcrro lueernam. 
287 CANHKLAis Mart. xiT 40 — II. a candle or torcb of rone dipped in 
vax, tallow or piteb. Varr. 1. 1. t 1 110 enndtlahrum ti candela; ex hi§ 
enlmfunicHli ardcnte* fifielMHtnr, Scnr. Acu. 1 727. Donat. ad Ter. Andr. 
I 88 qhlhHM [candelabriM] deUbuH fnne* pice vel cera iHHfjHHtur, Plin. 
h. B. XTi 70 (-i?) •cirpi fratfilfi palHMtrenque . , , e qnibna drtrncto coriice 
eandclao InminihttB et'/nnfribm terclnnt^ wbcre tbo wick \% of midi. Tbat 
tbe eandcla was little Talucd in oom]Hmiion witli tbo luetrna or ItimpnM, 
appears from Mart. 1. 1. cf. Plin. xxxit 6 (3) nee pndet tribimorum milt- 
tMfinm uttmriii emere [candelabra], caai iptum nomem a candetarum iumitie 
impoiitum apptireat. 

miPEXio TzmBso I hnabaad and cbeek from bnming too last. 


ffoperlr tbc prelnda d a performer on tbo lyre, tben of oraton QointiL 
IT 1 1 1 Mil. Lncian aomn. 8 An. wben an apprentiee to bia nnele, a 
Molptor, broke a board wbieh be woi giren to carre; on wbieb bit mde 
lodged him, «frr« UiKpvd vm rk wp00l/nm riyf Wx^vt* cf. Hcintt. ad 1. 

289 Tcf* ad. 310—4 DA. mumquam ridi inlquin* I eerlathnem 
ttrnpamUm^quam hnee kodie internot fnii : ) ego Tapu Undo i lie Ter* 
btrando neqne, ambo dofeiil inmnt. | St. tna cnlpn, Sa. qnld 
fmeeremi St. adHtettcentl wuirem $e$tHm oportntt. | Sa. qnl point Mff/M, 
f«l hodie nsqne otpnebnit Lne. T 69S — 4 nulla leenta cut | pugna, 
Md bine ingalii, hine ferro bella gernntnr. bil. xti 70 71. 

290 lice. op. et d. 310—1 ifptu^ I* It «* 4B4\f wpit c^reret dm- 
^tpifwf, I W«iff rt wHMTeu wp6t r* nUx*^f dXytn ro^C*** 
•TAT oovTiA Mart I §8 13 etat contra dMique Ubi tndpnfftnm 'form.' 
Bm. T 08. 292 wq. Vlbioa Oalloa ap. Sen. eontr. 80 nom am- 

MaU^, fof n/l; Mdeu W« f im epo, non enletMt retttgln men, jmh tgtff 
Meaflf MH/ff eordMirtaai fwf fm. ef . tha wfaolo oootrorenia. 

acBfo TJaegar miaad with water (mmm) waa a nanal drink of Um 
Midim tad comBoa p^iplc^ 81 Matt. 87 84. Bpartbui. Hadr. 10. 

1. 10. eodai ui 88 (87) 1 1 npHiU c —e m Cwde mo«ilmv<t Mgw- 
dfllMif Umfon • • • MittlM aattiw IC« mI«tt prreiperc . . . «pm die vimm* 
8K8 4t«BMt«B. 288 coBcn uf UL Mart. n& 

214 iKDia ni QUEsnoira. pboseucha. [insoa-aM 

IBtitt hene ti eennt, eonehii itinnefa tihi etf, ▼ SO 10. im 7 eonvhlii 
Iftba. $i tpmmet rtArm cone hit tlhl "pnlMa Usia, | lantomm eenh mfpe 
nefmrepoUr$. tuxei Ot. bum. fae. 70 infUntcii 

corpora frtffe fftbai. fBcnut romaoM »▼ 183. 

>Itti. 1 48 0. nor. I. I 115. jMrnfM (Iccfc) was eitlier tiirf/raM or cap!- 
imtmm Uari. in 47 8 ntnmqme pomun, vben intonded to be uetfUt it vos 
flOVB thiel^j, and the Uadct were eat UfealtantHr) as they tbot np, like 
atparagni. Nero need to eat thii kind of pormm in order to clear fain 
Toice Plin. xn 88 (0). The rereller abuct bit Tfetiin for bit foul breatb 
Mart, nil 18. 19. Uaniwudt T S Si. 204 wrou 

n 158 n« Cerdo, TiarKae Mart, iiy f 11 rM/wl ffW* 

etinnm, 295 vn* mihi BEnroxDCfl Mart. ▼ til 7. vi 

i 8. X 41 4. CALCEX by a kick Kero, the model of 

tiMae ffnutatorft, killed bia wife Foppaea Tac. xn 0. 8«ct. 85. 

^0 Bi» 74. 1 SI. Or. in. in 577—8 o pcrlinre .... edo tnnm momeu, 
m ooKiiiTAS ' wbcTB ii joiir itandr wlieiber for bcgfdng 
or for lellbg ef. n 188. QtTAEao it 180 n. I'kut. trin. 

106S quid ago ? id. eapt 479. Ter. Andr. 815. Heine, on Aen. x 675. 
CAc n. d. 1 1 90 Scbdnumn. Petron. IZ qniH erffo faeimnn, ant qwo itrr 
maRMXram rindicamnt? VFL rSOUf Ni'frtt« add i mar (rrm/«/ ib. viii 
60. Aai.ni867.nr584.xii687. raosEUcnA Ewald it* 373 * the Jews 

mli^t, whcrerer a miUcicnt nnmber defrayed the eoHt, erect pmyer'houfn^ 
aa th^.wcTB called in Egypt, or, aa they were ntnally named cbicwhcre, 
m$t€mblff-honte$ (tynagogoes), in order to their ctlificatioii by meant of 
eommon prayer and inttrnetion oat of tbo icriptaro . . . The name prm- 
tncke in Philo and in the decree of tlie Unlikamaniani in lot. ant. xir 
10 f 23 el. 34aayBagogno.' Conybearo and Howeon life of 8t Panl i> 
815. Klcomod. meteor, ii 1 f 01 p. 113 Bitko rk M «r4 luwifi ri% r^wr- 
c«x?i K^JL rAf iw* avrmit r^eraireiWitfr, *lev3artfii um vcU wa^rcxa^Y^ra 
cal card wtXd rCm iprtrAf mwtu4nptu OrelU inacr. 353J. Tbo proscn- 
cliaa were either in the open air or boildingi. * In what Jowi«b oratory 
$kmU 1 And you?* i» equiralent to calling bim a pfotcl^ie, a cUm nmncr- 
ooa at Borne (xir 90 ee^), amldcipieod for tbeir rapentttion llor. a. 1 9 
is acq. Pen. t 180 seq. 

297 icq. whether yon anawer or ailently retire, it la all one, they 
MMott yoa, and then, a» thoogfa tbey were the aggriered party, bind 
70« Ofcr to appear in eoort 800 ainnut 

oare alao *wonliipa.* Phaedr. t 1 4-4 (pff orfae/jirf I illam oaea- 
lantnr f va annt oppreaii mannm. Bon. da ir. ii 88 | S aa old 
«iwrtlar« when aakad bow in a conri be bad lired to old ago, mdied 
ininrlaa aeeipiando at graiiaa agenda Id. da ben. ii IS 1 1 f« tfaf, 
fvl nen mttfert, Cic PhiL ii 1 5 L 7 n. DCaaa. xltu 18 thanka to the 
HbmiTfaa. 800—1 ruLaATva moat, ot uobat 

laocn CVM Mnmsva nrra BETsan xti 8—10 a^ f^ paleare toffdim | a»> 
dl0af, laHNo etti pnlietar, ditaimnlct nee | aadeSt cxeniioa praa> 
tori oaiandere den tea. 801 x^i 10. 

303—814 bedde riotona noblea. thtaraa arc to be dreaded who 

Inlmi OT atoeeU and aU onr priaona. TibolL i S 34 aaq.JAlbinoT.I cleg. 

^"•bg' M neee a . 37 acq. num mtnm urbb emt emio$ H (Uemri$ toteif I 

/sid I ^*^ UU§Ufirro, ditrt&r ifte, UUu 9 Hor. a. i S 48. Ot. aai« 
^lJj.||V^ 808 MS iHiaiT n 168 mMrif non maf aaai 

m ^^S^a^^if^' 804 ihopa and hoMca vara bami 

^^^<V, iMi. 1 6 48^ SBd the bar itMmd bgr s Chita. 

4 < 


CLPkaLMpl TW.MB.iil. riwm.iil Enn.nt. SlalVniaL IW. 

ntu. PHN.•^na. ihrt. u 14. w. Ill 41. «a. n IT oa. n IL 

nakmiS. IiBcira MigriB. » Hq. Msmal. lT.Sl.SlM.n. 
it ■«. aaaa. i^- U. tVtnn. Bl. Ath. ti 1 1* wq. (labMl ImL 
tm. BV1U.MUI.U. 8Ui».cp, lit 11. UdMi <• FHMlto It ■ 
■Mk TliaHaaUM at tb« tntL O. OMpttM hM InBilaM lUi 
Mltn. C Dcnlk, da jianuitii Rpna TttccM. CmitaBtllii. IMl. 

„ , , - - NMutMb 

W BUI* U ntiport Hb; It Ifaui b« wnnlinit, it ««e bctUr to beg k It* 

■liMta, llMn mrt Ikt doUm el aa iuintent iwtmn. 

a Mil KMHi lk*>UrfaP«d. H rAM Lnrhii if ptnu. 7-11. 14. 

luni tiTKts oviniA I'hitl. mpt. T7 fl fmmte* f aH< 
■nnn ■WHrr nitaw bIIbbim aibnn. Tn. can. SrU rM/H •rfxii «f 

<rlb>l fNM/«il BlilBQlT 4UUIU Sea. d* Wb. 

■mil •■(( baatfleiBB MxH qnndran paai* ■■I Kl^n ao* 
flUrrin Httl n tl IT llt^Or r>M f<.i..lM« nrf ■»• | letU plailu 
iaaJta da plaaaala. id. lii 77 S. ti 7J 1. iii 11 IB qnadra euri. 
Vrnt BunL 41 ■•(«( ImfrmU ar^HH iHtTimht qaadrla. Alb. In f, 
114* y>apidB-i (t itnm int^fU, Uyii ro«i (x>'r»f i-Ttnit, th 
'r«Mi« a al^frwi Mywvw. Hume But ronnd loaram Knwl iata laar 
■r al^ p«ta, hava baoB dlMannd *1 Hereiilaneiim Uarqaaidt T S ML 

3 ai MTniLU ran ot i.y. Itbtf. UaituSS IS. 

torn BehaSer on Phacdr. lu T 8. ataflaxina aafaoL 

■■Kaat Xatcai. t doaw Varri J'Hmi' fiiri-rrHii liirHia ■■ (nrm. phfil- 

■li>na(lBrtaailal<^raarrtrlin>^rfKi«r rrai'f, al fn r^Hitt Bamm 

■ffirt ft divariaa f aaf ar f aanlw-foat niHfMMrrt. f aarv jKr la<<ai fNl(« 

rrlKKMnrwiilaitM ifiTJr, Aimapifwio lir nm4M» mat 'aHai Kri>- 

(KB *alrl Sanwala^ »Hii* pipa/aa ratarraf. | ilj^ia ttlffuli! lit Sarmn- 

(a> katrat rra*M* eamptdtt. | nofM, M aMlt ajHtu. allfirit Saiarafn 

•Ullftt.' HaaJaithBtBaniinilti*,b(lB«:amurdallUrgaiam)BiiUaBd 

Iba naaaUlan liiinllr. «aa acqailbKl a* being ■ Inrimm of Maa n aa^ 

■ad Ibal at but ba aama la grnil Indigmre. ' lloraea i. i S SI rr% d» 

acribea Iha SaraaBtl turrt paanaii ilruiiM Citirrl. IJataUL n ■ 

■ H SaraaBtBi^ ara F. Wn«u, laalaai. kowjucai a<<iraia n mtm 4 

pndmm,MuhmfirTrmMMMI. Waidiert. aboia OiclU fdknr^ dlatia- 

■alahaa tUa nrra boa tbt Baisniioa In rinl. Aiilm. SO tm KaJ*v> 

— t W u aaila^MT. ixii|L-u ilt-MiTUd, nbara )«iaM 

BBd panuila laaat tovlhtr. 4 «<■>* Ifait. I 41 U. 

B lOi JUpia mlral «< /ar» rtwdmu at affra ! ilia aao lella Caaaara 

(labba vatia, I aal C^pttaUaainMrifiTtiabbamaaa tocaafn I aadftrA 

^"^ 'rkMn dabba, raer.' FriedUadar i> UO. Tba baal ibm. imI 

™^ Mban OaAa, vba mar baxa bnm Um A. Oalba, whaaa iMM 

yBan ig. ^Miria n I « IT. H H. ■«. ri. Plai. tfolia. 11 ■ It. K p. W 

ZS^ VaiiM Jj^B* (J. SMiftrtn. Jabal Catta aat rikrla aeana 

/nSi^>W. A ttHtalin«l4a««Mfa..«lallaiUaddi 

Mte^ 4. ( HI SIS a. 8m. a*. SS I S aaaafata 

naai^^^Md aataw Jatarf pam tUa dlaiMthar. aa* ZaHaa aaU* 

^ i*?*Z^^*tttl BafB* WMla^ Md MMMa, lb. 1 1. Ik tl la. U* 

^^^ . f aaf. TiiilM dfWi wid » 


V^>/«« r^ *^.'*S!'- -i* '-I ""<< " "■ <M"ri-*.. Aha-: 
»MT ■ """"*■ Hdad.oBHor.ij,6M.pri.p.BTB. Rand 
raariptdlaaipmltaairairli'ai. VJ . it1I|4 faeTeiildinfia.»».i.. 
IKoaroc]. Ordli i„«r, 0MJ4 rlaai »» crri>idlni"i. , ™rfr^'"; 
>»«- ((rar^mat. Tba I«l|»tb^ anch u nro riiH to in «cd at l'o.n«"i 
nf«itandafnrbnn[ von (Ih liri.l..,.. .. lilt ...i».- ...'." 
dtad OB I S7T. 

Vila. xirLUn. 

rfmw aj»rJ(». »«i aril t«mp,i^lbu Kin, ia crJfa (immtnin taaa. 
libit Wart. »i 80 4. »93atoaaUTa </*( (.« .Ma™ rilUiaa.ll 
i<la>M.a«. li8ISdobil,ql..arlap.lQdat«oT VififiS %- 

HI « (18) «baro ba •pcdHM tbe «■««■-. a .ort ol ni«L ' 

a TUmxa wiuaijirajurlloli'daT'doit UionMnriu..™.!.-.' ■_. . 

ilSL* ^tiS!"«:if '/I''"'™"* (»" f-i U- diffarent cl^' J^ li^ 
lataU ba ra* aalted ir be approrrd tba plaa: imari '(ii ,r^' ..— i 

... .» iiDiam iHTilO f, 
actaarf Sen. apt 4|10at/d.iraii( 
Ml tuUtn limiHlbai, utt lapfniliHm , 
biaanitalam pati. lb. 81 | II U,.„ 
laHf(ae« ri> n MfataafJan (tuiaa/ mill 

ianat itftllai, mn rtt nfttMte taf, 
1 •>»>.• •! -onlomelioiam eliai 
u iHrfaIiH.1 dnMM, ill 

la elieotrBi. U»fr, 
fnUHu fmpnftrta. 
iram patra ilipa na 

d- 1-1 aeq. id. Kigrin. ti 
» Vis. VbiL II 

laraqna nan bnaiiam ealaat 

*il. t none naekaau bonnt ^ritL',"/^ 

■"'""-""""?'"•"■ I«ci»a demero, oi 
-J puuiiea rdnta bona « !■,*;«,„„ ,j fc 
1*|» tyaXw™. On tl» gen. (peiPRdii la.'a, 
1 7B I W >>. CpiloL Var. imp. 6 on™ ura a««/fa a,,,, 
10 -Iboogb nm miiibt «iUi ku ajabonoor itaud 
pwring a ciaal ol tnaJ llllt. on tba pea. otUm <«.,*, ■ 
ai««r«a,l>„iT«. Awebfrt. SM .VrTui^ 
n luBiaa n Its /arf«« tremena mandloat ^^ 
-■"• Han la bia Uri ratnmllj n(na«l Saat. 48 panam aordlda.. 

-— *5l ^ j^J^r^i^y*'- '■ " • I ">■ n- dog. In Pb.^ 



MDM fci PlMt or Trr. flcekn. Pelnm. 81.07. 

iVMVt Verg. Aml 1 708 ktrh innnl tlUeiirabor« pieHi, Mnvitoi.' 

18 wouwM fN^meBl In fall. ImHim Niinin. 2S y^t M rft vur^f tmh^ 

▼iTBBva 1 181 B. orrtaoRux tit 1S6 b. 

14 ANtcrrui haoiiab 1 88 b. mnrrAT * Bitlnf 

A mtni oV 'ddm gimtitiide for;* pnvrcrlr, 'eharRee U> yonr MeoaBt:* 
ti 17f. Mirt lit 48 18 inpotet l/wr den$ nreMr mihi, /lei meetum, 
Btb. dU bea. t 4 | 8 M [Riren] ioemdi tnnt nikU inpature: ittl 
[raMiftn] phu ithert. ib. 11 18 f S qmi qnod dedil, inpaiat, fmilum 
iutrmlt. id. dU brer. Tit 9 1 5. lied. 884. M. K«*fi. iiuMnr. 8 (19. eontr. U 
BMtim. 87 i 8. 80 p. 808 8. Phuedr. t M 8. Btet. f. 11 7 80. Plin. tp. tni 
il i 4. p«i. fO I S. SI f 8. 89 f 8. 59 f 8. 71 (I 9. Mart, z 80 M. 
B8ttiA«r ftez. Tae. GaUker on Antonin. y « 0. Wetit. on Bon. it S. 
id. OB JaBMfl 1 8. CawabAB on Soei. Tib. 6.1. N«r. 86. Lao. Tin 887. 
Tht wwd WM Bot BMd iB thii leBio in the Angn«Un aRC. 
■Bi 181 B. 15 *cq. AmmiAn. xit 8 9 1 1 intn* 

TMlhtM tfmporibm cimrirftt ele. Id. xxtiii 4 f 17 exprdit peregrim 
fntrem interjUfert ewiwiihel, qtmm eum roffittui $it ad eoHrMnm exat* 
mn: defee'lara enim patrimonii ae oppido perpeti aenator 
•ziatiiBBt, ai ia defacrit, qne m aliqaotieBa libratia aeBtea- 
tiia iBTltaTerit aemel. Mart, tii 80 8. 

16 umnT aonie left it to their ahiTea to arnui;;e inTitationa Sen. ep. 47 
f 8 miim, ml roarf rdm ai rr N«Nr« permiiia est, prrttat inffUx et ex$peetMU 
fBOf adtUmth et iHtempfrnntin <iNf /nf/«e nut Un^nne reroeet in cnutinnm, 

AimiBEac If 18.1. Nep. pr. | 7. Am. t 83. Hor. e. 
IT 8 88. nin. ep. 1 8 i 4. Qaintil. 11 9 f 19. Inat. tii 8. Iiaet. Ti 11 

17 til 89. Mart, x 4R 6—0 Stella, Sepot, Canl, 
Ceremlitf Flnete, renllh f I tept^m $iffmn enpit, ter tumut, «dde Lupmm, 
LooiaB Gall. 9 Hx9 rwi d-yaOy #mryx«^ X'*'* '^¥ Et'v^rti, nd iyit «dr 
Vfa«ffcv^ miry tiewtp tUAw Uwnir^p dvirWarr^tfirr, ... 4 It 'MilrvXNt* 
^>fW *#V7cr^ riiiupm 4wr%A ^fW^Xca ml r«^cdX«ra riSr ffkm piSti 
vaMWr Ircl 14 riwA #«rir s^rMr ^«X«cMt #x«'^« *^X •'^' 
Tf flrac|vrlrivvff?r ptt ^^w r, #^ Apt* it^lwy ^Kt X«vrd«icr«f. 
dr ^^ I >« vXf^fflf sv^if fffrf a^Uc#^a^ ilf Pvr >t «>#<^aX4t 
/rri.' ef. ib. 10. 11. Hor. ep. 1 6 88. Of the three eonehee fai a 
•rieUBivm the maiaiict lay to the Wt, and tho imut to the right of tbt 
WtediMt. The medlm IfffM waa the moat hononrable poet, then tbt 
fnaHNM, laKtlT the fauif. Hor. a. 11 8 40 i mi eonrime leeti. It wae 
■ol Banal for more than three to reeline nn each eoneh ib. 1 4 88. Betveta 
the gneata were placed piUowa {enMtme, Vanr. 1. 1. t f 107 eirmi im en neat 
mmi iommtum alindre quid etilenkmnt, «6 Imeiilenndo enleita dl€fa)«aB 
vhleh tbej teated their left elbowa Beefcer Oalluii iii S04 ae^. 
18 mia annra T^. haat. 1 1 110 Bnhnken hodie apnd me eia rdi. 
Ota. p. Qnent. | 176 where tlaMl mm alao ia aimilarlj nied. 
wiUBUM avxMa t 188. FUb. ep. th 98 f 8 lutec Buwrnn raranrai, avmaia 
▼•iBrBm. put. 44. 74. 19 78. 1 198 n. in 197 b. PIib. ep. lU 

It f t ^0kUk BBtelBOBBB. Mail, m 88 8 aeq. korridut mt primo 9emptr 
8t BiBBB aofnlfai, | per wtedimmqu$ Irmkmt me tmt $eUm Imtmm : , , ,kteper 
iH§imtm merml, FUkImm, Detemkrm f Lne. de mere. eoBd. 10 afiia#i ^i^ 
v#t l ia V^ p^ (M], #i»fX0|^ U rff fspavXlM, Iwftfr re e^uviwrdpeeee 
v^FVMWP wPttpw ani swaXaMfMMi' mm upwiifjpiefwe eiaera ani 4v^V^ 

** M fftaftfr re Iv8 atllirrt /|Br«#rdf dve#fi#d|ifrof re8 dvrte 


ri f Icrrer evnwrpt0€tt dm «rel ffarM, fn r^ x^^ #;fwr nrXor crl rme 
wuXme, id. Ni|,'rin. 29 wXv 34 rMm#» •< rpoeuertt u^rwi kuI itpawtwm^tt 
yOmirtpe^ nrcrAt pip «{arirra>cr«i ^/r^i, rr/N^rorrct M tV xiWXy 
rik' wXir ffel wpi% tie eUermr «r««rX«Mnw, cvrtf nU c«Xucf nU rs 
rewvra iatevtw vwofUpwnt, Cdumell. r. r. i pr. H 9. 10. ^lanil. r 
64—8. Maninardt t 1 263. Tcrt, pacuit. 11 illoe qui timbiim obeani 
eepettemdi miffiitrntm, ne^He pudet neqme piyet in^mmodi* timmae et 
ecrporit, nee incommndit tnntmm, remm et eontumeliii omnihHi eniti in 
caata roforaai enornm, qwm non i$nehilitnte$ rettium affectanti quao 
noa atria uoclnrnia et cradia aalutatianibua occnpant? 
Cjpr. ep. 1 1 11. luxriaB aoxxuM ri 416. Mart. 

I M 8u. IT 64 21. xiT 125 eitcd on in 127. ObUr on Hot. cp. 1 10 18. 
Sen. do bror. TiL 14 f 4 iUii mieerie aomnam giinm rumpentiboi, 
9t mlUnum extpeeteni. 2O LiooLia achoi. raai 

fntimtione et nmMU enllffarum prmetereant nonnnllnt: diefe aulem 
lignlao a ligando. Tlio word waa prononneed tingnln br grammariana 
Mart xir 120 where a kind of nitoon ia meant i.l ii 29 7 non hetternn 

tedet Innata lingnU pltinla. el. Voll 11 lOy yXwrrat r^^ vr^^f 

|mW. l»aul. Diae. p. 116 M lingala a eimilitHdine linjnae er$ertae, 
■t in ealeoia. DixirrKaR to kavo unfastened. 

aoLucnia Maehon in Ath. p. 243' Dipbiltu rceommcudcd (Oiaerephon 
whom ho met burning to a marriaf;e.foast to drive four nnib into each 
cheek Ira pii va^«#f fwr ami /umpdp hderort | 63^ /Sa&>r rat y^Cwyt 
j»^^>9*- , 21 alarmed Icat liis rivaU ■bonld aln^adv 

hare gone tho nmtid of (hdr patrona. Arator u 1090 cnm^h^ diet multat 
Urn rite pcrcgcrit orbia. 22 dcdiib fading from 

••Sj**- , . , 23 raioiDA Bootes Iwing a uortbcni con- 

ateUation Cic. n. d. 11 § 109 trptem dutem trionet teqnitiir • Arrtopk^Ux, 
tnlf qnl dieitur tt*e Booicn, ( 7iiod qnati Irmone ittUnnetam prae te 
quntit Areton: The time iiitcmlcd is 8tat. Th. in 6s:i mhi. itm noete 
inpremn \ ante novo* ortn*, nbi tola eupentite idamtro l Arctot nd Oeen-> 
nmu/ngienlibue inridet mlriii. VFl. tii 4I»7 Ilcins. 
noai Mart, viii 21 8 plncidi nnrnquid te pigra Bootae | planatra 
reknntt Or. f. in. 405. m. 11 176—7. Prop. ni=ii 83 21. ivaiii 5 86 
Bann. and Broukh. Sen. Med. Sit CUud. rapt Vrm. 11 190 prnecipitui 
pigrum formido Booten. anaajiCA in 256. Bich companion tnToa 

a ent of wliat ho nuppoaeti to lie a termenm, 24 acq. 82 n. 118 n. 

140 n. I^ician Satunial. 17 afrsv roe nifi wipttp drarrst. ib. 
a nl row tfrror l« «vrdr wU% roil evftwornit fra kmI rip nvrip 
€lra4. ^woSydp ytypd^$mt roersr r^ p6pm, rir pip ip0ceplo» ptOyw 
11^!*' ''*•' *' *'^ •'•• >X«ir'»sirf li«^^iiyrvr^«i rlip ymerifim; ib. 
i" « Tort ««ffffM>wr rtpat iertop 9id pmeppi [lur. 15] ^tf«X*r«rf. vXio* 
T99^^pmi»orre,t erwrn ri dnrnpir ry IrtViv, md rd v«XXd i^* iflpti [IuT.9J 
•J*"-* Vyrf##«i. •br iuwo rd pi roi miroi otpop evpwlptip, 'llpd- 
aXcif, itt ipt\tp09pop, Plin. xir 8 91 Cnto, cnm in UUpaninm navi- 
9nret,undeewn tnumpho rediit, *non niind' inquit «Tinnm bibi, quam 
'f aisoa.' in laneaai dieeimiiet ittie, qui etiam eonriTia alia qnam 
aibimatipaia miBlatraBt Plia. ep. n 8 g| 9. 8 (ef. b. ob 7) aibi at 
MMla optima qnaedaB^ eotaria rilia et minuta ponebat Tiaam 
•tiam parrla lagnaealia ia tria genera deaeripaorat, bob at 
petaataa eligendi, aed ne iaa eaaet reenaandi, et aliad aibi at 
■f ML aliad miaoribaa amieia (aam gradatim amiooa kabai). 
allad aala aoatriaqaa libartia. Ibii. in 99 99 aeq. it 88 elted 87 n. 
fi U 9 ailM 97 B. PMm. 81 TiBBBi domiaUBBi lalaiaCrBferis fraUa 


■90IIA4 Wobtr fopiMNiM to Imto brai A lobfttcr. From Plin. ep. n 17 1 SI 
II ttNM thai $quUlme vwt kigbly CHtoMned mare poh mne pretMi 
piuikma mbmmdat: toUma tM^en et ■qnillat optimal cMir^rJi. Apkiw 
isapr. IT 29 B.) tmnt mneh of kit time tX MintanuM) Atli. 1 p. 7^ niAUt 
(«f nIUm Pchol. Hor. f. 1 4 M] /#««r r AvrtXcii, st yir^wrm, ovr^ 
vW«Y«rAff/r:^jrfW>«r7w. On hcwinff thai tlio fluh grew to a srmt 
ftixo in UbTft, ho wt nOI for tliat coiuit. On hii arriral tho flshmMB 
bffooshl tlMir fincftt fish, bvt he, not flndinff them rapcrior to tho« o( 
MintnrnM, at onco witliont dincmbarlsing rvtmrned to Italy. oC. UmSL 
in Cie. fin. 11 1 SI Cic. fam. ix 10 inffontium iqaillarnm. 
88 AirAaAoii I'lin. iix | tf4 Mllrtttira feccrai nntntn corruHnt, til qmhqwt 
dtmiUnt paulm; ecee altilot tpoetantar asparagi, et iUcewm 
Unm UbA$ TfwetMt t c. at RaTcnna they grow to tho weight of 1 Ik. 
On thiir medicinal propcrtioi, cf . id. u 4*J. 

pnncuT I l(tf. 83 kxcclm mixiitm ti 111 

loBgornm . . . Rgronm, 84 Mart, of a frugal mml 

T78(diTiiitry6{HM Ititchit erin. id. x 4R il iceta coronrnkmni rv- 
fafot oTa herrtoti, KgjcA aro oftoii fonnd in tomb* Ilaoal-liocbetto it 
man. do I'acad. dot inter. XIII (lt»M) C79. , , 

CAMiUBva a kind of sqnilla Ath. p. 800<. It wan littlo etteemtd 
Mart II 49 11—3 immodiei tihi/Uca tfnuni ckrifemlrta mnlli, | eoa- 
eolor in nostra, eammare, laneo rnboi. A|ne. 11 1. 
85 at tho ferime noremdimUt or fMwrsMliafia a meal consiiting of jwlfn 
Miaif mrnua (Aog. oonf. ti S), or other aimplo fare, wai laid on tbt 
i;raTo nine dayt after tho burial. Plot Cnuw. 10 ^ifit ««! iXm, i 
M^fVMi'PM^iM irv»#UM ml wpTliwrm r«i p4kv€u i>L qii. Horn. U 
Irv^M. Plin. XX 40 <il) mmbo (dicnni] ntutrHM [apii] pciiHi mI €ihm 
mimitunium, immo owwino nt/m»; nnm id drfunctorum epuUt fenilikm 
dUMum tMf, Tho faifvui would norer carry away food rje fuwnm 
/eraUU I ib. x 13 (10). A physieian, di«coTering aigiis of lifo in one for 
whom all funeral proparatfont liad been made, ordered Apol. ior. it 
I W rofNM dfwioliremtnr, eonam foralem a (nmn/a acf mfnmm rr/er- 
rtnl. Beekor Gallua iii 390. Tae. an. n 9 lipt. Marqnardt t 1 Stt. 

88 TBXAnuxo Vemi/mm, atiU callctl IVao/ra, in 
Mieitnt town of Samnium on the banki of tlio Vnltumua, and on tkt 
hordcra of CampanU (to whieh Pliny awigni it). IMin. xt 8 (3) pHtd- 
mmUm in koe f aof m bono [ofteo] obUmttit IUlHa Mo orhe, maxim* agrt 
Yonafrano, eimquo porte fnae LiciiHoimm (nndil oitnm, ib. ivn 
4 (S). Varr. r. r. 1 3 f 6 f aod tinnm [eonferam] Foltrna f quod oltuij 
Venafro? Uor. e. 11 C Ifi. ■. 11 4 00. 8 43. MaH. xii 6.1 13. siti Ml 
hoe tibi Gnmpani nuUirU haea Venafri | va^NrafHM: fNofiVt mubI«»<* 
i»ind oieU of. olehit infr. 87. Btrabo p. 3.18. 
87 VALUBOi Mart, xiii 17 nt tibi pallentea worf«nl/a«lMU 6aulef»| 

•llrato viridio bnwienjiat ofaa. 

CAOLM 1 184. Hor. a. 11 8 138 ungero ff eauloi oloo meiiore [eoepcnif 
lb. 3 89 euiua odorem oloi nequeaa porforro . . . eornu ipM 
bUibrileanlibuaiBitillat eClb.4Mi _ 

MadTig 1 338 6 B. 3. . 88 i^?<nMAM Hflr.fc 

I 8 138 tec. wifer oUtoJbob quo frandatiaimmundua llalta 
Itt^arnit. PUa. xr 1 34 of am EgyptUm oil elcaai . . . eibii f oedM 
l«««rBiB exile. altbouo oehoL v4Mi», in ftum 

wm wmndnemiit, Tn78. Celum. Tm8|18 mam ete mai naaicraiii to al- 
voolum llgnenm tonUrmt Fhaedr. tt • 18 aUaolo eoepit lif"*; 
jumyiijjii I kawiiw aiif iuiffw 8t«*nuMit 




of reeds plied on the Nile Plin. h. n. tii | 20C ^x papifro ft »cirpo tt kn- 
rmndine. MoTon Plitoizier 11 8 106 (eiting a tcbol. here Probut rrponit, 
cannam naTom eeee, quae gandeia dieatnr, wf sit gandeia J/i- 
etptamm, id est Aphrornm^ gnndeiom enim §oii A/ri id eti Xamaei, vei wt 
oiii itixoxeni, «l otii Horcoei ineeneniMt) iindcnitaiidii a luerchant Teseel 
ormed with a brasen beak: he shewi that Pliocniciaii merchantmen car- 
ried eatapalts etc. ninrH.%Rux Mieipsa was king of 
Kamidia, son of MasinisM, unele of Infninliit, and father of Uiempaal 
and Adherbal Sail. log. 8 seq. Clcss in I'mity t .1. Tho plnr. is Ronerie 
1 109 n. ocaTBxiT )( tii 121 'has bnmgfat up' the 
Tiber (o Rome. 90 raorrxa etc. Aoth fam iheemr 
in hnlneii illo mmffHnr [iii 203 n.). nomem ipenm regit MttHritanioe LIt. 
XIII SO: h.l. aafrjN Sumidoe alicmna, Rnmtte reraanti*^ InceiMlit oe^fMiU, 
cL infr. tii 180 Hor. s. 1 133 (sopr. 88 u.) It is a charaeterislie 
of the fr#x«^* Theophr. char. 19 Ao/^ #arp(} ie fimXoMiif xpi^imu 
retfiimes were nsed in tho baths Sen. ep. 00 1 10 seq. 
91 omitted in the best mss. Tho rankiicffs of tira oil with which they 
ars anointed, aeenrcs the Nnmidian siiake-cbarmers from harm. In 
Africa l*lin. h. n. tii 3 fient Puifitomm fnit .... Irorasi corpori indent* 
turn Ml Wnrs exiUnle terpentibnt^ et eu'ins odore sopiront eas. 
Amis Verg. g. i 139 We malum rim* serpontibns addidit atris. 
93 xuLLOs 84 n. IT 15 n. Mart 11 43. 

93 TAcaoMBXiTAMAB Kaios, an ancient citv on the eaut 

coast of Sicily, was raxed to tlio ground by Dionysins tlie elder n.c. 4IKI 

DS. xiT Ifi. Tlie Kalians were scattered nboat in tlio ihUnd until, 

a.c. 858, Andromachns restored them to Taaromcniuiu, ib. xti 7, a 

town which, a.c. .190, tho Kiecls had founded upon and named from Mt. 

Ttrara*, near tIra i.ito of Nains ib. xit 69. 87. Strab. ti p. 208. Tau- 

fMnenium suffered greatly from the slares under Kiinns ib. p. 373: 

when it took psrt with ^>extns I'oinpeias against Augustus (App. b. e. t 

109. 118), the inhabitants were foreed to abandon it to a Roman eokmy 

D& XTt 7. It is BOW called raorMJNft, and has remains of a Tast 

theatre. nvvfM 8en. n. q. 111 18 f 4 ilia ondiebo' 

mm, nihil esse melius saxatili mmllo. Colum. Tin 17 i 8 c< si 

qooe amnt olin saxatilis notae, onorum pretia Tigent Thtiee 

esnght near shore were leaa esteemed Plin. h. n. ix f 05 nrc litorolibm 

9^tia. 94 DRFEcrr, dvv iaetit hi 10 n. 

eoLA etc I 135. it 140. xt 14. Luc. x 154—170. Ben. ep. 89 i 33 ^ uerMs 

fnfmnda et in$mtiobilit gula hine maria scrutatur, hine terras. 

icdeproT.8f 8/W/r^or rtfsrf, ai in Tentrem suum longinqui litoris 

pisces et peregrina aucupia congororetr si conehyliis 

superi atqno infori maris pigritiam stomaehi nauseantis 

erigeretr ti infenti pomomm atrne einfferet primne format ferat, eaptat 

mntta eaede renaHtiumf id.ep. 95 i 19. ad HoIt. 10|i|3— 0. M.Ken.cited 

•Ni 1 144. id. eontr. 9 f 11 n. 131 7. Varr. an. (;ell. ti^tii 10 who giTsa 

a list of fowls, lish and fhiiu importod; OcUius adds bane outem iiora- 

grantis gulae etinomeot iHomirentit induatriam atqno has undique 

▼oraum indaglnes euppediarum Moforv deteotatiome diifna* eeme- 

mm. Maerob. Sal. tii 8 fin. Plhi. h. n. xix 19 (4). Tae. h. 11 63 of 

>itelUu a. cf. Suei. Vit 18. IX^bm. lxt 8 1 1. Ambrae, cited on it 61. 

FttrsB. 119 88 seq. Ingeniosa gnla est. Sieulo searns aeqnore 

•ersus I ad menmm rimt perdneitmr, imqae Lacrinit \ ermm liCortbus 

•mianf ceneAyfla eenas, 1 «f renooemi per dnuin* foMcm; imm Phaaidoa 
MdalarbniaaatBTihua. M.98. 8y*.%.«%%«n> ^^^^4. 

Yl— \ 



• jeitor ytXmrmrotm iifert hit inimtfl : nlmpelcM 1m wm mmI f Ibfii, IwWwg 

• few hurt bUimUii;; on end cm bin hoscl ; 1m daneod tvi^iiug hii body 

into odd pottnrM, tinging anftpActtt with «i Egyptkn neoent, and flnol^ 

begBB to Jier tba frncittf , who all took it in ffood part, eieept Alkidamaa 

tbo ^jnie, who, when called a Ualtcflo lapdog, ebaltengcd the fool to a 

boot of Uio pankration. It was a ploaaant tight, fool and philoaoplMr 

bmiting and bniitcd. At last the Cjmic garo way to bit wiry Uttlt 

foe. Ilari ii 7:1 1 — 4 hrtlema faelum R«irnilNr, Vostumf, cona | faoil 

no/ffln— f«l# fHim Ulln facta probrtt — | ot tibi porcisnm quanta 

non iptoLatinns | Tiiia Pannicnli pcreutit ora tono. Tcrtull. 

tpect. 89 ptmeebU ei Ulf, qMi rttUnt tnoi novacnla mutatf injidtiit 

tr$tL faciem fmiM, quam mm comleHtiu Sntnnto et hidl et JAhfro'proxi- 

taam/acere, in$npfr contnmoliit alaparnm tie otnell^ qntui de jmw 

€fpto />0«/nI ludatt docet teilicet el dinbolm verbfMHdam maxiUtm 

patientfr fiferre. Amob. vii 83 mMt nlmirnm dii gandtnt .*.... drlee- 

tantitr, mt rtt e*i, ttnpidornm eapitibnt rasit, §a\pUttirnm toniti 

atqne planin. Kon. t. v. caltUur a eaWif mimieis. Arteraid. 

I tl (ir^irtfac 14 lt«cir t^iw «c^«Xf r $\^9 AlywrrUt^ tfcJr It^nti 

cat ^cXwrtrtioiff val roit t{ Itfovt fyovri {v^d##«i dTaAfn. 

Alkipfar. ep. ill 43. DonriUo on Charit. p. CfM. O. Jabn Pert, prol^ 

uxiTi — 10 on yf.\i#r»r«0<. Chirt. bom. 48 s 49 in Matt. G p. 602^ tcq. 

eontider, of what tenrice aro paratitet to your honte. Do tbcy man 

yonr dinner plcatantf ntd wdt iiM, ^awi^Q^^twi ««i atVx^* X^^orrct; 

ffol rf t^Armi i^^tpai^f Btmw rhi^ rar' €U69a Ocov yti^fiiPtt^ rvrtTft ir«l it 

T^9 elf 4K«tP90 r/f^cwf ripyjuv imvr^ wvwiy^t 9iarp99 wotw rfr 

•/War tat fulintiP w\jf^tip rb rMvtf^ior, k«1 ro^t iwl riyt ^irvrfr 

4|v^f|itfrtirt |i«^ov^cr«t o cvycri^f ««l i\t¥00p0t; Kmiyifi Kal M 

ffdJt ffal ^H^fiarm, See Field ad L iii pp. 101—6 who citct at Iciigtb 

Chiyi. ib. 99*. 43:H. Synct. ealrit. rue. 77^ Attcr. horn. 4 p. 57. Greg. 

Kaz. ttel. 1 1 106^. Id. or. 20. Said. r«^driref...Ko^^crpdrrfer, d. 

PfeUad. ap. Datt eiv. crit. p. 181 ^ ^pptwiiwat c«rAf«v« xmi 0w6 wiiaplaf 

iptmArarm K00€t€0^9mi mcolaphit peU, Chryt. bom. In Matt. 73^74 4 

p. 719* aea. the husband of a rich wife has to put np with ailrontt from 

Lii Tcry tlaTCfl, for be is not frte, 8o too partuitet listen to tlio wont 

taunta and gloty in their thauio jy«aXXi#«-(jiBrrfli r jr micx^' ^Vbcn «s 

remonatrato with them they in their proverb reply twtm ii94 n k§1 

yXvffv, «al arerr«7^r«# /it. Then followi a comment on thit paratile 

aaw: • would hoot or nncloin dogs, if they could ipeak, make any othsr 

answer?' etc. llediaeral jcNtcrrt ur court-fools wore also thorn and wers 

the b«tl of all indignitict Dnnlop Gescb. d. Plosadichtungen t. Felix 

Liebreeht, Deri. 1851 73 a. Daldnosa was looked upon at a fair subject ef 

ridicule (it 88 n. Arittoph. nub. 540 aeq. aehol. 8aet. Caea. 46), and aa> 

eotdindy parasites and others were brought bald upon tho ttago Jacobs on 

Lndam opigr. 18 fat Brunck anaL ii 811. That parasites tomctinst 

■ttffarad as much from afapAc (Tert Amob. lupr., cf. sat. ▼in 19S n.) as 

Umat mimU ftppoan from Tor. am. S43 — 4 Liudonbr. «l ego UtftUa 

••f ■• rIAIanlna asae aeq no plagaa pati | jwstaai. Phwi capt 

m W9^ 4m. ft Antlph. tap, AUl ti S88> when Iho panaila boatia 

K STIk 841. QCA9IMQ0B 11? 61 m» 

'if^^ ft ilftf«*8 pulahmant 188 n. 1 109 o. Her. a. i S 119 1W> 

A .-'^ndlOf IS. 10719. lb. 45. lui 14 19. Ban. lud. da mofia 

^-^ ^IlitMvftMltoaawsar, sC|Pel^<ffwn[Ghmihni]lnfsrvMalfii 

SZSii '^^^imU %mUh ful <IImi aM^fwnl ak Uh f lagrlo ferslla aa- 

'^^^^ ^a/ilfAMM. mdlmMaaiwrC. CtumH. Ok ^ a BftUr.| IS. 



Ttti. now for reiy want men of letters haTO been driven to tho humblest 
pursuits (1 — 7) ; which yet, all unworthy as they are, must bo 
chosen rather tho baser arts by which slaves rise to wealth 
(8— 16). Henceforth hom-ever the poet has a friend in Caesar: 
other |)atrons apidaud hit gcniut, but leave him to starro : so that, 
if be have no better hope, ho would do well to bum his poems 
and renonnco the muso (17—35). Tho rich man, to avoid giving 
poets their duo, will bo a brother poet, and free of the guild ; at 
most ho will (which lie can do without expense) lend a dusty 
room for recitation and frceJuieQ to applaud (36 — 17). Still tho 
poetic frenzy is not cured by all this neglect (48—52). To bo 
worthy of the name however tho poet should be relieved from vulgar 
fears and vulgar cares (53 — 78). He ihould U, but in fact while 
harlequins, nay even wild beasta aro well providod for, tho most 
admired poets must starve or write verses to order for a Paris 
(73>-97). Tlio hisiorian*s rrcompcnso is even less than tho poet*a 
(98—104). Nor let it bo said that poets and historians are justfy 
neglected as mere drones, of no service to their kind. For ploadon 
too, however (tj deceive their creditors or allure clicntii) they may 
magnify their gainn, aro thought to bo well repaid for their efforts 
fay tho present of a ham and a few jars of wine. True, those who 
make a show of wealth aro better paid : but then tbo expense of this 
disphqr in Bomo Is rainous (105—149). Haider still is tho rheto- 
rician's lalo. Kot only must ha hear his class droning forth day 
. after day donnnciatioiiB of tyrants or advice to Hannibal, but (if 
ha would not Iota all reward of hit labour) must eoma out, like an 
•»! lata auaahiae, fkom tho priva^ of hia icfaool to the baatia of 
tha eauiia, hi ofder to ekim hia aeaaty dues. Ohidly would ha lay 
Ij Ua Elenaula of Bhelecfa^ to maka a fortune Uka Chfjnsogonua as 
ft mttlehui (IfO— 177). Mm lavish nonqr on their heuaaa and 
«ithalraooka,bul hftta BolhlB«lo apara for QuhitiUaB. TatJbela 
•0 fair aaiipla af hii alnaa : In Uvua Ib aAuanas^ but llmlla awiiv 




9mmemliiktAer§v0immi. de. ad 0«. fr. iii 1 1. MQalntlLii 

f tS Mf. NOW immem wnilmu mtiUmdi, mmi credunt iiptiiiim« in boe [far 
•tndj] BcmorA lilTAiqae; qwad ilU eneli UkerUu, heormm mmonUu, 
mMiwtem muimmm tt bfmtiorem §pMtmm parent, mlhi etrU imnrndut Mt 
iMflf, •MM §ittdl&nm hortmtor Hdetur t$§e aettmrni eta. Tim. dkl. 9 Ik, 
llpr. Hor.e.il8a ib.SSlUenU. iTtlOMf. fp. ul77M4.BehMil 
A. p. fOa. Pro|i. trmut 1 1 rauoE. Flin. rp. ii 10. 
§9 roxTiMJt Aim»ox 6 n. Prop, nraiii B S7 Hertxb. 
AWTConBuo Hor. e. ni 4 40 Pierlo reereatiM antro. 
60 nraMJX 29 ■. krdfrm. Laer. 1 929 m^. <t«rl | jiriviMi/l thyrio tamlh 
MM MCfM MMM Mr | rl «^M«I ImmwII §MreM Mi ill jNrrwi cMorm | 
Mu$armuu Hor. e. ii 19. iii 29. 01 Pkilof Ir. loph. 

1 29 f 22 of PohniMMi • rftUioff fa villi « lopbiiit vho was Mthiff MiiMgn 
•adMO'it^ct Mkl raeh poor tue, ** w X^rrc '* cirrr " m« t^n t4 Amptim mI 
Si^fMT i fim^k m nXm intm^m€$mi rmirm. #ir«»^^** ' 

02 noBAnDi jet ho bimwlf tdli m ep. ii 9 60 tcq. dfchU knmilfm pnh 
Mil iiupempi€ patemi \ et lurtt ei fundi p«nport«i impalii «««Iai| 
mi toreat f«oorcn. See infr. 94 n. The elloaioa ii to e. iil9f 
eahoel reeenU mrnn trepidnt rnHn | pUnoqng Bmechi peetnre ferM- 
ileal I lartafar. On tlie eonetr. ef. iii 93 n. 04 Doxtan 
aaaAi xiaAKQOi iiii 79 Cirrael ipicMla tatia. Apollo and BaeehaiL 
drra «aa the port of Delphi, on the iinae Crif taeni, at the mouth ef 
the Flebtaa Paaaaa. i S7 | 4 It M Kl^fw H Mwnm ArXf^ Mt ^ 
rf«ir«e i^itwrd irrw it AcJ^^wr. l>ane. and Pindar (Uiekh in p. 2M 
eoDfound It with Criua: Btrabo n p. 418 niakee it 80 stadia Irax 
Delphi. Martha aeks his friend Fhrnae i 78 11 laid tibi cum Cirraf 
f aid eBM PerwtetHde Ijfmplm 9 iwxixis en 
the aU. eC 1 18 n. mrsAa Strab. tz p. 405 nSpf 
9 49Hrm *BM«m>w % Nvm. This la the Nrsa hera meant, amongst 
mamr, vhich elaimed the honour of baring been the homo of the b^ 
Uaeshns: this too is meant 1^ Lneaa i 83 seq. luv «i !<• pcttart rate$ \ 
nteipimm, Cirraea reiim seerota moTcntem | solllcitare desm 
Baeehnmque arertere Njrsa. lb. rut 801. 

00 LOMci a mff, vhich senred eithor as a carpet (Petron. 20), or as a 
pkid (Soet. Asff. 88), or as bedding Inr. ti 105. on the gender, d 
QniBtIL I 8 I 42 aMae falsi . . . ieai ia wibi$ qnitqMam ftrat . . . bos 
lodlaaa, f aasif aaai id PoUioni pineent. Tho so|»bisto Probaotvsins and 
Hephaestion had bat one set of clothes between them when students at 
Athens; one always ky abed, eonnfaig bis dedamations, while the other 
was abioad Eunap. p. 487 18 eeq. Didoi 07 anoaiTAa 

ApnL met vw 22 Hlld. nperi attonltam [aenn stnpore atlentnm OmL\ 

06 Aan. Tn 828 aeq. King Latinns had rseeifed 
fafmniHy the Trojan embaa^ and promised Aeneas his daoghtet's 
hand; to diatnrb their harmony Imw sent the Fniy Alkseto to maddss 
im Amata, wile of Latimw (841^408), and nest Tnmns 445 ssq. 
Udi h m§ AIUei0 dietii umnli im irm$. | mi imremi ormnU saWfas irraMf 
m u ^ m i mrtm^ | dtHgmen memii: tH Brinya siMlaf kpdrt§ \ UuUmqmt m 
Mm maeHt. Um/immetL fsryaMs ) fostiaa eanefaalMi rf fsnaalssi 
dktM flam I rnppafil rf aenlnif ercfif ertei»as mm§mi» I werkermmmt !■- 
'- ff«8MaffBs (aet flddldif ere. boivlov 1 182 ■. 

OOMf- tda. Mart. Yin 88 8 aeq.fiveaiaaiiacri 


' fiwafaaai 
Flaaaa. M 




/flal H mhdmetm§ Tltpnu meger ovea. | rffff Tmtcut equft pawpftialernqma 
wmtifmnwt I reppmlii et celeri imuit mbire fuffm, \ *accipe divitias et 
?atam maximns esto' [dixit], ... pro t inns Italiam eoncepit 
et arma Tirnmqae, | qai mode tIs enlicem fleverat ore raai.) 
quid Vmrioi Jimmnqme loqmmr ditntaqme tatum | nomIna, magnnt erlt 
•qma$ nmmerare labor t\ tram era Vergiliut, ti miiHerm Ilaecematit \ de$ 
wUhl 9 VerffiUmM nom era, ltar$n$ tro, id. i 107. sii 4. 
roaa a sUvo. nassar on the nse of tbo Impcrf. eonj. for 

the plnp. ef. Madrig | 847 b. uoto 2. Ziimpt | 525. Vcrg. Aen. 111 187 
Ferb. Cic. p. Best. | 44 Halm. p. Qoinct. { 83. Prop. iv« iii C 43 seq. qnod 
$i tamlcmimt patHo bore ?erterot agrot | rrrbaque duxittei pondat habfre 
BMW, I rireret. lurenal might hare said »l dtfaiuet . . . cfeidietemt, * If 
Verg. kad tcnmtrd, Che snakes would have fallem ;' bnt bo mi|y say, as bo 
hers docs, ' If Vcrg. were now alivo and trer« aeir im fraaf, the snakes 
weokl fall.* Dy tlie bonnty of bis patrons Verg. lircd in comparaliro 
aflaenee l>onat rit. Veig. | 24 pottedli prope cemiieni ttHertimm 
kabmilque domum Homae im EiquUHt inxla horiot Maee^mntlt ; qmamquam 
$teeum Campamtae (at Kobi, GeU. tii 20] Siciliacque ptHrimnm uteretur. 
fmaecumqHe ah Au*imtto petiii, repnttam nnmqnam halulL Probably be 
had an estate at Tarsntnm Prop. 111 ■ 11 83 C7. georg. it 125 seq. Urn 
leeeirod presents from Angnstus Hor. ep.ii 1 21G seq. 
TO "TDBi tbe snakes, which the poet describes as wrenthed aroand 
AUeeto's head, are apofcan of as if homo 1^ himself i lv,'2 n. Verg. 
dlad 08 n. 71 suani xiii 191. Quintil. xi 3 { 39 ror . . . 

sarda. Prop. ?■!? 8 80 /ym. Similarly eaecmt is nnoU fur 'uiisccn' 
Bpidding ib. Aug. de Gen. e. Manich. 1 f 31 dicimnt . . ./tutnm caecam, 
aaia nos earn non tidomns. nccixA Allccio's trumpet 

iaa. Til 818 seq. pastorale eamli ilpmmm comnque recurro | TdriarMMi 
imiemdii voeem : qua nrotemme omne | eomtremuit nemms et eilvae intonuere 
profmmdae | . . . qua bneina eignnm | dlra dedit, rosciuus we 

■arsawmably expect Lappa, in extreme destitution, to riral the wealthy 
tngedians of former times. 72 coxnuuxo Tert 

ds speet. 23 tragoedoe [diabolus] eothnrnis extnlU, qnia nemo poteet 
mdleere enbitMm nmnm adelatnram tuam; memdacem faeere vutt Chrittum. 
Oa the abbroTiated form of eomparison ef. iii 73 n. 

78 ALTBOLOS T 88 a. LAEMAM III 283 U. 

nesBBAT pignori dat See Dirksen'a manaalo. His trogedT Alreua 
Mva« his fumitars and wardrobe ; I. e. while ho writes tbo play he is 
mesd to borrow money on them. Tragedies bearing this title were 
aamig the works of Sopboklos, Atthu, Seanrus and IVmiponins Welcker 
griseh. Trag. iii 1494. 74 seq. 184 seq. Mart u 81 

Hmper amieiUae enm ih, Tsnpe, non n amkae. 
74 aoanoa perhapa thopirvfa CUieum Tin 93. 

Ii Lsoaav aee Stat a. u 8. on the taming of lions Plin. h. n. Tin 
21 (18) esq. Aatoay first yoked them la a chariot Friedlander 11* 2G2 
«ha dtea examples of lions and other wild beasts kepi 1^ priTato 
f — UM s. Ehifabalaa lampr. 28 imnxU eibi et leoaea Uatrem Uagnam §0 
^ll mm* », 21 kmkmit H leonoa . . . axarmaioa in dallalla, qaoa 
adiMloa par maaaaatarloa aabito ad aeamndam at iartiam 
■aaaam iababal aaaambara, Ignoranlihtfa amaatla qaod 
raaroiatl aaaaalt rndprnoorem ridlemlmm ejteitmmdmm . . • mifia«if ale as 
f}8fiaaisliWMt|Nifit M8rt.apaflt.8h.10. 18.2I.tl0411aaq. 
T7 mmua 48^ 78 aivunm * m 4oalA* n 104. 

8MI omoin n 160. i«i. inMAlvf.aayalml. 



trf§ InffUer m^tm Mum$ nenmU, $fd trt$ f«hH temut ertwtmnU mImL 
Crvq. oa Uor. 1. 1 10 88 Tmrp^fuU iitMex eritlcMM mudUor tumldutu poemU' 
Um ti poetnrmm in «edlo ApolUnli tea Maiaram, quo eooToiiir* 
poetfto ■oltbAol lOAqae leriplA reeitare. UUlicr tlio ■ladiow 
iCMrle4 Of. tr. ut 1 CO leq. dneor 0d iniomi eAndida tcmpU 
del I . . . . f M^M riri doelo tftem cepere tmviqne \ petiorf^ trrturit 
iMMpideiidm patent. Calnam. iv U8 aeq.fer, MeliUner, dto mea enrwUm: 
MM ithifdu fH I $aerm rnUtini ponoi rftliii Wm-iv Pboobi. Uor. cp. 
1 8 18 Obbikr. ii 1 118. 8 81. Mhol. Iut. i V2», In order to rmerro Ui 
poMM for hU pftiron*t car alono. the poet ecawt to rceito in tht 
ttnlo: bnl tbo srent man will bo a poet himteU, and eipoet praiM 
lor liU own aompoaitkmt ef. Pcni. i 61 icq. Btat. ■. iv <•«! Mar 
<oew iiU, qao libollnm | mitinti mihi. Gr.Tpbe, pro Ubcllo rie. 

BEUCTA Amm. xxi 4 | 8 qMrm .... Demottkema 
Aoadooiia eum Pt^toit* rclieta 9ecMu§ esl. 

9$ im fACiT TBisri llin. ct>. rii 2:3 1 3 natut §pUndide •hnndatfacuU 
Utihm§t amat itadia at ■olont panporcn. antbol. 1140 Mcjcr dit- 
•ito pro nnmerii nnmerot iipcrarc, poctac. | mntaro cnt ani- 
m«i oarmina, non omere. rctrun. 187 8—0 of tbo rieb man earmina 
•omponat, declmmfU amcrepct omnfs | etpem^at enmmt titqtm Catenf 
pripr. Uacrob. cited on i 01. lint, praeo. gcr. rcip. 15 f 1!1 p. 8UF 
lftMpdr^t M ml ^cX^rat \6y^p wnip 4p •fey r«XXi#r wa^dw- 
n#r ^X^*vdfcr«' val ^a^ «{ Xo7«<'t iya00t AXXd ^^ ^aC\99 ^9, 
ll«i ri^ 4p rmt IrXoct loiw ayarMrra r%t #x*^^f 4ii9f,9$tLi rtit 
r«^i#ratt. iioMKiin cf. Mnro bint. Ut 

Or. II 8481 39 viLLR A!cxofl Hor. rp. ii 1 29 wq. 

fl qnU Gnetonm fvwl Btitiqtiiuimn f N«ryNr | tcripta vel optima, HomaM 
pnuMHtur mdem | §erlptortt trmtiua cto. >cll. i 6 f 8. 
VAXAB Or. Pont, i 8 67 — 8. ib. ir 1 83 soq. ia UnrMt nuwunmot ponert 
§rt9$nt I f Modf iM fi'ifrt* nnlli uriben cnrmcn^ idrm t»t. | exeitai andilm 
•imUmm lamdalaque rirtM$ I ereteit rl /MMU-Nf mm 0hria calemr htibft. id. 
tr. ? I 78— 8i Hor. cp. ii 1 S19-238. Tac dial 10. Plin. cp. ii 10. t 1718 
acq. neiinhat [CalpmrnlMt Pito] «mi#7c#i#iuSr trmditam $nnf InetiteM- 
immqme mmierimm, §€riptm eltfit ermi duemtibMM .... commfndnbnt Aaef 
fwe sitmrlttlmti, roeftn rfreeundi^ mmHum tmntiuinh, mnHmm iotlieitM* 
dlnit im are, mnfima ormimemtm recitnnth, . . . rfcUatione Jinita mm/Imm 
me dim exo»cufiitm$ mdmletctntem, qui ott accrrimni atimnUfl ■•• 
nendl, landibna ineitaTi *pergorot, qua coapiaact*. . . .jfrafa- 
Irntme «nm mptimtme mmiri, gratMlmtut et frmtri, qui tx mudiimrim iltm mem 
mtimme pietatii gloHum f mom iUe miter eioquentime tutit. 
40 nacrnct iii 9 a. comsiopat abpei i 11 n. M. Sen. 

aootr. f 17 p. 88 11 of Sextilini Ena it hame ipemm pro$eripliemm 
(Cieoro*a) roeitainrna in domo Motsalao CorTini Pollionen 
AaiBi«madToeaToratrlUpHH«fj»loABH«rrrvNMnon linoaticnii 
roaiiaTit: •dfiiemdmt Cieero ett Lmtimeqme §iientim iimgnme: PoiU§ 
Jmimimm «m a^wo aaiMO tmtU ei mii : •Urumia, Cm quid tibi libemm sit im 
^ imm vidtrits epo intmm mmdiimnu non mm emi mnIim rideor;* mlqmt 

^^ ^^t^mrrtxit, et imteffmiue reeitmtimml Severmm qmmme Comelimm icim 
<wi aw ia ^^Bi di^kmlme tout rrrmM qmmmPoilimU mdpmrtU TacdiaLO 
y^ *^ ^f»rM«....iirfn««fnlfafeM«flaMa««fiH6iiffa<fe0Millaal 
ttfUflMr ««t afmf; veimpUitem anlrai drrifss lawlrBi laa wrtii g 

^ZTmiHmm pmH$ mum Uknm eaemMt [BaaaM] rf «lMiilr«f<^ 
^^ a mmkUrn tmpmm, lA 9tM qmi Opmmimr emdin HmU 



qmidnm prmtii. nmm et domam rontnatnr ot anditorinm exftrnit 
•t ■nbtollia eondaeit ot libollot disporffit. et ut bemtiMeimnt 
teeitatiomem eiut ementut proeequatmr, ommit ilia imut intra ummm et mite- 
nm diem, veiut in hertta vel fiore prmetepta, ad nnllam certam et totidmm 
pervenit fruffem ; nee ant amieitiam inde refert aut elienteinm ant man- 
§mrum im animo eminsquam beHejieium, ted ciamorem ratfum et toeet 
immnet et ffaudimm roiucre, Epikt. diif. 111 23 | 23 avourvr fiov rViifpo*' 
8taXiY<»i/»tf» tV rf ourff T9d Ko^drov. Plin. cp. i 5 | 4 haee me Reymlmt 
dolenter tmiitte eredebat, ideoque etiam earn roeitarot librnm, non 
adbibnorat. lS|8poM«M imm repeiere tecettum ft teribere uUiqmid 
qmod non reeitem, ne videar, fNorvM roeitatioiiibui adfni, non 
aaditor fnisie, ted creditor, nam ut in eeterit rebut ita in andiandi 
officio perit gratia, ti repoteatmr. t 8 f 11 haee ita ditpnto, qnmti 
popnlnm in anditorinm, non in cnbicalnm amieoi advoca- 
rim, qnot plmret habere mmttit gloriotnm, reprehentioMi nrmini fait, 
Oorsiaa lectured in tbo honao of Kalliklct Plat. Gorg. pr. St Panl in tbo 
•ebool of T>Tannaf at Epbctna acta 19 9. Cie. do or. 11 | 20 portient 
haee ipta, nbi inamhuiamut et palaettrm et tot loeit te$»ionet gymnmeiomm 
et Graocarnm disputationnm MrMorioM quodammodo eomumotent. 
Bee Tbeopbr. ebar. 6 wtfii dpteKttat Cai. alio Jebb p. 203. 
41 LoxoB Hart. 111 88 61 mt haee roeari debet an domtif longe? tbo 
patron lenda a room ineonrenicntlj aitnatcd, wbieb bat been barred np, 
and ita door m jeakmiljr cloicd aa tbo ffalet ot a town dnrin^ a siego. 

43 M<1* bo will aend freedmcn and poor clients (romifrf 
1 119 n.), vboso tenriccf bo can command, to applaud, but will not biro 
Mats for tbc recitation. fcir rcrs. 1 64 acii coMifrM 

JborrfdNfNM trita donara taeema. xztbbua tbej 

ara potted at eitber end of tba rowi, tbat tbe cuo may be giren in CTorj 
part of tbo room. 44 nisro!! ere Suet. Ker. 20 eaptnt 

mutem modalatit Atexandrinomm tawlationibut, . . . plurea Alexandrim 
evoeaeit. neque eo tegnint admleteentntot eqnettrit ordinit et quinqne am- 
pUut milim e piebe n^iuttittimtae inventHtit undiqne elegit, qni diyiti in 
faetionoi planinnm genera condiseeront (bombot rC imbrieei rl 
' tettairocaftaal) oporamque nararont cantanti sibL DCam. lxi 20 
Baimar. Qnintil. it 1 f 87 ad ciamorem dispotitao rrf etiam forte 
tireumfmeae mnUitndinit, ib. z 1 f 18 «f ritiotm plaribnt ptaeent etmeon- 
rogatii landantnr etiam qnao non placont So tbo andienco was 
packed in tba eonrts Plin. ep. 11 14 | 4 scq. anditores actoribnt timilet 
aondncti ot redompti: mancopi convenitnr in media basi- 
lica, nbi tam palam sportnlaa qnam in tricliniodantnr . . . . 
bari dno uomonclatoros mei...ternis donariis ad landan- 
dam trahobantnr. tanti conatat, nt sis dlsortlssimns. boo 
protio qnamlibot numorosa inbiellia implontnr, boo ingens 
corona colligitnr, hoc infiniti clamoras commoTontnr, cum 
l^tehx^P ot dodit signnm. opna ait enim signo apnd non intel- 
logcntci, no andiontoi qaidom. Lncian rbet. praca 21. Siovers 
Leben del Ltbanins 17. Hart, tii 84 9 Tondore noc Tooom Sienlit 
plansnmqna thaatria. Cato In Oall. 1 18 f 9 MMfMaai tmeet^ qmtm 
morimt tenet Imqmendl, Uamqnmm vetemoemm bibendi mtqmo dmrmiendi. 
i«od al non eoBTanlalla, cnm eooTOoari Inbet, Uaonpidna ora- 
UobIb aondnoat, qnl auicnltot itmqmm mmditit, nob ansrBlCalli, 
tmoBaai n/baraMcmiolffBi. FMron. 48 fln. * wMmnt tmmun* imqmit 
'fW dedL'^ aft ago ftibi plodo. aompnta, et libl plua do qnam 
•ttf pL Enaap. aopk p. 488 L 41 itf. aophiati^ ommIbs oI Fm- 


320 8EBVU8. ALDUS CORVUS. CATHEDRA. [\1I 199-303 

eo vnelUt fiuot teHbit, eumque pHmum cmnium de PartkU tHumplmu€ 
S^ i^c. 88. V«a n 65 f 8 vi4U hie mmnmi V.iitidlmm. ^ jwrnm 

^IbonlMT* t£ HUM eoatiwl Vlt ▼i9 f 9 (the chapter ii ^ «wte- 

Feiiffillw. f«< pottem ttomas em Pmrtkit etper Mkmis Cmui mmHikm 
MptiViit earcerem •ihormefal* Tictor Capitoliyin f •fiolUle 

foctOM. PCMi. IL" 51 •"• «*• P*^ ^*^ •^ ""•• •■^^ ^^^ 
llMkh la FMdj Ti S445. ind. Io«. 

QttlriBi I •% £••«•• meriilt r^fiwi n/Hww ilh bonorum. Schwt^er i 
718. DH. IT 17. Pint. Ibrt Bom. 10 Berriw «*r*f <«T*r t /f r^r r#yfp 

iTflii. p. 85 thi the feign of Serrine wm ^^^i^^ ^ ^ 
DCwt LViii 7 f 9 Seltiwi hila fa Irfi lK«» 

a!Z i£S?fa^^ *«• r~i«q«*«. i^» !«»• 

oiinin grnTii eniae In •erTltlnm ei regno foret Ben. FboM. 
m In ferTltntem cadere do regno ^rare «rf. ««.,-.. 

mne oneh m Serrlne TnUln^ cf. poet. op. DCmi. w 29 1 8 /J«#iXA 

SJSJj;*^'^*^ 90aeo«TomAiioBAi*oTil65r«roo»ii 

Iji terrU nlgroone •imlUlmo eyeno. Oe. ^^Jl^ ^'^^}^'7^ 
S^Sk rSlnAin.. when b^i^JJ* ^ • ^ ^'JSll^&Hi £ 
bid leedwd M ofMlo. tut ho tbonld ««;*»^"^*^^ ^^llf^ 
nZlnt JUwril WviimM: IpMkfai, hewing of thif, raUbed oomo crow 
mSSTmnm, Md let them looie: Phnl«ntbni, on iceing them, aUn- 
SSlrf^arS;^ B«t.8iArirtot.h.iui..l9|l«r.jfnj 

ZflTir.ri ^^^ ^WW •»•«« CATOEDni* Mart. I 

76 14 sterilof e«thedr«e x 18 8 •!. ««i/eifiii. Anion, profew. 10 97-9 
omI oroAimtf pnhin I iiiiilo«rl gtorlUm mrbe nUm eothedrftin. 
STSKTVrrtnlLU. Valent 11 Aui. .fje«j^ f^linw. '«?*JJ»^ 
StVlT Pliii. do and. 11 ». 48* 'when lophliU hftto riien from thclf 
J^ mLm^uA fii^tald iride tSir booln and their InrtltnU*. 
SS^W-nntSTSaia fmietkme of Ufe peUy and «bi~*,*o «5,^»««i 
wStTwd tod. Pint hkm. PWiortr. toph. i M | 1 WM«" •« 
sSem M m«Uod oWtho chnir ot Athene, rW 'AWry ^^^'e^g; 
iKm: 111 SSoSw, n pnpll of LoiUenni, flnt leeeiTod the Imperial 
SiiS^il lOwTdfSM^ 10 414.7.8. Hadrlann. Athenian ^ 

tSST^Si^^lMx^ 19 I 4 PoBm promoted to the •throoo^ at 
AitenahrCommodni. o. 18 Panaaalaaande. lOBnodiaane, prafeMonal 
ttSmT 19 flimdW I 1 and 96 1 1 Herakleidee at Attiene. VP^ 

j03«hrton»BMeB which the Ath«danehalrhad^^ ^'.I^^SfiS 

S^S^mfSn^uSnw^* ^tow*driMie#^d>XeicdMtf»« ml iiiirnr edtV 



9knm: 88 f 3 Aepuiaa filled tbo chair st Some with great distino- 
lien to hic youth, but la hie age wm blamed for not resigning; 
Omelattni a can d idate for the efaair at Athene. Aufon. of a portrait of 
the rhetor Bnfni epigr. 47 A«<e iSq/l to^iilo ttt : nU veriui. iot§ mbi 
M$fm ; I • In cathedra.' qmidmglif • kte, quod et in tabuU* 0.0. taerCl. 
Alio of the chain of grammanano Id. prof. 9 1. 10 84 foq. 11 8. 99 17. 
Di Gange callrAira ^oefeniei. Crecol. theatr. rhet it 1. 
904 nuBiTiiAaii an emendation of Bitachl'i (opnee. 11 541) for thraty- 
■a chi , which ii rclatoed by Jahn and lu UiUler de re metr. 358 who 
CMBparee Until, it 1 595 Laehanil; alio SUelidet, Pkytaeidet. W.A. 
BchmkU Ooich. d. Denk- n. Olaubenefrcihcit 70 capposcf that lomo rhe- 
lirlcian of Galignla'a time Ii meant, but every reader would at once thtok 
if the famooi iophlNt of Chalkedon. SchoL rhetorit mpnd Atlunas, oul 
tmpendio periit tbie if nowhere dee mentioned, not CTcn la Lie 
epitaph Athen. z 90 f 71 p. 454 rtliMyui Oif ro, 'PiJ, 'AX^ ZcU, % MJ, 
'AA#«, Xi, Ov, Zdr. I wntiAt XoXnrl^, 4 M Hx^n ##^9. Ue ii an totor- 
Icctttor In llato'i republic, whoro ho anpcan ae one who roeeiTod 
mmont lor hin ioitmctioui 1 p. 887^ of. id. iniaodr. 860*. 267*. EpUpp. 
la Atb. XI p. 509*. He was regarded ae the author of tbo ^ukt^ Xi^it, of 
nMch Ptoto and Icokratee were the chief examplei DH. de ri Demosth. 8. 
Aililoph. eecmi to allude to hii profemion as a teacher of rhetoric to a 
yaeeage, to whidi a son, who has sarprised hb old-lashioned father by 
nrlons new-tangled expreisioni, at bet usee the word MXM«Ya^€ir gn 
vhleh the father ezebiimss §(>»*, J 0^«#»^«x'f I ^t *^^^ ^^ ky^T^P*'' 
rw^tfcnM;daetal. fr.> Bee Geel hist aophist 201— 284. Copoiajoum. 
•idass. and sacr. philol. iit 266—281. K. Fr. Hermann diq>. de Thra- 
lymaeho Chakedonio st^ihista, GifUing. 1844, 4to. 
Memim CAaaiXATis Seenndns Carrlnas veneno perlt, eum/ugfretpan- 
ftrtniem. So the sehoi., who seems to refer 205^6 to bim. Ho was a 
ifciCorician banished from Home by Callgnbi DOass. dtod 151 n. He 

a bo the same ae wss sent by Nero to plunder the temples of Asia and 
la A. o. 66 Tac. xr 45 Ometn doetrinn ore ttntu fxereitus, 
999 IT UVM not Seenndns; but, as tbo words et hnne shew, some third 
taMhir. It is most natural (with some schol.) to understand Inr ' the 
■ee^y teacher, for whom Athens had nothing better than a cup of hem- 
M,^ Bokrates, 5er5alH«i maffittnun, iorbitio toUit qnem dim eiemtms 
dhn, IT 1—2. et Iut. xin 185 acq.) : b«t knne seems to mean, in our 
era dev, laler etiU than Cunimu [yet see QnintU. xi 1 f 86 et hie. f af 
hello elvill it inUrfeeii, Cnto] and mutue has little foree, unless wo 
•appose that some one is meanly who when banished retired to Athens, 
iM there, as no one would rentun to employ him, put an end to hb 
Wk by taking poison. Nor was Bokratea a teaeher of ihetoric UarkL 
W fpe s tis that a Terse b hMt 200 obudas 

iiMoph. ran. 188 acq. Pbt Phaed. 118*. Plto. zxt f 151 eienta faofa^ 
Ttnennm est pnbllea Athenienslnm poena... semM et foUit 
rtfrlgeratoria tIs. tie et neetit, Inelplunt algere ab extrcml* 
tatlbna eorporie. DIoeeor. it 74. Or. nmot, in 7 18 — A ioeta tawten 
eArtf gellda wum mmkm elenta | eegnln propotitum deteruere tuum, 

CKVTAi Pint Dhm 58 i x^pn [Attica] cdXXi^rer 
pik ml s^pffier AKopopArurov imMlktow, Id. Phok. 86 | 2. Philo- 
Peem. 90. Lyi. adT. Eratoeth. 1 17. Lena Botanik dor alten Grieehen n. 
BiMr 874. YM. n 6 B If 7. 9 al UaMllla aai Oeoa homiodi was 
w ip Mai tmlb by tht atoto W m^ m «i«ML dMW Mttdan* leaaon for 







fa Mvl M Ml advoMto. id. pan. N. DCtm, lt • | 7. SptrtlMi. Btf. 
Iff. «od. Th. xii 1 74 f 8. 229vof]ro« 

mnnU : the iMBaiiiinc rcnm mn ironieAL 

830 ^>^ tiM t«Mlifr M nrrtr tt fonlt in Meidmct or ijnUz tt 481. 
Mm the diipate betvera two gnumnariaoi m to the Toe. o( efire§im in 
GtlL ziT 8. L. Lench die BpnebplilloMphi* 4m Altai, Donn. 1888—41. 

231 mnoiiui Cie. de or. 1 
1187. 8tB. cf. 88fi teq. grftmmfttieiii eire« ovrAm lermoiiit 
▼trifttnr, #f, d Uitimt eragnri rail, eiroA hiitorifts; i«m nt lonffii' 
9imefne$ mtm ftvftrmt^ eiroA eArmiDA. fvM Aonfin «d rlrtntem riam 
itemltf i^llmbanim ennrrntie ei Torboram diiif^entiA ft fftbnla- 
r«m memoriA et renuMm lex me modlfientin t Qnintil. 1 8 f 18 leq. 
(tho ehaptor ends with tho words nUkl inter rirtutei ffmmmntM kubehitnr, 
ctffiM neteire) : parte* dnae, f mm hate jnrtfemh pollieetur, id ett, r«ti« 
loqmendi et entrrAtio Avotorvin; quarmm illnm methodieon, ham 
hiitorieea roemnt. ib. S f 14. 981. z 1 1 81 1. 80 n. Inr. ti 481 km 
hiitorlAi 9eimt omnea. TaJei, wbethor lesendmy or hirtorieal. Suet. gr. 
11 ■vmmiiiB f^rftmrnfttieiini. optinmni poetam | omnes tot? ert 
poiieqiiAeftionef, | vniim deiieereezpedireDomcn. ih.90qMem 
{Com. AlezandniiB i;nunnifttieiini] propter Aiitiqaitiitig ootitiam 
poijhiBtorem mvfff, qniinm hittori«ni roeahant. Best. Empir. sdr. 
snunm. 1 e. IS tratii of tho hintoricni rart of gratnnuur: too the wbolt 
book wiUi Dioort. Thnz as there cited. Aagiutin. de ord. 11 IS f 87 
potermt iam perfeeta eue grammatiea, 9ed quia ipto nomime proMeriu 
Htterat elamat, nnde etinm iMtine litteratara dieitur^ factnm e$t nt qnid- 

Inid difinmm taemoria Utterit MaiidiirrfNr, ad earn neeewario pertinerei . . . 
vie diieiplinte teeeseit hietoria, son tam ipaia hiatorieii 
flvam f rammatieia laboriopa. Anion, prrtf. SI S8— amho loqai 
jaeile$, mmbo omnia earmina doeti, | eallentep m jth wn plainata 
•t hiatoriam. loe. e. Ap. 11 8 tvrpe eat, hiitoriae Teram notitiam 
it prof erre grammatient non posiit. oxxbs to be 

taken both with kittoriat and awtoret. 232 i 7 n. 

£13 niEaxAa balnea are bathing-rooma or honin, thermae large baild- 
gt intended for gjrmnaatie eierc i we a and also anpplied with hot water 
MM Taponr baUia. Freller die Begionen der 8t Rom 108 aeq. The tker- 
flaae of Agripp^ are called 7«pFde«er PCaflfl. Liii S7 f 1 ; afl are thoM of 
V«o ibi Lu SI f 1. Tae. zir 47. lUrqnaidt r 1 S81 aeq. Docker Gallat 
ut* 88—114. raonn a halneatnr of the daj 4 n. ecboL 

pHvatat halneae, quae Dapknei appellantnr, cf. Marqnnrdt ▼ 1 980. OelL 
tn 1 O^tts was walking in the epring amf«f halnea» Titiaa with the phi- 
losopher FsTorinns, and as ther walked BaU. Cat. was read, and qnes- 
lioBS arising oat of it nroponndcd to the eonipan7[. 80 ib. xriii 4 fa 
Sandaliarlo fartt apad llbrarioi Bnlptdns Apolunaris nnmasked nm9' 
tender, iaetatorem quempiam et venditalorem Salln^tianae leetionlt. The- 
aist. or SI p. S80^ eelf -praise always nanseons, whether in the man ef 
monnr, displajing Ida plate and hie pnrple, or in the braggart soldier ef 
mNdj, but most of all in tl 

the scholar, making a show of his memory and 
linniiig^ courting np the works of PUto and Aristotle at evmr time and 
•■ oviiT oeemion. Me avWavai/itPap wafaaaXjt sir a m at tu witmr a 
#yfff, ale Mp AlrxAsv wm4dt% sir wife r^eef Zm m4% m rm pAawmd. 

lU Bvlrii 

MVitmMU schoL Tiil p ka ne n, Han, Aen. m 1 
«fll JsMve, «lff CrMsa^, mitt Ateantt maUrnif If i 
ATCBiasn the lathsr of AsnsM. Ob smh 
tnwHoai, fge mm Jr dfif wds, M jgira^ •♦ <*> dtmm mairt wtm (8w. 



ep. 88 1 8S soq ) ct ib. 1 8 seq. 108 f 80. de brer. tit. 13 | 8 seq. StoU. 
jL If 84. OelL xnr 8 a friend who had spent his life in study, lent Gel- 
Hm "to adorn his ilifle niphu* a Tast note-book filled with recoudiU- 
otracis, e.jL why Tclcmaehns woko Fisistratas who was slccniiis by hi?: 
Mi with his foot, not with his hand; tho names of tho comrades of 
Uliiss who were torn l>y ScyUa ; in what Tcrw the wonU becomo longer 
•adi by a sylUble than tho hwt etc ib. ztiii S Boman students in 
rSf" ?** ^ dinner, where the host proposed a prize of an ancient 
Mtbor, Oreek or Latin, and a laurel crown for the sncoessful solution of 
some question : qnaerebatar anlem re§ kninteemodl : ant iententia poetao 
velerb lepide oh$cura, non anxie, ant historiae antiqaiorii nquiiitlo ant 
deeretienintptam ex philo§ophia perperam intnlffati pur^tio ant captionia 
iophiitfeaeiolntio ant inopiaati rarloritqne verbi indnffatio ant tempnt 
item in rerbopempicno obtenritimnm. The foren qnaciiu related i to 
spafsageof Ennios; ii to Plato's community of women; ill the nonli- 
isms 1) qnad non perdiditll, hahet; eomna non perdidhti: kabes igUnr 
iomna. S) qnod ego tn non e$. 8) cam mentior et mentirl me dico, 
•Mif for AS remm f^'fot ir qnam ob ean»am patricii Megaiennibn* mnti- 
Urt toliti »isf. plebet Cerealibns f t what poet uses the rerb r^msf f 
tUs question alone was left uusoItmI, no one remembering Enn. an. xiii. 
S «• ";?"^K <>' ;asiihoder and of -the half is more than the whole* 
feiHesiod. ▼«! whether $crlp$erim, tegerim, venerim, are of past or 
fatue time, or both ? ib. zz 7. guintil. 1 8 f 18 mnj. Auwm. prof, zxt 
la seo. zziL Suet. Tib. 70 maxime iamen cnrant notitiam hiHtoriae 
fabularis. N«fN« ad ineptiat atqne derdnm, nam et grammaticos. 
fiHNf^i-NMt homianm praeeipne, nt diximm, appetebat, eintmodifrre qHoeV' 
tionibni expertebatnr, 'quae mater Hecubae?' 'quod Achilli 

!?* * S' J,**- % ""*• ^ ^^^' <>»«• *7 p. 410-. Hadrian had the same 
Mania Spaitian 18 f 8. 20 f 1. August L L nottroi familiarei grariter mise- 
rart toleo, qui si non responderint, quid Toeata sit mater Eury- 
■li, aeensantur inseitiae. rhili|ip. emgr. 43 8-6 sft r* MIX 4 r*I2f| 

^^jl!^^rTif ^ Trojan horse; which of 0dys«,us' foUowcrs 

ISLStJ? ^ ^t ^^"jhC^* •"** T."*"* ^y **"• Laestijgones. The deip. 
■oso^sts o« Ath. and_ftut qu. Bom., qu. Or., qu. conr. contain ma£r 
«ZjOf thU clan of questions, et Griifenh. Gesch. d. PhiloL f S77 
ITI68. Wonwer polym. z. Two chuses of grammarians were caUcd dm- 
SSS •»* Xvrarii : the former proposed such quesUons, the UUter (ca 
Mbius, Athen. zi 488-4) solTed them Griifenh. ib. ct i SOL n I lOG 
R^ SK; ^JS I!? i «3 ^ SS8 esq. Lehrs da Aristnrchi stud. 
Baum, S19. CresoL theatr. rhet. t 18. 235 ajichb. 

^SLt 75TXr5" f'^;^ Tumns Aen. z 888-9 llhoeti de gente 
L^ l^,®^•T'T■^ **•*«»»• •»«« ineeitare norercae. SeiV. ad 
amn^J^t'tlni'^i'A'V'^? ise«iln.r anctoribn: Aviennt tamen, 
VJi^Hr'^dmUi^^ ^'■'rJi"^ •«''^"' ^'^ eomsu.-.«nif, dicenl 
ah!2?*TH-. r***^ 7^ ^•'^*««^ r^* /-«•! fa Italia, eaf An- 
fhtmolo filio Caspt riam snpordnzit noreream: kanTjitHgnna 

■*li?S ^^ !* •r* ■•*•'«■ Act stes ef. Ibi 88 seq. 

ii»#f8 TriBMri^ 237 amm ziu 88. Bnat. 





.„,„ n fUctl. put rep. II p. ITT rXdrrii* tit ihTjili. 

lb * uiiirra yif H r*rt [la foKlh] »MrrfT« nl Mfcai rim Itirta 
Aimv^u <wvi~r»« W»tV. Wj«. on Plat. aw. p. ». 
MLwra Sl«t. Aeh. . Ml inaffw •rlllicl titlnt.. poMI" cer« [ fe«™ fffB.-ii.7Kr ■»>>»*fiif KjifiMfuf. Of. m. X SW. AcmrJ. 
ins to rolvkWoi the «ork <■ huJnt Pint, de prof, in tirt. 17 fln. p. 80* 
•h tf til irvra i ritUt iA<>*r<u. Wtil. ad loe. MiUlcrr Airbiiid. | SOS I. 
239 Hffl. S18 n- » "2* •>■ 3W3 n. Anchin. 
•df. Tlnwrth. 11 8-10- VtM-Ar. in 10 J!-* cHhi(Hl«m ■Jori. pf""', I 
natrr iu(i«n Ciu'ral I ■■tktctn •dnllBin «f rt*DB dilU 
imnL OB Prfron. 9S. Qniiiltl. ii 3 t. (t. M »— * '«"»■ 
■b Ininria gmelilai dooenlii cnilodUt et Itio- 
tl« ct»Titndi»tei««t nriiitTfni mill rit iiimmin 
mliaH, Rill illulpHiHie $er/riuif nai-mUMiMm inojue at 
Kiirit, iiimal igllnr ante omnia parcntia frga 
idi aalmnm, ao ioooedor- " ' ' ■ 

[a fHD domirr 

, jitlm.l. ip.a neobabe.trilii 

nao lerat. M H— S pmro* aiHlnentibiu trd.-re prtmlxlM noa piiff 
mlitl. aaia ^(/aiiiil rfr (aril, f aalrii tit ffartit HoiiU «ari&«<TKf tni 
potllnm, moileHtm Imbfrr fotnl tlUim Urmlulrm .- laiva rrl litn 
nttalieribti irparaHd* ft rt armitiM m" ■ 

la brnller rxiit 

■UabnUlmia xitiii fi>ie ptaoeeptor «o ». 
dnmqnidem credo, id. |S| Inq. B| II. Plin 




a fall 

ttafrrplarri iloial 
I rhrlar Ijilina, 

alai rilni limn prnfrrtmla 
•nla* lebolao atT-firila 
■lint raJH arfnlrvrurf anKi 
•xlBia corporla polthr 

■ 4 ninj to — 

Hbool al Gonnm aM rnlm aal ianadlu aiofarfiMar, jbob fn pi(r(B, 
BUdlciaa aontlDerentiir, faaai lab otHfli parrnramF PUL PtoUf. 
K taf «•!, Locian bobtIt. ». Uban. ap. U3J. I4S8. 

340 riciunPilna.BT tMr« noa taeii 
lb.*. Jabn OB P«o, p. 178. 

(a ricri. PUn. b. a. in I IS Muinfii* ■ • ■ ■TlwjiH a 

241 la n» Uut. n (» 1. SI! 

■n'mlSBB. UT\Sa. Mmi 1 

tfladMiUI. 'TboyorlriiMomaDla grunmarii 

!■? Eihaid 

mit "ther 

MniH> to » itecta nn.' UaraMidl PiintMan ■ » 4. 
_imuf Uw tMOH dlfpBta MwMA Aabna* toA Tbi 

M ori^ Im » iM IMtiAwl br tbt ntaail D< • RMud to llborata 

hH, B>lK.nll. ADCMii 



icRDU 111 n. aeboL fa Ihiatn tdtnt peltrt 
niRfBi avrtat; nam noa lltrbat onipUu inrt. cL Capitolin. ' 

Cbiloi. 11 I *. Dut Uw ticlor ID lli* ClreaDiUa ganiea ii bar* meant. 
lail. IT 67 bii aged (riood Uauioi latolf aikod Uio pnetor tot lUU.OOO 
MitarMi, vhicU added la irbal be bad would maka np tba oenini ol • 
kni^t. prailtr *U 'Kit au Seoipo Thalloqaa datarum, | alqma 

iititii areati | qsod Hon dai c^nitl, lia dare, praetor, (qnof 
id. I 71 G earn SoorpDi ana i)DiBdeelni eraToi bora [ lerTentii 
laii tiitor lalerat laccoa. Suet. Claud. 11 adni al obUtoa *!•- 
loribn* anraoi pnilaO linulra fariltr twm tkIjc roe* dialtiiqua 
aawrarrl. DCau. Liitii 10 of Caiaealla V«lXa'r« rt rf wartWy 
ttt\s Xf^ttrwai . . . iytirMTV H i r^ HtXuMftm rif* f nr IXXd* tit 
(Xtwlw V>a«<f'>^ Ira lal It -rt^v ii»a»(»«T™i- v/hi>v« n min6t aar— 

lA, In Iba lime of Vertu it beciinia DMial to demajid sold lor tieloriooa 
bonei Capilcl, Ver. G. Friedlnader ii* IS7 aaq. 185 ~T. 561- IM. 
lu-KB aonu vere laiithed bj Herod on ebarioMen at Caeaaiea loa. 
bell, I SI f 8. Hirr. ep. 09 9 (. aaw fltntqHt wnfinai tvl fiitvrem 

anil In aariRttum xorrin pmie rtilmrn rrl loafa malno JtiiaiiMn* 
I vivtH. af tiaa txtorqutant pteuttlM, f wrf mlM impttntt tatlbut. 
TefiiM. AnieL IS 1 1. 

IlaUC* UD iDTtHlL. 

Bnt. tflCTall, Imiuteonreiih thaltbadeligbt wlilch JlBntt^tttme, 
ii bnt Uncuialibifi. Bo pleai'd tlill l» nndentand, Uut I apeak of mj 
own laats onlj: bo mij ntieh olitcr Ben; bat I am loo nnpid BDd 
intcBiible to ba tiekl'd. Wliero be banly grina bimMlf, ami, ai Scailgtr 
■Bvi, onljF tbewi fall wblla teeth, ho eunot protoko ne to anj UuEblcr. 
Bm urbanUj, that ia, hii good fnannen. are lo be commended, but bU 
wit ii laint; and hii (all, II I nuij Ann to aay M, almoM intlpid. /are- 
*al i< of a mora ngoroua and masenliM vit, he (EiTc* me aa nneh pleuBio 
M I COB bear; bo fully anllBflia mj eipcctation; be trcnti hie •ubjeeC 
boiiM; fail tpleni Ii raia'd, and ho laiac* mine: I bate the pleainio of 
•oncnnnieDt in all he lari: he diitoe bla leader along «ilh bim; aod 
*faen lie ia at the end of hit «>)'. I willlnfdr utop villi him. If ba went 
■Dollicr alajn-, it von'd be too fnr. il noo'd make a jonnK; of a proEreia, 
tod lorn dclii;lil into fal>i;uc. When bt girea arer, 'lie a liicn the lubjecl 
ia eiiunited, and llie Kit oC men can ean7 it no taMlier. If a fault can 
be jutl; found in bim, 'tie that be in aouetimei too luxoiiant, too it- 
dandanl; uri mom llian be ncede. lika mj friend the J*(a ia-feaftr, but 
oner more I'lian plfaKt. Add lo tLii, that bla thou^hta an aa jiut aa 
Iboae of lloracr, and moch more elcvatoiL Ha eipreviioni are mdccow 
and mora noblei hiaTaraemora nnmaraai, uil bii vorda anaoitablelo 
U* UioBjhla, anHinM and MU. AU tbaa* eoMribaU to Ilia plaaMira of 
Un nador; and Ibi tt**!* lb* aod of Un *bo laada, bia (mupotU 
antbagnalM. K«MM>alwi^«ilb*Mibh/Ni>Mil on Ih* gallop; 
bri hii way ti paipafally an oarp at .gtP ia d. HagoaawiUiBonlmBalii- 
oaiti' than //ancf, bat aaacKuriji and lb* nritiMM adda a aora Ilrcir 
•gilatioa to lb* ipirili. 

Jona Dnoca, Dixvunt eonetrnlng On arlilml ntifngnm ^ mtin 
(bafora bia Jiraul, pp. luriil lull, *i. 17W). 



Bol to tttam to mw pnrpoMp vImi tiwro It wj thisff defidoit ii 
Bonbm, mmI Mind, the ictiter If mneuf, tatd unmikifd; h§ wtals 
fonefhlflg of UfeompkBiMit: deriw ■oBMwIuit wliieh Im Biidt nol: Ascl 
this being the nuuiifett defeet of HonNv, 'tin no wonder, that finding it 
■npidj'dto /vvfiMl, we •!« more delighted with him. And heridee thfa^ 
the eenee of Jwrtnal i% more poignent, to cretto fat ne an appetite of 
raiding him. The meet of Horeee ie more nonriehing; bnt the eoohaij 
of Jutenmi more eiqiiaito; eo that granting Jfonwe to be the mora 
ganeial phfloaopher, wo oennol deaj that Jmrtml wae the greater poet, 
I meen in eatire. Hie thongfate are eharper, hie indignation againet Tice 
b more vehement; Ue enlrft hae more or the eommon-wealth genine; he 
trmtetyraanj, and all tlMTieee attending it, ae thej deeenro, with the 
ntmoel rtoonr: and co n ie q nently a noble eonl Ie better pleM*d with a 
icalone mdkator of JZeeien ilbeitgr, than with a temporising poet, a 
weU-mamMT'd oonrt^fefo, and a man who Ie often afraid of famgning In 
the rifl^tptoee; whole over deeent^ beeanee he ienatareUjreerrile. After 
aU, tferaee had the diaadvantage of the timee in whieh he UVd; thc^ 
better iff the man, UH wotae ior the eaiirlel. (<»M, pp. Ixxa luai; 


1 Fronto p. 41 Kaber fuiif $1 UeeuUut fuero, nan, turn timiU dicta 
remonerabo? Loe. ter. hiat. 1 4. looiToa ind. The paamge (1 — IS) 
Ii imitated hy Joe. HaU (eat. ti 1 p. IM Singer): •Though what oiTd aM^ 
/ wtiffkt nee M well as tktpBaka ap aooM forworn talea that amothcr'd lay 

In ehimnojr eomere amolc'd with winter Urea, To read and rock aakep our 
drawer aireaf Na bnm ki$ thrttkoU betUr knowi, than I Brata*a firrt 
arriTal and flrat Yiotonr; St Oeorge*e aorral, or hia croM of blood, Arthur'a 
nond board or Caledonian wood... High atoriae they, which with their 
tweltinff ttrain Have riven FroHto*t broad reheareal plane [Singer wrongly 
jpfaia]. ^vf eataAUmp books, bath back and iide, IVhat neede itt are 
there not enow beeidaV Britanniene oomparee the abnipt opening of Hor. 
a. f M^/f, JUaecenae f and Pera. o euros hominum! Byron begina *£ngiiah 
baraa and Scoteh r eriewera* with an imitation of Inv. 

„ S ttAOOi Hart, ti 41 qtU reeitat lana/aaces at calla revimetMs, | Ai'e e$ 
pQoee hqui, poeee taeere nepat* Dabto. 

M S IMTCXM Tar. Andr. 010 tune inpnno haec faeiaef Hor. a. 1 8 44 
oea tettit inuttae, Oy. am. i epigr. 4 the work oonniata of throe, no 
knger of Ave booke, et levior dewptit poena daobue erit. 

„ 4 BUBooe Hor. op. n S 91. antboL PaL u 185 lament no more, 
Hareaa, your boy, bnt me r^ weXb rod wofk ael weKfortpor rw^iw, \ tit iftk 

i a war y. [ roO 0o9 yip vtiaxw Ptupti W^t ata w4$au9 \ tl Karaiti^untt 
fiiflhla Kol tcaXoftavt, Tae. d. 10 ego vera amnem etoqaentiam omwtqae ein§ 
piarUe tacrae et venerabilee puto, nee eolum eothamam vestrum aut heroiei 
aanninie eanum, ted...olegoram kudviae. 

„ 6 aouMi ruuri um MABOuia uaai Or, am. i 11 21 83 comprimai 
ardinibne venue acuiaeque maretur | margino in eztremo iittora raaa 

„ 6 aoairaua et nr tbboo Birt daa antike Bochweeon (1882) ind.. 
emlethoffrapha, Britonnieoe dtee Porph. in Hor. ep. i 80 9 n^aio ta 
mn ar a bit atque deecribet, $ed aut earie eoneuaterie aal Jleni es U 
•plethographao epietulaa. miooom ti 180. 

„ 7 nori MAou nout noMoe ner aua Stanley eitee Hdt Tm 85 f 8 
mrra r ^wlarara H 4a r^lp^Umkiyaairi^tm Zif^^ ik M rw#4^ 
mh diutwav 4 rd ir refet of «iei#i iXia-t. Add Mart, i? 87 7 (to Aler, 
nho fa riwoya toUhf ^ ^ iiimiminli Iw ami eiiaj ahiiel ianaa rnaUm 

•» M ffUadUndHr (nP 4MI ettea Ifartial'o iMuito al the epka of Ma 
ilvalitaltoaTdS. ?in8. ntO. x4. url. 
M 8 AMiaiMiiMwato^i7«lS8«li9 



I • ummi muiun PhfloHr. Afiofl. t 16 | f mI /ivT /««&«f I Xhm 

Tf AUrvf mil KTww^hml m /rtwOr mt' «#r«0 If^Mr. Tbera in nMunr otbtr 
ToleMMlB IhtworJdi, widefa no OM lUiiks of peoplfaig wUli giuto aal 

,• 9 90ID AOAUT TSim Yerg. g. t 409 fuM M^fol mn/iftti mtuter, 
ct Ftn. Ti 19. Ib the Odrney tad Um Nottoi tempents (the wnlh oT 
Pbwidoii, or in tiM Aoieid of loao) an nuun fMton io the aeUon ct 
AcB. 1 40—156. 

„ •, 10 QVAfl TOBQViAT ncBSAff iBAovt Ot. IUs 187-6 MX /tf M/ITe modh 
UttnbitHr nmbrA IimmmJ AtAont ^n poenti {tueniottu triU Sea. 
■foeol. 14 15. Plato apol. 41* Ooig. 694*. 690*. 

H 10 11 nmmrAB apbom felucolai BUt. Th. n 981 dirum PkrwxH 
▼tUoris anriiM. Aper MbdUj Mki • fragediiiB (Tac. d. 9) eui bono ett, 
§1 ojpmd U Agommnon out lasoa diterte toquUnrl Btrabo 499 gives the 
lalioiialiitie vmion of H y/nroipMlm «/Mf : the gold io the ilraams ie 
eaagfatAMXAMfiilirlfifMii. hoc. 9otUk, I th xfooww inlwo miiiw, 

„ 19 fMnrmrii Bon^ieai eevfifi ra 989. llommaea iad. PUa. •• ? • 
Coilm, rLATAm ind. Heha Knltnipteizeii* 948— 9M. 

M 14 cf. vn 96-69. 

M 16 BT WW.. .IT MM Or. am. n 4 6 odi, nee no$nim euptent non eue, 
ffMdodi. nil616enlto evltl. Inr. ii89BnllBni...Dnllnin. 

M. mvLAB iBd. a. T. Jenh, Bandjs on Eor. Baeeh. 116. Uiid 
•Bgkdiaton Ben. apoe. 9 f 6f oB Glaodfoi bj Galigttla ib. 16 6 9 (both 
««otad OB mia 44). Martlaa. Gapi 6 994. Bee 0. Jaha ia Abh. d. 
X. B. OeeellMh. in 1868, 988— 996, a defcrfptloB of a iehool with a floniBg 
8eme(pLi9). cf. eat. to 999 b. Liban. i 646. Bertorine eaid ia ieet 
(Plat. Pomp. 18 6 1) if he weie aot afhiid of thai old womaa (Ifetellaa), 
rd^#f *#f dr ovT^ $i^ooi cai onvroot M rir raifo rovroo (P.). Hier. e. 
Bofla. m 6 (n 666* VeB. 1767) nee t(bU «< diei$, ferolae odMheo, nt^m 
otheneperonta meum oeotleo et plo0t$ Utteroi doeere eontendo. Aog. de 
dieeipl. ehr. f 19 (n 986* Oaaaie) qnore ivhtt in §eholam, quart tanutatU 
«t • porentibot duetnt et fugitone et inventue ottroctut et et oiduetm 
oxUntut (hoisted) etf quore vopolottif quart tonta mola in pueritia 
pertmtiUif nt diteeret. quid dlteeret9 Utterot, quaref ut haberetur pe- 
tumim out ut eomparoretur humor et Uneretur tubUutitot dionitotit, aa 
horse-whip Or. a. a. 1 646. 

M 16 OB tuotorioo aBd eontrorertioe aee FriedUnder ni> 644— & 
BehiUcr's Nero 669. Oa BaUa see Bil. zin 858—860 impertum Mc primut 
rupiett ted plorio eulpoe, | f aed reddet toiut nee tanto in nomine quit* 

I ertitief, Sultae qui te relit ette teeundum, 

„ M 17 ALToif MttaiBKT BUt a. ▼ 6 66 moiU quieteit. Loe. d. maria. 
96 9 fioHif iumtiii^ ApoL Biet. T 1 pr. dutee eouquievit. 

„ 18 PBBRinuB PABcaaa chabtab Or. tr. ni 9 61 gMawteM eml, • 
moffni^ moritaro pareere, dioL ef. hid. jirrro. Bjbibi. ep. it 94 smb. 
doH CBi» peritorae ohartae eptetmUu quererit, Bea. a. o. ti 99 6 10 
korm mnd, quot perdiumh puf diet ette, puUmentet,pnim onnot: per^ 
Hmm Ukt^nempo perilaroa. Lir. ▼ 99 6 19 fneUfm iottnrmm otto 

!Z!r~ !;?!?•*• "^ ■•'^ »•'**•'•• *«'*»«• BaaaneAanalliil 
CaHad m 6) iad. 

..19 96 

AvavaeAB lunr Aimrnva Pnip. m 1 (an 10) 1—6 tod 
tfmpoo hmwe oUitHeiieonm ekoreit, | el eaaiBBfli Ueimmiiiiem dart 
' ^tfBB, laaillh«laii Blal. n t 9 149 160 gBMifBi 




M eihoB doearraro oemi I ifflMBidcf. Ct Or. a. a. 1 89 40 •964. Tae. 
1. 69 fae aMde mohilot equot ourtue tt tpoiim probani, tic eti oliquit oro^ 
Ifrasi oaaipae per quem niti Uberl «l ealaK femntur, debiUtoiur oe froM^ 
filar eloqueniio. Or. rem. bbl 898. 

• I 99 Uadiiaa kiUed a boar with aoa atab DOm. lux 10 6 9. oL 
PkMUiaa ib. uufin 91 1 

„ M FiOAT APBOM IT 100. Ot. BL UT 940 M//FrfMs fiiBrae apros. 
Piraip. n (m) 19 94. Catall. Verg. Ot. beU. Hisp. beU. AL Bco. tr. 
Cort. Tae. NeBMa. ChMid. ia IlOhhaaaa ooL 906, atbum iad. open 
Bast Tib. 79. 

H 97 catsptKoe iad. TiBtAe Hart n 49 7. m 89 7. ti 11 7—8. z 16 
f • eee H4roa de Villefosse dee ooqnillages k poorpre et dcs aneioaoea 
BsfaMS b teiatore ea Afriqae, b propoe d'oae tosonption d^eooTerte b... 
F^goasia par M. H. de Y. Note de M. A. Papier (Bnlletia de Pacad. 
d*U|ppooe, Boae 1879, a. 14 pp. 8—11). II. J. Oinurdio sor la poorpio 
de Tjr Mt, 1879). Barth6lenij, aole poor serrir A Diistoin cms par* 
pone. Paris (1886^. Hertsberg Oeeeh. OriecheaL a. d. fidaMiB u 496 
b,iu79-^. Morers dis Phdaiaier m 968-969. 

,, 98 Asenrvx avbom Bea. a. q. tu 91 6 9 in omni ortteulo ffemmowt 
ditmmlmut, Teri. hab. rnoL 9 tinistrm per tinguiot digitot de toecit tin* 
gnlit ludiU Ciom, leeogn. m 6 quit ttrvort ouulot et indumenio quae 
ottiduemntartdebeou^pmeparabttf avbox a fiag aa fu 60. Of.BBkUt 

M 99 XAtoaie obxbab th 140 onutne ingent, 

tt 90 pirnciui bst sATnux bob sobibbbb zi 17* Ver(p g. n 967. Hor. 
§,)»• 196. Ot. m. if 447 heu quam diffioile est erimen bob proden 
fatta/ ef. a.a.n90. f.tn884. tr.ilOl. Pdai in 6 6L it 7 45. Bidoa. 
ep. 1 11 (U also Baret) set ibere sie eatiram qui outpat, nuucimt prin^ 
oept, 1 kane rogo deeemat autprobet out timeot, 

M 61 rKRaKOs ind. Tiball. i 9 67. 109. n 8 9. m 9 9. Blomfleld 
ibMS. Aetch. PV. 960. LiT. zzziz 40 f 11 of Cato in partimonia, in 
patieatia /dW>r/«...ferrei propt eorporlt anlmtque. Mcrgoet lex. Cie. 
otp, Verr. T 1 191 qniii tani...ferreaef of. Lael. 6 87 f^ qaie taai eifrt 
ferreasf Beyffert-lfUUer ib. f 48 p. 868. 

n 88 DBLAToa OB L. SiUnos sse Borgfaesi oeoTies t 107—203; oa hi- 
fomers generally Sea. ben. m 96 (ander Tiberias). 97 (under Aagnstos). 
Tae. an. I 74. n 97— 61 60. tu 96. 49. TI 7. Buet.Tib.6L Dom. 10. 
PUa. pan. 46. 

n (f AMia so LIbo Dmsas was deaoaaoed hy his frioad (Tae. aa. n 
97-69) ; Q. Vibios Beieaas bjr his soa (ib. it 98—60). 

„ 64 voBtUTATa Tae. h. i 9 aobilitas opet omlul gettique honoret 
pro erimine, FriedUader aitee ApaL i« l 8 e« tenotoribue pauel nobitee 

n M coBEeA Obbar on Hor. ep. i 16 97 and 40. Jaoob on Lae. 
Teiar. 16 t Barm. aath. Lat. i 611. Leieing cpigr. 64. Bibbeck 
fagBL eom. iad. eofn«tf. 

•9 97 euHVOTBABT 'oBal '; 'sapplaat*, ateehaieal term of Uw. QniatiL 
deiL 874 kM,.^mt o kd ioo i it potmm bonm nogoi, per oomia iUot amooet. 
nommu emt^ ohdiiotwm aabaiOTere, fB< oUoqni perdidermt 
aaLB6il99. 176. 177 fMsdti ame ecraai aefve 

Pi9 Imodo goraif eaae im WM i o ertum aaaiBiOTefar, et sHMrfaiai in totem 
kerod^km oneeedit. in6i66L7L 8o & a lipafii, a lifaler«8i 
{BMeaoa aad Diilnea). 
• •• 99 Matt ?B 67. aoofiB9f Or. aa. 1 9 761 1099L 



rnoCEHUI. BRATtJB. LPaUDraOM. I 3»- 


I M ii«rt. 1 10. es l-t- aft. ttse. _Alh. 6iV. 

^I!r« i i .Mwito rrm tl ptoMd«ndl HWJo. «rf fit »*• 

l"li, «3?™ J^<tV< «* -to oUf iI!«iUt..t. Biitinw on Ot. B. . 9 «. 
r.*«VAKc"[LlalL|10, TmoLl.t|Bl_ Hor. .. it 4S. . 

— ;.T .«T^ cic. p. Toil 1 10, Tmoui.t i »■*. •^■"■.'I :r; 9^ 

Flat, n Si*. »•<>■ "■• """It. I tinpatim matHK ™ j'^",", ™,;,„r/" 

"■^iniV':H.ik»»».i..>'- »..■ ■•■.■■« I •• "^"^ 

„ „ WIMDE inii. „ . - 

„ „ q. i"M|fl- , 

Ltoo. L)on lfC3. 4to, B.VI10 (k 
. (TuilM III 186—105. LsWbiw i»i 

ilogia IBTO ^ 

"13, 235. E,C. Jl. 
d'AuKuUc * 

The [^ LoBB. *" "" 

■ t. ^B.) in fern* *!*&■ da midl d« U Frtno* I n. 100 w*[ort"l i"" 

<M uut umi inMD C< 
«el& Uncut?: bi* 

- ■ ■ -^—-'ao{ 
... . at <p*gr. 

i.,i«iiNi>Mi.. „ a 43. ill e 68. im. rout. 

, a'ei*^ '«.". m.""r.^: '^iA >» »" 8... ^ P-iyb. iM i- - 

." 6 0BK...B1 "-1TT.M Cio. Atl. 1 18 1 1 c«m Irn, co-ptaj. *'^ J* 
(«»«■«(«(;«,«"'"'/"*-•">•" 8 " B """ "'™™'' ' 
" .V't^bk..."! Otld nil «0 (103) «(»rM «i.l<!l<iu hnlni*! 
^""W^r^uu ji m. X «»». P«.. n IJ-U. Cie. Vm. i » !». 

^tt an* ■■<■ •*"• "I*"" ■oaanT S 
*'*«^L«MPIi«.^*lM|». >tomB»«liid.»om.taKdl'.Plin. 
*■ *]^„ wmw* lb» •(•aw todiOwmci •( Dmbcnini BiUo wImq «!*- 



nudA.v.4t(DC«ii.uM|e). So BaDlina u>. 58 Tm. im U «'«■/<■ 
ItfiwrNM ptrtt..An iHiutat Bilntit ptllltur, aM fN i/na lUfrlmliu, wh 
«iituiiilIludloI«r>Tl*>g. ib. lu IT do, Ltpt. PUn, ep. it II | ■ 
DnniliaTi [lUvwcd lMn\v>nn, ilipka fi)—ll,i*Ttt)in nltrttptrtl, nUrfiu 
(ou piiiffcoivRtHr, rzlllHmqiif moUe rrlvt pmmlUM dedlt, 

t 10 GO on iiiTU 8cn. u' q. ii 60 f i liatil dli pnflllUtat merlin- 

■« Hor. a. n 1 7 «tti»a ilcrmlrt. 
_.. r«l. XI Ul I'Uadan, wbow briti 
.; In Xcnn and TLenDop^la*, Uvt. n 
aura ■Itnietivo ilinn Icdioai cpio) lan'iu <■ Utfv mfiiw 
•M^ [ fiMin fir') Jh tola itariiii Atnimmule, 

„ S4 KIBE rEncruiTN ruEui 8il. it ttS fti ptik, tlrqiit 
„ 66 LEM ind. Or. « " " ' " " ' - - -■ '■" "" 
■nlliol. Litl. 137 U 1-4 ' 
piiti adddclDr eanla 

MmuTTR. Ai<al.Dict.t: 

„ ,. CO icriruT, «i ciriEXDi ici KDixna VEOU dig. b 18 Tl aKid ft 
Mpere, alwJ tteipvre, opsrecirm tgtetit aeelfllnr. acciptTC <t(l 
fJi MN (I'r Htrrpit, yl kabfnl. Hera tha luubaud lokea tlw lacacfto 
tatiirj the lam', but jnura it on to hii wilik 

„ M irrcTiHE i.tccx*B Sen. rb. caatr, V | II rvkxim el laoonaila 
flw,..iDlucrl, cf. 8vn. «p. 90 f 13. IUmm, i& Mob. fl. 1 8« (l M II 
Ibia.) tI «' il iii«g«*« fr^tw 1 HBL «iivM« (add loi. bell, T f I & 
Eai.p.e. lxU15]>, IWUK Pkot. p. IM U. ClUMlTn). 

„ 67 10 ctuccu Ot. htr. 10 75-88. TiboU. i S dl 31. 6 1>— 97. 

„ „ vintuin rrcnTEiiE kam antli. Pal, * 41 6 to an adidtreai 
ItatiDi; her faco and WBrpine. bccaues bn liDiband liu cant bar oali 
'■ipc your tya, my cbEId, irtcp no moni wt (ball find umtlwT, fir ^ 
Hlri^ifiriJIiranlTlU^tf.' I'clnm. SJt ttattaM tnwiHii oUa . 

„ G8 cuniH coDoima rbilologai xu 486. Uatqnardt Staamenr. 
n' 366 8. irEBiRE (;»( pn»>|icci of pmnotlDn. Unamwu In Btnkr 
mS. i-ipier. p. 330. CIL T (1) £43 (Piiadlindn). 

„ liu Hor. i. 1 1 60 palrlHm wimac donat/nmlaMtiw Lanjaja^. 

„ „ riLUiEriDC* EiKt. Kcro 23. Hda. ti 7 1 10 inn>J<" *■' rfvfilk 

„ 01 •Jtoheki-i Vano ut. Mm. tS7 U (Kan. p. 70) Aaiaaado 
mni, i/inxl apxit PIoIImih rhtlorrm buMeUant, irlli Mtri aan df/*iu 
FiiEdliiudtr ■• CIO. Luc mere, cond. 36 'AWntn'Tdwta. 

„ G! LiT. mil 43 I ■! dut^Hliim amalQri iaetaTat 

. Oralli taaer, 1811. 
ir>E nil IDS iiJt trat Ukc. ut 11 U Mt...kl»c 

im fin.) haa AIM lad^fTae. Boat PUB.cp.),Uiw 

1^ tSoot. Uart.), ltliw...(MA ITao. Uail). PUn. nan. IS 1 4 «l 

-----■"' /■«, «t id. ■-'-■-" "' ■-' •- 

ind TnncU. i: 



I - 




f«l.tiiWnR/ii/wMacU. I •till think th«t f/'f/wfurrrtfw UriKht. !•«•. 
T^mto^Akme cannot notn •foigor', bnl it ia dettncd hy tbo icUUto 

-, OB ina. tinnlnn. PBcr.iiiT •ala Pilhownnm ajcnll aeripicnmt 
cattomi oninc* vncict lUbbcckinra. qui tano ductal iudicio f^erit prac 
tnlit fonnAm aliii iinquo Imud conlcmnciidi* tculibtw proUitAin. mm 
fecerlt a librnrio eodieU X e teita ano dcpromntam Icnunamio pnicnxum 
Vmo eodieiim P ct 8 coopcnw. ott«idit. accciit auctoritanliUroruni f V. 
testimonia codicum Bmii, ValUc. Uanidi* qui ftrerit Irpcrnnt omnc.. 
tteiraQtiui did coniunctiTum ticrfccti poU nonne UM imphre ct fiMtw 
nemo non vidct, mcliiw cUam rcapotidcre «?nnoni luvcnaluino docuU 
Kiaer L c. p. 200 not/ (Uekb); Uot K in reality auijportt /irrni/, cl. « 08 
qui moao ierretMM conlnlI■cra^ mH€t ti odiU » 373 qma€ pott kunc 
Tlzerat. I retain /rrerwl. 

H 60 MATBoxA poTEsa io Hot. a. p. lie. • ««% b-. 

Z 70 (p. 118) tbo meilicii* nercm and lim poiwrnn Plin. xxix P W. 8« 
Ind. a.T. LioJrt, Dcckmann (ic-ch. d. ErHn.l. »• ("BC) 2o7-.288 «i 
•pondro do eai;ootiHon/ a enpUemiim for • flow poifou. Luc. d, niort. 4 i X 

Fbilottr. soph, i SI i 4. ^ «, j^ » • • 

, „ at- BETAM Kotca and Qnericfl 6 8. n 808. Matnunrdt PriTat- 
lobcn 07 1. •I'SV leuimaquo rIombo Kcilianao imicbeut jiniKTi qm 
po«illa mntationo facta vcrum dcmnm colorcm iiulndt imiif;o' <Ui:t:B). 
'72 xioBOS KFTEBBE iud. •.v. niger, AV. ill. 54 f 10 obvohito cnpite 
•latus, ne liror im ore upparertt. Manil. it 71 rx iptU qntdam clati 
ftdiere ifpukhri*. MABiroti Apnl. met. 11 87. 


KTpraecipuHt tnmen e$i komm, qAl $aepiitt ejml. , . _. _ 

^ ^ BBRviBca OTABW ct z 10 u. on Lonffiunfl. Llpara DCaw. Mxn 
6 1 8. cf. 5 f 8. Caproao lzxii 4 g 0. Sicily Hdn. iii la I 8. r»iilc>itr. 
ApoU. Til 8 1 1 Orfiluii and Hufu^ mapoctcdol plotting tt}:ain«t DomiliaB, 

#r««m>arB «<iX/af. ii M <iJ>KXiroi i^wroiaf. Pljilo lop. ocl Ooi. 4.J (n CM 
flnVM) aomc lookwl on baniidmicnt as a Rotlscnd (r^iacor) Iiavins cxpocW 
death from Cali;,nila. Yet after a nhort time, for no cauM, ho would Btnd 
aoldwrs to dcApatcli tlitin roii «/rfrron if«l •vy^wt9T^rw% fwrrtti «f Ir 
Mfirpi^i r«4f rii^oif. «ii rw orintiar ti-rvxdmra ^porrof »f^jr«»«jj 
On the desoUtion of tins Greek Mands see HertaberR Gcimli. UrindieBi. 
m 80. Willi the i^ncral thought cf. Bolin. 40 1 8 llfro$tmtn», ut nomea 
memoria acelcrie aitcndcret, inetndinm nobilit fahrieae wciaa tm 
BtruxiU »'<••«< ip»f fattus t$U roto miipitceHdae famae latiorit. 


131 probitai cum paupertato iacobit. Translated by Masitindff 
fatal dowry ii 1 (GUXord) PonUlier fog. 'in this partial avaricious agfj 
What price bcnra honour? Tirtno? long ago It Ka$ but prawd aai 
WccMd; bat now^^daya. Tis colder far, and has nor kino nor praiee. 

75 CBimxiBva pebesct bobioc cet. PUn. pan. 45 pr. cf prw« 
pdiem pHmipet eawjKo jhiI« (no, nradcriM «m rt mlttn et w*w/*5 
iaUiPOtim cJritim f mai r/re«f/*«s IcclcbaNfMr, primum quod in ««• vm 
f ncMfM iMtam deltetmt, diindg quod poiienttores §mUuti$ mrhdnbontwr 

qwo$ mm dettrei em mitt moot, hornoi >" 'i";" •"L" w5i!tf •2^ 

lank -onwc the paita ciitrccyd thcaoU cl ItagF (1^^^ 

il« ImdgartCB. LtimHita 1881. Fnfr.nM-.4f). 




f 8 n. pp. 218—4. Obbar on Hor. qi. 1 14 42 p. 228 n. Plin. xxi eg. 11 04 
*1. Mart."-"" ' ^' "' — ••• 

in 58 2-^, 45—51. xii 81. 

I 75 rnAKTouiA ind. nkksam, abokxtpm I^fart. died iti 51 n. 

„ 70 ABMKXTrM VETTs Kll. XI 270 Dr. Plin. cp. in 1 { U n. f 8 n. 
Ben. a«l lldr. 11 f 8 antiqnia mmlnilm* nrti(tenm ar^HtHm iwhltf, Plin. 
nini f jl 4. 157 kabnlt et TfMCfr eru»laritnt /nmam, xxxvii jf 12 enelrtlHm 
ornentum came in after tlio Tictorice of L. tkiiiio (ii.c. 100) and On. 
Manlins (n.c. IHO). 

„ 77 xcara coBBrrmB atabak Fortnnat. citwl riii ll.> n. Ren. rh. 
CM. coBtr. nil 8 'infamis in nnrum.* GoKsip against Perikles Ath. 581)*. 


tpow«n: nam ante vtum ttitrtilttrHm mtHrimonH eanthnet $ihi inriefm 
emIltflHint, in qHibnt fjHmdelitint te etmteHtire in iura matrimouii, et fidei' 
itutorf$ dulHini, 

„ „ rR.iRTEXTATre ADCLTi-.B X 808. Cic. Catil. ii f 4 ToMgitiMm mthi 
ed»^it, qtirm nmarr in pmetrxln ciM'/vrrrf. f 23. Suet Ang. 5 Cas. 56. 
Beipio SBvwl his fatlicr*s life in batllr. while yet pmetfxtntm (Sen. ben. iii 
88 1 1. Flor. II f 10). >tart ii 47. 49. Marqoanlt Privntlcben 122, 
121—181 j(ngo of assuming the totfa ririlh), Flor. Vcrg. orat. an i»octa 
xum 12 Jalin of a schoolmaster practcxtatis inptrart, Auson. MosdU 
4i8praetcxtati relebrh facnndia indt, 

„ 79 KATiTBA XEOAT TbIs. XV 42 qnaf natora dcncgavisset. Coripp. 
Ml. prarf. M quae doetrina ncgat« ronfeH Victoria versos. Mnximiani 
el.* (Ualirens p. L m. r 842) 54 ^Mod natura negat, reddere wmo 


rcrEBT Bachelor in lUieln. Ilos. xxxv 801—2 habet iiwo ^xtsos notam 
■cdiocritntis, consnlto numcros poctn fecit artis minimae qnafes doctus 
et'iunctura callidus acri' vates nullus admisisset. o ijnalom antiquos 
BOB corriimisso pnicterqiiam in iauibids nemo ncscit, liorum licentiam 
AoyMt ca aetatc linitnri coe|icrunt cretica ut qnao ikxIos in ^wsn singukM 
cxprnvnt, itaqnc potio p^hmio qnaentin vltio in hexnmotris iam legckmntur 
■ino offensione. molei>tiora nnsdriKvIlaba crant talia etHatio cuHctatio 
domnoHo oeca*io, corrv]^a a Invenalo ubi ad Anem versus ]m>p(*rat in 
gede qu into, nnum oretinto ctisni in qnarto (xiii IWI). molcstisNima vel 
propter ambitnm contrnrinni cnnniiiis articulis verba qiiinqiio sj-lla- 
barum, qnao binns pedes comiHcctinitur neo locum in vewu liHlK>nt nisi 
■ antcccdnnt pedem nltimum. indifiHatio ecmel repetilum est a luvenalc 
in extivma primi libri satura idemquo cmoUitnm sie wqua iMdifjmiiia 
dnit V 12«l: in altero lihro admimtin detperatio ptrntHlntio (vi f^lG 867 
iU)« in n'liqiiis nulla exoinjila inveuiuntur. trepidatio atquo nuins modi 
Bonina liivcnnlis vitavit omnino, quamvis Cmiucntaret trtpidi ct tre- 
fUonti$ vocabula. 

n ff FAcrr vEiiarx, qvales koo vel cutvibxcs Plin. cp. 1 10 1 S facit 
Tcreus, qualcs CalnUu* ant Colrnt. 

H 82 soBTRs Sil. I 416. Apul. met. ix 8. 3[acrob. Kat 1 7 § 28 from 
Tatro. Hor. a. p. 408. cf.21ll. Maninaidt rum. Altcrth. iv 108. 

» 64 like eeoffe vii 212. x 855. xni 88—^. xn 8. 

n 88 Aug. dT. Pd XXI 8 (ti* 400 20 D). Hor.ep.! 6 12 Obbar and 
Beid in Wilklnc the terse la dtcd by Ihacont. BatisC, 15 cnlccnid 
88«nt homincc, 8ofM trittht proopem pnwm (BichcM. 

N 88 MBCtnara Sen. brar. vik 7 If 87. 

N 87 R Qvaxpo TI 84S ct cuft fMNe homimm ccnCcMfcr namimht 
- Ida Ti808(KiMi). Handn401-8. 

22— S 



I 87 » both -«lri* «"»*•'• "»•»-"• "**""'• '"**•"*' 

paiw T M tttleUui "*• "JVn eTlO i 11 alloqHin iateW* o»»rfr««, 

n(X l«*« •<*«<«''"'^?»^'^, SSTen 33 I B3 (II in*) CHm ti 

:i-Ss=:KiHiv:g-3"£^' - - 

„ 104 HOLLM W AOEE ««^»^" **; J.^ « lij. XI 80. XT M 

«« M Licraw ' "'^•;?JrV^_ A^ u--- thiB Danace in Tiew ; lii nm, 

^iTo"^ W" Sr K" VhS. wlis: luSSu. A^Hir. 

fti i (;5W5=»s^i::=^ «=i^^ •--* ' •-• 


mtmjidet, muro venalim iwrm^ | mimm Us 9eqmiimr, mot ilne U$€ pudcr. 
Of. 1 1 195— a rctroii. 14. 41. 88. 

I 116 abstract dirinitics CoDjrbean tad Howmb St Fa«l t^ 882 d. 4. 
Ear. Bacch. 870 Sandjii. 

., „ 116 Cland. in Bniln. i M— 3 Concordia TIrtns | eumque 
f idt Pifhu. 

M 116 f ALVTATO Yitr. IT 5 f S ff cireum rim puWaii emnt aedijicin 
innm^ Ha cott$tlliuiHlMr uti prtielerrnittft pot$int rttpieert et in eonnpeetn 
salitationcs /aeere, FriodlSndcr (Banian Jahrcsbcr. xit 1880 180) 
eoQJeetnm that there maj haTo been a stork*i nest in the tcmplo of 
Coneord in the Fomm as well known at the ra\Tn*i nest in the tcmpki of 
Ciilor (Plin. h. n. x 1 190). So sehol., Holydaj, Drjdeu. I never thon^^ht 
(as FV. iuppoftcs) of any other Coneonlia. C. L. lioth ( Jahrbb. f. Philol. 
Lixxi, 180O, 437—0): the rdatiTo clatue describes the attribute of a 
temple of Concord, and the attribnte, by a common fij^ire of speech — 
temptnm desertae Ccreris — is transferred to the dcitj of the temple, 
fwie crepitat Coneordla^C. euin$ templtiM erepitat^UmnluM in qno ere- 
piMnr, On the temple of Concord see Bvm Rome and the Campagna 
90^93. W*ith the position of Concordia in the reUtive clause Kiaer com- 
paics n 41. vn 45 46. 170. Tin S04— 5. xit 85. 

„ 117 scsixcs noxoB Loe. t 883—4 tnmno dictator honori | eonti- 
fit et laeto$ fecit it consula /<itfo«. Stat. s. it 1 36 27 lueemqne a 
emuule ducit | osmlf honos. Ot. Font it 4 25. Consuls crowding the 
levesf of Seianns Iut. x OOn. 

n 110 iitxo TooA, CALCEUs oixc ehtasmns as in Hor. a. 1 1 17 18 hine 
fas, I ro« hino. On cdXnsf see Cobet eollectan. 518 — 4. 

„ 130 FTMCS ind. pexrissima lectica xiii 215 densissima rw^. 
fiB. 1 500. Dissen on TibulL 1 8 27. 9 68. Obbar on Hor. ep. 1 17 59. 

„ 126 TCXASE (earn) ti 847 pone teram^ prohibe. 220 atidi. 

M 127 nisnxourrrn Plln. ep. ni 1 1 1 n. 

„ 1*28 Hor. ep. I 7 6:1 taane domuia, a. i 1 101 Heind. ind. sefa- 

„ „ imisQUB rsarm Aroixo Kirchner (on Hor. s. i 9 78) richtlj, 
with Ruperti (and Grangaeus), sees here (Plin. h. n. ni g 188 cited) the 
ApoUo in the forum of Ai^stus, and not (as Bum Borne and the Cam- 
pagna 175 n. 9) the Palatine Apollo. 

„ 129 TurxpBALKs Pint. Kom. 16 | 16 all the triumphal statues of 
Bomulns in Iloms were on foot ; those of others on qnadriffae. 

„ 180 XBsao QVia statue to an Iberian DCass. LXtx 15 f 8. TrrrLOs 
Of. her. 2 67—74. abababcbes ind. Schttier nentcst. Zeitgeseh. (1874) 


„ 181 iro!r TAXTvx ind. Non. Or. am. 1 4 68 o$en1a iam inmet: iam 
■on tantum otciffo tumtU n 5 59. Another formula for cttera qnii 
naeitf Plin. ep. in 14 g 1 n. mbiebb Wilmanns inscr. 3780. antlwl. 
1812 Hearer (Burm. anth. n p. 145). 

ft 182 TitnBuus Sen. eons, ad Fol|7b. 4 1 2 cllma [toifaet] samptr 
vtitibnlnm obsidens tnrba. 

H 184 adxiL m tSO^fmentorfofartanl scam eeaiMDnf te tm tpartnhu 

n 187 omava Plin. Sfi M 66. 68. Pietroo. 119 27—81 BOelwler 
Met 4f\ri$ cmla Cfrrls | ptmitmr at mae miii luflafnr viHiu auram | eitraa 
iHvwss yfspf* ssrwFWNi evimiyve fvummiwi | qwam scwwn sniMir. mov 
Miftif ttt wttua Moilf iMinra J fvfM s^pviia awfv eifvm vefnl. Fhv. t 
Pint. lAvmg. 10 I !• 
IIm Haawlaa flML 

llartnavil M fi U ib M lOT-Ml, 19L 



I 188 oomcmncT Atb. 16e«. tint 11 199^ n. tl. Cie. ftn. n lOt 
I01M lum. Sen. ep. 12S f 14. 

„ M PATBnioxiA Tii 118. 1 18. Ill CO 51 n. iir 116. «9. Sen. 
ben. Tn 1 4 Mil mtth mttUebrU iHtanta vi rot $nhr firm f, nM binn ae rrnw 

£fttrimoiiift mwribut thftilU ptpendincnt. Won in tnute Sen. n. q. n 

„ 180. PAnAMTCi C. Bcftnfllf de paninitii ftpnd vcterw 1861. 8fv. 
^v» rER.«T vn 147. ef. t164. n«4fii/«f«/er/f; Til66fiifi/rrrff Or. 
im. I in 26. Vopite. eitod on m 61. 

„ 140 LrintuB iioiu>Ef mt 124. oxrnioron inr 120—1 bentl pawperii. 
PWn. ep. Ill 8 1 2 n. Sen. vit. bent. SO | 4 linN wordide nee mnltpne, brer, 
vit 15 1 8. KIact eoniimrefl with tnxuriae iortle* = luxnrinm Mrdidam 1 16. 
n 4. 148. m 118. 804. i? 6. 8a 71 T 9. 11 iordci /unit caaini. 153. 

M •* OOLA II 84 Tit la nltimu, 

„ 140 141 Torm Aruot Ath. 129^ at the trcddins-fcast of tlie Maoe- 
donfain Knmnof there trjis wnreil to each gwwt (to be taken awar) a 
iilTcr-gilt difh containing a boar, stuffed with all manner of deiicaciv*. 

„ 141 poxiT ind. apboji, axisial in«l. (pp. 412, 415) nnder upprtU 
Hon, Lir. ▼ 47 | 8 iif oanes aaltitm, toWcitum animal ad Hoetnrmn 
ttrepitHiu ApuI.dedcoSoer. 61. aTOfterrettre animal. Ens. mart 
Pkt. 18 pr. Kti/ii\vp ciMytv icml rf roO evftarot ^(Vci ^ffoXiwrdrst 
f^#v. Mier. ep. 82 9 noterit not homines en^ff rationale animal. 
On boan as a dish see Petron. 40 with the comm. Ken. brer. rit. 12 I L 
Macrob. Sat. 111 13 1 18 jwrrirm Trolemum...aUi* inctunh auimalibnt firari- 
4nm^ n% We TroUnnt eqnnt gntidut mrmath/niL Lips, poliore. ir 1 (opp, 
in 882). llato rep. 878*. 

„ 142 i>F.roxiR Asiicrra in the avMrni, aro^iTifptor or Mpotiarhm (dreis- 
faig-room) Marquardt Priratleben 272; wlicrc the clothes were cuardod 
hy enjuuirii (ibid. 148) from the nnmeroni /Nrc« balneani (ibid. 878). 

„ 148 Lner, n 799— Ml. 

„ ,. mcpnc PATOXEM manjr admirable protests against dietetM 
eicem in Seneca (Haase's ind. erm1n$^ epuhie, Inxuria) e.f;. ep. 95 fl 
15— ». 119 {i 18 14. On tlie dietetic nso of emetics see Daremlierg'i 
note (Orihase 11 829—832). Tho peacock indigestible (rol. ▼ 109 16. 1 
224 4>. 80 the ^i^pa {rntrti, numen 1 223 9). Orib. declares that emetics 
are needless to those who lire hy mie (roTf ri'rdjcrwt ^?rl) and take 
•lereiso (in 182 8). Sen. ad Heir. 10 | 8 romunt nt etlant, ednnt nt 
Tomant, et epuhn, f na* folo orbe eonanirnnt, nee concot^nero dlimtntnr, 
ind. to Plin. h. n. emditnt. Aretaeos 1 16 names omission of cnstomaiy 
vomiting as one canse of cachexia. Dr Adams in liis excellent commen- 
taij on Panlos Aegincta 1 73 (rol. i pp. 107—110) ennmerates the andcnt 
ftBthon on dietetica, commending Oakm as not jet superseded. Aug. e. 
D. 1x1 4 sent awaj flnom table at Carthago a slice from the breast of a 
peacock, and found after the lapse of a month, and then of a year, that 
n was ahrunk and dry, bnt not pntrid. Heliogabalns had dishes of pea- 
•oeka* tongues Lampr. 20 f 5 (imitated in a wedding breakfast at a 
Bolliadiikl'a 10010 yean ago) and heads (ib. 1 0). 

H 144 nxo iVKTAB MOSTsa rerb omitted with iwii (1 I68I m 188. 
irr 178), wmle (t 150. nlS7. txO. xit50). 

M 144-4 feajounal of pUloLiin(18(to)t81-S. 

M 145 R KB eovoTAB cuAi Or. 1 1 18 par /cmbt In fMnoa. tIm. 
4L 81. Qabrtil. per taUn^-ommt—Hnffuf^* (Boonell ki. p. 188 flaj. 
wumA Flk. ap. 1 18 1 1 gkrlpm in tUAkmOm Mbnl U mg im% w m ditml 


ftbnlis eonternnt. 8net Ang. 70 pr. eeiia fiuMae tint teeretfor fn 

I 147 CLTEBira ind. ix 88 qnod inrnen nlterins Monffnisi, ffivrrM 
wMit aramtf Or. her. 17 28. Our author's pcsMimisra (xni 96 n.) in 
•ffidrawn. Hear a contenipoFaiy, assuredly no flatterer: Tac. Agr. 8 
■■He demnm redit nnimnt: ted qnawnimiM nrimo itatim beatissimi 
sateuli ortn iNVrra Cuemrretdim ditaoeiabilet mitenerit, prineipntnm 
«r tibertalem, nnffeatqMt qnotidie felicitatem temporum ^Verra IVw* 
limrs. cf, an. ni 55 f. h. 1 8 pr. (Doisueb). 

M 149 IX rttAccinn ind. in, nsus ind. 

H 150 sixrs ind. dicas P« dieet which Boer recci\T«, d. n 47JL 
Tin 163. XII 125. Bnt none of these is 1 pers. siug. I retain dieat. 

M M the flgnro oreuptitio as riii 168—5. 

n 151 ixciKNiCM PAR ifATKBiAE Or. tr. II 835—6 dicitft ingenii ett 
Ammh/a Cae$<irii aela \ eondere, materia ne tnperelur opim, Guaxo. 

n „ pnioRUM riin. ep. iii 4 | 5n. Mart, x 72 Veritas rotums to 
ctfth after the fall of Domitian. 

„ 152 narr die MajestiUsproccsso nntcr dem Eaiscr Tiberius. Heil- 
bnmnl8>«. 4to. 

.. 153 siMPMcrrAS Plin. ep. m 4 g 9 n. Sen. rh. eontr. 30 f 8 patience 
•I Mctelluft, Cato, lVmiix>ius, Omtns, nnder himiH>ous and accu8.atioiis. 

n M ci'irs cet. L. Milller (Lncil. dub. 12 p. iiiO) reads - ^^ « . cnint 
(monoHvIlabIc) non andebo dieere nomenf 

♦, 154 iiRFKnT Tac. a. ir Mantiquit tertptoribnt mrnfudtfrfctator^ neqne 
refert enin^qnam, Pnnlent Romanntve aeie$ laelint extuUrit : at mnUo' 
nm, qui Tiberio rejtnante poenam rel infaMim unhiere, fiutfri manent, 

,. „ urcirs lloby introd. to tho study of Justinian's digest xcviii— e. 
Iiotil. vt 80 81 .^r qui te bonn* Inppiter, inqnit, ( Cratmo Muein' enm ernnlmU 

„ 155 roxK Hor. c. ir 1 20. 8 8. tiuelunvx evon Marl, m 20 16 can 
liampk) on tlic dcnd favorite impndiel balnea Tigellini. 

„ „ TAEPA HcHzbcig Gesch. Griechenl. ii 2sO 15. Ens. h. e. ti 41 
fl 5— H. 15. 17. 2L Commodus (Yulcat. Avid. Ca«, 13 g «) oi-dercd tho 
dcsoendants of Avidius Cassias emnet r/ros iHrnuli, 

M 157 relative supplied in another case Mnnro on Lner. n 52. 
w^" .^V ^^^^^' «"*«• on X 361 ad flu. I now with Grangaeiis, Gesner, 
Heinnch, interpret this Tcr«j of tlio nnent (x 66 n.). Klaiiley m«. 'int. 
eoa qui cremandi traliebantur per Iiarenam.* BonflKsi ocuvfts r 5.12 
dies iniilo in Hacc 9 (n 527 M): tlio Akxsndiian mob fell npon tlio 
#ews with Are and sword; without mercy they burnt men. women and 
OTJdren. When fire-wood ran short, they used brurliwooil, rather 
■oiling their vietuns with smoke* tluin burning them ; many bodies lay 
abont half.bumt. TlKn follows: sroXXevf M soi fviTof toiV voJmV rer 
Iw^ iKi^9•9m Kord ri t^vpim, ttXxm ifui koI KarTjXaw cVaXVl/icrot, 
•siwr tfurvror inrw^awrtt, rai rrXffimfrwr«iv, ovttr irrm «rcXfvnyra 
l^ndrrvf, fiapuripat oiHmi rott tK/toffw iwi^pov, Ml rorrwr, CU-i%y i4tt 
fvai, rw r^ wo\tm artwwwvp varc#i>^srrtf, iut • ptKpot iopkt tApnat Ipom 
m r^ TMcr iii^m art^^nXlu sol rpaxirrirm wtptipv^lt, Ktd rwr iin#. 
5Jw^avMr rp ^syi^slaf lHi#Wirrwr cal luwa^rmr dUOax^ AXur, 
JSTr"* ™"»«»««7toiwrerwordskg.adGa?ural9fin.(n864 
in. Onng. diM fjknphr. 168 (of Adiillea drawing beklor throaU tba 
ptenl Wfe/Mnrt ytLrtmmp If avXaset. T6 tJbe oonjeetnica in Jahn 
Mdthatof JftokMMew Fkrioa, who (rndfaia ANfneaf) earrica the lino 
yy Iw (r«*flfnr et ieAwaf). Aa a nakeahifl wo might icad (if tba 
nvua a^ ba p u d m tijt H IffvM mttdkm wtveen tacra ifawef hunmu 


¥— «^« ^ 



cf. ?n 46 4f tetmiqMe in futvert ■■leoi dnoimn*. In FUn. pan. SS | f 
(cited) the tmrnf ftoei with imtf, m in Sen. do in 111 8 | 6 eimuu 
dbr< J^omts eorptribM iff ae« et emdmrerm qnomttf trmkeiu meoi. Fritd- 
Ifaider in hii rariew of my book (Banian Jahmbrr. irr 175) mdt with 
Mm' diimeit: 'lor. hen can han nprodneed Veiff. ff. i IH iMndl 
AarrMi only I7 changing tha Sid pcnon into tlio 2ncl. for what dnwii a 
terow in llie land, cannot rarehr be the toreh (the bodv bnrninff a|Nii:ht 
at the ftake) bat onljr H9 $e$ekM/ie Leieke: I agree cntirclj with the 
laet nmuk i bat when Fr. cipkina the chaoga of fat to pm. (/mrW«... 
dedueU) froai the inliaence of the praenti ardent, fumant, I appj-al ta 
ll^viff'a invincible confatation of the MHioenee Inetbit tt tMuti$ (Mcincrta 
alM &teehr. f. Qymtk. 1874 S88 thhiks the eluinge of tcnw; poerible). 
Dmb MrriTale (tnna. of Cambr. fdiilolog. hoc. 1 1881 12) pnlcn the con- 
Jictan (Dobree adv. n 887) dunt luei$, lUganlt wooM hare eTciy one 
with him if iam ecce were expreaeed in lor. Ho nun: 'aidebia in taniea 
molfiite, et iam eeoe rentarifi per mediam harenam, at pice oblitnt et ia- 
pactoa oneo flarameriO eehol. 'addictoa cnim com per harenam tmhe> 
ntor, eolcam corpon cao fecit.' 

I 1C8 fEMT Hor. cp. II 1 118. acinciTA Tnrro mt. 400 DM. (in Non. 
pp. 488, 422) HHne qni$»atrem decern tumorum nalHt non modo anfert ted 
tottii—mM Tcnono? Loe. somn. 88 pr. tkiutcb Tcrbnm hoic ni 
■aitatom Obaxow citinff Bnrt a. 88. Uart. it 51 2. So rector, 

M 159 n«Mia Friedliindcr in* 81. rrop. ir 7 <»!▼ 8» iii 6) 5a 

,, 181 ACCuaiTOB KBIT Qci DixEBiT the interpretation gircn in mj 
lint edition (a. e. (eil q. d. ^$i qtih dixerit) i« ftill held, e. ff. by Ki)9*U- 
badi-Mttllcr lat. SUlistik*. 1 90 8 a p. 150, who cite* Garatoni (in Halm 
p. 89) on Cie. in Tatin. { 12 and addi Cic. dom. f 51 poetui at (ei) 911; 
reeeperit, lesff. n | 21 qufque mm pamrrit, (ei) capital etio. Heinrkh 
eitea Boa-Schiifcr clUpiL 884, 890. Add iniacdr. t 8 12. SUreren and 
Bremi on Nep. a 6 8 4. Bat I adhere to the Datunl ricw (the aabjcct 
of erit antecedent to quS), 80 tha eontiaat if far mon forcible: *thi 
innocent ezchunation **hcn ho i«!*' to this eonicicnee-itricken ainoer, 
aoonda like an aocaMtlon, aroasing hit deadly hatred.' The naniefl of 
Holyday, Adricn de Valoie and Diyden might mve this rendering from 
eontempt For a commentary leo Tac an. i 74 quia vera eraaf, etUtm 
dUOm credebantur. DCam. ltii 28. cap. Sen. contr. 80. 

M »• TEBBCM B. Beer ipicil. far. 00 ' rerbum mem coniecton eit| 
P enim pcaebet reriNm cam aao fere condnit quod fmgmenta Vindobo- 
aenafai habent rerfw,* which Ooebel approver, *wlio had i^aid in hia Term 
€i4y, without naming him,' an intcipretation jastly rejected by Beer, 
who eontinnet, *qaam expUeationem at probarem a me impetrare noqaiTi; 
nrridat too Hartdii qnam meenm eommnnicaTit coniecton renutn (a^ 

Cn4i)^9eeum.* Thia seema to ma impotsible ; reHmm^ if a conjcctan^ 
all the mariu of certainty. 

M ft no B8T ind. A/e. aT.amor.itill920M<'praf/9M/f <f/jr/lor«f^* 
ietifmt euntem | mtqiu aii *hie hie ait f «««i fertu mrit Amor*. Pkat 
OBBla 788 Br. 

^ 18»-4 apka leaa daageraaa than aatim Hor. a. n 1 10-48. at 
t4il-8a 80 Py^y (ip. It 8 1 8) contraaU the harmkm goodaaton of 
llM faftabufeoi XaaaMi» with tha anwfaig of pteaden io thaooortat |8 
iaJMi#MdliiriM»#l>btoeaaaarefUarmialaaozUMl.^ Tae.d. 9 
Oniailw MatanuM waa aaid tgemdim poUntlwm an/MOf bj Ua tnfD^r 
Oilo,MiflMrawaajMr«rlni//«faeaeamnaaboatttf $takaMtt,Mhierm, 


ttol atrike oat what haa giren offenea, and pablinh Catonem non qufdem 
meiiarcm, §ed tamen tecnriorem f 10 cmin praetertim ne ad Utnd quidem 
omSntert potth, quod pterisque patrocinatmr, tarnqnam minut obnoxinm tit 
tgentoe poetomm qmam oratorum ttHdium, efferretcit enim vit pulcherrimae 
naturae taae, nee pro amieo aliqao, ted, quod perientotint ett, pro Catome 
egeadit. I know that Cato'a words will be applauded by the aodicnoe and 
repeated CTerywhere. talk ipitar quietit et tecuritatit excutatioaem, mm 
iibt tumat adrertarlwm taperiorrm. Let aa content oarrelTea with the 
printe eontroreniea of the day, in quibat ti qaando necette tit pro peri- 
eUtaate arnica potenttarum maree qfendere, et probata tit jidet et libertaa 

I 104 MCLTm ocAEairva OTLAa nee ind. ef. Senr. Aen. i 810. 
HOllcr Doriani 11 12 f 7. Hennca xtiii (18^) 80 81. Strebo 504 
after telling the lejjend: irai rvr I* ir% ie^ni nt ayerat waok rttt 
Uftoeteveuf rai ifttftaoim^ 0ubeev6rrmr aal irsXoilrrwv TW, wt ar ««74 

f^rfrir rfr iKtlreo wtwaqiUnm r^ iwi rit ^X«f I{d3ar. The haekncyed 
theme attracted Dracontint c. 2 • HyUs * (Bihrene p. 1. m. t 129). Wm 
the wliole pa«Mge cf. Hart, x 4 cited 00 Tcr. 52. On the risk of writing 
Uetoiy we Plin. ep. iii 5 f 5 n. p. 85. Two leading Groeka were driren 
to commit idcide, bccauM thcSr ancestor Tlieciphanef (aa a friend of 
Fompeins and deified by the Oreeka) areaiod the jcaJooay of Tibcrioa 
(Tac. an. ti 18). 

„ „ Bcct'ira ind. tequor, 

M 100 nt'ObT ind. fbioida nxNa Laer. it lOCO frigtda eirro. 81L 
n 888—0 licet formidine turpi | frig Ida corda tremant, 

„ 107 TAaTA an>AXT nuaooBbu cvlta belongs to the relattTe claiiia 

H 109 ModTig also (adTcra. i 79) reads animc; bat Adrien do Talois 
and FriedlXnder (in his review of my book) anitao, Bigault cites Laeviui 
Motopaegnion it (fr. in Weichert poet. Lat. rell. p. 44, Friscian xi 10) 
meauaent Varro eorde Tolatat, and Gntian (in Aus. gnt. act. % 48) eaai 
deeon*MlibHt in annum ereandit tdut mecnm Tolotarem. 

„ 171 TcniTca «epolcrale Terbom de hamatis GaAXOu citing Aon. x 904. 
Ot. tr. Ill 8 40. Sen. Oed. 80, and eontego from Flant. and Cic 

rer. 1581. Le Blant lea actea dea martjTs 218—4. lex col. lol. GcnetiTaa 
C. 78 (cphem. epigr. in 94) ne quit intra /net oppidi coloninere, qua 
aratro cirtumductum erit, kominem wtortuom inferto neve ibi huwuito neve 
nrito neve hominit mortul monimentum aedidcaio under a penalty of 5000 
aertereea (Mommscn ib. 110). Herald. adVcn. i 8. Cic Tasc t f 05. 
Intramaral interment at Sparta Flat. lorcnig, 27 1 1. 

ni Samael Johnson^ in notea to hia 'London^ giTos the tcrsea of oar 
Bitin which he hniUtea. 

„ 1 oomruava troabkd Flin. ep. in 10 f 2 n. Ot. am. in 9 15 nre 
a/aof est eon fa sa Venue moHente TiMlo. Font 188. 

V9 9 ncota deeolatioa of Samniom Stnbo 258. cf. Hettaben Oeadi. 
O rire h anl . n I98->4. Li?, ixzix 8 y 4— 8. ui 8 8 !• bimdi fiobbb 
11109.88 1 jMfMMieftaiiM, food A/e fix I aadoflit tinaio. cmoaiBi. 

M 8 MVfDnr FUb. q^ m 8 1 80 B. 

99 w VMfnt ofBM MKAn amiiLAs Flntareh*a naaan (fit. Damoath. 8 
f 2) far dwelling al GhaaraMfa, «that U midil not become smaller than il 
VM.' Ont igii« UAeaUmde waUe SIbyiUo. [AtiBtot]minh.MM0.98. 




m 4 BAUBmc XII 80 n. Ind. Cie. xi 109 Baiter. Hor. ep. 1 16 8 4 
OMitf. i^ 11— li.«». Or. a. •. i 856-6. EUiion ataUm 

{^844. Panly I* 8230—40. IMmoIiiIo life there Fnm. 1 11 8 Unrm. (pp. 
18-0). ibid. 87—80 (cf. on the left-tide generaUj Hor. ep. 1 16 18-81). 
m (■ IT) 18 8. Thbmtrienttt Daiat rtli§atH$ (Pctron. 68) was not bonliM 
for (from Cnmte), nor to A eolitnde. SUt.f.i600. in817. it886. 
80. Tfli 680. xu ll»-6. onth. UA, ind. p. 860 BieM. Hin. h. n. n 
1887. XXXI 114 6. Amonft the laxorletwliioh mined Hannibal'Btroope It 
GuMUi LifT (xxin 18 i 18) DAmee Mtnea, Flor. n gocf farther (| 81) 
SpM woe HinnibAl'e Cmom. | 88 invMum Alpibui, indomUHm armlj, 
VampaHtae {qul$ eredtretf) tolf tt iejenia fontlhuiDahejHbefferimUU 
TmLe. Stmm. n 740. FwqnfBtetf bj Attgnttne (SMt. 16. 04). Tiberiv 

8d. 6), Cafignlt (Id. 10. loe. tnt inn 7-0) 1 cf. IJflo kg. ad Oil 89^ 
ero (Siict;87. 81. 84). HodriaiL who 4K«hw« (»P»rtla". M || 6 6. 
CtpitoL Ant Pliii 6 I L Id. Anl pWI. 01 1. AV. Oee. 14 1 W). Alej. 
ander fieremi (Loaprid. 86 U K^, TocitM (Vap*«»7 I •• «'• IP §5: 
Fronto p. 17 Kaber. AthiUirie'i deMription in Cosdod. rar. xm 6. Oa 
the bothinff ice Cclioa 11 17 pr. (m 81 p. 107 8 Dor. the nfltno If now 
cnwd). YiimT. II f 8. Not mentioned in Galen, llony of tlw ancient 
Mthoritlet ara given at length by Qavcr. Itnlia pp. 1110-21. i^Wt 
*Baiae, a Boman watcring-ptace*^ (Fericnschriften 1 180— lal) l» rciy 
flight Tlie Baraccni. the malaria, and Looii XII of France, dopopuUted 
IhOn ; the eo^Hcd tcmplcf of Diana, Ilerenry. ond Vcnui, are icmoim 
of thermae and fridiJaria, 

n n AJioEXi Too. XT 55 UUralt$ umper tpnlat itrnxiste amocnaa 
9(Um €i dnrii iuHitilmt parum profmUim, 

H 6 f ccBSfVf Sen. ben. it 13 g 8. Plin. ep. m 6 1 14 n. 

„ rcciUtionf 8chiUer*f Kcfo 606 ncq. Bohdo d. pricch. BomM 
(1870) 801 icq. Af Itcro tho poctf are more terrible tluu (tdUnfi kouKf 
and eonflagrationt, fo anth. Pal. xi 131 etV iwl A«iwaX/i#r0f, v6vp 5r« »«rr* 
iytriifi, I efV* o Karmwpi^mi ro*f iwl yit ♦■/^•#r, | MpdrM Urtwtv e#m 
norv^twr • TOivM I wU x«pMy»r^«* •«^'«»' 'Eii^wY^rv. | itr i^ ml,^otKfKk 
W^#«#« fSr' rf>«rii#f. I A<i«i«X/«r, *ml0m/lipfi9y4nn, lUrifim. Add to 
ncilcrs (pp. 174—5) Terence (Suet t. Tcr. p. 28 8 U) «ti>#/« comoediM 
§ex. ex quihnt primam Andriam eum aetUUbm Haret, iuwvi ante CaecUie 
reel tare ad eeitaMtem eum venitett, dieitur initium quidem fabulae, qmi 
ent eantemptlore rcrtitu, in enbeellio itixta lecUtlum retidcnt ftfiine, pott 
MN^M rero rereui intUatu$ ut aecnmberet cenaae una, dein eelera pertih 
turriite non tine magna CaeciUi admiratione, Ammianas (Uban. ep. 083, 
written to Ammianuf at Home, * where it would luivo been a pieat thing 
to live even in silence, and listen to tho wonU tpokcn by otlicrf. For 
Bomo maintains many orators who follow in the track of the ancients. 
But as we karn from those who eome from yon, avr^ 4/«& /r iwtM^im 
roTt pl9 ydywmu nuf M Uti, Trjt #ry7^09t cfe »•^^ rer;M»/MV^ "*.?! 
^•Wrrtf inat$49rw9 puipat trfpctf tt^KaSnCwrm* drwW W rV P«*Mf»' ■»'^ 
wrtfopwip am Wr wii^, nd ictU0M f 9^ «5rS. rww /i/r #« »««^»Tr«/i«, 
T«^ II svx ♦rWr^i. mfim 6* s» r4# tvyy^^^ w'^* f^*^» oXXA mI 

£|f, ^ iarw I #vry^a#ffo /i« 9ii worfrf rsi«i>ra awrtHlt mI «s^|^ 
Siv Mb #»XXi>fM, /ifU sdnff iainattgijei^ dXV o^ "jfiT* *^ 
«4f«ft nd i^ rsCre Mao, For a ettiseii oo distinguished is an 
iSSHml to ST mntryn. P. 176 0. flO np) eritleisni ia^ted,^ 
T 80L P. 176 (I. 14 npj B«i. op. M I died oa th 44. P. 177 
thi Mdkoeo m Ndtotkmfl, fee cfp. zAa. m ». F> Wj^W jg? 
QdBtiLEifnLMB. 4rM8.Dloai.6i^*«MfiBAConp«qrlM 




tdossie in my hands ond was entreated to read it for all to hear. I did 
fO, adding licre and there, and throwing in explanations, not, |tA li^ 
Uyisr, after deliberate study, but of they cauio to my UiouKhts and 
toninie: xal $^rm 06pv^ ip$ii r»\4t ml mp&t0§ ippdyii, as tlioy jmusctl the 
OBthor, and not least for my additions.' Eun. h. e. vii 30 4 U Fiimilian*f 
Tsnity in efaureh, '/9immi ii' nl 0p699w y^\^ iuvr^ rarc^s«Mi#4#urfr, 
fniting his thigh, stomping on his tribune, rebuking oud reviling those 
who do not applaud nor wove their lundkercliiefs as in theatres, nor 
sbont oloufl, storting to their feet, like tlie men and women of bis imrty, 
but OS in God's house listen with doeency and order.' P. 178 recitations 
budemome to the heoren Cie. od Att ii 3 f 3 eonluratne mallem, quam 
reettHtH eoniuratloni, tl ilium mihi andiendum putUMem, Ot. o. o. n 
107—8 ud neque dechment medio termone diserti, \ nee sua non sonns 
oerlpti poeto legot Phoedr. ir od fin. 'poeto od Portienlonem' 7—0 
•oonnettdf if not iiiy wit^ tnf brerity, which dcscrres tiie more eredlt, 
mianlopoetae anut moleiti validiHt, liort. iii 46. SO, ix 83. xi 68 10, onth. 
nl. xf 140. 148 Pluto fhtttf the door ogoinU tlie rlictor Morcuf ; ono 
Gerberus is enough id hell. If ho must nerds declaim, let him take 
Ixion and Tityus and the lyrle poet Uelito as his audience. No worse 
eomiMuy eon pester me, until the grammarian llufus demands with his 
foleeisms. P. 179 recitations at feasts Plut. qu. cout. i 4 3 { 3 p. 031. 
i p. 033*. P. 180 1. 6 biogra|)liies nxited Pliii. ep. in 10. 

lU 10 TOTA Doxt's lEDA couroxiTco I'XA Scu. cp. 87 f 3 eum pan« 
•issirais serTis, quos nnum capere Tehiculnm potuit, tine uliit 
rekutt nisi quae eorpore noeiro continehantur, ttja ct Maximum meu$ biduum 
iam if^atitnimum uffimut, Tlie carriage took the family up at tlie goto 
beeauM of the police restrictions on street traflle (x 34i u. ad tin.). Bomus 
ftortrd from tlio some gate in o redn full of vegetables of all kinds, 
thrushes, o hare, o sucking pig, wliicli he was exporting to the country. 
VfiirM pelebtU lUiMutt immo rm ibat (>Iart in 47). A nch man droTe 
from his houHO in the suburbs to the plooo (Galen xi 3'JO K) /rtfs rwr 
ix^rm dro/Scu'rrir c/^2r tl&itfUi^m, 8cn. ben. vn 6 f 8 let for hire. 
Among Maximin's feats of strcngtli (Capitol. Max. C g 0) iam ilia prop4 
in vulffi ore tunt po$ita, fnorf . . .redom onuttam tolui ntoreret* Fried* 
Under i' 60-03. On the r^<f«i Marqnaidt Prirotleben 711— 3. 

„ 11 XAPiDAX CAPcxASi B. Bum in joum. of philuU x 3. Jordan 
Vopogr. d. St. Bom i (1878) 337-331. u (1871) 880. C16. 

„ 13 mo coi xocTvnxAB xcsia coxstitcedat amicas ti 631 en animam 
H mentem, eum quo di noete loquonturl org. Ot. met. it fab. 4 of 
lyramus and Thisbo eons tit nerunt itaque ut matuttno od monuMeHtuin 
Xini regit tub arboremmorumeonvenirent ad amorem, et Or, am. ii 17 18 
(ereditur) Egeriam iutto coneubuitM Numae, Aug. e. D. vn 86 Numo, 
noTing no outhentio revelation of prophet or ongel, was Cain hgdromautian 
/ofteref ,,,utin aqua rideret imaginet deorum ret potiut ludijlctttiouct dae* 
wunum, a auibut audiret, quid in taerit eonttituere atque obtervare debcrct* 
Off Varro ibid. 

H 18 syicRi foxns CioAui. od Of. met n 4Ct Or. d ui 201. Kepeo- 
Uff BcifodBrah ItoUen 1 117 seq. 

vff 14 BefaOrer die Ocmdnderorfkfsniig dor Jndon in Bom ip der 
yiifonsit 1879. Friedlinder m* 676 n. 8 o Jowifh eemeteiy hoe been 
frand, wherf Iir. otood, hp the Appion rood, outside tho porta Capena, 
Oa roBMOM oeo Boil (nr 116 a.) i on coraixuo Wftstda oo Uott 14 flO. 
Theophr. ehor. 4 fia. Flat Got nia. 88 f L 
» 16AiBoatif44ciC«dMil4. 


34$ PRiESKxnua, ho room for virtce in roue, hi 17 — 

m IT Koraiu ind. Sehngler i MS. CIS. 

n IB 19 QtuxTO rmunvmi zmwx iciiEa jW<'i» B- Beer qilcilH, 
Wnul M 'F MB rnttntin nd luhrai r*" III III III III l*>el>*t »- 

.... _..,_., ,_ Umen praatnllut tBtUidCDm bd ntio Inn 

[ h(H kico nniii CMBoian H' 

. iIiidI nrbii rnlgo liwlllii ■!!■ ■ 

ttUM enfm F ■; nIi ft ininui n»na sonwriplnB bfI 
■aim inclBdiliir; orU «it muUtio n 1 
datJnu Bon luibaU quo nlecrrtnT.' 

„ 19 vcMM M»> FrcllFT-IndtB Vint. Ilftb. i> C7-fi0. M. T«m* 
l)-->0 imind (MM o( Iha pralciti of Wordtworth inil Sinliln >|^iDil 
Out dMrcntlm of Ibo Uka tomMj (cf. Ibo fntg of locb Kalrin« bdI 
TUrimerel. Tbi llMllnl in a like ijMi mriatcd Uw propoocd vnrki oa 
tbt ttffKi rtlliaa tod lEw Xir Tm. m. ■ TV (iji<fii>« rrliu nvriaUan ten- 
$ulalit milHnim, qaar ma »ni /MmlHlbut, net eurtHt, tuque erlginm.Ua 
jIlM ititrit; iftelanin rllam rallelon*! nchnim, iial lasis et 
Ineo* et ■»■ palrlla amnlbnl dloaTltlnll qntn lyiNia Tibtrln 
ntlU ptBrti" attallijliirlli orbnlam mlnoH fbrla fmrt. limj one vill 
lemembn FUnr'* l^tn (rm B) oa the CIlloninDi. 

„ 90 tiouHCKT (iiUkn on Anlonin. vi SO pr. Vcre. g. n VA nn 
Mfia Iffn/i'f eorrnmpjlat «»• »(IrJ. rem. ii M Jehn. uinmu 
lOTCx Millard dk* Uidoa. e. (in tW me nnam tuppkbiinl marmora 
. tofnni. 

K 91 ntc im DHDiicira Cl«. Terr. 1 1 G6. n f 04 bio (am rtptntt 
Pacini. Clntnl. | CO bie tarn FabrielM,. ib. fi 73. 76. of. | Gl. Br<I. | 
tSliis tnin trnalui fetllclKa, PbHdr. f 10 hie iDue nNnrnr. lUi 
Boiman. Orcml oB Nep. IB 4 | 9. ben. Aen. i SJJ «ia ci-mot) lite 

„ 91 93 quiiTM »tiBO< no!irirrn KOLLn ra cnnE uk 

Ci Din. i^p, n 

« 1 19 .'Wi rl a..rrlF.^ In (a e(i.i««, In j-n f«n r^Mfn. 
ptaemiB, immo maiora. ncqvitia el improbllaa 

DOB minora 

asm ]>Ddoi 

■1 Tirlui hnbcnt? Mart, it < rir l«;.iif f( pau|.er 

linjH«>IHc H 

jvMeiv TOrna{vcr, 11). |qald tlbl vla.nrbein qui, Fib 


lai afcleB<i[nT.lMlpBtfnirc amliiialor hatiri \ nrr par 

cllart rtmilacc poM uxorrta[ia. 110] earieorrumpe 


rtadm hm txhm eIrcHm Patmla famM. \ plandero [nr 

43. eo_ios] 

wa Ca». plandero ■« (;;«;i*|fro. | unde mieer t 

T«iT 'home 

eerlni, tidni amien." tvcr. IBT-IM]- | koc nihit «l 

"""'9'""" "■« 



Os 111* *hale conleit Gnngaeaat 'men at imitalio Plaul. men. 
BM — Bit eja mlhl allot Jcot ptaalli pmeqHar, alium Lama, \ allnm 
Mitrm, allam elrltaltm: ab Atlielt aUHirrm. I nam abi morti irlrrhrtt 
iarr^ir f t a M fa did, | icM f ul anirf, f Hi inflilriet tint vrqatai ptrnattin, \ 
ailiatUtriplatHr.aalmelaofaoiflarraliHazaau, \ ibi fHlJcm li rtfatm 
rialir, naHtapllaitcitllai.' 

„ n JMekaa (in Bbain. Una. ix» GS«— 7) 'Lcpida Tmbridi tea- 
I«bU> rri fcpdw rnltw <il ften qaam/nil, altat miIfm cnu d^trrrt ^J'firir'a 
aUf aid Bon poleat HDD defortnata e>H mcndo. Nam ladem m dclcma 
Mt aUqnU abanrdc dkilur. nr^ aulcm aicBi pom ridnlur inlcllcsl 

I nlDDdatur acum«D. ignamtunl opinor librarii croi pn 
M jpMitaM Bl rt* ifiiig* tarn audoetcr aiil paalo etiiun anducina 
a nnto ntt alfad cnu igtril Am anaM (rriecUnoa iriii | tjS) et 


earn Bomen Uind nqointHit, a((. tadtm fecervat ei alq. ain, qaae 
paitienla et apt* amomeiiM pncpoBitar Rim*i(in at aaapa adLiblta at ah 
lareBda;' Wlian Pnif. BUehelernlaad Ihii objection jeara a4ta at Bona, 
I tboDght be vaa eetklng HodaH Ja Kfrpn. and 1 think » toon and niois, 
(he Bwra I eaaaider tba vena. Whjr nuf not ao eatate, leu lodav then 
TMlf rdij, nab Mi; voar »tf, waala, aomatblng tomorrow from ill little 
nmaintr fadeia la ffUUIifall; ngUltb, m In Cie. Bml. 1 97» oiMd by 
Slot* ereUd tphadUa tl graadU tl aadem In artmit faetla. The - 
pbalio affile adta la anito oat of placa. PiiedliinileT (Bonian'e Jihm 
ni 1I4J rejocle II. UarUand, I mnM confeH, la aLw pouled: '< 
pot«l eonalrocnf mlhi Tidetnr ouidlHe Tena* port trai. PriviisBi 
p. IDll riUI qotmadmodiun hie k^lnr.' UuL IT 7 1 S S hei htri and 

ni 8J as noroxiinTi %uxc lu Hor. t. n « M amba ptopoallam 
ftraffiml iter, tiuxo. 

., 91 ItncllHim ■ luT. ia fond of deasribiitfl ptawe hf a pcripliniala, fn 
■hiefa he nukn loma allDiion to their mrlhological rcpulotioD 117—8. 
1 10. Ill TO-71. riTioiTte uei DiEMLoa eioii ai^ Io dcdicUe them 
loApallD OT.m. till 300-1 latoiui laUgttam Itltui Atlnaialiatbat] 
id. her. 17 (18) 40 n«M darrt aadaer. atimm mlkt 
cog CIW alaa exalt of Ca]iiJ. Tlw KJnit* 
iti (ceforHia alae) Mill, Ilia 
ed the oarnnieu of Minoa 

-V 1 — I- — .."..iodicna in Smt. Acii. rt 14. 

llln. h. n. VII iVHrtla [Intenil) leant, malum tt aatfHmm Airdif.t. 

Sail. h. II 4 D (in Berr. 

£aUwliiia, fpit 


InmiQiMm alaram) of D. bocftmo to rallonali 
lavenlkin nf 1)., *ha Lj tlipir moan* eaea 
"*— --"14 cited by IKitliitert- «'. Phii 
II I 900 rcJo lintenit] leana. mi 
I R> — 103 cndiag aadaai oinil alai 
I 14) ttifdalna rem priamm Sardlalam, 


„ 90 Jiru 

(afler fiO, krh). e^TBbera'in Ocir i 99 f" 

inpUT^<p,v) r* rSii*. r>„ ,fit^,jila [itamiHa) polllct ii 
tan or (,-r.(i.fre (Ullliiitwr TcclinoloBJo . . Jor (Ic. ■ 


, di/illli) rrr- 

... . 1 ■- - — -f V.™.. . .*iniia 18TS, 

II* who eilea eii. rram Ov. TibuU. Ben. PHnni. Sll. Apal. Hier.). 

•HI ■^,,»» ^p^i, niei, , 1 „„„„ [,ja,„(. 

cilnr tl rbure 
„ 3D cm, 
rjMd. 10. 

II 181—; 

I liiseribat t 

mpl. of. Hor. 

... K...,,..„>.r, ,u, ,1 34 inl,rq«at 

ambilaai/orl. twrtpia indiela, mirUlam actatalorim anuialioait 
mimiaHtium iarrrpiiHi, ebin te tt cederaarbe. rMiiniiH in nliquo abdila 
ttloagiaqaa rare leiiabalar. Tiberine. penonally anil b/ hia rrienda. 
broiiitht lum ftom hie pntpoae. it 11 PI«,-a ruhnei* sa* not (brgottca 

,.30—07 InT. mixea togeUicr breaehea o( moral law and of eoDveo- 

tiooti dwonun aa Toe. an. it 03. IIT 1) IS. 

.. SO ODi moKDii IX cudiiOi TiBTCKTTcr. rh. 771 t!t Hime pratminmrt, 
qiilTnla pmva /aaaiil. Peru. 1 110 per lat tqiildrm liitl om«in pntinnt 
elba. Wniiy proTerbe (k« Wander HpricbwOrter-Lci. tekaiari) e.-. 
ad.w.«blcii.l«hwar».' ■li]«!kitonoe-lu ni(.-erB™wwhitc.' -Aothlo^. 
Hon Bibcacil, 'EinoDi achwiiri fiir velae rormadim,' 'Sebwan weiM 
Bunen.' -ychwari filr weiaa.' 

" A't** '"'• "■"■" k'r...oo»Dcciai eat. /^lAdift*- Hm. cp. 1 1 77 
iwn taimlaam gtilU eoadaeera f aWee, oUwn hr^M to riaa br fortoiw. 



bimtliiR or vinnr. rLimnrA POBTCt FricdlKnder !■ i77 midenUncb tUi 
0f Ibe Urmm of lolb. 

in 8S nocAXDAX KLrrrex Hier. In Eph. e. ? 13 (m 074*. Yen. 1789) 
In urbihui tot ^ui ali^mid eommiHrt Jlapitii rtdemut tel betUat aim 
tel tecare wtarmora vel mtindare •pnreitiat eloaeftrnm relpraeeue 
§tadfatorlbtu ft fundendo reomm Mff/Fu/m' dntinari, Flin. xxxvi % % 
rcdemptor cloaeariim. Epaminondms, when mado tcletrch (acdile) 
from enrj, niicd to grait bonoar (Pint. pnee. ger. nnp. 15 1 2 p. 811) r^ 
ftVc«^(aF, §vbh «v#«F wpiTifi09, iX\' ^ wtpl re^ rrrrwrotf A'/SoX^f ucwfim 
nk ftv/Ump mw0rp9wHt iri^Aciir rira. With like patriolium A(*rijipi 
B.C. 88 (DCam. xLtx 43 1 1) Tolnntaril.r undertook tho nedilmhip, iind at 
hit o«rn eoti rmtorpd the pnbllo tmildingn and rttveUi, and ck^arcd oat 
t)io sewcn, pA««ing throofsh thcni in a boat to tlio Tiber. a.d. 80 CaliguU 
(ib. LTX IS 1 8) aceing miro in tlie atrcetH, ordered it to bo cant on tha 
clotlica of Vep|iaiiian, then aeiUlcs aflerwardii interpreted an an omen of 
lib fotnro elevation; ho was dentined to reform llie ntnte, which lie found 
In eonfuf ion. LipH. dc magnit. Bom. 11 refem to tlio chijuarBTnim, a 
tax (among other thin;;^) on cxeremontii, impoMnl on every man, woman 
and child, aboliflbotl bjr Anaitailna (Cedrcn. x 63C— 7 Bonn. Constantin. 
Uanaaiicfl 8067—00). 

„ 88 FBAcnenn CAnrr ? 172. Hegenlpp. bell. lud. t 33 f 1 Pompeh 
interfuctit^ ^ni dnm nrmn CtieMtit fujiU tpadani Aepttpih caput fNN« 
mmjmlanduM praebuit, rowrenKie ret. praobuit lameH en paUrntln 
caput, dig. 1 8 8 f 1 $trrl nut^m in domininm nonlrHm redifiuHtiir am 
far* drill ant ptntlnmt inre ririli, «/ quit $t maior rifliNll onnlt ad 
pretiHM tmrlieipandum renire paMtn cut, PUut. Cure. 483 in Tutco r/re 
ibl iUHt HomiMet qni ipsi aeso venditant 

„ „ D03IIXA TCXALK am HAffTA Scu. con«. nd Mare. 20 f 8 if Cieera 
had died n.c. 83 or after bin daughter*! death, nm ridi»*fi $trleto» (a 
ejr///n eapita mncrontt nre dirlfti perewnoribut oreiiorHm botM, ut ttiam 
di tMo ptrirent, aon liattam connularia $poUa rcHilentrm. 

„ M i>o3nxA HAaTA Mart, and Ov. l*ont it 8 8 and am. 11 14 18 
domina tiriw. am. n 8 80 doroina wtanut, fitat. a. nr 2 8 domina 
MCMo. lilart. ni 81 8 d o m i n A <irY*«. 

„ 84 88 conNtnxr.a kt iirxirtPALia haukxak rrnrErrt co^frrea 11 118. 
• eoUego of comiclnci inicr. lUieni 781. Friedliindcr (it* 848) comnorca 
CIQ8878 ^ 

•t'r/n xo^MX^fot* ^wri}r rdXnyyvt igofi^ 
•tV^' dritrwr ai'Xwy, «Aalor \muf dUv>fW* 
ef. Stat a. T 8 188—0 of hit father inde frequent puffnae nuttoque inylorln 
§aero | rox fair. 

„ M MOxicirAua nABEiCAS at Fldenao an amphitheatre haatilj reared 
kx one Atiliut (Tac an. it 03) llbertini nenerit, ... now nbundnntia peennint 
wr municipaii ambitione, ted in tordidam mereedem, (till, a.d. 27, emahiflg 
20,000 (Suet Tib. 40) or 80,000 (Tae. 08) apecUtora la lU ruin. 

f, 88 BTCCAB zi 84 n. of. xnr lOn. 

M 80 MmKA wtne mDvn n 148. Tae. an. nr 88 Mvf vaif ve in pottenm 

Hfat conra/fe, m qmltjindlatorinm muaua ederel ml minor qnadrin* 
fMforvai Miffma nra. Tho baal ooomieBttty oa the loU lb. i? 84 (died 

Ai to 8 4 evr Imlefv mki$ \ mn llcemU Ucnit §i lugslaro ttbi$ enieltj or 
ttitapMtatonSMi. delta 128 8. Ang^ conf. ti 18. PhmL hamart. 888- 
878. I<M.I)aMii.87(tlMAth«yMaoi«hlMl«oiMtitttttfladlalcriil 


•howa, 90 long aa tho altar of Pitj atanda). Pint Fhunin. 18 |S 4—7. 
Hertaberg Ocach. Orleebenl. n 252 78. 268 80. indk betebsi mined 
bj tlw cost or rather atill continuing their filthT trade. 

in 88 coxnucvxT ronicAa ind. a. r./orica, dig. xzu 1 17 1 B/orlcarii, 
Uarouardt StV. 11 270 V and 10 (following another interproUtion of tho 
aeboi. alii iabernat dicunt foro vicinaM) undcntanda a rent paid to the 
/tent by tho boothkeepcra, and farmed io publicani. Fumalctto (in Foiv. ) 
uadcrstanda a waiehooao at Oitia, and tho payment a dogana di traatito, 
ef. lexx./or/eo,/orfCtffa,/or/eMlariMNi. Bodbcrtut (cited by FriedlHnder i* 
277 2) rightly nndentanda Iut. 'Tom Paehtcn von Abtrittssteoem.' Tlio 
other rendcnnga give no climax. Bee FricdUndcr iii* 151—2 *Dai Latri- 
MnwcHon in Bom.' Arcad. p. 98 24 ^opn^ 4 pjpfiopof. 

,t 81» Kx ncMHJ Caen. Or. ex kumili loco. SalL guintil. k, I. aubnt Cie. 
TuM. II f fi ortttomm qnidem lant Ha dneta ab humili renii ad tummiim. 
Bpartian. Hover. 18 f 11 hnint dietum ett, enm eim ex humili yur it tie- 
rammrt militiaeoffieiaad imperiam pinrimit tiradibu» Fort una duxtMet: 
* omnia* iuquit •/ni et nihil expeditS maoxa An rAMiiou BKntM Aen. x 
842 tumma »eqnar faatlgia rornm. Veil. 1 11 | G. 11 138 | 2. Sen. 
ben. VI 80 1 3 munttrabo tibi, enint rti inapla laborent magna fa ttigia. 
bier. Tit 4 f 1. tranq. 10 f 0. cona. Maro. 4 14. Tae. an. in 80. xir 
84 f. h. I lu. Blnnil. t 40 pntxima tanfientet re r ti m f a a t i g i a enelo, 

„ 80 40 xiT 202—4 n. Schmidt Uouk. u. GUubcnsfrvilicit 257 liaa 
■any referencea (from Hor. Prop. Pctron. Mart cct.) to rUcw the pre- 
valent belief In the power of Fortune under the empire e.g. luv. vii IIH)— «. 
l\n, xri3. xiii80ae(i. xivOUacq. A favorite of Fortune Sen. rh. contr. 
84 f 23 Tinia^'cnefl ex eaptiro eoeut, ex eoeo lectlearim, ex leeticario unque 
in intimam amieitiam Caetarit felix, Vnlcat. Avid. Com. 14 f 8 aiidinU 
praejeetum praetorii nottri philotophi mnU tridnum qnamjierei mendicum 
etpanperem, ted tnbito divitem factum, 

„ 40 TOLi'iT roiiTCXA locAM Til 107—8 n. xiv 2G2 n. Son. tmnq. 11 
f 8 Fortuna ilia, quae ludoa tibi faeit, Stanley cites anth. Pal. x 80 
(whero ace BoisMnade) nalytnltf ion r^xffl fup6wm fiioi, olKrp6t, AX^r^. | 
wUAt9v Kol wtrint /uww69t ^ftfUiitrot. \ koI ro*f pii^ Kardypvaa wdXur r^cu- 
P^ib* ixipet, I T9^ I* iwb r«r rr^Xwr tit itiv fcatdyeu Ovid complaiua 
of up^tartfl am. ni 8 9 10 ecee recent diret parto per rulnera ceiim | prae- 
fertur nobit tanfluine pattut eqnet! tr. nr 10 8 non turn Fortu nae munere 
fnetut equet, Hor. c ni 39 49—82. Ckud. in Eutr. i 23—25 tic omnia 
Tolriti I hoc repni, Fortuna, fciic«f faa^aaM ista iocandi 1 taccitiat 
fioet cona. ii 1. 

., 41 qriP noxAC faciam Mart, m 80 1 qnid Bomnc, Garniliane, 
faelar x 10 8 *ief<^> quid faciam? IVnra. 1 13. GiUord cites Cowley'ii 
Tmion of Mart nr 5 (cited on 21 22) and imiutions of thia aatlio frum 
Wyatt*s epistk) to Poynes. 

,** 41 42 UDRCM LwaoARS u. pp. 177—8. cf. xni 82 a. Hor. a. p. 
4M— 433. cp. I 10 85—40. Mart i 40 87—40. viii 76. Lndan adv. 
ndoct 20 yon are perauaded by flatterers not only that yon aro handsomo 
•nd loTcablo, bnt a aage and orator and hiatorian without a peer; and 
Xpn buy booka to oonflrm the truth ol their oommendationa. Tbqr aay 
that yon alao rorito qpeoohea to tbomal diniier, admirMv xfp^tthtw fiarpd,' 

M^t in 23 f 18 f4r 8iSp« 84 «m^ etfa #r^ff ra^ rTiffr^:^^ 

M ft UBMJM LAVoau IT TCOcnui AmtMB (bofofo hia Arator, 1700 
m. • • • •) priata a aoto from the niaa. Antor itad a apcdmcn of 
Ml voik Apifl • !.». 844 Io popo TIgfllwi «ho^ nt tfa« nqneat of 'aU 


. T 



•AaUn ' orimd Uiat It ihimld bo md paUiel} In Bl Petlr'i ail rlHcult. 
1 goal «owd of Teligiiioi' mui tay folk cmm loeethw: «(*« "•''•i 
Jralan mfloiKc Alillntlit dirbia amU litri fiBHiwr vUlbii tvHt »f*iU, 
tarn umlMi mUiitat libri lamamm»d» Urrrrlv, /npf" rtftUUenit v 
Mami. fNM «ai tnori natllplfel paitatabant. Tba « ixf* (in April 
Ul Mm) m ipNlM. FUd. cp. T 10 (111 1 1 (to BoetonimJ j«ttte :- 
tUa* tfftlia !«■«. Mt'T* M^'r* itKrlii Iff I mln nliimlmi 1 raafl 

ttltm H ■ Qraaeli fiwfKr, *■»» laffiK tmit IIMII mmt 
€«»«««"« (iMpwwwKar. iil|l|«.iir/iM(iii lfj(rh ■■ 
flW Jtitrlt. M I * Ii"i» 'I Iniptlai nmiru ftgit ami [UgIIi 
nt 41 Tu. It 11 o( Oaiidiu: kgt Ma faltlnm rrHlIlm 
M la nortfDi patentDm JIIIU ftmlUtnim fttnorl dormt. ct. Baet. 
Vtn.ll. ditiirflliff. lB«LiT7|TM»f*«afr«Ma(«a«rno(;rrrfifiinria 
■HMianiia v" " '>"iiriAW mniHtiiiil, rltM pamlum fiu/dtobaMiir. 
Sen. B. q. in la | luma rulert mortm fulrli nl pnllMI, (■ 

- ■■ -niialtcd rntraili and 

I « 

llOCTGt tHU fHtrllit, 

„ 1 Urdi ■ilh denbKd 

ifW Mmln t,*r<i$fitiiwi ftritot Apruneuliu 0*0*1 

n ittiirit, ■( fjM 

((bar, jmrJodB. 
with the inhrioT nm. 

■ l*tt*. 

_„ .tBtanltTUidUiii 

«L Cle. To«i. u I 41 >il»t itiur malum deler* h. 

„ 18 KUicoi o( the h«nd iliB- in ln». ": 
•ED. Kt Plin. H). in S I 8 n. PUnt. Ucn. 100 Brii ip*i e.ei 
ma*. Plio. b. n. *iii 1 71 rhifioarai nniua 11. n«ri tornu.. 

„ 19 CDi a pyrridi ai in tbe tvpfhU line Stn. Tro. 8Sj n'ld 
eaitnmqna (*rTo(. Uuktand '(iii notalnr at di.jlUbon. 
non, filet eCI, nl miM (t ni( Telua tt »mu nominalivuii er 
opinor. qnaa noto. nt inda qountoi it loco de*prcalo Hor. 
ad lyrao; tubonm | dulte Irnimnt, miM tumiut mlrt \ rile 
at, inqunm. i|nacmur an legi pOMil, eH'f<"<i<if lalri \ rllr rnri 

.. M II 01 <ii miV alq«e Inee, ^""""1 arran* rj/lm-lm. 
MO— J Kitnat iHttiu I KM ft t*rii pudoi mtxta^ut tiui 

^ Bl "l TIM ■> caaiaa Fctii ert. t 7S 70 n. Mart. t. 60 1-1 f«m 
nlirttronn wpir Trlalmt *KitM, \ irmbtl gtlIJa lordidMi In lo<l-l«.] 
DtKenai ei ana atpSI cann eiwiedo; | arff€Mi>m mttnif praedm w/n 
rait. uBSSlMKlMBBnill, MrfplDi aNnt debaia /a(iri<lK<- 1 10 tiki, 

■asd wcMHt taf wiMiv Mfriil. Omaa. , , ... 

„ M BttcMer (Itbnn. Una. xiia 18T* 6S7) "mlrer (npradentiam 
pnalai d mmnai diTltiai ant« ooaloa pullDnii ab anniii auminibui Tail 
awtit noa tn anibca. ao Mtu. nee optti omuli l-ffim T*fi ifrara acrip- 
afaatarinlnTKdeplail, qncroaduDdnniairn a UaitiaM nnvlir ilntu 
Mnia Ihfl it la 4). nap* aalnn libiaril in vcnaiua claonili* oocabala 
•iiaiUlM l^ptan^t m dim- fcrfnanlla pmnnlannt (rf. " ". ™ 
BdaL]/ FriiSitodaf w«»ld««»|*lhi.awl«rt«al»m« J^ 
- '- -- I •epaqna'. Udi wjlh Um r>M. IU» 

hal It hmH nana •ihadjr'. Dnt ftarraa 
haa Ik* aaniM Mlowbg. Vbat Ft. 

... dtoBlLan 

kftUahkMBla. UkaaoldwBtH 

tvWaataBdUt, pnvtWHrll^ 
aamlilMpnWkMB. ifarlMfa 

ur apuiOat 


— 6; GBECIE AXD BTntAX ItOUB. PICTl iriTItA. 353 

„ 61 II 

1 lin. 

qnao Mm wpaiiMM, qnacReni 

WM tit fa arlic lac f jtccctru- - 

- Lit. Inat. Cart, to 1 1 II fm^t 

Iconic: iniierL •! 
acecpllailma* PumrNiMJ , __ _ 

acecptiatfmliiHt. ii>r wiia wn (iim r 

„ E8— ISS HcrtxbcTK tinvh. Uricchcnl. n 4EI3. 

n £9 rcoiia 11 1 offra SnamHiini roncia June (j&rtL 

« „ raoriaunrtTKHctitaL Th. iiil'13. 

„ fil oRiarui rnnKii n ltl7. 191. i^iomKlaGnttt.xrlWn. FlaaL 
Cate. SiW— am. FridlUndFr 1' 74 n. S. UcrUbcrg GewL. UrinlMoL 1 
IM. LiT. iiiiT a I (n.c. 187) fan (km ■■tUfadiM alJM'fnwran nrtnt 
MnwHr^. Tic. xir IS, JO. 

.. „ QcoTt TOino Bin. Man. Unrc IS |C Fricdlilndn i> T^l aad 
Wallon hill, ilo I'mlavn^w 11 418 011 Sjriani and EKyiniani in Itnme. 
Inr. 1 101 n. tn 1 1 te<i. n. Uonn rhiiniiior 11 (3) 70. Fucia Vam 
Bnranai fr. 433 Ufl. (in Non. 831} htnc rorMttrt « Hqnlda rlu in rnriat 
Ttnne raccEin. Lwr. and mb. Cic In leii, Vopine. Auni. 43 | 6 
■I (itiai aMiflnwu ViuUloi, CnUiiiilat tt Ktmm, <i*l$ /ttmt Uiimim* 
It PkiUppru nlijHt ftlam Fwanititur MRAJlarfiau tae««mr 

H .. jicii.iRi np. Corinlh Tin IIS n. 

., ei lui raiKEx Rnn< n tisEniH Msnciir oaasru CapitoL Ter. S 
f 7 hlifrionfi aMiuil t Hfrin, qmram fmrifHiu f*it UaiimiaHi, q*tm 
Parliit nnmrne niinfiiparll. ^ 10 htilmit tl Asripfnm hirtriaHtm, i»i rofl- 
WMndiiH enl JlrmH, Ti'rn il f/wflM c Sgria rrMi Ifoftttati I'erlhirutt 
tUniml, f nriH i<j»;iiNi(UM mmiHaeil. I II aMitztnl hvhm tIJUicliiai 
It libieinpa el hltlrinnti tMrramiiie mimWloM rt prattliginlartt <t p*aim 
■MrinjnrHiti firHira, qtariim Sgrlti el Alrianilriii /mtcilur ralniilalt. Baa 
C.O.UilllcrdafliiliiiullatllMuAnliiiclwuMinthdraiuiii. HOC reK' tcimt. 
(iiiUiuRm Tin »I— 27)1 and hi> kWiiN AutMsbs Odiriflcn i DO— ISI. 
k llTeiy jiirtiire in Itonan lea aputnci o. IS, 

„ CI I'Jeiii. Klicii. ftW— 1 fiiJiriNM, tibicina^ | nambaoaa. In a 
Pbotnirian cnrvo. Van. r lij ■anibutaiu riliio talimi aplarerit alio. 
Kpart. Hadr. !il|| I In tanrlrh irnitaediiif amoeiliat AlMlamu lambaeat 
kttarei jtnlut jirn re trmptr rikiliail. Uidi compiuion wmlmra, lamlm- 
elrni. VutiiKPf Kfen to Uunii'f'a liiilOT]t of mniiie and Tutkcl Ucaeb. d. 
llDiiii I an), Tnfcl II p. 33. Cinabon on Sock Xcro 37. 

.. CU n 

u I)t. ni 

a TcJIm. 

Arttniid. II B (. (villi llifnult and IleiOl ... .. 

propet to His eourtnwn M Tt> ipyriar. UodMr-HcnnnnR Cliariklc* ' 
a tut. irirniinil. An>lor>h.thi'>iu.3i71Hardcii. OrDoccliiuSdn. Hipp. 
tlX. Ocd.4lR. VFI. ti3;3; orwomcnCalullOlGSniulCS. Usnnanii- 
fiUirancr Or. Privut-AKcrth. | 39 p. 194. Boo lu Cio. lUb. IVmL f SO wf . 
•Bapnlasr [or ('tci'k ooilnuM. Iticb eompanloii. ~ 

„ 07 nL-mcui 0>. a. a. til 138. llMsdr. it S B. Cmk vaidi 
Unnn on Um. 11 411. UOelMler (IUkIb. Um. lui 1874 037) dta 
Iran Ibo facnncneiunitft Uontcpmnlana M. HOT* (cd. UoadtaM in 
aatica ol cilrait* doa manDKrita L iiiii p. S77 aoii. rar. 1B71 p. 
101) TpfxJtirrM mpMirniai. Utadcr* at Iqt. will lean ' nailoUna (diNO 

Sua anlca Tinim nt Brtcenni illud T«ibun cl Inn a 
tciTKctein BppcllaiMi poiaiiliea licet iuila n " 



1 --^S' 




ptrtem hnbitiw c^ nomino Romaal torn dcnotarint rami qukleni 
vetlinienU et cakiann'oU rceto vtnqiio dicuntar, ipAum tamcn iiotiicB 
me inviUi eoUinno in proximo rem omamcnU nt malim ioterprcUri 
pedulia. edict! Diocleliani de remm pivtiit titnlnR cxtnt tie inseriptiii ie 
toUiB tt gfilUciM^ vMi 9ifU\ii>if rat Tfoxahiw: Prof. Dttehdcr sccmi to 
liave orerlooked tho gloM dted bj Pithou and ni?anlt and later cdd. 
T^x'^«^««t ^ fomiithcd parasite, in tho writer of Alkiphr. tii 4. ef. Ath. 
4*. Sin* fin. Ath. 849^ Btmtonikoii in Abdera went on tiptoo, looking 
intently on the ground. Asked what waa the matter with hi^ feet, he 
tepiied: reSt IX«f pitt fp^^lfuu, iim, | ml rwr iroX4ci#r ro\i> iarw iwl 
Ictrrer r/>/yw. cf. bdow 21t) phmeeatiatarum, u 41—124 Bomau 
apina women^ drew. 

in G7 TBRcncniPXA is not fonncl, nsod as liere, in Orcck, bat VitraThis 
Ti 10 (7) 1 5 observes that in his art also horrowrd technical tonus wen 
nsed in Latin otherwise than in Greek (DUntzcr). For mxTft^ti lexx. 
dte Soph. Eur. Plato: add 0Cass. uiii 1 f 1. Eos. h. c. it 10 i 3. 

„ „ QriBixB n 133. 

„ Od Hier. ep. 67 12 (817*) a proverb oUum perdii et im/vntnt, fsi 
hovtm mittit ad eeroma. Sit iiv 186—8 jkinro luctandi ftndio crrtamtn 
in MMbni I moUe pati doeta et finudenu tpfendf^cere oliro | Hat, mediocre 
deeut r/ncrNtam, iffnara iMtenttiM, Sen. ep. 88 § 18 luctatore^ et tntcm 
oleo ae Into eoiutantem ieientiam expelh ex hi* itudiln Uheraliha*, Plot 
Cat. mai. 80 g| 10. Tae. an. xiv M. d. 10 $i in Craeeia natm enef, nhi 
Indieroi qnoque arte§ exereere kaneMnm est, non paterer inmanet illot 
et ad pttffnam nato§ iaeerta leri'ate iaeuU ant iaetii di»ci rnne$eere. 
Caesar (Suet. 80), on occasion u( his triamph^, exhibited circenrisa 
games and athletic contests. Farina Leptinn«. of a prctorian familj, 
and Q. Calpenas, formerlY a senator and pleader in tlio coarts, con- 
tended for the mastery in the formn. Ijabcriu^, a lloman kuigbt, 
acted his own farce; eireen$ibui , , . qnadrlgat bifianjiie et eqaot demUorim 
agilarennt nobHis$imi lnvene$: athletes contended, in a temiioraiy 
stadiam, for three days. Angnstus (Snct. 43) exhibited athletes, 
charioteers, runners, co»/irrtorf#g«</rr«rwm, et nonMumquamex nohilUnimM 
iuventnte: forbad women to ricw the atlilutcs (44 f.); encourascd 
boxing and increased the prirfleges of athletes (45). Kcro (Suet. 13 f.) 
inrited tho Vestals to tiew athletes, as the priestesses of Ceres were 
spectators at Oljrmpia. The revolt in Gaul coold not divert hu 
attention from his gymnasium (40). Romans of the old school, liks 
Inv., regretted tho practical exercises of the campus lilartius and the 
chase, the national training for tho wiry soldier's body, often contrasted 
with tho athlete*s abnormal, unhealthy tori (Quiutil. x 1 « 83 1* lOn. 
Plat de educ. 11 p. 8^. apophth. Epam. 8 p. 1U24. vita Pliilopocm. 8 4. 
Hot. a. ii S 10 11 Heind. si Romana fatigat \ militia atMitetnm pmeearL 
ep. II 1 88 Inetamur Aehivit doetitu mnetit). Galen (v 874—898) supports 
his own condemnation of the athletes of his day (whom he calbi swio^ 
wallowing hi thehr mire) 1^ tlie authority of Phito and Hippokrates. 
Bdttifler ma. 'cxstat aignnm marmovenm athktac eottnm inunguentis ■ 
MOsooDnadansipnMatantisafanum.' Uart nr 4 10 dted on 83. lOiaea 
UniMm f aroma terlt. ? 86 8 (of AntMius). vn 8f 0. xi 47 6. xxr 60 L 

H M CBBOXATioo dral Xtyipt^ ^oth fas Or. and Lat K^m» MV 
CMudln lalar Graak mittion. Haopl opnae. n 618 4 'y«»»a##4|Nu lAit 
4b T» aydpaw, tximrt rof» in termnU. Pint n 888* (dtod on 70). TW* 
vhara H ia oaad flfamth<47f la eoBtenpl: tht tma atatesman, traM 
te imI tiding cAr ^ vnAnlffpait ad cffi»#ia#i9 imt hmm %^f ^ 


09ft9Tww, iXK* At dXiytf^ 4r 'OXi'jsnaffocf nU UvBikoIi 4>uv(r. schoL 
Atutoph. cq. 492 iniptiftmn^rml are joined with dXcnrroi (ver. 76) asswai- 

ttt 68 COLLO Aristoph. cq. 400—3 chorus #x' rvr, dXrcfor rdr rpdxY^ei' 
tavryf, | Cr* ^{oWtfdrfcF Bwg r4f itmpokit, sausogcsclkr dXX' cv Xiyttt cd 
wtthrpt^dtt ravrar^. 

„ 80 sicToxB Hertzbcrg Ge:*ch. Griechenl. ii 293. Sikyon (*gouid- 
Imd'K so named from its kitdicn gardens; famous for its artists in 
BMrbie and bronze, its pdntcrs, its shoes, its oil. t\-inc, flowers, horses 
and fish Bursian Geogr. v. Griechenl. n 23 — 30. Weistcrmann in Pnuly. 
Cortius Pelo|H)nn. ii 483 — 496. In the arts of design it ranked next to 
Corinth Strabo 883. TIio description of Pausanias (ii 5 — 13) is wortli 
leading. The epithet altn is well choaen, for *ono cannot conceive a 
more beautiful site for a city* (Curtius). A broad and fertile table land, 
.enclosed by the valleys of two mountain streams; Ix^hind, wooded hills, 
below, a fruitful plain; Pamasos, Kithaeron. AkroKorintlios in tlw 
distance. A plan and coins in diet, geogr. All these foreign names, like 
the Greek words above, have the effect of Mi1ton*a *is it harder, airs, than 
Qordon, I Colkitto or ^laodonald or Galaspf' 

„ 70 TRALUiirs well deserves its place liere, if only for tho miracle in 
hooionr of Caesar (Caes. b. c. in 105 f 6 Trallibus in tempio Vietoriae, 
vW Caeearii ttatnam eonteerarerantt palma per eon die* . . . inter eoatjmeHta 
lapidnm ex parimento extitine o$tewdebatnr, VM. 1 6 f 12 impnn-os tho 
itoiy: palmam riridem . . .sn6 Cae$ari9 ttatnn . . . inatae mafinitudinii ena- 
ftai. ^aibnt apparet eaeleile nttmen et Caetarin ffloriae faritue et Pomjteii 
tmrem inhibere rolniue, Plut. Caes. 47 | 1), and for their disputing 
with ten other dties of Asia, tho honour of possessing the templo of 
Tiberius (Tae. an. ir 6u). Boman reaidenta occur CIG 2937 ; with a 
spcdd curator 2930. 

N f , AL.\DAM>is placed by Leake and Fellows at Arab Hissa, being two 
hflls, on the Tshina, a braueh of the Maeandcr. Among tlio natives 
vera two brothers, rhetoricians, Henekles and Hierokles, and two who 
emigrated to Bliodes, AiioUonios 4 ftaVas4ff and Apollonios Molo (Strabo 
856,661). The latter taught both in Bhodcfl and at llume, and numbered 
aaong Ids pupils Cicero and Caesar. 

M 71 DICTUM A TiMixR coLLEV PUu. h. u. XVI § 87 collc fn qnem 
liminn petebantnr. Prdler-Jordan riim. Myth, i* 113 n. 8. 

M 72 viscKRA 'bosom friends', •Schosskinder*. Curt, iv 14 %22 eripite 
vise era mca ex tinenlii: restituite mihi pirinora^ pro qui hug ipsi mori uou 
reeuMatii, parentem, liberon, vi § 19. Hippodromos (Piiilostr. soph, ii 
27 ^ 3) called Phikwtratoo his •bowels' {r^t ifuuTov ffwXiyxroit), Ar- 
fnud, r 57 rk di ww\iyx'^ali€i^tuupt]rbif watia. •vrwyi^ffdrftr wsil« 
saXccr t$o9 /rWr. Wetstein (ii 881), Wolf {eurae), Lightfoot, esp. Price 
on ep. Philem. 12. Ov. met. t 18. tr. i 7 17—20, wlicre he bums his 
books, riteera nortra, as The$tiat burnt her ton, Luc vii 670 680 in 
fMem retat ire wtannt monttratqne tenatum, | teit ernor imperii qui tit^ 
faae viscera rrrH«i(viUls of the state). QuintiL vi praef. { 8 Sp. Apoi. 
■0tTinUPrka(p.46f88)andHilddbrand. Laetvi20|21Baneinann. 
Bo ia ItnL v/se»f» mitt GonMilla, II4d4e m 4 madame, rparffuex-iet^ 
^paiwMf Mf enfmf/let. Shahaqwara being tht boaom lorer of mg lord, 
^ I am in their boaoma. mf floafab atf blood, mg danghtor. ihim 
bowela, which da eafl fJbv tire. 

vaanABVM MMOVB Sll. ef . 1 88 aur^ caii^f. 

•ff tt 

w 71 nMoioa ?bm Or. Mat nn 864 vigor Ingonll fswdaw 

356 TonnESS. cnAJiiiATicus. bhethh. 

HI 73- 

«, k (rccilnwn, IhcItc jcara of » 
■rtpKronO ...»eloKini!tiiio. 
'ni TS irDKiA rKEi-in in n worf irintt Cn-aubon, nn|«rl anil J 
M Th«|.hr. ch«. (10 IcW. "hero the iwkln. (* iT-.«w.i'« 
tcadT lo tom lii" hniiii W ■nyllimR (r«>r#™ii). 

J.. c:. 11 ~.-.iopt«ejTfJ"'(«iIlI«. 

, %^( on In.l. 1 7 « U. H"l'>'? 
c.W|T|. Hit 

« M. Vrili«bo ™ Mark 4 80. J«W " I;";, V' " »': .^^ii V 
778, M.rt. Jl DS 18. Slllifl on Plin. ««B| IW. Hot.fcii**", 
DExnoR nin. »tvi I U of lli« Onwk (« rhrh 

i) Atelqiisilii': 

UHiiilirHi. Cw. fin. il | 3 f iih f»i«i 

T«e. d. 91 pc. fo lotrooto, (no i«j<(« 

* 10 cdo hmMt mint™. </iiik( rt, ilom'ini" 

ll*tl«Rr to » uluulow It 

BC. with W.rtl, nn Miih |ilnpc. 

wq^m, trhcriiini. allilrtiM, ir 

K« rin[. cmnpnm Ibe 

nimvlmn ri3'; ftpol,r|Ki4 

of iwl', ontor.. rl'-i"- 

S •im.-eni, *ho Musht ■ iivitia ■! 

. tlni..T.IW «!!-«, 

itmlll, libtnlib"-. lb. I 10 Inthletlwl. Qfnb ; I ^--9 

B M_19 Bcwwliy. H »-W the ycrtlins-NH-ool lf■B^<i' " '™ 

(WMDia mni »r<ilm nlwiimmll. One Tlir«iiiln« (Oik^ » 4 fi M ptft 

f^Kd h 

Otp< 11 >3I elutlU-nRcd nil tl 
■ --■■- ia,,„i,am^\fi^fei. \cr:ii (Am 
•cicnrc. Hmlrian wdconiwl 

lo Om«a (rt, . 

Ukkii adrcDUtmi S|<ikr(uin. 
(mr''J> rtimhli' Kmmiiii ' 



Vtitnrrrli. §9 rt run fj« 
Wfffbnt « nmrllrrfirrr. il f 

Ml EpicttlxM tt iWicrfor— , 

•Hmw, sMinm^tiBOi thelorci miuieof gnoineli 
M Acmilini (Pint B | T) tiinfili 

■ ItSmm ri 

•lorihvi /milii. lamf 
I nu qmiftllKHihiu ttmfft 
i ab m irI'M ntfrlrrtnl, 

,i« I... .../..».>* 

lia Kit* not onlTi* 

Ilia Boman tuhioa. bnl rino in th» Ot«*: *i l^ c*'" ''"'■"•"'V 

;SnSr™na--a«n. Evcnint»iH^wMeoTroptrflO'«r«kcoTmK«* 
Tm. d-JOM iH« imlitt (-V-tN' (frlrjad"- Ursceniae alknl ancWat. »<»■ 


(p. no Bi 



n Fcomcltictformnfanmm. Riilon. tirice in 
sijIUbloi .ImrluiM l!ii o cp. it ir(=ai Buret) r™r(.rli.r. 
geomctrR wii/riifHf. e. SI ( = SO Usiell IIU wiii Iiuiir.cHw RGamclri- 
•«■ nil ar(«. i'lub ^a^1f^ nj | 1. CIU CJIJ. I'luUrdi. in tlw 
«h*miii; cpiMdo on AivIiiiihhIcii (Marrcll. U— 1») onJ liii contempt 
(dianid bj ft gtCBt tnallicnuiticbn ot oar (tnj) for tba pnctieil 
■pjilicfttioiu of liln Kicncc, iwcnii to hnvc Unman rvtulcrn sad tlicir 
Htllnre tnptrbm in view. Cicvra'i reverence tot Archimalp* il mtieli 
lo hit lionour: ha munn him IwcIto limn. Tlinj once (nnd again iti 
U) lilt ot authnritic?*): vlirn fonr (aitb In the imnii ArpiHir in ulukcn 
liir Ilia niirclmliiii; tFuni ot Jlomiiii'n ud liii niitL-llitci, rcoil Tase. t e. 
n (liii |nauit can lor tlic tcmib o( A.), inlrodnccd lij tlio irotucal dii- 
parasrinrnl kumilrm feunusen/im ajittrtrt ft ndle txflltbn. 

On tli« ancient cconielt7 aea SI. Cantor Tdrleannt;«ii ilber GekIi. dcr 
Ualhcnialik. i (lo 1'JOUa.ii.) Leipzig IKW. Jamu Ciow liiiLorin-.tiinllH!. 
nitica. Cuiilir. 1i<i<l. ArclilnKikii, Endiil, Fappna, linro lalclj iKcn 
well cdilM. IncdiKatiaiiKniiiwd.ERiohanE(lHJl)eTHS, 1U.1. Gnu- 
bcnsr It Sil-Sll Alt, Doniti. W^t indd. to riat. AriXoL not. and 
tha indJ. lo tlw tlires in DidoL Kalm ioiL Calm. Plalo'i fnlins ii tnlT 
npmculnl li; tin apoci^plul ujinei t fi^ ytM/aTad (PlaL u 718} anil 
mtit> a-VfuWv*™ ''''"' t^llOT If 1 3i7 S). 

rtctoR llio I'lurpnion or ■ ficntlcfiiaii Plia. ixit f 77 (of pirlim) imptr 

Kff/m Aoir» el /rf/r, Irr /jf,WNiri euM errrtrrtntr turn itt hotvtti, per/h'ltM 
erdleto Ht u-rrilia iotmntmr. idea nn/NC I'li Ime neijuf Ih Inrmticf 

-••'— qni icnieril njim rtlrlmMHr. IJMnmrr pri 

ng in Tol. IT of hl( Tixhnolofno n. Tcniiinolo; 
(TcDbncr). For th< Ntnalnra at nncicnt ai 
S.ntsmoiik n. tivwh. iter Anliiolaipo dcr Kunit. LexjaX^ Hnrn'tmunii 
ItHD. I'liiiitint! a bruicli et Uhsnil cdurftlion Ariitol. i>ol. v Imt) 8 pr. 
p. 1S3T b -a (v^fura iavra}i -muanuf nnivcruUj iveoiniiKcd i yfa^ii 
\j -MniG'). 1-lin. L c. Aniiw [i.e. of r«nii>1iiliu. nuttur of Atullii] 
**tfarllHle fjffrlnat ttt Hiriimir primnm, dtimte el in loin Itnefia, «t 
purl iiT.iTNiiJ emtiln ante finifMfen, hat tA pleluram In bnxn, ilii-nVHlnr 

■ckool and a fluilio in O. Jtihn UantfUnnnin (Ii'r Ilnniliiirrki nnd 
HuHk'li'Ti.Thchrii <AI>h. d. K. B. tlwIWh. iti. 1SG8) 390-303. l-'tnilnicn 
n paiiilcn^ Bieiiilccti, aculiiton WaUun IiiiL do I'cNlavnED u 411— S, 
4»i— a, 

uiPTca when the alhletaatript Ibr hi* citrclrc. he cubbed bimiclf flrn 
vithoit, Kltcccbf Oie-H'iaumiti bccume an il\iirniv. s-Vi^ftfiu^yi^^ird- 
ttrtoi. Hi'iice at Ikiniinl wiCtaiwrpia, nllUn, HHrlajmliifln; larso ram* 

d loiupitly oil for lite (Tmnaiiinm. Wrctllora al>« rnliluil 

with doat (liriittM, arlrrpa) or a miilnrD of vai and oil 
((^^). Tim Kkin wan artEnranli cleaned b; ths ilrlfflllM, an opcntion 
RprcKntcd in tlie iwiti'tai*" of Polrkletoa and Lj^ippn (Hi^rmann- 
Bliliuncr cr. J'riTalnlterlli.' 3J0). I'l'iit. ii GStK (quacit. oonr. ii 4 an 
lapntunl chapter on imitlinn) iridllinR /lirtr Tin r^ iywtlti ilSirtiXtn 
ft tawir'fai inl cit^ii»aT*f nryyiru iaiurf. Tho oXffimti alao kept an 
e^ on ibc diet and noraUor lu*iliar»B Pint, n GIK WjiL i^n /•> Tgjrai 
aHttluitt,intfit\in^£MwT^iir^ltaralij't)^trr*iHtr. Wjrtl.ib. 
US*. Honee Plato otltn d » H M tha f m rnrrji hnJr) or wtittrfiff^n »iHi 
thariijaic)an,a«aloaBift (oMdnecdtrHoiidikoi (rep.40S'. riiocdr. 
Snf. OiBibosn Enlelranfl Im klao. Allerth. i 2<;0~8. Ell— G. U73 

3S8 AuauB. scHOEKOBATia. HEDictn. luaua. iii7<^ 

HUtr^Hf^'f-ritK. Flin«dtioniii.il3{iOI»pr.lDrVJI(k^ 
hnuff Hr^ H;wT,*iw. Spllit. in 10 | B i fm n ]kfri>, 'Mi ^ 
Mtiitu, iJ Hfi/fun {n^ni, (t rwM S*m t,t, it lyrniirtiit, it n9 i\il. 
rr**4Mi«f.' tO|10. SGf3I. All llie vocdf of iLii bmllj are brgriT 
■fed o( nanl diMirline, tee HSt, «XfJmr>i aW^ lop. TbdL) anl 
BRimllf «•!■ HIS— n. IsTpuWrrfr lua not li«n found in u; GlWk 
(Bthor. niiiTe|>. s It (M) | 1 thmiliii Trajan tor eon^■nla|| tlriuirm 
Jlamanam on b\» lalnllpln t\tc ttctinuinHtrpoeimUtt and iflun (orcM- 
fetrlnn OB tbo Mine (ib. 10 (li) f 1} cMMtm AI/xolulrlMm. M. AnnriiBi 
in Fronlo <T. oil U. Cml ti » iir. (p. U Xalicr) mw mt •llpU/<iwflwi 
nrgwfbHl, The Idtcr aMribcd la lladrino |Vo]>li«. BatBtnin. Stt utmt 
CarMlflnnnijii prribjilrr mm mutliemiilirH; nim Imrtuprr, kck allptMlii 
■ekiwalnlniJ la be a fonseij. B<« Cic Brn. hi Irai. aUfln, op. tbo nM 
vord* with vhkh Celiox (1 1) bct:ioi bin Dnt cluplef «ai)i» hiwn, f irf it 
tflK raM rt OMr ipeiilli at, niillli itbUrmrt tt Iffflbiit Arhfl; at NrfM 
Mnfjm arme aliBla f>*rrr. It b Ibo tcij doctiino of iMn da aaoiL 
taewte ti 11 r. |Ti 410 IM Kl. 

— "" "ora MO Becker-Mi 
IIM — H 'aDtnic*'. 

'dhJDaKo'. rnllcT-JocdaB r{)m. Ujlbol, nnit llarqaanlt rum. MY. iad. 
'atwam', 'aaenrium*. Uommwa rtlm. HiR.' ind. 'nniVT'. -ansiria', 
'•nniieia'. op. A. Uflneliu I^-Clneq liintolnde bi divinaliM daml'tl- 
tlqntd IT (Tacli 1#M| 17'1— 1T>. Brad divin. 

_ „ aciifltniniTEi Unnn. In Blob, II. iiii ;.1 (ii 10 30 irclnelu>)<l 
rirl UX^r ^tTimfti fttrtrttt. ZfiVt. in 13 t i U^M\tr yif im 
aal rt M rwrltt n^ranir tal tt nircr ilV(*\or U\l lal /niMinr. 
rarmOmMH) ^tfrl exai'nr n/aranivi Bekkcr anceiL im /lanw- 
nxt'a N 1^ e)«it«^TH4, ^«* i( /* *X"¥ *v'*a'M- The word rjniv*' 

enir oalj- ocmn In ■ ttou (*r tkunmhatiii. gf. /HtinmlMll «X<viiniV 
Cael. ap. Cle. (am, tiB 1 C nld. nn tim^w read riornnbatlriimjitftrt. 
A i^iionTiii rttainmertm ia CUi tt lOlST. Ceo FritdlindoT U' 374—1. 



a FrinllMndcr H IM, *9) 'r<|. Ilrrizbcrti Genh. Oife 
ehenl. ii 171, SH. Iti III3, SAA. D(^t.1o (be hi<lLiri(i of mnlieitie (rip. 
Bpimect i' tnr tlowiibanin) ennnitt tlie Iranrliitloni of I]ii>iwtiala, 
Antacof, ranlna Acgineta. «ilh tlic Irnnieil commcnlarT by Adaim 
Liltti'a Hlpimkratca, DutinbcTu'* Oribatlo<i Darembcrii-Uuellu'i IIbIbi 

„ „ Mun peo FabrieEan-SehaDahiHiFpn MbtlotT. ant. (ITOl) OlS- 
690; an norllont artlele lij llio lamcnlal griulnmorc io Clicrtliau'ii diet 
«tchri<l. >nlii|. 'maijio'refen to <he oilier Idlin litcralnre and to SIninT 
la nuRia tt I'aittolopo diinii I'anliqalli!. IVtrii \»V). Add Winer bW. 
'Balomo*, 'Wahimecr'. 'Zanbcrcl*. Ccorpii'i nliaiulire artiete io Panlr 
■mai^'irlSTT— UlSandon tlw idation of nuRlo to the Boman ilai* 
ti^m ib. 14It>— 10, who ciln Oodefra* on cod. Thcod. ii Id (in 131—1181. 
Add BeebCT-UaniiiaTdl rr 93— IS7. FrellerJonlan rOm. Utili. iU. 
•ataber'. DUUiwar HeUedlbdia ■. Jodentlran) 0(U— MS. UlUkr- 
. _ . c .,_^ ^ _,^_ t:^ j^_j^ y^^ 

ikln In Henm'a BE. C pral. Tht 
bHMi*> FMlaUTa %oU«r 




•diallncoov audlew, mtgm •mmlm mrtt 

mn n Uarlland n 
Onmlm rimrimt In mn 

„ 78 oaAiCDLCi Hoidon or 
llelledonlM. Bnim 

LiaL 1 10 pp. OS— 4. Bee Hia rannla of aoeh a Inck ot all tndei, IIi|iL>iaa 
inaloHip|i.min.K0-8. Uimi. nul. »>•. Cicdoor, ui |l:t7. Ccnia 
la Joan, of elaaa. and imt. pIiiloL in 63—3) a inutcr in arilhuieiK, 
(Konolrr. aotmnomy, mwie, foctrj, liteiatare, nalutal, moral and po- 
Ulkal philoHiphT, ninemonlea. DHnry.uiakinR, and alto in (In manual 
aita, havinii made liia o*n clothn, ulioaa. rinn, ittlail. Twlinical tcima 
nm bocmed from <rrc«o bf noma (Saalfdd iikIci puceuruni voca- 
balonim In lincnaia Int. tranalatonim, DcrL I«74. XucliLiaiullcr do 

•-■■< gnu«ia in lat. IranaUtii, ib. ISili). Bee veacallj on Gitxk 

1C7 llcrlrJicni tieicb. (irteclwnL ■ SlJt on llic luivala tutors 
arian*. MntlniiiM, duincaiie pliiJaaoiibcii, in tlu Iidums of leading 
Muanii, TcoffW 301— II. Suet. Tib. II. uO £7. For thetu waa a Uilter 
nda of tin Oreck (j " ... — 

. repreacDled by rinlanh, E|ii1.titw, Uio 

itom, wliieb kil captiia tlia but ncn o( Itimte, aoJ niado lircek 

MT.of lluaonia* and Anloninnaface Capilolin. U. Ant. piiiL 2-4 

'Afforir, pliiloaoplif, noiNf' 



[nrhia •ludieo, oiiiiie, jTrawrfi,. , _., ._ , , ,...,, ,_ 

tlHtik; eel.) and of Iho docton o( tba early Uoiimii cliuieh. Hadrlao, 
tatet vlioni la*, wrote, raa dcvoled to Ureok and lived mucli at Allicni, 
mt tba dceuratioa «t vbidi he apent T«»t hitui (IJiatl. Uaitr. 1 I fit, 
liimlMi tK/rmlHi Graerli tliiiih, tafenla rim $lt ad ta iceliHiiutt Mt a 
mmniilllt Uraoenlna JlerrrlHr, u ciXLCU it 13-J n. liCbiya, or. 31 
(1 MH II) iKi ate eontradielrd Kero on an; poiat, or laid iliat sar 
comniand of hi) Kaa luipoiaiblo of euenlion: Crrt tai 1/ wtrtrllti 
aUim riri. iml rnV* tritxm *irif lal nvito viHr trfi^ri ttttr wmf' 
ttrw In Twi fit ftMmt, in wTiitiinrti, lociau aainna 4 I wai nuiei to 
Am ■ wllcb and m rrmo mlraele. 4 wirtftrt* litt^wtr 4 Xi#Mw<m. 
TIHemoDt hint. eeel. (». I'icrni art. 31, l-arli lOuS, i l«l— T] 0% tbo 
■llmpt of Blinon Uainu to ll.T. Htnncn. iciHtua Ot. am. ■ 4 13 
jntd liU nlirvtTll. aapUa, blM Iptt, fettle. On lh« eonatr. Hoindorf 
Htr. ■, I 1 Ij. It. Deer (fplcU. laT, dS) 'liUcrao utimae manna pott 
ntfaBlo ritbnranornuaiiaanl.eoni'iiMtarlnoliun ////// ,'//HT(ii(«ram 
miitri', t'Aff eiliibcntea.' lEUEnia, uui TI (3d— 7 •! e4Mt[iia luaaoril 

»T0 i)i*<,nt 4l8n. HAnn» ti (37. n IM. nr 
•Ai .. . „ ijj inirclkri' taloa (»T 11— 3d, aee Loeian 

orl«cv I Xa 


ladiaaiw ilgttnat. 

.. . I Xane^Hi AeHtlaufHt fatrtt madiaaiw ilgttnat. In l£a tut 
MotnofdriliHlioa, tlio 'eiv ofOreeoe.' 

„ 81 nsavN Eoo BM Tcaun eaicHrui aa Seneca dU cp. 03 1 1 Se- 
Mffrtan WraiwM emUmum menm c/naafV* « relialia eoBohrliatla 
nn Ufa trmlaada tofmr. Warn mimlnr, 

H Nna>niaBiLLBBmu(tF>ledUadiri>3IUa.«dteab(naBla- 
mi^Um *.d. lU (CIO 17n>) T^ •yitnpF U^fif,m...rtT*rtW:.Hf*n'. 

„ a mm noe Ftep. m (i*| 7 60 <• rallam yfaaw rminrfwa 
npan ApaLMl.iM^b»(i,..*MHfllat<l(«ivltwdMMla«MttrrlT 
•anDl0lr& Oaiaa, 

I, H tea* M Mi aaa iia. 4* fai n IT 1 1 Miaat kaaarala law 



III 82— 

pofllai Irftiel eoepMi eonrlrntorl, rccatoH, ip$i mi Itbi pmfferebotnrt 
dewtetUf qnid intertti, quam ItcU vremm partrmt honf^tlcnm le mat tur* 
plorem point f«eenmilrinu$t Uiaxo. Lnko 14 10 whera Price citat 
Jamct S 8. eeelni. W 84. Pltat BCich. 492—8 trffn oralores poptiU mm* 
fMfn Hri I tumml necubrnt, egn iitfiimati$ infumm, Haopi opOM. ti 819 
§ 4^9 MXffff, ipmHfmfUPf $i rnlth tUteumbamit; W9O ircXflWif ; vbi iubnt 
iw wpit^ r4ry o^drc^^r, /a primo loeo diMumhe, Plot Acmil. VwaL S8 
fl ft 6* qoACfit coiiT. t 2 and 8. 

in 82 nrcrMiiET Ilor. c. ui 8 11. qi. 1 8 1. Kart. it 83 11. Giuso. 
Plin. cp. II I 'A, 

M 68—68 *Tho joiniiu; thcso fellowa with % farpo of fjo^xj h «• 
cellent. Iqt. well knew tlio nrt of in(lictiii;i «lc;.'nidatioii. lie mnkcfl 
ii bin boftst to hare been noarinlicd on the Saline olive, a* well as to hiTe 
iNteatbed the air of Avcntino: attachment to nnlional food ia one of the 
common objceta of patriotie prejudice. Tlic olive still flonriiihi>a as the 
proper fruit of Itnljr.' Bapiiam, who micht have cited Seldcn (taMe talk 
'preaching' % 10) *that rhetor! ; is best which ii« most Fcasonnhle and most 
catching;. An instance we have in that old blunt eomnuindcr at Cadii, 
who shewed liim»olf a Rood omtor; beinp; to any conuthin;; to his soMieri 
(which he was not used to do), he made them a speech to this purpose: 
What a tlume will it bft yon KHfiU»hmt«^ Ifiat ftctl vpon fhwd beef nni 
hrewe$», to hi thou ni»enllif Spani<ird$ beat yon, that eat nothing but 
oraHfjeti and lemom. And so put more courage into 1. j men than he could 
IttTc done with a more learned oration.' 

„ 68 rarxA Stat. s. 1 6 14 (omoBf* Domitian's (rifts scrambled for at 
the Saturnalia) fwin/ ramii pia permiuat Dama$eon, I>ioscor. 1 174 Syrian 
l^ums, especially' those grown at Damascn*. nre di^rcstibk* and astringent 
The best grow at Damascus <Oribas.i i:H with Pnrenibirg p. ii^ and ind. 
franft, so Ath. 49* — .Kl^. (iaicn ti 01.') K. IMin. sv i 51 alrradv gromi 
in Italy, cf. geopon. x 80; where thcj were dried in the aun Pallad. Nor. 
7 H I^ IC)* Aci/ia^«i^6r brcamo the general term, for the earlier cmtc^ 
t^ikm (geopon. X 78. Ath. 1. e.), whence our Ham$on, Eight large dried 
damsons are rated nt 4 denarii in cd. Diocl; ti 80 W'addington. The 
phj-sicians ha\-o much to cay of tlieir uses in diet Paul. Aegin. 1 61 (witb 
Adams 1 18C). Simeon Seth p. 22 fcq. (ialfn ti 853 also joins then 
with figs as laxatives for Iho aged, both fresh in summer, and dry in 
winter, either boiled or steeped in ^X/r/Niror (p. 884 aa laxatiTes Siianish 
prunes preferable, cf. xn 82). xi 807 (joined with figs). Helm Kultnr* 
pfianxen u. Hausthierc' 829— AH2. A. F. Magerstedt die Obstbaumzicht 
der Homer (Sondershauren 1801) 221'^. Damascus now exports dried 
Apricots in large quantities. 

,. „ coTToxA Hehn 1. e. 88 — 80 *The native home of the figtrre is the 
■enitie W. Asia, Syria and I*olcstine: there it grown mo^t luxuriantly 
and yielda the sweetest fruit in abundance. The O. T. often names tlie 
tree, esp. with the Tiue,and is full of pictures nnd similes drawn from it; 
to dwell under, or eat of, one*a Tino and figtrec, is to enjoy a quiet, 
peaoefnl existence.' Figs aenred as biead and meat Plin. xt f 82 panU- 
fiM sfawl et aptomii tkem niecmtae imptent, mtpote tnm Cato tiboHu nark 
€pemrti» farsfa era lege tanciem minmi iubeat per fei matuHtatem, eum 
feeentijk9 mils vkt eeneo retel nwper excoffitatnm [ef. Hcraklid. poL t, M 
in MtUkr fragm. bist gr. n 119]. 1 68 e« Jboe genrrt mnt^ vt dUimm, 
•oltana cf earieeu puieqwe emueendenti navem etdrenm Pmrthm emm 
jectn m» Cfttto TetHi'e$ ptaedieaittts voce, eeitntae* oaiiila Jknce in Aneutt 
rm 4 B jHa Imtmlit L, Wfeff/aw, fii< posfea cmsor /a/f, cvai Icyafuf In m 




wrociheia ettet, novitttmit Tlberii prUietpis temporibue, 'Then, as now, 
101, freah and dried, were the staple and wholesome food of the peopki 
In lUlv, esp. in 8. lUly' (Hehn). The best figs still eomo from Bm^-nia, 
pressed as of old, in boxes; tb^ are grown in the N. of Caria. od. Diocl. 
84 rates Carian figs at 28 for 4 demarii. This kind was aloo grown iu 
8/ria (Plin. xiu f 81). Uagcrstedl L 0. 174— lOi;. Atlien. m e. O—IU. 
Hermann-Dlfimner gr. Privatalt. p. 28. indd. to Plin. and the writers on 
Biodieine and agriculture. Winer BW. * Feigcnbaum.' 

m 64 vaQCB ADBo mniL est Peis. x 20 27 usque adeone | §ein tuam 
nihil est, nl$i te eeire hoe eeiat alUrt Aen. xii 010 Forb. Stat s. 111 2 
07 usque adeone parom Untae trmmire palude§f Sen. n. q. tu 1 1 1. 
Terg. g. IT 61. 

,, 65 OACA sAiuxA T 60 n. Plin. xt § 8 and xxxni 1 202 (Italian oil). 
Galen xu 818 K (Sabine oU the beal of aU within my knowlodgc). It is 
hard for ns to understand the place which the olive (oil-tree), lU wood 
and fruit and esp. iU oil tilled and to a great extent still fill to the people 
of southern climes. Colnm. t 6 | 1 (from tlie farmer's i>aint of view) 
§lea . ,jtrima omHtum arborum ett, i 5 $ed ueqne iiepre$»a toca neque ardaa 
maffittjiie modieoe eUco§ amat, qaakt in Italia Sabiuorum rel tota pro- 
viHcia Uaetiea videmut, ef. Pallad. Mar. V g 8 oieo Sabino. In tbe 11. T, 
fhmi Noah's dove onwards, joined with eoni and wine, or (as in Jotham'a 
parable) with the figtreo and the vine, it is the sMiibol of settled order 
and plenty; and now at this day, introdncctl into America and Aubtralia, 
it has an inducuce on the tide of emigration. Iut. going into the market, 
might have bought prunes and figs of Italian growth ; and if ho asked for 
ttie best eatmg olives, he would have been served with foreign samples 
Pan. XV f 10 italteit trantmarinae praefentntur in cihi* eiim oint rimautHr, 
?• ^ exported from Pafentine into Egypt (Hon. 13 1) and Tvre (Ex. 27 
17). The JwM used the fruit and its oil as food and for cooking, as a 
eosmetie, in burials, as a medicine, for illumination (see the articles 
tS^^* y^K 'oin*™pn*.* 'oHve,' •unction' in concordances and the 
UUe-dictionaries of Calniet, Smith, Kitto, Schenkel. Winer and Hcrzog's 
BeaLEucykl. -oel.* -oelbaum,* 'salbe,' Celsii hierboUn. n 831 se«i.; for 
the later church use W. K. Soudamora in Cheethani diet. chr. ant. 'oU,' 
•unction'). Helm Kulturpflnnzen« 67— 103, 140-1 lutudlcs tlio con;(onial 
Oieine excellently. The oUto tree in Homer (Buchholz die homri im-bcn 
Healien I 2 255—9). Tbe Athenians sliewed on the akropolis the tree 
oeatcd by Athene, and miraculously restored when burnt by the Persians 
gleurs. Cecrop. 19 20 and fort. Att 2 f. Valck. and Biilir on Hdt. vin 35. 
WeUsker gr. GiHterlehro I 816— 9. u 808. Soph. OC. 0U4— 700. Pans, i 
XL?- u ^l * '^' ?^^ *?. Sitxungsber. d. K. S. Ges. 1650 82-101. 
S?^^?-??°"£■** *" Hellenen 428-430. Hcnnaim-Dliinincr gr. 
- ? . « ^- . ^^«- K- ' ^® oteaeqne l/inrrca | iNrcHtrix), When the 
y?"^ V«V?.> '^M bnried alive, bread, water, milk, ei7, as the primo 
Beentanes of life, were interred with her (Plut. Num. 10 f 8). Cato r. r. 
lOatock for an oliT^yard of 140 iiiffera. ilart. xm 80 2 of a box of oUtcx 
ttom Pkjennni: inehontatque eadem/itit oUm dapu. Hor. a n 18 8-6 
•M^aina that oUTcyardawmooBTerted into flowerb^ epod.2411— 86 
21'!I5&'**^'S???S?^*^*^*^^ Larga coUeetiooa respecting 
iil!Sli.f5t JftJl^ *■ litonture, agrienltiiie. trade and dai^ EtoTto 
Mywt6dtdiaO iyfr«w wj ch tdecB8iaMr(8 oB^ 1601)282-270. 

tt^Mna ki. aad lad. to m^y aad tbo ned^ 
Myol ra,j,HM^.|p«.' Dawnbetg hi hia Oribaat I 609-6U. Hehn 
«mdiqf M. Eirapa M bMr-Md-hottar kBd from 8. Eaiopa aa wioe^Mid- 




oU Und, Bhewt (pp. 1S8— 140) that Um latter Is gaining groand on tht 
former. * Still to this daT ' be sajt (00) • a German boor oonsamcs with 
«i)ojmenl grmt lomps of becon, bat is loath to poor oil on his vegetablei 
or Ity his meat with oil. Just as the Gauls, according? to rosidaniiis 
(Ath. 151*), from want of haint and bccaase of iu scarcity eschewed tht 
nee of oil.' Bat Winer {^oeX") and KItto ('oir) ittest that Westerns also 
■oon eome to nvCDr TegetaUe to animal fsts, and indeed cotton-eeed-, 
maize- and other oils are now large]|7 saperMding hatter and dripphig 
(see Eoorcl. llrit new cd. • oihi *). 

in 80 see consummate specimens of flattcty in Lae. imasir. and pro 
lma|i:g. incLAxni oexs racPExnsaiMA Gnatho (Tcr. ean. 2G0 — I) wu 
entreated by a poor starveling who envied his success, irf </6/ Uceret dU» 
€tTt id de me: itetarl iuaU \ •( poth e$U tnmqurtm philotophorum hahfni 
diteipuH ex 4p*ft \ rorifba/a, panuitl ila ut GHathonici voeentur. Scs 
O. Bibbcek's monograph 'Kolai.* The chief teits are Tlieophr. char. S 
(1 iebb), who wrote a separate book on the subject Plut. it 48—74. 
Uaz. Tjr. (36) | 7. SO (4). Ath. S48'— 2C0«. Stob. li. zir. Suet 
Keio 23 (testimonial to Greek supremacy in adulation by a judge beyond 
ezecption) cited on nil 220. cf. 827 n. DCass. lzi 20 licimar (5000 

UT 15 f. 

„ 87 SEXxoxcv ixnocn, faciex DEroams Fliilostr. soph, i 25 f 90 
(dtcd p. 17U) Varus was persuaded by his flatterers /nf^ Sm rdr Mm'^ci 
•rc^Wrtffl* avrsv ^f&sr, iwin wpi§ ri gSrtr rpdvotro. wapavXifeM M 
rsirotff Asl wipl rm €%^^iiif ^f rapiwwtvfftu tV "^^^ ^^* ^irctrwr y\iif 
raf, ororr fuXn^ Loe. somn. 18 makes ita owners fair, wiac^ 
strong, ib. 14. 

„ ., sciuioxEX ixnocn Spaniards, a hero of Iut. and a friend, wers 
not behind in the art of adulation. Sen. cons. Polyb. 2 f araures this 
•msstcr of requests' that his paraphrases of Homer and Virgil will be 
as imuoital as the originals: qnamdimfnerit nUut liHcri§ honor^ qm^din 
itettrit ant Laiinae tinguae potentU aut Oraecae gratia^ vigcbii cnm 
WMximlB viri$, quomm te ingenlli rel eontvUt reU fi hoe rcrceundin eim 
recMiai, adpUenit, cr.8f2. 11 fO. Martial (zi 1 0. zii 11) makes the 
court duuubcrlain Fartlunius a great i^oct Lucian paints the Greeks 
Timou 51 f. 'for Timon is the best of orators, and what lie will.* adv. 
Indoet 20 your flatterers lead you hj the note and make yon bolicTe that 

Ki are not only handsome and lovoable, but wise and an omlor and 
torian without a peer. It is said tltat you recite to them at dinner, 
and tbcyt like Und frogs, croak with thirst, and will not drink, till they 
hate burst with screaming. TIM7 even persuade yon that you rescmUs 
some king, like those pretenders, tfaa Pseudalezandros, Pseudophilippos 

„ „ rACiEX DETonxis AMKi Loo. Tlmon 28 surrendering to his flat- 
terers, who swear that he is Mrtr than Klrent, mora highly bom than 
Kckrops or Kodros, riser dm% Odffmemt^ rieber thaa siitecn Krocsl 

M 88 cuvicmoiPhflostr. Apoll.Ti 80 flAp. taking Tituil^ the Mvfe 
UnX'^lk9ppm%aM9U%rmUtn69iHa^pi^,wMi\ MVhowiUbmk 
to the yoke a boU with so Hai^ a neekr IS'Ho' vsplied Titaa •«!» 
Hired me as a eaU^' La. his fstMr. ef. Jaeobe on onthoL gr. Tin 48. 

M 88 ancnji a. a. 68, Nero (DCaat. luu SO f 8) oa hii retata frwi 


Us gymnastic triumphs in Greece, waa greeted with Illuminations and 
shoals, especially from the senators, of •<$& 'OXtf^stsi^ka, o^« llvtfcovum, 
•4m Alyssirrt Atfyeiwrf, J^ipmn ry 'Il^aeXf £, THipm^i vy *Ar4XXwr». So 
Commodus was called the lioman Hereolos (Lamprid. Coram. 8 §§ 5* i^* 
0|8. 10 f 9. 17 f 8. kL Anton. Diadam. 7 If 2 8) and named September 
after himself Hereules (Lamprid. Comm. 11 1| 8, 18 14). So Maziminus 
((kpitol. ilaz. 4 H 0. 6 f some oalled him Milo, some Ifereulet, some 
Jafernn). axtabum Gv. met. iz 184 Bach. A favorite subjoot, iu 

poetry fkom Pindar and Pisander, and in art, Hercules appearing as 
the Ideal wrestler Pspc«Benseler Eigennanicn, Darembcrg diet de^ ant 
and Pauly s. v. Prellcr griech. Myth. n> 217—0. Creuzc r Bymbolik 11* 
77. Loe. IV 580—055. SUt Th. vi 880—0. Philostr. imag. u 21 with 
jaeobs. ApoUod. n 5 f 11 Hcyne. 

in 00 lunATcn vocex AxnniTAai Lac adv. indoet. 8 Enangclns per- 
soaded by flatterers {iwaiwwrrmp ital fiotivrtM^t owin tai r6 wfUKoAran^ 
^cfirof dvMpoO^atr^) to oompete for the Pythian prize for lyre and song, 
broke the chords and was flogged oat of the theatre by oixler of the 
judges, in spite of his gold and jewels. 

„ 01 Buffon hiH. naturelle par C. Sonnini (Paris an iz) zu 181 on 
salt quo le coq s'approche de la poulo par une csitoce de pas oblique, . . . 
sceompognant son action d'un cei-tain mnriuure czpressif ; . . .on I'ait que 
lo male $aisit arec ton bee la crfte oh let ptumet du tommet de la lite de la 

femelle^ soit par maniOro de carrssc, soit pour gaidcr T^uiltbre. Eticnne 
ds Cla^i^ro Inv. periphrases (Bounces 1G07) says that any one who has 
kept fowls knows that it is tlie hen's note that is thin, or querulous, or 
hoarse; tlie cock's is shrill and clear. AXorstAM s tcnucm is rare; aag. 
tpirltut Cic. in Iczz. on the training of the voice see Grasterger Erziehung 
■i kkss. Altcrth. 11 273 — 6. 

„ „ ILLE, QUO MAaiTO LucT. 1 15 Xluuro. Kijtperdey on Tae. an. it 
58. Staveren on Nep. Ages. 4 | 4. Friedlsnder (m Bursian's Jshresbcr. 
m 1877. 214) rightly rejects Bilchekr's revehition (Bliein. Mus. zziz 687) 
'in ezplicandis saturis quos quidcm novi Interpretcs mnlta pnict<>rmisere, 
vriat ne hoe quidcm odnotatum inveni ad in 01,eireuitu illo poctam ideo 
nsom erne ut gallus galUnaceus quantum Gallo pracstaret scmiriro, vcr- 
bemm Indibrio eomprehonderet.* With the flattciy cf. Sil. ni 618 — ^0 to 
Bomitian qnln et JlomMleot tnperahit voce nrpote*, \ quit erit eloquio 
MrtHM decHt, MARtTO SO (of the lower animaN) Verg. Hor. Coiura. 
Flin. (z 4 76 of pArtridgc% 1 155 ffalllnae). Mart, iz 71 1. ziv 140 1. Stat 
Th. f 8.10 ttahuU, So vir, d^,'w6attt uaor, yvrq, 

M i^3 TiiAii»A Bayle s.v. 

„ 04 95 DORiDA KoiiLO CVLTAX FALLioLo vt 08—77. Fricillindcr 
(Banian iahresbcr. ztv 174) prefers Priscian's residing pnllo el. Mart iz 
82 1 hane ro/o quae faellit quae palllolala variatmr^ as Doris is here 
evidently (?) the meretrix in comedy. W. E. Weber, rcadint; hhIIo, takes 
D. to bo tlie slave-giri in simple tunie. So Madvig and Dilntzcr, as it 
soems rightly. [Cypr.] de spcct 5 f. (p. H) a just reproof of the 
mimes Itlad pabUeMmmonelrHmomnlbut rideatlbut fferitar et pnttitatarnm 
tramltur ebtleaemflat: qmietltum ett qaomoda adiilterium ex oenlit admit' 
terttnr, hak tMeeon caiidlgiuim dedeetie taperdaeltur, homo fraetae 
omalbni Mambrie •! vlr mltra mallobrom mollitiom dissola- 
tus, e«f en ilt verka MaaAw expedlva: et propter unnm neoeh qaem neo 
▼IruM Baa famlnaM coMMevefiir tlvitue tota ut detalteatar faMotme 
amiqultattm likUiim. On tbo theatre Friedttiider n* 891— 488 and in 
liHipatdt BIT. m 80S--i8S (885 eie^ fai the mimca aU paiti wws takoi 


bj men); on mnak Sittciigftch. 111* 291-S38. ClMd. In Eatr. n M— f 
JU pU»9i»u» et infitna \ eaneiUl clamor, qnalit remnuiiUibtu otim | fJtoritar 
CMreh, quoUent erimltwi epkebtu | ant rlfUmm Kiokem mut JIatltm Troadt 


m 95 Tert. tpeet 17. SB. Hicr. ep. 4S 9 fln. In fAMlmf/(M scmenU 
mmu atqiie idem kistrio nunc tterculem rotm$tm$ mtendit, nmm mollis in 
Vemerem fnnyitw, nnmc tremulMi in CgbfleH. 79 9 pr. ki^trio froettu in 
f^minom. Cjrpr. ad Douit 8. ep. 2. ChryiL bom. in lUii. 87 (88) f 
(Til 475* Oamne). IMnoknitni, « McMcnum cnvor, dancing in woman*! 
attira Poljb. uit 5 i U. Pint (lamin. 17 f n. gninUl. 1 10 i 81 optr. 
tint tamen ffrnJUendnm p^to, non kanc [mntieen] a me praecii»i, quae nam 
in teotnit ejfeminata it impndicit moHh ftoeta non ex parte minlmo, »l qnU 
in neb^t rlrilin ruboris manebat, exeidit, 

N 96 nuBOSk Rnct Ncr. 91 traffoedias qnoqne eantarit pcrionaUi, 
keroum deommqne item keroidum ac dearum nertonii ^eetU ad iimiUtn' 
dinem orl» »ui et femlnae, prtmt qnamqne dttlgeret. 

,. „ PLAXA anth. rat XI 229 XBIAON koX AEIXON Un ypati^utrn, 
#t M W rovr«; | AEIXEI yip XEIAOX, Kir r^«, Ktip in^a, ItiOAfLT. Or. 
am. I 8 91 qnam ea$tifMto plana 11 $wb pertore renter, 

„ 99 MO Croft on Elywn Oorenioar (1888) i 203. iiolu ti 47, 18S. 
Tin 15 n. cf. tener 1 22 n. 

„ 100 101 MAioBE CAcnnnco co?(CirmTB zi 9 8 qnid enim maiore ea- 
ebinno | exeipUnr, Ans. epigr. 64 8 $oliio maloro eacliinno eoneat* 
int. rim:*, coxcTTiTva viii 24. xvi 17—22 n. Holdcn on Cie. p^ 
Plane, fi 18. p. Sett. $Wln eaCcgorical for a conditional tcntcncr. Pnbne 
•chool liat. Gr. p. 478. Tor. haut. 70. 480—7. Vcrg. g. 11 819 ForU 
Ot. a. a. n 848. heroid. 4 189. Until. Lup. 1 15. • Uari. iii 46 8 and 9^ 
Jlnnro on Lncr. in 9 45. 

„ 100 .• ISen. n. q. I pr. f 6 in mtitnam rolnntatem termo eompotUnt, 
Obbar mi aor. pp. 1 18 10 11. Mart xn 40. 

n 109 XBO Plin. ep. in 1 f 9 n. 

M 108 sxuBOMiDBM PolL YU 92. Callim. Del 288. Astruo irMT 
Sen. n. q. I pr. f 4 «l iudom, «( aeitnom. 

M 104 xux euMVi BBoo riau 3Iart. ii 18 2 (eitcd 1 100) iam imn 

M 104 105 onxi xocTB mxqoa >Iart. ix 02 1 2 omni | et noeto...el 
die. ii48 2nootodieqno. eo Or. met. ii 843. zii 46. Pont in 140. 
8U. xn 483. xni 2M. xi? 61. \¥\. ii 281. Tin 416. Stat. ». it 89i 
V 1 72. Pmd. cath. 8 56. Amon. v (eglog.) 16 12 (p. 15 B) (Stat. Th. ? 
03 inb noete dicqnc). 

,, 105 106 ALixxA ftoxcns TVLTm a facib eoromendcd In nfamnlm \ff 
Stat ■. n 6 52 58 teenm iri$ti»qno hitari$qn€ nee nmqnam | ilk raw 
vnltnmqne tno tnmcbat ab ore. Or. tr. ▼ 8 17. 

M 106 lACTABE iiAXVs QointiL x 8 9 21 ilia, quae altlcrem anlml motnm 
ieqnnntnr qnaeqtie ip$a animum onodam modo eoneitant, qnomm e$t iae* 
tare m an um. XI 8 9 179. Or. f. in 536. DCaie. lxi 20 1 8 when Kcr» 
aeted, Bnrrbnt and Bcnooa pro m pt ed him, mU uMi nit re x<*f •' <'<d fb 
lltJtnm, ov4rc ^y^rb n, Ar49%%99. laudabx riBATVa Tl 16. 907. 241. 
B 7. 49. xui 108. XT 102. l^toa. 1 181 ti 86. 

M 107 ttocTATiT 8nct Tit 7 arte of T. to win ftTonr; be kimed all. 
tTMi the priTate eokUere oo hiaroad, perqng ttmbnUoMdenmrimmnliorA' 
bm» at etefori5«f praeter ntodum coia/i, nl iMac tinpnlm, 'laauw ientae- 
■ent* ttiiHtmretnr teqne feelMtt rnetn f n efii e mteadfrft. Mart, m 8931 
s4810raotalrixmMfAalatkeplianneopoda. tt?4btlnjBtlietiFpte. 







Ai a medical lymptom Ind. to Plin. h. n. and Galen. mixxr Lne. 
eonT. 85. Akiphr. ni 55 1 9. Petron. 27 n. (i>p. 181— 133 Dunn.). Uier. 
ep. 52 (s2) f 6 andio prmtterea in $enet el ann$ abtqne liberis qnonndnM 
turpi •erritinm, ip$i appon a n t matn lam, obtident lectnm, pnmlentiam 
itomaeki et pklegmata pnlmonis mann propria tmeipinnt. The anctcnta 
carried out the maxim natnmlla non $nnt tnrpia with rigid eonaistenej; 
4t ii nceilAil to remember tbi*, or we ihall ebarge this paamge with 
exairgcmtion and take oflenee where none in meant often in the elamaea» 
ai in the fatbcrfl, Dante, Chaae«-, Lather, Shakcepeaiv. AcmIo'Iim in 
Ath. 17* OMftwm WW wnpdyn tu9vmrmt rovt '^EXXfrat. wt nU rAf «^i5ef 
(hit word, and that of Soph. ib.« in wpin] dU^t wtpucarwefrmmi, 
0. Jalin ttbcr Daretellnngcn griech. Dichtcr anf YaMnbildem (Abh. d. 
K. 8. (res. d. Wist. Tin 746) after speaking of tascs n*pre««cutiiig 
dmnkArdt vomiting t • Kicbi minder nnbcfangon wcrdcn die Veiea dee 
Eopolit (Ath. 17*) 

rtcr* th ttwep „d«XI« rai'* wpirot turned wlwwri 
IIftXa^f5i«d9 ye rovra T»i$€vpiinn nl ooftw oem 
dnrcb ein VnHcnbild illastrirt (man. Gro^. ii 85 2), wdclicn br«t -itigt, wie whr 
die BcgrilTc von Aimtand wechndii (Wclcker Nnclitr. xnr Till. p. lUi IT.).* 
Wdcker cites Xcn. Kyrop. Tin 8 f lu (with Gataker advcn<. nitK. osoiiera 
I 2'.i3). Suid. 'ro5(Mr xpq^vAt. Diogenian. vui 4 [i 305 LcutHch]. Dc- 
moHth. a<!. K«mon p. 1257 H 4. PietAon on Mocrit p. 218 [cf. sat x 64 n.]. 
Uottiger Knbiua 31—39 eitcs Petron. 27 oomm. llaniirex dc Pnulo on 
Mert. ui 82. Unton on Epiktet. i 2 j| 8. 19 1 17. Wyttcnb. on Phit 
n «31<. kd\ nndcr on Mart ti 89. Ath. 202^. 21>2«. Clem. Ai. jiottl n 
i 25 f. p. G7 10 Kylb. Pollux x 122. Other cxx. offcnRi%-o to our utandnid 
of decorum citetl bj eomni. Suet CUnd. 82. }ilArt. in 82. x 14 10. C>iiio 
•hamelcurnens Zollcr Philoe. d. Gr. ii (1)» 274. 2rt0. Coi» in joum. of cL 
and aaer. phil. ii 154, and on Ariitot. rhct in 2 f 13 p. 1405^ 10 (confnta- 
tiofi of the aopbiam w9iwn c/ocMnf<>* ^t'^P ^ avf^e nvMa^^'t ribe ilrri 
nv roU c/rcJr). HSt w^^ppqiumlm and kindred worda. Pint ii 1C69'. 
Alkipbr. in 715. John of Kaliaboiy fiolier. in 4 expn'fi«vii onr malcra 
Icclin;; in bit |ianiphraac •{ bene rmetarit, ant «/ auid fecit amirun, \ qnod 
firn/trre palam non ptmit liiifina motleete, Botti^vr ma. iminitca to the 
Ln(*lith thncc-bottlo men of lib day a c^nie freedom *Iiodie apud Anglo- 
eritannoa dc mann in mannin ambiUat inatnla.* 

m 109 MH^. a.) Cacciliaa Eplrota 8uct. gr. 16. amours of fa<ibionable 
rhjvfarlina FriedUindcr i» 115. Story of ByUaena (Ion. nnt. xvi 7 H 0). 
Mart IT 5 5 (citeJ on 21 22). Tae. an. it 8 ami 12 (SeiAnuH and Li\ iaj. 

M 111 aroxaca levis aihicc early marriage FricdIiiiKlcr i* *fa>— G (Xoro 
married a.d. 58 act 10 Tae. xu 58; hnabanda of eleven ycara of age in 

M 112 113 REsvpixiT . . TOLCXT Change of number ef. 290—9 itat.. 
Met . . eiflamat . . . jerinnt . . . facinnt. ti 116—135 whoro the account 
of Meaaalina eloaea with/iic/ifNf . . .peccant. 802—5 non teutit . . ./eminn ; 
. . . repntauL 460 acq. /emina dive$ . . . rcniunt. So individual examples 
Me aummcd up in tlie debent of i 75. xiu 209—223 explains the naogo i 
tofitat . . htibet . . videt . . . A< $unt qnl trepidant, Kurb. 

ff 113 aEcaxTA Tae. aa. it 7 1 ri aeereia e aof a^ ein$ [of Draana] oor* 
nipta nxore pnd^bantnr, nsiBai 57. Cie. p. Cad. f 57 ef qnibno 
«rifaF..«elfae, faof inUllepebnt non commnni condieiono 9ertitntit nti, 
•M Ucemint Itbertnt /amiUmHm cnm dmina rIvereP qnia enim koe non 
jwf, ... In ein§ modidomb, In f «a siafer /amiUm meretricio store riraf, 
M f«« ntka fermtnr qand finu pro/erendnm tit, ...hlc terrm mm em 





rf ...fNAiM 9eemltn ert^fdwr. DH. it 34 (it S5 9 KieMling) of 
I •! M'^«pf#re^f Ml €W€py0i rtit dtwwAuut ytp^iupm fa^/uiKmAf nl 
Ml nSr Wff eto^ i r6 nrnw^v mBiKmUrmf, vccciTO tlieir freedom 
M A rewanl of eompUd^. Loe. acre. eond. 41. Ion. b. Ind. i M 
thravglwiil (cMcer of Enr^rklcs). F«nMbj citee the pcorerb •rrro i^ altnU 
9i/a, eki dice il mo teerrto n chl no* t m. 

in 114 BT QooxiAM oosriT Cio. ont |M el qooaiAm eoe pi.. ^Hfriv. 
Lner. t 1410 «fo odium eoopit fftamii$, 

M 110 DCaml Lxnn 1 1 f the phiLMOpber Serai condcnned to dctth 
miMler Kcrra m a falio aeeuer. DCms. ui S6 | 4 A.n. 40 C«lU;uUi di*. 
chugcd ronponian, who wm eaid to Iiato plotted Apiin«t hint, 4wtti^ 
^v4 ^Omt wpotM% Mid lewAnkd hk mietfcti, beoaoie when tortured ihe 
dirsl^ed notliini^ 

H M MAiniuii aholuus UArqiMrdt PriTAtloben O'lB, Ts, B^fiMo ii 
Darenberff dire dot ant. i * kt Mtiriqaen raillent (A. M«i Yirpil. pict 
ftiit ci cod. Vatic. lM3o. Hor. cp. i 17 So) b gnxM ct Ui paa\Tct4 
ftibctve do ccrtaiiiii philoiiaphc« toajoam cnvclopivfl danfl Ic vnstc mantcao 
qni letir fcrraicnt d'anique v^tcmcnt pendant io joar, ct de couvcrtmi 
tictidant la nnit. conimc on Icmi leoonnaiMait d*abonl k ect citi'tienr, on 
leiir donnait Ic notn do ffntutit nMHttour {maior aMia),* He giTct a 
flgnra front a nilvcr vaio (n. 3812) of the eahiHrt de* m^dtiille$ at Porii. 

„ 116 on Barca'd aon-in-law Aimiat I'ollio nee Uorghcti iv i9S, 
ROicoi DELAToa 11 10 Socmticoi einoedot, vi 118 meretrix AMfiu$Hu 
Tlie Stoien were tba core of the oppoaition nmlcr thu empire r SO JI7 b. 
Boiiuor I'oppotfition loiia lea a^Mua. ParU 1875. SchUler'e Nero CGO- 

n «t occxDiT per aUam as 87. Asncrx DCasi. Lzn f 3 a.i>. Ci 
anj charpw were bclicrcd, % 4 and this was tho princiiwl cauno of thi 
ancccM of wicked frienda and slam of sontc of tltc virtinifl; ntrancen 
and cncntiet they might snspcct and be on their guard against, wp^ M 1^ 
red^ #vrArraf koI ixmrtt iytfuroDrro, 


CABALLi Bchiimann (o]niae. iii 371—8) no evidence connects Egiiatins with 
Tarsns; tba schol. rays Tanoa waa named from Perrcafl, fum ihi urn 
ex tattiribMs pinni* ei deeidit. 8. finds in oar text DcotUH <UcirOt) thi 
native place of Einiatiim (110 n.). That Iot. is thinking of Pcrfcns and 
Aadroiueda, will anpcar, if we eonnidcr: *primam, piniMm cniMlii didaa 
esse pro ipvo caballo, I'cgaso, ^uippe pinnato. per notisiiiinam ffyneedoches 
flgnram, vclati ctiam pro avibus lods innnmcris pinnao dicantnr {d. 
Barm, ad IVopert. in 8 11) et Konnns aliqaotics wnp^ vwwmt dixit pre 
somno, quent alatam poetao atqoo artifices finxcrant (ef. Rnhnkcn epi 
mt. II p. 16*J) ; deindo deialii non com solam dici, qni dccidat, scd etiaai 

2ai dcYolet ant qui ar^iiiabiJi mota dcsccndat} dcniqoo ripnm non aoloM 
nminnm esse, scd eliam maris, h. a. ripas etiam pro litoribns dici non 
minoa qoam litora pro riint.' Kow Pcrsens descended at lope (Jalh)f 
farther sonth on the coant line on which BcirAt stand^jHtrnbo 43 pr. 758. 
Plin.n|ll. fiolin. 84H3 8. MeUi 04 Parthey [add Txivhacko on Meto 
ib4d.-ii 11 i 8 ToL n 804. Konon 40. Prisoian periq;. 853—8 JoiM 
Jafli to Beirikt hi aurrse lopoa, fnxaai f«of «e EMdm eompleiU | aaf/* 
fiMflMM l]|fnMi Bory t i el aiof Ufa I 
Tha anaina ai Androimcda mm 
m 8 1 8). Tha Mood-nd lint of n apring 
»0B8l« (Faoa. i? 88 i 9), Psraaw haTing washad Ua hands thoa after 
ya dhqr'b votk. Tha enatm*a honas, 40 ft. long, wwa aiklUtcd kf 

opoa, fiixaai gnoaae Jsfaida conijwm ) aaif* 
nof Nf a gmlme ; ao Avian, deaer. arb. 1000^711 
wan ahawn in tka time of losephoa (b. IwL 
Int ef a apring waa tnwad to tha Mood of the 



IL Scaoma hi hie aadilcship (Plin. SoUn.). PUny r 1 09 calls Jaffa lope 
Pkotnieum. It had of oU belonged to the Jews, was seized by Antioelioa 
(loi. ant zni 913), attaohcd by Pompoins to the prorince of Syria (ib. 
IIT 4 f 4 f.), restored by Caesar to Uyrcanas (ib. 10 § G) ; and after tlie 
deposition of ArcheUns (0 a.d.) permanently united to Syria (tb. xrii 11 
%L 13 f 5. b. lod. II f 8. 81 1). This whole ooost lino from Egypt 
la Cilicia and Mt Amauus is comprehended nnder one name, Syria or 
Phoenicia, 1^ Greek and Boman geogrnihcrs (Strabo, Mela, 11. ce. Plin. 
T H CO 07. Bebmd PaUMstina i e. 84). Stark Gaza n. d. philistiischa 
Kistc (Jena 1853) 503—4. 

Add: Plin. r g 00 abo mentiona tha chains of Andromeda : lopt Phoe- 
nSeum, mntiqmior termrmm inHmlatlone, mt fermnt, intidft coilem praeia- 
tmU Boxo fa quo vineulormm Andromedae vestigia wtendunt, eoHtur iUie 
fokmloMi Ceto. In Jeromc*a time (in lonam 1 8 ti 3 J4' Yen. 1708) the ittcks 
ware still slicwn on which Andromeda was bound. Soo for BcirOt Kobin- 
sen's Palestine (1841) 111 485—447, who notices that the stoiy of St George 
and tlie (U«gon {f whether a reminiscence of Perseus and his ccto) luis 
its homo tliere; for Jaffa (Jifa) sco Tobkrr Zwci BUclicr Topographiu von 
JnruMlem uud scincn Umgabungoa (BerL 1853—4) 11 570 scq. 

m 118 35 n. 

n „ ooDooxEi CAitALU *hack,' satiricftt. Or. Pont i? 8 80 Gor- 
genei ^f a/. pixxa cabalu cf. xiii 333 erintaM ffnlti. 

M 110 xox EST iiosuxo cciQOASi LOCUS oio 31 23 *quando ortibuM* la- 
feif * ltoHe»ti$ I nnllus in nrbo locus.* 

„ 120 tltc frcedman of CalignUi nugr well ha%-e supplied Inr. with tho 
■ame and type l>rotogenea (DCans. ux 20 iil2)\ ho carried about with 
him always the * sword* and * dagger* (known also to Suet Cal. 4'J f. 
fUdiut and pngio: umbo nomina et mtai eoHtiHebant morti de$tiHatorum). 
Onee, entcriug tho aenate, looking sternly at Seribonius IYocIn% he 
cried 'you too greet me^ tliough you hato the emperor so* ; on which those 
ncsent tors Produs to pieces. Clandiua a.d. 41 put Pr. to death and 
barat the books (DCaas. lx 4 ffM 5). An ourifa of the name, a court 
fiforitc at a later date (Lamprid. Hdiog. f 8). 

w 131 ocxns Tinoscalpa )( benefick) Phmt Kep. Ages. 5 f 3 quod 
ftna mmiti n te victi vitio adrcrsariorum eoneidistent. Pctron. Ill 
▼i tie gent is human ao eoneunUt teirt, quis out quid faeeret. Curt 
«m 5 1 8 exHiciiia Clea, hie quidemnomiuffeHiitoiiim, $edetiom nationis 
Yitio adulator. Tae. d. 18 Titio aar^m malignitatia hamanae 
ailcra Hmper in laude, pme$entia infnttidio entte. 

,. M rABTiTUB Lne. cited 133. •Greeee with none will halTS a friend, 
bat keeps him all her own* (Badham), 

M 122 aoLua rabet Luc i 300 3U1 partiri noa poiet orbem, \ solus 
habere potet, pacilux avbem v 107 n. ix acbem Or. hor. 8 23 
Xicins. Uurm. Buhnk. Mart, i 80 1 n. inin. h. n. tii $ 183. 

n 188 TEXEXO Cic. CsftulL LiT. Stat in lexx. Darth. on Stot. Th. i 
171. Mamertin. grat act lul. (pancg. xi) 81 qnippe ei a fneatis adulan- 
tiam [Baihrena reads adaXafaaiN, a word nowhere fount)] renonin quod 
perieulmm ett, qui aum etiam verit laudibut §nvatu$ impertiatf ManiL 
If 878— fomUUeu o dim m dmUur lingaaef a« Tenennm 1 nriia mmlinm 
muamuiii oemper md nnraa. ao I/b^mm v. Prise, laud. Anaataa. 

Ujl-O (Bihnna a £ m. ▼ 180). PtaUn. FMioa. tit Mart, iii 188 Berth, 
filer, ep. 88 (I lot*) dUboU venona $ilmere. 97 8 L (5m Tonena Me- 
Ml, 188 I (1018») eanKMi AaeivffeerMn Tonena. ef. FboebadL e. 
Aihn. Berth pp. 18— f . OkM. neogn. m 08. tU. Ambr. de Hoe ei 




Ill 123— 

am 9 49. ef. Hor. ep. 1 14 88 Obbar non odio obteuro monu^ine vcnc 
B At 80 ' poiion/ ' TcnoDi/ and Uicir kindred an mora awd in a moral 
IliMi phyiicAl lenM. 

m 1S4 uMntB 8cn. bivT. Tit 14 f 8 died on 1 8G. Fuucnncr tcx. 
ffOBi Or. iwn. am. 107 wixilU peritrvnl tempera prtmi, 

„ 124 135 Loxoi icBTtTii Hor. ■. 11 6 06—101 (ralet of Um art of 
gpetting oo, oiaeolarly laid down hj Tircsias) impoHnnn$ mwMt Imudtri: 
donee 'oke Umt* \ ad caelum manilmg nblatit dixerit, nrffue et | ereteentem 
inmidh i^fU $ermoHilni$ wtrewu | cmm U serTitio louffo cMraqw UtmrU,\ 
il crrfHiN vi0U€n$ •quariae eitopttrtlt VUxa* | amdierU •keres,* 

H 1J5 icaTiTn V IGl B. 

,« 138 POBio Oron. on Sen. contr. 1 f 1. Hand it 4R3. n votm 
WUMViAM Plia. ep. T 1 I 11 /aetuu wteum, niti Jvrie blandior mihi, 
MMtlauMWu Tin 8 I 2. Hart u 83 7. Tert. ad mart. 4 pr. Hier. ep. 84 
1 8 roeaMum CkrMl, im quo milil blandior. Hier. ep. 33 1 8 (11 941% 
Btteial an. in Dirkfen nannale. cC maeHtaH $ibl (Bod on Cic ac n 

8 48). 

„ 137 138 cuaCT outaanE Gninff. •Bomanonrai cum Integra eMrren 
ad donos bcatomm.' 137 xocra while tbo man of wealth (Hor. cp. 1 
18 84 Obbar) dormlet in tueem. FricdIiCnaer i» 818-9- 1» 369 «H). Lo& 
■aTig. 33 (a daj-draun) tweet ilceii, TiiiU and entreaties of fncndi, til 
donching and adoring; nonio walking np and down at eartg mcfnh§ 
befoio mj door, and among them Kloacnctot and Dcmokntoe •! raw; 
and when thcj claim admittance bcfow tlic rwt, let io^Tn "Itl^rt portcit, 
barbariant, clap tho door in theur fiMe. at tlicy do to others. Tlicn, when 
I think good. 1 will rise as the ton, and not even look at some of them j 
bnt If there bo a poor man, such at I was before my trearorc trove, I wiU 
be friendlT to him and invite him after his bath to supper. tooatci 
Ifaronardt Pri^-atleben 251—8. 880. 

„ 138—180 CUM nuEioa ugtobbx laa paAEciprrEX iincAT, xb paioa 
ALsniAX COLLEOA aALCTXT HoT. t. u 34 no prior officio qui$qaam 

'^TTliS FriSundcr i> 858 8. • Sen. ep. 84 f 13 (cited 1 100 n. td (jn.). 
!! .. nau;LkxVtn,nl2lZpapaiMmveutinam,qmempwximntkem\ 

Impello, expunff<^m. Loo. i 149 150 impellent q^icq^^^ *'W $nmm 
wetenH I ctrntaret. DCass. Lvn 11 I 1 Tiberius was aOablo and easy ef 
Weess io an extreme; lor example bo bade tbo senators ■«*n*«^bim in a 
bodr. that there might be no bustling (fra ^4 li^(^-rra^). Mart, x 18 
1-14 casi l«, lanrigerit annum qui faseibus intras. | mano sa- 
Intator llmina miUe tcrai^ | hiceffo qM/aeiamf quid notis PauU, 
reUnqnit, \ qui de ptebe Kumae dauaque tmrba «"imM 5«/ ^ ffP^^i^ 
domlnum rfffemqme roeabof | hoc fa, ted qman0 btandiHst ip^e J*icit.\ 
tecticaMtcllamretequart neeforrereeusas, | per medium pugnat 
abd prior itte latum. {taepimaumrgaMreeitaHticarmnaf /«"«l« 
paHter jifmlnat tendie in ora mamu. | quid /acid pauper, cul nom WM 
gmeclieHtll\dimi$itno»tratpurpmmvettratoiHU' -« /w 

Jl39oBliiacomm.onTiJe.O.20. Oataker on Antonin. ti 60. Of. 
a. iTn 371-2. Ben. rh. eontr. 9%»noneoocro pater orbo diTlte. 
Ben. ben. TI 88 i 4 aa r« ilniial/ati et Ilalertum et ceUrot, qui «»?»»■• 
dornm tettamentorum ^rtem prefneijunt^nonputaseadjmkabeM 
f«ae detiffuatoret et tibitinaHot rotmf ^I^cian *• »«i4 «8. »-^- «* 
pra«.34: PhUottr. soph. 1 21 1 4. T^ xiu 42 accwatton (i-n. 58)of 

rSuBiiu. against ss^ "»!r"i.j^"S!L!s';;:s^ 

MtffNi Hmttir. «T 18 A.n. €2 orW adopted toM iB««!y to obtain 




pvstorshijps and provinces, and then cast them off ; compIainU tatit pretii 
em or bis, auod multa teemitate, nulUt oneribut gratiam konoret eumcta 
prompta et obtia kabereiu, 

m 180 ef. 184. mioa 1 102. Sen. ben. ti 84 $ 1 mI pnprimm 
mperbiaa maguo aeitimare imtroitmm ae factum tui Umiuie et pro honor* 
dtia, «f oflto euopropiut adiideat, «l prtifam prior iutm domum ponat, 
te f aa diineepe multa nmt oetia, quae reeeptoe quoque exeludaut. 

M tf ALnxAX BT iioDuii ooLLBOA aALOTBT I 89. Mart. IX 100 deuarie 
IrAm imvitai et mane topaium | obeervure iuba atria, Uatte, tua: | deiude 
haerere too laieH, praeddsre eellam, | ad Tetulas tecum plus minus 
Iro decern. | friCa quidem nobie tefmila eet vilisque vetutque: ) denarie 
ftswa hame aoa erne, Baeee, tribus. Sen. brer. Tit 7 f 7 ilie reus quot diet 
abetulitf..,quot ///a anus offerendit heredibut lassa? aaof iUe ad 
irritaudam atearitiam captantium timulatue aeiferf quot iUo poteatior 
auUeut, qui vo$ nou in amieitiam, ted in apparatum hnltet t 

H ff SALCTBT the meaning is best seen from Caiatol. Ant Pius 8 1 8 
mmcumtaeerdotfemiua TralUbut ex more proeowuUt femprr hoe nomine 
iaintaret, non dixit •tkra, pro contuU,' ted 'avc, imperator.* To the 
mbat the prtetor would say * arr. Albino,' • ate, }iodia * Mart, t 21. 

•• 181 Divms mo bebti P. Vindob. «rrro, *tho non of tlie freebom 
fifft the wall (the right band place) to tho rioli man's slave/ a Ctr more 
iMeible contrast, genitive opposed to geniti%'e. and »rrvo iojiliut without 
a^y epithet f<'.^<'fv /«<«« Cie. Phil. 18 f 4. VM.it7E3. Ambr. enarr. in 
pa 1 46. hexaiim. iit 1 80 utrumque latut tectut, Sidou. ep. i 11 iuuetit 
■iJU lateribut ineedere, Spartian. Uadr. 31 I 3 cnm qtuMlam tempore 
terTumsaaai inter duot eontularet e contpectu.ambulare viditset, 
mitit out ei eoiaphum daret diceretque: * noli inter eot ambulare, quorum 
ette adhue potet tervue, * See Holyday and Lip^. elect, ii 3. Or. f. ii 07 68 
hi the good old days the greybeard medius iuveHum, non indiffnantibut 
iptit I ibat, et interior (on tlio right), ti comet unu$ erat. schol. rightly 
'aat in medium serviim mittit ant in sinistra ambuUt' Entr. m 13 of 
Qtaditts tam eivilit antem circa quondam amicot exMitit, ut rtiam Plautium 
..., qui in expeditione Britannica multa egreoic fecerat, triiimphantem ipte 
mptequeretur et conteendenti Capitolium lae'vus inocderet Plut 
fkmin. 31 1 3. 

N 188 133 QOAXTOX ix leoioxb TBiBum xiT 197 n. accipiuxt 35,000 
■Mt erees in Uie third oentuiy a.d. Uaiquardt StV. n* t»7. Spartian. 
Btdr. 10 i 7 (Salmas. p. 95) nee paUretur quicquam tribunum a wuUu 

H 188 CALTixAB see ind. 

N 184 sBXEi* AUT iTBaoM Cio. Brut 1 800 («. af^a^ /. Cic Caeiv. Colum. in 
Htad in 537. leix. also eita Ut. Suet Aug. 33. 27 f. Cland. 46 f. not 
to oommon as s^si^f iterumque). Vulg. and Greg, (in Krebs) in tame tente 
tOMl et bit, 

N 186 ALTA BELLA TI 851 qwu tongorum vehitur cervice Sgrorum. 
8n eondueit comitet tell am. Orang. givat a ehoioo of throe mcsnings 
fir nEnccEBB; the abt thawt that the simplest, *to hand her down,* is to 
ii (referred. 

«ff 187 DA TEtTEXaXTi 29 ■• 8 BSx. Ih>m Cic. orr. in Moiguet do 
ffl47b). Plin. op. in 20 1 5. In the textbooks humilitat discredits a 
wMmbs Quintil. t 7 f 28 sf hmmilet producet, vilitatem . . . oporUbii incet- 
Nv*> i 80. In conflicting OTidenee | 84 the quention might arise utri 
* <Mwt i 9irif Paulina sent t 15 1 1 tutpeetot gratiae tettet, et cot pel 
9aakm^ fnof... aflat A a a ifffia t it^eumxerii, inurrogari mn pie um i U 




icbaket the Atgire fl^'J*/^' V^vi^am lS^IU"". Si™. «>» 

tho«wofii.c.S41»eeOrot.irll|WiWDui)cii ,„bTcnlcnti. 

fawtiir, «rtfci» KrtW* eorripmt, *t ■• •»" '"'"" ^, ,,«„ enprt-ii: 
bat fu.« «'•". f«< .<(*«». !»"'•*!'";• ''^^XXfcwcrW. £m/....- 

,,^ ^'J- "'•'''S;'roV-^" Bii^) I!^-^^ <^^^^^^ ""^Z "Jl 
Troy WM bamt Iv ^^.^i^K. Jri^tn^^^^^^ iropriJ; vlrtHiUmi. 
ted hamnno prmeildio i «6 *''?"/ '„jj,7lf Hf 16 1 2 Mq. where 

•^"iS^sSm^'ri^^rwrc.'iiii'ioM. ^rujii^jsii' 

Pineiro »•»• P»i«»*kAhi.^!jSl ISwitti ttarto rtr »ar of »« 
Znif thin hfl«^*»^ ,S?\^ JSISSJJS^^ 





MM, Hom fortanAm afqmi. | 71 f^ffiM mme iudicium noM, qnom 
lotaplcf, tfd qanlit quuque »it, 

m 141 QCOT risciT SEBTOs Sen. timnq. 8 i| 8. Apulctoa (apoL 17—28) 
bad gone, lo hit enemiet afflniied, to Oea 0. 17 una rervo eomite: and 
had manmniitcd Uireo ilavest *rappoung I had, eur potiu$ tret wrtm 
ittofict ilgnuM puUiret, quam tret Ubertm cpuUniiaet Know thai not 
phuoiopheni oalj, verum etUm imptraiora populi Bomani pnucitate 
tenmrum gloriatm; that M. Antonioi, a eonmilar, •oIm oeio tenot domi 
kabuiue: Carbo had only seven; that llaniaa Cnrina bad only two 
€Ml9iut in camp, oonnting more triumphs than siaven. M. Cato, when 
he went as coumoI to Spain, tra urrct ioU$ ex urbe duxiae; when he 
ioond that more wcra required, he bought two more from the market; 
nt qminque in llispaniam duxitit,* e. 21 will yon aoeuse me, not of any 
fiee, $ed qvod vivo graeill tare, quod pauciorti ego habeo, pareius patco, 
tedui vettiof He ends with a tm quoque e. 23 * never again taunt any 
ena with poterty, lor you yonncli alone, with a single ass, ploughed 
Iha one little field, your s<Ae iuheritanee.' Seipio Alrieanus took five 
ikfes OB his campaign, luUns Caesar three to Dritain (Ath. 278^). Sil. 
n 274—7. xm 8.37— 8Ga Petron. 87 t 47 Bnnn. (400 cooks). 58 
.levmtT slave chiklren bom in a day on the Cumanum praedium of 
TkimaJchio. 117 famitiam quidem tarn magnam per agroi Xumidiae esse 

Srwrsr, ut po**ii rW Carthaginem eopere. The f reodman C. Caocilius Clau- 
• Isidorus had 4118 shiTcs (Plin. uxiii i 185). Luc. navig. 22 f. vmUt 
Msisvi Uw 8«^x<X/svff. Wallon ii 71—152. Bcckcr-Marquardt in 2 100. 
Huqnardt Pri^-atleben 189. See Catnll. (eited 281 n.) L. and S. lUovVot 
(wiOi Buhnken and Madvig tbcro cited), iOovMa, Add for iZovKvt DH. 
fu41. Goorg. Pis. hcsal'in. 1842: also the verb d8ovy«# Strabo 712 fin. 

H 141 142 AOBi icoBKA Slart. s 58 9 dura iuburbani dum iugcra pa$' 
Hwuu agri. 

M 142 QCAX MCLTA XAOXAQUB slug. Bs I 120 u. Pscat. 47 f. quBm 
■ulto eirenmdabor auditorel Uergoet lex. Cic. iv 24 b 25b 27b sbciR-s 
that fHasi muUi is as usual as qnoi. In sneh a passage as Cic Lael. f 88 
AsBorvf rrr0...quam multi Ua eontemiauUl the bare quot (without 
kmUnes) would scarcely be allowed. 

„ „ rABorsiPR Suet Oalba 12. Decker Oallus iii>270. Mart, xi 81 la 
PhML hamart. 5.12 Dresscl. qulog. 18 (p. 487 Dr.). WcUUinon >Iatt. 28 25. 
H8t Sidoti. cp. II V (with Savaro p. lot;). Isid. u4gl0. Charis.i81. 
IDfne patrol evil 150^. 1474*. 

„ 148 144 Hor. s. ii 8 94—99. ep. ii 8 81—40 esp. 88 f idem. Apul. 
ttptL 28 fv rero, AemlUane, et id genm kominetf mil tu et, incuUi et 
Mgntteif tanti rvrrra estis, quantum habetis. Aug. enarr. in pe. 51 
9 1 14 quantum babebis, tantus eris, proverbium araromm ra- 
ptiium, innoeentet opprlmeHtlmm, ret aUemu iHeadentium, eommendatm 
mgaiUiMM, quale hoe proffirblwm quantam babebis, tantus eris? 
M Mf, ff MflBf MM habuerit peeuntae, quantum aequisierie, tanto ptu» poterit, 
Iha pnnrerb la cited also Aug. da diseipi Christiana f| 9 pr. 12 (ti 98»i. 
MS^Oaana). la Iha foraar paasaga thars la a riming proverb unnotieed 
bf Bnamiia: firM itti to durm intunirrmbit, ham avartf nisi *Fili, tut 
fiuUf B«| jMlirr, bmmm iH %akii «! earai hi§ wlvlwuu him $lt nohi$9 
qitBtuM habaUi^ UaCss 8rl8. fraaf8 laaaai, at faa for* 


M 148AaoAn88a« 

n 144 TAXTCM iiAKT BT iiBBi SbIL Iflg. 24 1 4 foM Mfe txpeftMi mm 
fuiB fi48i flili8rl8 aaa«. Ueaaad. moaoat. ilf rwr yhp vtwirm 

^y •! X^ KtML id. fr. ine. 277]lciil. Wrff X/>««r rAXifMf 06 rirrc^trw. 

in 144 ■AMomucuv Hartzbog OcMh. OricdieiiL n 485 65. Phit 
PMnp.24|5. Roman derotcct CIL I 578— 581. Plat. LoenlL 18 1 1 
Tm. ul 11 54 of Oemuinievt ilium in retfreuu Men SftniothrAeaa 
viitrt nttenlem ebvU aqmihmei deptiUrt, Tbe iiUnd a (uneUuuy in 
wbicli Penent took refuge {lit, iuy 45 f 15. 46 1 10. eip. uv 5 1 1—6 
I la Veil. 1914. Flor. u 18 119 10); Atiiem (Kq). Alt. 11 f 3) lent 
tbither fogitifM from Philippi. Bit SMnothnkitn mjtterict (of Um 
Cabiri, Attlot tr. 5S0 R) an in lat« timci often eonpled with the £!•■• 
■inian (Or. a. a. n 601—2. Tert. apol. 7. Arittiil. iwnathen. i 808 
Dind. m 189 Jebb^ 829 6n. Canter. Oalen m 570. it 801 K). Weleker 
frieeh. Otftterlehro 1 770 'In Da tha Bamotbiakianf regard their flood 
(that of Dafdanai)r labeeqaent in yonnns (lu 215) to thoM of Ogywm 
and Deokalion, ae the carliett, and aeeonnt Cor it bjr tho Eaxine bnratiog 
its banki, whleh aeeordt with the Htm of the natural philoaopher Straton 
(Strabo 49). Altan on tho height^ whereon th^ etill lamfloed, wen 
pointed to aa eridenoe that their lathen were before the flood, hatiai 
found refage there (DS. ▼ 47 1 6). Theee altan, ae the moH eaored aai 
peenliar to them, must be meant I7 Idt. They remind ne of tbe com- 
memoration of the flood at Athene and Hierapolie. The thank-offeriog 
preeentcd to the Moet High t^ Koab in the beet known etory of the 
deluge, gate occaiion to the altan of tlio Samothmkiiine.* CaaiiH 
Hemina (fr. 6 in Peter hiet. Rom. fragm. Lcipz. 1883 p. 00 from Serf. 
Aen. I 878 and Uacr. Bat. lU 4 § 9) Sumothraau iem fo-demqiie Romano* 
nrm penate$ proprie did 0io^ f»«y4Xoot (ef. Aen. iii 12. Varro 1. 1. n 1 88). 
Atticne fr. 1 (ib. p. 210 from echol. Teron. on Aen. n 717) tlie peoatee 
were brought from Samothraco to Rome. Tarro (in ^lecr. Sat in 4 1 7. 
Berr. Aen. 1 878. ui 148) tho pcnatee were conreycd by Dardanoe tnm 
Bamothraeo to Troy, by Aeneae from Troy to Italy. Elsewbcro (Aug. c. 
D. Til 28. of. DH. II CO fin. Plat. Cam. 20 | 7. Tert. epoct. 8. Am. ni 
40. Berr. Aen. II 290. Maerob. Bat iii 4 § 8) Varro identifies the penatei 
with the Capitoline triad (Iut. xii 8— Od.). Boe Klaueen Aeneae o.d. 
Penatenl50. 820—840. Preilor.Jordanrtfm.Kyth.uM75. Prellcrgricek 
Myth. |i OCO-071. 

„ 144 145 lUBEe Aiue nn 155—6 fanif Eponom, On the aeo. m 
Drakenb. on SU. nil 105. 

•• 145 coKTESiXKBx rcLiuxA Volcat Arid. Case. 8 | 4 $afpe religiomu, 
mtiat eontemptor eaeroram. So eontemptor divom, auptrum, deum 
(Am. Tin OJ. ruLMucA uu 78 b. 91 n. 228—6 nn. Aiistoph. nab. 
895—402 (cf. Demetr. de eloo. 150). Lner. n 879—422 Munra Aen. sn 
200 mndiot hore gtnitor, qui f nlmino/ofrfem Miwir. Hor. e. 1 84 5 eef. 
m 5 1. Pen. 11 17—80. Ben. n. q. n 42 (the thunderbolt not an ia* 
etrament of tengeanee). lUnoe. FeL 5 g 9. Zcller PhUoe. d. Or. wf 
(1) 887. 

„ 140 Ma wvoeoBiiTDua iren a like fanmnnity for perjured bnreie 
Or. a. a. 1 681—658 esn. 682-6 jiofl/dto fet<«i ff«oili5e< mdde deot.} inp- 
plttrog^Uoperiurtarldet umuutum | ef fnlet AtoUoo irrilm/om Nolot.\ 
per Siwtm iumd/ulmm iwnart otUkui 1 iuppUor: ttnmpU nnuefiivei ipm 
mm. y. amor, n 8 19 fO. in 8 (eep. 1 ( U 12,20): PnbUl. Byr. 21 
MffitfefiiflareMfmaiNiemMiiMnAafot mimm. gr. n 58, 879 Ltoteek 

H 147— 151 imttated Ikom Hor. ep. 1 194-07 (when ace TimenU mi 
ff Mfufw imopmU fmmm cupillm \ oecmri, rlitai H /orU nA u cuk 



jPCjMM I iriU tube»t tunkue vel ti togu diuidet impar, I rides. mats- 
BUM raiKBCT loooaoM s 47 n. Ben. eonst. sap. 18 | 1 t/we materia 
risue benignii$imu. id. Tit. beat. 27 i 2 (Sokratee ie speaking) praebui 
epo uUquaudo Arlrtophani materiam ioeorum. Quintil. ▼ l(f | 8L 

m 148 LACEBXA Bnet Aug. 40 t etlam habltum re*titHmque pnninum 
rtdmeen itvduiU me vita quondam pro contione puUatomm lurba ittdigoa- 
Hudut ei eiamitaut: 'em Romanot rtrum domlnot ptntemquo logatam!* 
negotium aediiibut dfdit, no qnem pottea pattrtntur in foro ui$i potida 
laeernie togatnm eontittere. Bee tUeh oompanion. Marquaidt Privat- 

„ 140 TooA...cALcave when a prieooer declared that he wae a Roman, 
tbe pirates struck their thighs in feigned alarm, crying him men^; after- 
wants, that he might be reeognised another time^ they put on him toga 
and ealeeut (Plut. Pomp. 24 f 5 el #i4r ^r/acor rait KmXrian avror, el M 
ri^fftwwar wtpUfiaXSor), When tired of the game, they drowned him. 
The Oreeke wore the l/Una^ (pallium) and apnwiBtt (toteae) DCaee. u 6 
i 2. ib. ux 7 i 7 A.D. 87 4(1^ aal drvreSiroif #f d#«#««, eome iudleet in 
muner sitting banfoot dwi roG wimt ipxiot, 
n „ soBDiDVLA Only ono other ex. eited. 

„ 149 150 BcrrX cALCBoe altbb rcLLS rATBX Hart xn 26 9 rnpta firm 
pet raput etit tklnia, 

H 152 158 Hor. ep. I 18 24 Obbar. Ben. eons. Heir. 18 1 1 panpcrfat 
kUrahiKt ett, ti ignominia abtit, quae rel tola opprimert animot tolet. 
„ 158 iXQViT Cie. aead. 11 1 00, 188. ef. Held ib. | 79. 8cn. ben. iii 
Ufl. ep. Ulif22,84, 87, 48. Oron. on Lir. xxxir 8 1 0. DrMgcrhist. 
ftmt i« 100—1. Aug. cir. D. x 5 (i 409 12 I>ombsrt). xi? 7 (11 40 5). 
!▼ 8 (11 07 15). Viet. Vit it f 92. Bo aU lu?. n 08. Hor. cp. 1 19 48. 
Ptts. I 40 Jalm. Ellendt on Cie. de or. 1 1 80. 

„ 154 ei rcDOB est Prop. 1 9 83. Or. amor, iii 2 24. llart. 11 87 10 
mint ei pndor est. iii 74 5. 87 4. x 90 9. Veig. ed. 7 44 si qnis 
pador. VM. ii9ilsiqnieestpador. 

.. „ roLTixo Ov. a. a. 1 100. I)Cass. ux 7 1 8 a.d. 89 the senaton 
for the fint time allowed eushions (ir^o^n^dXais) Ua /t^ iwl yap^A^ tAa 
oa^Om ratftf-MTM. auBOAT Mart dted on 153. 

„ 155 LB0ixiT828n. Buet loL 88. 89. Plin. cp. 1 19 f 2. DCass. 
mrt 42 (2o) g 1. Macrob. Bat n 8 f 10. tii 8 i 8. Hvitland on Cie 
lliir. i 40. Sen. ben. tii 12 %i 8—5. Amob. oitcd on 1 113. Ben. eontr. 
1 \}^ '*'^*" ^''''^"* Romanum a plebe ditcernit, Augustus (Buet 44) 
ndiipiant that a senator eouhi find no seat at crowded games at Puteoli, 
ineurod a decree of the eenate al, quotient quid tpectacuii u$quam puUiee 
ederetur, primut aubtelliorum ordo taearet tenaloribut, Romae legotot libera- 
f?? *??'T""*"' ffti^liim vetuii in orekettra tedere, cum quotdam etiam 
Ubertini gcuerit mitti deprehendiatet^ where Aug. has tho samo dislike to 
VMtart Ireedmen ae In?, expreeeee here. a.d. 58 Frisian ambassadon in 
aome were taken, among other sights, to the theatre of Pompeiue (Tec. 
ffi *!'• *^ tHognitudinem popuU uiaertnt. iUie per otinm {aequo enim 
^fieria igmri obUetmbanlu?^ dum ooneettum oaveao, dieorlmina or- 
ifS?"^ '■■.• •^«•^ "W aonaUa penonlaniur, advertere quotdam 
8Wf»cji«frNelBaa4ib«aaenatornB« On leaning that the distinetion 

is? ''trfcr tt '*?!? ^ ■•a^we, who how the faitiMfcm faTgooa 
Jttt 88 Ban. Kara » wboia abaerra the expneekma fa orclSttm 
9mtn, p op u l oH t i 4titua...todenlm in oentOtu A.n. 107 ftijan 

374 I'Ex B09CIA. FORsnx. IN coKsiuo. Ill 155— 

allowed enroji of Ungi (DCtM. umn 15 f 3) to fit fr rf ftavXtvrutf, 
A.D. 6 (DCam. lt n 1 4 BeimAr) Mpamto placet were lof the firat time 
nttignfil to aenaton and knighta alao in tba cireai. 8aet. Claud. 3L 
DCaat. u 7 i i. PUa. h. a. vni 1 9t QnintU. ni 6 i§ 18 10 qui ertm 
Imikram exeraifrit in qaattvordooim primia ordinibva no aedeat 
eat. PmIj it 906—7. Beckar Haodb. n 1 380-4. FriedUndar ia 
Iffuqnaidt BtV. in> f 18— 4. From tba fint (a. c. 104 Li?, mar 54 
U 4—8. TM. n 4 1 8) tba priTilege bad been invidioafl; Hor. lav. eet in- 
vaigfa apalnat it aa a qrmbol of tba anprema^ of wealth. In munUipia the 
Aogoatalea bad rtaarrcd aeaU (OraUi 4016) ; at KImca tba fMNta« (Boia. 
i4aa inaer. da ijon p. 896). 

in 156 LKXoxvM rusBi qoocoitqom n ronncK vati Sen. pror. 5 § 9 umi 
umnt ditMat lonum: iUque fMbeet Wmi et AeHu$ leno, ut kominei peeti' 
atom, eum in lempliM eomeenrfrinU videant et im for nice, DH. it 84 
apcaka aa atrongljr aa Iut. of tbe arte bj whieb alaTea rote in bto day: tj 
fiw 4«5 XfTTciaf col rwxMfiodaf cal ir 9^ re (a f mU rarr^ dXXov a-orii^ 
Wyair xPWMwd^arfc, rwrmf Mvwrm rOm x^v^drirfr rifif i\tv0tdmif icai rvMf 
c<#i'Pi^am« •! M ewlwroptt «ai riirffml roff 5r#«^r«<f TrrdiwrM ^a^iifia- 
niwr Ml Ifhpo^onAf ical rwr <if iffvf if r4 Mir^ iMutiuUrmt rwSrMt 
^i^mmu wf amr rkt ydptraf . 

„ „ roKxicsO.JabnAUi.d.K.S.O«aellich.d.Wiaaenaeb. Ill (1868) 
371, eommenting on a draper*a ibop midcr an arehway. * Tme, fomlett 
aeem oolj to oocor aa tbo reaidenoa of merelrUet (Sen. eontr. 1 3 | 31. 
Patron. 7. lor. z 380 n.) t but no donbt tbia ia pnrelj aoddental and 
finlta were anplojed alao aa abopa.' 

^ 157 mnni nuecoina nura UaiUand ma. no donbt rigbtlr ' malleoi 
nitidut p. f., nt euUoi iu9ene$ pltmlrapL* 80 Uiildrd <tba ariar'f 
apmce aon. 

,. 158 rnnmun cvLToa lUTmca lUTsxcaors L4!f itTAs on the repetitioa 
cf. Ti 66 atUndit Tbjmele; Tbjmele tune mtiea dittU, Aen. Tin 
649 ilium imdifimnti aimilem aimilemqna mintinti. Ot. her. i 41. 
am. n 4 80. 10 5. a. a. i 63. 545. P. 11 8 87 ititer confeuum dabie 
dabieqne netfanUm. Fritzaebo baa Or. and Lat cu. on Hor. a. 1 7 88 
landat Urmlum Undatqno cohorUwu 

„ „ LAKiaTABBcn.ep. 87il5eitedoozi8. Martzi 
66 1 rf delator f« . • 8 4 ^( Unieta. miror, \ qmart non hahtoit rac^rra, 
■aaiaiof. Fricdliinder i|S381— 8«ii*884. 


an mdieiMM etn patri eitu amplai fmatltatti. nam eum imaflinor vm, 
qmihu qmtieHmui generum, iiiendnm de fmeultatibui putc: cam pnbli- 
aoa Boraa atqna otiam logaa eiTitatia intnoor, qnaa Tel ia 
primia oanane bominnm apaetandoa arbitrantnr, ne id quldem 
pmetemndmm videtur, TbemiatoUaa in Cie. off. n 1 71. Hor. ep. 1 6 81 
87 ieilicet nzorom anm dote f idomqno et mmicoe | et geniu et /bnaaa 
fVftfiia Peewnia donoL 

„ 160-168 Ot. am. m 8 55-60. 

H 161 ■Mwnraui add to Icuu Fttr. 09 (ib. eareimii). quia PAcria 
aennm nnaf Ola, Van. d 1 86. IIiLf48. Hor. a. n 5 48 40 irl «l 
atrlbw jawmdm I hara a. Tbe. ut 81 pr. Hart ti 68 84. s974. 
OaLnl4i. Ulp. fr. 18 i and 18. Diifcaao manaala •baraa' 1 8. ^_ 

M 18inooMajaMfas9ciai»Oiaentl.mnqy«nL(IIagnali6i8 

a), r. p. mf 18 am tat mihioaaot la kiooBelUo. Laal.|87. Tfff- 
Koa. If 6. aeB.alain.1 U f 7 awaiar nan ib fna Cfmrivf, Md ail » 
aaBalHaaaaat Boat Tib. 88 An. Toir. PUa. ap. 1 10 f 11 (tC f 31 i» 




•Muf<foMM«aainSpartianHadr.l8|l). ef.mOilln. paneff.04fin. 
Apd. mag. 1 pr. Spartiau. Peaeenn. 7 1 4.' Epikt. man. 35 1 IrS^^Sft 

I \S' "J l^ f «r«iW etsent in mutpiciie. Seo. rb. cootrTo f 17 
c»MM f«<l/r«9 in/on le^t. Mommaen StB. i« 806 8 'die Zazichnng zam 
Oondliom dareb den FMitor (Cio. p. Fkce. | 77) nnd doitsh den iU(U^ 
<*^'l^ *" ^^^ bwtimmten Besiebnngen nieht Uar.' ^^ 

m 163 AOMtxB PACTO ind. e. t. affmen. LiT. t 80 4 4. 

„ 168 DEBULMAn MioaABai [TibnU.] m 6 64 debaoram eertU im. 
£lUL iJ»7i?'"7' »«UMini7. noiAaaa Hart I 86 IL Ben. 

A««;^?^«:!5 ^^J^^ SS^^^* ^^^wn TWTunBca opstat ua 
AWCTTA noMi 8UnleyateaDH.iT[0i:ji,?y4^4ry^r.^^irfrva cvytWt 

^ .;• »*»-«• AKoom wnn ti 857-0 aiKfi/< raa angueta domi eed 

•ia5«>oland8,and3and8. With both eompare Hor. ep. 1 1 ^66 ram 
W Tiiln « 'i ^ •' '^''•/i "^^ *WB»g«e morfo rem ; with the hitter 

^SJ '^'°' Chrift fiNf btgtHHinffJor the end i$ Chriat. 
wu' ..? f ^S**'/**?*^ Ben. ep. 30 I 8 naaiaNM eenea frngaliter? 
rita. Ill 1 i a*Owii/«ar eena u<m minus nitida quam fragi. Xexx. (,. 
r W ^7^1^' •irium.ientueula, vietue. vitm. Somsay on Plaut. moat, 
p. 880. Hart, nil 81 ii tine cume volet ientaeula tumere f rugi. 
^M ,, MAOiro Luc, IX 408 laetiut ett, quotient magno tibi eontUi 
ktnettum. Gron. on Sen. n. q. 11 40 f 1. Aigcr biet. 8>nt. i» W7V 
,j1 *W "«^"w;« ceha»« ruDCT PUn. xizin I 148 fabHlotum iam 
rfdrriir Cufirja Aelium, eum leffati Aetohrum in eontulatu prandentem in 
fictlUbnj adittent, mitta ab iit vuta mrfentea non aceepitse, neque aliud 
iMbuttte argenti ad tupremum vitae diem quam duo poeula quae L, Pautut 
teetrei ob firtutem devieto Perteo rege obtulittet. rtor. 1 18 1 81 qui pom 

ferret nun. AV. ill. 88 « 7 of Cnriua DenUtoi (cf. Iut. u 78 n.) legaHe 

AAwi fii i !? !^'' f*^ .'* *•"*"• habentibut imperare.* Inba in 

fl?iSt^!'i*^^^^*^'*°*^™?««"**'^«'^ when 

2!f!^S •doptcd a more cxpcnaiTa atyle. lUeopatra. not being able to 

i!Ti^ne%i:!i)rs^^ «o- 

.1 itm^^ 7!^ ^"f7.«» Hor. a. f 1 80. Pnller^oidan rOm. Mrtb. 
P 413 1. On tba ■nmpl£»ty of oonntnr lifb aea Sen. ep. 04 • W i«SS 

^■&g"^*'^ ^acrnf ram, $id nbi tettU ma tpeeimiar aioemH. witim 

SSL^bST Sf^fa?^ TS?'**!!^'^ '■"^ ••" »*5i» 



fth,piitei mUo U taeetih matum. lUii. i 90 $nfpe toqwtr nimlnm ^emet 

J MM, Avite, remoUiit | mirari$, Laikt faetu$ 4n nrfrr tfwx, \ aurifermmpit 
'mgnm iitiam patriHrnqtie Salonem \et repetam $atnra€ •ordidm mrk 
emute. \ Ulm placei teltm, in qua rt§ parva beatum | me facit et tenuti 
tunriMtttr opts, \ pnteHnr Me, ibi ptueit ager: tepet igne maligno \ hk 
/ocM, ingenti lumtne Ineet ibl, \ hie pretiom /mmet eoMtwrbatorque im- 
ffffM; I MriiM ibi dlrilii$ rurit operta ini. | qmattuor Me aentmte togat 
piuretve teruntMr; | auetnmnit ibi tne quattnor una Uffii, \ i, eole nne 
reget, quidqmid nom pMe§tat tmietu | eum praeitart tibi pouit. Ante, 

in 170 euashLo Hof. 1. n 5 Ot 04 mone, »i iHerebnii mura, \ eanlm 
mti velet eanm eapnt, A. de Valoii culuilo d. Hor. a. p. 484. Bot It? . 
proeccdt at ouee to fpetk of clotliinff. 

M 171 Mq. Toe. ivi 5 (after Myuig that the plebe wrftaiM feigned it 
leMl, Mid pcrbept felt» dehght at Nero*i eihibitiont on the etage) itd qui 
f€m9H$emunieipiiftitt%ein9%dhVi9 ei antiqni morii retinente 
Italia, qmiqwe per longlnqmae prwinelm taeeivia inexitfrti ojfieio legettio* 
num ami priwiim utilitate mdrenemni, neque atpeetmm iUum toienre neque 
IdboH inkoneeto $m^ere, eum m^Mbtu neteite fatiseerenL Agrie. 4 
i/€«fll/cM...loe«m iineen eomit^tte et proTinciali pareimonia mixttm 
€e bene ecmpoeilum, PUn. ep. 1 14 1 4 patria eti ei Urixia ex ilia nottn 
Itetlin, quete roaltam adha« Tereeandiae^ fragalitatii atqae 
ttiam rostieitatii a ntiqnte retinet ao lervat. | 6 kabet arium.., 
i munleipio Patarino, notti loci mmte: Serrtina lamen Patarinie quoqm 
eeverllatie exempium e$U 11 18 | 4 maier e primit elteriorie lii$i»nint: 
Hie qttod iuiielum prorineiae ilHtii, quanta $it gravitat, Th« beneew 
and Loean, Qointilian and Tn^n immng ftrom it. 

H If iiTBBUMAx>iiiTTnioet91ai...raf/oiieMadniittitii. Cie.Tiiie.1 
f 8S rerwm $i qmaerimue, 

H 179 SeblJler (Kero 479) hat Ibigotten Yeree 170 {tnnleae), when be 
teea bare an allaeion to the preTalenee of Orcck fovhione. 

„ „ KKMo TOOAM lUiOT xisi MOBTVOI Mart. 1 90 (citcd on 100). xn 18 
to loT. 4—9 4um per liminei t€ palentiorumj eudatrig toga ventihi 
vagumaue \ maior Caeliue et minor fatigant: \ me multoe repetita poU 
Dteembree | aeeepit mea rutticumqme feeit \ auro DitbUit et tuperba ferro, | 
....17 18 ignota oet toga, h4 datnr peienti \ npta proxima vettii a 
tathedrm, Bpart. Uadr. 99 | 9 eenaforet et eqmitet livmanoe temper i* 
nmbtieo togatoi eue iuttit, niti ei a eena reverterentur. 1 8 ip$e, com in 
Italia oeiet, semper togatoe prooeeeit. Capitolin. M. Ant. phiL 17 
I 8 per Bmnditium veniene in Italiam tog am et ipte eumptit et militrt 
togatoe eme iuetit. Lamprid. Alei. Ber. 40 1 7 (cf. 419) in irrfte temper 
togatai/Hlf ^CfnltaliaevrMiwf. Fricdlindcr i* 148. Onthefefaef 
thadead Marqoardt Priiratleben 888. 

H 178 170 Pint, n 1040^ (etoio. repngn. 15 1 1) Chrjiiippve daaeed the 
doetiine of divino retribntion with the etoriee of Akko and Alpbito, 
wbarowitli nnreea frighten ehildfWL 8i' i2r rA waiHgui red icaMrxelUv el 

ttpa f endin to yewy i r. lb.000«*do«ilflo8vbcBii«faUintonal 
«• anal ■riligata tlMB bj the thought of tkt UeniMgi tlial ni 


tnnUaa Boad'oa^jr to ba laaMdM, as luDlUarilj hcaads li 
•f ■aabi i maOra Ori^ aaNvep reft $ei9inb€% ri 

vpo#if vefa vaiOf Ml #y>^ sal M x4pn wmeS^rt t ml J M mn gi ^m mt Wh 
IMP aam^i^eMFf eertn v^^fOf dvnpfMvt sw OMpwieemt fw M#yHMM^ re 

aai mtfA vperw vefeii iwalri <pfii dveJUvefifm 




I tiqgt^ira ri #r4|ia irat waiiii4ye9et ircxW^« •vM r^ e/uegiraTotf 
4$iYitraL ef. Anacli. 98 pr. hist, eonser. 4 pr. Philofltr. Apoil. ▼9a 
pioof of the old fashioned simplieitj of the men of Seville (Hispalis): a 
tngio actor coming there terrilicd them eren before he spoke bj his long 
strides and gaping mask {^xn^ra n^eGrmf) and strange attire, bnt when 
laising his Toico yeym^ i^iy^rn, fm el wXtiwrei 9^X9"^ i^veg vwi 
Uigrnvt itAfia^$4wrft, CUodian in his pictars of Eatropias (i 191—4) is 
drawing from these masks eum pallida nudit | oesibnt korrorem dominie 
waeberet imago, | decolor et rabiee oecartu laederet omnee, | hhI paeris 
atara metns aiff taedia menaie, Adrien de Valois cites Kcsta Franco- 
15 a woman waking and yawning ot panllo didueiint qnam 


ni ^ . , . 

d^bat aperuit, ditiunetitque iuxta auret mnxillanm eoagmentit, hians 
rietns eonttitit immobiiie, nee iam oe dandere valene personao quam 
hominl timiUor effeeta grarittimat ineautne oteitniionit poenat tmebat. 
Clem. Al. Str. rt f HO t most fear Greek philosopliy, an cuildren fear rA 
utmAwctta. Witssehel in Paoly and Kieh pertona. B<ittigor ms. cites 
lUUin descr. d*nne moealqne ant da mas. Pio-Clem. tab. n— i? p. (Pu-. 
1819 fol.). 

in 170 nf omcMto xatois IoL Valer. de reb. Alex, i 49 in gremio 
■a trie enbantem doeeri virile offieium, bubticos ixrAVSeix GO. 
children present Pbmt Pocn. proL 96 90 nntricet pueroi infantes 
minututfit I domi proeurent nero spectatam adferant. Gbaxo. 

„ 178 oRcifKimux (like earen, theatrum, *tlie pit/ *the galleiy,* 'the 
boxes*) tho local senators or dccnrions, who had the same w/mlpla in 
hMtl theatres as tho senators at Home. Snet. Cacs. 70 (among nimii 
ktaoret) tuggettum in orchestra, of. CUod. 91 pr. Ang. 85 tpeetandi 
in orchestra . . . fM. 44. Cbod. 95. Kero 19 in orchestram sena- 

„ 170 AEDiunvs Bpart Hadr. 19 | 1 per Latina oppida dietator et 
aadilis ef duumvir f nit, 

180 ULTRA VIRES Acn. n 114 vires altra tortemque tenectae, 
xtTOR Stat s. ▼ 9 78 74 nitorgs^ | luxuriae confime timent, 

181 ARCA Son. ep. 09 I 81 teit, flMHas^ aliubi potitat e$te divitiat 
quam quo eongeruntur: animum implerl debere, non aroam. 

M 189 coiixcMB in viTiCM EST Ter. ad. 958 vitium oommnna on- 

H f, AXDiTiosA Pctron. 4 tieut omnia, tpet auoque tuat ambition! 
deaaNt Ben. brov. Tit. 15 1 1 nulUut tumptuota obterratio. Cypriani viu 
8 (p. xcn 18 Hartel) non ilium tuperbia taecularit it\/iaverat, nee tamen 
prortut ad/eetata penuria tordidarat : quia et hoe vestitut genut a iaetantia 
minnt non ett, quod otUndit talHer mmbiiiot a frugalitae, Petron. 17 pr. 
ailoniti extpeetavimmt laerimat ad ooteniationem dohrit paratat. ut ergo 
torn ambitiosns detunuiit imber, Amm. xxn 4 1 5 ambitiosa ornata- 
rum domonm exquitita tunt tpatia, xxx 1 1 99 ambitiosa Unfeo. xxxi 
8 1.14 NomfHsi toiutiorit vitae mollitia oobria retuttat i^feeta nee am hi- 
tiosis mtneit nee Jiagitiotit quaeHibtu inkiabat, Balvian. gnb. n 1 19 of 
tkMA iotum regem cam amatibtu emit abieit, . . . paemiUntxm earn pairo- 
ciiiliaMbitlosisfnalsrfsMbiuaif. Oorls on PUn. ap. 1 14 f 5. 

n 189 188 Mio TtTOius AMBinoaa VAuranAim omna Gki BAm. | 77 
is arbo UxarUi artalar, as fanrie cssCttal aaarfKa neeesss otk 

M 188 ao» n HOMMif Hor. s. t 1 14 ne ie moror, amdL Fkop. tr 
(v) 9 8788ar« snaenml vermm: toamimd vrndiwrnala emrrit, I mm moror. 
Viii fonrab dUttooli wmktm (Caailoliii. Ant phO. 10 f 9J aikil tob 
«0raMar,p.c. Giam. U?.?iii88|0 8<gMt 


•f ft 




in m 164 wnttA MMAi COM rasno *all li dear at Boma.* Sail. lajt. 
M I • (when «. ji. It part of tlw aal^M* * •" that briiifti iU price, ' not, aa 
Imm^ pradieate) *0m<«< poitnilam ptatrfnti fpentiufmui quiiqut oportU' 
nlmlMmt nU HffM fwa earn, fa/jqw «m<i« fiN//« fwaf, el omnia earn 

Sra tlo koit n U vUenltir, era pretio (iJm Aut. fsrammatiooinaiitii, iitn 
I t) It naeh rarer than itii opporita Blue p, (*gratia*) and than ^a a. 
(cttenwd, highly prixcd). 8oe ind. to Plin. h. n. pretlum, to fed tlit 
tmth of the tatt. Plant, md. 710 Mqna haet patlor cam pratio tno 
(*at Toor eoft,* • joa shall paj for lt»"Ill pay yon oat*). CatnlL 77 I 
earn pratio affae aM/<^ 

•• 184 QUID Dia, or coaavM AUQOAinH) aiLvnar it C4 n. Petron. 
44 et f M«M frra/^NN* rtmlmtart^ noMiaa omrInm reddere, tumqMam Mnu» it 
nobh, San. qi. 64 | IS intuerii Utm$ pottntinm tlomot, illn turn 11 It acta 
rixa lalatantiam lininaf mnltan habcnt eontameliaram, at 
Intraa, «!«•, ea* inirmreH$, ban. n M 1 1. const, aap. 14 1 1 quidam... 
eoaf Maiefifam roeaat mtiarii HjfkuUmtem, mmemelatorU inperbiam, ewbiew- 
Urii inpfreUhm, ib. 1 1 qmfd erpol §9pi<n$ noa accedet ad fore$, qwm 
duniiUnfi^ olmldeif iUe rero, $i n$ nfeet$nria roeabil, ffperietur d 
tf/ZaaifM/Mff/fer/l tamo nam canan acrem obieeto cibo Icniet nee 
Indiffnabitaraliqnidimpandara at limcn trantcat dciram 
87 11 6 1. Oalra de alim. lacii 8 pr. (n 756 K) : injary to health of elienti 
from dandna attendanoa bafota dawn at the doon of the great, attending 
them at the bath, escorting them hooM, and then hnnyhig from a baity 
bath to dinner. Epikt. 1 80 1 7 rovre H wf6$vpti ; el ^aif wrir ai ; Oricntioi 
(OaUandi x 101) in Friedliinder i* 810. Tac. uii 3 f. on the ineohmee of 
PalhM. Friedlinder t* 118 of imperial ilavee (rearferr /nmnm). Loe. 
Kigrin. 84. pite. 84. Sen. q». 47 f 18 r/re cum terro eUmenter, cemlltr 
aaof ae, et in termomm ilium admitU et in con§illMm et in eonrictMm. Im 
toeo mddmmabU mihl loU mantu delleatonim: * nihil hae re hnmlllnt^ 
nihil faip/oi.* Aoe efo eottfeai demrehendam alicnornm ierTornm 
Oicnlantei mannm. Capitolin. llaximin. 6 1 10 meminerat pmeteret 
§€ Bomae etimm a aerrff nobilium eontemptum eue, Itn nt ne m proeurntori' 
hmquidemeommtlderetur. Maifoaidt PriraUebcn 888— 6. Friedlinder 
t* 111, 811, 80a 

„ 188 uaricuT Hart it 68 8 lefvnrf nnllnm reealataa, de$pieit 
&mne§, Luc Nigrin. 31 (of the rich) H M Mi»4r«rer, ro^ /mfyxirorrw 
iXJWr^ fm§ wp994fD^ftm\ coma afw demand adoration, more creeping 
than the Fenian. 

„ 160 iLLB MKTiT BABaAH, »!«■« VK DErosnT AMATi tlic man 'of petty 
ambition* {^Kmi^OAnprn^ took hia eon to Delphi to bare hie hair eat oa 
entering hia 17th year (Tlieophraatas char. 81- 7 cf.n. 1110 Jcbb). Varr^ 
•Cato Tcl da liberis adocandia* (Monhia p. 04 M) ^rafae Ambmeht 
primam capillnm paerilcm demptam, Item clrroi, etdApoUlnem 
ponere HienU Pint Thee. 8. PMron. 78 fln. fam Trimalehio *Mmiei* 
inqmit 'hodic lervaa meni barbatoriam fecit, ibofao prm^/lteini 
Jmfi et m/eadaf. ftafae tengnmeneu/eieiamnt et nsone in Ineem cone* 
mna.* 107 fln. comm. eai d€9 erinem TOTiitif Boot Nero 81 iiu 
8lail.ni808. CapitoUn. Var. 7 1 10. Eor. Bacebaa 404 Efanl^ and 
8aaiiB(408). Bonk ♦ 141-4 Banai, MUnar Qn nMwmtag, d Ptai 

npTisi^noiPbiloatr. ApoB.Tn86|l barola.88tl. iBMgi.n7|8. 
^-T-. . « -« 1 — -ftTiit41|8L 

vaXXel^ivff Pantyn 

GiMk n 408 87. 408 47 8& 404 Oft 

twmk mmar mtmk ymrowr. juRm* th •« ■ « awn^p. m 9 ••• 

8labop.488fln.). PImm. i 87 8 8. n 08 1 1 th 17 I 
AAT.LvnOflnnMNVttIng). DCflnya. 88 (n 07 ot. B) 
8i8 1^ r«n Mpuim Mtewra. 




Kigeiabadi homer. TheoL 90. Pitiaeoa a. v. coaia. Honych. ^tmirriptm. 
Oicg. Kai. or. 3 49 (1 86^) Wfh Iw^Oiw^M rxt^v riff wp^irrip rplYo. DCaaa. 
UTtu 84 f 8 Boimar. BMtioher Baomknlt 08— tt7. Schiller^ Nero 183. 
Plot it B^, On Aqnila'a tow aeo Coaybeara and Howaon 8t Paul i> 
488 — 4. n 846 a»p. In the middle agea the luHbop, or otlter 'apiritoal 
CMher,' cat tlie hair of baya. In the ordo Romanne are acTcral prayer* 
•ad capilUtnram incidcndam,' *ad poemm tonaarandam.' Mabillon aacc 
nt Bcncd. pt 3 praef. n. 17 (alao in PagI on Baron. a.d. G64 n. is) tracca 
tUa cnatom (not found before the 6th centoiy) to the heathen dedication 
of the Orat crept hair. 8oe Docaniipe aiaUeNef, and the letter of the emperor 
Michael Balboa to Lonia the Piooa in aeU ayn. Paria. a.d. 628 (llaaai 
UT 417). 

m 167 Linia cakea of milk, meal (Irplm) and hon^ Ath. 185^ 
Grangacna dtea Or. tr. 111 18 17 libafNe ifeai pro me genitaU notantia 
temptief cf. ib. it 10 IS. Many (Orangacoa, Britannieaa, SilTcatri, 
Baaham cet) nndcratand the llbm to be preaented bjr the clicnta, aa 
aaerificial cakea. Thia would agree wdl with the tone in which Stat a. 
m 4 flattera Earinna, and with Inr. m 166—9, 315—220. u 60—88 
birthday gifia ; remlibne i,9. the honae looked like a well-atoeked ahop. 
Bat aeeipe haa no foroe in thia interpretation, and litta were often giTcn 
aa a bait Ot. amor, i 6 08 94 eaja te de/leient jHMceitdi munerm caueae, | 
natMlem libo teetifknre luum. a. a. 1 480 Qnid, qnaMi natali enm poacit 
nanera libo. koth aappoaea that the liha were firat ofTcrud in aacriflce, 
■ad then given to tho honaehold, who diapoae of them to the cUenta. 

„ „ AcciPB Ot. a. a, u 1C3 eecum habet inffeninm, qui, cum libet, 
•aecipe' dieit, 

M 166 160 PBAEaTABK THIDUTA CLiESTmc oooiMUP. Tftc ZTi 1 pHnclpU 
udltum emercatna. Sen. conat aap. 15 | 6 domue haee ta^ientie an- 
mnfa, $lne eultu, $lne ttrepitu, $ine udp^ratu, nullie adterratur lani tori- 
boa torbam Tenali faatidlodigerentibaa, eedp^r hoe limen rueuum 
et nb oetiariU liberum fortuna non tranelt, Petron. 80 f. we interceded on 
behalf of a akre wLio had atolon the diapenaator'a clothca, quue vlx 
fuieeent deerm iettertlarum, Onr leqneat waa gmnted: euperbus ille 
tuatullt rultum et 'non iam iaetum me atorel* inquit *quam neglegeutia 
nequleslmi eervl, teetimenta mea cnbltorin perdidit, qnao mibinatali 
lavo eliena qnidam donaTcrat, TjfHa eine dublo, sed ium kuuI lota,* 
Loe. mere. cond. 10. Kigrin. 83. Lorara bribing portcra, ladiea' maida 
cet Ot. a. a. n 351 — 3G0. Soet Caea. 37 uberrimo eonjiiarh proeeque- 
butur libertoe . . . eerroeaue euiueque, prout domino patronore gmtue qui 
emet, Luc mere conn. 87 when after a long time, aa the Saturnalia or 
Qoinqoatrua havo arriTcd, you noeiTa aa a prcaent mmio aorry coat or 
totting tunic {i^rriAM^ n iVXior if yininer iv69u9po9), tbero moat be a 
vorld of parade. The flrat who, while hia master ia yet dclibcnuing, 
geta wind of it nma on befoia to braak the newa, and reoeivea no amall 
fee for hia paina. In the morning thirteen como bearing the gift itaelf. 
each telling how ha waa the one to remind hia maater, how much he aaid 
for yon, what paina ha took to chooee the Oneat Each goca away with a 
fM, gmmbling that it la no giaatar. In the reformed Satomalla (Krono- 
■doo 18) not mora than thioa or fbor of the truatieat ihiTea, and thoaa 
■dviMcd in a^a, wan to eoBTigr the gUta, with an aiact infcnloiy of Und 
ud fooBtity. AHir drinking a aingla nop of vine eaohy thigr wave to 
hmj bach, wBhool dewinding niow. 

H too Mwnn moouA ooNia Sen. b«. m 4 1 4 naaifald dMkiwm eaf« 
fl«teaar?BaaBSfMBlU4fBiffila<lf 4al 



M : ef. Tin TO tiled 

„ m »Duiis.i. , 

Ounnnliil ib. 1881 38—50. 

,1 in VM CKDEHCOimr 

prim* qlWia In pmeccdnilc 

"-" — ftnnt, ffMlalorriH, Fm , ,„ ,..„„ 

' |elUlie BnHHn, DrvhTTibonK d. 81. Rom i SIS — 110) 

Orrieto EBrla anaBlI d. Ind. 1877 liiS. 

-> tUrUuid ms. •trbrm fnrollmni. nl pcrirril 

.TiiecMnKp w.' ^NCiJOi Jun. n ea t. All-HUm. <n 

pUam ftnnt, ffnialorrm, luiinhm, (Ibielncm llhm ac intiKum riHll 

BMUrct MUng BniMni, DnThTribonK d. St. Itom i WS—iVii Ihii^ 

ttal the (DMcarlty <ti> wholI.T doe la ondeimlning br hmitiirliu tal 

*OTk (III 

., lei uitExnnr* xi 
Uram tadtnliiim fragat. 

ituctdrtrrll ae it 'p«IJIca tttkll. Bimbo 2S3 lioimoi cpnUnoUj 
, . , 11 byi klndotTDlnnlsr^raln (nl titrava^ni 

<n>*ii( nnt »i«»r«F«i Wirf). The fauildinn tmilo dcpcmilRl on MoniH 
kOd flm Sm. ben. ti as | S mlla trwpnlali. mlln ii/Mt ImtiuMur IhIb 
iactbilnarffabrUh. JottUn TopDgr. 1 481—192 llnff. 

„ 19S TiLicv* K«i. rp. 13 1 1 TtKfrmm in iMtiKriaHm mrwm it <,n<u. 
iaritimpnuu krdiricli dllabiBlii. til Tlllcni vtiM ■ tion im mt- 
Uprttlai taat rlllnm. eunln tt fnrtrt, ui rlllam rttrrrm r-t. Fricdlinifct 
hralrl, toloHlat eel. nivti 
Iralnla uruclHra, jva frtqiin- 

nn ulnulnr, c( flnrifiiiiai fu^ 
\lalHm, tri «d rlmta/wiVndH 

ftnbrt tahllla rt tuntimtvla. 

Ben. rb. eontr. S 1 11 1 i*il 
primtm >( Indi trripert rtlh 

iitv paralum qaod 
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fir omntipam 
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•d am tirltlai 

wda ipiM.famiHfalamtirtnxtrr.ntaomaiailnvM „ 

ftnlai iM HUM prrtrulo, win frafUh: laMla allllade nriiJitlBnim i-l 
Unlat^m tlaram angMiat, at nifat arfrrnu Igneta pranhllam, nriirr 
M ralnf I utlam In partrm rfaflam tit.t lH-.iK aaili ft lulinllu il »«■(( 
ralnau IgnemciUB metnaHt, jal tirt Iretli laltriui tit -si/ro firuiia. 
kfunria tt taUinn Ilia arbliim mUia mil. I'ltn. utiii f SO rlltm 
ptrtiitt Ineendlorom ifprtratloanmi to«ttrlb«iilnr. | 30 Jnecndia 
ialtr tpalat nimliiala afali lab mnuam pnifutli abomlaamar. Bm. B. f. 
n n I ■ On. rrilallantm imptndr%lli perieall..., nl turn limtam ieota. 
n B I 8 facllffi Inecndlo latent part tMlatI; M | T ilHe (»fUT d«lli] 
...iKw inoaudU rfffsM •rtMjaf Miloit. Sual. Kan 11 a nrr nalliiii 
nhibitiini: (mfiicla A/nnl le^f. jaae •lattadlnm' laKrlbHur, raww- 
tumqat •( itaenitl arJeath domvi laprllftllltm ilriptrcal ae ilU *dlf rr-l. 
fMwJi" *°*T "*"*" "' *"''"■ ' * " ""WT""" ■"-''»« a< n»ii>ii»r 
favtefaatemdfnatotrif. PJni. Bom. »|lflifai«rthanoin(ll««>iH« 
ttMmbflf lIoMW appnnd to uir dim W ^M^ b* immiUaMj taaAt 
oMijr fa an fa* mrt. uid ihej, Jikii pea|d* liMrin« of a bodw ■» On. 
«tt MM a«D0H woald rry /or tnMr (dmy iifnt^ fiffiiOrm tfla> 
(twf and mo ftmn bU parta witb bodub fall to Ui* pUcc 

„ „ nnou Bn. tninq. 1 | • tlreaa^adll me tx iDi^a /ngalllalit 
mlla ^ladort laxarl; tt Mmtift tUtamtnaH. paibai 

-20; TADOXATA. MIirOB. ABACIffl. 3S1 

ilnMaelr: facHiia advenai ilia* mlamm faam tcalet adlalto. mtd* 
ta^Mt <wn prior. Kit IriUior. Ktc inlrr Ula tiiyolh mia tnm mUm Imada 

m m icAUooR I SIS n. et. 11' 100 Istoiii Aanntl'ipi^hn. 

- - -■'■' — ' — '"■' — •"' — d 419 (Boor- • - ■ 

Aeheimtli, dc 

(irri<). Tm. iuIt. Vil. 7 (dltd on nil. It In primii iptn Je 
rtfiom meiiftalh, it lahuUto Kr%ai<i In mmmum tramftrli 

,»dI>uu4'< ,. , -- , , 

bownrr. ireonliiif; to Llb■ilin^ Uw larfiw boSK) at a rnlo bad onl* tbna 
|O.U<lllHiiiti.Anllocb.lldlU|. InFlMMieiaaciliMlnuwaoriixitoran 
man to Yami been eommon 1 in Canliaga App. tiii 13S, in Uoln in Bidij 
DS. IIT El 4 1 rtTTVM . . ffwpMoit Imvi. ait •trttavatt apin ti ri, n'ow 
iia,. 0(TyrBKIrmboMj«7i7pr./m««i«#.#i»rtwrt>«iri.tW«i 
im airia It' P^fig iiaXXw. 

„ 3U0 Htxni^SliT. 

„ „ Titri'iDiTfR » in a flro Sil. m 433— G inlnl diffaiat fatlt 
VaktHln p-niim | aliar Implel dliprrit fiiroi: tropidstnr DMi'fM | mm- 
mi$ malfflo. xvii uul— y ■ limilo dnim from a liro in Um eilj, coding 

,. 101 IHDKDIT hi> RSITct will csirb fli* HoT. 1. 1 S 73. 

„ 303 HnLLo cnLCUBU Uirt. u IM 3 batia mt tapiaal noli** Iml- 

,. 303 Hiiinii Thnrbr. ehir. 4 (oUJebb) pr. grltii rtB r*Ut ri 
tnlidurm ^pfiF. Hot. q>. ■ 10 -12 411 M talrtui atln, j if pBdo naiOT 
~" iHbrtnrt, III minor, arrl. 17 » 40 ftjc wrn Aariv<, I ■( parfla 
ll^ SO 31 maiotca pcooa* njdo. 
).0» I eamllil, animum faligatt Or. 
nnrtali barbara maiDi (fuif^ f fat' 
I btnlgnltaM f nuii /.leatlaltt, %99 at 
■aior porNfl f Kim nf^ tit, Knlincr flr. Or. n* HJO H'll. 

., racKou Hen. fngm. EO in llirr. adv. lorin. i 47 |ii 311^ aieoolnii 
ftllU: hid. Fp. 1|7. DnciagB. Add to ku. nrm^NM neat. (Uoalli 

■.All II 13 fill n 

■et TB 370 proptvitt 

trllam.i Ov. niPt. * 

n Am. Ti 09.;. 

fSm-xmllU. DrliATlii't.Kj-nl. >i*li9. Uantnn Jaliioibcr. ii, XMi. 
„ 3tfI)Wi«ii«a...cuiiiox on tlicioaliloboanli wa Uarqnaidt Piiratld- 
n (WO 310. ntiifui*aquadraiii;ii1iirflabKiilinRoDapodcgtal((nT^u. 
phantH) ot marblr, bronm or uiver. wbleh foniwd a (pccial objuct oT 
KalpUmimanjaach remain, onc(Wiaefcalnunnmoii.iniil.n,87~niuieo 
Borbon. I 48) Willi a Cmlanr rpawii^^ifai (at here) aiul ScrlU. I'uJlui 
1 09 •jon maj call the taUa, on vbicJi Un pUlo li ut out. • four-Wed 
■Me and iMiaJagned, nt (Am ^■)X«r( #a«v«M« r^ t4> vwtrvra rfi 
Xnn-T, Tftntatifr,' Biiaa. c 11 i 10 ntt ptr maUlplltta abaoo 
iplndtHU taprrnat \ aratnH nlfH pvitdtm dtfailam, vbtra lb - 
u* cDpboardi bcuatb the a6a<M. Kdn-Ha"'- 
uennm (Arobf* I. UI. Luikogr. Ldpiii 
stmh. wbldi be interprcta pTtliaflomn, d 
■a >n7 note) nnder tba bnding < lalnla psa 



this lAttar Me we DSokh kl. Sehr. vr 40S-.504. A ptirdiu r^rc^^M 
ti ISf. A plain aidebotad Hor. •. t 6 110—8 Uph mibm \ poemla etm 
ejfotko duo tmttineU cdtUU eekiniu \ vilis, cum pmUrm gfttiu, eamjmm 

mtOS Ci3musoeAddiolexi. 80. Tnl97. Aniob.Tt85f. IVvdeBt 
MTobom. M7. cath. ii S8. pcriit z S90. eee Dsrambeig dkt dee aM. 
fieelur'e Oalloe m* S84. Bich eonpuiioo. 

„ fO0 usELLoe hie wliole eeUle dig, uni Bt § 4 nee clutrUu pttme 
dekenitur Ukri$ UgtUU nee ehartU U§niUi Ubri debebmntur, ni$i forte et kie 
m$ unerli vduntat : «! pwta $i quia fwU chartne $ie reliquerU *eharte§ 
mem» univenae,* qnt ailiil aliad qoAiii libroe habebat, aiudiom 

ff 207 onci Hor. qp. i fO IS tineai pateea tacUmrnun inertei. 
■OMiun CABxnfA MVBKi Cic. divin. ii | 69 f. ncm $i Mn •ennimw, 
fMMf Platonie politian nuper mpud me mures corroeeraat, 4e 
ft pnbiiem debui pertimeteere, nnt, ai Epicari de volnptate liber 
roeae eeeet, pntarem nnnonam in maeello enriorem fore, Teri. ad?. 
Mare, i 1 quia torn eomeeor mae Pontieua, qium qui ecuuffeliu 

.• 908 209 xiL DAOuiT, ET TAXBX iLbTD pcBDiDiT Tonnc MiniL imitotiea 
cf Of . a. a. I L) Wf «/ n a II ae trit pulrin, tamen exente ii u II u lu. cf. Plia. 
cp. 1 11 ' B i h i U#r inqnia * quod aeribttm,* at hoe ip*um acriU, n i h i I <•«« 

Iuod acrihna. Pert, i 122—8 hoe ridere meum, tarn nil, niilln tibi veu4i»\ 
Hade. Bliakcepearo sonnet 180 'For nothiuif bold mc, so it please tbss 
bold Tbie nothing me, a soaetbing ewect to tliec.* 

M 210 usMCUuut Btr cuiicLrs eie seripscnint odd. omnos eod. P aoe- 
loritatem eeeoti qni solos servant ett roeuUm in ci^cris libris omisaaoL 
xexwak bI epeeiee me fefellit iam prioMi manos in libro ptvtiosissinio tat 
•zpoazit; qood vl eredam eo laeiUue addoeor, cimi caosa crroris plain 
sit oompendio eobn / («eei) ctiaa in libris vctoetis nuitato in lites 
arehetypo hie Ulie loenm eo n ce esB m Adsse snpra commemoren. libnuim 
verbo aerumnae iam eooeeripto Utlendam norissimam malo rppctiit indS' 
foe enatoe eel error, molto rero cflleadas did ultimua autem aerumma 
eumuiua verbo eobstantivo OMleeto aon est qood moncam. Drre. 

•f „ racsTA aooAimBX Mart, u 878 rei duo Irosta rogal e^bii 
Phaedr. m 7 22 Irvata iaetant famill^ (to a don), 

H 212 uoBRiDA lUTEB eUipsls ot verb aa 1 128. 

,t 218 FCLLATi pancERCii, DirFRBT YADiMoxu PBAETon Bttchclcr dtsi 
Diacont. bud. dci ni 870 pullati proocros, ? adimonia HMUn/Hiuem, 

M ft PULLin PROCMEa los. ant. zn f 8 pr. ^icre^^rrvrei ^Aeiw 
Mnrau Plat. II 201*. Pol.vacn. Tin 10 f 2. Fbilostr. soidt. ii 1 § a 
27 f 6. her. 20 H 28. 27. Pans, ii 8 § (7) f. sohol. Enr. Med. 1387. 
fildon. ep. Y 7 <NcedMiir... pullati aid nuptima, Hier. ep. 00 pr. quia enim 
Aee ertderei, ut eonauium pronepoa,.. inter purpuraa aenatorum furra to- 
■lea (infr. 284) pullatns ineedereif 79 7 f. widow*s weeds. Cypr. ds 
morlalltate 20 it has been rerealed to me that I should preach that oar 
bfadma ealled fkom this world shoold be icv;rcttedt non piauni nee ueei- 
fUmdm earn hie alraa Teslea for thoee who are now robed in wUift 
OMMUui-Btarli Off. PrivataUerth. 1 80 28. Deekar Oalhw iii* 808. 

H tt Mrran VAMMoma 296 a. Cio. p. Qaiael. II 92, 40. lam. n 8 
IL AltnTIl PllB.k.aTn|188. Uv.^A 8iB.^84ia. 

M4aaoaA«.f. aotaaas nv 80L 887 a. 

after a ira (a.*. 8^ wfaieh laid waitt the 


AvsBtine and part of mt Caeliae Tiberius eootriboted 100 million sesteroes 
10 make good the loee (Tae. aa. ti 45. DCass. ltui 20 g 6) ; after another 
(i.a. 27) whidi laid waste the whole region of mt CacUus, he oontriboted 
ia proportion to the iiyuiee done (VeU. n 180 1 2. Tae. an. it 04. Suet. 
Tib. 48). 

m 210 MUDA siosiA zi 108 a. Ob the Greek works of art la Rome see 
Marqaardt Pnratleben 890—4. Add Pint. LoeuU. :S0 f 1 LncttUas Ibund 
tfw province of Asia devastated by usurers, parente driven to eell thdr 
handsome eons and daoghtcrs, dtiee their itmdiparm, ypm^da^ kpa^ 

M 217 EuraBASfORie et poltcuti AV. epit 14 f 2 of Hadrian geaautm 
pktorjietorque ejt arre vet marmore prwrime Polyelitos Tel Bnphra- 
Boras. KcriiKAXoaie Silllg catal. arttf. 205—8. Ovcrbeck Gcsch. d. 
p. Hastik it^ K2— 1. id. SehrifUiuellcn zur GcMch. d. bildcndcu Kaustc 
ep. 888—847 and iud. poltcuti Hillag 8G1— 870. 0\-crboek Gesch. 1 
840—801. Sdiriftqacllen pp. 100—175. For both see alxo Uraaa, K. O. 
MttUer and any other writer on andent art. 

M 218 PHAECASUTOBCU Lobcck Aglaoph. 815. 

M 220 xoDicx AROEXTi Plut. II 178' dpyvpiaw ii iral x^<#(m mW 
ifi9pAa 4XXA 9ru0iih9 iete$mi, Lne. gallus 12 rb /Up xp*vi«r «d rb 
ifiifw <;arrXrrr eaA^un nel ^eydXcit «/ra«r re col w9hA iwtppiw. 
Oiangscus ooniiurcs ' un boissean d*4ens.* Gdl. zv 12 i 4. 

M 222 TAXQUAX z 820 n. Madvig adTen. ii 5o0. 

M 223 AVKLU cincKXHinrs Huct Aug. 45 Augustus was absent nuiny 
hears, sometimes whole davs, from the shows, but not witliout ezeusinj; 
hiauelf and apiwinting a deputy; when present, Ih* dcvotctl himsdf en- 
4iR^ to the perfomuinoes, eitlicr rememburing tliat Cai-sar had giTen 
■abiage hj lesding and answering letters and petitions there, or from a 
itsl interest in sport. Many would sit oat the whok) time i^intiL vi 8 
|8I aauea JtomaMNt, ad quern in apeetaeulia bittentem eum mitiaaet AuffuatUM, 
qui 4l diceret *efHf aiprandere ro/o, domum eo*: *la enim* inquit *nim 
Ume$ ne locum perdaa, 

M 224 PAEATVB I 100. T 58. ZIT 140. 

•• 225 Mart, it 00 1 2 egiati ritam aemper. Line, manicipalem, , 
qaa nihil omnino tIIIbs esse potest cet. 

„ 220 BOBTVLCS Die PUTEVSQUB BBBTtS Hou. ep. 41 | 8 Cteuuthed 
a«Hua tntxit et rigando horto iocavit manua, luNtin zi 10 1 9 operum 
amt e ura ad putoos ezhanrieados hortosque irrigaados aoiitua, 
Hier. Tit. Hilar. 81 (of Antony) kane plaeinam ad irrigandum hor- 
tilam multo audora/abrieatua eat, Henee Aus. idyl iii ( «o. 12 2 BehenkI) 
UJana propter puteusquo broTis. 

,» 228 Tiucus noBTi ef. zi 09. priap. 24 1 feeuHtU Tllieus horti. 
42 1 laetua Ariatagoraa natia bene TilicBS maia. Mart, ui 08 9 euatodem 
madia atatuit quam willouahoTio, 

n 229 BPTLCX DABS Cio. Mur. f 75 etm epulam Q. 2Iaximua Afrieani 
patrui aui nomine poputo Romano da ret. Uor. e. u 8 85 80 gladieUorum 
dara crnfarsi | damnati poputo paria atqua epulam. OaAXOAeca. 

n 210 QoocvMQUB LOCO Matt. ZIT 12 1 quo via eamquo loeo. 

n 231 imivs BOMonni iiiCBBrAB Tbrt adr. Mars, it 14 BlfMsme 
MBifina aafiMUfifBi domiaaa aa naa aaiaa laeortae deua § Man hapt 
MBprtiallMhoBii, W«8Mr'kaipiaaat,adog,adoBkt|y'eat. There 
b a ]«t va^ Maatam, aa la tfia met (AfktoCrbetw ni U p. 1418 a 80, 
diri bj Both) fcreqcff r ^Xa# M vsMl xlMI^ wheiB you ezpeet WliXa. 
A GalalL 88 18 Writ cafaegaiaraBf art agfoearva I «m0 81^88 MfM 



•■"IB™ " ' » STz''"" I Jo.. ,i„"."" "'ii«™'.vr?*' 
1 V' ■». 5»"'''' '•'" ur??'" i".z""' 1^%^^^ 

■d Till.- ""■">■ /oij- V ■"■eunli. .' ' 'i"««i I!h-m;. 

•■"IB™ " ' » STZ''"" I Jo°. ,i„ ."■ "'ii«™.vi 

1 V' ■». 5»"'''' "'" ur??'" I".Z""' 1^%^^^ 

""*//<• i„i, '"""•. •"•/ii. 



diapate the idenUtj, which Waddington mminuuni. But cmI in Tm. L c 
ief«n to gloria; Tm. hi 81 agrcet eiaetly with DCms. ia 16 | 8 who 
ciprcw^ ulratiiic^ the cotmul of 89 with the ez*iTnu.'tor of 21. 1 nee ot 
raewm (witli Fricdliiiidcr iii* 470) to sappoM that Any otlicr Corbnloii 
meant here : 'andtrc nUtltbeluinnte Pcnoocn, die lav. cbenfall* nnbe- 
dAkUrh mit ihivn wmhren Namen ncnnen konnte, iind:...der starkf 
ICann Corbalo.* 

in S53 vmncc to thii daj the Italian women cany f^oodi to market oa 
their hcade (nee Doardel. on Pctron. 84 p. 103 b Uurmau). Granpieu 
dtca Prop. !▼ 6. t 4 10. Ov. Pont, in 8 13. Panine Fcflti p. 16 U 
«iTir/ifM appcUabant etrculumt qurm capitl impoNebnnt ad iu^Unenda ami- 
modiHM rata, qnae ad Mcn pulliea capite portalantMr. et. E. Saglk> ia 
diet, den ant. eantphoroe, 

M 354 TrxiCAR HioT. ep. 66 pr. f ir/« eniu fior credtret, ut fonttihu 
pronfpo$ tt Fnriani germinii decii§ Mtrpurpurat afnatornm furva tuniea 
pal la tn a inetdtref, et non embetetret oeulot $odaUum^ nt deridfnte$ at ipte 

,, 254— 2.>8 Lacr. ri 548—0 plaMfirl eoncvnfa trcmefcnnt | tecta rinm 
propter non matfno pondere tota. Sen. n. q. vi 33 1 1 «i qnando mttgrn 
onrra per ricet vehiculomm pinrinm traeta mnt et rotae maiore nUu h 
miebrat ineidi-riiHt^ terram conentl fentiet, 

„ 385 »:biuco Qointil vin 8 f 81 nit a«*ieHda temper orath, ted «r» 
mittenda nonnHmquam ett. vim rrbm aliquando verborum ip^ti hitmititM 
^ffert, an enm dieit in Pitouem [(r. Baiter] Cicero *enm tibi tota eof- 
fM(/o serraeo adrehatnr,* ineidine videtur in $itrdidum nomen, non e$ 
€ontemptum Itominit, qnem deitmetMm rofebal, anxiuel cited alto ii 
Fortaiiat. rhct. 111 4. Bidon. t\\ ir 18 pr. 

H 355 356 Hor. p. 1 6 43. 11 34. 

H 357 MSA uurfTiCA Jordan Topoi^. d. St. Rom 1 17. 19. Marqaantt 
Priratleben 602—8. Stat. «. it 3 3*J LanafiK* poriandia tantum $i^eeU 
eolnmnii, 4 33 anne metalliferae repelit iam moenia Lanac? Nana- 
tUn. II 68—8 adrehtmur eeleri eandentia moenia iaiMn: I Nom/itu mI 
mmctor Ince eomaea aoror, \ indigcnia anperat ridcntia lilia aaxisi 
ft levi radiat pieta nitore ailcx. { diren marnioribaa tollo^ 

IMftf Ivee coloria I proTocat intaetaa Saxnrioaa nivca. Set 
. Y. Beamont (Itaaiaa Lemniaena) dea CUudiua Butiliua Namatianu 
Heimkehr (BerUn 1673) 188—109. PUn. zxsiri « 14 tlio white uarUt 
formerly In ate waa Parian, muttit pottea eandidioriima repertit, nupet 
Ttro ettam in Lanonaiam lapielainia. § 48 Mamnrra waa the m 
to have no eolamn hot of marbw In hia whole hooMe, and all aolid fiea 
Caiyatua or Luna. Varro in Plin. xxsn f 185 Luiiicnacm $itie(* 
tem $eeari. Known to the Etrnacant, and in Bome before AniTurtiMi 
bat not aa bnildinc material. Scir. Aen. viii 720 the tcitiplu of raUtlM 
Apollo bailt de toiido marmoret qnod adiatum fnerat de portn Lnnat. 
Wilmanua inacr. 815 10 11. Soet. Ani(. 38 Hr6rm. . .marniorcam u 
ftUnqnere qnam laterieiam aeceniuet. The bent authority on the nuirblei 
wed in building at lioroa ia Bmxjta Iwrizioni dvi marmi Rrcxxi (aniiatt 
1870 10(^304); a Uat of the remaining cnlamna in Cond doUo pielia 
uMA9 1838 88 48. Blttmner TeehnoloRie in (Tbabaer 1884) dmH 
villi work in atone I the nmrUe qoarrica of Luna 89— 41. 

M 887— 800 Plat. Oalb» 8 1 4 after Mcro'a MX the mob knodtad do«i 
M nfoffmar Aponfaa and draw over him 4^«t Xiit^^e t . diff. ix 3 83 fl 
te ft «lUate belwMB two loaded wagona on the elfnM CttpUoHmttm 
Mfro fwlf««l €t pmorom otfitadeai obtriTorftt. 




m 359 QUO BtirEREaT DB coBPOBiiiua P € corporibuM, uo doubt rightly. 

er eoinparcfl CacA. b. G. i 80 | 6 (cited in Icxx.), and Or. am. ui 89 
40 iaeet eece TibnUn* ; rix manot e toto^ parva qnod unia en pit, 59 60 
flf Umen o nobia atiqnid., \ rcatat Add Cie. p. Sulla f 15 nihil aibi 
§xpri*tina dignitato aupereaae. Cart, x 3 | 37. 

„ 301 HECUBA pATKLLAa Pcrt. Ill 36 enltrixaue/oci accnra patella. 
rftTTLLAB Hor. cp. I 5 3 Obbar: In the Archiv f. lat. Lcxikof?. i 194 
Havet, citing Varro Eumen. fr. 160 Bttchelcr (in Non. p. 543) patella 
etnrienti potita proroeat SrapoHtanat piteinaa, saya *jo no comprvuda pai 
eomme jtateUa pourrait ai^mificr id nn pUt ou une aMictte. Cost 6vi- 
demincnt ici an nom de eoqaillago, tout comme Ic iMteiln dva naturalistea 
d*apjotird*hui. . . En ec tent, patella paralt 6trc nn an^ <vn2M^r«r/ Surely 
the authority from whom Noniua took tlio exanii^, and who had the 
context Iwforr him, wa« better able to jadgo of tlie acnsc than we ; bat 
efcn aa tin* text HUmK there ia no nrcd to invent a new rocanin;^ for ao 
common a wopI : *M>ttins a dish before hia hungry friend, lie chiillfn;«e8 
the ialiponla of Naplcn.* Di$h for * meat on the diMh.' So pht, Sehnaael. 

M 3«i8 HTUiuuiira Marquardt Priratleben 381. I3citti».'er citea Bhodiua 
OB Scribon. 39 p. 81 and Eiiclicnbaeh do unctionibua vcterum e. 3. Theo- 
kritaa being in a batli, wbere two frllowa desired to borrow lua alri<;il or 
deanter of him, the one of which waa a atrangcr, tlie other a noted thief, 
onawercd the fintt thus, * I will not lend it rou, bccauKo I do not know 
ymi*; and the Mccond thna, *1 will not lend it you, becauae I do know 
ymi* (Plat, ii 534, de vitioso pndore 14. Uoltpat). Apul. fl. H 85 80. 

„ „ ocTO Varro 1. 1. ▼ 124. Hor. eited on 204. tee the atoiy of 
Iba Attic po;:r who brought gn t u m Saminm ore tenna . . . inanem, tamquam 
H ineaaet oleum, and turned it nptide down, and at laat declared tliat the 
oO mnat luive frozen (Oell. xni 8 1^ 5—8). lidttiger eitet Catanlran on 
Theoidir. eh. 5 p. 75. Etchenbocli 1. e. p. 483 teq. Diounnos tokea 
hia i\rtr <» ampnila) with hia terip, cloak and ataff, into Charon*a boat 
(aath. Pal. ni 67 5. 68 5). Apul. fl. H 35 30. 

N 366 poaniuEA Eur. Alk. 258—4. Theokr. 17 49 croypbp (here 
farfraw) id wopBu^a Kattot^rmf, auth. PaL vii 03 1 r^ ciVa ^oyini, 
PcnwrfeXr, U^o pt, wocO/ieQ. M 8 (Diogenea loq.) woptu p4p^ wope/ii/'C 
•713 'Atdeta \vwiipi Bttpsi^t, root* 'Kxipo^m \ Uiap 4f ▼Xwrtr wop$fil9t 
ttBitfpi 6^ 1 3'Al'90f M vrivfy/, atxapiuiM H^pvai TOMrme^ \ it fiaOi- wop0- 
at^riff mV 'Ax^poiTot vBtap, apiwud. 336 (od. Jacobt, Lip*. 1»14, ii b81 
■Kaibel 646a) 8 e^ Ur* iw '\tbov rXaTor, a^ vopButi^t Xiptaw, in a 
panting of Polygnotoa (Pana. x 28 | 1) 4 wop0nadt 4vl raTt n^rair. 
». f 3 from the cj'clie poem Mhi^-aa M* ^roi win lUw i^tKvdfi^rmf, i^r • 
lvai4f I 9op$pi€bt f>« Xa^MF, oCk AXo^ iaMtv oppov, auth. Lat. iv 
•# 8 (Unnn. q. y. ii 40 41) r^'xif aqaa porthment. Valckenaer diatr. 
^35 p. 3m). DS. I 96 8f 7 8 the rationaliktio version : the fasbionablo 
buying ground of Menipliia was near tho Acheniaiuu lake; bodies were 
tened oTcr, and the ferryman {vopeptin in Eg;>i>tiau Xapw) recei>x-d an 
•W aa hit fare. ouaoiTia ii 150 Sttjgio ranat in gurgi to nitfrtia, 

N 367 xra UADRT QCKX POUBIOAT otts TaiRXTisM Plaut. Pocu. proL 30 
V* a6//r od ileAeniNfeM aine Yiatieo. Apul. met. yi 18 nee mora enm 
M iaaieii Marftwai rea/ci, eaf pnufectm Charon protinm ejcpeteno por- 
ttrivm, tie «d Wjnmi mtterhttm $utHl tumha dedneit eommeante§, ergo 
^ nter mortmoo mvrittm vivtt. me Charom iUo..., tantna den$, qnidqnani 
pnuut9 faeli et moriona pavpt r vlalit am dobtt quaorere, et aea 
■iiorlf prmosBBB aoB faorit,iifmo turn txaplrart patietur. 
m$ afoafMa ami 4M$ bbbH fmUm 4$ a^kn, pm/eree, edterami $i$ 




Ill 267— 

fUiamr (IfJiiv 

tasM. Mt twit mm ■><■■ M (■• HMt »tc. EumriM •>( «oin* 'ou* 
En^tVriTalkbra SM-O. Killia. (t. UO " - •" 

li^\ L1M.C1UPI. 18 r. ••»! Ti'iP'^i' 'K' -■* -r.,*^..- ..". 
^'mVUnOcntftxTTm rMitCU-m laws t«|[Bl» mm RomM 
ProcoUm proI«l..« p««mit. Or. Ibi. ZSW XO (801 M3 -. M 

itaiS EUU^S KS: 1 lVr)7JJ5ia. of AWn«£b li-dgc » a 

970 rrxK^riiK the ponnd. Boor find no »inilow» to llic Hmt hi 
Um D|<i>a iWnji h4d, u w« K-e it HetcnUnnni (Jlirqii.rJl 1 nv»tl«bti 

** ,,' MO 371 Arlrtoph. Ach. fllB-7 S€ttf itinntrff it^tfrn iiwiftt. 1 
"TV" tu "- « S^" 'ii™, ^f. MS (Lir. , 47 11) r/- - -W-r*,; ^ 
Awllfn' •iliei. prnlnln ft: eoiiipli!t.-<l B.C. IHU (lb. iiivni M |H 

Ilf^b IlMlun«nn hi*t. of invcntiwi". U. Nimwi Pi>m|iriiiiiiwlir SiaSm 
ILnlW, lit771 fill^-Kt4 the woid Unrl, 'btrmw*,' •(«(" rinri."., »''"«'• 
trhon Ihr wort oirr. Uie r«wnirnt wbkh dirtinuoiiOiCK it* eili;|* fruiu Ihi 
ZmL I»id. orifl. »T in ■Uril.Dtn Um inrnilliTO to thp I Immiciiitt. 
BolonmBi-r'"" t.«.-i.-™~«j 

(mI( (iUd. n V I 7). iliny Inieriplioii* racunl Ihe p*Tin»: 
itiioHt of ItdUn ami finitlncial town*. See tuo Moiuini 
in 480—491. Dam lluin* wid the CinipaRn* In— lir. V 
I' 494. en, Hinehfi'ld Vfni-»lwnfi«ec«li. 1 IBS. Under 
« end (Wilniuin* IMJ) ■ " - '' -■' 

(urirn lij rick 

*mi'iTii t>lB. 

ftiiil *nn lb! 
AntonloM we Sml (Wilmum* IMil) ■ jirofKnilor nt .iiic". "H'M*- 
ml) ■ jmriinilor ■lllenm rf«™« -cnt »rl»,. Jordin TujKvnrliit i 
St. Uom ■ 4 who citM l-romi* Alba Kureurt US irq. «1m hi tin he-t liu 
denotM hud ilona fltncnilr (r.«. llnrntaTM of the A|HiiniiiH LU' 1 > 
IWL C^lolnFwlMMlJ; tniwrtiD«;tl»bUckhwi1li«UiB,tlwii™i 
MTingitODa; and *™ nuiblo. Awionr » Ji(if"riw [UlOmnn Tf* 
notodaniW. 8m Paalj-TUe", llany roonoRiiiHi* n*" "I'l**^" 
Um Boman roadi of EnFlaod, QmtMnj and other (oniitim : brt« 
Bmcin lor th« IBUi owtnty hai Dot fot ariirB to oocibiiM aU lb* 

■ madidalDfW f* 
Bdilhr'* Km IB 

raTDun ti S9T patnla 

in Uill. K S I S. 

.'cr. 4 10 ftrliir 

Viumammmfiil-t atmuttm, X "f^ 

«tMKta«nlar am UfinlhM, tammtumi rlimi. dMmnUm f «f« mA 

dlUMf>lifX»»Mi. »fci.«(Chri*la«fcaa(a.(i«l.*«d(«a"|i-* 
-" — Htina> MM fa tngtioim Mci"* 


llOU0Ci». LIOHnitO OP STBEETS. 389 

eonti. SO (ct. n. on (93) 1 1 ••waM* fnf ■!(. paapn- JJri'fo, 

Itfimaitidiial ^ 
iMit. IBfwrHrn 

WxJWH- I 4 hn. 'cur « w^mrriif wifjWmnH p«( ferjo <n>i «■ 

IT naJI f>(i rXM larbo flitmUnm ae pinuHanm tl ailrtriKi pnnprrtaltm 
MMH njfuK 'HUH tff»inlll- 'enr mr win dn-KfiK, Hall jjoMn/atf ■» 
imjwmkif ?«'■ rf/rewi ■ f aM <|^i (a (( urtatiMoma nen amltam. imi tcei- 
dcMfiiK e"nrr/ «iiir ivi Ifotum hh-iih litimrmt I' | IB 'tHnn- iw wjiMri. 
^ fmblitnmV fneimi iml'aHum, iHrlirrr, fmetHm M: p-mper rt dim 
HtJtm lemm rn'nrrjnin. SdpL Xpto 10 Hn. n(i(t i/anilrijaritrum hiNf, 
f«ta» iitrrtiTofn lirmlia paaim ranaKlibf Jnlltrt at funri ftr htHm im 
ml. Oa the Iphft aaJFi^mfriif (13 June) Iha libiciurt vcro colJUcd to 
Misft drank, miiiked and in wBnwn'ii attire, tluoanh tlic ulnxti {Or. f. 
n Bil-tU. rjl. It 3 f 4. B«kn-Maiqu«Tdt It 4.-Kt). lulia, daualiler 
a( AnRailn*, wna banidwd bj her father, vlio pnUiihel her liuma (lien, 
bia. Tl SI 1 1) BilmiiKv firtanllm ndiilfenw, percrralain ooetDTnii 
■gnlaialiDOiltKci vita torn, /arnm Ipnmi ac nurn, rt^nilmi pttrr 
Itjem if aiiHUitiit talrrat, filiat fa Wit/ira plaminr, Bco Hclinti do 
cniiiuationibui tetvniin. Alloua 1744. Eranniui cili* *niithte*p<' 
■nil ihil gianllel : jirov. 4 10 (of evil men) * lliey aleep mil. cxci'iit tiicy 
ban done nTJiCliii-fi and tbvir aln'p ii lakiMi anij. cicrjit they eaaia 
naato fall': and Ari*li>|ih. VMp. HJ— 01 4fi n nimu, rod iuim{iii; •■> 
rrim, | *> n^ 'wl rw fpArn latfifiiru (v\ar, | Srn<i 4* spf TJt vhtm iMi 

HI IHU HOI i>ct:inE ind. 1. *. auu. et. Held on Cic. aeid. 11 1 44. 

„ IHl KDIXBH rxcn 949 n. 

„ llU cocci» cf. Til 130 n. U>n|iuidt Frinllebcn 819. CSi— ■ eay 
NkMn in Ihg rnf/i ttnaUtria. 

„ IM HiiLTiMi nAMXum Boq:]K«l *GS9— S trtu lien Iha light boioa 
btbn Uw emperor and meiiiben of hii iMNiwhold (Li[i». e:ie. ou Tie. on. 

nOI. In IhalnhilMeknwWrKaiixiaKiiidown tOLP. Ul llie bniiu plali 
h ahnn called IhImU anm—Jtmt ahrwn— from x.b. 13tl Inlmla mtrea. 
Ifet Dtmilil Ahfimlnrii and llic foniiula koc m/rt Htn/uiHt librn, an ■'cU 
M the (jeneral Baa of the trpnblieiiD time, abew lliat atntui it tbo proper 
dMknation ol llial wliicfa i* made of bronic; ittrmi ii not fonnd betnn 
I the carlia tino it ijcneialljr—aenifH, btou^d (Uommica 


n 1S5— 987 Beekmann taiiL of inTcntimM (11 179 — 185 Bohn) prom 
&>■ Libanini ind Jerome, lliat Iha itncta ol Aniioch n-ere lit up by 
■l(bt[ ho donbla wholher the uii» out ba prored of Home bf Kucl. 
CMa. Ilu nnmliidliK ramrlrlt ufrr^atHtt dfdil. dein imfl tlliaecaiHm. 
■atb ( fnuime flil/im arf ivAfeiilHia laai'tii; oecaltrMiwxM lUr modier 
Mftala iN.nrrMM nl; el raii lamlnibtii •iitiastia dtttulitet ria, 
~M aillneaB daee mvrto, jwaii 

In VetroB. Tl pr. 
fnaiiia trmt, faae 
m wW f a rp aai ftftiat a wwu n. 



tinm Inmen, niamliMtionfl at festival MMons aro often mentioned Fried. 
IKnder n* 875—6. a. d. 82 the praetor L. Seinnnfl acnt 6000 slaves to lisfat 
home the vpeetaton at the Floralia (DCaw. ltiii 10 f S the bUvcs irae 
•bom in moekeiy of tlie bald Tibcrina). 

m 887 ISceker Gallnii ii* 83t»— 0. H. BlOmner Tcchnologie (at cited 
▼n Itto) n IGOl Lanterns were eovaicd with blailder, or oiled linen, or 
iMrn ib. 8d0. The lloman strcetii wne not lifftitcd. On lainpA, eandln, 
cet lee Saplio in diet det ant. 1 800—676 *eandela* 'candeUbmm*. Mar. 

Ioardt I'riTatlchen 689— COl. niansao Plin. ep. iii 10 1 S n. pium 
[aeoenat in Sen. cp. 114 g 5 tfnuii terei fila. Plin. xis f 17 (of liimm) 
fMorf proximnm fcrtiei fuil, tlHppa aj^UQtvr, dtterhrin lini, iHtrnMnm 
jtrme InminthnM tptior; of iMpyma anthol. JjAt. 01 0.'> B. Paulin. e. 14 
(«18, FcL nat. 111) 100 /ifM/mi cfrmth adotentur odorn papyrh (vco the 
aotea Par. I680 11 p. 91). Blflinner p. 161. 

„ S88 cooxoBce n 474. Cie. Att ti 2 1 10. Ov. am. 1 4 11. 8Ut 
•• Y ff 65. Fnoot.MiA Ben. eontr. 80 1 13. 

„ 289 Sil. zn 70 71 nee pngnae tp^eiet, »ed poeime irhtii Imnno | 
ilU enU hinc tantnm eaedcntam atqac indc ruentum. cf. (•« 
rff/Mf/ospamiive of pnlto) zii ISO mnef, ametur; ao it^rdo and jKrvo (Phn. 
•p.iii£ i 10 n.). 

„ 290 8TAT ooimiA Till 188. Peru, r 96. BTAniors icdct Acn. n 
876 state, riri. pAnEas seckssb mt - Catall. lxii 62. 

„ 291 QUID AOAS, CVM a IT 14. 

„ 892 uxna tenia ? - Ilor. s. 1 9 62. ii 4 1 a n d e ^ qno Catim t HetmL 
on Plato Ljsis pr. rot 89 ro^iVi iral wd0ip ; aceto S|iartian. Powt>nu. 10 
I 8 iHt$it vinum in eipeditiotu tumintm bibcre^ ted aceto uuirertai e$te 

„ 2U3 coxaiE Apic. t 4. 

„ „ accTiLB ronncx Ver^. moret. 84 Forb. ^fajrerstedt dcr Fckl-, 
Garten- nnd AViesenbaa der Biimer (SondorAhausen 1862) 37i>— 7. 

„ 295 ACCITE CALcix Tett. speet. 18 calcen ^f eolnphi. ef. \i^ and 
v^ (S^ncs. ep. 104 pr.). The complaint of llntns (Luc. Tiiiion 17 f.) 
irp»aKTii 9fAt Mtir pih M/un Xavrcjb^rot. 

„ 296 coxsisTAS Orelli inser. 4085 quinquennnll eotteffii . . fnhnm 
tolfrtriitm baxiarium , . . qui eonsistant in $cola #n6 Iheatro ilfr<7(N«fo) 
Pompeian{o). Henzen 0802 eoHeainm eocomm Anff{M*ti) fi(«wrr/), qnod 
fonsistit fa Pahtio, Teelinieally eonnhUre denotes permanent r^ 
aideneo in a place or a district, apart fttmi the privilei^cs of nati\-es. la 
speaking of eofleffiti, it is used of their ordinary places of mcetinfr, of 
persons away from tlidr homes it is applied to the province or town ia 
whidi they reside, dig. t 1 19 f 8 W qno consistit, mn dieo lure dmi' 
eilfi, ted tabernntam perpMlam horrevm armnriitm offleinam eonduxiU 
MosmiEX in Hermes tii 810 — 8. Varro 1. 1. t 1 15 loenriiim, quod datwr, 
im ttabuh et taberna nbi eonsistant. Bee (Georges. Dirksen manoale. 
Tery freqnent in Cyprian. 

„ ., QVAEBO IT 88 n. XT 17 a. TarroL I. Ti|18agone? qnewtioi 
before a sacrifice. Sen. eontr. 11 | 80. Jordan (in Preller riim. Hjtk 
ifi 170) eorreetly denies that Aff&mtim can be derived f^om the qnestioi 
mpmuf bat wrongly requires the fat or eonj. pros. 'Natflrlich ist Varros 
E^jmologie fklseh; die Frage hHtte ia aneh nnr agfmne laaten kdnnen*. 
AcB. tn 867 f«a« jprlsia perienla Tito? it 884 Forbiger. OeD. rm 8 
I 8 'rerbrrs*, fntirff ridem TMeiv, 'noitite is enrHcuh atqwi okas 
Mllif* SldlbMUi €B Flat mqp. 178*. WiMr.]inaUoB 884. IMfff 
Uk^rBti^lit-T. BobgrllBL 


m 2% rnosEccnA hid. Philo lc«?. ad Oai. 20 qnatcr. 22 pr. (n 5C7 f. M). 
83 tcr. 25. 43 f. 46. anecdota Delpliiea 25. Jew bc;?parH I'cliol. iv 117. 

H 297-301 xn 9-25. Cic. Phil. 2 f 6 1. 7 n. 7110*1 mt aliud...benftieiHm 
tefroffwrn, «/*/ «( eommemorare pmrnint tit te drditte rittim, qiiihiit nom 
§demenHtf ^aO. Sen. cp. 83 f 10. n. q. it pr. J| 8. Suet. Vit. 7 Vitellius 
shook off terrore eahmniite his most iitiportimate crbditors, eitm Hbcrtino 
enidnm ncerbint debUnm repnncfnti iniiirinrnm formnlam, qnasi 
calee ab co percnssos, intendisHet, nee aliter qnnm extortit qninmta- 
finta tentertiit remUUtet, Liban. 11 168 B vt 4p r^ /ti» fuifu wtinnHpuL 
MKtpUKirat. ib. IV 8(*r8 of a ptatfmwg OrbiUnt: if the bov htk\e done ill, 
then) arc indi^^nntioHR, rcviliiigs, blows, threats for the future : if ho has 
done his tAHk iicrfcctly, having no room for blame, K//iaof r» m4 s-a^J^ 
nir«M. Cf. the proverb (frwn Hom. 1 869) KiVXwvot 3«#/Md. to be eaten 
text luiroem. 11 491 lifntscli. BiKaalt on Phaclr. i 8 (mx)lf and eranc). 
Ennnp. yit. soph. Julian, p. <«3 25 factions nmong studentx at Athena 
•the bokloHt of the pnpils of Aiwinea had Inid luinds in this civil war on 
IMSC of Juhan, x'^' * fiaptiatt kuI Atucmxtut x/»»K^«Mcro«, rwr rr rsr- 
y*Po^';- yUnanJor yfwfyip in Stob. fl. xcn 5 tPKarat^pi^ip'ip Un, Ps^yyia. 
tfrff, I Kw 9d9v X/yjy Hntua' rwrti/ yiip Myttp | frcAa ^rtv 9o^i*$* ovrot 
ni X«^«>. I Ml evK9^dwr^t ti-m i to r^N^Wior I iv^ uaXfirai, xdw 
aoisoi'^rror rvxv* 

A-r" J^, T^^y.^y*^^^^ FACirxT cf. 818 n. Plant. Lncr. Cic. p. 
QQinet. fj 46. 57 (the won! rnd, occurs very often in tliis Kiieech, several 
tiroes in Urr., once each in Q. Bosc. TuU. Catil.; not in diV'. innt. oodd. 
■or.). Liv. xxm 32 I 4. VM. iii 7 | L Gai. ni | 224. iv « 18i. 185. 
188 tcr. Bern l-nvatr. 892—8. V. F. L-vadimonium fieri iobcre 
(Yalcnas Probus in Hnscliko inrinpr. anteiost.^ 70). Uuschko infeia 
(p. 83 n.) that the 4th book of Uains was written early in the reign of 
M. Aurehus, before tlio abolition of the radiinonin (AV. Cses. 16 f 11 radi- 
mmiwrMm...toIUmtif remoto). Yet radimoninm continued in use meta- 
PMrieally e.g. Symm. eii. ii 10. 

,. 8119 LiiiEBTAs PAUFEBifl hcrc frccdom is a privilege of the rich; in 
the dens of vice (nil 172—8) is lilierty. eqnaUty {aeqna libertat) and fra- 
tsmity smong high and low. cf. ii 118. 

„ 800 rnixis coxcisrs Hor. s. n 6 66 pngn is caesa s/errotjM^ petitnt. 

•. 801 PAcas CUM oixTiBVs Mart, xit 68 1 peecaHtitfamuH pagno nt 
fCNfedentes. ' *^ * 

^^,805 oBAssAToa xm 145 n. xit 174 n. Sen. eontr. 80 I 6. cod. 
IBM ix 80 1—8. Friedliimler ii« 80— 88 an* 89—48. Plin. xix f 59 
vndow.gardcns in tho town liooses of the poor, anteqnam pnieji*ii pro- 
•peeint omne* coffift mnttilHdinit innnmente taern latrocinat io. JDCass. 
y.l I * the guards of tho intulae carried bells, lxxvi 10 BuUa, a 
•Jtain of 600 bandits, plondered Italy for two j^ars, befon SoTenia 
••Wd seixo him (a.d. 204). 

o i-!L??L^^*^ crsTonc Oodefrpy on ood. Theod. xn 14. Tert. apol. 
SMrreif/bHs vetUfinndit per nniremu prorineUu militarU tiatio tortitur. 
ymh met. Tn 7 Uild. denlque noluU ette Caetar ilnemi latnnit eoUegium 
meon/etHm inUHvU. ...totn dentqut fteiimu militmrium vexillmtiomm 
^tagalu eonfectn mtqne eoneita, 

,.807 roxPTnrA palui Loe. m 88 ftetm Pomptinaa via dividU ndm 
fjmidea. 8il. TUi 870— 888.' E. H. Banboiy in diet geogr. oalu- 
mu nm Oostar Lotwa (Bbeia. Una. xnrr 491.gloas£i Mmiiiom, 
MHPi. UN f. §44) tmew to Boat ft glov (IM Uam. Mwt n MU) 





Ill 307— 

CABBACvnvM vihieultim aW$timamm rottimm ctipniqne dtvexi^ qno 0OIO in 
Campania pn harem fiWae OAlliiiarUe ftrebaHlur, aatequam lupHe 

tUmerttHf, «... . «. . «r 

m 806 no DfPB HOC crnim tahqoam DOcliclcr m uhcin. Nw. nn 
(1874) 087-8 tic inde hue tamqtiam aliod alii obducantar camaUntnnnM 
traaiter m molctia et com adtit qnod non icqairM, dent Ulod qw 
mrtiw dcfiniAtor oMRrt . toleimiidft bice quis|HAm diicrit in laveiuile, nee 
mo oi fwUterim pcrvicacioi. %'enim una littcni odiccU ct rctno\cn 
iBflomiiMMU ilUfli wnteiitiM Aoj^m KiariUtcm mihi viddmr d tiee lej^mm 
vtl ticae id est aacarii omuet. nam frequenter res hie pocta pro honiinibnt 
SMiniat, bnecaa gulam foMam aboHan pro bnceonibus guloM cinaodo 
philcMopbo al. Fricdliindor jnitly Mja that the refereneo of oamrf caoad 

be diMbifol cL 803 flraaator. _ , . _, ., ^. »j » 
„ „ TiTAEU Varro r. r. ni W the Up^Hum. Mmrqnardt Pritat. 

Ubea 189. Fanlv r 1M8— 4. ti 8801, St'iOO, 2098. Badham finh-tattlt 

0864) 88—48. Ucad the lite of Frank Dockland. 

„ 814 VJto coxTiXTAM CABCEOB nosiAX Sen. de ira n I 4 etrfwrn- 

9eripiione$ fwrU frmuia it\fitiatlone$^ qoibot trina non aofricioBt 

„ 810 eoL ncuxAT so Hot. and Cort. in less. Mfltzrll on Cnrt. n 
11 1 0. Tae. Ill 80 inolinabat ilifi. pua, in Cie. and Sen. n. q. 1 8 

i incipitntt amt Inelinato die. 

„817 MCLioTiaoA re «i.8| 4 ^aof. MartwWM 

et lta»$Mla menm Tirga fmhfrntt equtim. Nemes. cj-n. 207. Ken on the 

dkoarii of L. CorncUni I'iao (Coliea p. 70 n. 18). 

„ 818 819 QCOTiEXi TE Bosu Tco acnpET AQvnco Mart, tiii 43 1 1 
FH«riff fl* Aeimfit mihi, Flacee, Teren9in» orit | redditor. lb. 7 c» 
te, FUiece, mihi reddet Cffthereia C/pro*. less. Hor. in Klotz. 

„ 828 ADiOTon icripiiit lor. qood non aolora f v > ind. eed ctiaii 
P . . . pnebet aadilor qnidqoe iiidicamit poeU licet non pronontiarent 
apparet. caUgatoe enim aoditor qoi in Rrlidoc agnw amid caofa pnl- 
dtntor crt homo simples rosticas nativo scnso nondom dcttitntos, op- 
ponitor aoditorom eoronae qoaU Romae utebantor •vates dolicatM ci 
atqoa foeatae orationk Uanditias capUnti: hie neq^e more prvlm rtde^t 
nee roee tereaa | iiiifetftff trepidare TiUm cnm earmina Inmbam \ i'ttra'it d 
Hemirfo tealptmtar mbi intimm rertu. tali ex consesso poetam • reflci pnv 
pentoram* facile aifai persoadet Umbrieias illc, sed natnns m^Oiea 
oorona qoasi leoiper stipaUs nam ealigatos aoditor sofficera poasit am- 

\. .. CAUOATCT Dr Iithmd in Olfford: • Cmbricios . . la made to 
■eraevere In hie prefcranee of the eoontry, hj teUina his friend, that M 
will Tiait him In a dress which ahaU mark liis determination nem^to live 
hiBfliBBagain. In thie eene^ the kut line of the eatire agreea with tfee 

general pvpoee d it.' 

IT NIedsbnch (Phllologaent llOeeq.) eommcnte on the ^wmt oCeej- 

mZriS!!S7-^ andF-184. ^Bi^dham 1^^ "l^Z^ut 
la verhape aa entertaining aa anjr poem of the kind in existence. /*^ 
hoSIWsoae abroptnci7ln the beginning, and woold nndoobledlj tied 
better if H began iHth the thirtj-eeventh line oini iam eemianimum em. 
Tta^arlj iSSm of Crispinoa, wim ianci p^^ 

IheridkmkMeeooenltalkm aboot the tmrbot, does ^S^J^jJ^S^ZSk 
iwdarthm to the main object of ttemece: OCT la thiw aivth^ 

i Ml ha Mni hi tfM inl ikitty nMa> 



nr 1 iTBavx caisriKua PUn. ep. v 20 1 1 iterom Dithyni, soe ind. 

,, 2 AD PABTEs Or. am. t fl 87 term* et ad partes M>//«rf aneilla pa- 
reninr, nax 07 08 at earn matnran .ff^w aoMi einrtiee rimae I aajr aail ail 
partes |>^rffir« M^e<t rea/f. Silvrstbi. * » •-• 

•• L^.'S^ ?!""" ««DBJiPTOX A TiTiis Scn. rii. 1. c. (exc. contr. 
IT pracf. 1 11) rcdimebat tamen vitia virtotibos et nlue habeltai 
qmid laad.irea qaam eai iffmwierre*, ' -««^«w» 

„ 4 sruRXATCB alMO in Fronto p. 144 Xabcr and rL Philox. 

„ 5 QrAXTis itTMEXTA FATioET POBTicinus VI 00. Vopisc. Aorel. 4!) 
. I S miltarennem . . , porticom in hortie Saltnttii ornavit, in qna eotidie 
2 •*>??■,.'* ^ fatigabat, fa/imr/« ei»ef non Inmae raletmiinit. Soet. 
Acro 01 (in Acros giikkn Iunisc) tanta latitat^ nt porticos trimlieea 
miliariae hah,rtt. Plin. it 8 f 5 (of Begolos) tenet u trane Tif»erim in 
htrtit, in qnifme iatwimnm minm portlcibos immcnsis, riimm ttatuie 

rnTOr''«VAi!-ii!«-ir'"-'* ■"^•""- *^™»-'' 

„ MEMOBCX Cw. Vcrr. i f ol qnae tifma nune, Verren, mbi mntt ilia 

qmero, qnaeapnd te nnperad omnet eotnmna$ in nilva deuiqiie dit^ 

pmita $Mb diea vidmnet Nep. Att. 18 i 2 domum habuit in eoile Qniri- 
mil ...... eniH$ amoenitat non aedificio, ted ti\irA eonttabat Scn rh 

dc; contr. t 5 p. 277 12 K intra aedijieia re$tra nndae ae ne'mora eon. 
pnhenditif. ib. I 29 in tnmmit enlmlnihnu mrntita nemora et twritia- 
Wjum piMeinarnm freta. Plin.XY|47etinlectaiamsilT80iicandant. 

S Vf^i i...l &^,"*1 ^'T! «3"«" •Mperbat | ram. Becker Gallua 
If 833-4. 2J9. Fnedlander i> 14 2. 

H 7 luoEBA QLOT TicwA POBO Tac h. HI 70 twr enIm e roMtrin fratrli 
dtmnm, i m m i n en tem f oro et irritaniit hominnm ochU*, qnam Acentinum 
et penate* Hxorii petignet, 

„ 8 XIII 2 n. 8 n. 174 n. 192—230. felix like beatnn, tt'Utpm, often 
■pnsperoos. wcalthj. Hera (Ter. 5—7) liowerer rich in houses, lands, 
horses tlie vieions maj be, happy he cannot be. corbcptob a ncducer 
^profesKion (NiiRelsbach Stih'stik { £4 8). Cf. xir 80n. aedifieator. 
• „ 9 crai Qvo xiit 15$ n. Plin. inii | 28. Sen. ep. 48 fl 8. Tac. xn 
7h _^'™T*»"<'' OT.a.a. 181 vittaer^«w«, /a«i>w;>m(oW#. Acn. it 
*••— 8. Iiuc. I 592 Vettnlemqne ehorum dueit vittata saecrdos. Tac. 
aa. I 57. Sen. contr. 2 lemma Meerdoe eatta e eautie pura e pnrin git. 
nmTA Herm. Jalm*. *non eolom lemmata 8, cum qnibns lectio Z 
mrte oooeinit, sod etiani P riliata pracbent, res igitur difnia quae 
neram In discrimen rooetor. TitiaUm esse puellam ex toto loco prodire 
Hermauno concedo, cfferator aotera necesae est ex mora luvenaliano 
aoUo in qna criuinis cardo tertitur monstramqoe foisso Crispinom 
jerara eriiieiinr, nt qoi auctor fuerit stopri fiamosi. nam ex verbis 
J"*^'^ i^eebat* sacerdotem iam antca vitiatam fuisse elfei qui pnUnt 
eeseouiam ?im vocis iacere rel node positae intettdont, quam idem fera 
]nuae atqoe rarbom aobetantivom moiti lod aigoont velot xv legitor 
y**y cr«««« partis obnta iaeet pro Tkebe , . . obntta eet; ncqoe alitcr ex 
mtm lov. CNM quo vitiatm iaeebat nos aodira pato sensom a qno vitiata 
M. qood raro notione riffate diriorem lacti specicm oeulis proponi 
iirant veraorneea lectkme aeeepta epeeiae faieptlor qoam dirior propo- 
totar, qoippe cam eidem enontiato poena criminis partldpio tnbiturm 
Mtaneta ait; cf. Ooebelii verba (Ueber dne Uaher gans onbeaehtet ce. 
■•— Wiener Jaranal-Handsehrilt l^eum acad. 1869) p. 40: Nur 
r4yJead^rar a < rifcf ,il a ii<liwrralBl<aeaagaln e adhB e ?ifote 




nlritiiiii keiHf Tittai mehr imrftt.* BKcm, in anflwer to wordfl of Hcmunw 
(Tind. loT. 8) which Mwm to mc Ntlll to ncnl no defrneG: 'TitiaUm 
pacllam iftni totoii loci tenor Mtiii prodit nm quod non inin vitiAta era! 
qnando cam comi|itore cubahiit, Md hoc drmnin conenbita vitifthiitar; 
tioMlcm antcm «tu|iri lon^v dirior upecicff ociilo (rroponjtnr ni rindncni 
ipnn wrcrdotii innifniiiMM indut«ni cmn ctvrruptoit* iiuvntimi inrornmniiM.* 
Oratitihlo alone inducoii mc to add in rciily to Pr Ikirr: 1) iitcrt in not 
«i.rm-iici«Bf«r; in nt. xr abmtn itieet mcann * it in left in itn min^* an- 
CAivil for. t) Incrbui in not here wed *nuilf* hiit with enm^ w in tlie 
lNin«};efl cited bj me from Or. met. When Poti|iliiir*t wife Mi«l to Joieph 
* lie with mc,* her propoflcl wtn as infamonn in iiubt<iauee an if mIh* had Mnntly 
Raid r/r/if me. In fact e«f« fira rilhtm inefbnt^n qnn rithitn ritirtbatnr. 
8) to (^be!*t rritieiKm I replj that mbitHnt Aotn not imply that Cornelia 
waa in tlie hnnda of joatirc at tlie time; for rear* ^he eflenfied. For 
narallelt to mm qw rittatit ittrrhat mtrrniM mx ii a->19. 10— 'il, 2tl— 3.1. 
«7— 7«. 103-114, enp. 117— inO. 149—148. ri 78—01, 114— l.V,. 225 
Jkimmra ctmterif, e«ip. «8;»— .107. 9rp. x 11:20—841 e.g. Hutlitm »fdet UU 
pmrnto \ ftmmmfolo TifrinmiMe pttltim firnfalii in korth \ $tfrMHiir, et ritu 
ileeltM ftHtriHt dahmntiir \ mntiqM, reniet cum MiffnatorUm* nn»pex ) ... mm 
flr/W letfUime rwit Hubert, The aacrilcfje isare zent to tlie incest |rf M 
ptntfat €^fo Cerrrh riltitt rout inhere. Jtfluae), ae to the adnlttry of ClodiiM 
|Ti 835—845). The monkn of lledmraham, the modem race for tlie do- 
fllement of inCiincy, join with 8t Paal and Heneea (ep. 1*J3 il 5 amuift ritiu 
eoNfm wttumm puiinaut,<nunin Hebllum onHnrm Hftfruut: futr ent luxurinr 
fropoiitum gtiutlfrt prrrrmh) in nnpnortiiii; rillatrte here. Trample re* 
lipon nndcr foot in its holiest nymbolft, add eriielty to liint. and yon tpor 
a Jaded appetite, nam quo uou pnttut femintt temphf Atlfr Opiinia wai 
eonvicted JDH. mi 80 f.), idie was utript of Iu'T riitrtf and letl to her living 
tomb: pparke of praco wonid hare remaineil in Cri^innns if tho Vestal 
had doffed the emblem of innocence before her rin : an it was, tlic rillne 
(and tlieir goddess) were camehf teelrri; Take a |iarallel case. The 
Jhmen dialh might not appear witliont his aprx in tho cpen air; only by 
a Uite indn)i;ence did the pontiffs dispense with his wearing it in doon 
(6ell. X 15 H 17 18): when it wns too hot to wear the caji (hillrum). th-7 
began to bind the bead only with a thread (Senr. Aen. viii 004), hom uudit 
ptnitHt CO* cupitibut imeeHere nrfui fmeruL 

n 10 nut. Tib. Graech. 15 1 4. Ur. thi 15 f « 7 8. PH. ix 40. Of. 
f. Ti 457—400. Hdn. t | 8. Mai^nartU StV. til 838 13. Dontitian 
panishcd four Vestals for onehastitr. The first three, Vammilla and the 
two aisters OeelhiU, were allowed tno choice of death (a. p. 83 Hnet. Pom. 
DCasN. II. ce. Enseb. chron. Clinton fisti Horn. Philostr. Ajwll. vii 0). 
a.D. 91 Pomitian boried the fonrth tlhre (Clinton, IMin. I. e. Knsck 
cfanm.); it waa with her therpfora, Cornelia, that Crispinas committed 
ineeet The fat. tubttum it strietlj Memate, as the Pacian war, in whid 
Foacna died (Iiit. Ter, 111-3) began 80 A.n. (Dorghesi ocin-rcs ? 510-7>. 
The Veatal Minneia bnried alira Hiar. adr. lorin. 1 41 (n 807*). Inserip- 
liona on atatOM of Votala hata kilrij been diaeof«ed« Caea of the 
Viftnl Ilk (Pint Bom. 8 f| 4—81. 

M IS CAMnoBT aim Bnat Otho 8 in >bfv aab trtditoriktu enderei 
lUMcn MonvM Btot a. ▼ 1 41 48 *(e « I ttiUlttimm Mr4or, | kU •mar e 
AanftM MrrftMf aeimn proM, DCaaa. Lsni 8 | 8. On Hm Mine cf 
OoBitkn cmfoti m(palmM> la 8 eonunon IHIa. af. DCaaa. un 18 f I. 
umi 4 1 8 BO MMior bafoin Of nfUr aanuMd IIm IHIa. Tho OMMft 
■diMBii 8lBv2^ or teiilui^ dRoo 8Bd 4iil Imr. n 141--S «r^ 


wateula puri, ud quw Fabrkiu* eeu»nr mot ft. Sen. cp. 95 1 41 quid et 
eeuti ntmptuma /tofiitiotiini tt equcMtrem eeunnm couMmeMtet qnid tam 
dignum censoria nota, si quis, at isti ganeoncs loqiuintur, 
libi hoc et gcnio sao praestet? et totieu* ttimen teMtertio Hdi(inie$ 
teuae frufinNwimia rirh conntiteruuU eadtm re; »i gulue datur, turpi* 
itl, ii kouori^ repreheuttionem ejTifftit, 

IV 14 Qi:iD AOAs, crx?a III 301. 

„ 15 sii'Lf4:N mullets Iwou^iit alivo into the dinins-room, awimming 
hi tlic saoee 8cii. n. q. iii 17 18. 

M „ HEX siiLinrs Pint, qnnest. conr. ir 4 3 | 9 fish tlio most costly 
Ifor: CAto did not exaggerate, bnt siwkc simple tratli, when, inveighing 
against the luxuiy and extraraganco of tlu* city, he declared that at Homo 
a fish fetclies more tlian an ox. For they sell a dixh of fish for a greater 
price tlinii tlie meat from a iKmr6^tfi^ fhvwpt^p^t (a liundrod slicep headed 
hy an ox). Ath. yii viii on fish. p. 848^ one Telcstagoras wciltliy and 
of good n*pale, rMcivcd many presents: so that dealers, wlieii offered a 
low |>rice, wonld say, * we wonld rather giro it to T. than let it go for so 
little. * Once some youths, cbeapcning a large fish, roceived this anivr-vr. 
Uacrob. Pat. tii 15 10. 

„ 10 AKQrAXTKii r Binva aniTRnnA Tjnnrs Stanley cites Aesch. Ag. 
959 OGO {0a\u^ffa) rpi^m^m wWijf wop^^'pat l^ipyvp^w | xiiXUm. Ho 
there adds Tlieopomp. in Ath. 520* 1990x9.0101 yhp ijw ^ wopf^pa wpit 
ipyvpo9 i^tralUfUpii, Plomfleld adds Aeliaeos ib. 089* l^apy^pov,,, 
Kvrpiiv Xifii^v. esp. Archcstratos ib. 80.V of a sea-fish (tawpoi) rw itiarpo0 
y Uiijit C^m^ cat /ci) raraXfirc, | «2r Uhxpvffoi iji, nq ^ot pipueif gara- 
rwiVj I 3f cr^ or' o^ararwr. ri yap irruf Hicrmpof ar0of, \ Tcirrov ^ o& 0^/ut 
40r{ 0a>ci> firtfTolfftw oro^'ir, | oii* iwiUlv $0001019, where observe the mock* 
heroic liivtiiiu and tone. cf. auro contra (l^iniid it 130. lexx. eontrn, 
firix on Plaut. mil 058). 'worth iU weight in gold, ' or rothcr • £ for lb.' 

., 17 rr PKRmBEXT, qui i»r naoxio maioea LOQurxrca the comic poet 
Epbippns in his Geryones (Ath. 840^ ieq.) when a fish is canght bigger 
than Crete, Gciyon has a dish tliat can contain a linndrcd of tho size : 
all tlic snbjectfi fell their woods when the king boils his fish ; tlicy raiiw 
a prre wido as tho dty an:1 light it ; they bring a lake for tho brine ; 100 
wagons are engaged for eight montha in bringing salt; fire quinqncrciiici 
torn ronnd the kettk*. 

H 10 sEXis oaoi Cie. pared. | 89 hereditatiM $pe* quid iniquitatit in 
teniendo non tuncipitf quern nutuut locnpletis orbi senis «o« 
th$errnt f Sen. ep. 08 1 10 dirrerere in litterum icnaa orbos. Stat. a. 
IT 7 83—40. Fricdilnder I* 330--883. 

u 30 EOT BATio Mart, i? 80 4. vumioa m 80 upci niilin ultorior. 

H 31 iPBCTLARiotTa sometimcs mica, eonietimcs glass Mart, riii 08 5 
greenhooee eamdita porspioia vivit riudemia gemma I et tcftitur fetix, 
nee iamen uva Intet, question whether tliey belong to tne iuBtrumeutum 
imut or tho oruamentum (dig. xxxin 7 13 | 10. cf. i 35). BlOmner 
Tcehnologio m 00. Maranardt Prifatloben 735^0 oolleets tho oridcneo 
(■ho for panes of ghwa. KloMn P^nnpeianiaofao Stodien Ind. •Faneter.' 

ft M Aino PUb. mfn 1 17 vitHaHm eubiliu, 

,« tt mam n wmwt booann ho allowed P. Oetavino, who hod boto 
to b^y 8 mnllol Ofor hie head (Sen. dtod on 18. 

EnnnMO. ran! vm I i08 ho diaooforid 8 modo ol'onkiging tho 1^ 
of oowi (d: Oil.Tll4 0.1/00 orMoeoffNol/i^ «oal<«MMl/er«|Mnfiaiiibi 
It. B 1 88 ■■una ggtpimttUm wtnM^l fodow H mwmrtm 

I ' 



IV 23— 

mriettU tpectari procfre* fttihe ntirmntt mhentiMm $qiMm«ntM mnUipUH 
mntntione pnlltteentem, wtiqMt §1 rltn ipecUtur iMeln$u§. M. Apieiit 
a4 omnes Inxut iDgeninm naiii in tociommgaro — luiMMftro^ 
rt$ cogmomrn invemt — mecari eo$ pnffellfit$ putnrtU niqtie e itcore eorum 
•ttfem cofiitnrt prorocarit. m. | 1S7 (of tlie rymn, a choice |«rt of tht 
aiblMi;!L*J kie e$t f ir/WitM iptomm cmnZ/nm ielicatior lenrriorqitf etiHlientn, 
A piei i 1 a so rite ^r per enm Dru»o CmtMiri fnttlditntn non tine malifHilione 
Tiber! { pntflu, 1 143. Tert apol. 8 f. dcfciidfl tlic luinio Christum by the 
analogy of Platoniflta, EpicnraniM, I^haisoreaiu. neque mediri nh Krati- 
ftrnto et fimmmatiei ah Arintareho, cwr/ etiam ah Apieio. Bticheler in 
llhcin. yinn, zxx? 89.3: 'icholiaota Qneroli ctiam ad Apiet /rrenftt n I 

p. 28 lovenalia mcntionem inieit Apkinn nroprium nomen fihlonin 

rMin$ et Inr. in prima (ibro meminU, pcd locattonrm illam uon acccpit 
aeriptor ab Aquioatc, BomcB Apidi inilome luxnriae dorimentinn fuH 
SeiMcae Martiali alUn.* Hvlio}»balat (Lanpr. 18 % 4) made A., Otho 
and Vitellina hii modelt; in iiuitatkm of A. be ate ramels* heeto, ctvtti 
plncked from lire fowl, the ton^zurs of peacockd and nisbtinpilca (ib. 88 
1 6) ; he rarpawied the dinners of Apieioii and Vitelliai (84 1 8). Sen. vit 
beat 11 1 4 ad$piee Somentannm et Apicium, terra mm ae mari§, nt iati 
roeantt hanm eonquirentee et mper wientam reeognf^entet omnium ftentiMm 
mnimatia, ride ko$ eotdem e inffffettu roeae [wo >Iadvig adv. 11 841. mvi] 
9peetante$ popinam inam, anres raeum tana, ipeetaeuH§ oentoe, $aporiha$ 
palatum wnm deteetante; motUbui tenibuiine fomenti* totnm laee*$itnf 
eamm eorpn$ et, ne narei Interim eement, odorilmB rariit intlritur laetu 
Ipte, fn qno tuxurlae parentatur: koa [>Ia«lTig] e$te in roiiiptaliba$ dieei, 
nee tamen iHh bene erit, quia non bona paudent, 

nr 34 rxnuo *de hoe um papyri docte iam egit Caylon mCm, de I'aeid. 
dea inner, zivt 280. cf. Uartd^e Deiaon lit 07' (Duttiger). 

M 29 20 roTtiT POMTAaac xixonia mcAToa or an pmrfa em ef. 18 wj 
milibuM, ? 60 n. For the tame price a nightingale, which drawt the 
name lament from Flin. h. n. x 1 84 erfHf servoram illie pretia snnt. 
etqvidcmampliora quam qaibnii olim armigeri parabantar. 
arid H 8. yi eandidam alioquin, qnod e*l prope inri»itutnm, veninse qnae 
Afrippinae Clandii prineipii etminffl dnno daretnr. The cklcr Cato (l*lat 
4 1 6) never exceeded the Mine prico (1000 dr«rAfiMi'= denarii) for turn 
labonma. Wallon n 100—170. O. Doeger de manclpiomm connicreio 
aimd Bomanoa (Berlin 1841) 20—34. Marquardt Priratlcbeil 170-1. 
Mart I 81 addixH aervnm nammii here millc dacentie | nt bene 
etnare*^ CaUiodore, temet, | nee bene eena$ti : mollaa tibi quattvor 
•mptai I libraram eenae pompti eapntqne fnit, \ exclamart libet: *nim 
ett Me, improbe, non est I pitcii: homo eet; hominem, CaUiodore, 
oomei*. C. Badbaa aneknt and modem flih-tattla (1884) 0. 4 *ancicttl 
MtimatioB of fiih.' 

M 20 nacATOB qvax men wmpqy/ititfw aa rt 847—8 §ed qnt$ an a* 
lodiet (pMt I eoatodei? 

n 20 27 raotncu TAim TnmiT Aoaoa ▼ 80 n. a similar Taloatioa 
PUb« ini f 02 interilt nnper ineendh [menia] a Cetheffit deteendena UB* 
I xui I /rnnvlafa, latifnndii taiAtione, ti qni$ praedin tanti mereari 
matit. Surcarai. Ath. 297' 20e* l^hUbraa* a ihepherd, wld tba ailt 
of Fhaadia to Laldoa, takinf atoek-flih (r^rfyevi) in payment 

M 27 an miona apuua tbvmt HOek Oeech. Boma 1 (8) 90 *iB aoa- 
aeqatBoa of tba tasw al tho iraai, tiUaM had givatly daereaaed to the 
I iniBwIi and iipifhfjy fai ttw mlifliboAooi of .the aapital. To' 


requiring cnpitalists to invest } of their property in Kalirn land; ho 
bojicd thus to rescue much soil from parks and garvlcns ai.d wiu it for 
eom (Tac. an. vi 10 17. 8net. Tib. 48).* ib. (2) lL'4 nlio civU wan 
and tlicir conseqoencea comifletcd tiiat ruin of agriculturo from which 
southern luly has never reco«-ereil.* Friedlaiider i> 201— 5 s 1^ 31H— ». 
On AiNilian pastures sco luv. xi 149 IM eairt et regnat potritqne maritam I 
pa0ttiret et oxem Cannsinam. Plin. h. n. viii g| liiO— 1. Htnbo 
281-4. tilUge Hot. c. m 10 20— 2H. Mart, x 74 7 H nnn ego meomm 
praemtnm Ubellorum \ ^^nid enim merentiirr^AppnloM veiim canipos. 
Ob iU i>r«lucls (cattle, wool, honey, com. wine, oli^-et and otiicr fruit) 
iw Pauly i« 180i. *Fonueriy* says Strabo 385 'this whole region waa 
veiy prosperous, but Hannibal and tbo snl»se<|nciit wars bid it waste 
(VwM^^cr).* Facat. 14 nonne eognavimuM eniM'*dam retnt prineipit non 
prandia, ted fercnla saepe sestertiim miliea aestimata patri- 
■oniorum eqnestria traxisie? 

IT 38 ptTAMCs Dcmhanly wisa. Synt. p. 290. 

„ 39 ncoirKBAToaev like 14i5 liajr majtHiit a satire on Donn'tian'i ill 
Mecuss m war 111 n. 147 n. Yet aaa HchHUx Gescb. d. rOm. KaiscraeU 

i^'4n^^ niyAniT Varro. PUn. h. n. Ilart. 8iL in Icxx. ManU. r 408 
(or Tliyestcs) rnctantemvw patrem mitos. Plin. pan. 49 1 mr ieiuniM 
et inaMibUM plena* (/mc el roe tana ifoa lam apiMni* qnam obieii eibot, 
Tert. apol. 9 p. m. (p. 149 Oahkr) roetatur pminJe ab hmine can 

futa de homine. 89 (p. 204) M Iribabttt el eurile el deeuriii rnctanti- 
"'•?l^*''i V^' ^^^' p. «W 7 H crapnlam, p. 734 7 carnem. Pmd. 
ps. 810 (of Lnxnria, competing with Kobrietas) perrigilem ruetabat 
mareidti rrnam. Iiam. 400 (of Israel in Egypt) earnit et 'inmntlieae tpnrea 

'" VJ?»",' I"*^21''?' ''""""• ^**' ^"■**' ^ ""• (<^**«> on " ^ <*"•)• Hier. 
». 1.W 14 (I 9y0» >en. 1700) landent le etHrieniium rim-era, non ractao* 

tium opulentn eonviria. Petr, Cho*soK smu. 131. Uoccoecio (in Tom- 
«a»«)) 'questi...tutti' sctbra i 20 n. xv 40 n. 
the licence of Egyptian tongues was proverbial. I'acat. 8.1 moHi$ Canopnt 
Uemmqiie mpulornm altar Mint, Friedlinder i» 75 » i» m 70. ii» \i(i = ii» 
188. Ililikon. cbamberioin of CaliguU (omitted in Pauly and Smith 
diet, biogr.) may illustrate tho career of Crispinua (Philo log. ad Ooi. 
2G-|.fO. II 670-0 M». Hia master had him educated and iiresaited lum 
to Tiberius; as f. hated impaKuiAq x^put^rUttara, ho remaiucd obMCore 
hU llie accisKion of Caligub. when ho said to himself: 'Now's yonr time. 
Heltkon; bistir yourself. You eoakl not wish for a bcMcr s|vctator or 
hearer. eCOtgrot tt riiif ^ir. wKtiwrar tal x^P^*'ritM9$ai hwoifai 
JjUXsr iripm. a0vp0kara sal railidf \npiiStit col wapaaeavpfidwat 
Mat. wiynfaXlmf e^ ^am renUafivai rA a'x^i^a. wpi^eari am iral 
r* rri#Mtf Xer aim arepHt. ^Ar efir n ad^pm^ iyaaraidijit rait rttOaapiait 
!!?!!*'"& *^ M^^r'Xi'ra fftMor pUrn^, «XU sol wixpia^ U roO ircxfr^vM*, 
ijr fc#r*rfr IW vpraaat c^'^m^ luucduror wp6t dufidmetP rwr fitrk x^^ 
tytXn/Urttr. For his can are open and pricked up wpot raOt iwirfrqUy- 
rtraf #iirv^ir»«r ri fiXaafiifiiiw rf rMrs^orrciir. Ami you need not 
•^ Cmt tor materiala; too haro tha ehargea against tlie Jews ami Jewish 
5'T^'..".'!?**** Joo haro beta bred from your cradle.' 37 night and 
«V be plk!d Gains with ehargeaagainat our nation, v8sr4f sirdr r4f |iA 
L*M flSu /f ', ^ *»"W^»^ fai nr^«#rir ai luLSeXat He pUyed at 
Ml whh Gaioa, exeteiaad with him, bathed with him, holding tba poat 
feuklewU rlm Irir ra9 aofmamptma^ aal amr' aUimw ipxi^upMra^^ 
wfn»ww fd|iif M •§ to imn tiM aoamaad oT tha omparar'a ear. 


<• . 








IV 31— 




80 p. 576 pr. with Utter wom 'EKtumt ry t^arplSfi, 9ov\^ 9wtpn»» 
Xr^, wtptrplftfitin . . . Hoi ikon wtrnffwiiitt a»6pdw9^ ror kiyvwftaK9», 
lor tit *lM<«U««t ^rr. Thilo cntni by con^n^tuUting liiniflclf tlwt 
Hriikon ivccivcil rk Mxttf r^ m^tfkiw bciiif; executed by onler of 
dmndiM. Head tbe bimve and high*toiietl DCliryn. or. 83 ad Alcxan- 
drinot, where he be^ their feriomi itteiiti«m for awhile, iwtti'^ watfvmrtt 
•cl 9tmTtX»r€ iral «) wpo^^x^"^^* *^ rsiStiif /tip Kml ^9c^ Ktd y4\mr0t, 
•k f/ircir, 9Mw9T€ iwppiiTt. Yet we utint not forp*t wliat the world owes 
to tlM heathen and Chritiiian seliooiii of Alexnndriu. 

IT 83 rnixcKm kqi'itum inil. Crlapinn*, Fii(>dlnnder i* 83 n. 2 dii- 
pntcd Heinrich*8 a«Rnniption that Crihpinnfi wai colleiijiae of FoKcas ai 

Eaef. praeC. bnt r* *iO0 and i^ 189 ho seemt to follow Dorsheiu. So 
irMhield Verwaltunpipefich. i 3'J8; *to ninkc of hit nnrpk dress an 
official unifonn, as Iknvbeiii doea, ia certainly a miNtake, as luv. t tl 
and Mart viii 48 sliew tliat the eoicomb simply dressed in the fahbion. 
Yet tlie exprpKsion pnncq>$ eqtiUtim and still more tlie soninmnt to tlie 
inperial coancil, |K»iuts to this rank. I cannot hovrevcr regard l)orghckl*f 
hjpothesii as certain : possibly Crispinos may have been the enineror*! 
■fcrrtary. When Martial wrote bk. tii {Vvc. A.n. 02 Friodliinilcr in* 
^2—8) Crispinas was certainly no longer pravf, prfirt., if* he ever hud 
been ; the way in which 3Iart. rocoiuniends to him his book for tbt 
•mperor, betoken^ rather the position of a farorite than official rank.' 

„ 88 Bilclieler Itliein. Mns. xxxf 892 *Cris^iinns praeco solebat rnr* 
mnc MCxicirEs nL\CTA pe siekce srLcaos. ei Nilo Komani ailvceti silnii 
oootnm magna oo|)ia aoctione venit, etidenter non rcoentcs snnt sed salsL 
Bomm in niedieina usam Plinins libro xxxtt idcntidcra coinmcmornt, 
prandentet homines esitasse wtarp^ WXei^or IModonis eoniicas docvt [Ath. 
289*1 In alteram cenara dilatnni imtrtm •Uhthm In\x*nalia xir 182 noo 
dne ambignitata dixit, salsnni tamen hnne non minns qtuim laoertnm 
intellegi roluit. ad sAlsaiiumta autem (triieci lUmianiquc Actilibns vaflis, 
amphoria ac testis otclmntar. quae si fracta emnt, nmla morx facta CKt el 
minimi prctll qnam ad cmemlam vilis praeco tunicatum poiwllnm 
eogeret.* Like an East end costermongcr, as dcAcribctl by Maylicw. 
Ath. 221* tlio Roman fishmonpMi arc fur all tlio world like the 
Athenian in comedy (ibs. 221'-227^. Cri»|iiuns was a ffv^otfaKnft r«^> 
yji^wfut, MlMmentiiriH§ (Dcfttigcr citing comm. on Suet. Vesp. 19). *ViM 
DOQght the refuse of otlier nicn*s ware, tlie Hi^h of a broken parcel, ttun- 
bled and refused by other chapmen' JHolyday). 

M „ RiLi'BOi on salt fish lk*cker Uallus 111^ 23^. Fish in Kt^-pt cxod. 
7 18. numb. 11 o. Job 40 80 with Movers iii 825. Is. 10 H and 10. 
Eiek. 29 4 8. Hdt. 11 92 1 2 snn^ied (77 sun^ricJ and salte*!). 93 shoals; 
Tarieheae named from ri^xM eg. relnsiacae (18 where Uiilir citcM the 
monumental evidence). Canopieac 118. Mendesiao and Scenicae in 
Bteph. Dyx. n t. FImIi still abound in the Nile and Jjako Menzeleh and 
wn cured for exiK>rt to Syria. See D8. i 80 1 1. 62 H 6 0* Ath. 110*. 
12P. 801*. Tame iilHri at Dubastaa Ael. n. a. xii 29. Dioseor. 11 20. 
Plin. uzn f 12a siluri JluviatUii, qui et alibi quam in Kilo nn»cHw^ 
oanwt impotitne reeentit tire mlioe, iz | 08. HSt. ce^o^irsf. 9i\9vpm> 
fd^XM with iU derivatives, ^farqaardt Privatleben 410—423. Plat 
Aat. 19 1 1 when Cleopatra'a diver, outitripping Antony's, fixed on his 
book a salted Ibh from Pontuo, tbaqucen said * Leave tlio fishhig-rod, 
fHMfil, to fu poor sovereigns ol Pharos and Canopns.' Btrabo 821 
MBMS tlM rilMTtu III his oatalogM ol MUe iUh. Ath. Tn. tiii. Md 
Ut^lSl*. DMMibeii's OribMO 1 lU— 189, 889-OOfl (asp. 187 I 


K«Xarot K9fMKi90f, 1.38 rcXwp^^ff and xhiiM. of Alexandria and Pliarus. 
•0 1*>2 and 154. laO salt ff(y)««rrrM came into season towaidH winU'i). 
cf. Ath. 809*. On finh gpuerally AtUins on Paulns Ac»in. 1 9() (1 l.i7— 100). 
The «(7ffrN« LucIL 1? 7 M (in Varro L 1. tie 47) oecitlnHt, Injte, it $aptrdae 
el i«rm siluri. 


I. e. 'niniiruin sur^unt de toro sella\-e eantorcs prius qnam ineipiunt can- 
tare, dc hac i|)sa doa Ovidius metam. v 888 s u rg it Ca 1 1 iope, prafti'mptat 
pollite chiirHaH, •nbiwnnit CHrmimi nerri»» luvetmli fontitiriaiu w'litoiitiaiu 
lVo|wrtius exl>res^it 11 10 11 Burfft ttnimn ex fiMMtili mm carminf^ numite 
rire; \ Pifridm, mntmi mnnc trlt orit optiM, in otio igitur cousulero et 
simpUdtcr narrarc luvenalis volt imellaN I'ierides.' 

„ 80 nioHiT Mini von mxishk ri'KM.As tor the tone cf. Sen. ben. 1 4 1 4 
Onysiiqms says rcr«'Mf/NiN e»*f nf, qnia Ckttritft lori*jHiat *tiMt,piintmM€ 
§mt€ fitrtrt 9wriUfiinm »il ft tarn bellis puellis /if imurin, TibulL 
n 8 121—2 nnime, $ie tibi tint iHUm*it Phoebe^ c'apilii, | nic tiia per- 

C'tno sit tibi casta soror. Uiidieler 1. c, adopting (unaware^) tlie 
terpretation given by Lubin in 1008 : prntit mihi nu diximtf pMrUui^ id 
sstieferptitt grdtiam blandae huic voei qua dissimulavi anilitatcm vestram 
as severitater.t rigidam...iitiniane quantum fallunturqoi Musas intelli'gunt 
fligines pudieas, nini forte do inteiuptatis seriptnm hoc cwi in luiwiiari 
Fsmpeiano eandidn me doeuii niftrnt odi*$e pHi-Ua* aui ab Ovidio in lino 
artis men tiirba pneilae intcrilmHt $poHiM * Xmm maffitter erat,* Haid 
Onngaens then nc^-cr read labamtitet titero pneliatf 1 now follow Lulrin, 
bat wlieii I followed Grang. it was on the strength of his citation (AiniL 
apol. 70 fin.) r/r/ro rnnnm po$t reeern repuHium nomen potiiu mjfereH$ 
poellae qmim Integritatem. For pmetla of a married woman ace Ov. 
ner. i IVt (Penelope). Tlie cook (sometime Kuphorbus before Troy) 
assures his niaMter tluit Helen was an oUI woumn then, about of Ilccuba'a 
age (Lncian gallns 17). Menip]nis wonders wwt h re^of'ry XP^ •' *A«»X- 
\m se 0m wur^wfa (id. Icaroni. 2H). 

„ 88 cALvo xr.noM Otlio alM (DCass. Lxtr 8 1 2) assumed the name ' 
of Kero. Suet. Vitell. 11 Viteilitis dioee Nero as his m<Mlel {ejremplar 
ftgtmlae rei p.), lickl a funeral servioe in his honour in the aimpug 
iinrtiHg, and called for and clapt SeroHiaua cnMicn at a state feast. 
Friedlinder u* 198 an' 299 and in* 430 understands * Nero ' in Mart, xi 83 
of Doniitinn. Tlie enqierors were, or were thought to be, seiiwitirc about 
personal aiqiearonce Tac. an. nr 67 (motives of tlie seclusion of Tilierius) 
tmnt qui cralerent in iteneeMe eorpori$ qnoque httbitum piulori fHiuie : 
%uippe i7//...nuduH capillo vertei. Nay, cvrn the gimt Caesar 
(8oct. 45) clrea eorporit curnm morwior, mC .' . . calvitii • . ilfformiUitem 
inimuiuiime ferrety mepe oblrectntornm ioei$ obuoxiam expertu: ideoque 
et ifficitnltm etipiUnm renicare *i rerttee iidiiuererat, et ex ttmuibut dccrttie 
»ibi a $ewttH pttpuloque konoribit* moh «liMd aut recepit aut Uiurpnvit 
UbentiiiM qnam iut laureae eoronae perpetuo geatandae. 

„ 89 iXciDiT ApoL mag. 88 quicurnqtie minns eofiniti generis ptseis 
iieiderit. Niigelsbach (SUlistik | 90 8b) was tlnrofore mistaken in 
supplying cos (he calls tins *das stiirkste mir bckannto Ucispiel,' and 
fives the oonstraotion 'rhombus inehlit in sinus retis eosque implo* 
til'). ^ 

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tt§l9 ad rertleem. Or. met. in 95 Whm spatinm victor vietl eoNs/deral 
kmUs, Son. Phaedra 800 tt vnsll spalio vlneej^e corporis, 

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Planl. (irnl. M«rt. Ambr. Iipiitm. » | SI. _ , . , „ 

., iS-tt Tti I» n. TlKni*!. hi Plin. i« | ITJ (. caitrm l» TmII 
Trahift nJprrhrnJi nlxtir piKiHm wmrlmr nM"""- Hot. •. 11 3 ** Hnrjl. 
Ileiii«dn>n Alh. llCftmirl" ,i,»Uir Bvinrmr l*\>n mr^e. ib. 11* 
rtm n .»«.i»w i-ri nXX<i> M-ftrtn **miftw «■' 't™ •(«'■""•' "- •• 
r»t M.iJt.».i W^ti- AnliiJMBW lb.' fl.f-rW.t J* *.— l»e. I n- 
f^^r' fe^i. Kiktulnlo* or PhlleUinw ib." fit/ftrtitr rt ri|i<1t" 
/«/!■¥](•>*>»•' KniUnm Bt. 110* T«^ix»i'< wtrn.e.'t. t'»U> ll'oljb. 
■Ill M 1 1| cried ool M«in-t llio" wh" inlroiliiBil (i'ni,:n Iiiiutm-. mla 

" — I II boj-iiw Hpiia<w fpix"' »»"""' f<« *";„:?'■"'*"•'- 

nil l1h«lWwn jao-*. Itwcmbrnt'* Oriluwe 1 l.«l, iHS— H. 
„' Ifi JUrl. III! 91 «rf ftlM/fmn mrlptmim mitlllf mrwi-. | «»il.«.h. 
•nmil wHumi iwni rf«i«.. Hin. tiwnt | 4 (niirikiiii! of llx nnn of 
Polrknlio. Khieh «■< ki-pt in tin tcwi-l'' of Conconl it llomp. «i rrrJI- 
mm) ■! CJuni p'wl* rtimf<t mimiiUmliHt rfjri <.da>>ii<rHi r«vij rm 
nKlRM tK rw^rrt WnlKm, in rnlim iemimt r>r.M Fori»i«f ImdiiMtli 
mHXH mMUll. AnlipBlCT of T«nm In Alh. MI?- ( qwrii ot lh« 
()TTi>ii., «. » fimJ i>( iWi (**«*^t •• 10 i™l;i'» ll'«' ""W ''""M 
nl ■ «-h in> rana«(!|; «ort brnliUkr ™ll Ih-i AIc-ii.-«Ii». iiKl iil~lai» 
fnm flKli. lliwrni- ib. *»y thil aho orfrrcl til lo bo brwiplu I* 
hoc: hmw thor itili ofcr fl-h of roM ■H'I »«'" *" tl* BnAW., I IjiL 
Alei. Slf 3 llir Ancal Aih hiiI to Alnindir, wiio giiirrellf diBlnbDM 
UwB anou bb Irirad*. ..... 

U rojcnnci iiumo Ptin. r^ HIrI on 10. Httrr rtic d>iilh of iIm 
millfri marlmw LrpklH In M wx. Aogo-ln'' took llw olliiv (0 Jlntvh Ifl 
irliidi ■» hrU by lit mmw-oip, ■»! ottt l^f Uw Chn.l|Bii rmin.ror* H 
Tilnii mid Valcnilniaii (monuni. Ancjt. c. 10. Hoin in r»n1y. Mnili-u 
dit Verfi««nB n- VcnrsUutii! dw rtm. Btulr* 1 WO. Moniinwn rrtit. 
Bia n' OH T". 730. 7iB. 11133—8). It oann ■■ the dnt «uon(! tlia 
cmporDT'a (illf* in in>cri|Hion>. . ^ „ .^ n, r 

<B Mt cm PriMilli«ii, ■ dfUtOT noilot OnrilU. PCi«. mitht Jl (. 
OfiwnllT «« (^^ CiHUh. d. rHin, Criii>in«lprorewci (18481 Ml (rcffncdf 
Id ■codh*. oUhw fliol It In", ot inuM for Mth i»itiml«r cmj: 
•MTHnii (ot»d. bj- tl.c wn»tc or uniKrPnn. to nndrrtalie •ernnalioinl, 
6S1— * [profrwionjl infonom). HetilwHrenonnnnhliiMlui 

Uw jbn; It. who report* to the pnrficlai aint 

t in'oTio Vim. iurii rom. (l^tr. 17»3— 0) "i lO-''" «'!■ T** 
.H4..11. .«.. >i,n mnir* rorvnrd «* infomict In tlic iiitctwl ol 

_ ■. H'ftrrt. «hpnrc Ih* 

puDcl pood* ..-.- , ,r — 

Mid tho« of crimlnd* dmwed or ■■ntrno-d lo coiinmlinn). 
• S I 13 xfroMfHH Ii«'l, f"' imrniiontm dctatona '*■]■—■ - 
(>«a(tM o/ltil nttmltf -ill' muMl. lb- xi-m » lH" »holt title * (jw 
teO. linn Crimir«ln*Ut 8U. A popolnr •k«tfli I" «■ g°'»ijr.' °i^ 
\mo KM* Ua C*«n (Uria lS7i) 110-231. Sehilkr-a Neto «7«-W0, 
uid hU Ow*. d. rtm. Kaiaanrit bd. iWntiir™. (iolhofr. on ral. Thrwi 
Sia. Briaaoo uil. trt. ei ioro dr. ni 17, Coinrnw DCaia. Livi tfli J 
!.». 79 THoa dton intonnan («*t ■«»<**•) friTn the rilj. ».»vii 1 1 » 

iMrill.WwlNtailMiwd>e>in>t Ihair m""!".. H_7.",^_jjj ^"^j^l" 
rbo con'iilm 
D.M. |4ht 

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tppoilla fail! 

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1 1 delalionoa, <|iiiltua tiacua naggrolnr, cmfcnjjiif. Lunpiid. 
Gonm. IS 1 T trin of the aennU aflat Iba dctth of Coiiimodua ; indica 
di KiiitH. daUtorel ilf •/niln. tmnm nkiniatafri Ji tnatu. 
Cu)iIolin.rarliniT7|l. id. Mniimin. IS | 5. 1S|1. PauL 2ii— :». 

IV t» iu»K Stat, citrd on l<;t. 

„ 49 KOtn Jobn 11 7. 

„ 61 TiTiait Mart, ir SO. i SO. UKntnardt Prinllcbcn 417. an Iha 
iMnnl and liidj C. Badhau ■DCisut and modern fialitaHlo (ISol) 




I37 = ii*U7. Plin. I 
mi ail clbnm a 
tioU Oaoaai: 

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_ St Plinir (pui. 171 imiacB Traju for giraig ot kit on; nlUI li 
fklur fhHrep', Jnm nihil atiftnit. ¥iA art fmt tinlam, tba propei 
afllM eoptoc (i>T. net n *18~)I30 ■•« MHaiiiii ofmniai). inal. u 1 1 
aatinlf lan faiaaiHHfa anal aaialaai hurt: ttr, HfNit ftnflarni rt mar 
I tjlimrim onrfW omfa d iwrtw pirUfn (Hn(.' MnifNr ' 

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lUpt. rrmlilBT fimii Omniani fimda IMriaH , , 
Mmti, nr tonira tKut plifnlia iikpii«rta timttlH 
\»ti natnraoniolbnapali't, aetTllDaimponi p 
poleil. ILI 1 11 pr. im diulmilli camlicia tcrum | 
"'""' — 'ate /tmnm, jiiiit ilmiil atfiu adprrlmii 

. ib. ■ 13. dig. T 

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10 II I 7. TIh poda, aaji JlarL (IT SO), pDnifbed wril-inoii* inlmiiou 
IB imiwrial pritilcfta \tr. 1 — T Dainno proeHt a fira rrcrdc, | plieatar: 
/•fi, aa natiKt rttrdai. | lacrlt |H«itat hat Hnlanfur umlat, | f ni aoriiH* 
dwiana NuauaiiBe lanbaHl | lllsai, fa* afJift n( >a erit mai«: | iaf>l, 
faeil nDKirH hnbeHl Had matililril vactmful/^at mi rtHUtllitrnil Tlie 
KM 00 TCI. 110. UiDnnl 'vc flDil in lUackaloiK, tlial (lorpcon aMl 
■hall wetv aDoifnllf enikil toynl llah vilb tv, on aeaKmt of tbeir dosl- 

IlaLh not itronR rcaaan moT'd tlw Inii't'a 1 
To aay, lb« tiifiot of all nature'a kinJc. 
Tfafl prince, hy liia prerogative, may clajmo 
^07 Rood, MulcT Uaraton.' 

i(B((|]ii lH7t<) llH-i 

nlan Topom'. d. SI, Itom 

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IV 57- 

MrU (Zlwhr. t Ojbb. 1874 SM) dlefl Flin. h. b. th f 170 qoadrini 
eiranitof f«brem iiamqa«m broma, nnmqiftm hibernii nai. 
■ibtif lneip«re, which cerUinlj cMto doabt on the reoeiTed intcrpnte. 
Uoa. Yet on the other eade lee Cde. lit 16 f. qmrtana ncminea 
iognUt : §ediiex ea/aeia qtioiMimnm e»t, im mmlit megtr ft, Aa f mtu 
taM Mid teriiena are need ebeoltitelj without februt to r^rmm wak 
tere^eiof without w^r^ (Doe-Behiifer 435). 

nr M MfOMin niEMi Sen. Ind. t f 1 ef deformie hiems grttm 
tmrpebat hcHorti | dirlils amtuMni, Hor. e. ii 10 15 informce hieaei. 

n 69 moPEBAT Sen. n. q. ii 17 f| S 8 e.g. in eubiU nataut pi$ees ft nk 
1pm fliefiM cmpitur qui gtatim tram/tntur in memam, pnmm viietar 
recMHM mtiltMS, nM qui im cimvivm$ wumu moritur, Petron. 110 SS M 
Sicuh tcaruB aeqnort m^'nH$ \ ad wuhmih vivms nerdueitiir. Pint qv. 
€0BT. IT 4 8 1 8 p. 008 yyiuki do men mean, when they invite one anotbet 
to dine on the beach? ie it not that a dinner there u most agreeable, u 
la tmUi it if? not became of the wavei and pebbles ... bat bccnaie thi 
table on the abore if supplied with an abwidance of /rah fish (/x#ni 
w ^O f^mt nU 99mpmt), 

», 00 LACus Bum Borne and the Campacna 855. 

N 00 61 iJkcus . . DiBUTA ALBA Cic. p. Mil. | 85 rot tnim i«m, Alhni 
twmMii mtque luel, vm, iHquam, impfomntqme oktettor, rMque, Albanoraa 
obrntaearae, mcrorum popmli Hamani ioeiae et nequaln . . • tmqmiu 
two edito fMHte, Lntiari$ tmncte luppiler, eniwi ille lacns (plor. as bereK 
newiormJinetqMe mepe owwi ne/aric 9tnpro et $e€lert maeularat, Scnaton 
■nnuBoned to the Alban TiUa, instead of to the regia^ also in Plin. eilii 
Ml 10, Tae. Agr. died oo 118 {Catmlh), 

M 81 Stat. s. IT 8 180 161 donee Troicis ignis et renatne | Tmrpeim 
mter intoMblt auhe. t 1 108—170 $i qtiie ab ejceeUi§ Troianae colli- 
bus Albae, | «Md< nue iuxia pnmpeettt moenia Jiomae \ proximui iOt 
dens. 8 87—89. it 6 8 fiw jNisea Teoeros Alba eolit Larta 
Gran. dUtr. i 426—8. LIt. i 81 | 8. 

N 68 riciu CABDin Hor. c. 1 85 8—6 amatque | fcmia timen, | f sai 
frimt mnttum faciles taorriMl | sardines. 


sap. 14 I 1. 15 f 8. eons. Uaro. 10 1 1 mmpla atria et exclnsorBa 
cl/^iiri«si fHrbe re/erta rettibuta. de ira iii 87 | 8 iratam riditti amkm 
tuMm cetiario eamidiei aUeulim aut diritt§, qtiod intrantem ettbtaortnL^ 
I 8...iiiific itte aliquem ee pntat, quod euftodit litigatwrum tnrba Umn 
eheeuum, nnne iUe qni intra iaeett felix fortmnatufqae eit et besti 
hominis indieat ao potentis indieinm diffioilem iannsa* 
timno. 18 f 6 the client, who is dri^^en oat al dawn to swell tht 
crowd, c«Bi muttonim fraitra liminibni iUiiUt nomeHenMoret 
talmlavit, a muttis ezolusns neminem ex ommbui difficHiut 
qtULWi §€ eonvenit, ep. 47 | 9 etare ante limen CallMi domiwm 
tunm vidi et euM qni ilti inpefferat titnlum, qui inter ridieula wuMti- 
fia produxerat, aliis intrantibos ezclndi. Hart, i 25 5 ante fettt 
sfenlesi dnkitae admit tare FasMsil is 79. Tae. an. it 7 pr, FrcinahiiB 
mri ftf Itmliam Cenmria agri, modes ta sorTitia. 74 and ti 8 (eitads 
80 a.). Bnat Vasp. 19 L eoneneimdiuem acrntandi saUtantes a^ 
iwafls edim bOla tiwiU amieeroL 14 trepidum easi iMerdief Ml*.f"* 
Nanm quaenntemquep f kMjmsi efervl amt quo abiret, quidem os of fiai* 
aimlasionts oiwmt ozpollens, 'akire llsrborlasi' <Baaerat. in tasr 
deproeatdaa hamd 9Um eerUi exiMMhill, el cnMcai tatidem/ert a^ 
. tmUmOimf^tn. WmO^mdmM^ ykiodltodari>U9.140.M 




Bfiktot IT 7 I 1 'what makes a |jn&t tcnriUer' 'His gnatds,* Ton 
Mj, ' and their swords, and the chamberlains and those who reiuae 
adrntttanoe* {U dracVcfMrrf rodt eUU^at). ib. H 19—81, 23, it U shewn 
that these terrors are inuiginaiT'. Plin. pan. 79 f. nulla in audiendo 
d^fieultae, nulla in reepondendo mora: adeunt etatim^ dimittuntur «atiai, 
tudemque prineipie foret ezclnsa legatlonum turba non obeitlet, Lue. d. 
port. 9 8 ff«l ar/ffXcier a^m nniff Merr. Capitolin. Maximin. 8 1 10. 
Fttik zzziii f 41 fuit et alia Claudii pHneipatu differentia ineolent ei$ 
nOme admissionis liberae ins dedleeent imaginem prineipie ex aura 
M CB«/o gerendi, magna eriminum oeeaeione, quae omnia salutarie exortue 
Veaaeiani imperatorie abolevit acq n alitor pnblieando prineipem, 
OalL IT 1 I 1 M re«(^5if/o aedium Palatinamm omnium fere ordinum 
wudtitudo opperientes salntationem Caesaris eonstiterant ; when 
a pedant eum arduii iupereiliii rociequa et vultue gravitate eompotita, 
tamquam interpret et arviter Sibgllae oraculomm, seized the chance of 
Isdoring on genders and cases, and was Socraticallj eztingnisbed bj 
FaTorinns. uz 18 f 1. zz 1 | 8. DCass. Lzxvn 17 a.d. 815 (ondiar 
Ouacalla ; he speaks from personal ezperieneo) §§ 8 4 the emperor after 
giriiig us notice that he wonld tnr cases or transact some other basiness 
st dajbreak, would detain us till noon, and often till eveuing, not eren 
aUtting us to his Testibule (^fM elt H wpiBvpa ixdexiM*^, but letting 
ts stand somewhere outside; and when It was late, he would decline 
e«m to salute us. Meanwhile he was engrossed with driving chariots, 
hoBling wild beasts and drinking Ual twut koI dKpaiwwXa), Meanwhile, 
vs being present and looking on, no would miz in the bowls (K^rlipat) 
and send round in cups wine to his soUUecs on guard; and sometimes, 
when all this was done, ha would ait in judgonent. Friedliinder ^ 
II8-8>=i* 185—141. 

IT 65 ATBiDEN Friedliinder 1* 510. 

„ 66 PBiTATis MAioBA locis ScriTeT dtcs schoL Pcrs. TI 88 {nee 
rhombos idea libertit ponere lautue) 'rhombus • • genus est pisois, qui 
wmpriratie, sod diritum mensb inservit.' 

H 67 the other reading Mf/nae would BMan' to make room (by emetics) 
iir the treat.* ef. 188. 

w 68 TUA SEBTATUM ix SABCULA MarkUud conj. ferentat which is Terj 
iat *ldr your reign.* Sjrmm. in Grat. 18 (p. 832 Sceek) ineutant alii 
teneetutem serTatamque in tempera eaptira eanitiem, cf. tervaro 
ttmaninretuttatem. Plin. pan. 18 pr. 80 1 5. 80. 40 §4. 4G|7. 03 §8. 
ipk IT 11 1 6 cited 00 10. z 1 1 3 protpera omnia, id est digua saeoulo 
tao. 8A (80) 1 8 tranqnillitati saeouli tuL 18 {7)/elieitae temporum. 
^W%^ fvorf <T//oaM^ et dignitat eivitatie et saeculi tui nitor poelulat, 
87 (46) %B ego illud unum njfirmo, et utilitatem operie et pnlehritudinem 
laaeu lo tuo etee dignietimam, Trajan ib. 55 (63) invitot ad aeeipiendum 
jenellere , . • non est ex iustitia nostrornm temporum. 97 (98) 1 8 
MiMan forbids anonymous denunciation of CSiristians : nqsi et pessimi 
iimpli nee noatri saeouli esU If. Aurslius in Vulo. Gallican. ATid. 
Gm 8 1 1 non Bostri temporis. 8 f 7. 18 f 9. Trajan in dig. zltiu 
B| 1 NfNrffiN snperiornm tomporink panag- 8 IB de protperitmta 
■»ee«U TOsirL 4 18 pr. 18 80. S^mm. wp. x I («U«88> AooUNia 
Pdpam . • , NON saoonll, 

••88 tpoi can rouan Glaiid. fBaeena. !■ mqit Hmu 1 18—15 Isttt 
MMlmt aponto taie ferem I ga«donsf«a saoris wutmribtu lea J ed- 
^im htmmL mort8 siptrSlor. Bm JfMM TIn Vmnd n lo Vrnm- 



TIm miated ptrtridgB lin in 9f*rj MA 

Fal sited carpt, tiuU ran into U^ net. 
And pikes i><y«^ veMj their own kind to etl^ 
Ae k>ih the leeond dimoght or out to efti^, 
OJkimitttf nt firrt thenueives betnij. 
Bright eele that emoUtta them, end leep on Und, 
Bciofo the fiiher, or into hie head. 

IT M uvnvn hmmto baielftced Cie. LeeL f 00 aper to enim adutaaltm 
fiemo turn tideU nUi qui mdmodrnm tit txeon. Plin. ep. ui 1 8 Aoim. .« 
nperte ew/itf. Tec »n 1. 

„ 70 ernoEBAXT oiinrAB mi SM. lul. Vnl. de metAw Alex. 1 87 (tiler 
Didoi*e Arrian p. 41) neiii tt eanibui imhecWinribM mot ft qtntntoflm 
iefutfli viritim, Unto orietne nencro inhUmiat et htratitniM imU* 
tioribtu indulfferf^ when nothing antwcn to e. «. in tlio (ir. Plin. u 
I in (of the erett) $peetatl»$imtim ituifiiu ftatiiMCfh. x H loG fialUmnm 
Ifenermitnt $ptetatur crista ree ta. Uoccaecio noT. 68 4 (in Tommaseo) 
'eome galii trinnfl, eollu trttU UrmM.' Rce cxx. of *rixxaiv,* *aluir/ 
•abbaiMr' U create. 80 Calvin (in Littr6) of OKinndor, *lw Uiinki bi 
haa won the daj; /I IfV let cntUt." cf. 'crent-fallen,* 'to hrihile thi 
crest,* 'eoxoomb'; *after that repenteance liaih eaH dnwm our eomk* 

IUdalin Biehardson); the provcm *dcn Kamin aufHctxcn— aafbia^eo*; 
dcr Kanun ist ihm f:cstiegcn--sehwiUt ilim*; * comes swelling like • 
Uirk^-cock * (Shakespeare), crcmeu dr sc Hor. cp. i IC 19 Md term 
me emi d9 it pliu qnam tibi credaa. translated bj lien Joiison Seiaaai 
I 2 (Amintias foq.) * O what is it prond slime will not bcliove Of his ova 
wcith, to hear it eqoal praised Thns with the godsl' 

„ 71 hid. s. r. d€ut. 00 n. Monunseii riiin. Gesch. ▼> c 11 (Judaea tad 
Iha Jews) shews how the Jewish monotheism continoallj revolted froai 
wonhipping *tho beast*s imaga' (the emperor's likeness), how hatred el 
this idoUt^ is the sonl of tlie apooaljpse, and how tlie proseriptieo d 
Christians was a standing institution in the empire, like that of robbers, 
' though orders from hcnd qoartera might intensify or relax its scveri^. 
Sea hia StB. n* 783—7, where he commends Caesar's sclf-deificstioa. 
lene da philologic ni 83—68. Obbar on Hor. en. i 10 43 pp. 538-4. 
llarqnardt 8tV. ni 80, 100, 443— 4i». Uoissicr la rcUgion Komaios 1 
117—308. Fricdliinder iii* 511—616. Eckliel thi 483. 508. HcrtxbcrR 
Gesch. Oriechenlanda inter d. Bomern oollocta the monuments of tbis 
vonhip which the tircdm, ndniamU gent prudentiuima, hare left behind 
them 1 510 530 (Caesar. Octavia, Angustnx), 11 0— 10 (Augustus, OctoYis, 
Livia, Inlia, Tiberius, Dmsus, Oermaiiicns). 85 (CalignU), 41-48jAntooii, 
Cbmdius, Mossalina, Agrippina), 116 (the FUvian family), 147 (Neirs), 
151 (Trajan), 838 888—4 837 (ef. m 550) (Hadrian), 8G6 (Antoninus), 869 
(IL AnreUna and L. Vems), 418 (Commodus). CIO 4488 (Alexander 
Sevaras). Ban. cons. Uaic 16 f 8 At^nstaa boct the daatha of ,fai 
ahOdian and gnndoUktren withont complahit: teai f&niter (so Madrig 
•dfWB. n 888) qwam emiu§ iam ret agebtitar euimtqut maxtme inUremi 4t 
dia naaifncai fMTl. b«. ni 16 tef. sat. X 64 n.) intended efaaiga of sacrilnf 
fmd«Tlherina. 8crTilfe,datt^iteror8oeMMa,am(Taa.sfi81f.)a«Uf 
•ifMfrlM^mmffonisf falsranniina/aff. Hor. e. m 6 8, iy 8 81 
Mailitf. nrL 811. ¥1688. vn86d. nM. 1610. OL Oi. 8pectl74. 
atC. 8Ml.Vii8Ii.TitaUiMbtha( 




m^mmt C, Caetemm mdofmrt mt dcnm faetfCvfC. Domitian (Plin. pan. 88) 
wlhrtftd charges of treaaon in the amphitheatre ae te detpiei etc eea- 
toaaf, wiei etiam fladUtUfret eit veneraremMr, tibi male dici in iUit, tmam 
dlvinltatam, tamm numen violari interwretabatur, cumque te idem 
find deos, idem ifiadiaioret quod te paCaaeC Pliny himself does not 
mem the taint of blasphemous flattery 40 in pmeteritrnm mbffenire ne di 
mMem pottmnt: lu tamen imbveniati, Btet. s. iii 4 18 luppiter AtuentHt 
ftriter Romanaqme luno. i? 1 17— 48. 146—00. 8134—140. 4 57 58. 
▼ pr. iatut ornne divinaa doM«s temper demereri pro mea medioerilate 
toaitor. nam qui bona fide deos (o//f, astaf ei taeerdoiet. 1 14, 87 — 43. 
3 170. IT 8 138—0 (the Sibyl eays of Domitianj en! hie eH deus, knne 
Uhet beatit | pro tt luppiter imperare territ, cf. Wilmanns inser. 148 45 
asai ftrosi te, Caetar^ f^si<pus ism> erpoteet denm, \ eaeloqnt repetet 
fed<em qua> mnndnm rrffet, Philostr. Ap. Tin 4 the accuser bid Ap. 
look at tlie ff<id of ail mankind (r/r r^ dmhnwr v^p^wv 9thi9), La. Do- 
«ilian. Scribon. praef. (PateT. 1655) p. 8 f. thanks 0. lulius Callistus 
for presenting his Latin medical writings deo nostro Caesari, Lo. 
Cbnains. p. 6 nr. d i t i n i a mtknibut lamdando eonteera$ti. Pausanias Tin 
9 1 4 belieres tnat men of old, pious and Just, messmates of tlie gods, 
Hoaklcs, Arislacos, Amphiaraos, Kastor and Polydcukes, were deified 
ier their Tirtue. He can accept also (| 5) the judgements on Lykaon and 
Kkibe with eertein modest reserres (|i 6 7). * But in my day {f 5), when 
lias inraded the whole earth, tlht #r^ iyirtrw ovicif f n i( 
S'Xifv 5rsr Xiy^ mU KtkoK^ wpbt rb bwepixo"^ ttl cKtVoti rb 
fi^pipa, rb U rmr 0twr 6id re nd drrXtfsvsir Mivbt Awbtctirmt.* Quintil. iir 
7 1 there are gods, so bom ; others hare earned immortality by virtue; 
raed pietae princfpia nottri praetentinm qmoqne tempomm decnt fecit, 8ee 
nJairet on John 10 84 ; los. ant. xix 5 1 3 fin. (Claudius denounces the 
'■Mdness* of Caligula, who humbled the Jews for refusing to transgress 
their religion and to call him pod) ; 8 1 3 Agrippa punished by heaven for 
■Ssring bimself to be called god (cf. Acts 13 33 33) ; Keim Bom u. d. 
Christeuthum (llerlin 1881) 78— 81, 336— 8, Preller-Jordan rom. Myth. n> 
485—458, espi Westoott the epistks of 8t John (1883) essay i 'the two 
cmhes : the ehureh and the world ' 387— 160 and the great Sdden titles 
sf honour i 4 8. lexx. under aetemitat, aetemmt, caefe$titt eonteeratio, 
dmt, divalit, divinitat, divinnt, impietat (Beimar on DCass. Lvn 0, Lxvni 
18 L 14 pr. LxxiT 4 pr. and ind. dent), 'imt, pieia$, -tfas, tacer, cet. ind. 
Imv. devoine, USt. and Sophocles ubimot, -4riyf, $ebt, #f Sif, -onyt, t^gptt 
set Tillemont emperenrs u in ind. idoUtrie, HOck riim. Oesch. 1 (1) 
181, (8) 318, 384—351. Fricdliinder 1* 05. Christian poets, as Corippus 
keep up the tradition, and * Byxantinbm ' is proverbial. The courtiers of 
OM Tndors and Stuarts, Bossuet and other firoachers under Louis XIV, 
MiM little short of heathen precedents. We have some relics in our 
■odem language : *her most taered mi^jco^'; my eoUege, by a renaittanee 
alictation, is styled 'coll. dici lohannis.* £Tidence reUting to the adora- 
tion of later lorda of Bomo is collected in Ja €lorhard confessio catholiea 
^^Mkf. 1670) 500 seq.: Parker 800. ind. •pope,* and the wriUnga of Old 
Ujlhfl lie a . Tte qroophanoj, mother ol these bbanhamiea, atiU Uvea nnder 
•th« mneonoofooi forma, in ma^y phihiaophioil and poUtioal Cmtiona. 
Iha«nnethadn«e«Hto Jb.Flleoao da idohdatrin poUtlea al cnltn prin- 
ilpioHgitimoFlMr.I61i. Id n^ a intJiaad Tiov ol the aii^joel in mC 
>«dOT.triatandFlDnl.(4a.il77. 171-4,17,108,116. 444,»-6. 

47—6. 1 41— 1, 48 nelcmi, 60 MMiiarfa, 84 
• 66L 8 il-i. .• I— 16^ V-H 61-8^ 

;,ia 6 18bi4-«. n 
HmmtOimt 108-«i 

4o6 Dn AxqvA vansmjL AXia caisabis. iy 71^ 

M-7e. m 1 97— 100, 110, ISff, 14»-4Ml Ml-4. f 68 Copid fWMn bf 
Vtaw CMwwviniif M cafiK. U. it 4 8S— 4. 6 S5— 6. 10, 17— Ml 


• S i, Sl-ni 6»-4, 89 90. 9 58,106—16. 118. 18 89. 18 88—6,47. 
18 88. ef. a. a. 1 808—4). Curt, tiii 6 eq>. the ipeech of CAUittbeuw. 
Pint Tit Bom. 97 88 cap. 88 | 18 • ire mutt not ihenion, oootiaiy It 
aatofi, lend the bodies too of good men to benven ; l»nt we mast rixty 
believn thnt Meoiding to their divine nutore and law, their Tirtoe aad 
their eoole are tnmehktcd out of men into heroee,oat of heroee into dend- 
fod% out of demi-godi, after paming. as in the rite of initiation, throi^ 
a inal cleaneing and ■anetifteation^ and to CreeinR themeclTce fiom all 
that peHaine to mortality and tente, are thn», not by pnbUe law o/m aau 
(fv PM¥ nihMm), but nallj and aeemding to right reason, elevated ints 
fods, admitted thna to the greatest and most blessed perfection.' For the 
/ewish feeling see Philo leg. ad Gal. (partly cited) 8. 10. 80. 82. 88. Si. 
80. 84 88. 89. 48—46. Even Qnintllian sajs it pr. f 8 Homitian Aognstm 
haTing intrasted to me the dmrHo of his sister's grandsons, non mth As* 
nsiiCM iudiehmm oaelestium intettegmm^ ni$i ex hoe oHeri$ qnoqne wm§- 
mitadinem wteiiar, % 8 f m/s enim mlki • . cuC mores exeoleiidi $it modut, if 
«0i nsn inmerit9 frohaverit mnetitiimmt eenwor (ver. 18 n.)? | 8 siiM 
quoqM9 frofecio poleHt igmmel, il,,,ntiiie omne$ U nmxUium deoi ipsa» 
qie In primls, f no neqve pratsentivs alind ncc stndiis magis 
propltlnm nnmen est InToeom. Lamprid. Hdiog. 8| 7 aee Rowunm 
fanfan exHinautn rotwit retighnei, $ed per orbem terrae, mnum Hudem, 
t Htlhfb§Mu$ deni uhipie eoUrttur. Bahnken on Veil, ii 88 | 4. 
DChiT*. or. 48 pr. (n 801 B) boasts of his eonsUnqr in eiile ^x^ 
drtx^pKTst . . . y^ U xy fir mr w nX ^fcy^rarsr wU Ic » w4riiw i^oftrnfifumf ml 
#c4r wmpk wUw'EXK^n ral fimpfiipmt, r4 8* aXipMf Irra Is/^isra s-sr^, 
cal rsirra sr #wv««wr mM^ svM ri^ fxf^v wmpmrwO^tPot. 

17 71 mt AiQOA rorasTAS MHot. iii 74 n. t 188—8 si qnis dews sirt 
■Imills dis I rf mefior fatis dowurei komuneio. Sen. const sap. 6 1 8 
fMflM inexfrngnmhUia dis aeqna. bier, vit 17 1 6 dis aeqnos Asnsroi 
PUn. mn 8 88 AsclepUtdes mtUitmtem rini aeqnari tIi deornm pe- 
lontia posse prommtUirii, Isocr. ad Nieod. 8 6 p. Iff* looking to tbrir 
hooonrs and riches and powers, iosiisvt drsrrtf 9o/dpmm rs^ 4r tsif 
ptMpjHsus irrsLt. WetstcSn on CTang. lo. 8 18. 8 Maec. 9 13 f^^ irwrk 
drra- l#^#ca ^^omU, where Fritxsebo nnaceoantaMj prefers the t. L 
irrcsi^ara. Ot. Ptat n 8 98 dnoii are deos aequiperanta fiuL 
Phflokg. ad Oai. 88 (n 667 1) visa ^ sfem^Uhi rdf UokvsurisH miri [ts 
Annstoi] n^r ifw^iwmre. Lm. Tn 468—60 bella paras superii 
/wfenf eMUa d Itos iJ fktmifHbtte msmes rsMtsfue armkU et mstrU | tfafM 
dim iemptis iuraM Bowm per umkrae, 

H M roTgfTAs 1 100 n. 

., 71 vamiAi Uaronaidt Prira tlebe n 686—6. Kransa Angeiol«gii 
(1644). vnoAnoaPlinj (cited OB 10| the pontiffs sonuaottod to the era 

M 78 oonawuM Bfommten StR, a* 866 n. 8 (where ha assomcs thai 
CHspina was prmrf, prmeu) •ompum Caeitolin. Aaloaia* phil. 88 fSi 
I^^pM. Aki. BcT. 18 1 8k wnnUitL 

ft 74 KAmuniiid. ai^nM. 

M 78 ffiiMA TiMi A^. 45 i fwaB (| iiia nil IhrnitUm wdeerismm pen 

€Hm wuete sc unteif cmn etupiHM iMsfw sasacriarrralarf emn afnalsaafi 
paUorlb«8 sqlmriil Mffiit IBs vnllM el riilfri fna Si MHlni 

m 99 uuomMmm. m tlm amfel Csmstrk wm Wtdfaadsr i^ 117^ 



180^ who giTM a list flrom Angnstns to Elagabalns 179—194. Ifommsen 
8tB.ii*787, 806. Thedangersof tbepoeitionEpikt iTlff 48— 60. Tae. 
h. IT 8 fwc su'aas sibi mnxiam UUrm [La. Neronis] mmieUlam qmam eUiis 
egOiwsL an. in 80 f. Ti 9. 99. Boet. Tib. 65. Cal. 26. DCaas. lztu 2 
Domitian's treatment of the friends of Vespasian and Titos, unn 16 
||46. uxii4f IcLLampr. Comm.8|L Tbo fell of Seianoa. Fried. 
Hader 1* 180-7. 

IT 77 rBAASus ind. Bobjr introd. to Jnsthilan's digest (Cambridge 
1884) cIL Dorgbcsi oesTres T 617— 680. n 869-878. 

„ „ ATToxiTAB 146 refSRB to the Terror under Domitian, not (aa 0. de 
Tilob thinks) to the alarm caused by Antonins (147 n.). 

H ft T1LICVS Lampr. Al. Ser. 16 8 8 saying of AL Mo/ana pspatt 
Tllicnm esse impersUorem, qui ex viseeribns prorineialium homines non 
ueessarios nee ret p. ntdes peseeret, Oiaagaeas cites priap. 82 1 Tlliens 
eereri enondam, BorRbesi oenTico nt 880, t 617—680 dtes I^ns de mag. 
n 19 (cL 1 49) Domitian made twelTe prefects for one, one for each divi- 
lion of the dty. This eridence stands alone, bat Borgbeei appeals to the 
ptar. here praefecti, qvornm optimms )l the sing, vilieus. He denies 
that the ebolla is a philosopher's mantle; if P. had been a Stoic, the feet 
voold have been recorded; besides the Stoics and their costume were 
Mioseribcd (Philostr. Apoll. tii 4 1 2). iffto/fanchlan^ys, which the prs- 
iorian prelect Crispinos might wear (Mart. Tni 48 1); why not thai the 
pnef. nrb.? Comparing Lamprid. Alex. Sot. 88 | 1 (appointment of 14 
iOBsalars as euralores nrMs, one for each region, to ait as assessors to the 
|iaet nrb.), Borghcsi eonjeetnres that Domitian may have lessened the 
power of the piefocts in some similar way; the city eohorta remained 
nder the next praef. nrb. Botilins OalUens (Stat & i 4 9). Ifommsen 
lakes no notice of the statement of Lydna* 
„ 78 lams tii 199. 
n 79 nmsBPBsa ubovm ti 644 interpraa Icgam Seipwutnm, de. 

1 146 legvm intorprotaa imdUee, 
M ft quahquaii ind, 
f, 80 81 nmam icsmu on eoins Thsmis appears with helmet and 
Mid, like Athene. Heinrich dtos ood. n 9 81 fab^suis ... arsiarf fars 
|Wle a/lorr. C hi y d opus made Inatithi ao pitiless that delleatiores qui* 
dem dIseipUnarum pMlosophl saw fai her the image of SacTitia (Oell. st 4). 
ifest Wa oecnrs earlier and more fkaqnently than Afs^ Mxmpsi (Tbeod. 
Pkodr. and Monnos hi Pape-Benseler). On the chest of Kypseloa shs 
appsara throtUing 'Alisfa with the ooa hand, and amtting her with a staff 
Ii the other (Pane, t 18 1 9), 

M 81 oaian Schmidt DenkfMhaU 848-9. BOcheler atiU reads Alblns 
CHspQs in Frontin. aq. n f 108. eatan ivcvifDA seheotvs a jest re- 
eaided DCass. lxt 8 f 8 Vitdlins by his gluttony mined the health of the 
gasMa who Celt bound to keep him in eountenance, sf yt ewUiwrsisrst 
aMjrarrct kukQs dvifXXa^vsr, he himself lelioTing himself by emetaas. 
1 8 Tibius Crispas, haring been Ibreed by illness to absent himself tmok 
the fai^erial labia, aaid, 'if I had not ban ill, I mnat aaauadiiy haTe 
died.* Tha iaat about Danitian and the iiaa (Snat died 88) alao in 
BGaai.un9ii. Qdntfl. ▼ 18 9 48 aoaa pUadeia antidpala ihair ad- 
iWMiylB aiauuiwtai gnad feetwm Tonnala nsstiif fsayorAas 4meU 
▼ibina Oriapns, wit inpmai, inanndi el elMaaffex 'spa vere* inquU 
•Ilia nsn dfeff f«M airfai aMiMt Ufa 8fe dfeir 1 1 1 118 srani dara d 
mper ft ip s nla. | 119 iia»..««al Tlbiva Orlapua asa ip at fcui ei in* 

88BdS8 il ddSflMfeNi WMMk JfAwlfe taiM 8MMi < 

••- I -«« 


4o8 PEST1& ntEK snxcB. 




■rgnicnml. cf. id. Comm, 
Imlmit. rual.21»ww 


tnuo. xu a I ■! laocratii mrmiral 

1. nn lis plmtlM popoloi in fct ^(c 

Luapr. Al.Bn. 41 |S pcitl* fita. U, 
■ tfin i/Ias in/HTurarii rrlar^ flOHiHa Ml 

'( fnrbifiiai fl/u pciti* iniidint. Hc4tn 

„ 87 >niiiiawi nxi tb« weitber > iftfo lopio Ben. Ip. 3a 1 1 pu<n« M 

(criiriirnfn. f imM AmHdNf noliifcuin Afmu tgiril, 4ia( r( rrmiua ftit 

litipliiu Ttrba luairittllumt 67 1 1 nt a c<mmu«lbiu iiilliiim /atlan, nr 
Bftrire if corrif oM. C<nD|«ini willi ftiCM llDca lot. iiit. xti 8 H 1 1^ 
DQ II«tod'i di>tni«l of lii« ftiind.. Hot. ■. ll J3— 40 JIiuwnBi tium 
me u a friend wbom b« might Uk« in hli coodi Du > journp]' rr (■( 
[relkt] nncrfdert miigai | kw ikiw 'Aum oirola «(/ Tftriif j m( CoHim 
Stnfarl nalalinii patDU oolo* Um rrieoia motdent : | M 

„ 88 F.TBB nuDUtT Plin. »i» I M niiMC(i,..niiN<fiiiiii pundenli- 
baitatli. iiiiciTSn. 

„ BO 1» coxTU loniiExiEM M (Hand h 117) f. afi'i", infict, nvru, 
mtan. d. Lncr. vi 72£ ddivnu ftacUbai, ken. nu M urfrcnun n*u 
npfrrj (iiArrrfiii «( niivsi )( (f«Niiif0 loTCnrf. Uuuj like pnivetU U 
Vander dcal^chcs Spriehwunei-LeilkOB it OM n. 10. 

,. tW Ul CITia QCI LlDFni rOMET TIRtU tMMI nOFEIlE 1 1G3 D. !}■ B. 
* 127 n. A«ch. Pin. £91-3 •M' tn yXint* A)Dr«Vi> | jr ^Xinlf 
MXmifldlXait JXii'Stfia^^fKr. Ear, rh.S'.Krlolu^ta rl ^i^dri'rl 

|giIXii«TM'iI»t, >iitXJT«>dni W4«:. Ion G7I~3 <i rJr 'AV> f>'i 
ttiwB*' it<i Tiilr I H (UK ymtsi nrp^" "iw""- In (frtnte, f"p. la 
Athena, Irrw'* and ti^^ikJ* vcn lntci<aniblo Ironi rrMciliiciiiliip (DH, 
I T8 I 9 drwla |( wffvlt. IVm. e. 8l.'|<h. t I m. Bee Ilfit. and iai. 
Unnatm-Blilir Or, Staala-Allcrtb.* rtpnrlt. Ariatot. Elh. N. >t I 

S. lUi b lt> aharaeter of Um nasnuimDiu «i/X(ir r^ aXfftlsf ^^iUw 
Til Utn lai Wv" "J »(>'"••' #«"^"f' »a(r^n*iarT*i ^Ji^ At t* 
lan^fwfh. AJ lal J\i|0>vriitt. Under Ij-ranlJ OtUaj aamnicd Ihi 
niaak of blnnlncKa (Tar. an. iti TO). Tac. Ap. 43 to Dm aama tll«l u 
Inr, DBmlllatil rfra nndrra ptarftpt (h Iraia tl, fiiu lAtnrlar, to Intic*- 
tabllier, noAernlkMe inmtH prnileiiUajHe Agrlralat Untrhnlnr, quln hm 
raalmwrlri nequt Iniml tarlntioae lltrtii'lli /nwnni J'nlumi'it javrornbtl. 
telmt, gnlAm mor/i m iUMta mirari, jmiw tllam 'ub niilif prlnelpifia 
aMf am clriH ntt, eb$efaliimfue at modfillBm, tl iKdunirla at rigor ailial, 
tc lonrf/i titidttt, fm plrrlfiit per abropla ceniais' in muIIhih rii 
publltat uniai ambltlolft morla fiKfanirniiit. On (he fncdoin of 
apaedi BBdet Kern. Trajan, U. Anidina »c* Oitnker on Anioain. I II 
ne. AgT. t ted fnsiifMin prime ilatim bealiitlml maall erla Ktrra 
Coe—r m Bllm JlHoclnbiln wiltcatril, prlntlpalam at llberlali'm. 
Ibnk'i aoeenieo (18 Sept. 96) mu cclebnled^ bj the dedication nt a 
HMpla OB the Capllal llberlatl riMhilae (CIL n 1 <71). 

M n nuM tnumsB tzh •« ba • DurtjT to Iha tnth Tie. ni fi 

IV 03 TDTca i> itiu Loo. a 61 OS etehb fHsrafb PdbM tntna !■ 
aalal Caeiirtral. 

.. Hu QiTRH uoM HMEan pTop. 11 (to) IS H tMfit ■«( pnpl¥t 

,. OOoouiKi aeeiod. Cbrintopli HelioanerObeidieTitalattinn derrilm. 
Kalicr |MI« aemin. philokig. Krlnnc ii, 1881). Uomnnwn Bill, ii' 717— 
]«. Bo|Hiiniui Berema (and liii « if* Inlia Dduiu) fint ba* tlia title 
bi inacrlptioaa and omdi Coben iii Ul aq. Boiaaian laaer. de I^on 

„ .. rmniTi niinr m. ot pandra tap. from Tm. (b UQhlmana, 
f .g. I-no- ^ 051) COO lltfl lantiilei atrtijtrit aflat [ featlnata diaa fatli. 
Han. Til «0 7 W realinati* rnyilHw rWrrrrfM/(*linla. 

„ .. DMK Ken. C|). 08 I 13. n. q. lU M I 1. rr pr. I IT. Fbocs. IW. 
Btal. XJi. K UfJ. 

„ U7 ntnnioin MB kkt im kobilitati BEncm Tae. an, ti 10 i.d. U f.. 
FI»p>»il"'''ATarninlD tania clnrltsdine, fata obiit, iiii M a.d. 
U l«o ot thcw 'ptaliRW*' in one ycia i Caninina Bebiliu, an aeed and 
nallhr lawjrr ccnnniitleil aaieidr and L. Volnaina died ml Irei rt naaa- 
flala oitFii (pad'iiiir r/ri-Hrf/ pratcipii-ifjae oprt boali arlibm iHitffaia lot 
ImperalorHm mnlilla futranl. xvi 7 i.n. 01 C. Canlna ancT SiUinni 
Ailed, »»Ho trlmlar. nM (iwrf CitmInI eflbat rtlntllt tl prarilali monm, 
SUaaai clitrlladino e^aatii el moiala iarraia praectlltbaai. In a 
fattiknca in the aame jrear ib. la f^iiffaaa iraalorumjiu IMtrilui, quiim- 

CIpli pmrnainm. ib. 10. 17 pr. 311 1 Barea SoiaDDa eondamncd when 
tlc« war eipedod in Itome : Ken dioea thia tinie perbapa ■( magnl- 
lailatm imptralorhm eaede iiulgnlam rlranim f uul rr; (a faeUan etitn- 
MM. tintl. N'era 17 Kcro tbieatraed to eiterailData the aenate. Plin. 
fan. 00 f. laadrai rrna nebllilat mm ebtamtiir, atd inlmlnlar ■ prlitelpe : 
Uaira illot iH^tHllHrn rlranim tupale*, UhitfeMeni llbtrtatit Mr lerrrt 
Caetarnrtparrl. Tarqnln'aeanon (Ltr. I Mil 0— 8) 'anita the lallei* 
poppiea,' eliaiieal in tba aeboola ot tjHmax} Aiirtot. pd. t 11 fltu a K) 
lenUrin riSti XtxMrra rpit rteriiflVj vr eO* rr, rfi nwrllaf, ft nti 
infilxtrrat •aktiiir nl rata 4^«n|ur{a» 4*1 fir. Udn. 1 8 | B (adTlM of 
Fmnnia to Cammodna) htiwritt •Af «•! laMnr a^ «pri/MXiM rtAr 
iwipixfr*!. DCaaa.Minlt|IofKen)*lMb»ledtli«aenalaio«Mco(l' 
ttgir aa to b« MhihUi befond nuMani wtlli a laying o( VaUnlni (r 40 a,), 
MM r>, Xaif a^ In evyaXirrulf il, for 1 will nae Ilia nrj woida.* 

,. ., t*Tis]ianii.iTiTaruiiiIalin]ini|ifMiiit I'itliwnnapoat r(t raiamm 
eatcudonlo, in qiin eonvdor ouiiplvvlt In. aoenll aunt editori-a uiiinci, 
■llinipn nt pnwM ailnotnvl voci ruw i-iiatliininwiinuTiiduabualitlcmlia 
•affieinia Don eourcnit. rorlii'aa arnptnm eral iiiablUMt ct praptaM 
toerectnia (acta. TcTBin do mcndi ratlona qooiDadaeBmqBa atatola tit 
auHUlnU atma opottel. Beeb. I ban alwi^a laad fa. 

„ M tnwoaaeeind. Sen. de iraiiiU|S.ap.T|4. BoUai.HSaoq, 
DCaaa. LuTIB. UI8. uiT|>. I3|S. umn II 1 4. Hot. hp-iTll. 
CalpniD. m U. Apal.iMLn.U-3i. laL «. U p. 408'. 
wB«*artaiJl«aii]- — 

I : 

4IO nrpBomoB. fuhbral onmiEirTS. dacl it 103^ 

•p. 15 1 1 clj/f htue iniermluio eitu iapoitiU : mihl rerhm bob d»t. 
115 1 9 mifnwmr partetei tfuui McnNorc inHuctoit cum $eiamn», qv^U tU 
qnodahtetmditur. oenlii noitrii iBponimm, et cum auro teeta ptrfk» 
mimui, qtiid aliud quam meadAolo §«tu4emu» t Plia. ep. in 15 1 8 a. 

IT 106 BUSBioi ind. 

M 100 ixpBOBioB 8cB. ep. IS 16 neino tam tenex ett, vt in probe tfum 
diem $peret, 94 | fO 9tfi inprooBm €»»€, qnt ab vxwe pMdieiliam fxigH, 
ipH mUtnmmm eorntptor uxorum, imprvbnt in the old renion of Henaai 
▼it. in 8 I S f. (p. 17 S Hilg. 1878)-dt««4ipr. ib. 7 1 5 (o. SS ITl-dMiliv. 
eifuvm (both omitted in the tertioB given in GeUiiurdt-HAnMefc). 

„ „ lATuiuM ■CBiKxn ciif AKBO of. Nefo't lAmpooni Tae. zt 49 1 
OmiHtiaHm wtollHlm corporii infmmU it A Kerone probrofo CArmiBi 
aiffaniBtni eontumeliM uHum ibat. 8aei. Don. 1. Maoedo the philo* 
•opber (Oell. un 8 1 5) need to mj, nothing was more intolenble, qw^m 
qm*d kamlmei ifftmri ae dtiidet, operti btirbn et pallio, mores et emotumeiilM 
phil^mtphlae in Unfuae rerbarumqui rnrien conrerterent et Titia faeai- 
diatime acenaarent, Interealibna ipii Titiia madentea. Mibm. 
Fel. 88 1 5 pkihiopkorum snperciUm contemnimut, ano9 eoiruptoret et tiiid» 
teroi iiovimM.,.et temper adTerana ana Titia laonndot. Tert. apoL 
89 lenonet philotophui et eentor. lor. ia connciotit of tlie tme function ef 
the tatirist Kamatian. 1 003—8 hitiiu tmlHiJicit aatara ludente Cnmentt \ 
nee Tumus potior iwe I a Ten alia erit, \ rent Unit vetertm ettuorim Una 
pmdorem; \ durnqtie mmtoe earpit, prmeeipit e$$e bomm, 

H 107 MonTAMi aee ind. 

„ 108 MATumio cf. I 49. Oifloid 'zi 901-4 indeed lav. telle Ut 
friend Peraicna that he maj go into the bath before noon, without being 
aahamed. Bui Penicua wat an old man, and tho coac ea aion waa profe«> 
•dlj Bieant at an eztraordinary indnlgence to him.' 

„ 100 rcxBRA on thia nae of perramea tee ind. a. T./aaMf. Enn. ai, 
156 T rereaiHi corpus bourn feminu lorit et nnzlt. Prop, it (r) 7 11 
Plin. tn I 180. ziit | 8. i»lni. SulL 88 | 3. At Prindlk'a fnneial 
(Stat. a. ▼ 1 910—4) oaiae itiie ettputum examine lougo \ rer Aruhmii 
CUieumque Jiuit JUxretqut Sabaei I ludorumque mrsura neffes praereptuqut 
timplit I fara, Patmeetinis simul Uebrueique liqnore* \ Coryeiaeque eom§$ 
Ciujfreuque fermiua. n 1 160—5. 6 86—80. Ilinnc. 19 1 6 reterratii 
BBgnenta funaribna. ApnL mag. 89 af ii tu$ et eueium et mMrrbtm 
etUrotque id penus odore* funeri faafaai empiot urbitrerie. TibaU. m 9 
88 94. anth. PaL zi 8 10. Lne. Charon 99. Plin. ep. ▼ 16 1 7. JIaH. 
1154. Wetat. oo Matt. 96 8. BUfaatrihom. 

M 110 POMniva ind. ioouma AnntBB avavBBo n W/uste aperlra 
tupmt. Aami. m % % 1% proxlmorum faucet aperuit primus omulwu 
Comtantinut, 8o In Gala, and Berlb. ap, cutem, jnwiMlat, ttruumt, fm* 

„ „ auavBBo tnm the tima ol Pfaidar i^Hvaot and ita derivatifii 
(aaa HBt) hava a bad eonnoUtion. Watatein on Rom. 1 80. Thaka is 
Onlli op. gr. aant 1 150 ^Huam^ Mm l«/MU r^f Wdai . 

H 111 119 Dad IdeaUM with Oetae Iqr Strabo m 8 H 10 18. Oi 
tiM Dadaa war Diaiaaar Ib Bttdinger UalcnaehBngeB lor itfoi. Xaiitf- 
fMh. (1884 I 88-119. SahiUariMB. Xaiiwiait 1 589 580. Unummm 
lia. Oaaek. ?> a. 6. DOam. umi 6. 7. 9 J 6. BUttna bimdii« awr 
hit p aaa ti ih oa Doiitlaa'a wara Th. i 17—18 fiamdi Itulm nmiu m \ 
timm mm AitHiem mtim tplrun irimmpkm | 5i^fai Aifa JUbrNaai (btkm 
l«ra.K Mt adacfam kpibm Hialraai | at aoalarala daiaaloa Ttrtlao 
P— a I m$ ii ^aia frtm fHm § mbm tmi %U9 mmk | 





IT 119 MTOiTATOa noEUA AeB. s 455 meditantem fa P'oelia 
IflvniM rao Sa. ZTn 488; bol at In?. ▼ 815, zn 711 med. pupuat, which 

"^118 ▼EiEjfTO hid.' Mommam ia KeU Plin. ep. p. 410. Borgheai 


■511 (n. 1. m. !▼ 417) Daehrena 'in caeenm, qui pnlchrat mulieret Ueta 
Mtaebai.' Ath. 574* r^ 'Afi^^ht^t /{ m^^ ipa^etlu cf. r,75^ paawoo 
far one ffcen in a dream. Cic. Hor. QumtiL haw/rt-^rjiw *iii»or». 

„ 115 MOXRTBCx Aen. ui 668 monalrnm horratdum tttforme iupeue, 
aai lumen ademptum. ^ •«„.«* 


who dated impioualy to flah in Domitian^a preaerrea. 10-14 taptU 
ImuinibuM repeute oaeeua I capraai mm potuU videre P''^*'"' »'« "•;;|^ 
taerileffoe peroeut kamoe \ Baiauot tedet ad laeut rogator. Hier. ep. 
16 5 ilie caeeua exieudent manum et tueue ubi nemo e$telamit«UM,here» 
Puutiuae, coheres Pammachii est. aehol. 'da nuroero rocndiconim, Adnen 
iaTaloia •quaai mendicua inter proeerea et amiooa raiperatona Domitiani 
•Ha poaaet; ut Iut. dixit, aut quaai meodieut, aut turn aut antea in ponta 
itiMmpetcnii. recto dici poaaet dignut qui mcndicaret Ad chrum Ancinum 
i3iii clivo Aricino. CAtuUua hie enit acnator llomanut.' After eiting 
WB^T^ ,; W And AT. epit. 19 1 5 (who both couple Vciento And CAto In. 
aabaS inrormer^ at lur. doet), ha adda: 'et Iut. qaidem Catullum 
mtrtiferum, caecum adulatorem ac dirum nuncupaTit. addidit ctiam. niil 
Bobititaa et opea hominie obaUtitaent, propter cnidcliUtem et malitiAm 
aoAm dicnum fuiate qui caecut inter enecoa egentewiue in ponte aut m 

Sio Aricino mendiiiel ego igitw lutenali dua. li tcrulaa c et • 

aaae iam Ante Aliquot tAceuU Atque Ante AetAtem retena intcrpretia ah- 
htaeei aunt, realituendaa, ae poctam noatrum tic emendandum arbitror 
ISmque AC 8P0NTB wrel/r.'; cL Pita. ep. m 7 | 8 ''''•*^(/«'-«* 
mum\ub Seroue, credebolur •poniu aeeu»a»ne. tor •"'/'''•V*^"*^ j™* 
dtea Ckud. in Kuf. n 887-8, where the loyal aoUhcry rtfuw to rebel with 
BaOnua. iHif/ara« audire aatellea. | qui lepn aiiiB '/*jr'7'''*^%'r;'«-r" 
llarkluidmii. *dtru$que a ponte $atelie$ non intellego.' Melncrtj (Zcit«chr. 
t Oymn. 1874 990) O. Jahn in hia lecturea, auapecting a coniiidcrable cor- 
fuption here, de«!aired of a aolution. K Ter. ^^^^l^,!^^^'^ 
(StaOlna waa not Infact raited from the bjggar't tUnd at »h«J»««ej^ {«• 
IBT. might (by the common uie of metaphor f«r aimile) caU him 'an iU- 
amndfoitehpoU (or panwirant) from Uie bridge,' i.e. one whoea blind- 
Bam and wh<5a air lecalled the nnaightW throng gathered there. But 
baring uaed a ponte thua, tho poel eonld hardly add ver. 117, only fit 
•lo dog the trATeUer'a haela, and whine for alma to Oie deteending wheeto'; 
• A bK w5y ftt to b^it All too flAt. Both'i interpretAtion deterrea 
•oiiSSAiion.^ He au^oaet that Catullut had been a tomj^wa of 
Varo*a drunken fkeakt (iii 978 n. eap. Tao. "'"/LP*"'^^^; v 1. .!! 
Umpon ceiebrit noetumii inUeebrU erat; w'^«7^''9!;f. ''£1,^'^ vj? 
m^$ mrbem extf laeeiviret eat). • CatnUnafaU ««»^^,N«2il "Jjr 
Ulibaa. lal triboniiL ?el mOitlbaa. per qooa mhieia obfiia infmbantor at 

fwtt Mti«^ qood ««»««• to P5l« M«W«mlfa^ 

Zmw «t m hM qoitai <• prfori ai«m B-aieltrt* dielHi rrto. 


kASi^!rSrLSSS» T Su,hmm M i m Ht IkMm UUnm. bUM 


P. Bom dlMorered Um raandaliom of the gml ttmftt ol DUt» bOn 
lb« DMxlini Hani id the XMalW (liudino Iv tli. kkg (ann. d. arch inM. 
1866 n S iq. iogcriptioiH hmu Keoii in Uaaia vi 6-12), Bil n 

.. ISO 111 » uirni 
ni 1 1 1 E <!■>■> «rffl.i i 

{.flim rabliiiara ciit 
Binlo dcililntom, i 

^cit funsUur. ItintrL 

■ ri T( M ^nifTM 

IB" vtbittHm pnelor rtprllil: i 
rtrcrfri mm jmuiII. rrfrrt r 
• Xani palrtm aTCri* itlJ 

etiiim omiiirH rttliul rl 


fwwr ». T. Oftod. Uallit Tbrod. torn. B30-5. 
„ ,, rauiii HinchrrU (rilm. Vcrtalluiii-.Rrvh. i 1B8) witmclT 
Irfm to Ihi* word Ihc ro»c. (•«•« D».Vil rrlnr.*-) Hrdicn CSn praTZ 
<llwT«]>riiMj|iviu(l<Ki|ii>rr.iaSB.|. Ornlerein? nniriw,jr». vctariT 
mm. G»re™ wtTtcttj cite* Ama. xi* G i S5 •omo of tho pouDhai 
aiwnd Iho nistal ia wIdchIwim, hmtkh/K vctaiiU iiwJ«-wirfiw*i f*^ 
•IraffaM fnwnf, fsac Cawjnuai ImHalm lineirlam Cnfa/iw /n aeililiwt 
T"t •"^'""''""'"Prim'i'- •=»>aL Pm. r IM ■■■« tha word for a Itntd 
(mliUUne Itia n>canin||orttrlffn.)irrJrfi/ni/frMNlNrjrra velaria aaib 
alhMnipoit laboitM trrfnlnr. Hefnricb dica onom. Yale. Mra rffirria 
and (from Salmaa. ep. p. goO) llio hto Or. t4 ffiSif,, ■ ,[«, BcnligCT-. 
(ep. SIl) mplanitimi -toea vrlli op|«ni<a,' eertalnlf the nrinuiY ttnt. u 
mwiHl Iw lb« Icnninalloa, bat lapfiortrd by no eumnlc. aeluil, ' ad atta 
Uwairi Telamina/ Or. a. a. i in (in Ibc day. it >.,,» 
Manwrm^H-arfrbanr Tela (fcMfro. Plln. Xii 1 13 SI Inuc 11k lil-lMTof 
thcaa avninna bam Q. Laladoi Calnloa Capttollnii* (rf. VJI. ir 4 | G) at 
Uia dedication of Ibo Capiloline temple (a.c. Oil), thrauRli LciiIbIm 
BpmU^r. Ca™r (rf. Dai-. »Jii W J| 3 I« -y^f xi,Hr. r-li. »™^«. * 

Ta«, «.c. Ifl), Maratlai. la Kcto (DC^"b"cO '^,',,''o"%l^''a^ 
Ujeatro ri w ^j, Fap.m,„r. r* fci rrf ^^ J..r««.r.. «>« r» 
«™ dnfiliai. lX«v^ V. *"t i' lUtv airi, ippt J\mmi, i S/«. M- 
wntn, wlfif U arri/nt xf^tm iwnt)irw). Lainpr, Comin. li | hjk 
am ilKtpipofx-iUi «l dm fopul^, JaiiuH, i«ri,«m w <T«fra. i»>»fn 
JI«<eit>« > ■///nta. ^M«/ariJr. ^ml rela rf^rrtanl, tM ai.j>tilUlni 
iKlrrlml pnKfptrat. Frlrdllnder ■■■ 176. £00— 1. 

,. lis t!0:i CTMTT^XT 43. 

T-T *' *"^P"* "f- ''•^- CIL Tt 490. SMJ-B (pp. OS. 01.11. r«ller. 
Jordan rilm. Mvili. ii" 88B t. BikU, kl. Btlir. tit *fc-I, wLo romparei 
tba M'*'^*'' Tert. apol. Aodit Mfe Iltllemif mrnliii Kvguii ir femm 
fmtlue (H paliaKlam eittpmi rt nH iotut ligiial. Lampriil. Hc'Jk^. 7 

t( <arrarlr avirm lapat laur pniecima fanaliooi. Tlia teili at Urn 
Denpaler on Daalnl ant. tv 10. 

,. „ otma}itmet.tTtl.liJaiihlmin,nemiUpttliuabo«ilr«l 
•rtftwf. Bl»l. Th. I, •ddtwlDg Itemltian. M-Sl taqiu, e Lttllat rf«w 
*Ulw /MMf, I fana mxt aialurv (■6<a<i(Mi tforM pamll, 1 dcl<-rnaa 
«IU Aom aipU, SO-SS ainiwu hmlaaat MNf«alat VaWal,, aadanui 
lerr«t>< fof™, r( ildm Jena. \ ItmpHi tril am Pleria In firtlar 
f**y»]f»^'""»"^ Hlar.ep. TBf llpt. quaii otttta Hbliinfi farf. 



RnlM Fnti p. IM U oaatrnni /hfw Grorro roeabnlo. Sea HSt. for 
(lrr/»t and iln d«in(iv« aio conitaallr and of wild paaaion (e.g. Enr. 
Ba«h. ll'J. Vimi. For the primai; anue aee eomm. «ip. Voai on Vcig. 
g. lit H7. riin. Ill I IH* iallearaU nditcm bibaal qai Tatislnaii' 
sal)*i>leiqaB Tore ad confirmandaa anpciatitionsa aapiai 
»a Tolunt. rrmeiim ft^l* tnim lilealiai nrllalrriH-fliua eapiam 
nalia rnlida polii. Fmm PliDf'l «antcatiKaa va naj tolar that Uii* 
■taaa ol IW drag waa comiDon. 

IT 133 auEK TiUDKriii Tae. an. it IT palrJkrrfainai aigiirlam. acta 
afnilal ptirrt iilrit$ ct inlnrt titai Impmlarem oHrtrUrt. tatamat 
tim.ifiitrrMttr nomainiiam,pnipHatr!iioiiamitamiaii. 

„ l»In:iiDX>:**|9((oTirbaliaaB.c. S4>(NfN( 
turrit fartrt iliilicttll, ra tIriliimiHt <■ at ciiedarili trclpiarit catvla. 
ft. 7 1 1. Cat: b. O. it 91 1 1 (ol Britain) at tar^H couflfa Ramaiionim 
etfailo pratmitio t^Hilola i4 eiaedarlla, %no plcritnlqiia ganeie in 
aroeliia nti eonancrnnt. ib. U tbo brai rbw'ni. raaieg taitaa 
aw nlMaao ti ntnilatioai i-jKrtaal, a(I la irtUit ae praetlpid Ian tmt- 
laUK tqWH mlititrt el bnri warfmri ac jUtltK tt per tanonan pee- 
earieia tt la Ih^ iaililirr tl H iait la tarrai tilliiimt rrtipert rawa- 
trial. DS. T SI I t nalunll; eoMpaiea the varchariota of Honier'a 
hnoea. Uela iti « G3 (-m 6 | S ef. TaachMk* ni 308— 111) o( tha 
Sriliih eoriHHf. IVop. it (t) • P pitlojae Brilaintlii tumi. leo nich 
eompanioa and lexx. »r(aM (■■ria^, aaeJam {■ariai) and Uerguat lei. 
Caea. (niiriliiM -nrlHi). 

.. I'M 197 DE niioxK mnumo Eicmn uTiiuona regn enptoa In 
triampbo produccniumniaegloiiaaerat Hor. c. it 19 11 uj. Prop. 11 113 
lhbaonVerr.\HOtTcMam^frffaK...tut<lajye]. Aa the Icit ii died 
i^ UmffiTj of tloiimoulii It 10^ Int. fa Shaknpcaia'a oltimala antboiitjr 
te tbe name A. Hea Holy.lnr- 

.. ISH 129 n 

l«7-J. riin.ep. T 

Am. luOU U Khft dofait nnnm. BlaL Tta. 
a 6 IV. 
iiuner isma Hor. a. R 4 4i 46 pi(elbn*...f<M< 

, „.. B imi. iBrffcnHrf. 

1 Urotniwr' ealcalnte* that ■ diah to bold the lareeat reeordad 
manniit muni havo bom 3 milrf in diameter. For the gn-al diafa of 
ViUlIiiKi (i'lin. iiiv I 1C3) • apceial fMnaea vaa built, in rcfereDoa to 
vhicb (ib. | lU) Madauiii rrpmirarfl patiuaraDi palnde* Viltlli 
mrmnriar. Uurl. Vil. 13 ha ealled tba dirih tlipni UiHrrrae nJua^xaa; 
tb. 17 Iho mob disceing bim to death ■icknantnl him pnf laariat. Aa a 
nlo (cnipon. (1 8] iJie largcatjan wcRMt tarncd on Ibowhnl. yvl Mmo 
nt7 la rite cttan t tppcinicna «tn ao tnmeil (DlOmner TcebaoloeK', a> tiled 
ni ISJ. II 41 42). 6h IdT. IIT 108 ■. tnb of tHogcae*. Lac dial. moit. 
It I. hill, eonaer. esr. Tart. pdl. 4 (of eanlieiirare Tairo r. r. ui U 
1 1 Cnlum. Ill 54 I Sit on lh« alia of Mia of. ApuL met. a S~J. 

„ 189 TKVDi Krwi FUn. nur | lU Ergthrlt ia ttmpio hadlt^tit etUn- 
innlar ampkem ilM pnfttr tanallalain teatrvata* ttiitlpiiH magli- 
Iri^Hi eertamlm,iatrtaavionm ktauimdat*r«t. LBa.t<Mlpli.T wtripm 

loni liamprid. Aln. IT 10 tanii^ 
iipni manual. Plant. Mtm. fOO p 

_._, J pefafoKI BBZlnL M 

■Mw ntagnni. Cie. p. QniMt. | li aaiMi Inal wtai^ fiOw M 
■■(nniM, ^nmamWi. 



IV 133- 

IT 188 nommtJt flijrmiNM. acii. 81 1 'laiouiii' (Biihrens p. L a. i? 
881) wmterent TeUut, genitor <que> e$t ipte Prometbent. 

H 184 BOTAM Sen. ep. 90 | 81 'AnactMnh* inquU Uwenit rott« 
figali, euiut eireuiiti raia formnntur* dfiitde quia apmd HomerHm iwt» 
nitur figoli roti, wuttunt vUeri venuifal»o§ eue qiuim/abulnm: ego nm 
Amekanim Mctorem kuim rtl fmhu contendo et, ti fuitt tapietu quidtm 
hoe incenttt ted won tamquam taptent, Plin. m | 198 wrbem [figliam 
imnaii] Anaekmnit Scgthet. raonuuTB in 2G4. 

M 18a CAtTBA 122 n. proenratorea emttrennet occur in bmiij inMiiptioM 
Irem CUndiofl or Kero to Commodiii, all foand in lulj, all reUtiiig It 
Imperial lUTCt or freedmcn. Caitn dcnoten the *Hofla0er', lerTADtt uA 
TCtainera of the court. In the notitia dignitatum (U<k:kinff i 260 icq. n 
401 aeq.) ocean the eattrenaU tmerl patatii, having nndcrhim 1) purita. 
foy/c 2} mfnftUrialet dominici 8) eurme patmtlomwL Spart. Hadr. 18 1 7a 
CappUoeihmt tervitia e a 1 1 r i ■ pnfktMra tu$efnH, Sereral claMea of co«l 
ienraati in Lampr. Al. Sct. 41 | 8 tLnUcum mini$Uri«m in id eontraxit^ if 
tuent tot homines in tinfimUt ojteiit, qnot neeetsltat poetnhret, ifa itf 
aaaoMu , non diffniMem oeciperent fnUonet et re$titoret et pittoret et pii^ 
ternme <et>omnet eaitrentes miniatri {^autici m., PoUkHni m. Bala. 
ad L p. 981—8). Inicripiions naming familta, rettit, typettex, tt€ti§, 
mnmerut, /Mrut eotlren$i«, eolletiinm eo$tren$e in Hirichfcld liim. Vc^ 
valtnngigeseb. i 197~2U9. Oodefr^ on cod. Thcod. vi 82 1 (11 22C-8) 
liaa collected moat of the eridence e.g. Tert. cor. mil 12 f. (where tee La 
Cerda) e$t et alia militia regiarnm familiarnm. flam et eaatrcntei 
etppellnntnr^ muni/lcne et ip*ae •cUemninm CaeMrianormm, Coripp. land, 
lost, ni 214—210 ofnit ob$eqnio cattrornm tnrmn rirontm. \ iltittumm 
/det et plena Ueentia iaerit \ detervire locit atqwe anrea fulem pnnrt, | 
regale* wunta$ epulis onerare iuperbit, | eoneerrare dowmm tanctumqm 
intmre eubile, | internat mnnire /oret re$tetque panre, Caiaobon (on 
Spart and Lampr. IL ee. and on Capitol. Ant l*iaa 7 when he dta 
orgmrirtio^ from Sjnea. epp. 71, 110) was the flret to edtablieh thia mum 
of eattm. It it known to Dncango {ert$tm ad f.) and George^ nnknowB 
to KloU (and his eopjist Conadini), De- Vit, Lewis and Short See USt 
orgnHwt^nd f. Didot. 

„ 186 TicTT BEKTEXTU Cle. Uw, I 05. 8 Phil. 1 1. frequent in Lhj 
n4i8. XXI 6 18. xxin0|5. xxnn 20 il 8. xxix20il. xixmlOfi 
xu 1 1 2. Plin. pan. 76 1 2. Luc. mi 455 Corte. Bo $ententia potior ett 
or rita e$t (Verg. Hor.), fimrMi ri«f, ugaru, pioxa tibo se3ctextu irooi- 
callj )( Cie. off. 1 1 86f. regalit mm et digna Aeaoidarnm ganert 
•antentia. Obaxo. 

n 187 xocTxa nzmaroM itt 278 n. Plin. xiti 1 126 Kero Caentr c/ar/fa- 
iem el [thapsiae] dedit initio imperii, noetornis grassationibni 
tonverberata facie inlinent id enm twre eeraque, et teento die contra fawmm 
tmUm tinoeroM ciremm/erent. Tae. xm 47 cited on 116. 
H 188 PALEBJio Oaleii ti 275 K. 

„ 189 Oiflofd 'there was anolh« aenator at this famoos eooneilf 
«liOiapfoflei«Kjlii"theaeieBea of good eating** waa at least equal to 
that of llMitaana; I meaa the ftwetlooa Vibhia Crispaa, the Ciforiti ef 
TIIiIUm asd the aonitant aaaoeiata of hie ■mn da l ot i sxeaiiai. Warn a 
Mend mwa eoodoled with Urn on a lit of aiefaMH, vUeh had datalMi 
litai from tiM palaoi, Bather ooBgimtahrfa M ba iiplM (DOaaa. ur 8 

rnnu MAIM rurr nam mnm eonpart tba boMi villi wtUk 
ttw ii IH B m ap Attb 74* «#««#•• •H*i>< 


«4« Ir rwP west o6tnir X4y«r wngax*igimiu* ^ *** »'^, Kgi^mHmi 
UJ ^Iximef TV «<^ 9ZiZlm):Uf^. a. n a asp. Claud, in BuU. u 

*^IT^i40-142 from Ludl. ix 8 9 M (in Son. 216 16) q«ia ergo, ti os traa 
crao, I eognorimJlHvinm, limnm ac eoennm w^^ •>_?»;*' ^_ ,,« . ^ 
. 141 LrcaixcM ad aAxcM Vano aexagcsis 601 Btl. (m Nan. 8W) /*"c 
aaffi«« ridebont ©stream Luorinam. Oribas. colL med. 11 68 (rtpj 
4^ui«^ I 188 D) yi^rm « iria T^rq nXmpiii^ rt irai xV«r- M^ M 

JLTS) oy.ler..^t in Kgypt at the mouth of KUc, oyster-beds at 
&lM»ns; other localities Brundisium, Tarraco. Narbo. ^^'^V «; 
iSSr** Xd«v. Iho i«J« o' hciKOB, Actium. the Libyan gulfs. Plm. ix 
I169 oyster, were brought from Brindisi and (attened in the Lucnw 
Lke ti/am tanti in extrtmam Itmliam petere Dmndisinm ottrtot, oc ne Ut 
met inter dnot tnporet, nnper exeogitatum famem longoe mdveetionie a 
Brundiiio eoHpa$eere in Luerino. acrorixo i««'»i!"««« f««» »? ^^ 
{uiA thrice in Am. whoaa naclo Cootentoa was buned at Kutupiae), bnt 

■fit in CIL VII. . ^« « « 

„ 142 osTSBA Seneca ep. 108 (xr 178 n. p. 897), ^^»« ('^^ jj 
bd^g denounced as a follower of oUenigena tarra f 22) he abandoned 
msciariauifm, continued to abstain from oysters (§ lo vide mthiqitaedani 
jSmnstre, Lueili, magna enim in omnia incepta reneram. ^'"lt.U 
^vilatit ritam redaetnt ex bene coeptit pauca •^rvavi: tnde oatraia 
haUtitqne in omnem vitam rennntiatnm «••/. nee enim eibt, •"'j*'**?** 
■mca «Nfil ad edendnm tatarot cogent ia ;i\i\t Iwt rcmarJc U f""" 8j>««jf7 
laXen. mem. 1 8 1 6. cf. Wytteob. on Plut. 11 124-. Plut. ib. 513. 521 f. 
AeL n. a. tiii 9f.). Cicero also had learnt to avoid oystcra fam. tie 26 
I 2 our epicures season the plamest food,— r^rro nata . . . fnngot urc 
lettat herbat omnet ita eondiunt, ut nihil pomit etue taay,at: in «»•«"» 
ineldiitem in cena augnrali apad Lentnlnm, tanta me hioppma •rrpiut, «t 
htdie primnm videatar eoepitte contittcrr. Ha ego, qui me osireia es 
maraenit facile abttincbam, a beta et a malra deceptat tam, 

„ „ aiLLEDAT raiMO DEmAEKOEa* ifOBSo PcTs. TI 24 a«j tennet tollert 
tnrdaliim no^e talirat, schol. ib. 'aolent enim quidam gulao dcdiU 
tantae subtiliutis habere ivilatum, ut eognoscaut tuidos, an canceUanus, 
ao terrarius sit, et si maseulus sit an Cemina ; quoa Telut pentia procaaa 
gake facit in hao re attentos.' 

„ 143 ECHWi Varro Sat. Men. 178 Bttcheler (in Non. 216) iwa jwwe 
oatrea $e Romae praebere et echinos. Hor. epod. 6 28. s. ii 8 02. ep. i 
1 28. Ambr. hexaiim. t 1 2 ostreae adhaerebant profandn^adoleteebant 
aehinl 14 24 25 the echinus presaging storms. Anrtot h. a. !▼ « •»« 
faid. Mm, Plin. h. n. IX 1 100 and hJL Galen Je jOim Jac. lu 88 (vi 
188 kI Ath. OO' 91"*. On oysters and the hke ib. SS*— W*- . ^. 

„ 145 ALHAKAJi ABCEM Nibby diutoml n 628 seq. Burn Bwne ai^ tha 
Campagna 410 411. Stat. a. t 2 108-70. Vukac. Avid. Cass. 9 1 8. 
BCaZT. cited on 95. dig. xxx 89 | 8 •< rero SalUttianot hortot, e-i wal 
i«fB4fi.ctflfiind«m Albannm,qal prinoipalibua naibna deaar- 

hT w«iiAiiiCTMartTml08. Stat a, m 1 61-8 as! <fO i>ar- 
imSaa qma mHt mA eoltibm Albaa | me pnfrfaw Mag»lfi« dmala 

^ 148 anonroa'PHB. paa 1«, tlUr ip-ktag •! tba ^'^^f^^^ 
lal7nod« Tnjan, al qa^s ante* '•^f^^frfr*^^ 



ipMm itUm mntam m it^fntmrlam rndtenllendi neefuitaUm quo eum dokn 
^HimU qtht enm toiims corparit korrort per/KtiebamlHr / 
A^^ **^ TAMQOAM DC CATTW cci. BUt. Thcb. dtcd OD 111 lU. la?, ft 
400— Ml eooncU of ImIj'i nuidi oa the coiflun; a veteran emerltm qmt 
remt aeu in flrtt boud ; tententim prima i htiiut eHt, pott hane neUtt 
atqnearu minaret \ eentebunt, UmquAin fsmae dliorimen Agntirt 
a«t ADiniAe t ttmU tH fMtrtwAi cura ieeoriti PHn. pan. 64. 

,. „ iTCAXBBit C de VakMf raffcn this to Um revolt of L. Antonfai 
BAtnrniaiit in n|iper Oeraumjr (A.0. 88 Meording to MomoMen Hcnnei 

S.^S^.'^- ^**^- ^* "^' "«"■• Schiller GeHeh. d. liim. Kaineradt 1 
M4, TiUcmont Dom. n. 8; a. p. 91 Rcimiir on DCam. lxtu 12, Clinton. 
Teaffd in Pnoij i* 1101); bnt Momnmen hold* thiU the Ocrmui nlU«ir 
Rntominos mntt Ymxc been the Cntti and their former nllies. We ht^ 
no detAila of the cnrnpnifni a.i>. 84 agnintt the Oemuini (Schiller 587—81, 
in which the able engineer Frontinne was engaged. As the HrcanM 
aenrcd in the Homan amy (Monmsen rdm. (tewb. ▼■ IIJI), It is ne 
wonder that thegr foond their way to the amphitheatie at Kome (Uaii 
•peet. 8 (I). 

•, 148 149 TAXQUAM ■ DiTcaan pAnnnrs onma Axiu nuermn vi. 
wtarr BrtsTTLA pixxa on tlic imperial jHint sec Plin. en. in 17 I 9a 
Decker OaUna n* 895. The ■ceretaiy** oflice Stat •. r 1 e.g. 87 88. 79- 
89 rW/r, f Mi eniKttL twrum \ norit tt iwpectU ttmbit httit omne minittrk, I 
nee mintm: vUet We ortnt ebitittqme, quid nutter \ quid borent kiberwm 
mffnt. 88 87 maffimm late dimiltere in orbrm I Jiomnfei mamirttn dneia, 
eet. to 107. Hinchfeld riim. VG. t 900-14. Kriedlinder i* 08-199. 
180-170 (lilt of iceretaiies; the poel waa refnaed hj Hotaee, held If 


M t, CT PivEaaii et ferri non poaae reeentiorea edd. omnea pcr pp e i en iB t, 
propnmiere e, «i, ee, nnnm Wcidneri tx rationiboi palacographiela optioe 
leapondero agnowere licet ex Ubntoe adiectae 1. 9 et 8. Bkkb. 

„ 149 VExiMieT BPiirrLA z 71 epiatula venit. 

„ 150 xroie Plin. ep. vni 14 f 8 iidem protpeximnt eMrlam, ted rarfni 
trepidrtm et elinfinem, enm dieert quod retlet perieulottim, quod noikt 
mitemm ettet. qnid tmnc ditei potmit, quid didieitte iucit, cum teuatm 
aar a(< otiam Rtimmora aaC ffrf MNtaiNia uefat rocarelur et modo lo4i- 
brio modo dolori retentut n u mqaan aoria, trittia ttiepe ceuteret f aa 
91 (DCawK. 1.XV11 0) a nnpiier gi\-en by Doraitian to the chief of thi 
aenaton and knighu. He made ready a room pitch-bUck in roof, walH 
and floor, Uid naked couches to match on tlio floor, and invited thoai 
alone witliont attendants. Uj the side of each was net a tomb-like pilbtf, 
containing his name, and a Umpatand, such as hangs in tombs : then 
handsome boys naked, stained bhick, who daneetl loiintl tliem ptr* ifx^ 
€ti!n Tvtt ftfkpit, and then posted thenselTes at tlieir fwt : finally a faneral 
feaat (▼ 85 n.), aU black, served on bku^ dihlics. All looked for instant 
death ; there was a dead silence, broken by Domitisn, whoso words aU 
breathed death and shwghter. At bat ho diacharged Uiem, having beAm 
aent am their attendants, who had waited in the vestibule. Some wen 
handed into carriagea, some bto Utters, hf strange aUvea, whkh te- 
aeaaed their terror. Scarcely had they reached home and began to 
Weathel^^, when a message cane 'aome one from Ai^nstoa.' lfaUi« 
anra that the but hoar was coms^ th^ were snrprised, one by thepiUar 
^ieh waa of sUver, othen by aomathing else that had been aet bsfoia 
^sm, an of the eoatliait ; flaaUy Uw bey, H JtupSmm Isdrry, washed and 




tiM Mifklte 9Mur, tl^7 

their presents, n«frij^(a« as Dom. called them, funcral-fcaits {Jruyt€fto6t), 
m tho people said, for those who had died in Dacia and in Homo. 

IT 153 li>i PCBiR roaiQUAM cbbdoxibcs essb riMEXDua costsbav bo 
fMnax (Gapitolin. 19 f 8. 14 1 8. DCass. r^xm 8—10). 

„ 154 CEHOoxiBUS Eaphron in Ath. 877^ 5rar iUp i\0]/t tit msOrsr 
#mfir<r, | Api^mtm ad K4pi*trm rat ^ittr^pliqr, Hjeixbicii. 

H 154 97 n. DCass. lzvii 9. 9 f 8. 

T on parasites see Ilertsberg Gesch. Grieoh. n 499. Gilford 'Several 
MTtinent allasions to this satire oornr in the old comedy of The Supposes, 
bv G. Gasooigne.' Read C. D. Uadliam ancient and modem fii«h tattla 
(1854). (l>hokylid.] 91—91 pq9iTptiwtfKtptvtKi\Mtawtmi€0tuiTuipmft 

„ 1 EADEX EST MEXs Hor. ep. 1 1 4 nom eadem est aelat, uon mens. 

„ 9 BOXA scxxA in prose fHMsiHNi Iponnni (Uiase ind. Sen. NixoL ind. 
Gbi *bonuni'),yi*Ni« {ultimum, extremum) houorum, Tlie ascending oidor 
tidytifid (^cref, wtpl #wp«a, wtpl ^ftncnt) is exactly rcvcned by the parasite. 

M ,« QrAPBA 72 n. Uor. ep. 1 17 49. O. Jahn (Abb. d. K. & Gas. xn 978) 
'MMrally the flat round Ioavcs or cakes were scored crosswise, so that 
tSqr eould easily be broken into four parte. The Christians also, becaose 
if the cross, retained tlMMC loaves (Uottari scolt. o pitt. 1 145 seq. Bol- 
detti osscrr. 207 seq. U. Uodictte ant chrCt. i CO. Garrooci vctri 52. 
Gaiedoni bullet. 1802 124). The queer baker Eurysaees, who on his 
■smunent employed ardjitoetunilly all the badges of baking, has applied 
instead of rosettes (ann. % tav. M 5) puna quadrat i (Ath. 114*. Ues. o|)p. 
419 iprt^ Ifcrrvrai rtrparpufo^ dcrd^Vvftsr. gl. quadra fi\uftdt). They 
wtn also made in more ek^nt shapi*s, jHirted into six or more sections, 
indented at tho edge, fnmislicd at the centre with an 6n^aXot (Polybina 
iomparcs tlie sliit*lds vi 25 H 7 wori^mt 6f»/^aKttTtit roTt iwl rAi 0yalat 
h%n0«a4tmn. Lolictrk Agkoph. 1079). lu a relief (licrichte d. K. S. Gee. 
1851 Taf. 12 1) a workman is seen poshing a loaf of this shape on a peel 
into tbo oven. The loaf (Gori synib. litt. ii 2 p. 138 se<i. admir. ant. 
Here, xi p. 138 seq.) founa at Uercnlanum is of this form, and others 
fsoad at Pompeii : tliey appear also in the HereuUnean xenia (ant. di 
Eic. vn 62. 84. mna. Borb. vi 38 1. Overbcck Pompeii^ 193) and on a 
Fimpeian wall-painting in tho Naples mnseum (Hclbig in bullet. 18G4 119, 
918).' Of this Jalin (Taf. m 2) g^-ea a cut. A ahop with a counter, on 
nhiieh and on shelves behind are loavea piled on one another with some 
■Bailer cakes; on the counter standa also a basket with ronnd bans, 
isi Bieh companion, panit tor a cot. 

»i 8 SI poTEs ILLA PATi Luc. mere. eond. 18 (to a parasite) it would 
bare been no great hart, if the yoke to which you bow your neck wore 
bght and easy, above all, giklod. Bnt the case is iar otlicr : /iifla (eet. 
cbed on 161). 10 you have ever on your lips Homer's^ sv tifueit Tpwn 
as! ancnjpMlaf 'AxatWf wsXXd wsr«a^ aal irtpdt^u vHp r^t ro^airnrt fvlat- 

tt 5 QCAsnna iubato metvax tim obkdbbb testi Cic Att. xn 1 98 1 9 pr. 
larato mihl eredt. Plant. Amph. 487 unm iuiurato tcio pfut erode t 
■JU quam iurato tibL Uany exx. of this participle in MulUmann coL 
1198. Nene II* 885— (alao coN^vrufas). Onak;fMoadN5<r0MaiiroIjaer. 
VI 186. On the prevalence of peijoiy aea xiv 918 n. and E. v. Lasaalz 
Miai dee class. Alterthoma (BcgaBBbofg 1854) 'der Eid bei den Bdmsn' 

I«e. IT 877—881 diteita quam aarra 


9 VIMTBB MIBIL Mon vnwAftm 






rtdit: Mf f« eti potmlitJItiHiifqne Cemque, Sen. ep. 17 an adninUa eiB 
to tempennee. lb. 00 1 82 iifelket tefuid itiielieffith wmlorem rof fmem 
kMbert qtmrn Tentrom? 

T 8 cBEPtM tet Rich, nomt Tert mtw. Ibra. 1 14 pr. nuUm^ 
tifUe$t iUmi iptat ItetuH H legetlt tmae betilai, 

M 9 nmnuA ckxai infir. 14 a. ind. Mwrim, Lamprid. Hcliog. SS 1 9 
pmnlti$ in temmin wtemm §&epe eeream cenam, mtpt liffurnm, Mfpt t^tr- 
•f^yiin, atlftiando /iHlkM, nomtumqmm rel WMrnHnntm vel lapidemn nw 
hllmitf ita mt munla Uli$ exMberentwr vi4eni<i it iirtna mntertn, ftm 
ime centbat, etim tantrnm biberemt fer Hnffula feremlm et mmnut, qmiil fOM#. 
mitMHf, tavarenU 

t, 11 fMMEf 07 n. Pkitit. tttin. 14t lordido rUnm obtrrtnbM pant 
in pannU inooia. Ben. ep. 18 f 7 (to tlie rieli making experimenl of tht 
poor iiiaB*o life) nmhntnt We term Hi et $affitm et panif dnrw eie «ordli« 
o«i. Hon. p. 08 10 CTiuBira...flNriie..i/^ pane Rordido...rf/cfftrf. 
m^mrmfA ifrm Polyb. ubtii 8 | IS. Oafen n 488 K. Aiiemid. i # 
Bigault Beth p. 19 83. Ath. 114<. 848*. VLt%. tnXUm i^m. AluoTcr. 
COB. 980 panem ttmm, Hei. ^mt&tr ifrmn ^vwpo^, Alexii in Ath. 114* 
)( XnwM't (from Bliauicr). FmL i«s^. t 78. Idokr phyi. ol med. |r« 
■till, n 867 8. 

„ t« FABBH cAimn Koo. 88 18 cmmku reterei furfwet etu rotwermL 
lAdL lib. nirn r88 U] qntiiiti relief qtntntum eankaiadpuHem et muetidi 
■MMf. FliiiliM Foitl p. 48 II CAncAB fur/urei de f arre a elbo eaaiB 

M 18 FMB n 94. Am. m 880 MeefjHte erfio mnimU tttque hate mm 
f if ite di€i: Sob. ep. 118 | 88 iUwd miktie Itbi rndflffe, mtccjtwm 
HTMoa we the leeBea Plant. Pen. 788—9. 798. Sail h. in 4 D iiUm 
diaeBbttere. Petron. 81 f. iBiil ergo dieenbaiBiBi. 87* 

M 18 MBBCfniBX 90UPAU TKTBBVM CAriN omctoBUX ScB. tnnq. 7 1 f 
qui eam anleorBm offlolie parla menna /ae/imr, qui fereuta fr§ 
conalariii mmeranl, Ben. brer. tit. 7 i 8 omnia ittomm [qui Bolli td 
niai Yino ae liMdial Taeant] tempers erente. adylee . . . ouaiitum . . . ceett' 
pent . . . eonvMa, qnae iam ipm ojkela unnl, | 7 qnot [aics abfltalit] (Or 
p&tenthr amieut^ qni roe mm in amir it lam, ted in adparatum kattetf 

M 14nipvTAT8en.ep.l|8.98|8.hcn.fnl8|lf.B.q.iTpiaor.|4. 8etli 
cndiir. 887 (Mollaeh fragm. phil. 1 880) qui dal aliqaid et inpvtat, 
eoBlBBieliara niagit qnaai boBoficiam dodit. Bob. in Hier. adf. 
IotIb. I 47 (If 816*) qnae nobiB impntat laerima$ tnat, Lnc. ni 181 
Ben. ih. auaii. 8 f 6 nolebat autem rnftat ex VerffiUo matta Irahere, irt 
Jiiaeeenati impntaret: totiet enim pro bent fioio nanabat in aliqat 
u Verffiiianm deteriniiome piaeaiete, contr. z praef. 1 8. eie. eontr. n 7 
(p. 800 4 K) f Mffin dement tti eni adallerium pro benejieio impntataai 
fff / Ben. bra. m 18 1 1 fM^daM benejieia et»e, qnaedam o^eia, qaaedam 
wUniHeria,, . miniiterinm eut terH, qwem eondieio mm m loco potuttf ■! 
mllUl eomm quae prae$tat, impntet ouperiori, 

„ 18 18 Dooa roar Mivf ii Mart, m 80 8 8 reetam voeatue eum <•• 
CKrrtfl tf d erfMiH | ftumi tol diebnt BoetibBfqBeee/ifev/f. 

M 18 ADBtBBBB Bool, OhMd, 88 adhibobat omul eenao ei Kberm 

f, 17 nantk n taom ciaeABBT cvlcita uecto oo the order of pliMe 
la the fHrllff/im ate UaniBardtPlrfYaUebeB 804—7. A Taeant plaeeflM 
Ifart s 48 8 8 Stella Nepoo CeuU Cereali$ FUuee, venititt | teplem f/#Mi 
Mpft; iMMfliae, Midi Lmpmb. TH t'adaaet A Cnile d*aatiea' OfMU 




the goette; and when thej were eet down, FaTonius, baring bathed, 
euM in among them. Bnitni ealled oat aloud and told him be wae not 
inrlted, and bade him go to the upper eonofa; Imt he Tiolentl^ thraal 
UBMelf in, and lay down on the middle one.' 

T 17 coLciTA add to lezz. Petron. 8S videt tot eoleitai: nulla bob 
eat eonehffliatum out eoeeineum tomentum habet. tauta eti animi beatitudo, 
Fto. zn 1 18 in tulciiiu praeeipuamghriam CadureiobtinenL Oalliarum 
boe et tomenta pariter inventuuL dig. zzzir 8 85 1 7. Lamprid. Heliog. 19 
%9nee eubHit in aeeubit it facile nitl elt, quae pilum leporinum kaberent out 
wtumat perdienm tubalaret, taepe enloltaa mutant. Bontfiee p. 873 Jaffi. 
boeangc and Diefenbach. Now Ital eoltriee {tot cdeitre from the lato 
fom euleitra\, oor * counterpane ' and 'quilt*; from a dimin. enldtinua 
fael jet found) Ital. eu$eluo, Fr. couttin, £ng|. enihion. Luc. mere, 
eead. M irttbh^ bi inrU re eal iwormr ^ r^ KuraXifijf, XovH^iwot woi^^pm 
iufH 9tfl uM wou #X^Wr 74 pwrn^^anto 4««ct iwl rS jeirror oiuM^ bpilm 
tmpm ovU w9plflkewro9 rmt ra^efinr, dXV ^ nr dXXer /r«i#A#9 PtaKi' 
ert^tt, 4t Touwiwu r^, cal evrvf it r1^udr^pordr^u ytrlau 4|a#r#fflf 

N 18 uiTA annri DL. n | 78 whoi the iophiit PblTzenoi, viaiting 
Alfitippaa, blamed hie voXvrAv ^i^mUp, Ar. preeentlj 'Mra^oi' tfq *Kal 
## ciifupm^ fue* 4m*^ yep4Hai't Arietoph. ar. 181 BUjdee. Btaalej eitea 
Bnolii A«c. 88 (Ath. 188*) bm #rXd'mw#i nfntrd^ia. et lleiaeka 
■488. TOToaux avmu Plin. paa. 44 and 74 «. V. 

M 18 19 qmD vi/rmk QVAEant ym 199* 1 147—9. Not oiiUka deeil m 
(fl IT 188) ; iuperett uif rettai irf. 

M 19 Bmcrzu amtmm Am* m 488. Or. P. m 8 55 fw tamem itte 
MfVf aomnoi tibi rumpare potoeL Lae. m 85 and Stat Th. nr 715 
in Am aune place romperc aemaoa. 80. zt548 (aBen. brer. Tit. 80 1 5) 
ftktem, 500 toporem. If 70a would ileep primam in koram (Hor. ep. 1 17 
i) er fa (arm (ib. 18 84) yoa moat Bol llTB la Bone. Veig. Or. 8U. Btat. 
haia abrumpere tomnot. 

M 81 iALUTATBiz TOBBA Hicr. cp. 88 %hfofe$ quae pHue aaUtaatlum 
tirbae rom^ 5aaf. Btat. a. it 9 48—50 quid ti, eum bene mane temierudut | 
Milam tibi dixero talutem, \ et tu mo vlcibut douU ialutcct Alreadj 
lA 48 Cic. fam. n 80 1 8 kaee i$itur eH nunc vita nottra: mane aaln- 
taBBi domi et 6oBOf viroe multoe, ted irletet, et hot laetoe vietoret, out me 
quidem perojkioee et perawumter obterrani; ubi lala tatio defuxiit iittcHt 
mt intoloo. ib. ni 88 f 8. Ati ti 8 | 8. zm 9 | 1. ep. Brut, n 4 1 1. 
Pk Fbicc 1 48. Q. Cie. pet 1 88. For the azpraaelon ct it 08 aiirefrto 
imba, zt 81 vietrix turba, 

„ 88 iiDBBiava nuana Plia. 88 f 8 fma horn HHprlmm^ H edkm 
dibiBi et quati lanffuidue diet* 

w 88 raioDDA noai icaaAOA bootab Horn, c 878 W Itftrra Bei&mr. 
Anereont 81 ffl) 1—8 pt^o^mtrimt wof dpai^ | 0rpi^^inx"ApKm ih I 

M 84Mq. CO a. 87*8. 78 a. VIC. I? 8 f 11 agt^ ti quit koe taeculo vir 
imC(f...codem dbo oodcmqnc Tiao f ae nautac uti eonteniue tit, 
nmnt u^iterablUt exlttlmeturf atqui ieta patientittims tuperior Cato 
Mfravff. et Pint CM. mai. 4 i 4. Plat apophth.Lao. Agedl. lp.908k 
Jta he drew the lot to be austcr d a f eaat {wupwoelaMXt*} And the cup- 
Wifer aaked how nMMb wine he waa to aerre to each : * If there if a Urge 
■lod[, aa much aa each calk tor. if llltic, ecTTc all alike (tfi l^te «8oir variT.' 

Lake 14 18— 14] hoiti ihoakl 
bal 8Mn acBMcnllMilF 

ar— f 

RMBtaamuctt ac caca caiic M if utile, cerr 
te. en. Batam. 88 BcagfCitcd NfofBi (0t ] 
Ml8 iMr tr ifo y9«^ inBll^g thM Ml 88 




V 24— 

(the reit on ter. 60). Loe. nere. cond. 26 f. (cited 84). Hart, z 49 cum 

potet <tmethjfitinot tHente* | et nigro mmdta$ Opimiano, | proninai mode 
COBditam Sabinnm j e< dici$ nUki Coita *tit in auror \qmit^tuim 
plmmbea fioA vuU U aurot (Sot Pint. qn. oonviv. u 10. In the 
AmtiereoMUa 14 Bergk («0) S8 S9 the dove almree her niaiter*i enp^ 
with » iidelong ti $ie omnti! wti^ $4 fim Itlwiw | rhf thw, 49 rpvwfnif 
where Bamee citet Esther 1 7. 

T S4 26 nxini, qcoo aociDA vour lama pati Mart, u 27 78 a mintitii 
of moderate demande aut etim petfricvU fromlem patnUque pudorem, | 
•neida ptiJUiolo vtlUra qninqne petit* Calpum. od. 5 67. dig. xxxii 10 
I 4 sucida Um )( lottu Ct Paul, acat ni 6 1 82. gloee. tptm •Uvw^pm, 
drXirror, Um^ §u€ida. The eweat aad filth dinging to wool (e^rwrf, 
•Crvref, 9U^n9oeiifpMm) needed to be aeonred out {putare ia the teehnieil 
tcnn). Wine need for the pnrpoao aleo in Varro r. r. u 11 | 7 louMf 
rteentet [lanaa] eodem die pernntinnt ^inoet oUo, non nemo admiita am 
•Oa H adipe tuilh. More in BlOmaer Teehnologte (aa dted on tii liq 
1 100—2. * Tocatnr a Oallia laime $nr!Ki taint, qui a It iuin' Gbaxo. Uie 
of nnaeonred wool in medidno ind. Ptin. and Galen *Una.' Panl. Aegii. 
m 118 Adama. Orib. ▼ 612. n 460 D. In Uor. alao (a. u 8 40 41) imi\ 
tmwioae leeti nihIiMm noemere taffonis. 

«, 25 ooBTB.\XTA lee HSt. nnder the whole group of worda bcginnliif 
ufifi-, asp. Strabo 466— 474, where he atatca bi« opinion abont m]rtbolo0 
{ntwtp ^i9l^Tm ^Xip»#9urrtf p. 474) 478 rOtf M Kopi'/MiTtfr ^frrwrdr td 
Ipji wria r r iafir Imo, Kmi rvdt /uu^utQt MmmftUpwt gytygamdr jm/tip, Lodil 
daor. d. 12 1 1 where thej gMh thenedfee like the dorriahca. 

«• 26 lUBOU novomnn Btanlejdtaa Loe. amor. 10 dfi^x^ai. AiMlb 
Ag. 86 ^polfum x«pf (^iipuu. 

M 27 MAPPA XUranaidt PrifrntMrn 801, 469. Ridi eompanloii. HdM 
oar 'map,' 'napery, * napkin.' 

„ 28 20 aee the fight with Jait and eandlettieka and apita and lorin 
Mid doga in Petron. 05. Plin. zt? 1 147 Terffilla Cieeronem J/. ¥. him 
ecm§io9 $imul kaurire tolittim ip$i oMeit, Marooqne Agrippae a tamo- 
lento aeyphum inpaetnm. etenim haee aunt ebrietatia opera. 
Heliod. I 1 a least tnmed into a batttefield, tal»lci» cape, axes, torehci^ 
ahella from the diore, torches, eerring as weapons : Tpdw€ticu.,.rpit rj 71 
W3r ntphup 4p X'^dr w$* iw\»m iwim va^d ripr pAxq^ ytytPHfUvtu {i yitp 

wiktpm irxMtt^T^) Kprnri^ptt mMttrprnft/Upoi ual X'^P^ ^'^^ ^^ ^^Xt 

wirwf 9W9pp4mrt9, riiv fUp vism«r, rwr I* «rrl X(#Mr gtxP^I^^^^'' 
H y4# ai^&sr red ica»t9 rdf x^t<at iMtup^r^ftH iral /9^X«#i rcx^i^^'ai 
reiff iKwiik9iWi9 iHUffKtp. Plot qn. conT. 11 10 2 | 8 fighting aad 
bnstUng for the larger share, railing at the waiters and at the host 
miilo] Tit eontempl. 6 (n 477—8 U). Hicr. in ep. Tit i 7 (ni 700* el. 
Van.) videtu alio§ poenla in tela Tertentcs seyphnm in faeiam 
laeara oonTiTae. 0. Jahn in Beridite d. K. 8. OeseUsch. (1857) 107 seq. 

M 29 PUOXA coxmsaA Or. m. ui 68 Burm. eommissaaire proelia* 
ii, uU 45. Nep. Hannib. 11 1 8 proelinm ttatim oommittere. 

,, M i*AooxA on the orthographj W0 Oodins on Phaedr. x 26 8 (VoL ■ 
p|L 89, 40 Bnrman), Sehnehaidt n 278—280, Corssen Ansspraofae u' 74. 

9, 80 Dirrvavx oosisulb Uart nu 45 in honour of the retnm of Tersn* 
tina Pdaena var. 8 4 6 dtjlumt et fenfe tpUndeeet tmrbida lino \ amphora 
•anlano tonanU facta minor | ...<a» iutio dabitur qnando coUf 
mtn. Ifaiqnaidt Pritatleben 445—447 pimtnn doUnre U new wimti 
ira^ 0^ af tba aaithaa ddliiii /Jf to te iMpI, tt w^ 




tieket ipittaeium) or on the nmphora itself. Many amphorae hare been 
fonnd, as at Pompdi (CIL it p. 172 seq. ephem. epigr. 1 IGO seq.), at the 
qaartera of the eaetra praetoria di s cov e red in 1878 (Drcsscl in bulletino 
aammsnale 1679). The inscription la dther eeratched on the Jar, or 
written with ink or ehareoal, or laid on with a brash in black, red, or 
white. Marqnardt connts 48 dated amphorae, ranging from 107 b.c. (CIL 
fui 10477 1) to 255 A.D., e.g. (Landani bnllett manic. 1874 p. 10), 

n • CLATDio • p • QTXxcnuo • ooa (a.u.0. 741aaax. 18) 

A«D • nn • K • mr • Timn 


DTOBTs • UEXTTua • ooa (786«18) 


The last line is probablj the wine-mardiant Antocratea. Oalen (xir 25 
K) went throngh the imperial cellaraof Falcrnian at Borne, reading the 
afS written on the Jara (ri)r ^dor drayiYM^xMr inytypati/tdwitr rtSt 
etpaptioity tasting all that were more than 20 years old, tUl he cama to 

as had no bitter tang. Phrat. Poen. 885—8 bibitur, e$tur, qua$i in 
pepina, non eeeut, \ ibi tn tideat litteratas fietilea epistnlas, | plee 
ripnatat! nomina ineunt eMbitnm longie Utterit, | ita vinariorum habemue 
ntetnu dlleetum domi, Stat. s. tr 6 7 rinaoue perpetuit aevo eertantia 
fittii, Cic Brat | 287 nt $i quit Falemo vino deleetetur^ $ed eo nee ita 
■eso Hi proxlmi$ eontuiibus natum relit, nee rurtut ita vetere ut Opimium 
(L Opimios COS. n.c. 1211 aut Anlelum [L. Anidoa (HUna too, b.o. 160] 
SfafHra quaerat^atqui hae notae tunt optumae, credo, ted nimia vetustae 
mo kabet earn quam quaerimm tnavttatem nee ett iam tone tderabilit — 
1 288 Nvai iffitur qui hoc tentiat, tt it potare vellt, ds ddio tibl Aaiirf* 
mdumoutetf minume; ted quandam tequitur aetatem, 

T 88 ALBAina Oalen fi 275 K. Stat a. it 8 89 AlbanogM eeidum 
tmdmtem promere f n n o. 

H 84 PATBiAX IT 129 rhombi, n 161 tint* 

M f« acKEcnrs Loe men. eood. 26 f. r&9 dXXnr {tt^r^ re jcal 
vaXai4r«rer sfpsr wtpwrmf /tirof r^ wsny^r rata ual va^p^ eirtii^ 
InBVfffWr cd 4r ify^1xfi*^¥ *'^<«'* M |n) '^fTX^'iff awb tsv xyi^ fiar o f 
sirwf dfMMt Jr Iv^rerift. ual tt$t yt dU inti'oo it K^pof ^r vM2r, »wr M 
fsMiCnr a/nr^«rrof i writ sM' 4t»m lociccr. 

M. 85 rvuoiBB Marqnardt PriTatloben 442 dtea for the practice of 
■dlowing the wine in smoke^ambcra (Jolnm. x 6 | 20. Psllad. zx 14 
18. Plin. SIT 1 68. zunf 40TinnmfnmoinTateratnmlllM/Hfrerr^ 
sMaB. manifonet ittn in apotheeit exeooitavere. Galen u 668 K. ut 17, 19. 
Wine.sUns smoked pealm 119 88. Aristot meteor, it 10 p. 868 b 6. 

•, 86 ooBOXATX Ot. am. x 6 88. 67. Hor. a. n 8 254—7 mutatut Polemo, 
aaong other intignia inorM, ia aaid e» eoUo fartim carptitte eoronaa. 
Ptatqv.eonT. X22I5. 

ft H TBBAaiA ind. Plin. cp. in 16 f 2 n. p. 217. 1 10 n. p. 250. Plot 
pnae. ger. rdp. 14 1 10 p. 810^ Nero, a little bofora lie dew Thraaea,^ 
thoogh be hated and feared hhn eieeedhiglj, still, when someone com- 
flamed of bdng wrongly and nnjnstlj sentenced by him— replied, 'I 
would I were aa certain that Thraaea lorea me, aa I am that be ia tho 
besl of Jodgea.' Jahn's Persiua xzsTnx— zux. Zdler in* (1) 689. 
ftiiid deech. d. tOm. Lit« | 299 7. Friedlindar i* 618-9. Boiador 
llippodtioB sons lee C4sars (1875) 105—106. 

■iLTioxus Tenffel 1 299 11. Plin. ep. in 11 1 8 n. p. 184. 16 1 2 n. p. 217. 

t« 87 BSOIOBVM R OAaat MATAxaoa Tbe. itx 22 dtad on 86.lnd.l|mni- 
mtidif9ntw» FHit^pbilOf SffliMiloiOvfiaidfoMiidifVifirMMlflVi 







f 8 mirum nt aua reUploWf fm ttuih ima§ine$ BrQionim, Cftf tloriiai 
Cmtonum ianU^ ubi poUit, kmbeat. Snet. Otho 10 yr. my father ntad to 
M^ thai Otho whm m priTtte dtlten ao abhoired cml war, «f memonnm 

Suodmm inUr eptilmt d§ Broti Caafiqoe exUm cokemertt. b.c 44 thi 
itheniaiia daeraed Hatnea of B. and C. near IhoM of Harmodioa aal 
AriftogflitoB DCaM. iLTu SO I i. ZoMur. z 18 (i M8H. ct Banian Oaotr. 
OfiMhaiiL 1 888—6. ^^ 

T 87 CAiaiTae.zTt7Keroob}eetedtoOai«aCaariiii,oii«lfiifer fM* 
ffMf tmiorwm etiam C. Caitii ^Um eolui$itt, 

,• „ XATALnva hid. nnUlU. u 84 n. in 1 n. Cie. Phfl. f § 18 1. 9 ■• 
Fhitanfa and his ffHenda kept the birthdajn of Sokratea and Plato (qnaeil. 
eonr. nn 1 1 fi 1 8. 8 «f 1— 8). Birthdajra of Homer and DemMthmci 
Ufoe. Demoith. ene. 1 3). Wihnanns ind. pp. 894—5. Porphyr. r. Plotii. 
f f. Plotinai eonofaled the month and daj of his birth, iwtl s^ $6w I 
i9n»M TM r^f 9mTt9 ^crc^XiMff Mh*f, tbooffh he himwlf sacrificed ani 
tntertained his friends on tho birthdajrs of Plato and Sokiatca, when tht 
abler guests wers required to read an address before the company. Porphny 
hunself (e. 16 pr.) on one lIXarwrrM read a poem *sacied marriage^ om 
of the audience ezdaiminff, beeanaa of its mystical enthusiasm, thai 
*Potphyiy has gone mad,' Plotinna endorsed the criticism as the higheH 
praise, denoting at once the poet andphilosoplicr and hiero^iant. Herti* 
btrg Oesch. Orlechenl. m 01—8. Wetstein on Matt. 14 G. Hermau 
fottosd. Alterth. 1 48 8. Hermann-Blflnmer PrivaUlterth. pp. 385—6. SOL 
Ifarqnardt Pritatlebeo 844— 5. Pantr Bealen^. t 488-8. The chunk 
kmt the natalet imptratorum (our *aeeession' Oodefroy on cod. Theod. i 
6 8. Bingham n 1 4); natnle$ wun^mm (our 'sainto* days,* Binghaa 
n ^, on the days of their passion: we hare several earmina nntalkla te 
SI Feliz la the works of Fftulinna, and addresses on these days In thi 
works of most of the principal fsthera. 

,, B8 nuAmm Or. m. z 859 800 SC3 208 grnta piellli I mnnerM.., 
•at arbore t0p§ai I Heliadum Uierlnuu. On amber aee H. Biamnsr 
Technologie (as cited m 185) ii 881—8. Thudichum*8 Bophokles (1887) 
I 858. BBUULLO n 81 eplindroi. 0. W. King tho natural histoiy sf 
fans (1867) 50-56. In low Latia "a magnifying gUss,' whence thi 
Oenn. • Brille,* a pair of spectacksa. 

„ 89 lUBun 1 27 n. Sen. ep. 84 | 70 quis potuit ieeretam in aura 
mpem f a.d. 16 the senate decreed (Tae. an. ii 88) ne vata euro te//<te 
wUnittnndd €ibi§ JUreni. Tn^an had a freedman in charge of his gold 
.plato(OreUI inscr. 2897 ab auro eacario pmepotUo). FriedlHnder t^lSQ. 
,, 41 oEMsua Sen. ptor. (dted 50 n.). Cie. Verr. it | C2 Antkwhos 
cthibita MS vinaHum, ex mna gamma nfrymiufl trutia exeavata mamibrh 
wrto. Marquardt PriTatleben 680. 742—6. Mart, zx 11 5 (f potm 
tfMef gamma. SiL znt 855. znr 088. Apul. mot ii 19 gemmae for- 
ma taa In pocnla. Orat ^yneg. 818 dum »ervata catU potant JJareolIc* 
femmls. paneg. 18 c 14 nUi atiUcam in gemmis enptclbM pUuim 
alsnw fregiittnt, Hier. epi 80 18 habeant $'ibi ceteii, si vclint, mm 
•fee, gamma bibant, $erieo niUant, Tita Pauli 17 vo* gemma bibitit, iiU 
nofuTss esMrarif wmnibtu iati$fecit, Plin. zzzmf 14 Tasa oz auro at 
gammla aftaeonna noarsi. Or. a. na 572—8 dapibtitqve rtwtoiii | in 
gomma Mtacnf awrmn. I^m. z 159 160 gammacf ae capaces txeepen 
menm. Sen. ben. (dted on tn 188). Plut.Loeull.40|l theddlydinnen 
oflMJlua wmrterXsera among ollisr things liaMisif^ffiri^^ Pints 
.M« Saifia Iha iwmMr labnkad a tribnna who eanlad about fMrr^as 
OiVMii^w. • f 8 glAi to fMsto anrwffsnla SI gaamala. 




T 42 DA TziiiAif Stat a. in 1 162. ruxcLULk iluo lavdatub iaspis 
lor aonstr. aea ind. laudo, HoMen and Allen on Cie off. i § 25. usns 
anth. Pal. iz 750 {tit fiUt h UtmtM^) rAi ^sOf jral r^ farriy <Mr wtpl 
m^rt loffif#«f I rAf pAw iifawpti€w, r&f l# yX*****^'^- Tbeophr. lap. | 85 
3m emeiald and Jasper ars found also in Cyprus. s& M «/f rA Xi tf ess X- 
Xqra jcpArrmi ix riff Bamuunfi cM wpit Tf ip^mf, 

M 48 Plin. zzZTU I 17 qnin inuna eiiam ins videmnr perdidisse corri^ 
fiendi gemmata potoria. 

M 44 A morns Plin. n 1 158 gem mas ettsm et quosdnm parvHios qnat* 
ffsHfs lapides serobibns in pro/undnm aetts, viscera eius [tcrnie] extnhi- 
swt. wl digito ffestetur, gemma petlinr. quot wmmus atteniHtur, nt 
nnns nitent artkninst si nlli essent in/erl, iam profecto illos avarttlae 
niqne inxuriae ennieuU re/odissentt ad Herenn. rr | 08 of the pretender 
to wealth rsNi sinistra mentum snbieratf existimdt se gemmae nitare et 
smri spiendore aspeelus omnium praestringere, 

„ „ TAODTAE Curt. lu 8 1 18 acinacem,...oui ez gemma fagina 
arat. Sen. ep. 76 1 14 gladinm bonnm diees non tui aumtns est baitens 
nee enius fagina gemmis distinguitnr. Tcrt res. cam. 7 med. per* 
fsctnt femiffinis fiiadiis raginamm adaeques dignitatrm, 

„ 50 nscocTA 68 n. ind. deeoeta. Xen. mem. it 1 1 80 Virtue says to Vice 
hn 9i iid4tst r<rfr, etrsvt n rsXifrcXcif wmpm€Ktvd{>n rai rsv 04pavt x^4pm 
vspMevwa tnrtU, pan. 12 (cited on 41). pan. 11 c. 11 aestiTae niTcs. 
Pwt de cohib. ira 18 p. 461^ X'**'** M ^i^ wnpeAens s^ ar wuir, qnaest 
aonr. ti 6 (why snow Is kept In wann things, chaff and cloth), esp. Ath. 
181*— 125< (the stord Hgitra 121*, 122« is attacked as a barbarism). 
Bidon. ep. ii 2 (ii 1 p. 214 Baiet, ef. Savaro's notes p. 117) iam si tibi ex 
iUoeonelanuUiuimo/antium df oocta referatur^ videbis in ealieibns repente 
perfusis niralinm maenhs et frusta nAuiamm cet Tlie physidans had 
the discretion to forbid iced drinks to thdr patients Pint, ii 123* 124^ 
Mart, n 86. Sen. ep. (dted). Galen n 818—4 cl. ziz 680— OIK) R. z 5 
free lirers resort not to the best physidans, but to those who fiattcr tlMui, 
•C ffd ^vxpif 9tif9V9W, ij^ sUnffuei, nsd Xmwoveuf, ^r xtXtveOiieir, koI 
vi^ra sal ofrer d^fstvc mU ror vw^ptr^eowi t4 wporran^uvsnf iSfwep 
9sipiw$a. Plin. ZIZ | 55. A full account in Darembcrg*s Oribas. 1 628— 
7, with the literature. Beckmann hist, inventions n 140—60 Bohn (process 
af refrigeration). In certain cases Oalen (z 467) ordered not only (resU 
q^ring water, but also ri IcA x*^^«' ifuyinivow^ wr iw 'Ptinii eKevdftw t$9s 
txsvfi, wpo$€pnaiso9Tt9 riiw saro^ireinir dr a^rvl wpoeayoptvovn lifcecray. 
Hannann.Blttmncr Oriech. PriTatalterthttmei^ (1882) 283—4. Pscat. 11 
pr. *The Italians to this day take aeqna gelata with their coffee after 
dinner' (W. E. Weber). The aale of haif-peniiy ioea in £. and 8. London 
Ii la the hands of Italians. 

„ 51 24 n. 87 n. 67 n. Mart zn 28 noto ego sextantes, tn potas, 
Cisina deunees, \ et quereris q;nod non, Cinna, hibamus idemf Alkiphr. ep. x 
89 1 1 *we have been shamefully used: to the others slvfap Kol/i^rpai 
ml qro^ 1^^ wponrnitbt va^sffirs, i|iur l# Irrsf ^ nj fip^ituL' sal si /Ur 
XaXijfSwpMr iwws9^ intpewisur l# liptstt sol i^bnpf.* 

n 52 cvBsoB Sen. da ira m 29 f 1 f / e« otio piger eqnum vehi- 
calMBitfife domini eami nmi exaeqnaU Tae. h. ii 40 1. oiferal sane eitus 
srao Nnmidm enm atroeiori^ne wtandsMe. Mart z 18 2. Friodlander 
tttss Oalen zn 4 K MKm I* {r evrst rOr v«^r^tx4rn#r iw rsit Uus r^ 

M 58 moBt MAirva obbba kavbi it ia tba mark of 'the man of petty 
mmm''(pnnp$fOm9pdai Thaop)ft ate. 81 (7 Mb) to bo aanlU thai 


bill ftttendttil dudl be •m AaUiioiiiMi. CMaabon (pp. 151— S Me6dlit& 
eiHng alio Ath. 148^. Loe. mere. ecmd. 10. Alkiphr. q). n f 1 6) eompiiiS 
•d Herenn. it | 68 t< relit non iivitem, ted ottentatorem pecuniae glorio^. 
«MM deteribere, jon shoald make him vliifiper into hiii nlare's ear, irr •» 
«rMNCNl9 roffetMf Aethiopt, qmi tid Mnent veniat, A blackamoor laeket 
on a Greek Taie •nnod edidi in Actia 8oe. Rcff. Sdent. Dan. iii 1 (laoS 
aliiaqne monnmentis, quae ibi alTemntar p. 204 ' (UHsinR). Hor. i. ii 8 14 
/kteut Ujfdanpet. Atli. 148» Kleopatra gave to all her gaeato at an enlow 
tainment XaMirvpo^povr raitet A(M«rar. 

▼ M cvi Pisa MEmm xoua occfiiberb moctex ti 699—001 etm \ 
AeihiopiB fortatte pater; max decolor keret \ impleret tahniat namqaaa 
tibi mane Tidendna. Sen. ooni. Mare. 8 | 8 (cl. Madrig adr. ii 84«- 
•) tritte matribnt omen oeearrea. Bpartian. Sct. 23 | 4 rolrent onimo, 
quid ominit tibi ocearrerct, Aethions qitidnm...cwm eoronn e eupretn 
/aeta eidem oecarrit. 1 6 qiiem eum Hie irmtmt remoreri ab oculit prmeti> 
pittet, et eotoHt eiut toetmt amine et toranae, Obiieq. 70 f. 

H 66 XI 147 teq. n. There \n a long and gnipliie dmcription of tbc« 
pagea and of the luiniy of the Roman Ublc generallr in flTiilol vit. cea. 
tempi. 6 (n 479 M). [Loe.] amor. 10 pr. the Athenian tvpAp^t rci#^ 
tii^K^ra^ fffll rat dKirrfi m»rf vx*^ dy^Pttot ^ /tixpi rod wpvrop wn- 
TjM^iTtf mvrtit W wmpoftdpmmt, iwtMir 9i /m-Xmi «I wmptiol wmcmeimm, 
^^T.I^^^T ^^^^^ X*^*^ M^Aiow arr^AXorro. l>hiloiitr. Ap. 
▼ni 7 142 the barbaiiana of Pontoa, Ljdia, Phrypia. do not think ilam 
Adiagnee: the Phiygiana aeU their own children: the Greeks liiU Ion 
flreedom* vhenee no kidnappen or dcalen have aooem to them IwH 
r^Vf*^"! •^^ ••^»*««r ma^Xiif ^i aiVo^ raMrfr/a). ChiyMMtoa 
nom. 1 in CoL p. 827* eeq. contnuta a feast to the poor, aeooiding ta 
Chri^ian etiquette (Lnka 14 12 18) with a feast to therieh: pbin^aa 
for the one, gold and silTer for the other; for the one manr serranto, at 
rieWr clad as the ^nesta. Mt8v,t4pm Tm^wpm nl i^vpiUt txopra, raM 
Mjf Ottp myri T^ fXidat rd Mm, w^yurrn sal •v#«paretVr(t : for the 
other two sertanta only, who hata tmmpled on all this pride. Hebiridi 
dtaa Waleh 'podUator Phiygina' in aeU soe. Ut len. n 128 seq. 

M M pebtio maiorb pARATva nr 86 26 n. Pint Cat. mai. 416 Gila 
never gaye mora than 1600 drmckmae {denarii) for a aUve, m t0 m 
yir^fgwr owr Af^lttK iXX' ipyruuSp tcml ertpt^, 9U0 Iwwmii^ sal 
5m^r«r, MfU9ot. Pdlyb. xxxi 24 | 2 Cato complaining of those who 
woogbt foreign kixvnr into Rome, bviring handsome striplings iwtofitX' 
Xmntjnfom TMifff. Wallon hist da Pesclav. 11 166. In his censorship 
BX. 184 (Lit. xxxix 44 1 Z), Cato ordered that aU shiTea ander 30 years of 
aoB, who had been aold ainee the kat census for moca than 10,000 aisak 
ahovld be Taloed for purpoees of Uxation at ten timea their coat. 
- -*:• *2 *■ " nnEAU Cio. Verr. 1 f 84 ne dintiui teaeam. ao p. 8Bfln. 
§10. Sen. CD. 124 i 20 sfd ne te il/a teneam. 
n 60 Laeiaa dted on 84. 

M M iMovAacFBBciuolior.cp.ilS940bbardMMBapfr6iUoflMlMk 
inay. 1 8 com¥N/rNf JUfi^ pant aaparciUaBi. 

«_••••• S*^Aft; "f^' .«*««*■ •»"»«•»■ Bnkir OaUa8inii811 
Tm im 16 lUte (al Kcio'a labia) epalaalt Brilamifaa, fvia af6at jMlBffM 
^MrftlMtat €M mimi$iH$ #wla tayltmlBl. nt ami lltf!tar faiCffSiiaiMl 

H praaaalUa el lOafa^MiiB jMtfa frwHtar BrUmmim; dtk^prntfrnm 

al pra—alUa at lOato mUb jMtfa frwHtar Brifami 
Jgg? M Mwrn iia f ivfrfgida «n «fwi m^fimdUmr 




T 67rA]rBH72n.76ii. Ifosonhn (Slob. fl. xnn 88 1 298 18 lleineke) 
tanks amongst those who sin in eating, together with the glatton and the 
opienre, those who prefer dainty to wholesome Cue and 4 #11) pd/nmr r4 Cra 
Tiff rvt^eMffwnv. Ath. 13*~*. 

„ 68 Tix FBACTUM Hor. s. 1 6 91 tapidatnt. mvcioa ravsTAaxiT 128. 

„ 69 oEXViECM Verg. catal. 6 80/«si«fatf genuiui erepanil 

M 70 TEXEE Sen. ep. 128 1 2 cited. 

„ „ ymsua Vatinina (Qtiintil. ti 8 | 60), taanted by hia aoeoaer 
Ctlvna for wiping his brow with a white handkerchief (eandida tudario), 
rejoined quamvit rent tarn, et pancm candidam ado. So p. eandidut 
^tron. 60. Plin. xxn 1 139. Panlna Acgin. i 78 with Adams i 120—6. 
Aitemid. i 69 a^TWf 6o«rf!r iHittp rait 4^ f#ovt 4>aMr* rardAX^Xei /Up ykp 
wirmn e( ^apof, wXavai^ bi at varrrXAt Ku0apoL Mart, xm 47 *panea pi- 
cnlinl * pieentina Ceret nireo tie neetare eretcif, \ ut lerit aecepta tpongia 
inrget aqna. There were pittoret tHiginarii (Oielli 1810), timitapinarii 
(bidletino 1840 p. 19), candidarii (Orelli 4308). O. Jabn Abh. d. K. 8. 
(ka. XII, 1808, 277—4). It is significant tliat this fine bread was often 
baked in obsoene shapes (Hen. 4Xi#/SMr4XXi{ cf. Mcincko fir. 00m. it 646 n. 
118. Hart IX 2 8. xit 69. Pctron. GO. BLuyxEa). 

„ 8iLiGi!fE Plin. ep. 1 20 1 16 in iptit eampit nan far ant siliglnem 
fslsii, fed tiardeum, falmm eeteraqne legnmina rero, Marquardt Privatlcbcn 
408 dtes Galen (ti 488 K) "among the llomans and among almost all 
tteir subjects the finest {Ku$apArarat) bread is called nXiyplr^t" Cf. 
nn 12 and East. Od. p. 1769 6. IKN 6810 sUmp on a loaf [CJeterit Q, 
Orani Veri ffrfTOs]. On bread and baking see H. Bliimner Technologic... 
dsr Oewerbe...bei Gricchen n. ROmem i (Leipzig 1875) 1—88; on the 
different kinda of tritieum, wheatmeal and bread among the Itomans, 
▼oigt in Bhein. Mos. xxxi (1876) 105—128 (on tiliffo 100 n. 11, 111—117, 
121—2, 124, 127). Darcmbetg (Oribaaa i 616), after Bradley and Toszctti, 
Ucatifies Hliffo with tritieum hibemnm Linn. bt4 btane. See lexz. tiliyi* 
aartef, 'inent. Hermann-Blfimnar grioeh. PliTatalterth. 219. 

M 72 rnioB Ot. m. Tm 114. 

n 74 Tis TU Sen. tranq. 1 f 18. cons. Hare. 9 1 8. ira nt 87 1 6. conal. 
tip. 16 1 4. brcT. Tit. 19 1 2. lladiig adT. u 198. Roth cites Benrins in 
Cm. fiun. nr 6 1 4 (b.c. 46, the famooa letter from Athena on the decay of 
dtiss) coepi egomet meeum tie eagitare: * hem I not homnneuli indiffnamMr, 
ti quit nof CrvM interiii out oeeitut ett, quorum vita brevior etu debet, eum 
aae loea tot oppidum eadavera proieetm iacentf Tisne In fe, Servi, eoAi- 
krv el meminitH hominem te ette natumV 

n „ CAXisTEis Rich. Icxx. Varro 1. 1. t f 130 who correctly comparoa 
mraSp. Hier. ep. 136 11 eanistrnm Untit pleete viminibut. Aen. 1 701—8 
dani manibut famuli t^^hit Cererrmf ae can istris | expediunt, VF.i264 
Crrrresiftfe de4fre canistria. HSt. and Duncan lex. Hom.tf4»vor. 

H 74 76 on the inaolenco of slaTca, and the hdplesaness of poor ra- 
Iftiaan eco Lm. iiicro. cond. 16 'yoo, as though Ton hod entimd the 
koMo of Zeus, are amaacd at amythingi uai 4^* Scarry rwe vparrapiw^m 
f> n4 wf u cf' ^m ydp am cal d^ pwtra wirm' ml f rt sCnnfa c/f #1 dva> 
^Xlffii cat rOa wapmmaa tamarm I n wpiittt rfwr ysfl n y, sM* avr^ 94 4ipt\h 
r^ vteavly reOrai dXX4 aal r ^ si fW new nSr alKtrva iwtmvt^ <lrMi> it 
fok wtSh$ 4 it rV nwaflwi dwaflkifmf et pia yitp tQp aaabalwamw 
dalXeafei aa^rrci iuwawXqypipaa it r^» dwatalna rma bpmpi* 
9mw dwaaumwraaat raupiptaa wataipaaai raw pli wma* AXAy 
vpirapia re lelecwrf a^vai aal rb nrntpba cfval #ei rb xei^a* 
Mtrper nif^MPia* tkwap dr tis^. Warn rt Myuq iwb itroflmt aal p4ra 





9mpmrt$4mm rourfXMr ««! r^t n»« r^ir i^nvmrpuipwif tlihmi i^* I n 
wpArw i| itHrtpmf rip x''^ 4p4yKj/f Wc(iKiwt» mm it rim wXifetm h^tn 

T 75 rum tvi ooi«okbm 11 n. Lmbpt. A1. 8«t. 87 i 4 ptLnii mm. 
im )( jMNif MfHCiw md dummndmwu Ath. S46* (ietU of Greek pftnaitcs) «C 
XotTdM dtmrm I' «^rt6 /vrs^t^t diprvvt M r4 dcivMi ftf^riii, 
|pf>mM(A"»« nrit In ^icXftrrl^oirt, wk a^rovi f^ «viir r>i|»ox^iNU, AX* 
Vriiv ^mdU. ib.* of PhilozeDOt ^r Mvry M r«v ffsX/^arrtf «vr^ tUhmnn 
ifirmn wmptinHpTwtt jn^ wwkktvt, rCwt n^rlBtt, ^l^ vxiirwi VM^^ft. ApoL 
Ml. y% 11 pr. Uila. Froato cp. ad Anton, imp. i 8 p. 101 Kaber (of 
ConuDodnt and bit brother) fttntm alter tenebai bene eandidoB, af 
mier reffimt, miter autem eibarianii jp/aae Mtapiitnphilo§ophopro$Mtm, 
Bhetn. Moa. lui 123. 

M 76 acq. Friedliindar i* 88S— MO. Hor. a. n 6 25 96. 

M 78 aABTA GiAxnnnB maae. onlj in Tarro (Kon. 206 0). 

M 78 70 TEBXua lurpiTKi lupplter ia put for air, the aita of aaeh 
mateora. and tba epithet of vemut haa a great deal of philoaopbj in it, 
lor in the apring and antamn the greatest hail astuUIy faUa, aa maj be 
learned from Aristot. meteor, [i If 1 1 «i M x«^«f«< yiyrotrmi la^«t 
lah mU /UTwvwpmf ^idLXi#rB, «fr« cei r|t iwnipai^ x"^^** '* ^T^«t. } H 
imm M rev H^mn y^rirrat ^ la^ot mI m^ovhumv, ^oXXor ^rrM ^ x*M>m^ 
#n ^ifpirtpt i ia^ rm $ipovt' h hkr^ le^ fn vy^, ^r M ry ^reniipy fn 
irypa to f ri ). Holtdat. 

M 79 ivrriTCK Enn. Epieharm. fr. 7 Vahlcn (in Tarro 1. 1, t 6^ Mfe 
U eel Inppiter qnem iico, quern Ormeel voeant j aerem : qui venttueet 
el mthei: imber poelen | alqtie ex imbrt frifftm : rentti» po»tjitt a?r deniu, \ 
kmeet propter Inppiter $unt htn qtme dico fi6<, \aM0Hiam mortaUiatqm 
urbei oeluasqne omnei iuvat. The aerostich in Commod. instr. i 6 11 a 
witneee lor the double p. Am. T82IoTem pro ploTia...iioM/iM(.... 
pro imbris nomlme ponit lorem. Ldbeek Aglaoph. 600. Preller-Jordaa 
rOm. Uyth. t* 100. tAcxrui Antonin. i 16 (p. 8 24 Stiefa) readinf 
.^eXdrf (a^airAf) with Balm. Oataker, Koray for TtXArg, 

n 02 AapAmAota u 68 69 n. LneiL m 26 M aaparagi nullt, id. iMi 
166 (in Hon. 105 4) asparagi aiefire. UagentMlt der Feld*. Oartcn- 
uad Wieeenbao der Btaicr (Sondcnbaoaen 18G2) 882—6. ind. Flin. an! 
Oalen. len. HSt. mrwwpmyn. Faaloa Acginet. in 58 Adama. fieekcr- 
(kill Oalloa m 806. 

M ff comrmAsoonvivaa. n 120 etma, ao theatm, coven cct. For 
tha plor. ef. u 150 eon viria. Tin 246 foeee mercedet ){ tii 149 merU' 
dem ponere. 111 120 piocmla, 

„ 84 cAMaiABua Lamprid. Heliog. 10 1 6 primua fecit de piteibm UkU, 
friMW de...eammariB et aoillia (ter. 81). 

„ 85 FEaAua cbiia DCaaa. dted en it 150. Marqnardt Priratkben 
867. Kirehmann de fon« it 7. Or. C. u 588—570 eit honor et firawUf. 
mwiwuti plocore patermu \ peuvrnqm im exttrmctot mmnera ferrt ppoi, | 
Mrra jirlMRf i/aiKf , pieteu pro dhits grmta ett \ munere : nan oviaot 8t$M 
mbet iom deo$. | teguUi porrectis mtU at veluto, coromh, | el aparsae 
frngea parTaqne miea aalla | fiif ae aiero wtotllta Ceru wioloeqot 
aafMfae: \haee kabemi media te$ta rtlictm ola eel. Flin. h. n. 1 1 28 nefa- 
timUihU [milTfa] nyaeiiff aMNR #f /taief/emi omper eMUm nihil etadeidi 
npcn wnfiMiai cm foneram fereilia. 

H 86 tMm TnufBAMO naciM ffiiroKMi Her. t. n 4 50 fvcU per- 

f ■ad8l f i8888 fM«nW •liTg. 




T 86 TOArBATco Paulin. e. 14 (» 18. Felio. naUL iii) 77 Xm et oHti. 
fero coHcnrrit torba Venafro. A. F. MagerstadI die Obalbaonuochl 
iir Bdmer (Sonderahanaen 1861) 241. 

87 rALUi>U8 CAULia hence our oole, oolewort, kail, Germ. Kohl, eon- 
1 with *hoUow.* Uart uii 17 * faaoea coliculi.' ne tibi pallentes 

wmtant fotiidin eanlea, | nitrata viridit brouica fialt oqwtu m 47 7. 
llagentcdl der Fold-, Garten- und Wieeenbao der Bomer (Sonderahaaaen 
1862) 891—4. Flin. six 1 58 ferendnm eane fuerit exqnitita mud pomm, 
aija oajwre, olia wutgnitudine, olia wonMtro paHperibm interdicta . . . 
1 54 etiomne in herbit dieeriwun inrentmm e$t, opesque diferenliom feeere 
Hiom in cibo nm —$e venalit in hiM qnoqne oUqna iibi maoei tribuM 
mpont eanle in tnntum toginato «l ponperis nunaa non copiotf % 5(i 
Aarferaai Cafo proedieeU eanlea. Aiae primum ogricolae nettmmabnnt 
priici, H eic ttatim facieboni iudicinm neqnam esse in domo motrem 
JkmiUoi^etenim haec enra feminae dlcebatur—ubi iHtliUgeH* ettet extru 
hortMM^ qnippe e cornnrio ant maeelto rirendnm etee, nee caoles nt nnm: 
moxime probabanit damnantee pulmentaria quae efferent alio pnlmentario. 
U trot oleo parcere, nam pari detiderin etiam in exprobatione eranL 
fad. Galen bra$$iea, 

„ 87 88 oLEDtT LAXTEiucAX Loo. Demoftth. ene. 15 Ilvf/f M 4 ufirot 
tm Amto€$enKAf XeyMr drefccr roO wwcrtfAM^i Xix^o*. Plot, praee. |er. 
K. p. C f 1 AXvx*^*^ <^^* ^^ Demoath. 8 | 2. Varro fr. 578 B (in 
Xoniaa 550, 578) oleum in Ineubrationem 9errabimm» <potiu$>qnam 
la aaparagoa totam leeythum eTertamna. 

M 90 rnorrcn qoodsOt. Ibia 878 (H80). 

„ „ cuji aoccARB yuio lavatub Thcophr. eh. 80 (1- 26 JoXsh, pari ef 
11 fa old edd.) the mloxpo^tpi^ when anointing himself at tlie beth, will say 
la the sla\e-lM^, * Why, thia oil thai jou hare bought is rancid,' and will 
an aomeooe eiae'a; ace Casanbon p. 102 Needham. 

„ 91 QOOD TtJToe TACIT A aisarEXTiiica Flin. xx 1 81 habentet «aM[paHUna- 
cam erraticam] feriri a serpentibna ncgantur, ant qui ante gtutave- 
fint non laedi, percuMtii inponitur cam nxmnnia, ct xvi i 64. Sil. ui 800—2 
Uarmaridae^ medienm vnlgut,.., \ ad quorum cautus serpens oblita 
Taneni, | ad quorum taetum mitea iaeuere eerastae. Sonbonioa 
ti 42 f 168 haa many charma (for th«y are no better) againsi the bite of 
anenta. 800 the nolea of Uliodiua (PftUr. 1659) and the ind. to 
fiidig's Pliny a. tt. nnguie, eerpene, venenata, veHenum. Paolos AegineU 
T (Adams 11 156 gires a list of the aneient writera on toxicology). W. £. 
Weber cites H. 0. Lena SchUngenknnda (Gotha 1882) 180 acq. on Ihe 
Ihni and Psylli. , ., _ 

„ „ sBRPBxnaua ATiia Bent^y on Her. a. n 8 95 Canidia adjlamet^ 
ftieraerpentibus atria, aa he reada. 

H 92 MCLLua Becker-GOll Gallua m 882—8. Galen ti 715 K {weft 
MfyXff ) rcrl^frs* J' M rOr ip$fHewwo in nir iX>^ mpix^von rf aar' 
M^ ^^aora. The lirer waa preferred by epioures, or ratlior the ya^iAaior, 
aadebyateepingtholiterinwincaaaaauoeforthetlsh. Galen thought 
that the lirer waa neither ao pleaaant, nor ao senriceabla to Ihe body aa 
fa desenre iU lepuUUon, nor Ihe head either, though thai held Ihe 
•Mond rank with epiearea. He eoald not understand whj Tuiy many 
beaghl the hurgeal mulleta, they being neither ao aweel nor ao w h ofaao m e 
•a the amaller. iSrre Ml rovr4 rum rtiw uyopioo wa/iwiWoo rAt 

^-^--TTeeltL HeieplMlhiiyiSnboagM 




T 94 tmcn Nosmm mare Qnloifl. t 10 1 21 piteitim qHoqne gtnerm 
...rtfffOHibut etiam litorilnttque iitereta tunt, nrc hthpem noRtromari 
* r a'S?*?/"'"?- . ^^^' ^^ *^- <^«»- b. <*. ▼ 1 1 «. Sail. Iiuf. 17 1 4 
12 t^T?J-^"/? **^ ** <w«^nf« /«ri»» nostri maris et Oeeanl. ik. 
IfiiL"' .**?*• " ® '^^ ''*^** « I • <rf the Meditenrnnean (or. aa he HmL 
Bortbera aea) idomnejun renit f mrf irf dhper^itnr nwt voeahmh noatrva 
mare ilatMr, lb. ff W. 15. 40. n » 1. 8, 74. 80. 87 bin. in 1 1. et 1 1 14 
WMfnfM^/ffjMf. ni|ia7iMMfntOT/fv<ifM. Liv.iiTi49|4. Piin. n If 14S 
I3 " • *^*' -^P"*- **• »«»*> * t Oroa. I S 1 8 (Ania) «if6 Afgwwto H 
Biffin mare noatmmjrNOfl Mitffnwm fffnernUur dkimw habet, in tht 
•MM c ten other eix. (Zangcmeistcf ind. 748 a), cf. i|a« if «i\«irira, • hu. 
I'lS^' ''JJlf JT' .'^ ^' *'•'•'• '• («^- M*»kland on Max. Tyr. 71W. \\W 
i;i' ^ ^**' *JJ^ •'^ "*^*"™^ HSt. fldWw). Solin. S3 1 18. 
H '^--'vp Ben. rh. contr. 9 f 11 «fi tie quid rentrl nftietnr libidinhwe, 
•rhii ierrMnm expetendum ttt 9 Win. » 9 240 lam$ eaieo llomae, abi 
omBiim gentium bona eomminna iadicantar, e provlneiU Kt' 
m^uenii praedptM, Sen. eited on nr 23. Mncr. Bat. ni 17 f 15 ran 
A !!f *i;'**l'""^ «»•'* »«* terra ant etiam caelo gigncretar 
5 ■•y*""*™ ingluTicm anam natnra existimana fauciboaae 
dentibaa aoia aabdoret taqme re etiidMi de nomano impcrio jMnt 
reUet Aefifptinm regnnm, Cteopntm uxor, quae vinei a Romnni$ nee hxuri* 
dlgMretur, tpoiuhfie proroenvit inHimrre *e pM$e in mimm eemm $etten'mm 
gjrt^FoUowa the atoiy of the diaaol%^ pearL CUnd. in Eotr. a 

„ 95 VACKLLo XI 64 n. ITaat. aal. 871—2 veni9 «<! maeellam. rogiU 
piieea: imdieant \ earoe. Sen. ben. vii 19 | 8 ereditori ttatim in ma- 
•elUm torarv. quod tieeeperit, reddam. ep. 77 1 17 (io an epicure) m*. 
A<^2'|f"5*"'''f ^* "<»'• /«'^i "*»« '/»'"• rentm natnrme deelderio tardiortu 
Jfr!Iir5!S''?-^'''' •-''"'""' relin^mU macellum, in quo nihil reliquitli, 
y 1 49 (dted on it 15). 96 | 5 //m r# interrogn, »i qui$ pote$tatem tUl 
tJ,V,1 *'""* «"«'»« «''r'»« •« macello an in ea»iri$. otqui riven, 
zHi": a^lHi'^ ^' ^^ maeeHum built b.c. 179 took the place of the 
•peeial proriaion marfceta (on thia mmeellum Marquanlt citca Varro L L ? 
nJu « «v!? ";r~ n 89 acq. IT 116 acq. Rituchl onuae. n I8S. 
El}***r*L"*^n°- ,^" V?" W aeq.); to thia waa aflenrania added iia. 
efOaai L/Wa« (Preliar Regionen 181) and m. maffnitm (ib. 119). DGaei. 
Ull8i8A.i». 59rvra>^rwref«r, -* ' *-.'' — 




Ant xsi 518 I>ioiijaiaa in eiila at Corinth humilUma quaeque tutisilm 
•gUOmMt in 9ordidiuimum vitae pemu deeeendit.. % 9 in maeell« 
ptntMre; quod emere non potent, oculla devormrt, lexi. Teoffel la Ftalf. 

M 98 CAPTAToaFrledliodar|S896— 882. 

H f. ^''"Vt^^"**^. f ■ Auidk peatend bj the ecpfafor BcgnhH 
«ia. ep, II 20 f 10 Aarclla, omaiafemina, iiftnatura teitamentum hom- 
MAil p«£(*erHiiM# tunleni. Bepuim turn veni$eet ad eignandum, 'rogo* 
jHjrfl • *a# miht tepee: f 11 A a r elia ludere hominem putabai, HU eerio 
fMCatal; ne multa, eoBgit mulierem npeHre tobutM 09 eibi tunieos qmt 
??^-Vr^.i'^^/,**!?^*'" ierlft^irtm. in$pexU an eeripeimL H 
»JI!?,l*! f«'5*f»/'«^ ««« «««««» Warf tam^aaai morituram eSgit et hie 
Ur^UUe, hie tegata, qumei mereatwr, meeipit. Sen. ep. 47 I 17 Me 
•oaaaUram ^i««U« ••rTlaBiam. Jabo aneillnlaa diTltem. 
IZ!r!ui^Li^ •SS *T !»»■»•" Hot. a. n 5 10-14 aeeipe qua ratim 





T 90 KOunfA Badham fish-Uttle 895—407. Vediua FoUio*a alave 
ioi bicaking a ciyttal Taao muraenia obiei iubebaiur, quat ingentee in 
miteina eontinebat. Auguatus ordered all hia eryttol vasca to be amaahod 
and the atow.pond fllkd up (Sen. ira in 40 f I 2— 4. dem.il8|2). AcL 
■. a. Tin 4 tlie muraena of Cranua with earrings and jewelled nccklaco, 
vhich came at hia call and ate of hia hand ; at iU death Crasaua wept and 
baricd it. To Domitiua' Uunt • fool, 70a wept for tlie death of a muraena,* 
hi Ktorted, 'I wept for a dead beast, but vou buried three wiTea and ahed 
ao tear.' ef. Porph. abst. in 5. ind. Anstot. AeL Plin. Ath. 812^. 

„ 103 ANOUILLA Dadham 6sh-tattlo 808—800. Ath. 207«— 800*. 

„ 104-100 Dachclcr in Rliciu. Mua. xxxt 802—8 • Virroni muraena 
fooitur maxima do frcto Sieulo, dicnti eonvi\*ae anguilla out glaeie at- 
penut maeuiie Tiberinne et ime vemuta riparnm, pinimin torrenle ehaea 
iii. Tibcrinum proprium inscium gcneri nomen iudidiMe Romae qui 
■MCcUi res cuniUant confinuat Galenua (de alim. Cac in 80. n 722 K) 
aU narrat pcssimoa fieri pisccs in ontiis corum fluviorum qui doacaa 
paigent sordesqnc urbium omues rceipiant. muracnam quoqno pessimam 
esse in ostiis Tiberis quamvis non ingrpdiatur lluviuni idcofino paene 
amnium unam nuirinorum iHncium riliaaimam Romae, wmp xal el rar4 
He wwrofii^ avrbr Ixfivet ytP^Apurei, nJmn I* a*rsdf irtm Ti^plpom in ttjar 
IvDrrat iS4ap ovZtpl rvf eoXarritnf etiolar, causam autcm comiptclae in- 
bYicm esse ex urbo adfluentem hino intellegi. nuod mdiores sint pisccs 
•aoa priua quam ad urbcm per^cniat amnis idem giguat.* Adnca de 
takris long ago *do Tiberino pisoe aUqua notavi apui Galenum.' aco 
•boGalenib. e.25p. 712. , «., ,« 

„ 105 TERXULA Mutil. Kamat. 1 112 Tcrnula...«r/*. Sid. ep. nt 16 
caDa his Sapphics Mitylenaei oppidl Ternulas. Svmm. ep. 88 (78) 
Tarnula tuoflumine, exx. of tlie iwper senw; luv. x 117. xit 100. add to 
lax. Sen. tranq. 1 1 7. fr. 65 (from Hier. adv. lovin. i 47 11 815"). Hicr. 
ep.5415. Symm. ep. n 78 (79). Pttcat 81 pr.d:Ennod.ep. 9 9 teaim. 

885 8. 

„ „ TOBBEXTB CLO.vcA Paulua FcBti p. 50 elooeole flumen dixit Cato 
pro etoacarum omnium eoHurie. Caasiod. rar. in 80 videae elruetie navibn* 
peraquai ropidae non minima eoHieitudinc narigari. Rich companion. 
Rdto hi Pauly Ti 536. Decker Handbuch 1 282. Jordan ToiK>gr. d. St. 
Rom. I 441-452. Schwcgter 1 471, 678 n. 5, 770 n. 6, 708-801. Barn 
Bona and the Campagna 279— 283 and ind. ,, . ., 

w 107rACiLE>isiPBAEBtAT At* REM HoT. s. 1 1 22 fdM facilem tffMCtof/t 
al praebcat anrem. Suet. Cal. 22 t modo innuurrant ae pracbens tn 
«<Ma aurem. Curt. Tm 6 f 24 eermmUbui vituperantium eriminanttum- 
que regem facllea aarea praebera. Or. and Li>. hare exx. of pr. 
avm (aurem). Iut. ra 122 faeilam . . aurem. ef. loxx. aiiri*. Prop. 
l928faollefi ffapraebuita^ai. n(ni)21 15a/si/iisifaoiloa aarem 
praabere. Prise, laud. Anaataa. 188 (UiUiraii p. L m. t 270) et faoilos 

„ lOOsETCECA e.g. ben. II 1 1 1 tie demmt, quomodo velUmut aeeipere, 
aide omnia libenter eito tine ulU dubitaiione. f 2 proximua ett a neganU 
qui dubitavit. % 8 optimum est anteeedirt detiderium cmutque, proximum 
tequL 1 4 aoa tuUt gmtit qui, eum rogattet, aeeepit, quoniam qutdem,ut 
miloribl!tnettrU...witumett.maim ret eariutcomtat quam quae preeibut 

M UOlllTinOOii. «T Tmnia «f fAaciaua ouH MAioa BAaaaATca 
BMurn aumu PUn. tp. m 8 1 2 pietatU iitaiii, qui ■nnt omaibna 
iMBorlbvB f vlehrlorea. 




T 110 TiTCtM lUrqMrdl PriYAtUben 2S7. SU. xr 44 45 ium cineH 
lllnliim memenndaque nomina tetf/* | pmetemdit. Plin. ptn. 21 pt. 
noMU kit tot tantttque meritd norm aliquoi honort$, norm titnloi meni 
bmrist AV. ill. ii probtb^ dnwii from the tUuU of pablio tUtnet rramL 
If to phllologat 1688 p. 496). PUa. xiii i 18 AemiUanum qMoqut SchSU 
nem Vam otictor at doMtnm thiiiimali . . ., quod et ttataae eini !■ 
foro lao dirai Aogustos •■bscripsit. lAinprid. Alex. 28 I • 
fferirat wIpmm velpede$trf$ nmia$ rti eqntitrti divli impermtoribtii UUn 
Mvl Nertat, fmod trmntitarium ikitmr, locarit omnibttt citm tliolli «f 
rewmif/f mereit, qvae gettormm ordimem comtinertnt, exempio Auguiti, qH 
mamonm wironm •totnot in foro two e marmore cottocarit aiiitit $titi$, 

„ „ rAacDUS z 79 n. Prop, n (iii) 10 11 Cgnthio, nen tequitv 
fftflcei, mc enmt konon$. Ben. de in iii 81 1 2 dedit mihi praetitrum: 
9ed eontulotnm ipermvfrom. dtdit dnodeeim fteeoi; ied non fecit ordi. 
nMrium conmttm. peiwg. 11 21 f. 

Y 112 ctnum Spvt Hadr. 20 f 1 fii eonloqnih etiam knmmimonm 
flTiiiiiimoi/te/f, dete$ton» tot, qui $ibi kanc toinptatem kumanitotU 
fuoil Berruntii fattigimm prlneipit intiderent. CapitoL Anton. Ping C 1 8 
imperatorinm fattigium ad tummam ciTilitatem deduxit. 11 f 8 inter 
mtia etiam hoe ciTJlitatis ein$ mmecipnum mrgumentum ett cct. id. 
Anton, phil. 8 1 1 odepti imperinm hn elTiliter u ombo egtrunt. Plat 
Alex. 28 1 8 be laj down to topper ktc and after dark, Hpttmrri ^hi 
^VMiAfia Mi r^/9\<f«t iwl Tff rputitqt, iwm M9«r i^Um |i«M SKtytifm 
J^Mmro, Tac. an. m 70 a.i>. 22 totb of Ionia, Cato*i niooe, wife of 
Ci^oa: Uitomentum eim muUo opnd vntgum mmorefnit, quia in magnk 
<y/6iM, cum ferme eunetoi procere$ enm konore nominaviaet, Cntiarm 
omitit. qnodeiwilii9Toeceptiim. 

Ai*iL"j'i""?5"*"J^ "^ "• *P»«» *?■•• « ^^ IW fient, fient. 
Tf 279 280 die, die. Or. am. n 5 2 8. a. a. x 858—9, 680—7. Thf 
flcm epueoxie, geminatio (Halm rhet Ut 60 70. 009 28 what 
IJeda dtei 'eomfort ye, oomfoit je my people* eet), eliewhere palil. 
loda, Rgremio or iteratio (81 11 50 1. 481 10. 009 28). whiebue 
•obUy dittingaidicd from /nrilXf^t (geminatio) and d^MwXt^u (ledo- 

ESSS^iJ^:.*^^^^. '.? ^««8w Aegle. Aegle. Bee lexz. and 
snettt lex. rbet. mider all tbete words and aUo /rarsl/rXwit, eondupiU 
^tio, **gi^t}o. FriteKhe on Theokr. i 80 and on Hor. •. n 2 181. 
f22' X?*^Ji"^r*?^' ^*'*I *» ^.^*>- «»»«n6«J«r. d. bayer. AkMk 
jJSLiSJr^ Mjtranga baa pnblisbed (anccd. gr. lUmiae 1850* n 

^•"■z!!/ '?,*^?* KT J"."* ^"^ ^1^ uXq^Mwrei (fee H8t 

ff^Mwcwrf^cMpuil) in wbieh the last wvml of each rcne i« a *ftcp' to Iht 

next, wUch begint witb tbe tame or a kindred word. Tba moel Ikmilkr 

•BdBob]aftexampUoreUmaxii2PM.15-7. -•■«•■««« 

M 118 CTin nw MVLTi 48 «t maltL 

M •• ^ w^« "M. 'AOFxa Amen K SedoL Ftaeh. e. it tO euqut •UU 
leiyaf, tiht tmntnm tonttat egenm; ' 

„ 114 AirtBKn tioua the Bomaaee Umgnagee hate loet aU traee oT 
Ifear, and raprtjitf phm kr wonb wfaieh eharaetcrift the Urer ae ta 

^.^J^lMSiJf^Ji^ P^' •*^ tnnSril^ ATlhaer, dii 
dMgyplMia Laadwirlhaohaft BtrL 1861 TM: ti W 81 (a raacaentata 

rkMtB viwr^^ g to a 'pedktofaehgr Votgaag.* U thi NineUadk 
Owiyir •» M^ 1666 Mr&nj ThoBmeoTlii tha nana of mmg, 



ton) tbe noe of thio artificially dioeaiod organ. See note on 115 (Ath.) 
Hall'b tatireo iii 8 fin. * Ooooe-lircr for the liooroos Roman.' 

T 114— 116 AJCMam ncim...ArEa Btot. o. itO 6— 10ttai/«<W/ ^aot 
nmt inrat . . . | . . . qui§ magie anoer | esfa /era!, cur Tuteut aper ^ae- 
ffilor Vmhro. , ^ 

„ 115 ALTirjo 106. Hor. ep. 1 7 85. Sen. ep. 47 dted on 121. Loeil. 
cited XI 188. Pctnm. 80. 40. Plin. xm | 220 of a grab onUer the bark 
of tifc«: iam qmidem et hoc in luxuria ete coepit, praegrandetque robomm 
deUcathre iUMt in eiho--ctm»n voetini—atque etinm farina eaginatiki qno- 
qne altiles fiant, SparUan. Did. loL 8 | 8 /iwMr/ofUM...coNetfrJM» 
ietreie et altilibos «C pieeibue adomatMm. Plot. LaooH. 40 9 2 Pom- 
Mine, being ordered to take a thrmh hj the doctor, and leaning from 
bo ocnranto tliat in oomraer-time none eoold be had except an attilie 
fairtM^nr) at Lacollooy exeUimed: 'Wliat, ohall Pompeioo owe hto 
HJb to the loxonr of Locollni?* and called for oome dish ready to hand, 
nonto p. 224 Nabcr altilibns vHerum eaginarum, Tert. paenit. 11 
altilinra enormnn eaginam. Ath. 884"* x^' ^immf. ib.* o^ M 4*^, J 
OAvmW, liMuof ff \4yei^,.,.w90 M^Vt <Pwroi rmpk rmt 4^a<Mt ri reXr- 
ffXf raOra rdr XV"*^*' ifrara. ib.* xqrtltew I* ^r^TMr, vtpiow^ 
Hera H raOrn aark r^w *F«i^f r, fo n me ^vn ECfimPm ir Zre^opoofSikm 

eii^^o^ Xf "*» ^'M ^ ihocv; IX"** ,^.„ ^ ^ 
Hoer. Sat. ni 18 1 12 ante eenaM,..gallinam altilem...altilia ex farina, 
ia9oluta, <'fNii...altilia aua, ni 4 1 4. Hier. ep. 100 | (i 017^1 et 
damie parietihm reeeaatar eamilme atque avee altileo dielmt qnadra' 
getimae...laeerent. ib. 22 f 26 fin. Migne patcolog. en 1430* altilia- 

„ MELXAoai Hor. ep. 1 16 45 46 Obbar. 

„ 118 TiDi BABE ind. kabeo. Cie. Lad. i 16 f. Cato mai. f 56. Sen. 
koL ?i 28 1 8. Vopiflc. Carin. 9 f 2. Vole. Tit Arid. Caoo. 2 f 7. 

„ racxcNTim on the eornfleeU of Africa oee llomnwen rOm. Oeoeh. 
i> 651—2. Or. Pent, u 7 25 Cinyphiae segetio citiue numerabie 
arittae, it159 Afrieaqaotoegetes(parit). id. medicam. 58 hordea, 
faae Lybici ratibns misere eoloni. Stat. o. m 8 90 91 qood 
MOfliibofl Afris frerritar, aeetiferl qnicguid terit area Kili, t 1 100. 
RatiL Kamat. 1 147 qain et feeandaa libt eon f era t Africa meooea. 
Ivth on Claod. bell. Gild. 52, 

M 119 Pieiijaoa Bonsa Cie. Or. Cotam. Obbar en Hor. ep. 1 14 26. 

n If tvukxa Uart. xni 50 rumpimue altricem tenero quae tertiea 
tmem \ to bora, boiette poma aeeandn enmne, 

H 120 BTBOCToaKX 8ii. XI 277 eertle otraitnr prnaf. 

n 121 orrxTxa Loe. mcro, eond. 90 Kordmi^at fnagr^t p^eo rAr va^a* 
fr^vwr, r4 4oTi, el i^mre piypt #e^ nMarep el aiiftt wtpieoiUer i rb 
nAyir r9f hoUxv ^AXer, ^ r4dXXa ovretXeSotw, el ivef^Mq ihrl rdr 
■yonmurti^i'Mr, io/umt M XtfioO wapedf^rot, 

n ,, cuiaoMOMCifTA DChiys. or. 62 (I 400 80 D) reXt lyerrin rmo 
4A9rMr, il rdf vaXairraat iwoxXeOn ml rb, yffpHma x«<pe<'M*^i'*'««* 
PKmi. 59 HoBMriotaa deetoimln Ofaek verma aad etoflh their epoaro M 
MrohMdfl,aboUadeairtobroiigMin.ef aaMnafalMfm. Mcalat «rt 
diaa [a ola^ who p«Mnateo the Atat patHpemt} etrictoqne gUidio, fam- 
fMa faoealivf, eaadtfff, aemodo Toroa modo aipiaa g eatieaialaa 
yhMlaeolf«fif «ifrialA«if«i vifalaaijiaftttwaifc BklidUfWi* 

Blit. UkkmdkUm,€edHr. 


T ISS DicrATA FHedUnaer n* 286— •. 

,• 187 BucBBS Lit. xxin S5 f 11. 1U%B, Plia. pMi. 76f 8. Seribon. 
S4. Arnni. ur 1 1 8 iirv hinoere nee loqmi penniutu, xxin f 80 (of Um 
PaurthiftiM) ntc miniMranti tipwd em famylo mentaefue adMimnti hiteert 
tel hqmi UcH vtl ejmereg if pnetnUlt [froetrkUeUMupi] pdtibtu kkn 
•WN^iiii vineiuntur. 

M „ mtCKMM, TAMQVAM BAMBAS TBU ffOHniA 161 II. IT 00 01 H. Df. 

BOtllKiMt 8 Phil, f 8 p. Ill hopes that the Athenians will bear with his 
va^iffda: for thej alkm thtir Tenr ilmve$ mors freedom of speech that 
•itiaens enjoj elfewhere. Menandar in Blob. 6. lxii 87 a slave, kept ia 
ntter bondact, wiUbe Tieioos; /termMimr wm^fwi*i, I fiiXn^rmfM^reSn 
wm^fti vsX#. Xen. rep. Ath. 1 If wa hare established l^wypUuf bct iia i a 
slaTes and fttemen, so j o nrn era and eitiieiia. Pint, da gamlitata 16 
p. 511 P. Piso tha orator had fo rb hhl sn his shiTes to speak exoepi ia 
answer to qnestiona. Ha had inTited a eompan j to meet Clodios, who 
was then in oilca. VThn tha hoar eatne, no Ctodins appeared; the 
shiT« whose bnsineoi ll waa to fanrHe gncsts, was sent ssTeral times ta 
see whether he was oomiiig. It beeame late and Clodins was gitvn m, 
•Did joainritehhnf'sajs Pisa 'Yes.* •^^'hjr has he not some f 'He 
declined.' 'Whj did jon not teO me at oncef 'Yon did not ask nt 
that.' Sneh is a Homan sUto : bat the Atlicnisn slate wliile diggiof 
will ask his master on what terms peteo has been'eoncladcd. Ben. epi, 
47 1 18 (dted on in 164) how different with the less considerate mssUr 
ib. I 8 «l ii^eUeibiu serTis moTora labra ne in hoc qaidem, at 
loqnaBtnr, licet Tirga mnrmnr omne eompescitnr, et m tm* 
iHtfla fM/dc«i rnier/frns ettepta sval, tui$i$ etemulamentmm iinymlnt, 
magnomalonlla Toee interpellatnm silentiam laitnr. noet§ 
totn ieiuni motieae fter^nnU i 5 iie M, nt itti de domino loqnaniMr, 
qaibns coram domino loqni bob licet: ni HU, quibna non tantuu 
cormm dominh $ed enm ipeit emt eermo, qmrnm o$ non eomvebatnrt paraH 
ermnt pro domino porHgere cerrieem, periculim immiHen$ in caput ntum 
mptrtere: in eonriciii loqnebantnr, §ed in tormenti$ taeebont, 

n »• Tau xoxMA QaintiL tu 8 f 87 propria liberi, qnae neme 
habet nisi liber, praenomen Bomon eoRnomen CnfraiN. Boct 
CL t5 perefirinae eondieionie komine$ retnit ueurpare Uomana nomlnn dnm- 
Uunt peniiiiein. Uarqaardt PriTatleben 6 n. 8. 14 n. 6. SUtcs hafs 
ooe name as Sosia, DaTns, Btiehns. 

H M^nu>nxATLae.aomD.18^Aerf^«ffv^svlMNTa^X^«'«^^<^}^ 

H 186 180 svsoTTS Tvn ooittacta labeixis rocvLA Locfl. tui 8 4 II 
fftm poclo bibo eodem, nmpteetor, labra labellis | fieta arte eon- 
pomo, hoc eet enm i^Xmemefipmi. Sen. fr. 68 Haase (in Hier. adv. loria. 
i80)jNKfon<vi9ifeiiM//«fiaa/tf<alterlns tactam labris vir etniorhnn- 
riehnni, ben. n 81 1 5 ^^ a6 ei> benefleinm occipiam, a qno propinatio* 
BemaceepfMraswmfinay Ot. her. 17 70. am. 1 4 81 68. a.a. i575-# 
fm pHmue mpiai illias tacta labellis | pocula: quaqne bibit parti 
jweAa, bibee, Lndaa dcor. d. 5 8 (eartain-lcctare of Hera to Zcnsf sM 
li^ wohXigtt mirett ntiir' 4rl M sal iweyevH/upot /i^psr thtant iuibft 

rV K^X<«a Uw MrAXscror i9 mCrf Hwm, Uew rat I 
wa«f twte ml Iria vpoa^pfioae rk x^^f ^ ««1 v^ 4^ ml ^Xji. ib. • 1 
FstroB. 118 nee Ofloa tM...ffa{aflela propinatione dlpnum indicabat. 
Bayla diet Leniue n. D. Apal. aMt n 16 Price, z 16 f. BeckerJfsr- 

Ohailkles 1 160. n 887-6. HcnBaBB^Oouier gr. Pritatalftirth. 

Mirqaatdt rriiitlebiB 616- 




T 180 130 Qtns nsxaaAaius usqub adeo ut dioat n 181—8 quia 
deditus autem \ nsqae adeo eet^ nl noa horreat un 50 par adeo; 
■ark position of adeo. 

„ 131 see Dion's comment on Theogala L e. (Plat de and. po8t 4 fin. 
PL tt) rdt oi9 ab wimit iSr ^Xwapett reeaOra sal irani30Xc#x<<> V<^ ; '^a* 
ffUU LABXA Pers. I 64 irita laeema, Hor. ep. 1 10 88. 

„ 188 188 SI QUis PBoa avt sisnus ms bt xeuob rATia dobabbt bo* 
BBVCio allnsion to Ter. ean. 48 48 (a stock qaotation) at ^Meia deami 
f8< fesrpla caeli iumma ionitn eoneutlt, |<^homaneioAoc non/aeeremt 
d, Hor. s. n 6 14 cited on OH. 

M 188 nmuM ms Sen. ben. pa$iim 9,g, m Bl % t ad ilia itaqne eogU 
mhnee tuae/lecle: non e$t miki retatm ffratia, quid faeinmf quod dt, 
munium rerum optimi aneioret, qui kenejicia ignoranti dare ineipiunt, 
inpratit pmevtrant, f 4 sionf opiimormm parentum, qui maUdictii tuorwm 
t^niium adrident, mn eesMunt di benejUia eon/ferere de ben^eiorum 
mtHart dubitantibue, eed aequali tenore bona tua per genie* populoeque 
diitribuunt unam poientiam eortiti, prodetee . . f 5 imitemur illoe t demue^ 
gHamsl mutia in irrilum data niaf. dearai nihlh minus aliii, demut ipeis, 
and quos iaetwra facta eff. m 15 f 4 qui dat benejieia deoe imitatnr, 
TIm tradition is fiir oMer. Pjrthaffonw in AeL t. h. zn 50 the two noblest 
lUls of hcaren to man, trntli-tetUng and beneficence: and each resemblea 
ths works of the gods. Lonpin. 1 f 8. DiotORenes the Pprtliaji^rean in 
Stsb. fl. iLTm 68 f. (n 805 1 Mcincke). Damaskioe in Suid. 4ya0oepyia, 
DjBiS. ep. Blrbyiipti vwciV h rovre piMur Ixmvc koipcp l^yor ip0piewo9 
aal hit. Democritne in Plin. n f 14 acknowledged only two gods Poena 
•ad Deneficium. Philo de iadice 5 (n 647 II) it is a true saying of an 
•adent • • " " *- *• -• •- --.- • 


^Yasif . . . iye^eiweiovea . . wpo9 s-drraf iatal^wXCn 

4ye#erpya . . tfrter iionoifieem, UaUker on Antonin. \u 10. WeUtein 

•ad Price on Matt. 5 44 45. Price on Lake 6 85. 

•• 188 Doxcxcio Georges adds tolexi. Ter. eno. 591. Petnm. 84 (bis). 
ApaL met. ix 7. Aag. cent ix 8. He has not tbe deriTative homuneio^ 
a/fes (nickname of the Photinians) Uar. Uereat bUspbem. Nestor. W29 

n 185 Snet Dom. 11 the day befoia Domitian emcificd one of his 
«iethns,a faTorite actor, fa eubieutum roearit, auidert in toro iuxtaeoegit, 
Heurmn kllaremque dimitit, partibns etiam de cena dignatut e»t, 

» H nuTcaEpiktet i85f 15. Among Christians Lac. Peregrin. 18. 
Iiokr. Aeginot 80 p. 800* cfra wOp ibeXfl ff ir avrA^ 4wixu(nieoi>et9. Phot 
In. 1 6 15 Person mbeX^fW r» oMi^ mm wvwwt uai $tpawtvrucm nXcir. 
Vssd also according to the grammarians by Hokataoos of Alilctos, and 
the eemic poets Sttattis and Apollophanes. See HBt 

n 185 180 nuTEB A» iTsis luucB DachdcT (Rhcin. Mos. zxxr 803) t 
6l|l«gitar oonriTa panper, eidem d aabito oonsae cqnestcr contingcrct, 
wo BsAximnm honorem praestaret: ila Trebio, pone ad TrebiumfVie, 
/^uter, ab ipeie ilibn$t sic distingaant qaasi ipsorom ilium partem Virro 
tadeo eoncessaras sit needo qaa ex fnra edssam aat qoibas golae inlcce- 
kriseognitam. aliad 06 Talet aliad iTs. qaidqnid in ccnam adfertar. id 
iitar ad^poaitar offsrtar TrsUo^ hio a doadno cenaa at aniea amaii ee 
^ - - ' ■ ti rJM fm , ifdau l mi jo m ttn qaae 




▼ 136- 

tlfai fcibft trtgiel iMUrant, non ^orBMUiQt qnideni bm ntarlnm lad dk 
imi$ itibui frcier, plftM oonamgiiiiwiit. We, who r^«el hli poradoi, need 
iiot» with Adrien de Volois, eay *a6 pra iT^ hie posnit InT.*; it meant *ea 
the tide of*, ae we mj *the under eat*, a parte iinittra, Dtieheler doM 
not notice that C. L. Both anticipated him : •fraier ab ip»ii iUbtii, idoi 
qnod frater uterine, frater gemelle, rim Tocie /rater int<mtHt. et ipti$ rim 
>-ocmn ab iUbni adaoget* The prioritT belongs to BilTet tri 'fr, ab I. i. 
qoaii dioeue fratre mio oarnale/ In defaalt of eridenee of thia ue of 
f Ite, BO eoneairenoe of modern idMlan will make me accept this intv- 

T 186 187 o inrmn, tos csns nunra Qem. At. strom. ti f 81'I«<m^ 
rset trdJUr r<>9«6ref [or. 10 Aeginet. | 81 f. p. 890*) '*i#rrr^ ri5r XPYM^- 
rwr, 4XX* ff)ff ^ccirMT wwyyei^it ma" Avtlat tfr rwr iy)0ari«wt (fragsk 
SUvhie. 1 ed. Taric] Myci "sal farc^ ^rw^ 0^ f^ rt^pi^rwr #ir7Yf* 

„ 187 coort paid to orM Epiktot. nr 1 | 148. Flat, de amoro protti 
4 IIb. p. 4Sr7 that monej wins friends •i'x ds-Xwt dXiy^/f, dXX* ^1 rwr 
Muwrn* rpvreM d rVa^iM It t r W ftyei r , e( M^v^' ^*^* re^'rwf r^foa 
orfyeH'ev—*'*^^*^'^*^'* reXv^Uevf ffal reXvri^ifrevf #rraf, h 
railUr ywh/neww d^<Xevf sal dlwdrevt i9%inw9, 

M ,. wninci REX Mart, n 18 eited en 1 100. 

„ 188 180 voLLca t»i tAsroLCs aula lchcrit acxcas Paolin. NoL t, 
31 618 et nunc in aaU parvalas Indet Dei, 

M 140 STERius UXOR XIart. x 18 cited on xn 07. 

„ 14S ruxPAT Aen. tiii 180 180 Itercnrim . . . qnem eanAUa llata | 
CgUenag §eUdo coneeptnm vertiee f adit, often need of the prodace of the 


„ 149 148 LOQVAa kdo Konloa 450 80 npos won sorMsi domleilla 
arlnin, ied etfetm eamm, VergiUo mmetore dicere ponnmui g. it 17 dulcem 
n idis immitibat eieam. Acn. xii 476 Forb. Prop, it (t) 6 10. Montanoi 
lalios in Sen. ep. 133 | 13 iam trietii hirundo | arfiuti$ reditum eikm 
immittert nidis | ineipit. Solin. 83 f 83. Ammian. xxii 16 | *23 ibh . . . 
nidnlis enit ad eibum tntigerenii oca terpentum, Claud. 3 con*. Hon. 
praeC 6 implnmee . . . nidos. Uarman on Ot. med. fae. 77. Tlwoplir. 
char. 6 (3 jlebb) wtpi JLptvnimt (the eoniplaiMnt man) *«whcn he is asked 
to dinner will request tlie host to tend for the children ; and will say of 
them, when thej come in, that thej are as like their fatlior as fif^; sod 
will draw them towards him, and kiss them, and set them down beside 
him— pUjinR with some of tbem, and himself sajing 'wineskin*, * hatchet*, 
and permitting others to go to sleep upon him, to his anguish.** ib. 3 
(Jebb 1) s-rpl ssX«irr(at ** he will buj apples and pears and give them le 
the diUdren while the father looka M; adding with kisses •chicktd% 

good father *. . , . ._# 

„ 144 vtx;xf Stob. Hor. Lxn 48 FoOif after dinner sent for his slaver 

ehiUm, troope of them, and gave la some wa/naff (Kd^Mi)t to otiiers diy 

H 147 MBT ind. aei, Of.netTSSl. OielU inaer. 1900 (dtcd xi 188 
fb 914 md.). Sen. npoeoL 19 1 9 A^mtko et panel tamidkl phnabant, ttd 
flaae cm emiwm, Benbon. 179 jNMeet led valde poMem, ApoL mat. fO 
19 t emistf ienipte, aed pnnnB mnnet, 1 99 ji. m. fofasi uu j«m«iJ 
e«i IstaM fwfBfl. nndooi Matenraa wUh. haa mmp txi. OapmL 
Anton. pU. 17 f 9 MpaeUOa ipta btthm Mnnammrnhnm, aad fuaalM 



poisoning. Plin. h. n. 9 1 03 veneJUinm quo Clandim Caetar imperinm 
retiquit Domitio Kertmi. Toadstools thenceforward suspected. Suet. 
Dom. 14 tlie Chaldeans had foretold the end of D. in his early youUi; 
jpfffr quoque super cenam quondam fungis abstincntem palam irritcrat «l 
^nefMin mrtie iuae, quod non ferrum potine timertt, 

T 148 POST QVEU [dolettm] xiiiiL Axpurs Enrr the words, brscketed 
bj Haase, omitted bj BUcheler, at the end of Sen. apoc. 4 nee poet botetun 
epipare mediramentit eonditumplue cibi tnmptlt, seem to hate been added 
BJ a scribe from Iut. 

„ 161 PHAEACun AUTTxxrs priap. 00 sf eifof habet tertut, tot haberet 
poma, Priape, | estee antiquo ditior Ale in 00. Or. Pont, it 3 10 
fMis...poma<frt Alcinoo? Uart. tui 66 1. xn 81 10. Tert. palLSf^ 
orbi$ . . . amoenut tuper Ale inoi pometnm. Infian misop. 863* S 'AX- 
sirsir c^ref (so ep. 34 892*. 37 401*. Eomath. erot 1 4). Plin. xix f 40 
antlquilae nihil print mirata est quam Hesperidam hortos ae regum 
Aiontdii et kXeinoi, 

M 163 rationalistic interpretation of the dragon of the Hesperides in 
ioltB.34 4 6. see Lobcck Aglaoph. 000. 

N 168 AooEBE xin 48 n. Jordan St. Bom 1 316—0 tho wall reaching 
finom tlie Ksquiline to the CoUine gate, made bj Senrius Tnllios, com- 
pleted by Taniuhiins Snperbus (DH. tx 06. cf. it64. Strabo884. Varro 
a Censorin. 17 I 6. Cio. rep. u f 0). Plin. nt f 07 claudiiur ab orUnU 
aggerc Tarquinii Superbi inter prima opere mirabili, 

H 164 I'hilo de animal. 33 (tiii 111 Lips. 1880) an ape driring four 
foats in tho amphitheatre, shaking the reins, cracking liis whip, shouting 
to his team. c. VO (140) stsnration and the whip the instruments of train- 
iag. Claud, m Eutr. i 303—7. On apes see Movers PhOnizier m 08 
H. Philostr. imag. 11 17 f. aa charioteers. Lipsius has a less probable 
iaterprcUtion (miUt. Bom. t 14 f.) ' venator hie deFcribitnr et bestiarins, 
qoi Icras iaculari condisoit in capella.* See a fight between two apes, 
ew mounted on a goat, one on a dog, one armed with spcor, one with 
•word in Hcnnin. p. 018. Bochart liieroz. pt. i 1. in c 10 fin. dtes 
ilth. Pal. TI 813 lyWa Bij rot wm9a M, rpdye, ^oiruntcrraj $irrtt ml 
Xui^ ^ifuL wtpl orifULTit I frna wat^iovoi 0toii wtpl ro^ or As, J 6^^* 
nmh i^opi rifrta rtpwoiUpoir, and Mart, it 63. Fr. Jacobs cites pitture 
diErcolsno 11 taT. 44 Cupids racing on goats. Henninius p. 066 *simiam 
cqoitem ex capra iacuhindi artifiocm inter Indicra militis ctiam Asiatid 
Monerat aocuratisaimus Leo Africanus.' Heinrich *Deim Leo Afr. in 
d« Deserint. Afrieoe, ed. Elzerir, steht aber das nicht . . • Woher mag 
wm diese N'otiz genommen seinT* 

H „ METUKiisQUB rLAOEUJ Pert, n 81 metaeni diTom Mofer- 

N 160 SI nesai ind. $U Ot. am. m 8 18. 

n n xfrvxoEai aiLBB Sen. ep. 63 f 8 nau$ta enim mo eegnit kaee et 
rine exitu torquebat, quae bilem morel nee ef fund it. 

tt 161 UBEB Bono 137 n. m 136 n. ix 131. Cio. ad Brat, i 17 f 6 
ffi m liharl qnldem hominii iiaMere eiU JXart, u 68 1—0 vU/teH 
Hbf rt aiealfiif, Musime, mnvie:lted /Url ei9U,kae rsl/oM jMles. I 
liber § r£a, etnnre foria ai, Mazimab nolas, | Veientanm tnam el 
■NMI mw ifUs^ I ei rHeremoUe wUeeri ehrgeewdctm Oinnae, | confmiMs 
*Nfni«<|wfds CMS idfg, 0—10 el inmuM reetvt iectm eubirepotee, | Imee 
fmelvieeeitei meniie laNla jMletfas, | llberior Parlho TiTert rtft 
PHei. nlOofMi, CanlAaiv^cMsi/erifUkiBterJclaaiaf clBMlMCisiief 
^ ' I ^pMHM MfMie Irwn, mnmmi | lihtr bob f olea et gnlo- 


■ >■■ tiie. With lb* *bola *. et Inr. ii 4<S 47 lid m mk. 

fumm It I ftfuUhnm it dianwm efulko cotloiiHt pulaliit. 
T 101 uuu M rrfFHa Uail. iH 1 (ONlifrnt tcsina ■ 

il PdR^ 

,. lei— 173 III 13E D. Flat, da andieailo 10 pr. |). 4e Jrwnu, Mn^ 
„ 103 cipirx IE NmoRE «gu ittjit iixe ci'u.iae Hot. •- n 7 H7— 8 
ipi»r.' ZcDob. It II (poiocni. t EI7 LcnlKh) ji> x^r^ ffi (or th f>U- 


.. 163 K 

lika the cj^niu (i 

„ 101 riuT I 

pntalent PJin. : 

1 Plin 

II 10 » n ml cHj). 

ail ftrtIT Ot. r 

ii tbtiuaarrluinii 

■I fV""'- 


I. isan. PCau. uim n I 4. 

„ 106 167 EccE DuiT un lEinaniii lepdiitii Her. *. it 6 83 EO (iba 
•oantrjmoiiKlaenKirtfiK InrJl |/ni'(a ilcdit. 

„ 107 iLiaciD ot CLvKIBCa ATM SMrluii. CnrHMlt. S I 6 /mirtm 
falnrlcm Afrum, mi pridit piriK de »■» mjicral, iuuil eeeHI. 
Bwl. Tib. 84 dtnl on ■ 140. 

,. 171 171 Tprl. rtlfd 101 D. id. pilicnL 10 fatlaitliim,...iimr rmrrii 
epmrioi iBKlKMfliotii pafnciHih nbitrliimr llbtrlallt imLt mlillcU. 
Chiy*. d> *. Uab.vU 8 p. t4B> when panule* an likcnnt to dop. 
■ramminfl their aliamelMa belllca irith acmpa art rir ra/iaritMr JiJnwr. 
Galen int (1) ISO In tha lin» ot [U. Anrdlnii] Anloninun, fathn of 
Commodna, all bin iutimale wnnalnlanM ahaivd clim {h xw ni/iV'*!' 
but when IiUcitulL. VErufJnicktuBKdthnnactanof Inn^fkiuoViyivi 
•inh JnniXti). IIidh who awodatcd *;ith liiin let llicir hnir cnxn acaio. 
Hicr. ad>. MdTl.l. m (ii 31v>) paraallni In eontnmrlila KlDriitnr. 
:a wliili) ava; a panx in the Imi tlie 

tan (port made philoaoiilin' and |«er, ralwr lal a-uiiii 
aoltaol. Pal. it 4SI (Locianl 1H| ) ^wptrs^i #a\a<^Ar. 
tor. n>erili*l|n(illt^GaaiiM)fli 

iHn ukjlnal mnltlli dilielf tatnilalii 

uw» rifgai nfprllitl. A chriFtian jonkT, fan orrf 
rimnxa mim falnilalc paliinliaiimnp, ■KaM 
pch vith itODci an}, crcn Li* maiten, who reriled Cliriil ot tli* chrliliu 
nliflion. I 04 (taT-) fjuH ^Nn^Nf ralnoa rirfrnva, jhih rafjio morlonai 

ftMtMltifti tut rcrJnll: Uanplho it ISO /nimpltvi. ^Xri^ t' irifilr*- 

K, iffpiil\Mtti. 183— S fuapi^mi, Kim^, lexv"", tlixfi*- 
rat, I i[^ararXaT"T. 4j['""«". ••' ■"("I'flr" HXbi(Hi!i. 1 m 
i^X^-^r '■'X"F aiH^fa*' Vo'^'- T (»I) 104 f>.,>*«i<r.i.| >r<^aX4r 
Itiptu tx\ei*ftt\tUn- Sidon. cp. Ill IS Inlcr burelaiiira ijait nmriulwa 
nmvH inn ftmt tarn ptniibmiJii^iiBmfanUiillttHii, lioe kUk (i 

>. rati, nu, flalkad X, Mlpa u 


PARAsiTEa. oASn. ruxca 437 

weU wartli nadliig. Taka ■ («» IIdm : (blU. 

nadliia. Taka ■ («« 
patr. Till ElOi) ii^ilica i/tiHtm lllf lud&t, qnoa ad ii 

BalJan Tcntai 
FMirlii UMi 
ainJM (lulfni 

. am gula numqaam 
t. Hri fUaa oiiJtB iaftlielont pmto, avC 
impa^Hi iHKilmMMtaUrjhuiilM Mcrs eallm a/fnu 
iMlBr...ibid.' hiJc rfmiftM witmcmntl tarts wflllturi Ittl 
iOiHli udilia intlrakHHlari kit Ugm tdutU, tlU fngill rfm MKftor.. 
f.tll'ft/lMrttMmnsl, (mm uvrMf* «Mrft(«>i titpttUn f^MMaa 
' -mra *ai'eiilf«irffiMii(, fNfe^fMDiM l^ami- 
jnniilHr. rfiMw iKanw tiiMr cUaniit ntvitaut. 

■M rt iifarffaloniai 
rial llqtartt, qu. 
iuilla iHetrlum 


• 'Sni.'<4«rrai • 

data and antlioratalp ot these hemiliaa It mar h 
Oma with Sdriaosa. Alkiphr. ep. tn T aeer 

m Valilin (iiber Iut. and Paris In Bitiancabviehla d. Deri. Akad. 
UBI UTS— IIDII holdi that w. HH—ti aeuoat faiii paxe liae to lb* 
ItadilioBB (in the acbolia ud uiiat) of Ja*ciial'« banlkbiDeiit (na my 
Tol. 11 n>' li— liT). Tbo menliim ^ tibial and Cotia recalled tbe 
aile o( Otld. LFntnlai anecnled tb* buiabBKOt of Cicera. A bceod 
•rcM. laund In and UalaU aid hHher enUiged by UoeraiSBa 
and Kbolianti. Tbc mlllllat Imianm at ytt. 88, thcpnif/eef of Ter. OS 

Tbo 80 jmr* molt from the oomU- 
deebUmed to mid ago and lamed 
;t96 in.), and went on writing (ar 

.]. Tba veree* in qneation an ai 

Benlb by vita 6, %n fni 
Htion iet. I IS ani. S5l tbat 
uliriil after tbe dratli of Domi 

iaiolbe reign of Hadrian (tlS 

integral part of aat. nt, and mo neror bare fumed an independeul 
(plgraia egainKt I'nria; tbe; nmlci uol ban oeuuiooed JoTenal'i Wlih- 
acnt nndri Doniitiao, lot tbcy -wen Mt Ihcm vritlcn: not asaia oadei 
Trajan or Hulrian. 

„ 1 KTCiiiDriirKabMlute, aiOr. P. nlOllllrel itodiia, lafhu n, 
fHM Ban, tapicmiat nnu. | uli^i 


cHflr SM 

t I3i)tgbcil also 
lilerirti non cbe a loi, the la 1' 
ooUiTaBBe I* lellcnturt.' 


II) iee* Uwlriati bov; 'non jmA 

, degU imperatoti dopo Claodio eh« 

. ^ _ ^ , , , ,, Fuwo* Hof. ep. I 11 la fnrnos at balB«a 

lawAat. Cold baU» at (labii lb. IS 7-» tfciu 0<nll fncMaf ae^rli. I nf 
—T'^ H namacXui* iMppmen /aniitm imJenl I Clwlnlf Oabioaeu* 
piiaitn/riaidarura. HIrabo p. 338 uf lb* fruittol plain neoi Uw qaaariea 
otGabii; f' It tf rtSif Tuvn^ nl rfiXflfika USti^trm U OmTW ifmk 
a nXAiii nrcB*. rpi, wKtOat rlni/i ml r6wn laJ JthAhiAmi *W(£ 
„ C riUEcoNKs Plaat Daeeb. 815. 0I«. D. d. tu | SI. oil. ii | St. 
Att.iii40|l dom.|M.«. TtttapoL" 
n* (adm vaet ptaaooiiia Arintai MUtoM •mteiMr. Mia m. TMoria 
•tCgnnaeO. BoeiMUasMotkM ■ " " ------ 

t tJ iicaMrit kit In fin muW a 


ni 8— 


Til 8 Mart, iir 910 (tot tinbalami pnvprr mtildieui ddIIoi 
ranllmammai I CAiaiint mni terlbni. actipt ear, qntd luibet. 

„ „ Qvipnu'* Tini KDixra Mart, i BS S qaadiinla btatior kkOi 

„ „ nmlit BcDtln aa Hor. e. i 09 I. 

„ 11 CEiiornDnDii Lncil. ni El H in Kan. 173 10 rtrli 
J)aitat, lexlmlla nMi. Qufrojim p. 86 1 I'dprr: Hrtrc 
iKfinlani, oennphornm cxaatieatmtam tl tardidHm. nr.Mirumrv 
(ing. BmonR plunU, u 11 1110 fagtUnni. n IW octm. 11 101 canii. 
lOD lltniriui. i 61 (artn/ro. 

., „ inaiRii Drckcr (ialliu ii> MM— 9=bM>ki:iPn in Tilr. Flip. n. 
TopUc. in liii. difl. ii»i E9 f 7 >nl tf &tariarkn<iM Irgnrrrit, vlnra 

- ■ ■ ■ - -,.«,„,„ „™ J/W I^-YM W,^ 

_ ._, „aa na*t coDilJcr t>ic tculntor^ 

MUtiiktbibllMhtra for Ibe room; sflni ■rmaiiDD, 
rirall diclmm 'rtornmi UMMtmwK (Mft', | T* frnxf igltiir uribit Sa- 
WiHlfbvt b/6fir>(km<MMN trifal, DM ffr emkia nTKM nl; mm fnrrr- 
Am ■rmarl* fwifK d/^wrar, fwu plrrlftt blNMhtnu apptllatt, 
flaot $1 mlhl pn<po>uu adkcirtHtla nw mmbro •marik tvl adjla, tint 
dablonaiiJrbrbiiiiliir.fHn vdifitU forlio $liil, 

„ 19 tciieiHm. a.p.lSTaatfmnvmPi'Ognanrhirir. Pcn.Teeri 
fHlftamiii PcoEBcanHiif 7iif6aia/ta TkvrH'ie \ftrrebil. O*. tr. n 189 
BOO. met. Ti 428—675 who inakn bm of llie Tctcni of 8nph. (Kanck Int. 
gr. ft. p. 901—8, Wrtckcr gr. Trair. 11 S7J— 8881i of Liriui AndniDicH 
(Irag. ron.'pF.S4K BibbMk d. riim. Tree. Sj — IO)iarAcel<»ltn[;.Toni.i 
91S— 0. Bibbock G7T— £80). PhinL rnd. oU9. Claod. in Enlr, uSOJ-f 
Mifal»}a Teronaj ...caMalxr. 

,. IS BOO unca, vsat u Ov. am. ni S 17 id tame* hoe inoliti^ 

„ ., acD Obbar on Hor. pp. 1 10 T7. 

„ 11-10 Pint, da tnnqa. ID p. 170 a Chian, Qaiatiati or Blthfmtn, 
not eonlent willi honoHr or power amonf! Ilia own coHntmnen, corMi 
the paliiciui gaFb ; if beivtniil, then Ihe Boman praeloiiih'ip ; if faa be- 
eomn piaetor, Ihe eonnulibip. Ftiedlaeder 1* 90:1—0. loa. ani. inii 
I i r. Ihallai the Bauuritaa, froadnun Ot Tiiwini, knda Agripiia a 

„ 14 lacrrca uiun Qdl. iii D a Uithdaj dinner giren b; odiihienu 

pcwti (Stat. *. m B. Matt, yi 
•nd imperial treaaarei {a r 
(VtMliDdet i> BI— »3|. 

„ 19 IS cuFADocEa . . . u.nat oau.u! 
fw Sirlfiu I Cappadooa* Gallieaa n 

ClUenr uniii jwit eiritia btlla | Kit ptpulat Ramatiai tni. reuoa. m 
Aotrftanat (■■ehmifiU'nCappadooam, b>npiim. valdnimLuvlam el ^lu 
valriat: pelerat bacim frndiin Mint. Cancaaian alavoa luTe ilwaj-i beta 
Is raqncat (Uoien die Thorn, iii 83 wbo notaa 'Cappadax' at n alare- 
oanw and oil« Boefaart Caoaan in 19 p. 907 leq.). Frirdllinder i' 1U2— ). 
anth. PaL u 9S8 1 3 Karr.j^iai fafXai at' M. t>i"n M rvxi"n\ 
tmMnjm, lUpttn r iliv<a ^anKirtm. cf. ib. 430 fliled on 309, Tba 
Kappad<*i*B •opUal Pauuiaa, a natiT* of Caenna, died In old Mtea 
MBlawar (rat §iit¥ ttrtxU') M Boma (Philortr. aoph. 11 13), Skope. 
I(a>oa al Bmjna had Kapnad^dM nplia (ib, i 91 | BI. Apollonioa 
•I Tjmu, Iht («n Onfoclaa aad Sadl, tha coDuiantaton Aodioa 
Hi hmim, mm MfUMi .PimihIii (MHoito. n U}, JoUao {Stmtf. 




pp. 483—5 Didol), Aednioa (ib. 461—478), loaj rrdccin Iho e:rail of tbo 
nalion. Buid. .<!»»« cilca the proT. T^a .Arra .d*.^a. K«..J«<b, 
ItftiTii «l KiXulB. 

Til la BiTUTKi ona BithjtniaB eommended Tao. m 33 idtm f amea dia 
tt AoNrifHM eiemalum Ulit Cauii AteUpitdtti, qni muinaitiuUiit eptat 
/necipuiu inter hithgnot, qm attequh jhreHltm 5«niiiu» celtbracinl. 

affuirnlc d/BM rnia l«aa malaqut doenrntuln. Dio Clirjmilom (a con- 
lenipoiaiy of our aalliDi) and hia graodMii Dio Caaaiu npliold tha famo 
of liillijuian rquilet ani acnalon. Ahaleidva ranka with tlia last of Uie 
aopliiala. Tlw aophiit Quirioua wai of >'iliomi;dvia (Phiioslt. 11 99). 
Ucniuon ol llftaklcia, Arrian of Nik'raedeia, two of tlie beat hiiloriana 
of (belt ope. I^auapio* njph. Itirl 36 Didot) knew Hilary, a UilbTniaB 
palDdr (a ivcand Eupiiranor) niio waa alnia by tbc barburiana. Hiiiiarioa 
ofUitlivDialibid. p. 404 3S| tomclmica roiw to ILd IvivI of the 'dirino- 
Aiialcidei: fail picen hare aoma biatorlcal mluc, but lo ui he ia ebicS/ 
InlerealinRaa tha teacher of BaiiiaudOKg. Ku. anJ Kctelairor Juliao. 
FlLoy'a dnpatchra nuke Bittaj'nia Uauliu lo aa; Kikaca ia a "-—- of 
DoCa for church and itale. 

„ 10 LicRVH ind. taum. Boj tearea ehenvd for dijcatioB (Bmpon. 
nS. ■brio alio of their prophelis and prophjinclic ilTtui'e) and lamLeleu 
Ibg brcBlU Alh. 140'' Iff. ^ igr rni rd^u ^XXa Ufli rpijVK'rittwea^ 
Uirl T 4. Uard for puiiScationa (Iut. 11 1S8 a.)i in niediciue (Plin. 11 
i IBS. mil {( 151— »!; an emblem ot peace (Plio.xv 1 133); held in the 
hand by aioBrra at fnali (Hea. arraiat. iifp/tin,! t\i)ot ij U^qi. Paua. 
a SO I 3 of llcaiod) and by proplicta (Hca. lii'wT^it,), 

See Epanbcim on Kallim. Del. 01. Catouboa and Dnporl on Theoplir. 
dHr, 18 [T. IP].. 120-7. 458-460 Needharo). Monro on Lncr. i 739 
I'tanrelaud ttipod of Fhoebn*.' ef. Plin. iii | S. aulli. Pnl. 11 SOi 111. 
Bttmar on DCou. Liiii 18. USl. tm^nifayi^, .It. Uuttklier Baumcaj. 
ioa dcr Hellenen 33i4 scq. 

„ 30 noc loire Plnul. mil. 1114. Ter. rh. 413. Ben. Ued. CCS. DOu. 
970. riul. CorioL 95 | 3, qa. llom. 30 p. 970°. )( alioi rei asm [Cic. 
Brat i 333. do or. lu | Gl. BAm. % 00} or aliad a-jeri {6m. ep, 1 j II. 

., 91 cncia iSDULOEKiu 8uel. Caea. CO nee taai indulRonlia duoia 
laajh ni(c(orira(f, Vil. 5 prinelpDm indnlgentia. Blal. a. i 9 174— 6 
duinentiipfrjal | praeaidl* ^uoflii. 90(11. in Pliay'alctlen to 
iption one who dediciled B Iriiimphnl arch 
•uuuimiiai ■uiue uj ino iirtuo of CoraculU or Etaeabalui (Wilmaons 
U31) also laiaed ntAieHlan iilrniiylam tvm itaiiia aerta iDdnlgentiae 
Bcii of, Hor. 0. iv 5 6. Ot. f. 1 WO ccl, 
usi TiBEUA Jahn * *, recto aotcm ub Hcrmoiuio 
labeltne ' quia membnaa ad fabellam, mm hare ad 
illan prrtinet- naa nolam aclioliorum ictipluca nolo ■labrllat' aed etiam 
noei P qui idem aihibet, denl<iue mholitatae Terba ipaa 'uumbrana 

Tiajui. In an African ini 

lasi) also laiaod nrdieiilan 
JauMf noiCrf. With dacit 

M[.k] ii 

iipttHhtr, quae craceam lahttt'ar 

larmam plurale 

pna maia dwi 

aanptoram redit. cuod li nobiac 

at aociuatiBs rpipiciamua aotiqaioria aeholiiuuo tetba aiinm ni 

uw ixplrnliir fideliler a P et Z aerratnm ab omnibai in tnipJ 

MtBK. Md foTBttm iMfBi BambtHBH la nan fwaia a 


tabftlae quam 
DIO nd rcram 



VII 23— 

■eboUMtM terbft membnna implentmr f mm . . . kaheb^nt osteodani, iam 
gloMM Philoxeni CjrrilU v|iV iHemltranum lt^$4pm H MXiatf membranum 
todex memhrana kf^Nfiti n^n* fttqoe tcttlmoDia Isiaori qoi qnunqutn 
Pm. m 10 imm liber, tt pmitii bUdhr membrana capiUii eiut, unam 
fomiMB 'membnuiaBi* novit h^ee membraiM dienntwr, mtmbnna niNi 
emndidm lute* pwfurea origg. n u idcntidcin repetcm. qoM Mi- 
moniA Mccalft pottcriora lapere ai oWcis qnod Apuleint ararptnl 
mtrnhmnwlHrn Apcrte ad 'mctnoftnam* rcdii quii forniA acccpU imfietUwr 
rteto wrvM loeo lor. Bbeb. add nembrftnam atiwu levit. % St 

Vn 86 Plato burnt not only bia hcroie poema, aceing the vaat raporiorilj 
of Homer (Ad. t. h. 11 20), bat slao the tragedy with vhidi be intendtd 
to eomiwtc for the prize, after hearing Sokratcii, aajing (of. Horn. S 891 
with £a8t.)'U^atrrr, r^<^' Mfc* nkirm w n rrie xwlin. ef. ApoL 
dopi. Plat 1 91 f. apoL 10. Anaon. epitt. ad BymnL (kxyi 1 p. 1S7 • 
BeJienkl) iete . . . nnffatw llbelltu . . ., muem fa nut nt Aeecnlapima redinU' 
fnbis ad vitam out «l Pfafo iwrantc Vnlcano liberabis infmmia^ $i per* 
renire non debet rndfamem, 80 IfetioUea iDh, n 95). anth. Pal. n 111 

„ „ ooKA Hor. a. n 8 16(^7 fuid enim difert, baratkrone | donei 
nidqmid kabes an ntimqunm utare pmruUe, SiU 11 008 vietorie prmtiem 
ilnmmia don are empremie, 

„ „ TExnia KAJUTo Philo de procidentia 11 41 (vni C7 ed. Lipi. 
1880) if yon explain Hepbaestoe to mean fire, Hera air, Hermes reason, 
jon will praise the poets instead of aeensing them. Hanpt (opnse. 11 71 
166—174. Ill iiOG) has many exz. of daripg metonymy. Prudent, e. 
I^ymm. 1 804—8 Valean* ignis. Btat. a. m 1 80 (to Hereoles) inetraitm' 

J me mmerii dimitte perentibme hoatcm (the akin of the Nemean lion). 
0—48 qmem U Uaenmlii Awffe \ eo^feetum thyaMitt et multo f raire [Daeeke 
MwineJ mndeHlem | detinuit. Or. am. n 8 85 86 quale eoloratum Ti- 
tboni eoninge [ilMivm«dawn] eaelum | «if6nfftrf. 

•, 86 niiEA Lneil. ixx 08 H (in Kon. 873 18 and 463 84] lanae opat 
cmue petit, pallor, tintae oaiala eaedunt. 8tat a. it 9 lO fa rotam 
tineia f tfafiie pH(rrm [mhieti Ubellnm], Aristotle knows the book-wem 
hist anim. iT7p.888al8r4/rrflili fitfiXlmt ya4/upo^ anpmAda. ▼ 8S 
mU ip rmt fiiflSimt iXKa 7(rrr«4, rk ph i/Mu rwr iw rstf l^Wocf , rk 94 rm 
€K»^wlmt drcv Tff e^if, pupii watura^, Vilr. 11 f 18 eedme et iuniperm 
eaedem kabent virtutet et utilitatea, eed,..ex eedro oleum quod eedram 
dUitmr naeeitur, quo reliqnae rt$ eum aunt unetae, uti etiam libri, a tineis 
et eoHe non Uuduntur. Hor. a. p. 888. Or. tr. i 1 7. ml 18. Pen. 
I 43. Mart m 8 7. Loe. adr. indoet 16 (to the bibUomania^^ what 
hopa in regard to yoor hooka makoa yon eontmnally mirol and glna and 
erop and mb them with oil of aaflion and of eedarf (Dirt daa antikt 
Boc h wea e n, 1688, 865). Plin. xm f 86 librae citratoa fuieee, pnmterea 
mrbiirarieriinatkBuontetipisee. Aoaoo. epigr. 84 18. tiier. ^ 187 (16) 
4 pufnat eoNfrs tineaa veetium eerioarum, (ib. 78 mans. 1 eoL 470* a 
mali^horieal nss^ vnknown to lexx. exeomadenle m priue tinea peeeu' 
Iprwn. aoQrpr.deioloTpr.afilaMetinea.) fiedoL paash. aana if 81 
(adnoM) non tinea faleat Invana. hiat or. 1 648^ 651. 

n 88 aoBLiMU euaoKk Or. mm, m 1 99 non epo ooniuUrdn tnbliBit 
•amlaa nesfrft. Hor. a. p. 457 tnblimea eerrai. On a a ti dsn t *a 

laa nesmf. nor. a. p. 407 anfelimea eerrai. On a atadSBsa 
te Malfl. s • f 85 IifBiastJkMst wuUm, f «l m fn loaaR» u quo 
snn^mM ana el ss o^ ^an mg^^igi m^^^a f^M^Afai. ns aHMI 





afferemenUmooperentoeuU. fdeofael«ea5faiilef eet (i51n.). Plin. ep. 

n 86 I 3 

TO 89 BRDBBia aee ind. Wilmanna inscr. 046 10 otloaa bedera honor 
•apitisHelieonins. Hor. ep. 1 8 85 WUkins. Ov. am. 111 9 61. met 
v888. Stata.T88.580. Hacrob. Sat x 181 4«irrf4f 
'Aw4XX«r. Gifford eomparce Aristoph. oq. 534 KraUno^ who ought for 
his former Tietories to drink in the ptytanonm, ataggera about unpitied, 
oH^amif Mw IxMT avmf, Uinf V drtXwXite. 

„ IMAOIXB Cie. orat f HO (to Urutns) Demosthenes quidem, euivs 
anpff inter imapinei tuae ae tuorum, quod eum, credo, amaree, cum ad te 
in Tueculanum veniuem, imaginem ex acre Tidi. Plin. xxxit f 19 
nslaliMi ffb auctoribui et L. ilociaai ^.tam in Camenarum mede maxima 
hrma itatuam $ibi poeuiue, cum brevti admodum fuiaeet. 

„ 80 Din:s atauvs Ot. am. iii 7 50 quid ni$i poeeedl dives avarus 
opnf Sen. n. q. 1 16 1 1 Uoetiuefuit Quadra..,huue diTitem aTarnm, 
otUertii uUliei eervum, dirua Auffuatue indignum vindUta iudicarii. 

„ 81 TAXTtJM ADxiaABi, TAKTUX LAUDAHE ApoL met. IV 83 pr. interea 
Ayrfce cam aua aibi perapieua pulekritudine nullum deeoria aui fructum 
perdpit, apeetatur ab omnibua, landatnr ab omnibua, nee quiaquam, non 
rex, uon regiua, nee de plebe aaltem euptena eiua nuptiarum petitor accedit, 
•stasdted. Mart, t 16 5—14 if I choM a pleader's life, plurimua Uiapanaa 
mittet miki nauta metretaa \ et Jlet vario aordidua aere aiuua, | at nunc 
etuviva eat comiaaatorque libellua | et tantom gratis pagina nostra 
plaeet | aed non et veterea oontenti lande fuerunt, | cum minimum 
Mii munua Alexia erat. | 'belle* inquia *dixti: iuvat et Uudabimus 
mque\ | diaaimulaat faciee me, puto, eauaidicum. Or, am. ui 8 5—8 eum 
p^hre douUnae noatri placutre libelU, | quo lienit libria, non licet ire 
udk-. I cum bene landavit laudato ianna elansa est: | turptter 
hat iliue intienioaua eo. Stat Th. xi 537—8 nee iam opua eat Furiia; 
tantum m'irantnr et aatant \ laodantes. Durton anat of meUn- 
ciwly pt I s. 3 mcmb. 8 aobs. 15 (p. 85 ed. 1676). 
• „ 88 icxosiis ATBX Ot. a. a. i 687—8 landataa oatentat avia luno- 
Bia penuaa: \ ai taeitua apeciea, ilia reeondit opea, met i 721. Plin. h. 
n. X f 48 itaque praecedent [alitca] et ordine, omneaque reUquaa in his 
paTonum genua eum forma turn intelleotu eius et gloria, gemwututea 
landatus expandit colorea adrerao maxime aole, quia aiefutgentiua radiant 
est Philo de animal. 8*4 (Till 180 Lipa. 1880). Hadrian dedicated to the 
AigiTs Hera a peacock of gold and jewels (Paua. ii 17 % C). Varro fr. 183 
BO. (in Non. pp. 814, 44^ ubi praoee paacantur atque atantur pavonum 

n 88 PKLAoi xiT 867—808. CASsmn ib. 198—8. uooans ib. 136—00. 
8n.rh. oontr. 9 f 4 navigabo, militabo. id. exe. oontr. i 4 p. 145 
7 K. Sen. ep. 4 f 10 «t famem aitiwtque depellaa, . , ,non at neeeaae 
■ariatemptare nee seqni eastra.... f 11 ed sMperMcaa fadolar. 
fUa ffsMi qua€,,,no§ aeneaeere aub tentorio eogunt quae in 
nliena litora inpingnnt ad Hdv. 10 f 6 eiun bene eeaaerit nego* 
tiatio, Mal(ifa» militia reUulerit, cum indagati undique eibi eoitrint^ 
•sa kabebitia, ubi ietm adparutua ueatroe ooUoeetiM. Tun, xi 7 miiUet 
■Uitia, f NOfdam exereondo agroa folcrare oilosi. 

M 85 vooA T 168. 

87 QmEX ooua Hor. op. 1 18 86 inltBra potentia omieL Hail n 
at JMder uia U, SexU, eoll t nolebam amare. I pardndum eat tibi: ffnod 
Mii^ oolariat | sed •< la aolc^ BemU, non amako, 






Ubittiy on the PaUtine, in the temptum dM Avfnutl (or ttmplum novum) 
begun bj lim and dedicated 1^ CelignU. This ■nnriTed Nero's tm 
(Plin. Tiif 310. xzinrf 43 ridemut terU Tutcanfeum ApoVinem in biblio- 
iheoA Umpli Aupuiti) and is probabfy, as tlie temple was in the immediate 
Bcifl^boiirnood of the domtiii Tibfrinna (Suet. CaL 33, on the slope of Um 
Palatine facing the Capitol, Darn Home and the Campagna lo9, Henum 
Aeto anral. p. 66). identical vith the bibiiothtca domvt TiUricme (OelL 
xni 90 f 1). Beside this the old biblioihtca Palatimi in the temple ef 
Apollo seems still to have been ased at least as late as the second oentuy. 
TEMFLVII NOVVII. Snet. Tib. 74 supremo natali sho ApoUin^m Te- 
wumitem,„adreetuin St/ncuii$, mC in bibliothecn templi nori ponerttur. 
Identity of templum divl AMffUiti and t. nor kin (Uenxcn 1. e.). Mart xn 
9 7 8 imre tno renemnda novi pete Umina templi | redditn Pierio «mn( mW 
iempla [tccta7) ehoro, i.e. Domitian appears to have removed from the 
temple the librarj, damaf:ed perhaps by a fire in his time (Suet. Dom. 
fO). PALATINE LIBBAIIY. ep. Ilaici ad Frontoncm it 6 p. C18 Kslw 
fe, inquie^pMerotMO^radefiMHtump&iet, de ApoUonis [sic] bibliotheea 
kit mihi omtionet (Catonis] adporta, fruttra mitti* ; nasi et hit libH me 
§eaUi ennt. iffitur Tibericnue biblietkeeariut tibi tubiffitandnM e$t ; aliqwii 
in earn rem intumendMm, qnod miki iUe, vt ad urbem renero, aeqmt 
divitione impertiat. This passage shews that the Apollo library was not 
Identical with the Tiberian, tbongh they seem to have had only one 
librarian. If, as Becker assames, the Apollo library perished in the fiit 
of Ncro^ tlie temple most have been soon restored (Tac. h. 1 37 A.n. 69^ 
As Hart. L e. shews thai the biblioikeea templi novi was dedicated to the 
liases, IttT. probably allndes here to both the Palatine libraries (frea 
Hirsehfeld torn. Verwaltnngsgesch. 1 187—8). PreUei-Jordan t* 811 dtci 
PUn. siXTi f 84 «d Oett9iae...9otiteiun.„Utuae, 

Vn 88 IPS! WMOt TsaauB btat. a. it 9 1 — 4 etf soiie ioeut itte, f ssi 
libellum | miaiaii mihi, Orype^ pro libello. | nrbannm iamei 
hoe potest videri, | si posthae oliud mihi remittee, yoar book is rottsi 
•ad moth-eaten, like tlie paper need by grocers for packing; nor docs it 
contain yoar own pleadings in the three fara and before the oentnmTirs; 
90—98 sell DnUi senis oseitntionet \de caosa miterl libellionis, | emptum 
pbu tninms msss Ouinno, | deiMS. Bport. Uadr. 15 f 10 et quamris etsd 
orations ei versu promptitsimns el in omnibus nrtibns perititsimus, ttmen 
professores omninm nrtlum semper tit doetior risit contemptit obtrisit, 
1 11 enm his ipsls pro/essoHbus et philosophis librit vel carminibut invieem 
tditis saepe ceriavit, M 19 18 the famous reply of Favonios, wfacn 
Uamed for aecepting Hadrian's oeneare of a word sapportcd by classical 
It 'lei me beUero ilium doetiorem omnikus.,, qui habet trigiiiU 

UgionesJ e. 18 his Terses in answer to Floras, anth. FaL u 804 wmyrHit 
wm^ipurrot mkqim Unr iKsirot, | 4#nt ieiwrlpii roOt isf— o ut^ i ps vt , | fr f 
d ^w^ Kf ml tn^msa •&•!• w4tur^ | rff uirr^ rpewirm rV ii^^ pM^, 
Pope imiutee Iot. (epistle to Dr Arbnthnot 381—940) in hie 'fall-bkyini 
h^o^ paffd I7 evefT qaiU'; 'His Ubiaiy (where hosts of poete dead And 
ft Ime Pfiular stood without a head)'; 'Till grown more fhigal in hk 
lipar days. He paid soma bards with port, and some with praise; To soom 
ft diy lehslusal was assigned. And others (harder still) he paid in kind.' 

„ 80 Miixa Aimos PUa. to f 74 dted on zt 70 p. 878. CoraeliM 
XiMa Ift (ML zm 91 f 8 pUeea Hoaer 180 yean emu Amumi comfitea 
L«.>.a014. Tho'lhoii«uid'kfti«ndMmboraahitbeaiaif mMcl 

wk BiHila Mm in? 888 dHwi pfttram 




Moeutonis eommodat a^des, nihil mato, scholiastae com compertam nihil 
haberent ex macala aliquam effinzere Tocabuli interpretationem. nomen 
demne posuit poela, tam deeeribit cam tanquam carocrem. oertas aedes 
poetis inscnriisse lecitantiboe ao einenUs suo qooqiie tempore plaribae 
eensontaneam est philosophns ambitiosns in Epictcti disserUtiouibas m 
98 93 dimufir pow rmupor itoXtyoiUpsv ir rv oislq. rod KoSpirpv, sic cam per 
privatae aedee Tagarentar recitantes, Athcnacnm Hadrianae institait in 
qno poetae rhctoresqae andirentar assidao. Qoadrati sane nimio plurcs 
ae nobiliores qnnm Macaloncs, sed domns Quadrati nihilo notior qaam 
liaeahmis aot bahicom Seriboniolttm el haiasmodi pkraqoe (the rest on 
fv, 333). 

Til 40 ooxxooAT AEDES sd Hcrcim. it f (#4 Sannionl puero negotium 
dederat, ut rata ratimenla puerot roffaret: servulut non inurbauus satis 
strenue et eondnne eompararat: isie hospites domum dedueit, ait «e aedie 
SMurisuif cuidam amleo adnuptias commodaese. nuntiat putr argenium 
repeti—pertimntrat enim qui eommodarat — *apafie* inquit *aedia eom- 
B0daTi,/ifiNi7iftM dedi: argentum quoque volt/ tametti honpites kabeo, 
tamen utntur licet, uo$ Samiis delectabimnr.* Kallias kept open house for 
the sophists (Plato Protag. 811*. esp. 887'. KratyL 391<). 

„ 41 FEBiuTA Doxus Prop. u (lu) 90 19 f erratam Danois fmasUlaac- 
fM d o m a m. Oraxo aeus. 

„ 44 MJUiXAS coxiTDX DisroxERB T0CB8 Sco. cp. 69 f fiM ideo teprohi' 
Herim hos quoque audire, quibus admittere populum ae ditserere eomue^ 
tudo e$t„ non ambitlonis hoe eausa erereent. quid euim turpius philoso' 
phia eaptante elamores f DChrys. or. 83 (i Ci»7 U) of philosophers : si I* 
is rsfff saXov/Ursit dxpoaniploit ^tssmnoOotr, irfw^Scot Xafidrret skpoaHs 
sal xupmfiut Uvroif. Themist. or. 90 818^ 814 the philosopher who is not 
eootent with chamber discnssiona among his pnpils, bat holds forth in 
Mblie before all eUsses of men ; nor is this all : aXX4 «ci Biarpa ifiq 
iycfpri [so, not /-y^ ms. A and Wytt bibL erit. in 87j soX wpirptra iway 
\AXfi c^ff rb diKOimiptsr owUrat, kuI aWx«r«i iwaiPoCfuros soX wtpvrorrel 
(bs. a, edd. iwi'] rodt utKfmy&rat. Am^ose in church (Uingham ant. 
n? 4 1 j 37 38). SicTcn Libanias p. 97. 

N 45 suBSELLU Sen. coos. Mare. 10 f 1 coUatteiis et ad dominot red/f «• 
rif inttrumentis scaena adomatur. 

„ 49 UTVs tTEBiu TEBSAMUB AiATiio Ot. P. IT 9 18 10 h/c tameu 
ingenium nobis respondet, ut anU, | sed tieeum sterili Tomere Ulna 

„ 63 acmnEsmi caoobtbes Hor. ep. n 1 108 100. Lue. hist conscr. 1 
epidemic of tragio declamation at Abdcm. Grang. cites Ot. tr. i 11 11 
(he wondere that he could write at eea) sen stupor huie studio sive est 
insania nomen, Anson. Bymmacho (before the griphus zzvi p. 138 16 
Ssbenkl) hune loeum de temario numero ilico nostra ilia poetiea seabiea 
eagr/l enealpere, cuius morbl quoniam jaeile contagium est, utinam ad u 
quoque prurigo eommigret, Bymm. ep. 1 81 (36) f 8 (p. 17 19 8eeek) 
imiego, quae sit prurigo ewmttiendi operis, Bidon. ep. ni 18 1 quam- 
ffwisi pruritu laboret sermmis inhonesti. Pope 'itch of Tulgar praiee,' 
' the itch of Terse and prafae,' ' ooe pootio itch,' ' the Tain itch I' admin 
tMl be admind.' 

f« 6$ TATzx Tao. d« 0. 19. 

n „ TBBA Ot. P. n 8 91 99 ingenioquo meo, Tena quod pempert 
Hiaal, t piemdis et e rivo Jimninsi magna faeis, Donat. Tit Veig. f 41 
when deoo had beaid eone fursea of the boeoUes, ef stolfM «cr< <mudo 
imefrrrtiiil BOB •OBBBBi fOBft edflif. ha ocdeeid Ihi whola aelogM 




vn 55- 

to be ndtod, tad mM at the end magnag tpe§ alUra lUmae, woidi al|«. 
VArdi inierted in Aen. xn 1C8. 

TO M.-65 nuMh the Mnie thiiiS tnid in three Mpumte dftUNf ef . Ae& 

Ut Ml — 8. ^^ 

•, M mutt hoc qooqne keo bob cot enr n leetione eod. Kth. «ll 
ohibentu reccdunne. ficEx. 

*f,!* f^ f^ retron. 118 refudienium ett ab cmnl rerhomm^ m( ita dlcnm, 
riUimte €t immendte voces a plebe summotae, mt Jhi *odi profanum vMigm 

ft 55 TiiiTiALB leo ind. 

ji J: " ^^^ Fortunetian. m 8 (p. 122 Halm) rir ptrfectMwm 

reirW« Mft^nm e$t wt Htimmh publica moncta ninHatit, Gbax. 

OAEra. Qainiil. i 6 f 8 conmetinh rero certit^imn hHiutmli maghln, 

vtcBdanifNr piane aermone, nt nuuimo,cai pablica formt «c 

(a casnal hexameter). • r • «" 

», 56 swxsTBAKS SUt i. V 8 187 nath te monBir^rtre parente$, 

•, „ asxTio Cic. orat. | 28 reeorthr longt omnibu$ unrnm nnttfem 

Vemo^heHcm rmmque vnifrn uicommodare ad tarn, quam lentiam. tlo. 

f NrafKim, ftea ad eum, quam in aliqHo ip$e coffnorerim, 8Ut. ■. iv 6 86-8 

rfre#, i«r dcut u Mtpe tnemdum J ii^mUit, Lysippe, tibi, parvntqug vidfril 

•entirifHf Imgtm, ' 

«-=•• *^u?? «"*" \""" niPATiEXi gen. ting, of neat. adj. aa rabit 
ftjger hist. Bynt i' 58 54. Xiigelebach.MulIer tet. Stvl. f 21. VR. ▼ 

L?L *"'?'''*"^ jwri-nr/a insti. The partitive gen. acerbi ad Hereon, i? 
«. Aen. XII 676. Ov. tr. t 2 21 muHum rtttahit accrbi. Fabri oa 
7' *^i?f* ^* *"*^ ^* thought Grang. cites Sidon. cp. riii |ir. notii 
tnim prcbe lattitiam poetanm, quonim§ie ingcnia maeroribtu ut pUeicM 
retitmt cmieiuntMf. et ti quid ctpermm aut trUte, mm slatim uu poetif 
ieneritMdo a viHcuh ineuni doloris ehqueat 

" *^"f? ****"• ACEtai niPAnxxa, crnnue efLTABm Ammtvz n- 
BXXDM roxTiara aoxiocb qnod ornnes libri praebent aptinque bibeniU 
prae labnii Biatatione nridutque seholiontm at vidcbatnr lemmata com- 
nendato abnndo defendornnt Hermann (vind. Iut. 12) ct Vahlcn (Sits- 
ongsbcr. d. k. k. Akad. Deri. 1883 p. 26). lesUt at fondamentam qnooM 
la^Mmis widiu^Me e libris |ictitum aabtrahanu icholion enim ad tii 58 in 
•odd. Bie conMsnDtam icgitar: ixpatisxs ctf. karidm ni Oratiun cet. que 
fit ular/dM nalJo pacto ad lemma feferri possit. IIekr. cf.Hor.ep.1 
W 24 prueeanum, totibut aptam. ind. Or. a, eunibut eautu, /uriii 
UlUei^gntennii ftrendh pinwt, tallatibut iurtntus, ctipto tenendo mnnm, 
3 iW **" ^'^ '^'''* '**'"' "^*"* •P** #wad/«. For the thought 
,. 59 60 CAXTABB avB Axnio nsBio Hor. e. n 1 89 40 to the Mom 
???!* S'^a*'^ .■"*' antro | quatrt modos Uriore pitctro. Prop, m (if) 

if*^*!.^'""^" "* I'Wk^) ^'<*. quo punter earmen tenuastU /a 
BBtro? Oraxo. 

„ 61 SidoB. ap. Ttn 9 farUu$e taturtcum iUwd di Mturlco noa rtar» 


„ nJt^WM Enn. trag. 109 B. CatnU. 64 955 EUif. Flast. Of. 
«MttY599. er.r^.il02. 

H M 04 ODM Ml cABimiB aoM fiiAiiT Hor. cp. n 9 90 ftiBt /teivr 

M 04wUaoBMiwithwlBaObbBroBHor. ep. 1618. 




Fkom Pm 

teries* | nom iUnm Snxm, moh /«lMia Cirra reqitirat. See rapc-Dcnselcr 
Klpp^ Vvwa. l)e-Vit onomast. Cimit Cirrarn$, Dursian Oeogr. t. 
Oriechenl. i 180—2, citing Ulrichs in Abh. d. Hflneh. Akad. in 75 aeq. 
Fieller Dcr. d. K. 8. (^esellscli. ti 119 aeq. 

Til 65 PBCTOXA vcsrnA ncAa box adxittextu ctxas C. 8. Curio dtes 
Lake 16 18. Cio. 11 Phil. | 28 diiaa re$, matmat pratiertim, non modo 
ggere hho tempore, ted ne eoflitnndo quidem explieare qtihqitam potest, 

„ 66 MAONAC Mcxns orca Acn. n 11 12 of the Hibyl magnam cut 
■entcm animMmqtie | DeliM innpirttt rntet, tii 45 maim opus mnreo, 

H 70 nosiTTiuM in 166. iiTi>iti Aeschylus first rppresented the Fntici 
with snakes for hair (Paus. i 28 f 6. Lobeck Aglaoph. 403). 
„ 71 posciMrs. rr air ▼ 112 poseimns, at eenes eiriliter. 
.. 78 ATRixs Hor. a. p. 186. Of 8onh. Wdcker gr. Trag. n 857—865. 
Kauck fnigiii. p. 127. Of Acctns Ribbcck d. riius. Trsg. 447—457. id. 
toag. Rnm. fr. pp. ICl— 0. Of PompoBins ib. 231. 

„ 74 75 xox iiAiiKT...nAnET Plin. ep. in 16 1 11 n. Sen. n. q. n 47 f. 
pnrotirttirae «MNf, qMonm minae differri possunt, averti totlique nou 
possunt. Apul. mag. 1 pr. quippe ituimitlari qulvit innoeeM potest^ 
reelnei ni$i nocent non potest. 

„ 76 LBoxcM Sil. xTi 235—8. Bfart. 1 14. 

„ 78 CArii'NT rLca ixtestixa poetae Antijtlianes in Ath. 127^ ««rsj9«- 
ppmvt 9irM I law iXef^prttp rerrdpwv, Liban. n 164 R of monks •{ 
M ^Xam/Mro(Vr«ff ovroi irci wXelu fih tup iXt^ikwrttP iaBlopret. Hor. 
ep. 1 15 34 3i> of MacniuapafiNds eenabat ama$i, J viU$ et agMimat, tribns 
BTiii quod satis essct. 

w 79 1ACRAT IX iioBTii Tao. xn 27 f. cnm plerique adeptl cwtnlatum et 
§§eerdotia hoTiorum potim amoenitatibna in$ercirfHt. 

M H3 TiiEnAiPos aUo the Achilleis Stat. s. Y 2 160—8 et mthit ted 
eoetut folHmi $i forte eiebo \ et mea Bomulel venient ad earmina patret, j 
fa deri$, CrhpiNe, mihi, euiteotque per cmnet \ te men* abteirtem eireum- 
tpeetabit AehiUet. 

M 84 rnoMisiTQrE pieb Tae. d. dtad on 40. Epikt. m 28 f| 6—8. 
97* Fcrrar. dc aoclam. :ii 8. 

f, .. noLCEDixE CAfToa calez 125. Or. Font. 1 8 85. anthol. 118 7 R 

^ 87 Esmrr ixtactam pabidi xist rEXvrr aoavkx liere and 88 84 
|UETAM...ruoBisrTQUB i>iem) Uigault notes *do Hlatio loquitur, nt do 
WBono; et lenonnm pncllao proniittunt noctcm.' llcnco Claud, in Eutr. 
n863 — i hi tragicot meminert modot; hit fabula Torona (vcr. 12), | hit 
Beedum ooniin i ssa ehoro eautatitr Agave. 

„ „ EscBiT Mart, in 38 cited on 01. aco Holyday. ixtactab Dcntlcy 
OB Hor. cp. II 2 HO. FAiiiPi Eckstein in Ersch u. Grubcr. Tcullcl in 
hialy V 116^. Grj-sar iu Rhcin. Mus. n (1833) 77 so<i. TIio emperor 
Vcrus (Capitol. 8 17) qnoni reget aliquot ad triumphim addneeret, tic 
hittrioHft ednxit e Sgria, quorum praecipuut fait iiaximlHUt^ quem 
Paridia nomine nnncnpatit, 

» „ TEXiiiT Ter. hee. proL 6 7 ei f« qnl tcrlpttt hane [fabulam] ob 
Mn rem nolnit I iternm rejerre, ut iterum pottet vendere. 55—57 datd 
titentluM, I ut tubeat teri'bere ediit mlhique nt diteere \ uotat expediat 
poethae pretlo aroptas moo. Of. tr. u 507—510 quoqnc minut pro- 
dnf, teaena ett iuerota poetae^ | tantaquo non parvo erimina 
Braator emit, i intplee Uidorum eumptut, Auguite, tuorum, | empta 
Hbl magBo talU bbUb Uf aa. at Btatiaa' fiatteiy of ChMdiaa 





VII 88— 



Tn 88 lahaitvi bokobim Dneont. de mensibofl (Dihretii p. L ic. t 
S14) Ian. 1 purpura iuridieit iacrot larRitar bonores. 

N 80 nsMSxtTiii monoB vatcu cmcuMunAT auro Vahkn 'iteckk •■ 
den Finger der Dichter dm Goldreif det ScclisnionAtstribunatii/ UUng 
tmauiri auro as I have done. tribMntiB $cmrMstrii ooenn CIL iii lOL 
Tin 8580 51. ii 4885—0 (XUniuardi 8iV. ii« 8C8). For ilie ate of Ibt 
adj< {tementitrimiribunonm nenienttriQin) ViUUcn eompnrcs ii 170 «fe 
prmtUxtctM (v-omm) ftferuni Artaxate moref, and more goneralty xm 
90 locnplettm podafirawn. tl9 fturient raniN^. acro cf . xi 43. 

M 90 01 CAMERtxot ET BAiCAX pL Aod ting. M Tilt 183 Volttot BrU' 

„ 91 xofeium ATBU Ot. m. 1 171—3 dextra heraqne dtorum \ atria 
Bobilium ralrii celehrantnr apcrth, 

„ 93 winds ap the ixiragrapb as % 8.17—8. Statins wrote /atmhe 
iattieae, Tert. scorp. 8 John baptist conlumeUofa taede detrnncntw in 
putHot MiUicoe (al. pniltiaie) tucar, loflcphns (vita 8 fin.) by the faroor 
of tba Jew Alitjron, a fu/toKiyot faOu^ra r^ K/^«tfri KaraOv/uot, obtained 
through Poppaea the relcoM of some priests, wliotn Felix had sent lot 
trial to Home. Sen. n. q. ni 83 f 8 at qnantn enra htforatHr, ne cuiut 
pantomimi nomtn intftvidat / itat per suecettcrcn Pifladit et Bnth^Ui 
iomut, kamm artium mnlti diseipnti snitt multiqur doctoret: priratMmurbe 
Ma $OHat pulpiinm.... pkilotophiae nulla euro e$t, Tlic Pehpea, licroint 
of Statins, was doabtless the daughter of ThyeAtos, mother by him of 
AeiHstbos (Acl. t. h. xii 43. Hygin. C 88). Suet. gr. 18 L, Craiticius . . . 
Initio circa tcaenam rer$atn» cut, dam mimographos adinrat. Mart, n 
7 8 (of AtiicuH) comimni$ MIc winkm. Acmilius Sevorinnus a mimotimnhnt 
of Tarraeo CIL n 40U3 (Teuffel^ 1 8 n. 1). Fragments of mimi in lUbbeek 
aouL* 893—403. cf. FriedliiMler it* SOU. 

„ 98 TAXI qcwx rvLPiTA riscrxT lint. reg. apophth. Hiero 4 (n 1790 
when Xenophancs comnUincd that he conld scarce keep (rpi^t») two 
ilaves, Hiero replied, *\et Homer, whom yon revile, kcem \rpi^%\ moit 
than 10,000 wlicn detd and gone.* So when Zoilus boggod alms of 
Ptolemy, the king rqilied (Vitr. Tn pracf. i 9) Itomerum^ qui ante amm 
wUUe dfeettluet, aeroDcrpetao multa milia honiiiium pascere. 

„ 08 COTTA ranked for generosity with Seneca and Piso v 100. A 
flreedman of his tells us in his own epitaph, found near liomc on the Appiaa 
waT, that Cotta had several times given him prcncnts of 400,000 scsti'rces, 
had encouraged him to marry, had protected his son and dowered his 
daughters Wilmanns inscr. 008 m • athklivs • cottak | maxixi • l • xosixvs ) 
ACCEXSTB • patroxI Uhertlniis eram, fateor^ ted facta letietur \ patrom 
Cotta nobilit umbra mca; | qui miki iaepe lihent ecHnus domrit equettrit, | 
qui iuttit natot tollere, quoi aleret, \ quique $Ha$ commitit opet mihl temper 
et Mem | doiarit natas ut pater iptte mean, ) Cottanumque mciim [flUanl 
produxit hoHore trtbunl | quern forth cattrit Cae$ari« emeruit,, | quid 
non Cotta dedit, qui nunc ct carmlna tritti$ \ kaec detlit iu tiimuh eou- 
$picienda meof lie was a son of M. Valerius Messalla Corviiiuii and of 
Aurelia of tho family of the CotUo (Plin. h. n. x f 63. Ov. Pont iv 18 
43 acq.), adopted by his mother's brother nhortly after 9 a. p., and tlieiiet- 
forward called M. Aureliua Cotta Haximus (schol. Pern, ii 73. Ov. Poot 
m 3 108 acq. oet.). On the death of hia brother Valeriua Mcasalinns, not 
long, af it seema (Henxen ann. inat arcli. 1806 p. 8 seq.), after 31 a.b. 
ITm. an. ut 84) be exohanged tba name Maximoa for Jlessalinus and 
• le ain a M. Avraliaa Cotta MeaaaUnna. Therefora this atone, on vUeh 
OiMi la criM UatlMi, «■■ «ifmf«d dr. A.n. 10-38, paoUib^aAcr 

A.n. 30, in which year Zosimus aecma to have been accensut to Cotta in 
his consulsliip (Clinton F. B.). A.D. 83 Cotta is called (Tnc. an. vi 7) 
mbilit quidem, ted egent ob luxum, ptr JIagitia infamit (cf. 6 6. xiii 84 
A.n. 68 Mero assigns to Aurslioa Cotta, probablv a son, a yearly pension, 
fuasiris per luxum avitat opet dittlpanet, cf. Plin. 1. c. it is doubtful 
whether Scipio iletallua a consular or M. Scius a Boman knight &rst 
serred up tho livers of crammed geeso: sec/, qutideoMttatt Mettalinut Cotta, 
Uettallae oratorit Jiliut, palmat pedum ex hit torrcre atque patinit cum 
ftUiuMcorum crittit couaire repperit, tribuctur cuim a me culiuit cuiuMque 
palma cum Jide). Wilxaxxs. By Tcuflcl in Paoly i' 3109 the consul of 
A.D. 30 is made grandson of Messalla, and father of Nero*s pensioner. 
Ot. Pont, ni 8 3 4 to Cotta diffuut et argento^ fulro quoque diguior auro ; | 
ted U, cum donatt itta iucare totcut, 3 8—8, 85 80 where he anticipates 
tba Tcrdict of luv. ros etiam teri laudabuut taepe ncpotet, | claraque erit 
tcriptit gloria vettra meit, 'I have sometimes wondered why luv. never 
mentions Pliny. He had hero an occasion of doing it ; and Pliny was 
certainly a gcneroufl, and in some caaaa a munificent man.' Girroan. 
PoUio is also omitted. 

▼II 00 UTILE MULTia as to Ardiimclos. whose epigram (of 18 verses) on 
his great ship Hiero rewarded with a thousand wcdimni of wheat (Ath. 
909^); to Chocrilos (Hor. cp. n 1 333—4 Schmid) ; Tiberius (Suet. 43) gave 
to Ascllius Sabinus 300,000 sesterces for a oialognc, in quo boleti et 
Jkedulae et otireae et turdi eertamen induxerat, Opptan nxreivcd 30,000 
staters from M. Aurelina (Suid. s. v. Sozomcn h. e. praef. SS 6 6 who names 
ether patrons of letters and calls Oppian*s patron Hoverutf). Graxoaeus. 

M 90 07 CTiLE MTLTia rALLEas Or. a. a. 1 159 100 fuit utile mnltia | 
pultinum facili eompotuitte manu, n 043. Luc. I 183 mnltia utiU 
kettum, Coripp. lust, it 801. 

„ 97 PAiiLCAB ind. Hor. ep. i 19 18 Obbar extangue cumiuum. On 
the8atunialiasceMacrob.Sat. LucUn Sat. Marqnardt StV. ni* 303— 4. 
Bdttigcr kl. Sclir. in 190 seq. Schciffele in Pauly. Prellcr-Jordan rdm. 
Ifyth. ii' 15—20. With nxux toto mbscuie PECExnni cf. Stat. s. i 8 
1---8 et Phoebut pater et terera PalUu | et Mutae proeul He ferlatae: | 
lenl rot revocnbimut kalendlt, \ Satumut mlhi eompede extoluta \ et 
malto gravldna maro Deeambar | et rldrnt locus et talet proterci \ 
edtiht, dum refcro diem beatam \ Ueli Caetarlt ehrinmque noctem, Hor. 
a u 7 4 libcrtate deeembrL 

„ 09 petit iiic PLCS TEMPonis ATQre oLEi PLUS P ct A pcrit, rcctiKsime. 
beatur pocta do hiKtoriarum scriiitoribus in poxHivuni vertcns quod in 
omuium ore est, do rebus inutilibus * perdcre oleum ct opemm.' Bker. 
Erasmus odagia haa an excellent artaoks on * oleum et opcrani pcnlidi,* 
citing e.g. Cic. Att. ii 17 § 1 kaee,,,,noH dejiebtmut, ue et opera et 
oleum philologiae nottrae perierit. Macrob. Hat. ii 39 i 80 on hia 
letum from the battle of Aetium a raven greeted tlio conqueror ' ave, 
Ca«Mr victor imperator,* miratut Cmetar oJHciotam avem viginti milibue 
RvaiMMNi emit. The trainer's partner, wlio had received no sharo of tho 
parchase-moncy, urged tliat another raven sliould be scut for, which 
cried, Are, victor imperator AutoHl, Caesar, without taking offence, 
eidared the first dividert donatitum eum eontubemali, f 81 Ha bought 
.a parrot and a magpie for the aama groeting. A poor cobbler, fired faj 
the example to train a ravoi aAparem talutationem^ would often, drainad 
diy b^' the cost, cry to the indoeila bird opera et impenta perilt. At Ual 

the bud laamt hia laaaon parfeetlyt and aaid it aa Augustus p a ss ed liy. 
Seite 49&U iwlwfgffrrOTt faf f iiii k§ibe9m mM tiM princau Tba bbt 




— 120 



opera ei {mperna pertit, Caeaar vith ft laaph bought it at a higher priee 
tlian any off the others. olii i 51 B. Venuiina dipna 1 nee ma. 

Vn 101 XULTA PAPTBO Soet. Tir. UL 104 p. 18S Beiff. (from laid. orig. ti 
U) qiuudam ffenera tibrorum eertis modulit eonJUiebantnr : hreviori forwm 
tmrmima mtout epittutae, at rent kiitoriae maiori modulo aerlbe- 
bAntar. On the mannfiutare of paper lee H. Blttnmer Teehnologie (at 
oiled below 185) 1 806—385. 

„ 103 OPEBOM LEX Hor. a. I 8 C8 68 LneiUiu awnu | primtu im hum 
operii c&mpouere earwUma wurem, ft. p. 185 mnd€ pedem pro/em pmiw 
vcfet cHl operia lex. 

„ 105 0E3iua loXATusi Or. am. 1 15 1 2 quid mihi, livor tdax, IgnaToi 
Mcti cRNOf I iufieniique rwnt carmen inertie cpui f 

„ „ LCCTO Plin. cp. Ill 1 S 4 n. 

M •« LCCTO KT csiBBA Ot. am. 1 41 43 f/w effo tefinii eram ddetnetaqui 
in olia fuitui: J moUieraht auimoe Uela a et um bra meoi, Paoly it 844. 
llarqnardt PriTatleben 703. 

M » VMDiu 56 n. FriedlAnder nt* 610—7. 636 (oselfMmeas of philo- 
iopby). Stob. fl. 97 17 x'c/uSrf r* a^Mtr #w^ etp/id $* ^fXlav | rc^ti'timr* 
atnU M 9Kiarp9^»vfi9P9t, 

„ 106 cAvaiDicis 113 n. 186 n. yi 489 nee oansldionit nee praeeo 
loquetur, Petron. 46 eomm. de$Uuarl ilium art{0eii doeere, aut tomtreU 
num aut praeeonem aut eerie eaiiaidienm« quod iUi auferrt non poetH 
nM Orcne, CIL ti 9340—3. 2Iart. cited 81 n. 

H „ cmuA omcu Ben. rh. eootr. n praef. f 8. etp. Sen. tnof. 
8f 1. 

,. 107 nc FAiCB Wjttenb. on Eonap. p. 140. 

,, „ uncLU Qaintil. x 7 | 88 n. id. cited ter. 123. 

„ 108 MAGNA aoxANT VFl. Ill 106 TAna sonantem. mi cnt 
nrobablj we shoold read, ai eUowhere, tune cum (x 30. xm 40). UfM 
ocean m 314 bit. ti 133. 385. 007. tii 111. x 60. 307. xii 58. 

„ 110 9DI TEanr ad dvbicx osaxdi ccsi comcis xomkx Cie. QUote. { 4 
fion referi parva nomina in eodieeaf immo omnei tumma$. {15 noa 
habere te hoe nomen in eodioem aeeepti et expenei relatum eoi\^tetw. 
tee Um vholo speech. 

„ 111 POLLca Aug. c D. xiv 24 1 1 pulmonet . . .<irf uplritum dueendwm 
oe remltteudum roeemque emittrndam $en wodifieandnm, eicut folles 
/abrorum rel ortfanorum, ,dantit retpiranti$ loquentit elamantie eantanttt 
'eervinnt roluntdtl. Grakgaecs. 

H 113 coyspuiTVB ind. anthol. PaL xii 229 Doist. xn 251. Ath. 394^ 
Fttron. 74. O. Jnhn archiiol. UeitrH(;o 150. 

„ „ sixstEX Prop. II (in) 10 7 (a praetor has come from Illyriemn, 
maxima praeda Ubi) quare^ ti §apit, oblata$ ne detere mosses. 

„ 118 CArMDicoKUii 186 n. Mart, vtn 10 pirtor qui fueras diu^ 
Cppere, I eansas nunc agis et dueena quaeri$, 

„ 114 BcssATi Theodorct h. e. ii 17 f 5 on the factionsi 8aet. Don. 
7. Oaten x 476 K el wtpl fioAftrcv mU wpUtPWf i^wwbaKbrtt io^pahwrn 
rb» ukwpmn rm Xwwmr htxa roO vriSrat wm uarepryii^itrm rAf rpe^df. CIL 
n ai5. Antonin. i f 5 Oataker. Coripp. Instin. i 81^-839 comm. 
OralU 3598—6. 4749. Wilmannt 3599—3008. Interintiont on the 
ttatott of chariotecrt in tho raccconrso at Constantinopio anth. Pal. xt 
41—40. sn 885— 867 eomm. Plin* xxxiii f 90 vltiiMfK^ ftm ei ( N^foiili 
wrinduii tpeetetenUt harenam eirei ehryeoeotta f tomf , cmm ip$e eoneolori 
manm oMrtfotunm a$sH. Fiitdliadar n* 886-806. Marquaidt StV. m* 
4il^ 6ii 896. DMwibMi #tl. dta aalif . wt. tirem. Ob litio*t 

profuse expraditure on drivers and aetort see Plat. Galba 16. SoeC 
Ualtta 15. cf. Tnc h. i 30. infr. 348 n. 

ya 115 cnxsKHKEK a technical term. Aen. m 109. luppifer in state, 
to rec(*ive the embassj of the dogs (Phaodr. ir 18 22) cousedit feuitor 
turn deorum moximug, 

„ „ AIAX cf. Pacntios armomm indiciam Bibbeek rom. Trag. 218 — 
333. trag. liom. fr.' pp. 80—63, Welcker d. ep. Cyelns ii 1881. Accins armo- 
ram indiciam G. Hermann opnsc. vii 865 seqq. llibbeck riim. Trag. 306 
— 870, tras. Bom. fr.' pp. 1.>I — 157. A line and a half remain of an 
armorum indiciam of Poinponins (L. P.Bononienms?) an Atcilana accord- 
ing to Biblicck com. Bom. fr.' p. 828. Aeschylus drXwr Kfdwit (Welcker 
d. Acffcli. Tril. 4HM. Nauck trag. gr. fr. pp. 43 44) one of 8 tragcflies 
taken from the Little Iliad of liCMlies ( Aristot. poet 33 p. 14oli*> 5. Welcker 
ep. Cyclas n 237). Bee too Qu. Hm>*m. ixMtliomcr. v. Liban. or. it 

„ 110 117 nrnrrxx) irmce Sen. ep. 40 1 8 quemodmodum enim index 
tubuvqni poterit, aUqnnndo etiam imperitas ac rudis? QuintiL xi 1 § 
45 militnrem ao rasticom iudicem. Cie. Att vi I f 15 f. Grocei rent 
extuitaNtt'juod pereffrinit iudieibue utunlur, * XuffftloriOuM quidem* iuquie$m 
Quid rf/ert»tri euim^ credo, ffrmret habent Turpiotum tatoriam et 
VeUium mancipein. 

„ 117 nuMPK iRccn Obbar on Hor. ep. i 19 15. 

„ 116 scAi.AauM oLnni.^ rALMAB etym. msgn. 112 18 tatripwn (i.e. 
dmrAIotf) T0in Tff 5a'^n|f 6pwiiKat r^it wpb riir (^v/mSt iwraiUwwt, Tert. de 
an. 1 of Socrates nihil mirandum, ii et in eorrere invitcatrti Anifti et Meliti 
palmas firntieuM infriufiere ipta morte coram immortalitatem vimlicat 
animne, Csftaubon on Bnet. I)um. 28 first cxpUined thi>« verse correctly. 
In the Gr. liSt. conversations (Haapt opato. ri 445 1 — 5) the Jjat. nins: 
Umdem tcripti. — Cuiutt — lovit Capitolini. — Leffe. matfue dixiilL tolie 

M 119 vocts racTnjif Mart, cited on ver. 81. On barristers* fees see 
Qnintil. xii 7 g H seq. Fricdiiindcr cites liAbbe gl. xi p. 427 where the 
modest sum of 100 deuarii satisfies the claims of all tho lawyers : iyttfur 
Wuiff wp^ TOW rp«r<jtn|r, \dfi^fU9 rmp* ai/rov 5i^d/Na iicur^' Mj^cr ty 
lurvX^^ (the eau»idicun)...K9l rwr rvrvy6^ff (in tlie Lat. adcocatin) uoX yV 
Mpuv^ (the praffmaticut, in the Lat. iurit perito), Ua owou^atirtpor r's- 
9m^n»ouf vam** 

„ 130 rKLAXTDCX nr 42 n. Varro tvw^ rrai^ror (fr. 209 Bitchelcr) 
in Non. 49 14 non animodrertit eetariont mm vidcre volunt in nutri 
thannos, e^ceudfre in malum aite, nt penituB per aqnam per*pieiant 
pi»ce$ I NiHuen itol. Lsiidfttkunde i (Berlin 1^83) 110 111. 

„ M MAunoni'M KriMEXiA nuLm Ov. n^m. 707 — 6 Daunin* an Libyoit 
bolbus tihi miMun ab orin, \ an reniat Me^arit, noxiun omni$ erit. Tlie 
edible ^oX;9it from Africa, which we cat, known to all (Dioscor. it 200. Plin. 
XIX f 95. oilier kinds |^ 93—97. xx f% 102—0). cf. Oribas. ii 22 where Darem- 
berg renders *vaccet,' a word unknown to Littn<. Ath. 03^—04' (04^ the 
'royal* best; next the rod, the white and African rnXXtf^ct; the Egyptian 
vornt of all). Thoophr. h. pL vn 18. Paul. Acgin. i 70, m 8, whera 
Adams (i IIH, nt 73) takes it to be a species of onion; not, as Sibthorp 
and Sprciigel, of musk hyacinth, edict. Diocl. vi 41 bulbi Afri tibae 
[tkfe] faniani maximi numero ri$inti, denarii dnodeeim; 40 smaller onea 
art rated at the same price. 'Le nora de bulbut s'applique anx oignons 
d*tne fouk de phintet bnlbentet, parmi letqaelles il terait dilBeite 
<• tiMitir. hmkn [vU Bibtliorp ton Or. i 886] lOl obttrrer q«*0B 









iiuini«e en Or^ce Tnifnion do Vhyaeinthvn comtmif, ci qn*oii Ic nomme 
a^Xftit on fiopfioi (Waddington). At a frtiKAl bonrd Plin. ep. i 1.1 i 2. 
VefR. tnoivt. 00. Thcokr. xiv 17. Part of the paj-nioni in kind to t 
fdcMider Mtft. nr 40 10. 8Ut. ■. nr 29 80 noji repUetae | balbornm 

m 120 EMMRXU Epikt. n 7 f 8 ft l»dj. diPpntchinff rA irXoTor ru^ in- 
^^rUw to GnitilU in exile, wm wAined that Poniitian vonki m*ixc it: 
*Better.* the lenlicd, 'that he ulionld •cizo it. than that I »honld fnil to 
Mod it* we alM» Itiimvh in Ztvchr. f. oeat. Gymu. 1880 818. Uonifaot 
(p. 86 Jaile) lias the form -a -me, 

„ 121 nxrsi, QCixorB laooxae for the appcwition Dritannicns ritci 
Plant. Ps. 1203—0 m$l mi artffHtnm rtdtUtnr, \ rIfliHti minar. Plin. 
SIT f 05 Iff qMii vimtm Grueeum AmincHmqnf octonh tifri* finjiHln quad- 
mtttaliA vfMHeret. The Gcnnan •ein Glaa Birr' ect. in onlv apimrrnUr 
ABalo|:oo«i, for 'Bier, W'ein, l-lcinch* cet. with moiphtn and nira^um 
Me mutikted cenitirefl (Hejte, Lchrb. d. dentwhen Spimche, it* 180—7, 

„ 122 at coxnorr AmBcs rxra Darenibcn; diet. deB ant. awrewf, dig. 
L 13 1 f 12 «/ cut caHtnm tit hoHomrium rrf t( qui' tfe lilt pnrim e$t, 
videnmuB^ an i>rtrre pmrnit, et qnidem de jutcti* itn e$t utrriptiim «!> 
imptntore nv$tro rt diro patrc fiut: *!iti» caura malo more petnHiitm libi 
promUuim ip$e qitoqne prvfitrrh, ud hoc ita iitt eat, ti m^pemn lite 
toeietatem ftitttri emotnmeHti citittio poiUcetur. $i ivro po$t caHMin uetam 
eauta est homturia tummtt, peti poterlt u*que ad pwhnhUcm qntrntitntem^ 
€t$l ffOMiae prtlmnrii mnInm $it: tie tamen, ut compHtetwr id quod iluiiim 
ett cnm eo quod debetur neutrMmqne eomjfotitum lieiUtm qiittutitatem ex» 
eedat.* licita nntem qmantitat inteUepitur pro tinguUt cautit tt$qMe ad 
•entnm anreot. 

.. 123 rBAoxATicoBCM Orclli inaer. 4081. Henzen 7270. Qninttl. xn 
8 f 6 pettimat rero conMuetudinif, UbeWt e$*e eoutenlum, quot eomponii 
MUt litigator, qui coi^Hfiit ad palmMum, quia liti ip$e uon mjflrit, aid 
aliqait ex eo genere advoeatornm, qni sc non poH«a agcrc confi* 
tontnr; deinde faciimt id quod ett in agendo dlJUHlimum eet. ropudt 
Friedliinder t> 202, 207. 

H 124 Plin. ep. T 4. (21). 13 ff 6—10. 

H 125 teq. nee the conteniptuons dencription of DCliiya. or. 4 (i l/vS* 
4 Bu Lne. fugit. 10 Philoeophj dceeribcn sophittt a* a apccir* of Hip- 
pokentanra, rv»#rri^ n mU ^crer iw /Uo^ dXajortiar koI fiXtetiiat 

„ 120 QOADBiiroEa Uttller Handb. d. Archiiol. f 100 4. Philo leg. M 
Oainm 20 (it 505 XI) to npito tlie Jews the Alcxandriani let np in the 
largest and tnont famous prottuekti an image of Gains ar^^yra x*^*^ 
ivexeviic rsr reBfiwwi^. 

„ „ TESTtBCLia Aen. vn 177. 181 — 6. Prop, i 10 1—8 quae fnenm 
magnit olim pate/oeta triumpkit, | ianna..., | CMint inaarati eetehrtiruwi 
limina enrrns. Tac. xi Bo in Tcstibulo nfigiem tuttrit Silii atutnlH 
oematut ahotitam dewwattrat, Snet Kcro 81 of the goltlen hooso: vetti- 
bvlnm eint/nit, in qno colottut exx pedum ttaret iptiut ^gie, llarqnaidt 

M 127 BBLLATOU 'eharger' with tquut (Vcrg. Or. TFL In lexx.); 
Wttievf equmt (Prop.)* 

H 129 ooirrvnaAT bankmptej m 180 — 8. si 46—58. BXirvf no 
SRaTaa. 4. 9 (eited p. 282 fin.). 

8U. I H Mrt« l»iro. LongM ni If wiftr 




Ad^eir. Tonp on schol Thcokr. p. 109. Rnhnken Timae. a. v. r*r 

VII 131 Lucian cited i 40. lutclkxta Mart. xii 20 8 iheeUent foreed 
mainttmmferre patique lutnm. **t *• o wie cucni loreea 

H m jiraaixA iud. Marqunrdt PriTatl. 743—6. 
•• Jo- ."Tir*"**'^ *^ ^P' Hcinrieh on schol. (wL 1 890-0). 
„ IJa 1,0 rtapinA tbxi>it caohoicuu iu 283 n. Cic. Att. xin 12 4 2 
Ugunauam praechre vendidisti: po^tliac, quidqmd ta^i^roVtiU 

rC?^l"r %'^^'"\ P- ^"»'^*- «^» rJia^ac^i/oiaTTTuderet^ 
I'rop. I 2 14 quid lurot ornnto proeedere, vita, capiiio \ ...tegue vn-e. 

Tend u It conchglin cennt. Ambr. off. ii f 70 amhitu vettium MoUnteM 
ytUH^Hii tujTMgiHm, Luc adr. indoct Woompai^ thoL^^^^ho 
l^.^n^l^'^Ti '^ '^»"« »7,~»a,siuR uSS^uTUiTq^ck Jho 
ai3 n 73' r?M i '":?"'^"•»»•?>{? o'iT^y. «»vcr and gold. Acau.idicut 
J113 «. I 32) m a Swim miciiption Wihnanns 2472. On the manufoe- 
tore of purple SCO H. BlUmncr Terhnologie...dcr GewcrS rK^^ W 

£ I W"v^7 "V»"^™ j VP|»8 ^^^^^ I «4-24a A dandy flnte-K 
m 1 nacilr. V 7 30-8 ; a daiidjr harper defeated by a mnetcr of the craft. 

S^'^SIljra'^im'^^^-rt*'^^ ^ ^ •* '^ dHMrhniJl^CLlIc^ 

^v^ia r.\o., r«, y.««, iwiWfiwmma, «a Ari\»v(?« irpXXdl .«i AaSKr 

Tt^.r^ '*^'"''"'' '*'''"'**• ^•«- ^'^^ tJ»« pleader: tasi reVoVai 

togatoruin comnatn, a egre^utt quae in publico tpecicMt ' 

S^nn r.-I s 2'"*!?" ^''*"f ^'.'•'•■'^ ^ ^<^""*' *"d Mublmann faeiet. 

rebut facicn tHiioNora tiuintrii, QuintiL Ttn 5 | 22 (invcntionculae) 
UcionigcHnblaHdiuNtur. ShakesiHjare • tlie ootwwd/ci« of royalty.' 


16 2 caunat umnc agit et dueena quacrit, 

.u." }^^ ^^^^^* "****^,* ^"^^ ^« Piaenotione 1 (xir 509 K) those who 
S^«S .K^^r*. ""** """^^ *," medidne but in all arts, flatti-r the rich, 
^nd their U»vfe-. escort them through the streets , and not only so. bnt 
Jwrjr rwr UiW«r «ai la«rirX<i#rjnXmX€i^ «•< r^ rX,Jtf« riir i«oW. 
•Wrrwr coi #«f 1^ d^^«r wapa^KiUf rott Uuirat ipuwtiOouaip, m oM^ 

pEr«r«.^i \ i;^^*'*^- ^^P**/ of rings by fashionable musiciana 
ma. XXXVII m 7 UExxixica. 

141 sEii*! Uor. a. I 8 11 12 Imhebal taepe dueentot, | taepe decern 


H 142 SELLA Mart, n 22 10 ef mea tit culto 9011 mcliente frequent. 
M „ TouATi Mart. If 74 cited on 181. 

mmJ!:,y^ i^^ «"*^ ^•'^ " ^^ '•"'*^'"'" togatis jwi« et ante SsmAimm | 
S?^/ I w "" ^''^''''" *»'«•< '*'•««. I «rf •"« 'oiwMiii CfiHii/a cum rtum 
mwt,\ 2iaterur, cernitt invidere nolito, \ iioa illi amicos et grcges 

.«*if ?'"«"i I * "'»c«J«n"» pracstat et Favcntinus (iiionovkiidcrs). 
S «li"* '^^ ^'^'^ •^^^ perrfirf/#ss «e qnettu», \ dam neglegeutem dueit 
iJ^^Vli %T*\l V" •^*" *'^P' '*•*«* '* Z''^" '•"*««• Sidon. cp. I 
A^F' -I -^ '*5^* d*tofnttigatittimieontulnrc$ .... afrviNear «MiVf«m, s£ 
Jonianbut egredtebtiutur.artabal eliontium praoTia firc/iM-ffNa ciVtasi- 
VT A*^'"!.r"*'' ^'«r«"» («««* by lliKttalt) de orthogr. (idil gramm. 
nilSj 3) ci/vNM petlet tunt qj^kia terrorum, ante prdet auUeormm: 
M»9emUe log all anU ptdta. oo»vci4 ad Hortaa. «it«l 40 a. 






vn 155 150 QUOD err caumi •smn atqvb vn •miwk qicksmo Qalntfl. 
in 9 ii 6 ante omji/a intueri oforUt, qaod nil genu* cauiiiie, quid ia 
ea qiiaeratar. 10 | 6 arm mwftntrit genun cansae, tnm intnMwmr^ 
negeturne fnetnm^ qwid intemiUnr^ an defendatmr, «r alio nomiite ajifMi- 
letMr, an n ntnere nciiomh repeUmtnr: uude iunt ttatut. 11 1 1 hi$ iurtnth 
fNfircMr/irm deiMrept Herwuiffome ridelur, quid «j| qaaeatio . . .qnaeatio 
UtiH» iittclh'fiitmr omnia, de fWA in vtmrnqme pnrUm vfl in flnrta diet 
erfdihi titer potfut, % 2 in indieittU antem materia dupliriter acetpienda 
eat: aitero mof/o, quo dicimna multna qnaestiones habere controvenimm. 
^Mo eliam minorea omnea eompieetimur : aitero, qno aigniHcamua aamiBam 
illatii, in qna causa verlitur: de hae nune loqnor, ex qua 
naflcitur atatuii, an factum lit, quid factum pit, an r«ele 
factnmiit. (|3 haa liermafforaa et Apotiodoma et alii pimrimi aeriptom 
pntprie quaestionea mrffiff, Theoiorna, nt dixi, capita gcneralia, 
aieut illaa minorea ant ex illia pendente^ aperialia, 

„ 15^ MKRCKpex J. C. Lrakfcld diatribe de praemiia retcrnm aophia- 
tarum, rlict«iruiii aiqno oratornm. Jena 1719. 4to. llUrii*eniidittti 
Bcffitz und I'^rmcrb (Hallo 1«G9) 6^2—9. Petron. 58 iam aeiea paOrtm 
tMMm invrcciXcH perdidiaae, qnamria et rlietoricam aria, 

„ „ Ari'KLLAA Cic Colura. Qnintil. in Icix. Nqx Att 8 1 8. Sen. rp. 
SI H 11 renter praeeeiHa nan andit. ptweit, appcliat. non eat tamaig 
mde^tna creditor : parro dimlllitnr, ai moda daa itii qnod deitea, non qnod 
potea, ben. i 2 | 8 nemo benejleia in caUndario acrihit, nee ararua ejraetor 
ad difm et h^rttm appcUat. lil 7 1 1. ▼ 31 1 8. vu 22 f 1 qnod dekea, 
quaere rni reddaa et ai nemo paaeet, ipae, te appolia. conH. ^lare. 10 1 2. 
rem. fort. :i H 2. Longol. on Plin. cp. x 96 (97) f 7. Savaxo ou fiidoB. 
cp. ▼ 7 p. 3.^. 

•. ^ „ ci'i.PA PocExna Qnintil. n 10 i 8 ro qnidem tea iata cu Ipn do- 
centium reeeidit, nt inter nraeeipnaa quae eormmperent eioqnemUmm 
canaaa iicentia atqne inaeitia neelamantinm fneriL 

„ 159 LAETA PASTE MAXILLAE Pen. II 58 54 andea et pectore laevo | 
excHtiat fiuttaa lattari praetrepidnm ear, a* rightly undentuod by Coninntim 
and Gihlcrslccvc apiiiMt Caianbon and Jahn. Doer * iere qnod ksitur in 
1* non cnt»ri librarii buiua cod. orijcincm ilebero eed iam in cod. X eiiti- 
tivflc couneiiBus tlocet nchedamm Ariovienaium ex codem fonte dcdneta- 
nim. trita vcro lectione aoocpia ' mamillam ' boo loco aifHiifiean iubemui 
'ppi'toA*, qnod n iiae voce inteUectum vult pluralcm ponit poeu (n 401, 
491, ne his quidem locis propria notione ncglecta) cum lingnUri annm 
im^v dcclaret <^na nolione itatuta demum eomica ireniua xiii 108 Tie 
ducet : iicquc aham Hguificatioiiem rabeaM looo xii 74 facile eooeedaa. ^ 

quo Mormon in unn ob«ervato in lectiono tradita fn^rae aeqnieaoero lioet, ] 

pOMiN popplcro laerae a parte ij3miociii [aie] non dnriori quam veiM xtv 
90, a1ii<« fltatuta. bene autcm at libris mmofltantiHimiii ab omni parte 
■nfllciamnii w liabct ablativua ex moie luTenaliano uude positua Yelnt 
xiii lt»\ ieetia diveram parte tahelUa, denique vl\A parte paeno in adfifUui 
tcmporin abiit xi 71 leq. el atrvUat pmria euud , . nraci* 

tt l<*in ABCAMco indl 

M 161 miua 8IL sn 818—41 iwn di» Ilia fam Mllf Im wm ntt m 
mUs\aaailiett Bidoo. «. 7 lit UO. 

„ 108 PBUBKiAT AH M. ad HiRim. m I 8 Md •< AesMfiii; «l 
ill eonaultatlone miteri «5 l«f» rflfenf, allerf «5 kaiteatm eenlentim §IU «l 
te delikermthm eonm, pU • fmm firaaMfwl dtUberaiitt flvid 

M lil 181 AM RXAT VUSH A CISnB WL Bfll Mi 8 iSf «MVM^ f«< 



mnUmnrtl Tac d. 84 in old timet the yoang utpimnt to pnblie life 

attachi^d hininclf to the chief orator of the day and attended all his 

upccchcfl in the ctfurtn and in the oimenibly, ita Mt altfreathwt quoque ex- 

eiperrt ft inrgiit inUretuttt utqnt tic direrim, puf;naro i n proolio rf/#M- 

rft. mtifiHH* tx, hoe ««««, mtiltiim coMftanthe, ptiiHmum imiieii inrrnibui 

ttntim rontiMfi^lMt, in media lace tludfHtibua ittqtie inter ipm ditcrimiwa 

. . . aemiili ferro mom mdihmt dimicnntet, 85. 87 1 plMre«...bonoa pnelia- 

tore* Mtn qiiam pnx/frHMt, timilit floqnfMtitif eowdicic, nam quo mepiwa 

ttelerit tamqunm in acie qnoqne piwrt et intutfrit icIhm ft rxreperit quo- 

qne nwioret ndcfrMinnt acrioresqne pagnan nibt ip'tt HftHmimrritf tantn 

nllior , , ,in ore hominum O0it, DChi^s. or. 3*i (i GC8 It). Qointil. t 13 

i 17 declomntione»t qnibut md pafiiiam forennem velnt praepilmttt 

fxrrrrrl mtlvbrnmnM^oHim inm ob ilia vera imoffiMe oramli rece*»emnt ntqme 

«d ntlitm nmfHHiittie rolnptntem ttervi* eornit, ttoH alio medinu ^fidiiu rif /• 

dieeutimm^ qutim qno maneiplofum MffintiatoreM formae pnerorum ririliiate 

exrina IfHoriHanlHr, i 31 f. mit, qui oralorem nfndemu* ejffiu^ere, up* 

arm a, ted Itfrnptina eloquent itu demntt |22 ifiitur et ilte, qttem intti' 

tniinitt, adnleiitfn*^ qnam maxime ptttett, componat te ad imitalionem 

reritatifi. initnmnqne frequenter forenniam certaminum paKnam 

iam in ttltola rirtorinm niectet et ferire ritatta ac tiieri triat. 18 f M 

(npcakiiiK of ruUn laiil down lij Tlioodonw and Apollodorun) haee pne- \ 

eipiunt, qui iftti non divunt in foro, nt mrtet a teenrit otionitque eompoaittui i 

iwn pii»;nao ncccMiiitate tnrbcntar. IMiiloHtr. lopli. ii 3C g 3 the \ 

wmouf Miphixt Ilerakk'iilea bnrfie down, for fear of tlie court and iniaidii, [ 

in an extrmporao* npecch before tlio emperor Sevemii. Such a failaro [ 

jon would blame in a eantidient {dy^ptuot), for boldneuft and asanranee | 

are the mark of hin cUm; #9^t^f M {frvocM^wr /ittpaKlmi rb wtM r% 

Vi/^t vwf Af iwrlffxot itswX^t ; a grare face and backward praite and 

tlie aUcrnre of aci'UKtoincil aiipUuKC m enouph to bewilder him. ko the | 

letter ol riiny (i IH) to his book-worm (tchdattieMt ib. 24 g 4) friend I 

Hnetoiiiiiff, who was frifrhtened from pleading by a dream. [ 

VII 173 UNRRA Petron. 3 eomm. ntrndnm inrenet deelamationibnt eonil* 
nebunlur, eum Sophoclet ant Enripidet inrenernnt verba qnibut debertnt 
loqui, nondnm umbraticas doctor iutfeuia detererat, cum Vindamt 
noremque lyrici Jlomerielt certibut eanere timuerunt. et ne poetot ... .ad 
tettimtfuium eitem^ eerie neqne Platonm neqne Demottheuen ad hoe ffennt 
exerritationit aeeettit*e rideo. Toe. »▼ 53 8eneca to Nero A.n. <i2 ego quid 
aliud muttijieentiac tnoe adhibere point quam ttudia, ut tic dixerim, in 
am bra edueatat 8tat. s. t 3 UM — 9 In, quamquam non ante forum Iryw- 
que tererat \ pattut, ted taeita stadioram ocealtas in ambro, | 4e- 
feutare metut adrertaque tela tubitti | pellere, inormis adhue et tiro, 
parentit amiei, Nerer did Boaialas see such tender years medii ballare 
toffata I strage/i»r/. Amm. zn 1 i rx aeademlae quletit ambra«iil<a 
mm e militari tabernaeulo in puleerem Martium traetut, 

„ 174 175 Tius TESSRMA nuxKXTi Marquardt RtV. n* 110—185, 
eip. 128—180. IXTass. colls tbem w^tupla, (#. fuxpi, IvXira) or wi/tfltlKm, 
fienndorf (Ztsehr. f. cost. Uyma. ziti fOS— 4) reckons SO eitont spsei- 
■ens, mostly of lead. Thij iMins the standing Attribute of Annona* tht 
wutdint. Mid sometinMs two or thne otn of eon t .on the iwoms is oAsn 
a female figure with ft cornucoplee In the left onn, ft rndder in the rif^t 
hand. Hirsehidd iOhl YenmltangiWMdi. i iS8--lfO, also in FhlMesue 
Kiui— 00. 

H 174 ntfuu elftves ivim numnnlUed on condition of meUng ow 
lo thilr fftltone ceiiVterfo lad olh« IniinMS pH. If t4) ft« fir lyilewi^ 




Mir* TM ir6pmt rm r«Xirwr ^iAar#^Mri« ^^w#i rtct lff3«M^ r^ 

Tn 170 QVAim nocBAT Plato apoL 80^ Wi, ifr I' ^yw. col jr*3«r^ I nl 
vA#«v Iclirffffi; Ev^TM. f^. <# 2:iMrMirfff, lldi^M, Wrrt ^wr. 

M 176 177 in an intcriiHion in Teoa (Uenncii 1H7.'> uOl— 8) we And 
the folloving ycartj liipendi: (1) three grammariani (for boyK and girig| 
•00, fiSO, 600 dnehini ; (3) two drill RcrjeanU (railor^^) each lUO dr. ; 
(8) one teadier of arehciy and of tiirowing the javelin 2u0 dr. ; (4) mm 
fmcini^ master (ovXcfuix^) ^100 dr. 

M 178 BAUCBA Saglio in Daretiibein diet, den ant. hathenm, 

•« 178 170 roBTicct, ni «ua oiumTtn noMixcs Mart, zu 67 S8 intrmqm 
^itngfi diuus ftttdo (utt¥tm 

„ 179 oBCTBTvn Galen ti 839 K alM^Sr. 821 and 834 «(wf^cf. m 
188 aiijpait cal vc^rireif cal ^XaMleif. 

M 180 LOTo BatiL Lap. 11 13 ritelUiintempHertMttentataediieilpaWMm 
per 1 a t B m trahemeu. Sen. ep, 1U7 f 3 ridieulum est queri, quod s^r^rit 
imfuhlieo mui Inqtiiiigrii ^m Into. 

„ 181 OBOOLA Btat ■• T 8 64 88 AMU btfb rigaret | tudor equum am 
fUtH soHittim darti nngnU campo, 

M „ MCLAB Maffentedt die Viehsoebt der RAmrr (Soniterfhaofen 
18C0) 100—174: couinion la Iwad idnoe David'e time (Winer liW. 
iimtiUhier, Boehart hieroz. 11 e. 19—31), and nincc tlio Houierio ifte hi 
Oraeee (BnehhoU die honerieeheii Bealien 1 3. 1878, 183— r>). Ucha 
Knltnrpllanzen n* Hannthiere* 118, 603 — I. Hcrmann-Dlttnincr Gr. 
PrivatalterthUmer p. 114 n. 0. BtiU U^r^lj OKcd in tlio 8. of Europe 
and in Eaetem kndii. Thilo de apee. leg. 8 (11 8II8 M) * mine prefer 
mnlee to all beaate of harden.' llin. h. n. vm f j| 171—6. n«cd *pccialljr 
In the reda (Iot. hi 10, 817. Varto r. r. 111 17 | 7 eeltrint rutuHtaU 
ilftemi em equiU ediKent redarlae, h( tibi habcrea, mnla^ quam t 
flteiiM barktittim mn/Imm. Snip. 8eir. dial. 11 3 fg 3, 5—7). Nero (Soet 
80 r.) serer jonmejed with leei than lUOO carriage!, toleia mulnnim 
mtftuUiM, caniuiiMtis mntionibnt, Horace, witli hie nio«le«t means, might 
ride a mule as far as Tarcntom, if ho cIiokc, without Iohn of caste (•• 1 
9 10.1). Mart iz 33 13 14 if 1 ask for wealth, it is not for vulgar ends 
eg. «f Intolcnta /iiMl T^riM wUki mala Uufnut | et Alasfifla meum 
w^ifm 0uberHet ef bnm. cf. ii 70 4. 


deeempedit ) flN^far«fWraf/«opaeara | |iorficN« excipiebatarcton. Vi- 
tniT. n 7 (•4 I 3 p, 144 36 B) meHira [tridiniaj ad tepteHiriomm 
(speetare debentj, fNod ta rt§io bob ut reliquae per tohtilium propter 
eakfrem ejfkitur mettitcM, eo quod ett arerta a so/i> eunu temper rr/rifieraU 
H MlubrtMem €i totuptutem in bsb wmettai, Dijbtzkb. Marquardt Pii- 
VBttoben 848. As the ancients had neither stoves nor deal floors, thsj 
iepeaded mnch for warmth in winter (as now the Bomans) on the aspect 
of tho windows. Vitr. t 10 I i (for baths) primum eliffeudtu loeui eti 
fMBM cuUdiMimut, Id est avemtt ub e^pUntrhue ei aqnihiie, ip»a aittem 
teMturiei Upidartuque lumen hubnuU a* occidenU Mbemo, Colow. 1 § 1 

Mo. tpi T 6 if i^ S^* Si* 

M 99 CBBATM FMroii. 77 fRfer/M dvsi IfertuHui vi§iluU uedifkMl 
ktm dsMBM. «l sef«f, e«Mtla eraf ; bbbc temptum uU hubet quuUuor 
•onatioBf a, enWeBia trlginii, portions MarMoraloe duot, tutum eena< 
AioaoB. tai. ep.90i|9,U. ■.4.ivl8|l7 qummpit t enationeni 

al igm wmllo dtmttu kUmeth flia. sp* B 


17 I 10 dfiude rel ehbicnJum ffrande rel modiea eenatio, quae pluriwM 
tote.., hiret. ib. {| 13, l.'>. t 1 31. 

Tn 18.1 FrLMEKTARtA Haupt opuac. n 83 et coco die ir( pal men t aria 
bene rondial {urn ri vpo^^d^ui saXi^ ip^^f)' On the wages of cooks see 
FOrpli.vr. on llor. s. i 1 103 L, . . Camiue Homentanwt adeo $ine renpeetu 
ealcuturum mwrum prodiffut, ut •eetertium irptHarfiet fiutae ae Uhidini /a- 
penderit. kuiut Ulterlum ifamam nomiue cocum SaUuttiuM C'rinput htt' 
torhmm tcriptor /ertur centenii miiibns annuls eonductum ha- 

„ 18J— 187 317 n. 8tob. fl. ZLin 96 the vineyard committed to a 
slave worth not UnM than two minae, tlte children to a worthlc^s Iil>Tian 
er Tliracian. Hon. rh. oontr. 20 1 14 dixit liaterin* quHtUMiam quereutibu* 
pusillas mcrcedcs eum aerepigte, eum duat rte ditceret: nuiiiqaam 
magnas merccdcs accepisso ooi qni hermcneumata dooerent. 
Ifaniiwnlt PrivaUoben 92—04. 

„ 187 IT MULTDM ind. Iff. Hier. ep. 133 1 18 bbnm aaf, at mnltam, 
frvi koMMncMlm, Vopise. Aurclian 48 fl 4. 

„ 1N7 1H8 DBS xi'LLA MiBOBiM ooBSTABrr PATBi orAX riLivs GatalcoT 
on Antonin. i f 4 (whero tlie emperor |*rofi?Mes gratitude to his great 
gramUntlicr for having taught him to attend public lectures and employ* 
good teacliers at Iioiik*, and for tho lesson $n eh rk retaOra hi ixupiat 
MU#*ffir. His corroti|Km.Wnc0 with Fnmto sIicwm liow lie reverenced a 
tcarhcr who. in style at least, eonkl scarcely have been Icks worthy of 
fanitation). Hcribon. Largus dedication to C. iulius CailiKtiis (PaUv. 1066 
p. 4 1. 10 up) tuMt qMiiUim qui /ihtrit omnia quam $e ip»m aenllmtiHt, 
Varro Mt. Min. v<^ ihtwitirm it, 404 BU. in (it'll, xv V.) (|i 1 tlienu ars 
twy many, to whom Vamo's words will spply) i 3 #/, qiMntiim op^rae 
tumpninti, ut tiiiit Pinter bomim faeeret pauem, einn dnoderimam pliihttophiae 
dediniteii, ip*e bouut iampridem eaaet faetH*. wnne illim qui voruHtt rolnut 
emerf wilibun eentum, te qui uorit nemo eeutHmin. J'hit. «le eUuc. 7 i*r. p. 4 
(iloHiind p. 6 12) *now when children be growen to that age, wlierin tiioy 
are to bo eominitted unto the cliaige of tntom, schooknmKters and 
governors : then, imrents ought to ha%'o sn cs)iecial caro of their »tate, 
namely, under whom tliey set tliem to bo trainul up : least fur want of 
good providi'iice and foretiight, tliey betray tliein into the hand of some 
tile slavt s, boKC barbariam*, vaine and light-headed yerxons. For most 
absunl and ridiculous is the practise of many men in this point : who if 
tliqr have any servants mora vertooos or better disiioicd tban otliers, 
some of them they appoint to husbamlry and tillage of tJk'ir ground; 
others they nuike masters of their ships. Tliey eniidoy them (I say) 
citlier in mt'rchandiso to bo tlieir laetoors, or as sU'wardN of their houso 
to receive and pay all; or else to bo bauquers, and so the^ trust them 
with tlio excliaunging and toming of tlicir monies. But if they meeto 
with ono slavo among tlie rest that asetli to be eupsliottt-n, given to 
M^nttoiiy and belly diecrc, or otlierwiso \a untoward for any good servioe, 
hun they set over tlieir children to bring them up : AVheu'Ss indeed a 
governour over youth should bo wol given and of a right good naton 
himselfc, such an one as Pkoeuir was, who had tlio braediug and educa- 
tion of Aehillet* cet. cf. sat. ziv n. p. 380. Tac. d. 30 eiUnl on 318. 
Liban. iv ItW— 901 B oilier roeii*f strength residos in Uie body, tlie 
sophist's in tlio sonl t tlierefora yoa may liear a father sa^ that be would 
gUdiy purchase this posression for hia son at tlie oost of his whoto fortnua. 
btofj of a father who attendodlaotorea with bia son, aetUig as his vatla- 
>«v4i, thoHli iM katw tet hii alBfW vm iraatiBg hii aitBto Bl *^ - 




Tn 189 100 XOTOBUM FATonux FAfftt 37 nnllam mawrem etmt crtdiderim 
prineipHm frticitaleM qnnm ftcii*e ftlicfm et intereentiMe inopiae et vieUte 
forimnam ft dedi$u homini novum fAtam. Giuxa. (nftcr Xumcb.). 

„ 100—4 tbe Inckj man, liko the Stoio Mge (Locil. inc. 18.5 Miiller. 
Hor. 1. 1 8 12-1—0 l^hlmer), is fair and brave nnd wise and highborn, Um 
{■iiice of oraton and of athletes and of iiiii(!n*ni. 

n 104 ET, ti pBaraixn, cantat iexk Hor. cp. 1 1 106 praecipue mnm, 
niai earn pitnita molcsta eiL 

„ 105 ExciriAxr btat ■. t 6 00 70 ir^im Hle^ mtnu. ttUnre cndentem \ 
czccpi. Gbaxo. 

„ 100 Locil. xm 11 M (in Kon. 78) Ua nti qninquf no^trnwi e ^N^r<wf 
wtmirh in luctm editHt, Granp. of foamllingH 'Jjutvtiac Parisiorum dicti 
ie* rn/rtM ronfff*, turn tam« quod vcKtibus rnbris induantar, qnam quod 
•dhue a matre robentct ipsis in \ictfl cx|Mniantar et excipianlnr.* 

„ 107 DB anKTORK cosii'L ManiL iv 40 ex ejrtutf cttrnmi. Suet Galbft 
14 ex nMtMore pne/ectw praetoriL Capitolin. rcrtinnx 1 1 4 pner liHertM 
tirmenttiriit ft eaUmlo imimlnf, dattu ftinm (irtifco firammatico ntqnf iiide 
Sulpicio ApoUinari^ pott qntm iitfm Verlinax prnmmntiefH proftMHit <«#. 
Spartian. bcrer. 1 I S octavo deeimo omho pnblice decltimavU. Hand 
Tim. 1 100. n 044. 

„ 203 coRvo RARiOR ALSO Ro vhito bUckbirdft were exhibited as enrioKities 
Tarro r. r. iil f 17 {oiffnUinae rmiicof) aajpfctu ae ftieie iHfimtumitialne 
in onmtibmt puUicU wtentitoHi ttim ptittadu nc mem lis albi s, itfm aliit 
id ffenut rfhnt inntitatii, rrisciaii pcricg. 415—0 hif mernlos jttrhibfHt 
ftlbos {mimbilf dirtn) . . . nanei. anth. Pal. xi 4:iG tfarror /lyr \cv«o^f 
aSpOMat vriyrsf rt X'^Mrct I c^^u't ^ A^/tov pifropa Kavrada«vyr. 

„ 20s CATiiKtiRAK Hon. UTCT. vlt 10 H 1 fioH fx hit catlicdrftriis 
fhiUmphU, Friedliindcr i^ 2N6. Ennap. p. 401 »2 Didot. ib. AW roO wtw 
IcRfwrsd '^ci'> P* ^^ 7 (of bopatcr) tmi fia0t\tiMt iykiOnrai Opo^on, 
Aoff. do disciplina christ. d (vi U8i^ Gaunie) do not nliew your love to 
jonr neighbour bj partaking in his sins: say: ChrintianuM f», Chrhthnni 
f«B»; ROfi hoe aecepimtu in domo dltciplinae^ non hue dUUeimHt in ilUi 
oektda qnam gratU inimvlmnti nan hoe didleimut tub iUo mari intra rniiu 
•ftthodra in eofh e*U f 15 (088^) Chrittut t»t qni doceti catbcdrani 
in eofio hob ft , , . nehala iptiin» in tfrm ftt et ichtitn ipniu» rorpn* iptint 
eaL On tho bishop's eothfdm or aedea (alK'iico 'sco'). 0p6itot tco Uingbaa 
mt 6 M 10 11. URddan in DCA *catbcdra.' 

„ 205 BT omc this nu^r, I now think with Silvcstri, WcIkt, Tenffel. 
bt nndcrstood of Carrinas. *him too Athens saw in dentitution, nor daral 
IQ bestow on him anght bat ita hemlock,' i.e. it left huu to starve or end 
Irfe miseiy bj poison. 

„ 200 OBUDAS ciciJTAs Bin 180 K. Andokid. or. 8 | 10 p. 24. Lji. 
AT. 18 I 24. Vano Hecatombe vt^ ivouip in Kon. 27 (fr. 00 Biiclieler) 
Soentet emm in rincnUt pubNelt eetei et iam bibiuet Kttniop, in f»tdio ritoe. 
T^ XT 64 Seneca • • • Stntinm Annaenm, din §ibi amieitiae jide et arte 
wtedidnae pnhmtmnf orot provieum pridem renenwm, quo damnati pnblieo 
Atlienienolum iudleio ejettingnerentur, promeret^ adlmtnmqne hatrnit /rnttn, 
Miidm iam artne et eimto eorpore adrertum vim reneni, Plin. (see Billig's 
iad.) zxv 1 151. xnr 1 188 some took hemlock to provoke thirst ntHt eieniom 
fraetnmentibne tit bibere more eogot, Hermann -Stark griooh. Btaats- 
ftllerth.* f 189 (oar eommon hemloek, oonlum msoalatnm L. eign5 di 
Hoenii). Plot ser. nam. rind. 10 pr. p. 554* Wytt. Philostr. soph, i 8 

I St OfibM. n 686 Bar. ciARfMR In f^ dspM ifwruTYf tf#ri liri^MMi 
irarfwlpww. Um. Man. 66 pi; 





▼n 207 TEXXJKM FT siKR W!ii>ERB « 00 n. wtdo latere ft aerfo, Plin. ep. 
m 11 f 1 n. Ov. met. xiii 200 mdit et tine pertorf milft. Ov. sm. i 7 51 
olho ft tine tannnine rnltn. For the prsver tit tibi terra ierit see Prop. 
1 17 21—24. \Vilmanns p. 003 a. Orclli 7882. BriMon dc form, i c. 140. 
Kirebmann de fun. in c. 0. Ov. am. in 07 08 o«a g^'jjj. preeor, tnta 
reqniftcite in nma \ et tit hnmnt eineH non onerota tno. The corro-iwnd- 
ing curhc ib. ii 10 15 toiiieiti loteont terraqae premantur iniqna. 
Teit. test. an. 4 med. temim (iravem imprecarit, 

„ 2 »8 iml. rrr. 8il. xvi »10 Drak. Minuc. Oct. 12 | comm. Mart. 
1 88. 13eckprGRUuR»iii880— 1. Hermann.BUlronergr.PrivatRU.* 380—7. 
Ffvedracn w«»rc sometimes Iwund at cerUin times to crown tl»c deceased s 
tomb or hwi (Wcsclier and Foncart, inner, recucillics A DoI|iiirs, l*ar. 
180.1, n. no. 1»0. 142. 420. CIG 8022. Becker I. c). Varro (rim. xxxt 
i IWO P*ve onlcrs that lie should be burie^, Pythagoras-wise. amid leaves 
of mvrtle. olive and black poi>lar. Plin. xxi f 10 jtornm qnidem pnpnlnt 
Romannt himorem Sripioni tontmm habmit. It was Scipio Scrapio, who 
died in ollice, not leaving snflicient estate for his funcial exi»en«eji. attet 
ertfo contHlit poputut ae funnt eioearit, qnaqne prafferfbatur f lores e 
protpeetu omni upan'it, %ilet iam tnne eoronae drorum honot enntt ...«<? 
scpulcrornm et maninm. Capitolin. Anton. phiU 8 | 5 tantnmaiitem 
konorit mrtflintriM tnit drtnlit, nt imaffinet eomm anreat in larario Itaiterft 
Of se pnlcra fnrnm miitu hottiit floribns tfrnprr honoraret, I>CnM. txyii 
8 i 1 A.D. 8.1 nomilian slew tho pUyer Paiis for ailultcry with his wife 
Bomilin. aud as many rai dr^«#« aral pf'poif rbp riror iKttPo^tri/u^tM 
gave orders for them to bo slain. Kirehmtinn ito fun. iv c. 3. Marquardt 
BtV. in« 2118— 8tt». Kclienkl has not noticed that Aus. epiUph 80 ( =xvil 
80 p. 78 8) 1—3 imiUtes luv. timrffe mero einfret bene olentit et nnpuine 
nordi, I /wnri»r#. ft adde rotit balmma paniceit. | perpetnum miht wet 
opit iniaerimnhilit urna. l»rod. catli. 8 103 of Kden ver ubi perpetnum 
redolet, KIhcwIkw we tind rer aeternnm, attidmm, 

„ 200 Curt Wachsmuth die Wiener Apophtliegmen-Sammlong (Fest- 
schrift xur Bojnilwang der in Karlsraho voni 27—80 Sept. 18H2 tapendcn 
Pliilohwnvorsaininlung) n. 10. 131. The«)n (proRjmn. in S|>rnci'l rliet. 
gr. II 103 20-1 213 WnH) to tho saying of Isokrales «ri rsvt diiaoKd* 
Uvi wporiftvrUw naw wnripmv okuhyoprb fw n/"/. f* W 8«3otf««^s» 
r6 Ka\it tijp wapiex^^** re*«rts oAr /ripr t^o\w% jS". «' M^, ^ tn^ ei ^r4pt% 
«urf#Yorro. Capitolin. Ant. Pius 10 ff 4 Antoninus had brought Ajwlio- 
nius irom Calchis as a teaclicr of tlie young Marens; Ap. refusing a 
summons in Tiberianam domnm, becmase • rom matfitter ad ditcipHbm debet 
venire, $fd diteipnint ad manittmm,* he hiughed 'it was easier for Ap. to 
eome from Calcbis to Rome tlian from hU house to the mi/rt/iRsi. S 5 wlicn 
Marens mortnnm edneatorem tmnm Jleret roearetnr [7av.l qne ab amUnt 
minittrit ab ottentatione pietntit, the emperor interposed permtttite Oil, 
Mt homo tit: ntqve enim rel phitotophia vel impertnm toilit afectnt, id. 
IL Ani phll. 8 M 8—5. we the giatefU acknowledgements of AnroUas 

MHntn t Ai Ii I'l 

„ 200 210! mm tctjt flnqnent of the appointments of natnia 
or proridcnco. of established traditions cet many exx. in Mcrguet lex. 
Cleriv 1004—8 eg. Verr. i f 112 quid enim natnra nobit iuenndint, quid 
earint o s se to 1 a i t T Bull, f 8 Rie iwlRrtt miterieordem, natriaeeeerum t 
endelfm nee patria nee natnra esse Tolnit Gai. m W 144 145. 

,, 210—212 UETUBKI VIROAI «T CW KOK ILICXRRT PllU. Cp. Ill 14 f 1 B, 

I 6 f 6. 10 I 5. Sen. A. oontr. m piaef. f eoUloitus iJfcifiRialof et 
qitditfMeiMff«6limfr«l€ffMiraMdtef«Mf. FUB.iTiS4od0r«pra6* 






VII 210— 

■Untiiif fl q«o4 dlMtlmi irrTetar. xxm | 183. Sen. m. 7S I S 
ben. 1 1 1 4. lid a. Mnrt. i »0 0. Eutr. n, 12 pr. f««Viriiiri Ji'et 
2"i A P? ';«*T«'^**- pbime the anaf^e (couj. «ftcr giif conioc.) of Eotr 
Jill 8 rir insiffnii at qu mrrito ynmae PompiUo eonfarftlur W Uuitof 
^pitolin. Ant. P. S I S UudnbiliB et qui'i.mfo N.ri.M« WiS « 

II o70 (New lork 1876) hM cii. of botb iud. urn) coiij. ™«w 

TU JIO jiCTiRX. TiiuiAB iiMl. ri/^*!. Vopipc. Tac. A | 6 Tirffftram 

■ii««linm /rf/ftm tcrroriq uc. H«r. iu^,». 415 WiWiWl prhS.M. 

TO-6. n loo-*, S28. Or. ». ». i 13 14 of Achillefi «»/ Mttn* miehi 

lS.iiii?«It-i!w ,"* Marcclllnii^ «i.pcctmK the ponWiinc^t if 
Donatiit munleim) ^mjp/^ ckrintinne i^Htx. pii pntrh ojHelum ...noli 
^!^^f!r"^ rf'W-ff Hffcim, quam m f/M/i inqnUitione $errm,ti. qHfimh 

M^iu jrorrrfri<Ni/« « magiiitrit nrtiain libcralinin ft^bimh mi^. 
«u« p what the niMlisr impvt. to the child, the talor kceiM. V ^ -Z 

li5^^1I»fc A^t^T^' rirrfrjf reiorri#r. In workH of art wlitro Chiron k 
Jjnjwith Achillea and fait harp, tlie iinpil han a nio«t doeile air. Sea 

I Moeation d Achilla tvpr^Ncntco »nr leu monumcns do Tart (bolki. da 
U«d. do Bnixcllca 184<. « pt. 2 p. 4M). On tlio eoiiitr. Ilcin. i <K 
Mei.i888nictnantior«//adcnrnni. « v». 

_ „ H AciiTLt.i« ind. Tert. imll. 4 rV^i- <»;,ii,f mpictm et tihicolnm ei 
mam$trnm emditorfm Bcrnpen tehofn crmUtHt. 
a. -xf." WTiuaoEM MAoiaTBi ind. Cfciron. Or. ni. ii 030-9. He is 

Hm knowlcdRe of medicina Cnut.J rit. Horn. 202 pr. Kil. xi 4IU-4M 

aa^^i CJUSS"^^^ *!!7"" ^'*'"'"- QiiintUian. advoeatins (i id 

ZJ^y rni.*^"/^"* '*'^'; rf-rereril. cct. Max. Tvr. Hi (IH) « 1. Liban. 
SLJL P-i?:-!^"?"' *1f^*/.^ protrept p. 87 Scbenkl) 20 21 tk 
aXl ai***" l*r'***t* ^?*'*" Achlllam | Thr^lico permUm 

fiatH ?*•••'• w-^Wfinis | hlB«itamdupliaiatimanama. 

5SS^rflSl *w!l* ''?" ""•«jf»roa. I>6«yi. or. 82 (t 0;m It to tba 
^?^^!22^ *' i" J**' "**/ no wnall nnmbor of tolled i^nioi. 

iMMwe tod adian and tha Bka, 4otof no iood, hirt Iha fwirtiil Bito. 




chief pomible« aceaitoming the ignorant to mock philoaophera, iSrw^ay 
•( wmBdi nt ^^j^ lifa#ffdVtiP xara^porf >. 

Til 213 fiCA QUBMQCE OH BUA QUARQCB SCO Dr£|^ hiat. Sjmt. I* 78 79. 
LiT. Ill 22 1 6 Weina. xxit 8 $ 6. Tac. xiv 27 Kipp. Caea. b. c 1 83 g 2 Kra- 
mer- Hofmann. lex colon. Inl. Geiictir. (a.t.c. 710«b.c. 44, in epliemcria 
epipnph. n 115) tab. 111 7 12 (expanding abbrenations with Hilbner) 
dnumrir nfttiUi praefectus cdomne Oenetirai luUae quiaimqme erit^ m 
iuo qiioqnc anno mafihtrntH impfriw^ne facito. 

„ 214 cicEiioxr.x ALLonnofiA Qnintil. xi 1 j| 89 qnodad Mtlmae* exUnu 
pertinrtt Cicero varie . . . AllobroRaH nt ho*tf« iHttqnUnr. Compare 
the taunt of Rcgnlua (Plin. ep. i 6 9 11) Sntrim Hnfut^ cni non ait earn 
Cicerone aemulatio, et qni eomtenttu t»t eloqufntia taeculi noairi, 
1 12 now that yon tell me. Ha}-* PI., I see that it was meant apitafiillj ; 
elM it might pans as a complinicnt *eft €Him...mihl cum Cictnne memnlH" 
tio. nfc anm coHtfulHM elaqnentia taeeuti mottri* Wo most iopposa that 
oor Ktifns was of Plinj*s waj of thinking. 

„ *21i> oRFMio cf. 2*23 n. tedhti. 

.. 217 Mnrqnardt Priratloben 92—01. Friedlinder 1* 288. esp. Knhn 
VerfRstong dcs rOm. Keiclios i 83 — 104. cod. Thcod. xiii 3 (do modids 
et profesNoribus, with Uodefroj's notes ; csp. a. 11 where the rkelimr ham 
double the pay of the fframmatiftm). 

„ 218 cisTos Plin. cp. ni 8 f 4 n. 

., 219 QUI nisrEXSAT, niAXOKT arai Friedlinder 1' 113 a 1* 112 Tmsi 
fortunes of iiiqierial d/«/icM<Mrorrs. 

„ 220 221 KT rATRRK isnis ALiQrin nr.CRF.scr.RR, kon AMTrm qvam 
msTiTOR ninKRXAR TtuiKTiN Fricdlsiulcr compares the banxaining in the 
inlfrprftnmmla (printed 1872 by A. Boucherio notices et extmits dea 
mannscrils xxiii 277 scq.) in Hanpt opiisc. u 440: f(io durtt me ad ventin' 
Hum, QMitnti pnrertum (Iha pair, ij ^r^)f Centum dfHnrih. QutiHti 
penutrtf DhcchiU dennriit. Son potent t^intL tnntl eoHttat de infertori- 
but (from the importers). Quid dahof Quod iuueri*. Da iili [e\rx9 
dennrio*. cf. Alexis in Ath. 224' iijr 9' ifivri^p, w6cov roiH Kterpdat \ 
rvXtU dv 6rrat ; 84k o^Xwr, 0fff <>. fiapv. | ^srW Xii^Soif ar ; f frrp tirtt r4r 
irtpop. I cS rar \a^ Ktd /lif vai^r ' ro^ot'Sl. vapdrp*x*' ^'or tho inttitor 
cf. Sen. ap. Hicr. adv. lorin. i 47 (ti 814') ins ti to ret jiemmamm terien* 
mmqiie rentium. The huckster Aiistoinoncs (ApoL I 0) hawked lioncj 
and cheese through Thcssaly, Actolia, Boootia. 

,. 222 ncMMopo xox terkat, qi'op 225. [Qnintil.] decl. 11 1 1 fin. na 
pereat, quod nltioui meae eontintiit bonnn pater. 

„ „ MRDiAB xocTii AB MORA iud. ludi. Libao. n l>02 R many leara 
their own houses and spend their timo in those of mngiftmtes, inter- 
rnpting their breakfast, or if thcry are asleep, fioaU nut rCiiv i^MrrMr 
i/fmrvl^roi Ai£XXor if rmi vpk riHP waiUywyC^ 9I wcu}tt. ro of tlie tutor 
(v«tla7«#YAf) ni 250 6 H avrim re «ai r^ Wsr vwdyet r^ Xi<xry, rot wpSnw 
9»nhe A^inW^af /r* kwlweie tpxe^a^ wXiem n rwr mXtirrpvivvr roiwr, iydptnf 
^i X^*P^' ^^ a^WtSr ToUfW reiCfruif %rrarac koX rk roO MmcKiXov, rsv /Uxf^ 
piv pteniftpplat elUreit rbif r/or, fieri raCra M aAx •purrot ovii €w4prm oHi 
vsrsOrrot wtfd aMw. id. ep. lai. 7. 

„ 228 sEDisTi iud. tedeo. Moaon. in Stob. fl. lti 18 (n 888 6 lleia.) 
9m I' stiff i^ipininptw rsO «a#9##a« 4w v4Xs^ Arwep si #«^i#7a<, r^ ^ |p 
X^t^ I PeerUwmp p. 288 dtaa •.g, Cie. Ann. 1 1 80 sfaf aa rsf in Cermmim 
Ckrj^(pfi aadaatla jianvete fnaMH. AaL ▼. h. it 88 of PhoRlqrdaa 
ta##M«rar...tf9 A^Xm pari tQkp iwffrflr. Pdlvi Tin pr. OrMbergar 
Intafang in kliM. AUwtlmBi n 9U-7. Jaha DuilaUuiaB aatikar 







neliefii, wckho iieh tuf Han(lwerk...bezioben (Ablmndl. d. BSiehn, On, m 
1801, 201—3). r. Annii Flori VeiKiUni oratiir an ix>ctA (in Jfthii*i 
Floras p. xuii 23) ' in retlitm ett mikl pm/r$sio lUlcnrMm/ * o rem imiiff' 
mi§*imamt ft qnam aequafen i$tud auimo, sedcro in Hcholin ct pocrii 
^raeeiperer' ef. id. eited 'J8tl. l*hiloiitr. noph. 1 21 g 1(» dieX/yer* I* 

S Xiyct ral ippwr9. On tbe gravcMone of a nchooliimfiter, from Capua, 
Im is Heated on a high throne, with a boy on his right band, a girl 00 hat 
left (Herniet 1 U7). 

Tn 324 QUI DOCKT OBLIQrO LAXAX DP.PCCrRR rEHiio i.c. $a/reir. Wnnr, 
Vffffccr, rrvTfir, edrire, emrminarf, peetfrf, jttctimarf, Tho workmen an 
emritore$, carmimttorett peetfiwrii, perttHttitM-rt; tlw comb Kttis, pccten, 
emrmrm (Vcnant. Fortun. e. ▼ 6 ptaef. 1 1 ciim...ut ita tlictum nit, niUl 
reil^retwr tx rrltere qmoH earminnrtlHr in carmine ^xnohthXy a sigiiilicaticNi 
Inirentcd for the pun: in Claud, in Eatr. 11 458 enrminn arc aurvly 'Must,' 
BoCat Bliiuiner tayt, 'eombii*). Konn. D. ti li.i— lU*^ M capx*^ 
Jerra yipw vrvirf re #<3ij^eir | ci ^ ^ ^ y {•irovtf'a rrpl xmi \17rra cw'fi^ 
Anth. Pal. vi 247 8 col cr/ra ko^mwo^v^. More in JJliimncr Tcchnobipt 
(aa dted 185) 1 104—7. MarquanU rrivAllobcn 480 -7. 

„ 220 QCOT tTAnAXT pcKNi IVihL perifft. 9 71—3 (boys taking rcn- 
ftanco on their matter) reAdlmn* <cce tibi tarn milia mutta uotarHm, ) 
fiMiai «tando,/<fi4io, te dtteentf exeepimHt, 

N 227 rL.«a;ci«...XAaoxi Friodliinder 1' 283 (tlic poctn* bunts, a postiUli 
hat not nccoKsary interpretation). On the poets as text-books see Petrol. 
48 toltkam knee enc puer ttptui ihmermm lepcre, Son. ep. 58 f o after tomt 
Virgilian criticisnit itoH id ago nMtte hoc dUiji^nUa^ Hi o«tendam, ijiiaHitm 
tempmt «/»Mif gram mat icum/>^rff/<lrrfm, srW Ht...hnc iutrllffirtt, qnantum 
mpud KnHiMm et Aecium rerborum $itm$ occupitrerit^ cum ayud huuc qMoqut, 
i|«i cotidic exeutitnr, aliqun Mfbit tHbtlMcta nint, Ong. in p«. 80 horn. 
S 6 (ill 18*J L) an important pastage on the eourw of study : gramma- 
riant (teaching poett, the drama, history) ; rhetoricians : p1iilo80|>hj, 
logie, geometry, astronomy, mnsie ; in short tJie trivium and (cxce|fting 
arithmetic) the quadrivium. ManioanU Privatkben 1 101. Gell. xviu 2 
1 0. Add to MulUch*t fragments of Xcuonhnnct 4^ opx^f iiu0* 'Oti^nfm 
4wA pMftm0qKa€t vrfrrcf (Draco p. 83). Friedliindcr 1' 30<J -^ 1* 410. IMut 
^«. eoov. VII 8 8 I fi would not haro tragedy among aerotimaln (rcdta- 
liont at leasts), nor tlio old eomtdy, partly because of its grosKnest, 
fMtftly becaote of its rooondito pononaf allusiout ; else, as a cupbearer 
IB a state dinner ttaodt at each gnctt't side, to each will nec«l a /ynua- 
wmrimm to explaiii who it Laespodiat in Kupulis. KiiiesiaM in Plato cut 

„ „ ■ABaBaBT...XAiioxi hiereo e. dat. 111 23.3. x 141. CatuU. Ycix. 
Hot. Or. Phaedr. Sen. trag. Curt Cehk Tac in Miihimann ; with /a e. aU. 
in 248. XI 54. 

M 238 ooovinoirB ti 495, xn 18L 

„ H oooxiTioya Taiacxi even to the time of Hadrian wo find tribunet 
MBpleyiiig intereenio against tlie orders of magistrates, the ancient 
mmxiUmm. Thia fanetion it to bo hen understood. CUims for hoKorarU 
wwn aettled not hj verdiet of a Jury, but by the praetor's dcoroe: 
ndmt matt bo oongnt from the tribone. Under Hadrian Pomponiut toemt 
lo dcteribo the drromttanoea exiating in hit own day, wlien before the 
•snaali, pnetort and aedilea ho namet tribunet of the peophs as madt- 
Intca (dig. I S S I 84) who iurm reddehant; an incorrect exprcttion 
4anotiBg tbair fnaelJon of annnlllBg % decree (Mommten rOm. BtR. iiP 
fl88t. CLi*SW8ll877.irhmlM€ilMadH«fBii.uil9M 

M »♦ 

tnepe diremti taaf, «« nlimd alii indici ant praetori anteonauU aut tribano 
fiebif phtHtum tit, where tlu) consular intcrcesHion is meant). 
Tn 230—240 obt. the anaphora of ut, dicnt, quot, exipiu wf , ne. 

„ 2.10 TEnnoncM aeorLA see exx. of tudi discussions in Gdl. xt t>. 

„ 231 niHToiii^t VI 450 mee historias sriVi* omne*, Maniuardt 
Priratlebcn ItN} citet L. Fricdlandcr de historiarum enarratiooo in India 
grammaticis (ind. lect. acad. Regiomont 1874. 11). 

„ „ ACCToaKs xoveaiT omxes tee the Taunt of qui*mam hnfinne Latiitae 
littemtor, with whom (Iclliat (xvi 0) amused himself afUr a tca-voj-aga 
%Heffebat barbare inMiteqne VerffiHi •eptimum, in quolibro kieteniuett: 

centum laniff<rni maetnbat rite bidentit, 
% iet inbrbnt nnmre ««•. si quit quid omnium rerum TcUct diteera. 
f 5 turn ffio indoeti homiiiit ronjidentirtm deminttHt: * doeetne* iuqnam, 
•mwi. mtitii-ter, cnr niMSNrRs diceinturt* Tho nebulo discovert hit igno- 
rance and Gellius h=s learning. . , . ^ , , , 
232 DioiTos GiiTonl • and hat* all authors at tlicir finger a end. 
„ roiiTK Holyday *by chance and on tlic by.' 

„ 233 piioKni BALXKA Dilcheler in Rhcin. Mus. xxxv (1880) 80a PA. ft. 
Inv. commemorat in qnibus imnperenlos littcrator lavct, quae l^f»*» 
mppethntnr scholiasU adicit. gratnito praebita balnea Aj^ripimo actUhtato 
cLxx. iam llomae ad infinitum aucta numerum PUnms xxxxi in 
seribit, balnea pccclti in notitia urbin numerantur. c:^ nou audeo 
adscvcrftru i.iem balneum fui»se print dictum a Plioebo. i>oHt cci. annoa a 
Daphne, %x;reor no intcrpreti ignoranti locum et qnaercnti intempestita 
tabvenerint Apollo et AiwUinis amores. Tlie foUowuig puzxlea all lelaU 
to Vergil Scrviut will famish msnr at edifying. ^ , ,. , ^ , 

„ 2.U Pint. qn. conv. tx 8 o: which hand wat Aphrodite woondad 1^ 

„ 230 ticcLAt to Markland ma. m u 1 • /— 

r. 238 CEHA on the nw of wax in the artt tee Bliimner Technologic aa 
citell 135) It 2—1, 164—9. With tho thought cf. llor. ep. 11 2 8 ar^iMa 
quidvin imilnberit wrfn. Sen. ep. 25 1 1 tenem/inifmntnr. 50 « 0. 

., •J3i» 201) n. notes on Win. ep. in 8 |S 8 4 p|'- 58-02, 204. Flor. (as cited 
223) XUII 25 seq. once I thonght of the tchoUttic profession at yon do; 
|«ir five vean I a-at to weary of it til nuMquttm rivcre putarem kominem 
miteeioicm. but on comparison with other caUings tandem attqnando 
pnlchtndo ttwenti oprrit apparuiL icire te enio nunc oiMrtel nnUHm 
maiui pracdiHui, nullnm proeumtionem, nnUum honorem deeenit q«nntu$ 
tit no^lrae profei^ioiiit : if the ennieror had made me a centuiion, a prefect, 
a tribune, it would have been no little distinction, si erpo nonCaeiar, 
ted Fortuna hoe fienut ttationit ininnxit uti puerit inuennit atque konetttB 
mraetiderem, nonne tibi pnlemm videor atqne mannificnm contecntut ojficiumf 
qnaeto enim, pnpint itiluere, ntrum praeelarint tit Mpnlatt* an pmetexta- 
lit inperaref barbarit eferatitqne pectoribnt an mittbnt et innanuf b0M 
Inppiter, qnam imperatoHum qnam reffinm ent tedero a »W'''<« ]»'•«« *; 
pientem bonot moret et tacmrmm ttndta liMcwrasi, mia oarmina 
praetetfentem qnibm ara mentetqne fnrmantnr. Sen. eons. Marc. 34 « l--». 
^ieren Libaniut 21 'the yinng folk were not without «>I«n:«»<»n;£!«7 
had their paedaftoffut with them and he might be of great terrice to tben^ 
Liban. in 255 tlw paedaffooi arc in honour nwt to the teachcra. ^tal, 
mily groat arc tlw beneUU whteh tho yonng derive from them: MyMi 
ndrb MarMrcir lara* tal r* weW cdXX»jr. i» w.t^wq. •»rm y^ 

■wSl^Mrraf , d«i#*«mf , ^F»emf, ete <-rrti ipO^, itnufrn dp rnm rif 


"m ii""' "wfr ?* "-i . r,'!' '; "■■"■4 SifT""'" "iS 

"• •■ . i?s,"^ <*. "i toV *"?'■ *• 

'■"*"/ M Til ""V*^ Onijir" •'^O roi.... -"WB. 

466 vin IGl. 177. x 311. 358. xi 171 xii 108. 130. 

Bnllet 1966 Uv. En.!. Fea in BiaiMoni*! Cirehi tov. xn. CIL m 
1133. 4784. 

Tm 161 nospim Ai>rECTO vommni bbobuqub ralutat Ben. ben. 1 14 
I 1 bemejkium f Mi f nfbwW/bff, dal nutU grmtmm: nemo te iltUMlarU out 
f ftuponii hoipitem indieat, CAlenot mjb of Cieero (DCass. xlti 614) 
tiite I* ipn wpoatiimit whrnit nX ># XiSr iSewtp «1 rovlMrfvr^. EunAp. vit 
•oph. p. 468 80 Didoi ^ M wpMfnkm rd) MwifXf (mt r4 W^ ^^iSr«, r^ 

•t 177 AC^A m UBBBTAf Sen. n. q. nr 8 1 inUr fmUoi magh f mm 
iwUr fkOMo^hM iMcf cite «eqa« libertti. 

811 81f ADULTCB pmucvf Sen. ben. ni 2S | 4 $erTnm tn qjtmtpiinm 
voeat libidiHtietgulaeitnMietaitiltenic, iMMOftdalterArum eouiuone 


hM been OfOftl to join extremmm nn an epithet with ipatium, §o e.ff. Mdlil* 
mnnn «.▼. exier eoL 1165 mcd. nnd Lemairo ind., bat mj brother (in a 
DOto printed in nj email edition, 1879), ri^^htly takcN it a^ a iNfdicate: 
*B|#X«wrM*' ^*^ Ay0m ef. 188 At upatium vitao: far from Iwing 
the proper objeet of a wiae man*e prajcr*. In 188 da t. r. is parallel to 
•Nfffof da, lupniter anmoi, ef. Sen. ro. 49 1 10 doct twn f$»f wMitum boimm 
9itae in ipatio eim, $ed in man. For inter with laiicrlatiTet tee Iot. ■ 
10 inUr^.notimimeu Hand Tnnell. m 894. 


In the ■j n ip o aiu m ef Xenophon e. 9 the joong Antolykoe ivtlrct with 
hia father before the mimie repreeentation of the dmnken Baeehoe and 
Ariadne !■ Intoodneed. The efloel of the action npon the qpeetatort (| 7) 
hX^ jnatlta the fiiUb«*a eantioa and Jnfenal*a proteet 

100 P. Amandi hiitoire dcf 4i6phanU dana lea gnema at lee fMM 
to penplea aneiena Jneqnli rintrodnetkm to annee A feo. I ii me Q W , 
AfdenI et 0. 1881. pp. 801. 

189 180 iKwmui avbvx szaiqitbt, vbo amit qubvqvam, wwt kianm 
MM VUJ9 1 looc ago traced theee woida to their aonivo Cie. aoiia 1 69 aaa 
f vit eaf, i»re tomai >ldfm affire kominnmt pii velit, ut neqne diligal 
qntraqnam nee ipeo ab alio diliRatnr, eireamflatrt ooinibM 
•opiit nlqif la omalnni rt ma abaadantia ?ivf re7 



• AirnriLrrocvUproadfthrtt ^. 

• — rliJB* • U<iM|<vMUo ooliortct f8 IM 
•ktHit vcvtiliuli* clkittc* I US 

Met Um^» ciimiait Itt SAi 

■UMhrc, dinuliito CIitm Mmc^m lerantar 

Mdora vvMlni vU M 
•iC^wdM TMMffiM iilln McRli llMlUte xhr 

ihniiTTT nwnauM xW 94 
•iMNMfvt vi-titaiM diirr xr ]<N 
•Uii^imi m'<lv liuiK KrairiMrc calriM xDI 171 
ilgiiliif iiMiUatu sUMMiitar Murfcfh alv SM 
ittriiiiilil iMic Kali« fackiu viM Mk 4 rt i i t 

cariiua -vre IvoelinM aU li 
•bMrtI petH Mc 1 19 
•toolviiwr iMiMo micvm m hidle* %M t 
ghtliiii qvilMM verbis niMtani olhlo alMit 
fbnitoe WMiriiitoM xl 1*1^ iMMtto Militn. 
MbM iNMito mvmm xv IL -^ cwH-tis 
MiualllNu I'jrUNVi'ffM 1*1 canM Mlttl» 
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tittanl Ifl la, aM iiarra sltaatacni co- 
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Mwrincia rrctarrm -cc vlU M. •at mctoh 
Ml MagaMi 1 4^ Icno aiarHai aioodtl 
boM U, tc (iailia vri |Miiai AMea v8 
14*. cupcrcillatibM VrnrtiilaalblNna-ori 
■l^ae taani (CadcMl Maiilao dara s Mi 
•ciMUi cUad««ila cift aUNM < ' 


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X 211 -I Faicmo xHl 21& -m mnkm 
>i 107. 4bao oxcMplb TUoor la daavie 
ahtei, ilMlirtt Jalat-lwMIe fM IIH 
tna taMicun xv «2 

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alTll. dawNacartliiBUoM 

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adc* pacrikt cxcrcctw xv UO 
AeiUtu pruMo UusMraM coeanto A. 

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•eu kRvf iti vtt lul iHm. eoatr. 9 1 Sf 
acaaMtt taaai |>rbeuni ir Ivi 
aeaCa prora v bik au^'uc* vdMrmrt -os 41 
■4 oMMimaiB tti 79. hacc aalb ad iavi 

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iMTvao xlH fel ^mrtaJa qaaittuiM ralh** 
allaM -at I lilt, itU vrii alU'riiu, qwiU 
iMMliii aivril'us -at |Kwivdtas 117. •« oC 
baacaadat vt luUlc «rMaria xii 40w •« uaoil 
Siv 114 -XV 47 (ct l»ni^-r libc tiyVL IM 
S27L •itarittipcrttillU|«iMiaxl51 

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dtikvai awMiM |iruUi(vfu -a* xl U 

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jowls kirka x l'4i 

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viil ». s llti. sH lA. xW 4L XV U 

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caaipan lallU il vidau* •«adi xvl 37 

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adicdive iwat as sabsl. ex baadtl Hi 39 

adtairaUUs bt|inibitas Ilia aw« xW ML •e 
siMMium rlMwbl hr 30 

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•aadio laevrtls x 11 

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ralioneai -Itis I 3L -aal qiuM aM;riioria 
toinaaiB HI 233. lotiid utacruocm -era 
MlcH xlr 217. frasU uon -valla uMnuai 
▼ OH pcctoia daas iKMi -cnlla cufas vU Ulw 
•osa obsoafai sportaia cxcliiai |«i(rvs Iv (^ 

•daMwas Biilto biJo auijristnM, hiae to* 
iMeitfxiTll Africa NUu -to Ui%tiUxl48L 
Phalaris IkeC -la dielok |arffiiifla 


adaolol LarUas etpak Inlactiiai biixa i 

aao pilosas xlv iM 
adn|iona Haatnnko caculio teaipora vfii lU 
•dona croeodUun xr 1 nil |iract«r aaU« 

•anc xhr 97. aadao iob^;kdo pooala xW 



•dqulfora oaral crhnlM dlvftiai doen ilr 
233. bane ogiVKiaai poiwlas puUC •vndl 
artMecoilU docol lasatiaUlo vwtaai Uk 
^aae fcnaqao aawlqao •cnda polao 223 

■disdiwn cahao Mdlao xl ni3 

edoaHl coaam iMUa tl 


468 ADSDK 

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alHpl>■nm■antH^n•llirlnlllH «.• iternn tnwiete -tt R M. hwi -B m 

",S,'..'"i''-"-L'- •?r.l'"'.'i'.'."' "• K-" SM. "ilwn (Hfllii. I>c -kBiu rt « 

(■HIUhH) ■•HFii' ■•■IH IH «>■ null I 

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■■to H l-KjiM f ai. JT ■mSui "^I-mI^TI^ nnlninMl 


MHUUnMivlTin. -o )« (iiJi^ pfi. HiirillU HiPN. IrlML tI I jl 1 

■nil (rj xU ihA. ^Mrt'iiK hiku HI £. la: la. kL 

■Mmimiia UH MI ^^ £"'"'• ■>■«■ l it- ■■ ■i «•"■■ mW 

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-■ - -'- - ^ -■■- -" " (linij* ntaftH im* iM 1— 

JtMWp'iitol tHW. M*teto ]iiwj IM BlMpnKllJt KMlllBt UtUm 


■M!!M »<M'3!lt ijS 'Jfi ZttHM IsUii^ r^h hind MUhHt III! 

III M m Kinrtr -Ir 

l^^SrS" ln*M>nirM> h -*• 

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SkiStaTh 1^ i«^ ¥i: 

AB8 baubahus 471 

JSH'tt. IBITI ._rfii,K lrtfT<lhcr<>T< 

MW •«<»■ »™ ■■'■"I *•••• ■■' JJJj >' "■ '"' ^- "■'■ ^'T, J?' "* " "* 



wfofi^Mt, vXttrrovrrrt irtJrtt wp&t XArmv ytym/itvot, ib. 255—7. 11 692 
vr d08. cp. 189. 172. 235. Few fathers mwrnblerl him who remainod 
with hit Mil during his whole conne ep. 858. or. ni (not 11, m Siereral 
SCO. M Honujo boastn of hit f»thcr.' ^ 

▼n 239 hVDA3n Mart, u 25 8. wmm. on Petnm. 11. Hor. ep. 1 14 81 
Obbar. so lutHi, wtft§. 

,• 240 vtcinvs Stat, cited on t 21. 

„ 241 MAxrt VI 238. Or. a. a. 11 706 seq. un. itt 7 74. Blnrt. ix 41 
Sen. rh. eontr. 4 9 H inter paerilet eondiiieipalorum tinat Ui- 
civiftm mana obsecnn iumintl Ath. 577^ 

„ „ ocrr-oji TRRMRXTM II 94 96. Ov. a. n. n 721. ApnI. met. lit 
14 fin. ApwI. Hi.Twopn. (in V»l. Row iinecd. i 13cri. 18C4) 123 17 (ocnll 
|»ravi) §i trcmen ten /WriTff. nihil mm andfUHnt quod iniquum improbnm, 
129 21 qui , , incfrtai palpehrai promotrnt atque roniunijunt $ub divtnit 
motibM§ pupilhrum ac tuperlHi eilinm mollitfr oruli$ iNiirrdurnHt, rimftll 
»Mnf, qui amtem ultenm ex tuperiorihu* palpebrit pnulatim dfprimnnt ei 
motlHer rtroeant et mcfem diriffMHt, Hjftetntorft pulfriUidinin $HHt ct nnwhot 
ft adnltertm $e propentMr. interdnm palprbra miprrior ad nfi-dium Ha de- 
ducitur ut hine ntqne ilNne rfflexii vtqnt relrnctit nntfulii iublnctrtt orn/ifir, 
fimHlqne IncertM vaiitebrat 4tffMHt: Imee etiam nifina moeehit et aduUeri» 
uttribnu fwm. ib. 119 8 oenli tremcntci maftni am pererraiit,.,et 
voraeiMemetintempemntinmvinienm interaperAntift reneris. Follow 
two other elftswt of oenli tremen.tet (fllaHei and mh phHei). Fonrteen 
pp. 118—180 are taken np with $ifnu drawn from the even, and mneh 
is omitted. Verily, to judge by this mannal non ent lei'e tot pnerorum 
tdnervare oemht. See Pcrs. i 18 Casaubon and Jahn patranti frattw 

H M nr nsE usually of time Flin. ep. in 9 | 20 n. Sil. fx l.'>0 in 
fine Inbomm, Stonloy '/m ^/ine rsv i^poSt^dftip rid. Ariittot.* [Le., no 
doubt, probl. it 82 p. 880 b 9 it^L H, Up i^poit^idi^ • ip0(HiW9t, pi ip^mXfid 

AHt99V€l p£Ki€T% ;] 

„ 242 cTM SE vKRTEiiiT AXKtJs the ttsual payments were montlily (Hor. 
•• I 8 75 wliero Palmer is certainly right in acceptinK octonot [<%t$e$] 
aerit, thou{;h Mnrquardt adheres to oetoniK), but a contract might be made 
for a yearly stipend, payable at the end of the old Roman year, i.e, in 
llareh, or the yearly honornrimm mi(;ht be left to the (^ero»ity of tlie 
parents. Lne. Hermotim. 80 a philosopher claiming hiii coveimntcd fee^ 
16 days orer dne. Maerob. Sat. i 12 § 7 Aoc men»e (Mnrch) mercedes 
ezsolrebant raagistris qnas eompletiis annus deberi fecit Ov. 
• t ui 829 880 (cited x 118 a). Marnnanlt IVivatleben 98. 

„ „ sn TKanaiT Avxrs PUnt Gie. Ncp. in lexz. Vitr. ix 4 f 6 metm 
Tertente. Stat. s. i 2 157 versnm^Me dnmnt iibl temperat annum. 
Bnet. CaL 87 f. non Mo vertento anno. Auson. *de nominibns dienim * 
(eeL 1 1 p. 9 Schenkl) vertentibns . . diebiit, id. *ratio dicrnm anni 
Tertentis*(eol«717p.l8) vertentibusannis. Gunther latinit. restit. 
pi. n c. 188 fin. Georges. 


M a rkl an d ms. 'meeipe— Quid? exapectasses mereedrm Molidttm labonm 
tncrum: sed ille vnpk wpof9ontm» dieil etecipe—vietoH cet. id est •tipem 
•liqnara exiffnom, qnalem in lodis peiere solet plebs pro Tictoribus: hane 
file irrisorie et satirioe aMnrsi Tocat' Suet. Cal. 55 offitntori Kntyeho 
tomitmUone qnadam in opopkoretU frtelet tfrtertium eontnlit* Nero 5 (of 
Demltioa) petjUUm ten tmnUe, irl . . . fn praeturm mercede palmarmm earf- 
'"'" ^"'' — 'U mHttm tk hmeH mrvrtt ioee, fMrvnlttiw iomiwH 

—243 POSTULATAURUM. IV 94. viii 10. 47. 103. 157. 465 

foetiomim repraeientnndn pmemia in potterum ionxit Hier. ep. C9 § 9 fin. 
fiasc pUrtinque cernimnt rel farorem iwpidi in anriffnntm morcm pretio 
redimere rel tanto omnium hominnm wlio rirrre^ nt non extorqiiennt peennia^ 
quod mimi im}ie.lraia fieuUlui, Vopitc. Aurcl. 15 § 4 vidimut proxime 
ionnutntum Furii Placidi tanto ambitn in eirco editum ut non praomia 
dari anrigis scd patrimonia viderontnr cet. (as cited xi 195). 

Til 243 PoruLUs posttlat Froiito ad M. Cacs. u 4 qui beittia$ •trenuo 
interfeeeriHt, populo postnlaute ornatit aut nuinumittiti$t noeentet 
HioM homines aut twelere dnmnatOM; ted popnlo postulanti eoneetlitit. 
So pottulo Sui't. Citl. 30 bis. Claud. 21 (an imperial jest) Palnmbum 
pes tu Ian tibus daturum te promititf ' ti captut esteL* Tac. h. i 82 bis, 
Laet. cpit. 08 1 4 tin. 

IV 94 

0. Jahn in Ithcin. Mns. ix (1854) 027: * George Valla remarks: 
Arilins Oiabrionifl filius consul snb l)oniitiiuio fuit Papinii Btatii 
carmine do bcUo Gcmianico quod Domttianus egit probatus 

lumina Kcstorci mitis pmdcntia Crispi, 
ct Fabius Veicnto, putcntem sisnat utmmqne 
purpura, tcr meniores implcmnt nomine fastoa, 
et propo Caesarcae confinis Acilius aulao. 

These Tcrscs occur nowhere else: that Valla inrented them, is incon- 
erirable. he found them doubtless in Ids scholia, which on many iMssages 
contained fuller hintorieal extracts tlian those of P and tlie St Gallcn 
ms.; here, as in other places, he has not named Probno. Tliat Statiua 
mg of this theme we know from himself, s. iv 2 04— 7 

talis kmgo post tempore renit 
lux mihi, Troianae quails sub coUibus Albae 
cum modo Genusnas aciet, modo Daca sonaatem 
proelia Pailadio tua me manus indnit anro. 

The second Terse is corrupt, for Vciento ttaa named not FaUoa bnt 
Fabrieins; we mast therefore strike oat et and read Fabricius.' 


tt 10 Bi LcncTUB ALEA pciixox CapitoHn. Ver. 4 f 6 fertHr et noeta 
perpeti alea Insisse. Fronto p. 128 24 Naber alea in castris/rvf mcns* 
•PsiNNtf pernox. 

n 47 niA PLCDC QriRiTEX Or. am. 1 7 29 (f« plebe Qalritom. 

„ 108 104 poLTcun uultus cdiqvb LADoa Cio. pared. § 87 Eehionie 
tebula te stupidum detinetant siffnum uUquod Polycliti. tnUto unde ens* 
tuleris et quomodo habeas, 

» 157 BPOMAX Jahrb. dee Vereins t. Altcrthumsfr. im RheinL 1842 
189. 1848 48. 1858 91 seq. OreUi 1855- CIL vn 1114. Henxcn 5289. 
Bramhach CIB 688. 804—5. H. Jordan de genii et Enonae picturis 
Poopeianis nuper detectis Bomaa 1872. Dull, inst arsheol. di Roma 
un (1881) 239—248 (with pUtos) 'ana rarissinia stotna ddU dea Epona*. 
A esltie word (eC. Epondia, lSportdix« EpoBlna). « aa in DivSnsu 


466 vin 161. 177. x 311. 358. xi 172. xii 108. 130. 

Bnllel. 1866 Ut. K b. 8. Feft in DianooDi's Clrchi t*v. in. COj m 
lloX 4781. 

▼m 161 notnm Ai>rECTU itoxniijx BEOBUQim balutat Ben. ben. 1 14 
f 1 baujleium f Mi fwibH$libet, dat nuUi grahim: neww $€ ttttbularii ami 
•nnponit hospitem imdiatt, Cftlenns aaji of Cicero (DCast. zlti 6 §4) 
fiit f S^ wpoftivrmt whttv nX ftXm tSfw§p ml wp^oxfvrpltu, Eanap. vit. 
topli. p. 468 80 DidoC ^ M r^m#r« rdO K^w^Kitm^ i4 uipin ipmrn^ wpit 
rV ^ir^Mt^v wmpt€Mtvd{(tr9 ««< &<r^«j^ v.r.X. 

•• 177 ACQVA nt UBEBTAS Bcn. n. q. If 8 1 6 inUr mUhi magh quam 
iMer fhObmophoi Met ene aeqna libertas. 

811 818 ADOLTEn rmucirs Sen. ben. ni 28 f 4 tcrvHrn tn qnmnptam 
toeaalibtdmtaetguUeierviuettuUUemet ^MMOAdtiltorAruni eouiuant 

868 859 Qxn itatium vitae EXTtrarx iiiter uniEiu rQXAT katthae it 
hM been niiuU to join extrtmtim at an epitlict witli apatinm, §o e.g. Mold* 
mann ■.▼. exter eoL 1165 mcd. and Lenmiro ind., bnt my brother (in a 
note printed in my imaU edition, 1879), rif^htly taken it an a predicate: 
^mirx'^rmr^ ^vrri iy.Om ef. 188 ifci npatium vitao: far from Unng 
the proper objeet of a wise man's prajer*. In 188 da f. v. is parallel to 
muUm <M, /vf0/f er awiioi. cf. Sen. ep. 49 f 10 doct non tue potitum bottum 
pittie in spat 10 elm, $fd in ««m. For in9tr with supcrlatiVes see lot. n 
10 fiil€ Hand Tnrsell. ui 894. 


In the ■j f m p osiu M of Xeoophon e. 9 the joong Antoljkos retires with 
his isthsr Mfors the mimie r epresentation of the drnnlnni Baechos end 
Ariadne is in tr e dn eed. The eiloel of the action upon the speetators (f 7) 
hOUj jnftita tha futher'f eantkni and Jnrenai's piotesl. 

108 P. Amandi histofra dee 4l^bants dans les gnemt at les f4lit 
Aes peoples aneiens Jnsqn*h rintrodnetioB des annes k Ido. Littofes, 
Atdent ct 0*. 1881. pp. 804. 


an o&M I lona ago traeed these words to their source Cie. ania 1 68 ntm 
f«lf <«f,j»rv detrumjidem affve kominnmt qui velit, ut neqne diligat 
qnamqnam nee ipse ab nlio diiigatar, cireamflnare oBBibai 
oopiif »lqv9 km omaivm rarnm abnndaatia TireroT 


e bdfrL proeul s procul xlv tf 

« SflhiBii • uitt|>v«uto oolivrtct HI 1C4 

■bvmtt vvMiliulb clknitv* 1 112 

•UiA loom cunitait lU £4 

tUnUrc, (Itnuhiis I'lmo Xkacqw fcrvntar 

iMtoni Tii<ni vU Hi 
•litvMKlM TMwriM Mltra Bwreli telUk xhr 

•kiKiro miniiDO* xHl 94 

•bnik-ffi-t viiilmu darr xr 104 

•liniHiim mtiv Iiuik Kravhirc cnlriM xill 17f 

•l«ii|iiu iimnIuiii ftUMidiK- iMurk-ris &lr SM 

•hMMMiit live KiiK« fiicliiii tm Mk (kluM 

CMlttW ife tvndiffM &U U 
•bMiU petit Ilk 1 1:3 
•ImI« tour iMiiio DiiciiM M ittdiee sM t 
■fcitliirt qtiilMM refills nudina olido ttoiM 
fomlee tti«iicl|ilMM xl 17 JL iMWIb Milina- 
IIInm oMtnia UHiiMi xr IL •ult raiHtb 
■MikMUilnu Vytlta^fnt 171. mom miIUa 
|«it«r xiT ML -ciu daniiuMdit ]• 
sUinct fwr concrelo i>rtrfcff Mrt. 8yai 1* SS 

iliiicncldirinltiM n«L do fort Rom. f 
ekiuN -tit ab Ulo iWdcciM hoe Iv isa 

taai proeul Ab urbr? xri 2t 
•iMHMpto toCo inin curp(*re xr 91 
StiClbM. nMrltiirsMtilwnitfSSai 

ihrcfM 968. Hh ecC 
snnlrtrt* mvra, ak quM dsbaft IkwIK< 

SseUa Cilvllo ahniU* foHens xH 9 
Sad|4t cwlruinlikiu UllVX -^irOk rUUX 
suae artce Aiu'lH-ar.* to xUl 130. xv U. 
eeru xir It'L •unt qiMHtma In kykino 
Mbunl UI ISJb Mid fiarva fimulacni co- 
ruMi xU KM. npiUu* •«• 1 W. cwii M 
Mvrlncb rrctorvm -ct rlU S{i. -nl naTe»> 
•nil Miiin>inh 1 41 Icno maHMm luocdit 
boi« 66. U* f;allte Td |MtUuf A Ma tU 
147. cupcM ICutibio VfryiiiiaiilbbiMU <n 
Uuve •yam (liickiiit IIiiiUm dan x tuL 


Offn vCIn 

iCorllUL xHlUT 
inr ^ui iioleft Verraii,< 

SM rt ptddwr fdtx ?U IM. -fto Aatflodrf 
nUL 4 FakffM xW Sia -m mnkm 
si 107. 4b«a cxcMplto vkleor la chkkra 
xItKI ilMliik liUM4gr lUe vtt MBl 
«m» taanctaa xr €i 

SMiu MasamM 
xlvU. daMraawtkabitM 

AcMUm diidp«lttt ailroolt PII& uv f 43 

■eka pacrilfs excfcvrv xv UO 

JtttiHS vrvfto CavMrcao oooauls A. 
(MaL cKiti vul. I |w 4(ii 

Mia kKvuli vH ivl h«ii. conlr. t f 8t 

aomKn tuuw prbcutu It Ivi 

•cvla |irora r b'X wanics vbtcnrct -oa 41 

■d raiuntau Ml 79. Iiace satis atl iavvi 

mUn cC llvfcttlcot arciu baftauMitto Ml- 
lu-nrae xiil bi. ^MirtiiJa quaiauiit rathf 
iillius -at I 11(L nil erit ullvriiis, quiiU 
misirli uiorHius nit iMwUfltas 117. •« cc 
bascaudas vt luilk vncaria xii 4<iL •« uMod 
siT 114 -XT 47 {d. lira.'ir hbL Knit. 11< 
SO). -it«rbii|icraiilUi«iiiaxlfil 

•droliir4. TUiMfWA xiiftiw xiiiMllSS. 
Mquoa.lttM. vl«Ji Tll«l xSiiL xr«J 

•dfcvial VciH'nia siiw vlribus x SuUL an* 
d|ilicia cauMun iHruivKvru -as xl 33 

•dSxus lliiikiu ru»tos r 40. Irunck HI lfo> 

dwds birka x 133 
f»r Hiri |*aivnlmi xIt HI 
line lii IIL 3U. hrlO. «ill9lL rfcilcBUiM 

tW Itf. X 11(L xH It. xill 4L xr 33 
mdima eonrallvm rurk arltl improlNM ML 

eampttm mUii il vkbiiu -vuilt xrl 37 
■tflMrat Itadkus acr xii 42 
•dicctire ncul. as sulwC ex bnnlll Hi M 
adniiiaUUs faipnibiias ttto aerv xitt ML •# 

•IMtiuni rimnibi ir 30 
■dmlnirl lantum di«frtaa rl SL coodMii 

•andk laecrtk x 11 
mImUlo d rrruM -luuis Hi 17L si pbiddi 

ratJuneui ^Itls I XL 'Uat quae nivritoria 

•ottianm UI 23& bmtil uiiictuui.iu -era 

caltri xir Sl7. fhisU non -fMla wonuta 

r UH. prdora duas non -iiitia curas rU t4. 

•«M obsonb sptxtaiU cxdusi |«trv* Ir Hi 
Sdmorvas niilk inda mairistrot. bine to* 

thkia xir 11 Afrkm Mki -la Uf^nU x 148^ 

Flwbifk liooC -to dklet lafiiirla laun* 

adnoloc Larllns capnt InlactiMi Wxo oara* 

qua pUoeas xir iki 
■dntieRa Mantonko okuUo tempnra rfil III 
adorn eroeodikm xr 1 iiU iiiadcr nuliis 

•ant xlv ¥1* •flodao ioUi;kik |ioeiila xW 

Inram Mriilexit alalM 

•dqulMTO ownl cdmtoo diiitiai doeei ilr 
XML banc qcreiduM poi«Jns putat •«Mli 
artMeemlU docci hwatiaUk ruMM Uk 
qaac lermqiM marlqna •ciida palaa SS 

•dsedkaocnliM padbM xl Su3 

SO— 2 


4^8 A08D1I 

n ifiir I ML MistHl m^m ^'tr ma Ma 

riTSi MHr. 

iCSi.'TwS rt tf^'i I 'ii *' 

BnhB hi; noM ••■■» Ml iiriMkm 

4ibM 4H*rti 4 tr *r^ Hihliin kill rHKHi wawnlH m i i <t ■■» 

£S!rLIZ7'Jl.u _u _•• ■_ vj'*t*"* i*-* ■*■" """"■■• "^ 

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